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M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy)

Note: This is Part 9 of a very long e-novel.
There are three long parts after this one. If you read
Parts 1 thru 8 first you will get much more out of this
awesome story which contains mother and son incest, mother
and her son’s friend, multiple females on females,
beautiful mom and a very horny dog having sex, etc. If
you do not like stories of this type you should go no


Part Nine

Chapter Forty

Julie woke up early Wed. morning, she stretched and
realized she was sore in several places, getting up she
hurried to the toilet and as she sat she recalled the
night before. She was shocked when she remembered that
Connie was there and saw her under Bravo and watched as
he fucked her! Oh and how he did fuck her! She
remembered being placed in tub of hot water and washed,
she kept falling asleep, then she was helped up and
dried and laid on the bench with her legs on each side,
her feet on the floor, and she was being loved for what
seemed to be a long time.

Loved by someone sucking her nipples and another
kissing her cunt and sticking their tongue deep inside
her. Once she rose up and saw Jimmy, he was naked and
on his knees obviously fucking, but he wasn't between
her legs he was behind a kneeling Connie and she was
being fucked as she licked Julie's cunt! Julie was too
tired to even feel like cumming so she lay down and
went to sleep again. Her only other recollection was of
being placed in the car.

She went to look for Jimmy but he wasn't in his bedroom
and she was getting worried. She went to the kitchen
and saw a note left on the counter from him saying he
would spend the night at David's and be home at six
thirty. Lying on top of it was her nipple chain. She
turned on the coffee which he must have loaded before
he left and went to the shower. A long hot shower made
her feel better and took some of the soreness out. She
padded naked back to the kitchen and got coffee
returning to the bathroom and applying lotion to her
body. The coffee perked her up and she smiled at
herself in the mirror. She dried her hair and drank
coffee, brushed it drinking coffee, and started on her
eye make up drinking the last of the cup.

Going to the kitchen for more she hear the garage door
open and the car motor, Jimmy had taken the car! She
didn't know what to say as he came in the door. He
didn't give her time to say anything walking to her and
taking her in his arms and kissing her, crushing her
naked body against his. She was trying to get the cup
on the counter without spilling it but he was kissing
her lips, cheeks, and neck like he hadn't seen her in
months and since she was reaching towards the counter
he cupped that breast and massaged it, squeezing it
slightly. Julie was warming up fast, the coffee was

"Mom, I love you, you are so beautiful! You smell so
good, I could just eat you alive!"

Julie was turned suddenly and he was kissing her back
and shoulders, she heard his shorts hit the floor and
his cock was prodding between her legs, hot and hard,
she shuttered from the suddenness of his passion and
from her own pounding heart as she anticipated the
entry of his raging manhood in her cunt. He was bending
her forward over the counter and her legs spread apart
of their own accord and she tried to stop him with her
voice as her body was preparing to let him take her and
her emotion was cheering him on.

"Baby, we can' t make love! We don't have time to do it
good, we have to get ready for school, oh my god! No,
not now, oooohh, can't you wait until this afternoon?
Oh Jimmy, wait baby, it's so hard, ooooohhhh no,
ooooww, it's to late, it's so late, uuuuhhhh, oohh,
why, why are you so horny sweetheart? Aaaaggghhh, now,
yes just like that, ooh, baby, yes, yes YES! Do it
lover, you are, do it to me.... Fuckmeeeee!!"

Jimmy had her! He knew it and she knew it! She was
saying no but her cunt and ass was saying yes. She
wasn't pulling away she was wiggling back onto the
penetrating cock and as he pumped into her she was
pushing back onto him, and the give away was she was
wet inside and ready. Jimmy never said anything until
he was deep in her and had both hands full of breasts.

He whispered as he leaned over her back kissing her
shoulders, that it was because she was so lovely and so
sexy plus he didn't have a chance to sleep with her
last night, he missed her naked body snuggled against
his. Julie moaned hearing him expressing his need for
her and increased her humping and added a wiggle to her
hips. She wanted him to be happy and satisfied and she
was getting the same thing from him. Five minutes was
all it took and when she came he was right there with
her filling her cunt as she wet his cock.

When they finished Jimmy pulled her up and back against
his body and she twisted her face to him for kisses.
They kissed and she wiggled her ass against him as his
cock slowly slipped out. He turned her and kissed her
telling her he had to take a shower. She nodded and let
him go dragging his shorts on one foot.

Julie drank some more coffee and took it with her to
the bathroom and did her other eye with liner and light
black on her eyelids. Cleaning up she hurried back to
the kitchen with her robe on this time and got the
toast and jam ready. When he came in she said this is
all we have time for, sorry. He kissed her and said I'm
not! As they ate they discussed their schedules for the
day, hers was normal and his was normal now that they
were practicing again. The next game was Thursday,
tomorrow, and then they would leave for the baseball
camp after school on Friday, returning Sunday.

Julie thought about the coming summer, she knew Harry
wanted Jimmy to work with him to get experience and
they would both be away from home all week. She didn't
want to sit home all week alone, she decided she would
call Harry tonight and discuss it with him. She was
getting dressed and Jimmy was outside putting his and
her stuff in the car when Emily arrived. Jimmy waited
in the garage for her and she came straight to him.
Just a kiss on the lips and then she went in the house,
yelling that the coffee bandit was there as she poured
herself a cup.

"Oh no Julie, you're almost dressed! Where's my treat
this morning, no boobs to look at and get jealous

Julie gave her a big kiss and continued getting
dressed, checking the clock she realized they would
have time to drink coffee and talk this morning. They
went to the kitchen and sat at the counter and
discussed the coming Friday.

"Julie, I have an idea, why don't we pack a light snack
and go to the lake, that Kurt and I went to, for some
sun and just be alone, the three of us? I can get the
key and we should be by ourselves and can sun nude and
anything we want to."

"Sounds ok to me, run it by Sarah and let me know!"

Time was flying so they went to their cars and left for
school, Julie picked up David without asking and they
rode in silence. The boys had expected her to be pissed
at them for letting Connie in on their secret but she
didn't appear to be, she was calm and pleasant.

The morning went well, nothing unusual occurred. She
and Charlie discussed the loaning of the tape to Nick
and he said he would run it by Mr. Coan. If Nick called
and wanted to discuss over lunch that would be ok but
not today, he had to go to the board meeting at four.
Julie took a break and talked to Sarah and Emily. They
wanted to go to the lake so she said ok she would pick
up some junk food for snacks and get some wine. Nick
had called and she called him back and they agreed on
lunch Thursday. Lunch time came and Julie was really
hungry so she went to the cafeteria and got veggies,
baked ham, creamed potatoes, and bread. As she ate
someone spoke to her from behind.

"Mrs. Cole, can I sit with you?" It was Tammy!

"Of course, you may. Slip in here and tell me what you
are doing eating early. I didn't expect to see you."

"We have cheerleader practice this afternoon and we eat
early so it will settle before we start exercise."

Julie saw the other girls gathering at another table
and wondered why Tammy didn't sit with them.

"Do you have something we need to discuss or is this
just a friendly visit? I see the other girls over

"Well, it's both. I feel that I should get to know you
better and let you know me since Jimmy and I are
starting to date. Also I want to make the highest grade
possible in the up coming finals and I would like to
study with Jimmy as he always makes high scores. He is
very intelligent as you know, I make 'A's now but it
would help me get a cheerleader position if I scored
some pluses on the finals. I want to make sure that it
is ok with you for we would have to spend time every
evening studying together."

"I think that is a very good idea. It would help both
of you possibly. Have you discussed this with him?"

"No, Mrs. Cole, I wanted to make sure that it was ok
with you before I asked him."

"And your parents need to approve also."

"Oh yes, that's no problem. They like Jimmy very much,
in fact they said I could only date him because they
trusted him but not a lot of other boys."

Julie and Tammy talked as they ate and Julie had to
admit she had a great personality! She was bright and
smiling and paid attention when you were talking and
she didn't say silly things. She also noticed that she
knew her breasts were attractive for she kept her body
turned so they were always front and center, she took a
lot of deep breaths. When they finished eating she said
to Tammy, I'm glad we had this conversation. You are a
very lovely girl, I hope you know that you are welcome
at our house anytime. Tammy thanked her and they said
goodbye. Julie left for her car.

On her way home she was wishing it would rain. The
grass looked terrible, it hadn't grown since Jimmy cut
it nearly two weeks ago! It was brown and crackled
under your feet. But dust was the worse problem she
couldn't keep the house dusted. Maybe it would shower a
little soon. She thought about what she needed to do ;
dust, wash clothes, and check the food pantry. She was
ok with time as eating at school meant she wouldn't
have to make a sandwich, she wanted a good cup of
coffee, wanted it bad!

When she pulled into the drive the first thing she saw
was Bravo getting up from the shade of the front entry
and looked at the car, wagging his tail! She had pushed
the garage door opener and drove inside. She gathered
her stuff and when she opened the door and turned to
get out he was there! He was glad to see her and she
was glad to see him. Her heart was beating a little
faster than she would have liked to admit. He was in
the door with his front feet and licking her legs, she
spoke to him and rubbed his ears. As she tried to slide
out with her skirt riding up he was licking every inch
that was being exposed.

"Hey baby, you got away again, didn't you. Can't keep
you locked up can they, should have named you Houdini.
You're got to move so I can get out, sweetheart. I
don't need a bath baby!"

She finally got him to back away so she could get out
and shut the door and he followed her so close they
were bumping together, to the door and in the house.
When Julie bent over to place her bag on the coffee
table his head went under the skirt in the rear and he
stuck his nose on her cunt which was barely covered by
the thong.

"Eeeehh, baby don't do that, that's not nice. God
you've got one thing on your mind and that's all you
care about isn't it? Stop now, I love you but you have
to give me a little peace. No not under the front
either, I'm going to have to wash this skirt, you've
got lick marks all over it. Ooohh, everyone will know
where my cunt is, right behind the wet spot, please
baby, at least let me get some coffee. Can't we talk
and play like we just like each other's company a

Julie made it to the coffee pot and then told him to
sit and he did but he was whining and his front feet
were prancing as she poured the coffee and put it in
the micro wave. As it heated she went to the bathroom
with Bravo right beside her licking her hand and
rubbing it with his head. She stopped and he sat down
looking at her, she knew he would stay if she told him
to but she hated to. She really liked the way he was so
open about his affection and desire for her. People
weren't like that.

"Baby, if you will wait while I use the toilet, I will
take these clothes off and you can kiss me then, ok."

Bravo didn't answer unless a whine was his ok or hell
no! Julie told him to stay and she went to the toilet
and sat while she was urinating and he was watching.
She had to smile, first male she had ever seen that
liked to watch her pee! She finished and got a wash
cloth and washed she knew he was going lick it and she
didn't want him to gag. He watched and as she put the
cloth in the sink and began to take her thong off, it
was around her ankles, she looked at him and saw
between his front legs, she had a good view of his
light red cock sticking out about two inches from the
sheath. She stared for a moment, she would have liked
to touch it but wasn't going to get on her knees on
this hard floor of the bath room, he would be on her in
a second.

Julie undressed and got her short robe and put it on
but didn't tie it, she let the front hang open so her
lover could see her breasts and cunt. She said to him,
come baby, and they went back to the kitchen, Julie
carrying a towel. Bravo was licking her leg as they
walked and Julie was beginning to breathe faster, the
constant attention was beginning to get to her. She got
her coffee and went to the counter taking a big couple
of swallows. She turned to Bravo and said sit, stay.
She went to the coffee table and moved her bag placing
the towel on it along with a cushion for her head and
another for her hips.

Julie realized she was hot, two kinds of hot, sexually
hot and sweat hot, she had forgot to turn the a/c down
when she got home. She went to the control and got it
going and returned to her coffee. She refilled the cup
and heated it and then turned to look at Bravo, she
could see his cock, a lot more of it now and he was
looking at her, waiting, whining a little, and his eyes
looked so sad.

"Oh baby, don't look at me like that! I don't mean to
make you miserable, I want the same thing but I can't
just fall down and let you have me the minute you get
here. Come here baby and lick me!"

The second the word come came out of her mouth he was
there in one leap and his mouth and tongue were on her
cunt licking. Julie moaned and her knees shook, she
spread her legs and bowed her knees for him and leaned
on the counter. Only a few minutes passed before she
had to sit down as her legs were shaking and she was
wobbly, she tried to walk towards the living room
without making him stop but it was taking a long time
and little bitty steps. She took two big gulps of
coffee and turned to put the cup on the counter and
Bravo attacked her ass worming his tongue in her crack
seeking her asshole.

Julie almost gave in, he had got the magic lick in, but
she made up her mind that she would make it to the
coffee table and she did but her will power was gone
and she just sat on the edge and spread letting the dog
have her any way he wanted! He took all, licking from
her ass to her clit, sometimes one long lick and others
rapid licks on one and move to the other. She was
whimpering and gasping for air.

"Oh baby, I love it! You drive me crazy. Yessss, stick
it all the way in, lick my cunt, aaaaggg, you're
tearing my clit off. Baby I want you to fuck me, put
your long hard cock in me and fuck me hard, make me cum
and fill me with your cum. But you do what you want for
as long as you want. Lick my cunt as long as you want
baby, I'm going to cum on your tongue. Oooohhhh, yes do
it! Lick me baby, I'm cumming for you."

Bravo was ready to fuck his bitch but he had to lick up
her juices first so he could spurt her with precum
before entering. And she was pouring it out for him.
Julie was still sitting up leaning back on her hands
and gushing her cum as she watched her dog lover lick
her like she was stick candy. Finally she ended her
climax and just relaxed as he finished cleaning her.
She wished she had those leg pads to put on him the
boney legs hurt her breasts and her collar would be
good around her neck it made her feel completely like a
dog slut. She wanted his cock in her cunt and just the
memories of how it felt made her keep secreting juice
for him to lick. His tongue was digging deep into her
wide open cunt now!

"Oh damn you lover, you are have turned me into a dog
loving bitch, I think about you and that cock all the
time. You are my lover! You do it with that tongue, you
lick me and I lose my mind, you know that don't you?
You come here and wait for your bitch to come home,
lick her until she gives you her cunt and then you fuck
me until I can't see or think straight anymore. You
made me a dog loving bitch, you made me want your cock
all the time."

Slowly Julie let herself lay back on the coffee table
as the dog licked her cunt and each time his tongue
went over her clit she gasped and felt it harden a
little more until it was throbbing with her desire. She
lay on her back with her legs spread, knees bowed open
for him, waiting for him to take her, take her to the
land of bliss.

Bravo was extended and the knot was beginning to form,
he couldn't get her juice licked up so he reared up and
landed on her stomach, Julie moaned, at last she would
get it! She felt his hairy belly moving up her body and
his legs crushed her breasts and nipples, she had
forgotten to take the chain off! But it wasn't going to
get removed now she would have to suffer the sticking
and snatching of her nipples.

She felt his precum stream hit her cunt dead center and
then he was touching the wide open lips with the tip of
the cock just as another stream soaked her entire
crotch. His first hunch went in her cunt four inches,
hot and hard, she gasped and then moaned as the second
slammed in to her womb, bumping against it. The knot
was at her entry, she could feel it spreading her cunt
as it grew and she knew he was longer than usual, he
might just penetrate her womb this time. She shivered
from the thought! She would take it if it killed her or
ruined her for life.

But she didn't have much choice as the jackhammer
action was slamming into her and she could only gasp,
moan, and shiver as Bravo fucked her hard as only he
could. Julie didn't last a full minute before she was
cumming, she couldn't move, his legs had her pinned to
the table and his head was along her face preventing
her from even twisting. She just lay moaning under him
as she convulsed her cum onto his dog cock, telling him
how much she loved him, how bad she needed his cock,
promising to let him fuck her anytime and anyway he
wanted. The knot was in her, swelling, the cock tip had
found her womb entrance, blasted it with precum and
penetrated. Julie was aware of all this as she
convulsed a long time, feeling her cunt and womb trying
to pull even more cock in her.

When she reached the peak and begin to subside she lay
still, happy, somewhat amazed at the power this animal
had over her. He could make her do anything, she would
let him do anything to her. She knew he loved her and
she loved him! Not as pet and owner, she wasn't his
master or mistress, she was his lover, his piece of
ass, her cunt was his to take anytime he wanted it! He
was her master, she was his slave, his bitch, she knew
when she saw him on the entry he had come to fuck her
and she never even considered saying no. She didn't
want to ever say no to him. She was ready for him, she
wanted him even before she started home!

But she couldn't relax as she felt a slight deeper
entry into her womb and the steady pumping of the dog
cock was carrying her to another cum with the knot
exerting steadily growing pressure on her cunt. She
thought to herself this is the way I'm going to die,
they will find me one day just fucked to death by a

She was waiting for him to cum in her as she wanted to
climax with him but he was not there yet and she was!
So she shuddered through another wonderful climax
holding on to her lover and exclaiming how good he was
and how wonderful his cock made her feel. This time at
the end her arms fell away and she lay being buffeted
by the dog's driving haunches into her cunt, whimpering
softly and mewing her contentment.

Julie lost all track of time, she lay still, delighting
in being owned by this dog lover and his pleasure
giving cock. She let his cock and haunches rock her on
the table, concentrating on the hotness, pure raw lust,
the in and out of his long cock with the tip fucking
her womb and she was ready for him to cum in her womb
when he was finishing and filling her with cum. It
didn't hurt, just a little ache when stretching her

She almost began to panic as the warm loving feeling
increased to an erotic passion and she knew that she
was going to cum again before he did and she wanted to
be clear headed so she could enjoy every quiver of his
pulsing cock as it filled her. She almost always got
dizzy and dazed after cumming three times quickly.

She tried to concentrate on anything but it wasn't
working, maybe she could make him cum like human males
by milking his cock with her cunt very strongly. She
stiffened and began to work her cunt muscles around the
dog cock in her which made her rise towards her climax
faster. She moaned, she was losing, she wasn't a match
for the animal fucking her! But Bravo responded by
fucking into her faster and she cried out to him!

"Oh baby, cum for me please, give me your cum, shoot it
in me. I need to feel it in me, pump me full of sperm,
honey. Make me, oh no it's to late, sweetheart I'm
cumming for you again, fuck me like a bitch, give me
that cock, hurt me with it, blast me baby!"

When her first contraction hit her she felt Bravo
bowing up and his cock plunge as deep in her as it
would go and his hot cum hit her womb like a torch.
Julie raised to her toes to get as much of him in her
as possible and they both froze as cum was mixing in
her cunt and his sperm was entering her womb. Julie
held on to her dog lover and whimpered as she came over
his wonderful cock again and again. Bravo pumped his
hot sperm into her rigid body and licked her face and
lips, both to show his love.

Julie came so long she was hurting, her stomach like a
row of steel rods and her calf muscles like iron. She
finished and slowly sank down again as Bravo continued
to pump his cum in her in small spurts of hot lava.
Soon they lay together winding down and she hugged him
to show her love and to keep him on her and in her as
long as possible. She loved that knot pressure in her
cunt and the feel of his long hard and hot cock in her

They lay locked together for eight minutes with Bravo
wanting to move occasionally and her holding and
rubbing him. She reached down between their bodies and
felt of her cunt with the lips bulged out from the knot
and his cock stem. She could touch a little of his cock
right where it went in her cunt, god, it had to be ten
inches long! And all ten inches were buried in her, no
wonder she loved it so! She rubbed along it and Bravo
tried to raise up but she held him with her other arm
over him and played with his cock sheath and the hard
stem. She wondered if she could make him stay hard and
fuck her some more like this. Bravo licked her face and
lips and she kissed his muzzle and tongue.

"Baby, let me feel of it. I never get to see it or play
with it! You always lick me to a cum and then jump on
me and fuck me half to death! I want to see it, touch
it, hold it in my hand, I would like to kiss it
sometimes. Would you let me when it comes out or do you
have to run home and see if there is any thing to eat?
Do you make the rounds in the neighborhood looking for
a bitch to fuck? Are you fucking other women in the
neighborhood, you can't do that I don't fuck other dogs
so you can't fuck other women, ok? You don't care what
I say do you? "

Julie felt the pressure decreasing and knew she wasn't
going to get any more cock right now so she just felt
of him and waited for him to decide he wanted down and
hope it didn't rip her open but it never had. She felt
like she was ripped away from the most wonderful thing
ever put in her but there wasn't any damage to her body
just her emotions. Bravo raised up, there was no way
she could hold him, and instead of jumping off and
turning, this time he backed away and her cunt began to
ache. He licked her nipples but only once as the chain
pricked his tongue, then backed a little more and she
was able to feel his cock behind the knot and she
rubbed it. Bravo waited about twenty seconds and then
leaned back and she felt the knot ready to come out,
she grabbed the towel end to catch the flood and moaned
from the pressure.

"Oh baby, I wish you knew how that feels, the ache is
going to make me cum again. Oh you are so big and long
today, I wish you could tell me how much you wanted me,
you were horny for your slut bitch weren't you? Oh, I
love the thought of a dog lusting for my cunt, it's so
perverted it's erotic. "

The cock popped out from the steady pressure and Julie
barely caught the cum flooding from her cunt. She
sighed, it was over, her lover would run away now and
she would be left alone, happy and satisfied but alone.
Bravo stood between her legs as she wiped with the
drenched towel end and when she moved her hand he
licked her cunt rapidly. Julie lay on the coffee table
quivering as he licked her cunt clean then backed away.

She slowly raised up and moved the cushion to the floor
and pulled the towel to get to a dry section to hold
over her cunt going to the bathroom. She rinse herself
several times and took the towel and wash cloth to the
washing machine. She grabbed towels, sheets and other
things from the clothes basket and started a load. As
she bent over the washer putting in the detergent Bravo
came in and nuzzled her leg with his head and whined.
She asked him did he want some water and went to the
kitchen to get him some but he wasn't thirsty. He poked
her with his nose on her leg and trotted towards the
back door looking back at her.

"You need to go out baby, is that what you want?"

He whined so she went to the door and opened it and he
dashed out. Julie thought that he was going home but
wondered how he would get out of the yard. She got her
coffee cup heated a cup and went outside to look
pulling her robe together. Bravo was running around
smelling of everything like dogs do and when he got to
a corner of the fence he hiked his leg and sent a
stream against it. Julie sat down on the deck and drank
some coffee and watched him as he ran to the other
corner and repeated the action. She smiled and thought
to herself, he was marking his territory, she laughed
thinking he would come and pee on her next. After all
he claimed her also. He went all around the yard
marking spots and smelling everything.

Bravo finally decided he had it all marked and drained
his urine licked his cock and came running to her,
right into her face pushing between her legs and licked
her lips before she could move. She spit wiping her

"Oh god baby, you licked my lips after licking your
cock, that's gross."

Bravo didn't even notice he was dancing around her,
wanting to play with his bitch now. Julie grabbed him
as he tried to get his nose in the top of her robe, she
rubbed his ears and he spun away plopping down on the
deck and fell over with his head in her lap. She
laughed at his antics and ruffled his coat of hair
along his side, he just lay on her panting with his
tongue hanging out as she rubbed his side. Then he
rolled over on his back with his legs folded but kept
his head to the side and licked her leg.

"Oh, so you like to have your belly scratched, huh,
well I guess I could do it for you, but you have to
promise not to tell a soul. I don't intend to scratch
every belly that shows up, you know. "

Julie drank coffee and scratched Bravo's stomach and
chest sometimes moving up to his neck and then working
her way back down to his soft belly. He whined just a
little and she said good is it? She was rubbing more
than scratching now and he turned over to lick her leg
again and she had a handful of his sheath. She paused
but rubbed it also. He was still for her. She thought
he couldn't understood her when she said she wanted to
play with it but it sure seemed like he was granting
her wish. She tightened her hand around the sheath a
little and all he did was grunt, now she was almost
jacking it slowly and she could see the tip emerging
from the hairy covering.

Julie had a tight feeling in her throat as she
continued to feel of Bravo's cock sheath and look at
the tip which was red. She wanted to see it now, all of
it, all of the instrument that gave her so much
pleasure and made her cum so hard. Bravo squirmed and
she thought he was going to get up and just tease her
with a quick feel but he was moving his head closer to
her cunt as he could smell her arousal. She stroked and
he sniffed and tried to lick but the robe was in the
way, she moved it for him and he could lick her stomach
right above her slit. Julie whimpered and rubbed a
little harder and faster. More of his cock appeared to
her and she could see the taper and how it got larger
and the shape of the head, it wasn't round, it was
shaped like a chisel almost.

Julie wanted to see it all, she wanted to feel of the
knot, was it as hard as it felt in her. Bravo wasn't
happy he couldn't get to her cunt without getting up
and he was raising his head looking at her. She threw
the robe open baring tits and cunt to him and anyone
who might see. Then she picked up her leg and put it
over his head to his shoulder and slid down until he
could lay on her other leg and lick her cunt and he did
as she moaned and bent her knee to open her cunt for

She heard his tongue lapping at her wet cunt and she
thought that she couldn't believe she was this hot
after he had fucked her for a hour just a short while
ago. She looked at his cock and was surprised to see
six inches out of the sheath, he was hot for her like
she was hot for him.

Julie rubbed along the bare cock now, it was moist and
very firm she ran her finger along the head to find the
hole where he flooded her and saw it was not a slit
like a human more like just a indented hole. She rubbed
it and his cock jerked and grew, she was breathing
harder now but feeling like she couldn't get enough
air, she rubbed, gripped, stroked, and felt of it all
over loving it more and more, she didn't think of it as
a dog cock anymore it was her lover's cock and she
loved it.

Bravo was gently licking her cunt and she was secreting
juice for him, her clit emerged from it cover and he
licked it five times real quick. Julie gasped and her
stomach muscles hardened. She looked back at his cock
and couldn't stand it, she leaned over to his stomach
and kissed the end and came away with wet lips, she
paused a second and then licked them and realized that
it wasn't bad a little strong but she could get used to
it. Again she kissed the cock end and then slid her
lips over the tip and licked with the tip of her tongue
in the hole, the taste was stronger.

Julie raised up but was going right back down again to
kiss and lick along the length of his red hard cock,
she had to suck it now! But she had to shift this was
hurting her side muscles trying to twist her body. She
held his cock to keep him down and moving her leg
rolled on her side placing his head on the inside of
her leg and holding the other up and open for him. Then
she lay down and placed her lips around his cock head
and began to suck gently as she slowly took more of it
into her mouth.

It seemed that as she engulfed more that more was
appearing from the sheath and she looked it over as she
sucked until she had the tapered tip at her throat
entrance. She paused there and just loved on what she
had with her lips and tongue, she had to swallow as her
mouth was filling with her own mouth water, it was
getting better tasting or she was diluting it with
spit. She was contemplating whether she could take it
down her throat as it was longer than she had ever
tried and bigger as it seemed to be swelling in her
mouth and hand.

Bravo licked her clit and then his tongue went in her
cunt about an inch and she moaned sinking down on his
cock and letting it go into her throat, it seemed to go
on for ever and she was ready to panic as she couldn't
get any air at all and her mouth was stretched as far
as it would go. She was pass the bulging portion and
her lips were at the smaller but the bigger was in her
mouth and at her throat and she was afraid to let go in
as she might have trouble getting it back out.

She found as she backed up that it slid around nicely,
she got the cock clear of her throat and sucked it and
rubbed her tongue along the bottom as she breathed
deeply, she was determined to do it again. She was
flooding Bravo's face with her dripping cunt but was
unaware all she felt was his tongue licking her from
asshole to clit. She let the cock slide deeper in her
mouth until she felt it touch the back of her throat
again, sucked for a little and was ready to take it
deep when Bravo streamed her throat with a shot of

She was frighten it was hot hit the back of her throat
hard but had to swallow as it was in her throat going
down, she realized what it was and pulled back but just
as the tip reached her lips he gave her another and it
was hitting the roof of her mouth and running all over
her tongue and down her throat and she could taste it
as she closed her mouth and collected it to spit it
out, she hesitated holding it and the third shot hit
her lips and nose running off her chin and dripping on
her chest.

She swallowed, it wasn't as bad as she first thought
and tried to wipe her nose and some that had spattered
on her face still holding his cock in her hand. She
looked down at her chest to see how much was on her and
the fourth stream went all over her tits and nipples,
she just let it for she was a mess now! It was hot on
her nipples and she giggled as she looked at the drops
hanging from one tip, she thought she looked like a
glazed donut. Without hesitation she leaned back down
and took his cock in her mouth and sucked it as he
jerked twice more with small streams but now Julie was
wanting more. She wanted his cock in her cunt fucking
her, he had her boiling hot again!

"Come on baby, let's go inside, hurry. I've got to have
you in me, you've got to fuck your bitch, she's burning
up, you have to fuck me, baby!"

Bravo scrambled to his feet and licked her face as she
got up and they ran to the house and straight to the
coffee table. Julie pulled the robe off and lay it on
the table over the cushion leaving a lot hanging over
and lay on it patting her chest for him to mount her.
Bravo was on her and licking her all over as he smelled
his precum on her.

One of his legs pulled the chain to one side and Julie
winced as it was pulling her nipple and sticking like a
dozen needles. She finally got his leg up and off the
chain and by then he was entering her cunt and slamming
in to the max as she was wet and slick without his
precum. Julie moaned at the big hard cock filling her
cunt and her stomach immediately begin to ache as she
was near cumming just from his cock in her mouth and
his licking.

Bravo was already fucking the only way he knew how hard
and fast, and Julie was trying to match him and help
all she could for she was going to cum very soon. She
grabbed his neck and pulled him down on her but he
couldn't get as much leverage as he wanted so he
struggled until she let him lift his head and she felt
the knot pushing at her cunt lips and knew he wouldn't
last long once he got it in.

Julie began to cum as the knot was entering, exiting,
and entering again and her cunt lips were vibrating
like a tuning fork as it went in and out. She couldn't
slam back at him so she just bowed up to give him as
much access as possible and just held her body up and
quivered she as coated his cock. It was over quick as
she was running low on available cum and she sank down
but back up again as she felt the tip, that she had
licked and took in her throat, nudge into her womb

Julie knew she had never been fucked before like today,
she couldn't complain that she had never had a cock
long enough that would enter her womb for she had it
now. That it belonged to a dog didn't matter! Now the
knot was inside and to big to come out without some
hard pain but she didn't want it out anyway. She just
lay rubbing her lover's neck and sides as he fucked
her. She knew she would never get enough of this kind
of love for it had to be love, the kind of love that
sex, really good sex, brings and makes you want to do
again and again.

She never wanted to be without her dog lover's cock in
her and knotted to him it was wonderful! She wasn't
ever going to be without him. She would fuck anybody
they wanted her to, she would let Connie have her cunt
and she would kiss and lick hers, they could make as
many movies as they wanted and do whatever they wished
as long as she could have her lover to fuck her.

Julie gasped, she was building again, oh no, not so
soon, she would never make it and wind up unconscious
with Bravo cumming in her and she would miss the knot
time! But then she heard him whine and his back legs
scrambled trying to get deeper.

"Yes, baby, cum in me. I'm ready for you, fill me up
with hot cum, lover!"

It was a few more minutes and she was afraid that she
had misread his action but then he stiffened and bowed
his back driving in a little deeper and held still as
his cock jerked and cum hit her hard and it burned her
womb opening as it was tender from unusual activity.
Julie was cumming the minute she felt him spurt into
her and she was glad for her legs were giving out
holding herself up for his cock. Then they lay together
quiet and still. Bravo lay his head between his paws
which put his mouth at her chin and he could lick her
mouth with his long tongue. Julie didn't mind, she now
understood that was his way of kissing and showing
affection. She would kiss it whenever she could catch

Finally he was down in size enough to get off and let
the knot come out and Julie had the robe ready to catch
her flood. He licked her and himself a few times went
to the water bowl and then came and licked her tits and
stomach, he nudged her and she raised her head and
looked at him and he whined trotting to the front door.

Julie knew he wanted to go home now and she struggled
to her feet and wobbled to the door, grasping the knob
she kneeled down and they traded licks and she opened
the door and he was gone! Julie closed the door and
just sat there leaning against the wall. She was tired,
wiped out, fucked out, and she needed to regain some
strength before Jimmy got home. He would be ready to
take her body and there wasn't much left in it. But she
could just lay and let him get his rocks off.

Julie wanted to lay on the floor and nap but it was
hard and she was naked and covered in dog cum. She
could still taste cum in her mouth and her cunt was
still holding some real dog cum. She had to get up and
she did going to the kitchen looking for her cup then
remembering it was out side. She went and got it,
naked, got some coffee, heated it, realized the washer
was silent it couldn't have been that long, but it had
so she drank coffee and moved the clothes to the dryer,
reloaded it after getting her robe, and then went to
the bathroom. She got mouthwash first and rinsed it
around, brushing her teeth at the same time as she
stood under the hot shower. She washed herself then
douche and washed again. She wrapped a towel around her
head and went to the kitchen for her coffee.

She was feeling better, not so tired now and straighten
the living room. Sprayed air freshener throughout the
house. Looking at the clock she realized that it was
almost four so she had better start dinner at least
plan it, she didn't have anything thawed. After
accomplishing that she sat down with her coffee and
just thought, smiling occasionally.

She decided to call Harry as soon as he got off work
and tell him she was going to take the job at the
school if he didn't object she didn't want to stay home
by herself all summer with Jimmy helping him and them
staying over there. Besides if she was home all day she
wouldn't live long for Bravo would come over and they
would fuck all day and half the night! But she wouldn't
tell Harry that!


Sarah was better on Wednesday, she wasn't cramping
anymore and her flow had settled down. But she got
embarrassed when she got home after school. Ben was
beside himself. He just knew that Sarah was tired of
him already. She was gone all weekend and didn't come
out her door when she did come home and then only to go
to work and he waved and she waved but walked faster
without looking.

He watched for her Wednesday and gave her a little time
to get settled and then he went to her door and
knocked. He was beginning to think she wasn't coming,
pretending she didn't hear him but finally just as he
was going to leave she opened the door, smiled when she
saw who it was.

"Hello Ben, come in, sorry I was so long in getting to
the door but I was half undressed and couldn't find my
shorts. How have you been!"

"Doing ok, how are you? I just dropped by to see if you
were all right, haven't seen much of you lately thought
maybe you were sick and might need something."

"Ben that's so sweet of you! I'm doing fine but I've
been busy getting ready for tests and writing exam
questions, so I haven't had much time."

"Good, well there was another reason that I wanted to
talk to you and that is I wondered if you would like to
go to dinner, with me? "

"Just you?, I'm sorry that didn't sound like I meant it
to. I mean, you know, like a date, are you asking me
out, Ben?"

"Well, yeah, you don't have to consider it a date, I
know that you wouldn't date me, I just thought we could
go to dinner like friends."

"Ben! Please, I hurt your feelings, I didn't mean to,
I'm stupid. It's just that I was so surprised and
shocked, I never thought you would think about taking
me on a date. You're my best friend and, we shared
something wonderful, I would like to continue our
friendship. I would love to go on a date with you to
dinner or anything but I'm so immature looking and
unsophisticated that I thought you wouldn't want your
friends to see you with me! Please forgive me, please.
Ask me again so I can answer right this time!"

Smiling again, he asked. "Sarah, I would consider it a
honor if you would consider going with me on a dinner
date. I would be proud to have you with me anywhere!"

"I would love to Ben! Wow no one ever asked me for a
date like that. You made my heart flutter like a
butterfly! When did you have in mind and what will we
do so I know how to dress?"

"Well, tonight would be great if you're free and I know
a great steakhouse south of town, it's not fancy but
the steaks are wonderful. Then we could come to my
place for some after dinner drinks and talk."

Immediately he saw Sarah's eyes drop and she flushed.
He thought she's going to say no, she's to busy and
then I have to say another time and she will have
plans. Sarah looked at him and her eyes showed she was
struggling with a problem. Suddenly she took his hand
and said sit down Ben and she sat close facing him with
her knees against his knee, she still held his hand and
rubbed the back of it as she looked at him. Ben was
filled with fear, the fear he hadn't felt in a long,
long time, the fear of rejection. She must be trying to
think of a tactful way to tell him.

"Ben, I have to tell you something that may shock you,
but I must be honest with you for you are my friend. I
want to go to dinner with you tonight and anywhere is
ok with me, but there is a problem, you see I like you.
I like you a lot, more than I should maybe, and I want
to be with you, you know really be with you, BE with
you, do you understand?"

Ben looked at her and shook his head.

"God, Ben. This is embarrassing, I mean make love. Like
we did! Again! But I can't, it's, it's just that, well
it's my time of the month, Ben! You know. Don't you?
And I feel that I have to tell you because I don't want
to go to dinner and then come here, to your place and
then we kiss and get close and, but I have to say no
and disappoint you. You would hate me."

"Sarah, that's not important, it's wonderful and I
would love to do it again but it not as important as
just being with you, sharing a dinner together and
talking. Just looking at you while we ate would make my
day, any day. Say you'll go and don't worry about that.
I appreciate you telling me, that proves you are a
thoughtful person and you are worried more about my
feelings than your own. But it not as important as just
holding your hand."

"Thank you Ben. You're so sweet, I'm sorry I'm so dumb.
You mean a lot to me and I don't want to ever hurt you
or disappoint you. I promise as soon as this is over I
will call you and say come and get me! Oh I shouldn't
have said that, you'll think I just a slut!"

Ben laughed and said to her that she was a wonder and
that he loved that in her, that she was so open and
trusting. He said how about we leave at seven. Sarah
said that sounds great I be ready, dress and heels or
is that two dressy. He said that is great, just be
comfortable. She said thank you for being you, and
kissed him then told him to get out of there she had
work to do. Ben smiled and said yes ma'am, but could I
hug you just for a few seconds I need to? She asked,
"Why do you need to hug me?" she was fishing for a
compliment. Because you are so hug able, it makes me
feel good! Sarah put her arms around his neck and her
body tight against him and said hug away. Ben left
happy, he was on top of the world!

Dinner was nice and the food was great, Sarah ate a T
bone, baked potato, green beans and a salad, she was
stuffed. She insisted he sit next to her in a booth so
they could rub shoulders. A little wine at his place
and sitting talking and occasionally holding hands
rounded out the evening. Sarah went home and went to
bed, Ben wasn't sleepy he just sat looking at a blank
tv screen, smiling.


Heather went shopping in the truck, Harry had beer with
the guys at the pool and went to bed, he was sleeping
any time he got a chance. Heather woke him up at nine
and kept him awake until twelve. He went to sleep with
his cock in her mouth and she loved it with her lips
and tongue until he started snoring and lost his
hardness. She was sneaking out soon after that happy
and well satisfied.


Emily and Kurt played a new game, it didn't have a name
but was a lot of fun. They took turns laying on the
couch naked and blindfolded while the other tickled
with a feather. If the layer giggled or flinched they
had to perform orally for two minutes. They were both
extremely ticklish, Kurt found out he didn't have to
pick up the feather, Emily would giggle just from
thinking about it! Kurt decided he had missed a lot of
great tasting places hidden around her body.


Julie called Harry while they ate, he was resting
before going to dinner, he told her if she wanted to
work it was ok with him, but they could make it without
her working. He agreed she would get bored sitting at
home all week but not to work herself to death. Besides
he reasoned their lives were changing and they needed
to be flexible. She said she would try to work it so
she only worked half a day until school started back in
the fall. Then it would be full time.

Jimmy ate and listened and he would rub her leg once in
a while up to her shorts bottom. He saw she had drank
all the coffee and made some more and was going to turn
it on when they were about though with dinner and she
could drink it while he did the dishes. She should
still be relaxed but horny when David got here with the
dvd and Bravo. Julie didn't know about any of this, she
had reached the point were she didn't ask just go with
the flow, and the flow was always moving. She knew she
would be doing something and it didn't matter what, but
it would be sex that was for sure!

Jimmy talked to his Dad for a while and then they were
finished eating and he had to go eat. Jimmy turned on
the coffee and made Julie sit at the counter as he
cleaned up the dishes and they talked. Starting the
dishwasher he gave her some coffee and wiped every
thing down and they were ready. He went to his room and
returned with the cuffs and collar. Julie held her
hands out for him and he placed the cuffs on her and
then the small black collar around her neck. Julie's
nipples were tingling. She was now a slave and a dog
slut. Jimmy removed her loose shirt and she was naked
from the waist up, the chain dangled from her nipples.

"Sweetheart, do I have to go, like this, someone will

"They are coming here, we want to change the location
for this clip."

"Will we be making a movie? Will Connie be here?"

"Yes, you will be making a movie together."

"Are they bringing Bravo also, will he be in the

"Of course."

Julie trembled, she knew that she would forget all of
them when Bravo made love to her but she would have to
let Connie watch. For some reason she felt it would be
humiliating to be fucked by a dog with a woman
watching, she remembered that Connie had kissed her and
played with her breasts while Bravo fucked her last
night. But tonight was different, she didn't know she
was there last night until she was tied to her lover,
tonight she would know! Jimmy got the phone and called,
he said we're ready and hung up.

He took Julie to the couch and removed her shorts,
taking a small snap connector from his pocket he
fastened her hands behind her back by the cuffs. Then
he gave her coffee and played with her breasts and
nipples as she sat trembling getting hot and hornier by
the minute. Twenty minutes passed before they heard the
car horn signaling that David had arrived. That was
twenty minutes of kissing and sucking nipples plus one
or two fingers in her cunt. Julie was boiling hot and
nervous as a whore in church.

Jimmy went to the door of the garage and let them in as
Julie tried to sit on the couch like nothing unusual
was going to happen, her hands fastened behind her,
both nipples hard, erect, and wet from Jimmy's mouth,
her cunt wet, and she was naked with a collar on. Jimmy
came in first with a tripod and lights. David had a bag
full of cameras and other stuff and he was leading
Connie with a leash attached to her collar. She was
naked as the day she was born! She didn't even have
shoes for her feet. She looked at Julie and Julie
looked at her, Connie's face was flushed and her
breasts where slightly flushed pink. She had been
played with, Julie could tell. They didn't speak to
each other.

David set his bag on the floor and led Connie around
the couch to a position in front of Julie and turned
her around so she was facing away from her. Julie
gasped, she saw a butt plug end protruding from her
asshole, no wonder her face was flushed! David moved
Connie over and made her sit next to Julie on the
couch, she sat down gingerly. Julie noticed she was
very submissive, she did not move unless David moved
her and she didn't resist, it was like she wanted to do
what they wanted her to do without reservation, even
eagerly. She was wanting this!

Jimmy was setting the camera up on a small tripod and
the large one was for lights which he attached and
plugged up. David got a large black cloth from the bag
and hung it over the curtain rod. They moved lamps from
the end tables and anything that would be recognizable
and last there was a pad placed over the coffee to make
it softer and hide it.

Julie was watching in amazement, apparently they had
planned this and had it all worked out, she didn't
realize it at first but became aware that Connie had
placed a hand on Julie's breast. The hand was warm and
she didn't do anything with it just held Julie's
breast. Julie was almost afraid to look at her, but
when she glanced she was frozen and couldn't tear her
eyes away, for Connie's eyes were blazing with lust.

Julie had put her legs together when they were coming
in the door and she held them tightly against each
other, but that was all the protection she could get.
She looked back at David and then Jimmy but they were
both working, finishing the set up. Julie was sure that
she and Connie would be the stars of this movie and
apparently Connie knew this and was hot for it.

Julie looked down at the hand on her breast and it
moved up to her nipple and a thumb and finger pinched
the very end, softly but increasing. Julie looked at
Connie and whimpered softly. Connie smiled and said you
are so beautiful, Julie. Had you ever made love to a
woman or had a woman make love to you? Julie shook her
head. Connie said I will show you how, open your legs
for me.

Julie shook her head again, but Connie only moved to
where she was sitting on her hip, her tit was touching
Julie's shoulder, cupped her breast and began to
massage it and rub the nipple. She worked both breasts
for a while and then moved one hand down to Julie's
stomach rubbing. She leaned in and kissed Julie, noted
that she didn't turn away and continue to work her
over. She would rub Julie's thighs and stomach down to
her slit and whisper open them for me. Julie no longer
shook her head she knew she would have to do it but she
was going to wait as long as possible for they were
both enjoying the seduction.

Connie leaned over her and rubbed their tits together
as she kissed her and placed her right hand at Julie's
slit top and waited. Almost a full minute passed of tit
rubbing and kissing until Julie's legs relaxed a little
and the hand slid down an inch, another inch and a
finger was resting on the slit right on top of her clit
trapped in it's sheath covering.

Julie moaned as the finger applied pressure on the clit
and opened a little more to let it down another inch.
The finger entered the slit and moved up to the clit
and rubbed the tip sticking out. It only took ten
seconds of that and Julie surrendered with a groan deep
in her throat and opened her legs wide. The clit
straightened out and rose, two fingers slid down and
plunged into her wet cunt and as far inside as they
could go.

Unknown to Julie, David had got a camera and signaled
Connie to start the seduction and he had recorded it
all, god that was a good clip. He already had a name
for it, Neighbor's Seduction.

Julie twisted against Connie, rubbing harder against
her breasts. Her nipples were hard and so was Connie's
the chain was pulling and pinching but she didn't care
she had missed the feel of a woman's tits. When she
opened her eyes the lights were bright and she realized
that the house lights were off but the camera lights
were on and she was bathed in bright light as Connie
fucked her with her fingers.. They were making a movie
but she didn't know what she was supposed to do. Then
the lights went out and she couldn't see at all but she
could still feel and it was getting good.

But Connie stopped, she was still in her but not moving
as they kissed. Julie whimpered she wanted to cum! but
they always did this to her, get her hot and then just
keep her on the edge, hot and horny. She could hear
David and Jimmy moving around but she couldn't see
them. Suddenly the tv came on and a dvd was loading,
Connie whispered to her to watch this it's wonderful.
It was last night's video of her and Bravo and she was
spellbound as she watched herself in the throes of
ecstasy as she was fucked by her dog lover. When she
came on camera she moaned and Connie wiggled her
fingers making her moan again.

Then the on camera Julie began her multiple cums and
she sat on the couch with her legs spread and Connie's
fingers in her cunt watching herself, she was hot now
beyond belief! She remembered all this and wanted it
again, now! But she had to watch it all, the resting
and then Connie kissing her as Bravo fucked her the
second time, she didn't remember much of the last time
he spurted in her but she could hear herself moaning
and gasping as he filled her cunt with cum.

She gasped when she saw the flash of his long hard cock
and the knot which actually looked like two balls
coming out of her and the gush of cum. Then there was
the close-up of her cunt dripping cum as it drained
from her running down her gash and dripping from her
clit to the floor. Julie was shivering!

The tv went off, and someone maybe two some ones helped
her to stand and Connie's fingers slipped away. The
nipple chain was removed and hands massaged her
breasts, her hands were untied, the cuffs removed, and
the collar removed from her neck. A robe was placed on
her and loosely belted, her shoes were removed and they
led her to the kitchen counter where she was given
coffee to drink. Julie was still shaking.

The coffee was strong, she wondered if something was
different about it, but she drank it down as her mouth
was dry. Jimmy got her some more, Connie appeared next
to her in a loose fitting dress, a wrap around, and
slipped her hand inside Julie's robe and rubbed her
breasts. Julie knew then the movie wasn't over they
were keeping her hot for something. She wondered why
they hadn't brought Bravo with them, were they going to
back to Connie's and give her to him there?

She drank half the cup at Jimmy's urging and felt
dizzy. She realized that Jimmy was telling her

"The camera sound will be off so you will be getting
instructions, listen and do whatever is said, ok. You
will walk to the door and open it, Connie will push in
and show you a picture of you and Bravo coupled. She
will threaten to report you to the police unless you do
everything she says. She will strip you, put cuffs and
a collar on you, whip your ass with a crop, then fuck
you with a dildo, a strap on, then you will be forced
to take Bravo as your lover with a lease on your neck
as she takes more pictures of you and him for future
blackmail. Do whatever she says and listen for
instructions, but when you hear the words 'sound on'
that means the sound is being recorded of the crop
hitting your ass or of fucking so moan and whimper or
whatever you wish but don't ask us any thing. Ok!

Julie nodded and he gave her the coffee to finish.
David said let's start and Connie went to the door with
a bag in her hand she had on Julie's shoes. When she
was out side the lights were turned on and they were
bright! David was behind the tripod manning the camera
and Jimmy had a portable light with the camera attached
to it.

David said ok, action, the doorbells rings. Julie
hesitated a second she felt like she was a few seconds
behind everything, then started to the door when she
turned the knob Connie burst in and pushed her, it
scared Julie and she had a actual look of fear on her
face. David caught it. Connie began to berate her
calling her a dog fucker and other names threatening
her, then she shoved the picture at her and Julie's
face blanched as it was a picture of her and Bravo, a
good picture. She lay on her back with her hands
holding him at the neck and his red cock was visible
sticking in her cunt about half way, but worse she was
holding her head up and her mouth open as his tongue
was on her chin licking up, her eyes blazed with

Julie reached for it but Connie snatched it back, and
began to yell at her to strip naked, Julie shook her
head and reached for the picture, she was made to beg,
she wouldn't promise to be a sex slave at first but
finally gave in and Connie made her strip. Her nipples
were pinched and then she was led back to the couch and
coffee table, Connie cuffed her, put the dog collar on
her, and a leash. Then her hands were fastened together
behind her back. Connie removed her wrap around and
kicked off Julie's shoes.

She reached in the bag and got a riding crop and teased
Julie's nipples with it, just as Jimmy had done before.
She rubbed it over Julie's breasts, the cameras were in
close now and David said sounds on. The crop moved away
and as Julie watched it flew back and slapped her
breast, the sound was loud and Julie's gasp was also,
then Connie whipped her breasts for two minutes not
real hard and the flat end made big noise but not much
pain. But Julie's breasts were turning red, from the
whipping or from passion, she wasn't sure.

Next she had to suffer a few licks on her nipples and
she was moaning for these did hurt, they were sensitive
from wearing the chain so much. Julie wanted to ask
them to stop but she wasn't suppose to talk plus she
had to suffer through this movie so she could have
Bravo later. By the time Connie finished with her
nipples, tears were running down her cheeks.

David and Jimmy got it recorded. Next came her stomach
and the crop really made a loud slapping noise and
Julie flinched each time for it stung! She was
beginning to think they had forgotten to move for it
seemed to go on forever, above her navel, below it, on
it, then down to her vee where it was really tender and
she was squirming with each blow.

Abruptly Connie stopped and make her turn around and
bend over and Julie was glad for she feared that next
would be between her legs and she still remembered the
shock and ache she had when Jimmy hit her there, she
also remembered her cunt wet, running like a leaking
faucet. Connie began to slap her ass on each cheek and
Julie could act for the camera now for it didn't hurt
just noisy and she liked to have her ass spanked, it
made electric like shocks run through her cunt. She
twisted and flinched moaning with each blow. But soon
she was wondering if they had got carried away and
forgotten that they were making a movie for it seemed
to go on forever and her ass was beginning to burn!

Connie moved down to the back of her thighs and hit her
on each leg a number of times and Julie wasn't pleased
for each time the leg muscles would jump and she was
afraid they would cramp. She was flinching for real now
and quivering, the crop worked down to her calf muscles
and they were already tight from the stress and her
knees began to shake but the blows kept coming.

Julie felt moisture running down her leg and she
whimpered for she wasn't sure if it was sexual or had
she peed on herself. Connie told her to turn around and
Julie straighten up as she turned and they could see
tears on her cheek and drops on her chin and jaw line.
To her surprise she saw tears on Connie's cheeks also
and knew she wasn't enjoying whipping her. She tried to
smile at her but was shocked when she told her to
spread your legs, you dog fucker! Julie froze for a
second as it sank in.

"Noooooooo! Oh god, nooo please not that oh, oh please
have mercy on me, don't hit me there, it'll kill me!"

Connie's face blanched, she didn't know if Julie was
acting or if she was really afraid. She didn't know if
she had ever been whipped on her cunt but she had to do
it, David and Jimmy had told her last night as they
laid out the plan and Jimmy had said she would love it!

"Shut up slut! This is your punishment for being a
dog's bitch, spread your legs or I will slash your face
to ribbons and even dogs can't stand to look at you!"

Those were the words they told her to say, she raised
the crop as if to strike Julie's face. Julie was
confused also she wasn't sure if they were acting now
or if Connie would hit her face for real. She stepped
back a little and moved one foot out about six inches.
Connie said more and she moved it six more. Connie
brought the crop down on Julie's left breast and Julie
moaned for she couldn't escape. She spread her legs and
said a silent prayer that Connie wouldn't hit her hard.

The first hit she didn't see coming as her eyes were
closed and it hit directly in the middle of her wet
cunt and smacked loudly, moisture spattered on Julie's
legs and she swayed like she was drunk. The next one
was a little higher and Julie moaned as she knew her
clit would get it soon and it was throbbing already.
Connie made the next one a little lighter but Julie's
cunt lips were already on fire. The clit came next and
even with Connie trying to make it light Julie doubled
over and fell to the floor, her knees first and then to
her side. She lay there and shook, sobbing. David cut
off the sound and said cut.

Jimmy rushed to his mother and tried to sooth her,
Connie was also on her knees rubbing Julie. After about
five minutes she was calmed down they talked her into
beginning again with the promise that the whipping was
over. She started to get up but David said to stay
there and they would pick it up from there. He told
Connie to walk to her and help her up and on the coffee
table and then continue as they had rehearsed. Every
one got in place and they began again.

When Connie got Julie on the table lying on her back,
which wasn't to comfortable with her hands tied behind
her, she spread Julie's legs and looked at her for a
short while and then got on her knees between her legs
and looked at her cunt closely. Julie was watching her
over her breasts as she had a pillow under her head for
comfort. Connie reached out and touched Julie's cunt
rubbing it lightly and moved up to her clit and rubbed
it with her fingertip causing Julie to whimper. Connie
spread her legs as wide as they would go, David and
Jimmy moved in close to show the puffy lips and the
throbbing clit, it wasn't throbbing from the whipping
it was throbbing because it was the center of attention
and Julie was turned on by this.

Then Connie slowly moved towards the clit and her lips
parted. Julie whimpered and she said, no please don't,
don't do that to me. Connie fastened her lips over the
hard projectile and slid down over it applying sucking
pressure. Julie moaned and rolled her head from side to
side she wasn't acting she was going to cum if Connie
didn't stop quickly. Connie had no intention of
stopping she was doing what she wanted to do last night
and what they told her to do, make her cum until it
runs out of her cunt. She sucked and rubbed her tongue
along the little organ and Julie got louder and stiffer
until she was humping against Connie's face as she
gushed in climax.

Connie would have stayed there the rest of the night
for she was turned by turning Julie on, she didn't
think for one minute that she was acting for the
camera, she had the evidence on her chin. But David
knew they had to move on there was only so much space
on the memory card so he motioned for his mother to get
on with it. Connie reluctantly rose up and reached for
the bag, she found the dildo with the harness and
strapped it on, she thought for a minute of what she
was suppose to say.

"Now you bitch, I'm going to make you cum so many times
you won't be able to walk much less let a dog fuck you!
Wait until you feel this in your hot cunt!"

Julie was laying with her eyes closed, she was
embarrassed that she had cum so easily from Connie
sucking her clit. But she opened them when she heard
Connie speak and gasped at the length of the dildo
jutting out from her pelvic. It was as long and big as
the one Emily had and she knew they would have to be
careful or she would be injured!

"Oh no, please, haven't you done enough to me? Please
that will kill me, it's to big and to long, it will
tear me up inside and injure me. Please I will do any
thing you tell me to, don't stick that huge thing in

"Sorry dog fucker. You are going to get it and it will
be plunging in you until you come! So you had better
cum quickly or you will be getting it all night long.
But if you promise to be my sex slave I will only make
you cum once and not hurt you with it. Plus as your
reward for being my sex slave, I will let the dog fuck
you. Do you promise or do I send this picture to the

"Yes I promise to be your sex slave. Please don't hurt
me and never let anyone see the picture, please!"

"Ok bitch, here it comes, enjoy it!"

Connie eased the huge firm cock into Julie's cunt and
slid it in slowly. Julie had gasped at the first
contact and she was softly saying, oooooooohhhhhh, as
it went in to the back of her cunt. When Connie felt it
hit her back wall or womb, she wasn't sure which, she
stopped and placed her hand around the remaining length
and began to pump in and out like a man would. Julie
moaned, this was good, she was stuffed with the girth
of the dildo and her wet cunt slid around it easily and
it was very nice. Connie saw that Julie's nipples were
hard and standing out from her breasts and she leaned
over and alternated sucking them. Julie was getting hot
and hornier fast she could see Jimmy and David from the
corner of her eyes and they both had boner's in their
shorts and she knew it was because of her, naked and
helpless she was being fucked before them and they
would want some of her also, and soon.

Connie was really getting into this, she sucked and
kissed Julie's nipples as she gently fucked the dildo
in her. She moved up and kissed her lips being careful
that the dildo didn't go to deep, she was thrilled that
Julie offered her lips and opened her mouth for her to
kiss and explore. Her own cunt was wet and she was
tingling all over, she was having her first woman and
she loved it! She raised up and looked at Julie lying
beneath her and Julie opened her eyes and they were
shining. Connie realized she was enjoying being fucked,
she was a hot woman and she was her woman right now!

Julie saw the same look in Connie's eyes that she saw
in everyone's eyes, the ones that were fucking her, the
look of amazement as they enjoyed her body, she knew
that Connie wouldn't be happy with just making a movie
tonight! She would be wanting her again and again.
Julie liked it like that she had always wanted people
to want her sexually and she worked at making them want
her. But she wanted Bravo also and they were not making
progress towards a climax at this slow and gentle pace.
She could fuck like this for hours until she was sore
and had to stop. But she wanted to cum quick and finish
the movie with Bravo.

They had her hot now, she had been satisfied, and was
going to watch the movie on the dvd, make love with
Jimmy and David and be ready for bed, but they had
stirred up her desire by whipping her and making her
the star of the movie and now she wanted them all but
she wanted Bravo right now!

David and Jimmy also knew that Connie had forgotten
about the movie and was just loving Julie's body and
they would run out of memory if they didn't keep it
moving. David said sound off and then told his mother
to move along and if they had to fake the climax that
was alright. Then he announced that sound was back on.

Connie straighten up and began to pump a little faster
and Julie began to moan and twist her head which
encouraged Connie and she worked harder until suddenly
she gasped and a low moan issued from her lips. Julie
realized that Connie was cumming in fact she felt
moisture drip on her leg and she began to hump and fake
cumming on the dildo. Finally they both settled down
and David turned off the sound and told Connie to hurry
and get Julie on her stomach for the final scene.

Connie pulled out of Julie and said ok you can have
your reward now and pulled her up and helped her to lay
on her stomach, unfastened her cuffs and put her arms
down to the floor and tied them to the table legs. She
took the dildo off and placed it at Julie's mouth and
ordered her to hold it and slipped it in her mouth.
Julie knew she wouldn't be able to hold it long for her
jaws would ache from being wide open. Connie walked
away and the camera's zoomed in for close-ups, then
David said cut.

Chapter Forty One

They gave Julie and Connie something to drink, Julie
drank coffee that Jimmy brought her and Connie had a
cola in a thermos that they had brought. They bragged
about how good they were in the scenes and how it was
almost finished. Julie knew her part would be easy for
she didn't have to do anything just lay and let Bravo
take her body, she was his bitch. Connie had to watch
and do as she had done last night, kiss and caress and
wish it was her again.

Julie was returned to her position on the table, the
dildo returned to her mouth after Jimmy cleaned it and
dipped it in the coffee. They were set and David had
got Bravo from the car where he had been all this time
just waiting. He was held by Connie just inside the
door from the garage and he was sniffing her and
licking a little around her cunt, driving her crazy,
for he could smell Julie's scent on her. His bitch was
near and she was hot, her cunt juice was all around
Connie. He was anxious and tugging at his collar. The
lights came on and the word they were waiting on was
said, action.

Connie came in the door with Bravo and he immediately
was snatching and dragging her towards Julie. He
snatched away from her hand and ran to Julie, straight
to her face and was licking her mouth. Julie let the
dildo go and it thudded to the floor as she turned her
face to him to be kissed by her lover. Bravo was all
around her licking, smelling, and checking her out for
evidence she was free from other dogs' markings. He
smelled her cunt which she had as open as she could get
it for him and licked it causing her to gasp and moan
with desire. Julie's heart rate was way above one
hundred, she was almost hyperventilating in
anticipation of his long hot cock being in her cunt.

Bravo was on his second run around her as Connie
reached them and got to her knees, she was supposed to
place him on Julie's back and help him get his cock in
her cunt. After licking Julie' lips and face the big
dog turned back to her ass, almost knocking Connie over
in his haste, and began to lick her cunt and asshole.
Julie almost came off the table as his tongue caressed
her asshole and tried to burrow in it.

She wanted so bad for him to do that, she was a
quivering hot fuck animal now, all she wanted was for
her lover to take her, she didn't care who saw or what
they did to her just let him have her! She would let
him fuck her in front of ten thousand people! Connie
was mesmerized as she watched in awe, the animal was
fantastic and Julie's reaction and obvious desire for
him to fuck her was equally mesmerizing. She had let
him lick her last night after they took Julie home and
both boys had filled her with cum and she knew what it
felt like but she still hadn't had his cock in her as
he didn't seem interested after knotting Julie twice.

Connie saw David motioning for her to get him on Julie,
but just as she moved he was bounding on Julie's back
and the long pink cock sprang out and disappeared into
Julie's cunt with a wet squishing sound. Julie gasped
and she raised her head and her ass for her lover.
Connie sank back to the carpet and watched fascinated
as Bravo pounded his bitch and the bitch murmured,
"Yes! Yes, lover fuck me!"

Julie came within two minutes, a long gut wrenching
climax and lay lifeless on the table as the big dog
continued to fuck her hard. They were coupled completed
and Connie realized she hadn't seen the knot go in but
it had to be inside Julie's cunt he was as deep as he
could get.

Meanwhile Julie was in heaven, three times since lunch
her dog lover had taken her and each time she was
carried to the limit of her passion. She wanted Bravo,
she wanted his cock, she wanted him to be home with her
and take her any time he wanted to. Two, three or four
times a day she would let him take her like a bitch,
the bitch she was! She would stay naked for him just as
she did for Harry and Jimmy, so they could fuck her

Julie could feel Connie's hands on her as Bravo fucked
her, the soft warm hands felt good on her body, rubbing
her hips and under her stomach up to her breasts,
cupping them, squeezing, and pinching her nipples.
Connie moved around to her face and began to kiss her
cheek and after a while Julie turned her head and let
her have her lips as well. Bravo didn't mind the female
kissing his bitch, she wasn't a threat to his claim to
the pack leader role and his right to the bitches he
chose. If it had been a male human he would growl to
warn him off and then attack if they didn't leave for
no one was allowed to impregnate his bitch. He had
claimed her for himself!

Julie's cunt was being plundered by the dog's long hard
cock, her inside cavity was budged by a swelling knot,
and her cervix opening was being slightly penetrated by
the hot dripping tip plus she was being caressed and
kissed by Connie, very lovingly. She didn't see that it
could get much better than this! But the caressing and
kissing were bringing her out of her dreamy like state
and making her more aware of the hot length of cock in
her, her nipples were hurting from being pinched and
she remembered the whipping she had endured on them.
She moaned softly and then louder as she felt her ache
start in her stomach. She didn't want to cum again so
quickly it had just died down! But she had lost track
of time and didn't realize that it was almost ten
minutes ago!

But she couldn't have stopped it any way, she whispered
to Connie but the camera microphone picked it up, "Oh
god! I'm going to cum again, he fucks me so good,
oooohhhh no! It aches his knot aches me so wonderfully!
I love it! Never, never get enough."

She began to hump back at her dog lover's pounding cock
and Bravo seemed to realize his bitch was ready to
accept his seed and be impregnated with his puppies and
he stepped up his speed of pounding and wormed closer
driving his tip into her womb opening.

Julie moaned as she now was aching in two areas from
his cock and she starting flinging her head from side
to side as the ache slid to her cervix and became one
big pain. For almost a minute she and Bravo fucked each
other and she began to think she couldn't come anymore
and she needed to stop the pain and let her heart rest.
Tears of frustration began to run from her eyes and she
sobbed as she fucked back frantically.

Just as Julie was about to give out and give up, Bravo
saved her! He hunched deep in her cunt and froze, his
cock stiffened and then the first hot spurt hit her
womb opening burning the sides and Julie cried out
loudly and her cum began to unload over his loving cock
Bravo spurted her twice, big loads of his thin cum, and
then he started pounding into her again spurting her
full as he fucked her. Julie moaned and twisted back on
her lover's cock to get all he had in her and all his
cum, that sweet cum, from him.

Nearly a full minute passed as they mixed their cum in
Julie's vagina, her womanly cum and his animal seed.
Slowly he grew still and just hugged her hips tightly
with his front legs as he reached the end of his
spurting, Julie's head sank to the table but she held
her ass up for him and wiggled it hoping to give her
lover a last bit of pleasure.

Julie had pulled and been pulled back until her arms
were stretched out forward and only her head and neck
were resting on the table. Connie was still rubbing her
hanging breasts and nipples and occasionally her
stomach and she could feel the knotted muscles slowly
begin to relax. She ran her hand down to Julie's cunt
and felt along the lips of the swollen budge caused by
the knot. The lips were hot as though they had a fever.
Julie felt the hand and she cooed as the fingers
circled the cock and her cunt.

For five long minutes Connie caressed the lovely body
waiting for the knot to subside. Unknown to her, Jimmy
and David had stopped recording and they were just
waiting for the knot to pop out so they could end the
session, with a shot of the knot and the cum flowing
out. Finally time came and Bravo was sliding off the
front with Connie catching him and making him slow down
so they would have a chance. When he was off, his cock
hung swinging under his belly as he licked Julie to
clean her up. The cum covered her legs and a big puddle
was between her legs on the covering. David and Jimmy
got all in a close up and David say cut and wrap, great

Jimmy looked at his mother and realized he didn't have
a chance now. She would still love him and let him fuck
her anytime he wanted as she wanted it too, but that
damn dog he had forced her to take and let fuck her,
now had replaced him as her preferred lover, she would
chose Bravo if she could only have one fuck. He wanted
to kick his own ass! He followed David to the kitchen
as they turned out the lights on the tripod and turned
on the kitchen light.

Connie was in semi darkness as Bravo licked himself and
Julie, she reached and grasped the swinging dog cock
and felt of it and the knot thinking god, no wonder she
loves it so, it's hot as a curling iron and bigger than
any man's she had ever seen. It was also slick and
dripping, man what a weapon this brute carries around.
She would have to ask Julie if she could try it but she
needed to wait until she was back to normal! While the
guys checked the playback Connie untied Julie's hands,
removed the cuffs and collar and wiped her with a

Julie was still on her knees with her legs spread wide
and Connie looked at her cunt, seeing a drop of cum
hanging there she wiped it with her finger. Looking at
it she wasn't sure if it was human or canine, she
touched it to her tongue and it was ok so she eased her
finger in Julie's cunt causing her to whimper and got
it good and wet and then crawled around to Julie's face
and rubbed her finger inside her lips. Julie licked her
lips and smiled as she remembered the favor of Bravo's
cum from this afternoon.

Connie went back to her cunt and inserted her tongue in
it and sucked getting lots of cum on her tongue, mouth,
chin and down her throat. She decided she liked it!
Jimmy came to them and he looked at Connie strangely as
he thought he could see a drop of cum on her chin,
surely she wasn't sucking the dog cock.

"I'm going to draw her a tub to soak in and then we
will get her in it. Do you want to shower or any

"A shower would be nice, would you want me to shower

Connie was always wanting to shower him and David so
she could play with their cocks and suck them off, she
loved the slave thing. Sometimes she would be naked and
wearing her cuffs and collar when they got out of
school or she would come in the computer room like that
carrying clothes pins for her nipples. But she belonged
to David so he would have to ask him and he wanted to
save his load for Julie.

"No, it's getting late and I have to get mom and myself
to bed, you save your energy for your master."

Connie smiled. Jimmy went to the bath and drew hot
water for the tub. He checked and found he had one cup
of coffee left and poured it in Julie's cup. He wasn't
sure she needed it any more, it kept her horny but
calm. She didn't need the first as she always was, but
she might need the second. It also seemed to dull her
ability to say no, everything was ok with her. He went
back and checked the water and turned it down as it was
nearly full.

When he went to get Julie she had moved up and lay
mostly on the table resting, he walked to her rear and
Bravo lying beside the table raised up and growled real
low. Jimmy stopped and said easy boy, David heard it
and told him to walk around to her side that Bravo was
exhibiting dominate male characteristics, he wouldn't
let any other male near her to breed her.

Jimmy thought to himself that was a cold way to talk
about his mother! Protected from being bred, damn! He
helped Julie up and she held on to him as they walked
to the bathroom, Bravo went with them. He helped her
into the tub and she winced and moaned as the hot water
covered her, it made her sore places burn and her cunt
and nipples were almost frying.

Jimmy did not put any bath oil in the water he had just
put a small packet of Epsom salt in it for it was
suppose to help prevent soreness. He told her he would
be back as soon as he got the house straighten up.
David had already started when he returned and they
worked fast to get everything placed right and he
helped them load up the car. Connie went to get Bravo,
Jimmy and David talked about their date tomorrow night.
Jimmy said oh no I forgot to tell Mom it was tomorrow
night and not Friday as we won't be here Friday night.

They wondered why Connie was taking so long and went to
see if she was having trouble with Bravo, they found
her on her knees at the tub leaning in to kiss Julie
and her hand in the water maybe rubbing her stomach but
could have been something else getting rubbed. She got
up when she was aware that they came in.

"We were just saying goodbye, I'm ready sweetheart."

David snapped her lease on Bravo and they said good
night, Connie stood on her toes and kissed Jimmy. Jimmy
looked at Julie in the tub and she smiled at him, he
could see in her eyes that she was horny, he knew what
Connie had been rubbing! He checked the house again and
got Julie's cup and got it warm turned out most of the
lights and took the cup to her. She lay with her head
back smiling, he wondered what she was thinking about,
most likely Bravo, that damn dog!

She raised up and drank from the cup, she was feeling
better the hot bath had helped her. Jimmy stood by the
tub, he was lost in thought some good some not so good,
he wasn't completely happy about the way things were
turning out but most of it was good. He liked not
having to sneak around now, Julie knew about Connie and
didn't seem to be upset. She accepted David as a lover
just as she did him. He had thought she would let the
dog fuck her whenever he told her that he wanted her to
but that hadn't worked out to well, the dog was to good
and she was obsessed with his cock and the way he
fucked her. He felt Julie's hand on his cock holding it
through his shorts.

"Baby, you look sad, is there anything wrong?"

"No mom, I was just thinking about leaving you here
Friday night and Saturday until dad gets home and it
doesn't worry me but I don't like to leave you alone."

"That's sweet baby, I will be okay. But if it makes you
feel better I will stay with Sarah or Emily, we are
going out remember?"

"That's great, mom, I would feel better knowing you
aren't alone."

"Hmmm, baby, you are getting bigger, are you thinking
about something exciting?"

"No, I wasn't going to touch you, thought you would be
worn out, but you know how to change my mind."

"Take off your shorts and come closer, baby. I want
you, I've been wanting you since this morning."

Jimmy was out of his shorts, shirt, and shoes in a
flash. When he walked close to the tub, Julie leaned to
him and kissed his cock on the end. There was dried cum
on the head as he had dripped from watching her, tied
and whipped, take that big dildo in her cunt. Julie
tasted it but she wasn't surprised for she had seen his
and David's hard-on's as she was being whipped.

It was worth the discomfort to see them wanting her!
She sucked his cock slowly and lovingly, until she
tasted precum and then she asked if he wanted to get in
the tub with her. He said no, I want to get you out of
the tub and on the bed naked and hot, begging to be
fucked. She replied, that she was naked and hot and
held out her hand to him to help her up.

Jimmy was dumbfounded, he wouldn't have thought she
would want anything to touch her cunt for a day or two,
but she always amazed him when it came to sex! He
helped her out of the tub, let the water drain, then
took her to the vanity and got the jar of cream that he
got from David and applied it to her wet body rubbing
it in as she stood naked and glowing before him. She
was beautiful naked, she was always beautiful but she
was exceedingly beautiful when she was naked.

"Did I do good, baby? Did your slut please you, I want
to please my lover? I didn't know what to do you didn't
tell me anything."

"You were wonderful, sweetheart! We wanted you to be
surprised and a little scared and you did everything
perfect. Did you enjoy it? I want you to enjoy all the
things that we do, you said you wanted to try different
things and that is what we are doing!"

"Yes, I enjoyed most of it, the whipping was rough on
my breasts but I managed to take it, but the whipping
of my cunt was the worse I can't take much of that and
she hit my clit, I thought I was going to die! Do you
whip Connie? She acts like she likes to be tied up and
punished. She is a perfect slave. But she said she
wants to have Bravo fuck her, are you going to give her
to him like you did me?"

"I don't know, he might not want her, he seems to want
you and he might not want another bitch but then he
might, who knows?"

Julie winced for he was rubbing the cream on her cunt
lips and inserting some inside. He asked if she was
sore there and she said a little bit. He said this
cream has a numbing effect to ease pain but not enough
to take away complete feeling. He put some on her thigh
and calf muscles. Then he kissed her and said maybe we
should use the back door and let the front rest.

Julie smiled and kissed him back saying it was his
choice she was his slut anyway he wanted her. Jimmy
took her to bed and with all the lights out he fucked
her ass lying on their sides like spoons. He was gentle
and took her slowly and for a long time, he thinks she
came twice, quietly and smoothly just squirming against
him and cooing like a dove. They went to sleep with his
cock in her ass. It came out sometimes during the


Emily and Kurt had gone to sleep on the couch, the
feather was on the floor, and she woke up cold and
hurting for they didn't have enough room to turn over
and had been laying on each other for a long time. She
scrambled up and it woke Kurt and he was asking what's
wrong and she said nothing but some one sneaked in here
and raped me, I got cum in me and all over my legs, was
it you? He said don't know I was asleep but I had a wet
dream and man was you good.

"Shame on you, Kurt Johnson, lusting after your own
wife, a school teacher at that! What time is it? I am
frozen, do we have time to go to bed?"

"Don't know, honey that rapist took my watch."

Emily got up and hurried to the toilet, she yelled at
Kurt that it was three thirty, turn the bed down and
hurry. She cleaned herself and heard him flush the
other toilet. And they were in the bed shivering and
sandwiched together to get warm. Kurt's hand got placed
on Emily's breast and a finger on the nipple, by
accident of course. She didn't say anything until the
finger rubbed her nipple.

"Don't start, now."

"Can't help it you are so sexy, you smell so good and
your boobs are just perfect plus you have the most
beautiful ass in the whole world."

Wow, that's wonderful. You have won my heart, you can
start now."

"Seriously? You aren't kidding me are you?"

"Seriously. It's so cold I am wide awake now."

They got to sleep at four thirty.


Julie was getting to where she expected to wake up sore
and something sticky on her somewhere, one morning when
David was in bed with her and Jimmy, she woke up with
cum streaks all over her boobs and up to her throat,
she never knew if she was sucking or just raped in the
mouth. This morning, Thursday, she went to the toilet
and looked in the mirror after she finished. She didn't
have her chain on and didn't have any idea where it
was. Her tits were pink, her stomach had pink stripes
on it and she was afraid to look at her cunt, she
needed to shave it but wasn't about to touch it! She
went to the kitchen turned on the coffee and headed for
the shower waking Jimmy on the way. He had a hard on
making a tent out of the sheet.

After she showered and washed her hair she dried off
and saw the coffee sitting on the vanity, she smiled
and thought to herself, he's going to make a good
husband but she better be strong and healthy. She
looked for her robe but couldn't find it then
remembered it was in the washer still wet, she slipped
on a thong and a shirt with a long tail and went to the
kitchen and the utility room. Jimmy was in the kitchen
getting eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator. She
asked if he was going to cook or did he need help. He
said let me try, I will yell if I need help. She kissed
his cheek and turned to leave but he pulled her back
and gave her a tongue kiss with one hand on her ass and
one on her tits.

"Wow, baby now that is a good morning kiss to wake me

"You deserve it mom, did you know that you are the most
beautiful woman in the world?"

"No I didn't know that. Was there a plague that killed
all the other women in the world?"

"Get out you sexy thing! Yell out when you need some
more coffee."

Julie dried her hair and started getting ready but
decided to not dress until Emily got there, for Jimmy
and Emily she wanted to be naked. She could smell bacon
and realized she was hungry so she hurried and made up
the bed laid her clothes out and went to the kitchen
with her empty cup. They ate breakfast at the counter,
she ate three pieces of toast with pear preserves, four
bacons, two eggs and two cups of coffee. She giggled
and Jimmy asked what was funny she said it tastes
better if someone else cooks it but really she was
giggling because she thought, nothing like a good
whipping, a dog, and having your ass fucked to give you
a big appetite! She told him it was only fair that she
do the dishes, he said ok for he wanted to watch any

He told her that there was a change in their plans and
asked if he could go out with Tammy tonight as he and
David wouldn't be here Friday night and he forgot that
when he asked her but her parents said it was ok. Julie
said sure sweetheart, do you need money for the movie?
He said yes or we will have to slip in. She told him to
remind her when he got home after school. Every time
she bent over her ass was visible and her nipples
struck out against the shirt all the time. So he walked
around and looked, feeling every once in a while. He
got behind her while she was washing a plate and ran
his finger along the edge of the thong and pulled it
aside and eased his finger in her cunt.

Julie didn't react at all, like nothing had happened.
She let him rub around in her a little and then said to

"You know all you going to do is make us both horny and
we don't have time to do anything about it, don't you?"

"Yeah, but I couldn't resist, you are so hot looking."

"Well I could start wearing more clothes if you think
that would help any."

"Oh no, not that, just let me suffer through, ok?"

"Ok, get dressed, Emily will be here soon and you are
walking around with a hard on."

Jimmy removed his finger and went to his bedroom for
his school clothes, she told him to wash his hands, he
smiled and licked his finger. She was finished and in
the bathroom doing her make up when he came out. He
fixed a cup for Emily and checked the room to make sure
it was ok, it was except for the smell of bacon. He
took his backpack to the car and waited for Emily.

She was on time maybe a minute early, she saw him in
the garage and wondered if he was waiting for her.
Jimmy came to the door and opened it for her telling
her he was getting worried that she wasn't coming. She
showed him a lot of leg but he didn't kiss her when she
got out. Instead he walked her to the garage telling
her coffee was waiting on the counter and mom was in
the bathroom. As soon as they were inside he slowed her
and stepped in front taking her into his arms and
kissing her while pulling her body against his.

Emily could feel his cock pressing on her thigh, on the
inside very near her cunt. She was breathing very heavy
when he let her go and opened the door to the house for
her. She looked at him as she went in and then he
closed the door between them.

Emily said it's me going to get some coffee, and Julie
yelled back ok! Emily took her time, sipping her coffee
she didn't want to go to Julie panting like a bitch in
heat, god that boy can kiss!

"Emily, what are you doing? You're not looking at my
dirty house are you?"

"Dirty house! Girl you don't know what a dirty house
is. You should see mind." She walked towards the
bathroom. "I'm drinking coffee, trying to get my eyes
to open. Oh my god, that opens them! You are fantastic
looking you should never wear clothes." Julie was
standing in front of the mirror putting on lipstick,
she only had her thong on. "My god, Julie! Your breasts
are flushed pink what's wrong, are you horny baby?"

"Like a longhorn steer. You forget I don't have a hot
man to sleep with!"

Emily put her coffee on the vanity and embraced Julie.
" I'm sorry honey, I shouldn't have said that. You poor
thing, I'm not a very good friend or I would have come
over and we could have done something to get your mind
off being alone. Forgive me?"

"Of course, you know I do. If I kiss you we will be
messed up our lipstick, oh no fair, don't play with my
ass when I trying to forgive you."

"God, you've got a hot butt, girl. Wish I had it last
night. That's the reason I'm so sleepy, Kurt and I fell
asleep on the couch and woke up freezing and it took an
hour to get warm and back to sleep!"

"Of course you went to sleep on the couch while you
were naked and wet with sweat, didn't you? That will
make you cold ever time."

"Why do you always think the worse of me? You must
think I'm some kind of sex maniac!"

"No, remember I know you, I know you will wiggle that
sexy butt around poor Kurt and make him lose his mind,
now be truthful, you were naked weren't you?"

"I plead the fifth, no comment, my lawyer has advised
me not to talk about this case."

They kissed anyway smiling at each other. Emily drank
some coffee and asked Julie did she want her to come
over tonight and stay or she could spend the night with
them if Jimmy stayed at David's. Julie said no but
thanks. She would be ok, and they would be together
with Sarah Friday and could gossip then.

"Oh, Sarah wants to talk to us at break. Can you make
it? "

"I think so, nothing earth shattering is happening,
what is it about?"

Emily said she didn't know. They had got to the bedroom
and Julie dressed as they talked. She wore a light blue
dress which hugged her hips and thighs and had a vee
collar that let just a glimpse of her cleavage show.
Emily realized she had not put on a bra and you could
see a faint impression of her nipples. Damn she knows
how to turn men into jello and still look like an
angel. Julie slipped white shoes on her feet and they
went to the kitchen to finish their coffee. And then it
was lock up and out the door and go to work.

The morning was as usual, except when they got to
school Tammy was waiting at the parking lot and came
running to Jimmy with a big smile and her breasts
trying to bounce out of her peasant blouse. And then
Julie saw Charlie talking to Sarah at her car and she
thought he must have been waiting for her. But things
got normal, Mel was at his post and she squatted down
in front of him so he could look down her dress and
thanked him for always being there for her. She chatted
with Mrs. Lucas and Darlene a few minutes and then went
to her little office and started to work.

She kept watching for Charlie as she wanted to talk
about the job, but he didn't show up which wasn't
unusual as he was all over the school until the bell
rang for class to start. She was making head way on her
reports as they were lighter than normal most of the
teacher were doing preparatory tests to prepare the
students for finals and it is hard to judge performance
as there isn't much interaction in testing. Mrs. Lucas
brought her a cup of coffee along with her own and sat
down to visit. She asked Julie what she thought about
board's decision, what it would be and stuff like that
but Julie knew she was just beating around the bush.
She waited patiently for her to say what was on her

"Julie I don't know how to say this but I think you
need to know. I think I know who Charlie's been seeing!
I won't say his girlfriend for it hasn't gone that far
but he certainly is interested."

She paused and looked at Julie. Julie kept a straight
face and didn't say anything. Suddenly Darlene flew
through the door saying, I've got to hear this, I can't
stand listening like a spy, she leaned on the wall.
Julie looked from one to the other.

"Are you going to tell me or am I suppose to guess, I
don't have a clue!"

"Well, we don't know for sure but we have it from a
person who saw them together twice and said they
weren't discussing problems at school or labor
contracts. ( a long pause ) It was Sarah Bell. "

"Makes sense I guess, I know they went out to eat two
times but I assumed they were discussing the job. Sarah
said he promised her he would do all he could to find
her a job here but he wasn't sure that Eloise was
coming back or not and he had to hold it open for her.
I suggested to Charlie that he take her to dinner it
would be good for both of them. Maybe he enjoyed it so
much he wanted to do it again. I felt like if he would
start going and doing he would be happier. But that's
all I know!"

"Well he has visited her class twice this week, and he
catches her in the hall every chance he gets. She is a
beautiful girl, since she started wearing decent
clothes. Do you know her very well?"

"Emily and I have become friends with her and helped
her to realize that she dressed like a grandmother. Yes
she is beautiful, and she is very intelligent and a
great teacher. She looks like a student, we tease her
about having to show ID to get a glass of wine. She was
married but it didn't work out and she was kind of sour
on relationships, you should have noticed that she
never talked to any men, she didn't trust them, that
why she dressed like she did.

"She wanted to stay here because she said it was a good
school and she needed a job and some experience, but
she didn't know what to say to Mr. Hale for he had
never paid her any attention. So I knew she needed to
change and he needed to know that she was a good
teacher and wanted to stay. So I asked you to help me
convince him to take a look at her. He must have taken
a good look."

"What do you think about them dating, if that's what
they are doing?"

"Wow, let me think about it a second, I think it is ok,
there is a slight doubt since he is her boss but if
they handle it well then I think it is ok. I wouldn't
visualize them getting serious about each other."

"Well, we really don't know much about her but that's
our fault, we just kind of thought that she was a temp
and we wouldn't see her after this year. We really
didn't try to get to know her and we should have."

"How do you feel about it, he's kind of like your
brother. Do you think he should be interested in

Darlene piped in; "I'm excited, well since you
indicated that she is a nice person, I am. I guess I
prejudged her and thought she was leading him on just
to get the job."

Mrs. Lucas: "I'm guilty also, but I feel better now, if
she is your friend then she must be a good girl! I was
afraid that Charlie would make a fool out of himself.
He would over you but you know how to keep him stable
and not take advantage of his love for you. I was
worried that she might not have that kind of moral

"You always say that, but he never acts like he is in
love with me, I think you are dreaming."

"Well, yes I am maybe, you see Charlie is like a
brother and I want to see him happy again and he never
was until you started here and we have watched him for
almost three years as he grew closer to you he started
to get a smile on his face. He actually began to take
interest in the school again and he would go in your
office and talk and when he came out he would be
smiling and his face was bright and alert. So I wished
you weren't married and would fall in love with the old
fool and make him happy."

"Mrs. Lucas! I have learned something about you today!
You are so businesslike to everyone, so detached from
emotion but I think you have been putting us on, you
really care deeply about people, you just hide it

"Time for me to retire, I can't fool you and soon I
won't be able to fool anyone, you're right but don't
tell anyone, I'm almost there. But you have all ways
been special to me. I can't be like you, wish I could
be. You are a open book, what you see is what you get.
And everyone likes what they see just as I do!"

"That goes double for me, Julie. I love you, she loves
you, and Charlie loves you too, we can't help it, you
are just lovable!" Darlene spoke out.

"Oh my, lets change the subject, I'm embarrassed. Mrs.
Lucas why don't you stay another year, feeling the way
you do and you are in good health, you will miss this
and we will miss you?"

"It's not a matter of what I want to do, sweetheart.
You see, Darlene already knows this, my husband and I
want to travel some, I have never been to Florida,
always wanted to go never have, but now his health is
getting bad and he is forgetful and losing his teeth if
we don't go now we will never make it."

"I'm sorry, is there any way I can help, I could work
full time until the end of the year if you need to go

"No child, there is nothing any one can do, it's just
age and some get hit earlier than others, he was just
unlucky I guess."

Darlene had tears in her eyes. "Well we need to get to
work, Julie check out how Mrs. Bell feels about Charlie
and work some magic for both of them. Would you?"

"I'll check it out but I don't have any magic, except
in your mind. Would one of you tell me when Mr. Hale
comes in I need to talk to him about something else?"

They agreed and left. Darlene came back and told her he
was sitting in his office, must have come in and they
didn't see him. He doesn't look happy either, she
added. Julie got up and went to his office tapping on
the door and heard him say come in. His face brighten
when he saw Julie. He got up and came around the desk
to meet her and she was afraid for a second he was
going to kiss her!

"Good morning, Julie, have a seat. It's good to see you
I've missed seeing you. What's up with you today?"

"Good morning Mr. Hale, I wanted to check on our lunch
engagement with Nick, are we going to meet him

"No, he is coming by the school around eleven and we
will go from here. I discussed the loan of the disc
with Mr. Coan and he said it shouldn't be a problem. Do
you have it with you?"

"No I will have to go to David's house for it. Should I
do that now, before eleven?"

"Sure why not, pick it up and take a break!"

"Also I wondered if you have planned on a retirement
dinner or party for Mrs. Lucas and Miss Eloise since
they are both retiring. You need to do that quickly
before everyone disappears on vacation."

"My god, I had not thought about that! Julie you have
saved me again! I will start on that immediately, will
you help me with it? They deserve the best we can do
for them."

"Of course I will help you. Do you think they would
prefer a formal dinner or something more casual?"

"I have no idea, see if you can find out, pick Lucas's
brain. We can do either. I love you, you always drag me
up when I'm depressed and make me look good when I'm
really just an idiot. I wish you could handle all my
problems for me."

"Charlie you looked depressed when I came in, is there
anything wrong, can I help you with anything?"

"Julie oh Julie, you certainly can and you are the only
one who can. I am depressed but it's so stupid that I'm
ashamed to admit it."

"Tell me about it, it can't be that bad."

"Aw, it shouldn't be but it is. You see, I been riding
high, Tuesday I was king of the hill, you were so great
at that meeting and everyone was patting me on the back
saying how sharp I was to find and hire talent like
you. Then the lake, me and you, I'm in heaven Julie.
Yesterday we are all busy and having fun working and
then you went home, it was like the world just quit
turning for me. I wanted to call you, just talk, just
try to get it moving again but I knew I shouldn't.

"This morning I made up my mind that I wasn't going to
be a fool, I would fight back. I caught Sarah in the
parking lot and put my best foot forward and asked her
out for dinner and a few drinks, but she said she had
to work on her tests. So I was sitting in that chair
feeling like a fool, feeling sorry for poor old
Charlie, I wanted to come in and talk to you but the
three of you were deep in something. Kinda stupid isn't

"No, not stupid, we all have ups and downs, I guess if
you have a really high period it makes the low seem
worse, let me think about it a little. But you
shouldn't be depressed just because Sarah, can't go to
dinner! I am supposed to meet her and Emily in the
break room, she has something to tell us.

"We had planned to have an outing tomorrow, but she may
be going to tell us that she can't make it. She is very
serious about making her job be first so she wasn't
rejecting you she was just making a decision that her
work comes first. She may want to go with you very much
but she will have to wait and hope you ask her again."

"Julie you don't understand, I not depressed because
she can't go to dinner. I like Sarah very much she is a
lot of fun, makes me feel younger. It's --- well it's
you and me that I get depressed about. You will be busy
tomorrow night, all week end, we won't have another
chance to be together for a whole week! I go crazy just
thinking about it, it's my fault and my problem, I
shouldn't burden you with it, I'm sorry."

"Charlie look me in the eye, don't hang your head. Are
you telling me that you want to be with me, you want to
make love to me, that you are depressed because of me?"

"Don't say it like that! It's not your fault! I am the
one that should be blamed, I the one with no will
power. I'm not depressed because of you. I'm depressed
because I'm obsessed with you, I want to be with you
all the time. I eat, sleep, and drive to work thinking
about you. I dream of you all night and all day I think
of you. Yes, I want to make love to you, it makes me
short of breath to just think about it. I adore you, I
can feel your lips on mind sometimes and it makes me
crazy. But that's not your problem, it's mine! My brain
tells me it will never be, to forget it; but my heart
says fuck off brain. Sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"Charlie forgive me for smiling but I've never seen you
like this before. So open, so passionate, so involved,
so, I not sure what."

"I don't think I've been in love like this before,
Julie. I know you don't want to hear that but it true."

"But don't you see Charlie it is my fault. I never
should have given in to your charisma, I never should
have let you touch me that first time and all the other
times when I hoped you would put your hand on my leg or
hip. Now what are we to do? What can we do other than
continue to meet and make love or just stop seeing each
other altogether. I could look for another job! What
should we do, I don't want to cause you pain, baby!"

Charlie's heart jumped in his throat, he couldn't bear
to think of her leaving, and she called him baby! He
wanted to strip her right there and fuck her for hours.
That was the only way he could really show her how much
he loved her.

"I don't know Julie. I can't stand to think of you
leaving and never seeing you again. I wish now I'd
never said anything about it. Now I've hurt both of

"Charlie, I've got to think! I can't think when I'm
with you like this! I'm going on break in a minute and
stay until I settle down. Can we talk again when I get

"Yes anytime you want, I'm sorry, god Julie I'm so

"It's ok, sweetheart, it's ok."

Julie went out the door and to her office to get some
money, she had to have a Danish and some strong coffee.
She motioned to Darlene to follow her and was fumbling
in her purse for change when she came in. She told her
about the conversation on a retirement dinner or party
and asked her to think about it and they would talk,
but keep it a secret. Darlene said ok, hurry back. She
went to the rest room and as she was sitting she
wondered if Charlie was feeding her a line to get her
in the sack or was he being honest. She thought well he
shouldn't think it was necessary to lie as she sure
wasn't being reluctant about letting him take her
anyway he wanted.

If he was honest that could get to be a problem. She
would have to work something out! She arrived at the
break room early and was sitting with her coffee and
eating a big roll covered with icing and sprinkled with
cinnamon, god it was good. Emily and Sarah came rushing
in right after the bell, waved and elbowed each other
to see who got to the toilet first. When they came out
they rushed to her table putting their bags down and
rushed to the vending machine.

When they came back they were talking a mile a minute,
about everything, suddenly Sarah put her hand on Emily
to stop her from talking and asked Julie if she was
alright, she looked pale, not getting sick are you?

Julie said she was fine, she was straining trying to
keep up with two conversations about two different
subjects. Emily said let's hear it, Sarah, you called
this meeting. And Sarah began between bites and sips.

"It's about our night out tomorrow, I didn't want to
call and tell you but I won't be able to go, I'm, well
I'm just not able to go."

"What's wrong, why can't you go, are you late with your
exams, do you have a date, is Santa Claus coming to
town, give us an explanation, girl. We want you there.
We demand 100 percent attendance!"

"Go easy on her Emily, what's wrong Sarah."

"Well, we are going to the lake and sun and picnic and
just lay around naked and giggle and have fun! I want
to do that. But I can't, I, I started my period."

Emily's head hit the table with a thud, everyone turned
and looked to see what happened. She raised her head
and said, "Oh lord, I thought it was something awful.
Like she was afraid of snakes or had cancer, that's
all? That happens every month, girl. What's that got to
do with having a good time?"

"Sarah leaned forward and whispered to them, I can't
lay in the sun naked in front of you with a string
hanging out of me!"

Julie began to smile and looked at Emily who giggled,
then giggled some more and was stifling a laugh. Sarah
said it's not funny Emily, don't laugh at me! Julie
told her she wasn't laughing at her, she was
visualizing what you would look like. Sarah said I
would look like one of those dolls that you pull the
string and it says I want some cookies. Emily shrieked
with laughter and even Sarah smiled. Now everyone was
looking at them, one teacher said I want to sit over
there they have more fun. Emily finally got her self
calmed down and said I'm sorry but that is funny.

Julie: "We understand and it's no big deal, why don't
we do something else. We could shop and eat out and any
thing we want to do. My house will be free of men we
could go there or if you feel better at home we can go
to your apartment. What ideas do you have?"

Emily : "Yeah, I love to shop and eat out we could have
a ball and spend lots of money. Say, I need something
sexy for the summer, not a gown, a dress that would
make me look sexy and hot. Where is that place you got
the bikinis at, does it have dresses also?"

Julie: "Yes, lots of dresses and some of them are
revealing we could run by it on our way to the mall. Is
that ok with you Sarah?"

Sarah: "Sure sounds great, but I can't spend a lot of
money so don't tempt me, just let me look and dream."

Julie: "Ok, but I need to warn you the girl that owns
it is a little funny, you know, she must be bi, she
will stand and watch you change and help you with
straps and stuff unless you make her close the curtain.
She is married but no children."

Emily: "Did she watch you try on the bikini? Did she
help you take it off?"

Julie: "Shhh. Not so loud. Yes she watched and talked
all the time she insisted that I take the cover ups and
didn't charge me for them. No, she didn't help me take
it off."

Sarah: "Ok, that's settled, shopping, where would you
like to eat?"

They said it didn't matter, Julie said she hardly ever
ate out and didn't know of any good places. Emily said
she knew a few, but they were mostly family types and
she would like to go somewhere that had a band with
some decent music. Sarah said she knew a place, the
place Charlie took her to when she was interviewing.
They said ok, but it's not real expensive is it? She
answered that she didn't know she didn't pay.

The class bell rang and they said oh god, and hurried
up and saying bye ran down the hall. Julie walked back
to her office and thought well I've got to do it, might
as well do it now. She went to Charlie's door and
tapped on it he said come in. He had been watching for
her. He rose and said be comfortable Julie and she sat
down, he remained behind the desk then sat down.

"I have two things to say the first is to Charlie and
he must stay in his chair", he nodded," the second is
for Mr. Hale and he can do whatever he wants as he is
the boss."

He smiled at that, but was thoroughly confused.

"Charlie, I'm not busy tonight and everyone is going
someplace, would you like to meet me somewhere close by
around seven? Some where that we can be alone?"

Charlie was unable to speak, he half rose from his
chair but sat back down. He gulped a couple of times
and finally said in what he hoped was a controlled
tone, that he would love to, just tell him where.

"It's takes to long to get to the cabin, and I can't
bear to meet you at a motel, would it be possible for
me to come to your house without everyone in town
knowing about it?"

"Yes, I will leave the garage open and my car outside,
we can close the door and no one will see who was in
the car if they see at all."

"Seven or close any way, I'm not familiar with that
area. Write down your address."

Charlie grabbed a sheet of paper and tried to write but
his hand shook so bad even he couldn't read it. He
looked at Julie and said you write it, I'm so happy I
trembling in my shoes. Can I get up now? She said no,
she didn't trust him. He told her the address and she
wrote it plus some things she should look for just
before she got to it.

"Mr. Hale, I have, as I promised you I would, looked
again at the possibility of taking your offer to work
full time as the office administrator. I would like to
inform you that I am not very qualified for the job but
I believe I can do it and if your offer is still
available I would like to accept it if we can agree on
salary and benefits."

He sat there a moment and she saw his face begin to
brighten and a smile start on his lips as he realized
what she had said. Suddenly he leaped up sending the
chair crashing into the wall behind him and he whooped
like a attacking Indian, ran around the desk and pulled
Julie from her chair crushing her in a bear hug. He
began to jump up with her in his arms and all around
the room they went. Mrs. Lucas and Darlene came
running, they heard him whooping and saw them through
the window, opening the door Mrs. Lucas yelled, Charlie
what on earth are you doing! He slowed down but still
jumping shouted to them, she going to take, she going
to take it!

Mrs. Lucas rushed up and pried his arms from around
Julie, and then hugged her, kissing her cheeks, Darlene
joined in and the two women were mashing Julie between

"Charlie, you ought to be ashamed, you could have
killed the poor girl, we thought you had lost your mind
and was strangling her or something worse."

"If this is a dream then I am going to lose my mind.
Julie, I apologize, but that is the best news I have
heard in three or more years. Man it's like a ton of
bricks are lifted from my shoulders. Let's all go have
a cup of coffee and let me get myself back down to
earth. I'm the happiest man alive."

Julie had no idea what salary she would be getting or
what benefits, he had forgotten all about that! She got
tickled, she thought to herself, he didn't get that
excited when I practically told him we would got to bed
tonight, together! They did go to the coffee pot and
got coffee and everyone kissed her again saying how
glad they were she was going to take the job, she was
afraid Charlie would kiss her lips but he was cool and
just kissed her cheek briefly. She said can I take it
that I got the job? You never said anything!

Charlie laughed and said yes, you got it! And you can't
back out for I would kill myself if you did! I will put
together a proposal and we will talk it through until
you are satisfied with it. I want to run down the hall
screaming she's going to take it, but guess I will wait
until we have a contract and make a formal
announcement. Julie said please do, no more dancing
either, ok?

"Mr. Hale, what are you going to do about replacing
Julie's position?" asked Darlene.

"Well, I hadn't thought about that, do you know some
one who would like to do it?"

"No, but I think you should let Julie interview and
hire someone, she knows what kind of skills are needed,
and we all know that we will never be able to find
someone like Julie, again, ever."

"You're right, Darlene, Julie start planning on finding
your replacement."

"Yes, sir."

Charlie laughed and said you can stop being polite to
me now. Nobody else around here does.

"I have to get to work, Nick will be here shortly and I
need to be finished with the reports, today is a bad
day I should be finished by now and helping with the
filing. Plus I will have to go get the disc for him."

"The report can wait, go get the disc. I will show him
the baseball field and the trash containers until you
get back, this isn't a high level meeting. He just
wants the disc and to stay on our good side so we will
say they give good service when and if the board
decides to implement other schools. The lunch is our
bribe, all we have to do is be non committable and eat
every thing in sight!"

Julie called David's house and asked Connie if she knew
where the disc was and could she come and get it. She
said she would find it and have it ready for her. When
Julie got there Connie was in shorts and a t shirt, she
had the disc and gave it to her, asking if she would
like to stay awhile. Julie explained that she had to
get back and give the disc to a vendor and then it
would be time for lunch.

Connie asked if she was comfortable about last night,
and she said yes but it was a shock as she didn't know
anything about it. Connie said she enjoyed some of it
but didn't like the whipping part, she knew how it
felt. Julie didn't comment so Connie said do you think
we could get together some time just the two of us?
Julie waited before answering, then told her maybe they
could talk next week in the afternoon.

On her way back to school Julie wasn't sure what to
make of Connie, she seemed to want to make love or sex
maybe, but what kind? She would have to approach this

Charlie had Nick somewhere on tour, so Julie went to
work and was almost finished when they got back in the
building at eleven twenty. They sat in the conference
room and discussed the report program until time for
lunch and then piled in Nick's company car and went to
lunch at a place Nick had picked out. The food was
great and every time you moved your plate the waiter
was there to take it away and bring the next course,
they actually had cloth napkins folded to look like a
open rose. Julie wondered how they done that, must take
a long time to fold a napkin like that!

As they ate dessert, Nick got to the meat of his visit.
Asked if they had any idea what the board would do and
when. Charlie told him no idea at all, it would depend
on if they thought it worthwhile and where the money
would come from. He wanted to know if they were pleased
with the service of his company and would they put in a
good word for them. He was looking dead at Julie as he
knew she was the key and the board would respect her
opinion. She told him that they had no problems with
service or the program and they would report that to
the board when and if they decided to ask for bids. But
that was as far as they could go. He nodded and said
that's all we want. Charlie smiled.

When they got back to school it was way late, the bus
loaded with ball players was leaving to go to the game,
the driver honked and all the players yelled and
cheered. Julie went with Charlie to lock her desk and
before they went inside he said see you later, and she
smiled at him. She was on her way home shortly.
Arriving she changed clothes and got the last laundry
load going. She drank some coffee and planned dinner,
getting everything set up so it could be done early.
She knew Jimmy would be leaving around six thirty as
the movie started at seven. She smiled when she
wondered if Tammy would come to the door as a boy had
to do. She could sit her on the couch and grill her the
way her daddy had done her first few dates. More than
likely just blow the horn!

She drank some more coffee and felt really good, the
day had gone ok, she had the job and while they only
worked part time during the summer she would get full
pay. Plus she was going to see Charlie, she needed to
be loved after that experience last night and he was
great at that, of course she was only doing it because
he was depressed and she felt partially responsible,
yeah right she thought smiling, you just want to get
fucked and let him lick you until you cum.

She decided she had a little time before showering so
she vacuumed the carpet and then went to the shower and
shaved. She showered with the body wash that had the
peach aroma, washed her hair and then did her little
bit of makeup. She didn't dry her hair just put some
oil on it and combed it out so it wouldn't tangle and
let it dry naturally. She dressed in her shorts and
shirt no underclothes at all, the least she had on the
faster she could get him in the bed.

She began to start dinner and let it cook slowly so the
flavors could develop and soak in the veggies and meat.
She had everything ready and on the counter when Jimmy
burst through the door in a hurry and shouting to her
that they won, eight to two, piece of cake! She said
great, do you want to eat and then shower or shower and
eat, he said eat first, that he was starving. Julie got
the plates and filled them with food while he washed
his hands and had it on the table when he came in. He
kissed her and they sat down to eat. He told her about
the whole game.

He helped her with the dishes, telling not to worry he
had plenty of time. He went to the shower and was back
in twenty minutes, clean, dressed, hair combed, and
some of Harry's shaving lotion on. Julie thought, men,
it don't take them any time to get ready and we have to
have a hour at least. They don't worry about how they
look, they don't care how they look, women worry about
how they look to other women, men only look at your
tits anyway.

Julie told him she was going to Sarah's for a while but
she would be home by ten thirty, he said that he would
be here by eleven for her not to wait up. Julie noticed
he hadn't taken his usual liberties with her. He must
be thinking about that hot Tammy! She reprimanded
herself not to get jealous, it would get worse most
likely. She asked him did he find the money she left on
his dresser and he said yes thanks.

At six thirty the door bell rang and he rushed to the
door, letting Tammy in and they talked a minute and
were gone! For just a second Julie felt alone and
lonely. She called Harry and told him about the job,
Jimmy's game, he just left on his date, and that she
was going to Sarah's to visit. They hung up and Julie
grabbed her hand bag and was leaving for Charlie's!

Chapter Forty Two

She encountered no problems in finding his house and
was actually one minute early. She drove in the garage
and he came to the door immediately and hit the button
to close the overhead door. She got out and went to him
standing near the front of the car. Charlie took her in
his arms and kissed her, for a long time and she could
feel the passion in him. He kissed her like he hadn't
had any loving for years, hungry for her lips.

"God, Julie, you smell good enough to eat! So
beautiful! I never get tired of looking at you. Come
in, do you want something to drink? I got some cola
now. Wine chilled, or I can mix you something, just
tell me what strikes your fancy."

"A half glass of wine would be nice. I didn't dress up
Charlie, hope you don't mind."

"Of course not. You look fabulous. Let me get the wine,
do you want to sit on the couch or at the counter. The
couch is more comfortable."

"Let's sit on the couch we can be closer."

Julie put her bag on the coffee table and sat down. She
looked at him as he poured wine in two glasses and
talked about the afternoon at school. He told her that
Mrs. Lucas actually seemed to be happy now that she
knew Julie was going to stay and take her job. He said
she actually told them a joke this afternoon.

"Charlie, I think she was worried about leaving you
with a new person, she really thinks a lot of you, it's
like you were brother and sister. Darlene is the same
way she doesn't want the job but she wanted someone to
take it that would help you and not just work for the

"Well, we've been together for a long time and it's
kind of like we were family. We feel the same about
you, you are family and you are concerned about the
school and making sure we doing all we can to help the
students get an education."

He brought the wine and sat down beside her, Julie
moved over so she was touching him and he put his arm
around her shoulder and she laid her head on him. They
talked a few minutes and she pulled her legs up and
turned to face him putting her thighs and knees in his
lap and her face on his shoulder and as he turned to
look at her she smiled and kissed him. Charlie was in
bliss, obviously she was wanting his loving, earlier he
had the thought she was just coming over because she
felt guilty with him being depressed. But now he knew
she came because she wanted to, she wanted some more of
the ecstasy he gave her at the cabin Tuesday.

He placed his hand on those beautiful legs in his lap
and rubbed softly, leaning to kiss her and sliding his
hand over towards her crotch, he was rewarded by Julie
opening her legs a little so his hand could rub her
cunt through her shorts. Julie moaned into his mouth
when he touched her and kissed him hard putting her
hand behind his head and holding him tight against her
lips. Charlie had her hot in just a few seconds and he
loved the way she rubbed against him as she kissed him
with open mouth and her legs getting wider open. He had
to see those breasts! Every time she rubbed against his
chest he could see the shirt pull open and most of a
tit and the hard nipple.

Charlie removed his hand from her cunt and massaged
Julie's breast, that did it for Julie, she didn't want
to kiss and rub any more, she wanted to get naked and
have him love her body. She raised up and took a sip of
her wine and placed the glass on the coffee table, then
she undid the buttons on her shirt and with Charlie
helping removed it and dropped it to the floor. She
leaned back against the couch, his hand was cupping a
breast, his thumb was teasing a nipple and his mouth
claimed hers before her back settled on the back.

Charlie broke the kiss and downed his wine quickly
putting it on the table. He turned in his seat and
begin to fumble with her shorts and Julie waited for
him to get them off but after the buttons were undone
and she raised her hips he couldn't get them over her
hips. Julie had to help by slipping them over her ass
first and then down her hips. Charlie dropped them on
the floor with her shirt.

He claimed her nipple with his mouth but didn't suck at
first just put his mouth over it and lashed it with his
tongue tip. Julie liked it, she held his face and
stroked it with her finger tips and started unbuttoning
his sport shirt with her free hand, she got enough
undone to get her hand inside and rub his chest and
pinch one of his little nipples.

Charlie reached and positioned a pillow at the couch
arm and turned her body and pushed her back so she
would lay and then moved in between her legs never
losing his mouth and tongue claim on her nipple. When
he slid up to get better position so he could engulf
the hard nipple Julie flinched and said Charlie your
belt! He raised up seeing his belt buckle digging into
her stomach just above her cunt along the little strip
of hair, there was a red streak were she was scratched.

Charlie raised up as she rubbed it. He hastily stripped
his clothes off, wishing he didn't have so many pieces
on. He remembered to take off his socks, his clothes
were scattered everywhere! He took her hand and said
let's go to the bedroom. He led a naked Julie to the
bedroom and turned the lamp on beside the bed and
closed the door so it would look romantic, at least he
hoped it would. Julie stood getting her first look at
Charlie's bedroom, she was impressed with the neatness.
He turned down the covers and took her hand and sat her
on the bed. Julie swiveled and lay down with her head
on the pillow, it was a comfortable mattress, and
looked at him.

Charlie stood looking at Julie on his bed, he had
wished for this so many times and now she was there!
Her tan skin, black hair, and hour glass shape made a
beautiful and startling contrast to the white sheets,
and made his breathing hard, there was a lump in his
throat. Julie looked at him, recognizing that his eyes
weren't filled with lust but with loving admiration.
But his cock standing straight out from his loins with
the pink head said he was lusting also. Julie smiled
and patted the bed beside her saying to him, come and
hold me Charlie, she was thinking his heart is thinking
one thing but his body is thinking another.

Charlie wasn't thinking at all he was drinking in her
beauty and his good fortune as he slid beside her and
she turned to him and they resumed kissing and
fondling. But Charlie wanted to cement her emotions to
him so it wasn't long before he pushed her to her back
and was over her and moving from lips to nipples,
bringing a gasp from her, from nipples to stomach,
feeling her muscles knot up in her stomach.

He paused at the red scratch, looking at it and telling
her he was sorry as he kissed it, Julie touched his
face as she lay looking at his lips so close to her
cunt. She ached to feel his lips on her lips down there
and his mouth on her clit which was hardening and
stiffening. He kissed the streak and around her hair
down the other side, across and back to the streak
until Julie wanted to scream at him to do it, stop
teasing her do it!

Once, making his circle, Charlie stopped at the top of
Julie's slit and his tongue tip tickled it, starting
down but stopping and easing back up. Julie was
whimpering and cooing, she was going to come unglued if
he didn't do it to her, was he trying to make her beg?
Why were men like that, he had to know she was ready,
he had to know she wanted it, why make her beg for it?
She felt her clit sliding through her slit, it would be
standing up right where his tongue was and he would
know then! Charlie did know, it was what he wanted, to
make her cum without even putting a finger in her, she
would never forget that. Plus she would be thinking of
him next time she got horny. Julie stiffened and moaned
when she felt the tongue touch her clit!

"Oh yes Charlie, love me like that, I want you so bad,
don't make me wait any longer, I love for you to love
my clit and make me cum for you. Suck it lover please.
Do it for me and when I cum let me suck your hard cock
in my mouth. I want it so much it hurts."

Charlie did as she asked sliding his lips down until
they were mashed against her and sucking her clit hard.
Julie almost screamed, it hurt to be sucked that hard
but she loved it like that! Her legs fell obscenely
apart and her cunt lips opened ready for anything that
was around to penetrate. Only a few seconds passed,
with Charlie almost punishing her clit and her moaning
and trembling, until Julie began to hump towards his
face, raising her head to watch, she began to cum
without even a matchstick in her cunt.

It was her first cum of the day and it came on fast and
was quick but powerful, she lay gasping for breath,
then realized she was holding Charlie's face with one
hand but the other was on top on his head. She had a
fist full of his thinning hair and had been pulling his
mouth down on her. She released his hair and smoothed
it out over his head, smiling at him weakly as he
licked her clit gently.

"God Charlie, you are the perfect lover, you make me
cum like that every time. Come up here and let me love
that rock hard cock for you, I want you to cum in my
mouth, lover."

"There's something I want to do first, you just lay
back and enjoy! Your cunt is mine and I want to love it
again and taste your sweet cum. "

"Oh yes baby, whatever you want I want. You're right my
cunt is yours, love it any way you want to, use it any
way you want to, but fuck me soon lover. I'm still
burning for your cock in me, I love the way you fuck

Charlie eased his tongue into Julie's slit and moved
down until it was centered over her gaping cunt and
plunged it in her until his nose was buried in her
slit, mashing her clit against her hard bone. Julie
moaned so loud Charlie was sure that the neighbors
could hear but he didn't care! He worked her over until
his tongue was hurting and she came for him twice maybe
three times in rapid succession, holding her hips up
for him each time so he could get it all the way in.

When he finally gave up he was sweating and so was she.
Charlie needed a break and he felt like she did also.
He went to the kitchen and got a cola, taking it back
to Julie and holding her as she drank, then he drank
some also holding her in his arms.

Julie leaned against his chest with her head on his
shoulder her hands traveling over his body. She was
exploring and feeling the difference between her young
lovers and her mature lover. She glanced at his cock
sticking out along his leg and placed her hand on it,
gently caressing it, marveling at the hardness and the
size. It was twice as big as David's long slim cock but
both were wonderful.

"Baby, can I have it now?"

Charlie thought she meant to fuck her and he said yes
sweetheart. Julie slid down in the bed and leaned over
his cock and took it in her mouth all the way to her
throat. It was so big her mouth was opened wider than
was comfortable and she couldn't breathe around it.
Luckily it wouldn't go very far down but she couldn't
get much throat action on it, just the head. But that
little was driving Charlie crazy.

He had to lie down and just let her devour him, then
she put her hand under his balls and cradled them,
occasionally rolling them in her palm and then
squeezing gently. But she had to raise up to get air in
her lungs and when she got to the head she sucked and
rubbed the underside with her tongue as she took deep
breaths. That did it for Charlie one minute he was
enjoying being sucked and thinking he would let her do
this all night and the next second his cum was rushing
to his cockhead and spurting into her mouth.

Julie moaned as she felt his cock stiffen and then the
surge like it was going to burst and cum spattered
against her roof and down her throat. She moaned around
his cock and sucked harder swallowing every last drop
and still sucking as it jerked but nothing was coming
out. She sucked to get the remaining drops and licked
the head to clean it and kissed each ball in her hand,
straightening up and looking at Charlie as he lay limp
on the bed. His cock was getting limp also. Julie moved
up and lay on him letting her tits brush up his body
all the way and kissed him. They remained this way not
talking just rubbing and kissing then resting until one
would start it again.

Finally Julie got up and went to the bathroom and after
taking care of her toilet came back with a cloth for
Charlie and cleaned the slow drips he had. She realized
it would take a little while for him to recover but
that was ok with her, she wasn't eager to get home any
way. And she knew Charlie would be ready again faster
than you would think and she still wanted his cock in
her cunt. So they needed something to get their mind
off sex for a little while then it would come

She asked him if he had a coffee pot and he said yes,
did she want some, he would make it. She said yes, we
can make it together, then she asked if anyone could
see them naked in the kitchen and he said no. They went
to the kitchen and he got water and she put in coffee
to make it strong. They stood waiting for it with their
bodies together front to front and arms around each
other the way two naked lovers would and talked.

Pouring coffee and carrying it to the living room Julie
told him to sit on the floor and she curled up half on
him and they used the coffee table for a table and he
leaned on the couch, she leaned on him. Sipping coffee
they talked as it cooled. Julie got her wine which she
hardly had touched and drank some, gave him some and
drank the rest. She rubbed his chest and kissed his
nipples playing little touch games with his cock and
balls. Julie told him that he had a beautiful cock as
she rubbed the head with her finger. Charlie asked if
he pleased her.

"Charlie, you know you please me, I couldn't hide that
if I wanted to. I get wet when you touch me! I almost
drowned you. I have cum five or six times and you
haven't even been in me yet! You could please any
woman, why are asking me that? You aren't timid and
insecure around me anymore, you want me for a lover and
I want you and you know that. You have me, baby. Any
time we can arrange it I am ready to come with you. I
love for you to look at me naked. I love the way your
eyes shine and I see your big hard cock ready for me
and I get all weak and tremble just looking at you and
this wonderful cock."

Charlie started to say something but she stopped him
with a kiss. His hand sought her breasts and she felt
his cock swell and jerk as it began to take interest
again. They drank a little more coffee but had lost
interest in it, Charlie had something in Julie's hand
growing and stiffening that she wanted and he wanted
her to want it. Soon they were back on the bed and
Julie's hand was guiding his cock in her cunt. Charlie
took charge, he fucked her as they lay entwined face to
face very slowly and gently, caressing her body,
kissing her lips, rubbing her breasts and squeezing her
nipples. Julie climaxed on about the tenth stroke and
she would have mini climaxes about every ten minutes.

After they had made love for half an hour, Julie came
to the realization that Charlie was purposely being
slow and keeping her on edge by loving her body with
his hands and lips. She kissed him each time he sought
her lips and thrust her nipples out for him to pinch
when she felt another cum rising.

"Sweetheart, you are going to kill me, your cock is
slowly taking all the life out of me. I have cum so
many times that I lost count. Oh baby, this is
wonderful, I would let you do this to me all night if
we were able but honestly you're going to kill me."

"I love it this way, also I love it when we crash like
a airplane explosion, I love it any way with you. You
are fantastic, clothed or naked, working or making
love, what ever you do you are fantastic. This is so
good, just lay here and make love to each other. Let's
do it for as long as we can stand it."

Julie smiled and kissed him, she whispered in his ear
as if they were in a crowded room, fuck me baby, take
me to heaven again and again! For the next half an hour
they forgot everything except what they were doing.
Julie strained against Charlie many times and fiercely
whispered to him that she was cumming for him again.
Then when she recovered she would kiss him and whisper
to him, fuck me, baby. He did but each time it seemed
as if her climax was stronger until she would pound
against him and moan, making him get more excited each

Julie could feel his cock grow and get hard when she
was cumming and it made her even hotter and she was
reaching climax faster each time and getting dizzy.
Charlie was fighting a losing battle for he was getting
tired and his balls hurt partly from the pressure of
being in a state of excitement so long and partly
because she was pounding them each time she came.

He was about moved to despair as he was afraid that he
would give out and lose his hardness before he came in
her but the despair was overcome by the feeling his
cock was having. Julie was wet as a swamp, it seemed
like her body was heating the moisture to the boiling
point and the warmness plus the milking of his cock
each time she came, with her lips plastered to his
moaning and running her hands over his body, all
combined was pushing him onward and upwards.

Then his cock stiffened to rock like hardness, staying
that way, not relaxing, and he pounded her now wanting
to give her his cum. Julie felt the difference and she
urged him to cum in her, to fill her with his semen,
begging him to give her his love seed. For one full
minute and half of another, Charlie gave her his best
effort, fastest strokes, deepest penetration and
hardest cock ever and then it happened so quick he
didn't realize he was cumming until she froze against
him screaming in his mouth, yes, yes, lover now and
then felt the second spurt rocket out of his cock
making the head ache and throb.

Julie thought that Charlie was so deep in his orgasm
that he was twisting and slowing shaking from passion
and she joined him as she came also from feeling him
fill her cunt spurt after spurt, but Charlie was in
pain his balls ached and his cock felt like it was two
small for the amount of cum coming through. He suffered
through, he didn't have much other choice, and finally
lay still as his pain slowly decreased.

Julie was holding his ass to keep his cock buried, her
lower arm was under his body and across his back
holding his mouth on her lips. She felt him relax and
became aware that both of them were wet with sweat, she
had sweaty boobs and she could feel sweat drops
trickling between her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes
and they lay pressed together for a five minutes
without motion or speaking.

Julie needed to get up, her leg was dead it had no
feeling at all, she looked at Charlie and kissed him
lightly. He didn't move, she wondered if he was asleep,
had he passed out, that would be a first for her making
her lover pass out it, usually was her. She leaned to
his lips to kiss him awake but he still didn't stir and
she was suddenly fearful, what if he had a heart
attack! She shook him hard and called his name and his
eyes opened and looked at her with a small smile. She
wanted to tell him but decided not to, his pride might
be hurt.

"Charlie, can you let me move? My leg is asleep or
dead, I've got to get some blood in it?"

He raised up and she managed to get it straighten out
and rolled on her back, she felt wetness on her ass and
realized the sheet was soaked.

"Baby, the sheet is a mess, we have to take it off and
get it washed, when you rest get up and let me get it

"Don't worry with it Julie, the maid comes tomorrow and
she can do it, she always changes the bed anyway!"

Charlie slipped next to her and just lay looking at her
with his hand on her stomach. He was so tired, he had
never been this tired in his life. He wasn't sure if he
could make it to the bathroom but he had to go soon it
was getting painful. That must have been what caused
the pain and even now his cock head was sore or
something. He was completely drained.

Julie's leg was tingling and stinging, she made it to
the side of the bed and hobbled to the bathroom. She
sat on the toilet for a long time, got the wash cloth
from the living room and when she went back to the
bathroom he was on the toilet. She got the cloth warm
and cleaned herself, rinsed it and had it ready for him
when he came. She went to him and washed it, skinning
back the head she cleaned it to make sure no cum was
trapped under there. Charlie flinched and she looked
closer and saw the head was red and angry looking. She
got on her knees and looked at it closely.

"Charlie, are you ok? It looks like it has been
bruised. Baby, you hurt yourself! You did that to
please me, you shouldn't do that! Now I feel bad, why
didn't you finish before you strained yourself, I would
have been satisfied."

She kissed the head gently, saying poor baby you are
going to be sore. I'm so sorry. Charlie loved it, but
his cock was starting to get a surge of blood and it
wasn't a pleasant feeling. He reached down and pulled
Julie into his arms and kissed her.

"It's not your fault, I love being in you, it's the
greatest feeling in the world and I didn't want it to
ever end and you were cumming, I love to see you cum
you are so beautiful and when you cum you just shine
like a angel. So I held it as long as I could."

"Charlie, you're so sweet, you make me feel so good,
all the time and it's heaven when you enter me and make
me yours with this wonderful cock. Can we go drink some
coffee and cuddle before I dress and go home?"

"I would love it."

While they got the coffee poured and warmed, the pot
had cut off and the coffee got cold because they had
been in the bed so long, Julie looked at the clock on
the stove and was shocked that it was nine thirty. They
had been together for over two hours and most of that
time making love. They went to the couch again and sat
together as they had earlier but soon Julie was turning
and lying across his chest leaning back as she couldn't
sit on his lap and mash his poor cock. Charlie was able
to reach her breasts easier now and he could lean down
and kiss her nipples but he had to keep moving his
coffee from hand to hand so he drank it down to get rid
of the cup. Now he could use both hands on her.

He was bringing Julie back to a state of low arousal
and she loved that and for him to play with her body.
This was what she lived for! They didn't talk much just
enjoyed touching and kissing, her lips felt like they
had been bruised a little.

"Charlie this has been great! But I have to go home,
right now. Are you ok? You're not hanging are you,
you're satisfied, I don't want to leave you hanging but
I have to go!"

"Julie you always satisfy me. I wish you could stay all
night but I know that's not possible. Look you know how
I feel about you so I won't say it but tomorrow we will
be at work and pretend we are just associates but every
time you see me remember I love, not suppose to say
that, sorry."

"Thank you Charlie, you are so nice and sweet. Thank
you for being understanding and not hurt by something
we can't change."

Julie got her shorts and slipped into them and then her
shirt but Charlie stopped her from buttoning it asking
her if she could leave it open until she left so he
remember the last glimpse of her with her breasts bared
for him. Julie nodded smiling at him and kissed him.
She slipped into her shoes and got her hand bag and
they went to the garage, Charlie had slipped on his
pants but he didn't intend to go outside.

Julie got in her car as he stood by the window
watching, she rolled the window down and fasten her
seat belt then pulled the shirt open so her breasts
were naked for him. She said bye baby and cranked the
car, he opened the door and she backed out and left.
Charlie looked until she was out of sight and then
sighed as he closed the door and went inside. Now his
heart was aching along with his cock.

Julie went straight to the shower when she reached her
house she emerged clean and smelling very nice, she put
on her robe the long one and got some coffee and heated
it. She found some cookies and ate a couple with the
coffee, got a second cup and was drinking it when she
heard Jimmy at the front door. He came in and came
directly to her and gave her a hug. He asked if she got
bored and she said no really I just got home. She could
tell he was excited, hyped up, but couldn't talk to her
about his date in the dark movie house. She was sitting
at the counter and he got some milk and made a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich. She got the last of the
coffee and got it hot and sat to drink it.

Jimmy wolfed the sandwich down and drank his milk
putting the glass in the dish washer. He walked behind
Julie and reached around her and cupped her breasts,
she didn't make any comment until he slipped the robe
from her shoulders and cupped her naked breasts.

"Did you get horny looking at Tammy's breasts, baby?
Just kidding, don't get embarrassed."

"She really cute and nice too, but she's only half the
woman you are."

"She seems to like you a little too. Do you sit in the
make out corner?"

"Of course, you have to sit in the make out corner or
guys will talk about you."

"Yeah, I guess you do. Some things don't change. Same
when I was young, you had to do the same as everyone
else or tongues would eat you up."

"Speaking of tongues, are you ready to got to bed? My
tongue is wanting these nipples?"

"I was going to get stuff ready for breakfast but it
could wait until morning."

Jimmy turned Julie's chair and they went to the bed
room after she drank the coffee in one big swallow. She
turned the bed down after he had removed her robe, and
then turned to him and found he was almost naked
working on his socks. She lay on the bed and looked at
his cock bobbing up and down. He was stiff as a steel
rod. Julie remembered how Harry would get that way when
they dated and she loved knowing she could make him
like that and now she was loving seeing her son with a
hard on for her.

Jimmy lay beside her and took one nipple in his mouth
and the other in his hand and begin to love them. She
held his cock and gently stroked it. Jimmy loved her
nipples, breasts, and then went to work on her body and
had her whimpering soon and pumping his cock. He kissed
and licked her cunt as she laid on her back, moaning
and shaking, then turned her over and pulled her hips
up until she got her knees under her and he licked her
asshole. Julie was shaking and almost crying now, she
wanted to be fucked and either opening would be

Jimmy was working her over for two reasons he wasn't
going to be here tomorrow or Saturday, plus he wanted
to impress on her that he was as good at making her cum
as the damn dog! He raised up behind her and slammed
his cock in her cunt without taking any time to let her
get ready for it. Julie flinched as she was tender
there but she needed it.

She couldn't help but compare this to the loving that
she had with Charlie, he was tender, gentle, and fucked
her to give her pleasure, his pleasure was in giving
her pleasure; this was hard fucking just because he
could, he was using her for his pleasure now, not like
he did at first. Even David was more concerned about
her pleasure than Jimmy. But a cock was a cock, that
was the way she had been taught, it didn't matter what
she thought or wanted or needed, she was a cock
receptacle, a warm and willing place to put it and
shoot cum in. But she loved it and he was her son!

Jimmy fucked her hard trying to match speed with Bravo
and take her like he did. Julie gasped with each
thrust, she was rising for a climax but didn't want to
cum until he did for she was to tired to do a lot of
cums tonight! Jimmy started spanking her ass, light
strokes on each cheek just enough to make them burn and
she began to push back meeting his plunges and milking
his cock as it pulled out. Just when she thought she
wouldn't outlast him, he pulled her hips back onto his
cock and stiffened and they came together.

When he grew still Julie slowly settled down on the bed
and he lay on top of her back until his cock shrank and
came out of her battered cunt. He got up and went to
the bathroom and when he returned she was laying in the
same position and asleep. He went to the kitchen and
fixed the coffee pot, checked everything, turned out
the lights and returning to the bedroom crawled in bed
beside his naked mother and went to sleep also.

Julie woke about four o'clock, cold and needing to go
the bathroom, she rolled out of bed and went to the
toilet, shutting the door so she could turn on the
light and not wake Jimmy. She was sticky and crusty
between her legs, and didn't want to go back to bed
like that so she turned on the shower and took a long,
hot as she could stand, bath. She dried off and went to
inspect herself in the mirror. She had a pink ass, a
red cunt, and bruised lips.

She needed something for them, she remembered that
Jimmy had used something in a small square bottle that
relieved the soreness and the redness Wednesday evening
and he had put it under the vanity. She looked and it
was way in the back behind the toilet paper. She opened
it and decided to try it.

Rubbing lightly she applied it to her cunt and ass
cheeks, it immediately begin to sooth them. She
remembered some had been put inside her cunt lips so
she rubbed some inside also. She sat down and brushed
her hair for a few minutes and when she finished she
realized she was much better down there. She rubbed her
finger over her cunt and it felt almost normal. She
went back to bed and fell asleep as soon as she lay

Julie was dreaming almost immediately: she was at the
lake with Charlie and they had been there for three
days, she had been naked for three days, Charlie had
been naked for three days! They had made love every way
possible, she had a gallon of cum in her stomach, a
gallon in her cunt, and the last gallon in her ass. She
had been fucked on the pier so much that boats lined up
at noon everyday to watch. Charlie made love to her
every time and it was love not sex, he had fucked her
as the crowd cheered and then got her on her hands and
knees to fuck her ass as they ohhed and ahhhed, then
she had sucked him for hours.

Charlie was gentle when he kissed her cunt and licked
her to orgasm, he fucked her slowly as she came and
came, and he always kissed and licked her asshole
before he fucked her there. Once she was resting laying
on a thick towel on her back with her legs spread so
the boaters could see the cum running out of her cunt,
when she heard someone yelling come back, come back.
She looked up and saw a big white wolfhound swimming
from a boat to the pier. She knew what he wanted, she
told Charlie to stop him that he was going to fuck her.
Charlie said he knew, that everybody wanted to fuck her
and she knew that, so she should just get ready for

Julie spread her legs wide and the wolf hound jumped
out of the water and ran to her cunt and started
licking, she was aware that people were taking
pictures. Some pulled up to the pier and jumped on to
get in the picture them selves. The dog finished
licking and nosed Julie to turn over, she did and got
on her hands and knees for him to mount. Soon she was
penetrated and being buffeted by the animal, he was so
big that his head was pass hers and his cock was inside
her womb about three inches.

Julie was cumming from the beginning. A woman got out
of her boat and came to kneel beside the lovers and
held the dog and Julie's face up for a good shot from
her husband's camera, she said she was the dog's owner
but he had never fucked her! She was going to try him
when they got home.

She wanted to know if she could have one of the puppies
when they came as they would be beautiful she was sure
of that. Many people said they wanted one also. Now
they were crowding around some crawled under her to get
pictures of the red cock when it pulled out a couple of
inches. They held Julie's hair away from her face so
they could get pictures of her expressions when she
came, which was almost constantly. One big burly guy
with a beer gut plopped down in front of Julie and told
everyone to get a picture of this, as he pulled out his
cock and stroked it a few times and thrust it in her

He was still, letting the dog push her on his cock and
pull her away as he stroked in her cunt. He came
quickly and she spit it out, her stomach was for
Charlie's cum only. She belonged to him. She cried for
him to come and make them quit and he did, wiping her
eyes and kissing her lips. He asked if she wanted him
to make the dog quit also and she looked at him and
said she loved him and wanted to live with him but she
needed the dog, please don't make him quit!

Julie woke the second time with tears running down her
cheeks, she imagined she could feel the dog's cock
still in her cunt as she lay on her side, then realized
it was Jimmy's finger. She eased it out and went to the
bath room and got the wash cloth and cleaned her
moisture from her cunt. She wanted to scream, to every
body, please leave my cunt alone for a while, for it
seemed that every one wanted to get in it.

Julie trembled, the dream had left her upset, she
couldn't fight the urges she felt, the desire to
exhibit her body, the need to be mastered by someone,
her constant hunger for sex, and her overwhelming
wanting of love, to be loved, worshiped, and adored.
She sneaked to the kitchen and turned on the coffee
pot, coffee helped, at least lately it did she hadn't
noticed it before but she didn't drink much before. The
stove clock showed five, to early and yet to late to go
back to bed! She got the first cup that came out of the
pot and sat at the counter drinking it as fast as she
could stir it cool, naked.

She thought about the shopping this afternoon. She
really didn't want to go shopping, but it was better
than sitting at home alone. But it would be fun with
Emily and Sarah. A few drinks and they would burst out
into giggles over nothing. Well, maybe something would
come up. She got some more coffee and said to the pot,
you aren't doing a good job this morning, I should be
feeling calm and relaxed but it's not working.

She got out the skillet and other things needed to make
omelets and mixed up what she could and got bacon in
the pan slowly frying. She would give Jimmy a good
breakfast before he left anyway. At six she went in and
got her robe from the floor and woke him up, she said
breakfast in fifteen minutes use her shower if he
liked. A little before seven they were finished with
chores and both were getting ready for school. Emily
called and said she wouldn't stop by, they overslept
again. Jimmy packed some clothes in his back pack
mostly shorts and pull over t-shirts, his glove and
spikes were at school.

He went in the kitchen and added four drops to the
coffee and refilled the water reservoir and put fresh
coffee in the filter, he told Julie that it was ready
for her to just turn on tonight or Saturday morning. He
took her cup and filled it and bought it back to her.
She took a sip and then a big swallow as it tasted
better than it did earlier. She chose a flare skirt and
a white thin blouse, the skirt could be pulled up while
she was sitting to flash her red thong and the blouse
showed a dim outline of her lacy half bra.

They arrived at the school when the first bus was
unloading, Jimmy told her to stop in the back of the
parking lot so he and David could kiss her goodbye. She
pulled over to the middle away from other cars and
stopped turned to face him and when he leaned over to
kiss her his hand went under her skirt straight to her
thong covered cunt. Julie gasped.

"Baby don't do that! Don't feel me up in the parking
lot, oh god, Jimmy!"

"Mom, we won't get a chance to see you again until
Sunday, give us just a minute, please!"

Julie didn't want to, not in the parking lot! She would
have stopped someplace where they couldn't be seen if
he had told her. David was up close to the seat back
waiting and looking. Jimmy kept kissing her and
sticking his tongue in her mouth while he rubbed her
slit with special attention to her clit. She was
breathing hard when he pulled away from her lips and
David leaned over the seat. She automatically turned
her head to take his lips and tongue and moaned when
his hand covered her breast and massaged it. Finally
they pulled away from now a excited Julie and Jimmy
said well that's all we can do now, it's going to be
rough for the next two days.

Nervously, Julie rearranged her skirt and checked her
blouse, she saw her nipples were now little bullets
sticking out against her blouse. Maybe they would go
down before she got in the office. She pulled down to
her regular parking place and they started to unload,
Jimmy and David both had back packs and clothing bags,
the second bus was unloading plus two more were coming
in. A voice was calling to them, well to Jimmy, it was
Tammy getting off her bus and then running towards the
car. She had on a tank top and obviously no bra. Julie
was afraid that she was going to bounce out any second.
She kissed Jimmy on the cheek looking at him like he
was a movie star, then she looked at Julie and said
please don't let him go Mrs. Cole!

Julie was stunned, she didn't expect such a show of
affection, finally she said, it's only for the week end
Tammy, I promise you he will call as soon as he gets
back. Tammy was holding Jimmy's hand and she wasn't
going to let go as they started towards the school,
leaving Julie standing, she didn't want to walk with
them anyway if they were going to walk like Siamese
twins. David looked at her and smiled, waved and
followed them. Julie looked to see if Emily had arrived
instead she saw Mel leaving the bus in a run. She
called to him and when he saw her he peeled off running
to her. She spoke to him telling him she was early but
was waiting for him and two friends. She said stay with
me and I will introduce you to them.

She saw Emily pulling in and Sarah coming in the other
driveway and holding Mel's hand walked towards the car.
She greeted Emily and told her to meet her friend Mel,
as she told him that Mrs. Johnson was the Math teacher
he would have next year, Sarah came up and she
introduced her to her special friend. Sarah caught the
special friend emphasis and made a fuss over Mel
telling him how handsome he was and that if he was
Julie's special friend then he was her special friend
also. Mel was eating up this attention plus the most
beautiful woman in the world was holding his hand!

They finally made it in the school and Mel held the
door to the office for all three of them. When Mrs.
Lucas saw all three she said my goodness now Mel has
three girl friends! Emily said yes, and I didn't have a
reason to come in but he was so nice that I couldn't
refuse. Sarah said me too, how long have you had him
under your spell Julie?

"Don't start teasing me now, Sarah. I am mean as a
rattlesnake this morning."

They all laughed and said they had to get to class
before first bell. Darlene had Julie by the arm as soon
as they were out the door.

"Julie, do you know what is wrong with Charlie? "

"No, is something wrong, is he sick?"

"No but he came in looking bad, and said he was going
to the doctor for a checkup, didn't he look bad, Mrs.

"Yes and he wouldn't look at us just left and he walked
like he was in pain."

"You mean he is gone, now? He's not in his office?"

"No! He left straight out the door and hobbled down the
steps. We think he went to his car and left. Strange,
for the doctor usually doesn't get to the office until

"I hope it is nothing serious. He didn't mention
feeling bad yesterday and he seemed ok... Oh my, you
don't think he might have strained something jumping
around, like a knee or ankle?"

"Sweetheart, it wasn't below the waist, the way he
walked it was his groin. Did he have a date with Mrs.

"No Mrs. Lucas, I talked to Sarah last night on the
phone and she was home working on test papers. Oh
there's the bell, I've got to get to work. Let me know
when he gets back and what you find out."

Julie went to work and watched but all she saw was the
coaches, they brought her some coffee and gathered
around her desk talking about the camp and that they
would make sure Jimmy was safe and comfortable and she
should not worry one second about him. They were taking
six boys and they wouldn't be out of their sight for
one minute. Julie thanked them and breathed deeply as
she saw Tammy do until they started turning red in the
face. She smiled as she thought she had forgotten that
old trick but it still was handy.


Charlie was at the doctor's shortly after eight, the
doctor came driving up soon and they went in the back
door and straight to the exam room. No one was in the
office as they didn't open until nine. The doctor asked
him what his problem was?

"Well, Harold I think I have strained something, I have
a swelling on my, my dick and it is hurting all the way
to my balls."

"Drop those pants and let me look at it, have you done
any heavy lifting or anything hit you on the pecker?"

"No, just normal stuff."

"Damn, Charlie, that looks awful, see the bluish color
that's a sure sign of an injury. Does it hurt and burn
when you urinate?"

"It hurts a little but it doesn't burn. Feels like it's
about half stopped up."

"Hummm. Let me see if there is any discharge. I'm going
to milk it down a little and it might hurt, don't get
any funny ideas I don't enjoy playing with penis' it
just part of the job."

"Oh damn, hurt a little? God, how long you going to do
that, it's hurts like hell."

"That's for beating me at golf two weeks ago, you
cheating sob. "

"I didn't cheat, that ball hit a tree and bounced back
on the fairway."

"Yeah, sure it did. Charlie, you don't have any
discharge so we can pretty well rule out any sexual
disease. It looks like a injury, but you should be able
to remember it cause it wasn't caused by dropping a
biscuit on it. Now be honest with me, old friend, have
you been beating your meat looking at girly magazines?"

"Damn Harold, can't a man have any secrets in life. I
had sex last night, that's the only thing I've done
unusual. Honestly that's all!"

"Charlie, you and I aren't spring chickens any more but
sex shouldn't cause that. You haven't called up some
teen whore with a little vagina have you?"

"No, just a friend, but it was, was more than once."

"How many more than once, Charlie, hell we are friends
for many years and I'm your doctor, quit beating around
the bush!"

"Two and a half, hours."

"You're lying now, two and a half hours, hell you'd be
dead. Are you pulling my leg, I'm going to run your ass
out of here. You call me up at home with this pitiful
story of being in pain and just got to see me quickly.
I could be at home kissing my wife but I'm standing
here listening to your lies."

"I'm not lying, Harold, I got carried away. I guess!"

"How many times did you come?"

"I don't remember. But the last time was when it began
to hurt!"

"Did you have fun, did you enjoy it?"

"Hell yes, it was great!"

"Who was it Charlie? I want to get her in here and
check out that pussy, imagine one that could cause a
man to kill himself, I could write that up in the
medical books."

"Harold you know I can't tell you that! Can't you give
me something, I need to go to work?"

"Charlie, there isn't any medicine for hormonal
stupidity. But I can give you something to relieve the
swelling and help with the pain. But you have to
promise me you will stay away from females for a least
five days or until all swelling is gone and there is no
pain at all. If you aren't better by Monday come in
first thing. We may have to cut the thing off. Here
have these filled and take one of each immediately. If
you can get ice on it that will help some."

"Thanks Harold, sorry I had to call you early this
morning and mess up your day. Tell Rose hello for me."

"Your welcome Charlie, let me call you tomorrow maybe
we can go play a round and get my money back. And I
will tell Rose just as soon as I can, can't wait to
tell her this, she is going pass out laughing."

"Don't you dare, you poor excuse for a doctor and a

"Get your butt out of here before the nurse gets here,
she will want to know what's wrong with you and I can't


At nine thirty Charlie came in and went straight to his
office. Mrs. Lucas came to Julie's door and said he's
back now. Julie asked did he say anything and she said
no, not a word. Julie asked her to let her know if she
found out what was wrong, if anything. Twenty minutes
later she came back with Darlene and they told her that
he would talk to her better than them, would she go in
and talk to him about something and see if he would
offer anything.

Julie wanted to know what was wrong, she had a bad
feeling that last night was involved but she didn't
want to go in and ask or have him tell her. Besides why
did they always put it off on her, like they were
pushing her and him to get closer. She finished her
reports, there wasn't much from yesterday, most of the
teacher just wrote ' preparations for finals on the
sheet'. She went to the ladies room and then got a cup
of coffee, as she turned from the pot she saw both of
them looking at her.

"Don't look at me like that! I'm going, I'm just
putting it off as long as I can! I don't want to do
this, it's may be personal and I'm going to be
embarrassed no matter what it is."

They just looked at her, smiling. Julie took a sip of
coffee and walked to the door and tapped on it. She
could see Charlie sitting at his desk reading
something, he looked up and smiled, waving her in. She
walked and stood by his desk, she was behind the blinds
that always stayed closed so no one out side could see
them unless they came to the door.

"Good morning Julie, great to see you, hope you feel
well, I have got some of the contract down but checking
the by laws to make sure we are straight with
everything. Should have it put together by tonight and
we can work through it Monday."

"Charlie, I'm not here about that, what ever it takes
is all right just don't spend your week end on that. A
few days won't make any difference. But before I go on
break, I have been elected to find out what is wrong.
Mrs. Lucas said you had to go to the doctor and they,
we are concerned. What should I tell them? I don't
normally get into people's business but they insist.
Are you ok, Charlie. You look pale."

"Well, I don't know how to answer that, for you I can
be honest and say I had to much fun last night, but it
is ok just needed some thing for swelling. But I don't
know what you can say to them."

"Are you all right Charlie! Oh god, I'm sorry."

"Sure Julie, I'm fine. Don't be sorry, it wasn't your
fault, I, well I was enjoying it so well I just didn't
want for it to end! You just can't realize how much I
love you, sorry didn't mean to say that."

"Charlie it hurts me to hear you say that, there's not
anything we can do about it. It's my fault for when we
are, together it's so wonderful that I get carried away
and say things I shouldn't. I don't mean to lead you
on, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to be with
you when ever we can."

"Just make up a story for me, there's no purpose in our
saying these things, we both know there's not a chance
in the world we can live together. But I can live with
what we have now and be happy."

They were both silent for a while. Finally Julie said:
"Suppose I tell them that you slipped in the tub and
sat down hard on the side and nothings broken but it's
painful right now."

"Sounds like a winner to me. Thanks Julie for this and
for all the things you do for me."

Julie wanted to leave on a lighter note so she said:
"How about the things I do to you and cause you to do
to yourself?"

Charlie smiled and said: "Thanks for those too, makes
life worth living. Can I ask you for a cabin date next

"Yes, but not until next week, and you better be
completely well. I'm going on break as soon as I tell
the news to your mothers'."

Julie went back to the office area and went to
Darlene's desk motioning for Mrs. Lucas to come. She
told them that they owed her plenty, she had never been
so embarrassed in her life as when he told her what
happened! Then she told them the tub story. Mrs. Lucas
said poor man, it must be awful! Julie said what's
worse is for a bunch of women wanting to know what's
wrong and your crotch is busted. He was red as a beet
as he told me, I could have just died! Darlene said I'm
sorry but he wouldn't have told us, he trusts you. No,
he loves her, we are just friends and work mates. Said
Mrs. Lucas.

Julie smiled at them and said she was going on break.
She was almost to the break room when the bell rang.
She, Emily, and Sarah talked as they snacked. Sarah
said she was feeling better when they asked, break was
over quickly like all breaks and they went back to
work. Julie helped around the office and Mrs. Lucas was
showing her where things were and what they were, she
was training Julie for her position. She went to break
and Darlene talked to Julie about her retirement.

"So I think she would like to have a formal dinner at a
nice place but I can't be certain without coming out
right and asking her! "

"Sounds good, and we could do both that way at the same
time. But we will have to arrange it around the
senior's plans and parties, the official parties here
at school."

"Yes, so I will look for a place and you can work on
the other stuff, Julie."

"Ok, and I will have to see if Charlie can come up with
the money. Thanks Darlene."

Soon it was almost lunch time and Julie got her
computer backed up and turned off and put her stuff on
the desk talking to Mrs. Lucas and Darlene plus making
notes on the things they told her. Suddenly Tammy burst
through the door.

"Mrs. Cole, they loading on the bus at the front door,
right now! Can you go with me to say goodbye? Hurry!"

Julie went to her and Tammy took her hand and almost
dragged her out of the room and to the front door. They
went to the steps and saw all the guys and three
coaches stowing stuff and getting on. Jimmy and David
saw them and hurried over and both hugged her and said
goodbye, see you Sunday. Then it was time to say
goodbye to Tammy and she latched on to Jimmy like a
leech hugging him tightly. Finally he kissed her cheek
and she still wouldn't let go.

David was on the bus steps waiting, so he looked at
Julie and raised his eyebrows. Julie smiled and nodded
and he kissed Tammy's lips and said I'll call soon as
we get back and she let go. He ran to the bus and they
could hear the guys giving Jimmy a hard time! When the
door shut, Tammy held on to Julie for support as if she
might fall. The bus pulled away and the guys all
shouted, bye Tammy, bye Mrs. Cole. Julie waved smiling.

Julie asked Tammy as they walked to the building:
"Tammy, what's wrong? He's only going to baseball camp.
He will come back and it's only two and a half days."

"Because last year at the camp the guys said that the
girls at the school where they had it at, gave them a
party and had a band and they danced."

"But that won't mean anything just a social gathering.
A teacher organized it to teach them social skills,
most likely."

"I know but he might meet some girl prettier than me
and she would like him and they would start writing
each other and then it would be love letters and I just
got him to go out with me!"

"Tammy, calm down. Jimmy not going to fall in love with
some girl he meets at a punch and cookie party. He
likes you, you and he have been going to school
together for a long time and both of you are maturing
now. But he isn't ready for getting serious about
dating and going steady, you and he need to have a good
time and enjoy your time together but not worry about
belonging to each other or somebody stealing away your
boyfriend or girlfriend. It's good to like each other
and be close friends, closer than other friends you
have but you shouldn't look at it as he is yours or you
are his and someone will take what is yours. Just relax
and let things happen don't rush them."

Tammy squeezed Julie's hand and said thanks, Mrs. Cole.
They walked to the building and said goodbye and
parted.. Julie was puzzled, she knew Tammy was
interested in Jimmy, that was evident from the picture
she gave him. Apparently she wasn't shy about using her
body to get him interested in her either. But she was
acting like she was obsessed but a lot of young girls
and boys were obsessed with their first or puppy love.
Julie thought she should get Harry to renew his talks
with Jimmy.

Mrs. Lucas and Darlene gave her a smile and a knowing
look, Darlene said she thought maybe Julie was being
groomed for a mother in law. Julie said a reluctant
one. She got her stuff and went to her car. She drove
directly to the tanning parlor, luck was with her and a
bed was open, she lay naked in the bed for twenty five
minutes, left her panties and bra off and went home in
her skirt and blouse. She expected to have company but
he wasn't in sight!

She was disappointed but slipped into her short robe
and finished the new laundry, it seemed to appear like
magic she did it all yesterday, and drank coffee. She
remembered she hadn't eaten and got two slices of ham
and ate it with crackers and coffee. She was still
hungry but decided to wait as Emily and Sarah would
want a snack and she could eat again.

A long hot bath and brushing her hair took more time
plus a little makeup, then fold the clothes from the
dryer and it was time to dress. She remembered that
they hadn't decided where to meet and thought maybe
they would call or better she could drive to the school
and meet them. She picked out a dress that she didn't
wear much as it was a little to causal for work and a
little to sexy with the split in the front and a long
vee which stopped just in time to cover were her bra
joined between her breasts. The lapels were wide on her
shoulders and if she bent over it gave a clear shot of
her boobs to anyone looking. Harry loved it!

She decided to try it without a bra again! She did it
twice when Harry took her out and it caused a lot of
second looks for her breasts moved around freely and if
she twisted one or the other would come half out. Of
course he made her twist a lot on the dance floor and
she was turned on knowing he was and that a lot of
others were also. She checked the mirror and saw she
was ok as long as she didn't bend over or twist her
torso. Besides she was horny as hell and needed
something for some relief!

Just as she was getting her bag and checking her money
the phone rang. It was Emily wanting to know did she
want them to pick her up. She said no she would come to
the school. Emily said to come to Sarah's as she wanted
to go to her apartment and freshen up and they could
leave the cars there. Julie replied ok and checked the
time and saw she had ten minutes but since she was
ready she went to the car and left after locking up.
She arrived at Sarah's before they did and walked to
the pool as she saw Mabel and her two friends sitting
and talking. They were glad to see her and she sat and
talked to them while she waited.

Ben came out of his apartment and saw Julie, he came
over and said hello and talked awhile and suddenly got
up and left. Just a few moments passed and Bill came,
hurrying, it was obvious to Julie that Ben had went to
tell him she was there, she was embarrassed but also
glad to see him. She squeezed his hand and said it was
good to see him again to get a chair and sit with them.
Mabel and the other ladies were aware of what was
happening and they admired the way she handled it. Soon
Ben and Joe came and now there was a crowd around the
table. Julie was the center of attention but she was
wishing that she had worn a bra for her nipples were
beginning to stiffen from the knowledge that everyone
was looking at them!

Ben suddenly got up and started walking towards the
parking lot and Joe was right with him. Julie looked
and saw Sarah with Emily right behind her, driving in.
They got out and talked to Ben and Joe for a second or
two and then came towards the stairs waving at Julie
and motioning for her to come. Julie said, well it's
time to go with the shopping fanatics, it's been good
to see you again. See you later, bye.

Bill got up also, Julie wasn't sure if he was being
polite or if he was going with her, she didn't want him
to tag along like a puppy so she placed her hand on his
arm and smiled at him saying, it's good to see you
again Bill. He smiled and looked as she walked away,
looking at her, glancing at Ben and Joe, then he
started after Julie, calling her name. She stopped and
waited for him to get to her.

"Unnn, Julie remember the day we had the picnic and we
looked at the plants!" She nodded smiling. "Remember
the plant you like so much, shaped like a pitcher?"

"Yes, the funny but beautiful one, I remember."

"It's from the same family as the century plant, the
odd shape is to store water, I have moved it to a pot
and if you like it I would like to give it to you."

"Bill, you didn't dig it up for me, did you? You did,
didn't you! Oh Bill that is so nice of you but you
shouldn't have, what will you do for another, it was so

"There are a few shoots left and I needed to move them
so they wouldn't compete for food and moisture."

"But you should have given me one of those and kept the
big one for yourself. "

"I just wanted you to have it, you liked it and I
wanted to, to give you something, I, I just wanted to."

Julie looked at him and she could see the desire in his
eyes, he did, just want to give her something. She
couldn't refuse now, but what could she give him, he
was like the Lion in Oz, he needed courage and self
confidence but she wasn't a wizard! Not the kind of
wizard that waved a wand and poof it was there! She
could give him courage and self confidence plus the
price would be nice but it meant she would have to take
more chances and spend a lot of time giving him,
herself. She would enjoy it but how would it work for
any length of time without someone knowing.

"Thank you, Bill. I will accept your gift and try to
keep it happy but I may have to ask you to come and
tell me why it is not doing well. But I can't take it
now, we are going shopping and I can't leave it in the
car for a long length of time. Can I get it later?"

"Sure, I will load it for you, it's a really big pot
and you can't move it alone. When you come back tonight
I will follow you home and unload it for you. If that's

"I can't refuse a generous offer like that, of course
it's alright, it's wonderful. You are so nice to me."

Julie saw his eyes beaming with happiness, she realized
he was lonely, in a world filled with men of great
confidence and women of independence, he needed someone
he could love and do things for without them thinking
he was nerdy and a baby.

"Come on Bill, lets find out what is going on up here.
We will never get our shopping done standing and
talking to you handsome gentlemen!"

Julie took his arm so he would feel like she needed him
to help her walk. She looked and saw Ben had stopped
Sarah at the bottom of the stairs and Emily was half
way up stopping to wait for her and Joe was right there
with her, telling her something that must be funny, she
was laughing. She also was standing with one foot on a
higher step making her butt jut out towards him, Julie
thought, yeah and she would swear she doesn't know it.
She and Bill reached Sarah and Ben just in time to hear
her say, I will ask them and let you know, stay at the

"Sarah, hurry we can't do much shopping here. Plus I'm
already hungry, I'm going to need a snack before we
even start."

"Ok, let me change, and we will be on our way. Let's
get in my apartment Emily."

"Ok, I'm waiting on you, slow poke!"

They hurried up the stairs and quickly was in Sarah's
apartment, she hurried to the bedroom and was stripping
off her clothes down to her bra and thong. Then she
started for the bathroom.

Emily: "Wow, girl if that thong slips to the side you
could shoot that tampon like an arrow."

Sarah: "Shut up! Why do girls have to put up with this?
Men don't have any of these problems. Don't come in
here until I finish, this is embarrassing enough as it

They heard her flush and then the water running in the
wash basin. Emily put her arm around Julie and hugged
her and whispered I love you. Julie smiled and kissed
her lightly. Emily put one hand on Julie's breast and
massaged it rubbing the nipple with her thumb.

"Stop that Emily, you know what that does to me." But
she didn't move away.

"Sarah, did you notice that Julie doesn't have on a

"Notice, I saw that when we pulled off the street,
looks delicious doesn't it?"

"Yeah, and they are hard as rocks. God, I want to kiss
them so bad!"

"You aren't playing with them are you? You know you
can't play with them unless I can play with one at the
same time."

"Oh god, Sarah hurry up, we've got to get out of here,
Emily is turning into a mad woman, she has about six

"Ok, I'm putting on, oh I can't wear this thong it
might be soiled. Can you get me another from the
dresser drawer, somebody?"

"No, I'm busy and Julie's fainting, come out of there,
I've got to use that thing in there."

Sarah came out and looked at them and said oh my god,
look at them! She rushed to the dresser and got a thong
and put it on quickly. She went to Julie.

"Did she be mean to you? Do you want me to rub them and
make the pain go away?"

She kissed Julie and got a return kiss as she felt of
Julie's breasts and then rubbed the nipples, which were
hard to rub since they were so hard.

"Julie, may I kiss them? It's been forever since we
been alone. I want to kiss them so bad."

Julie nodded, she was hot now, might as well let her do
whatever she wanted to. She would pay the price
tonight. No Harry, no Jimmy, no David, and Charlie in
recovery! She opened the front of her shirt and pulled
it away from her tits. She could feel the heat
radiating from them. Sarah kissed each one, just a
light kiss and then she latched on to one with her
mouth and sucked while pinching the other with her
hand. Julie moaned and tremors ran though her. She was
worse off than she thought, she was would be miserable
tonight. She wished they wouldn't tie Bravo, he would
come and rescue her. As she shuddered she was thinking
maybe she should stay here tonight if she didn't get to
feeling better.

Emily came out of the bathroom, seeing a breast without
lips on it she removed Sarah's hand and placed her
mouth over the throbbing nipple and sucked it. Julie
was hardly able to stand now and she begin to plead
with them to stop she was going to fall. Finally they
realized she wasn't fooling as her knees buckled and
she had to hold on to them. They helped her to the bed
and she sat down with her hands on each side of her to
keep her balance.

They begin to tell her that they were sorry, they
didn't realize she was so intense. Would she like to
lie down for a while. Julie shook her head and said she
would be alright in a minute. They sat on either side
of her and rubbed her shoulders, Julie smiled and said
she was ok, to dress so they could go, she wanted to
get something to eat and she would feel better.

Sarah ran to the kitchen and got a cola and some
crackers and gave them to her and they started dressing
as she munched on them.

"Julie, have you ever gone this long without sex in the
last year?"

"No, Emily, but it shouldn't make me like this. This is
strange, I don't lose control like that, I never do."

Sarah; "I do, you have seen me like that. It's awful,
it feels like you going to die if you don't get relief.
I'm sorry Julie, I love you, I wouldn't hurt you for
the world. Please forgive me!"

"You're already forgiven baby. I love you too, and you,

Chapter Forty Three

Sarah; "There is something I have to ask you, I
promised I would ask the both of you. Ben wanted to
take me to dinner, but I told him we were going to
dinner and he wanted to know if he could go and Joe
also. He even offered to pay, well he insisted that
they would pay, just to have a little fun. They want to
meet us at the place we chose and after dinner go to
the bar and have a few drinks and maybe dance a little.
I told him that I would ask you but I wasn't going
unless you both agreed. What do you think?"

Emily; "Joe has already told me and I told him it was
up to you two. I don't see anything wrong with it, it's
not like we were dating them or let them pick us up or
we were working girls. What do you think Julie?"

Julie: "Gosh, I guess it would be ok, but I would feel
strange. You know like I was the third thumb or
something. So if you want to do it go ahead. But I
wouldn't want to be along, some drunk would think he is
doing me a favor by picking me up since I don't have a

Sarah; "You would have a partner, Billy! You know they
will tell him and he will go, didn't he say anything to
you about it?"

"No, he didn't mention it and I not going to ask him so
don't even mention it. We can shop and then you go to
meet them for dinner and I will grab a bite on the way

Emily; "No you won't! If you don't want to go then I'm
not going! You are my best friend and I'm not forsaking
you for a free dinner, and Sarah won't either. So if
you don't want to go just say so and it's over with,
done, completed, end of discussion."

Sarah: "Right and I wouldn't blame you. You have
invited me to your home when I felt like dirt and made
me feel like family and nothing is bigger than that."

Julie; "Ok, I'll go then, but I claim a dance with each
one of your lovers. I'm not going to sit looking around
at the pictures on the wall while you have fun and rub
your bodies on those men."

Emily: "You don't have to go just for us, we aren't
trying to put a guilt trip on you, it's not a big thing
just a free meal and a few dances. Not worth you being
bored or feeling left out. We shouldn't have even
mentioned it."

"No, I'm going! You are my friends and I love you! It
just occurred to me that you would sit thru a funeral
of someone you didn't even know to support me and we
are supposed to be having fun. We even talked about
going to a bar and dancing with strangers just to have
a good time. I not going to be the one to chicken out
and ruin it for everyone else. Besides these guys
deserve a little fun also. What's it going to hurt?"

"Atta girl, Sarah isn't she the most wonderful person
you ever saw?"

"Yeah, makes me feel bad about torturing her now, but
it sure was good, can I have a date Julie, Sunday right
after Harry goes back, while you are relaxed?"

"God, Sarah, you never get enough do you? Are you horny
all the time?"

"Just about, sometimes during class when we are
discussing a really good subject I forget about it. But
then the bell rings and I have to look at all those
studs walking out in their tight jeans and it's back in
the barrel again."

"God, get some clothes on girl, what are you wearing?
Are you going to wear a bra or go like Julie and leave
me looking like a salvation army bell ringer?"

"Why don't both of you go bra less so I won't feel like
a street walker, please just for me?"

"Oh hell Sarah, why not, just for her and Ben, Joe, and
Bill plus half of the county. Come on take it off."

Ten minutes later they came out the door, still
laughing because of the fiction of six nipples rubbing
cloth. Emily said they better call the fire department
to follow them around. The guys were standing at the
end of the stairs. As they went down the steps Sarah
asked them how they looked and they said beautiful,
Emily said you would say that just to be nice! Julie
kept quiet but saw Bill wasn't looking at anyone other
than her, she thought that he had it bad and that
wasn't good for he was so sensitive that the slightest
hint of rejection could crush him, emotionally. She
would have to be very careful.

They stopped, looking at each other, waiting for
someone to speak. Joe couldn't wait, he asked did they
consider their offer of dinner and a few drinks. A long
silence fell on them, then Emily said, Julie tell them
our decision. Julie gasped, Me!

All three of the men looked at her, Bill's face was
getting strained looking. Julie made a quick decision.

"Well, we have a problem! Ben, you and Joe discussed it
with Sarah and Emily but I don't have any one to eat
with or dance with so I guess no one wants to go with
me and that makes me sad for I really wanted to go! Do
you know anyone that would meet me there? They wouldn't
have to buy my dinner, I would do that if they would
just dance with me."

Bill : "I will, I will meet you there and buy your
dinner and dance all night, I would love to go with
you! I would have asked you earlier but I didn't know
about it! They don't tell me anything until it's been

"That's so sweet of you Bill, thanks for rescuing me.
We're going shopping and will be there at seven thirty.
Bill you make sure that these two are there, sober and
clean, shaved and smelling good, and none of you better
be eyeing any sexy girls either."

Julie went down the last three steps and walked to
Bill, she leaned over and kissed his cheek, saying
thanks and then said, get in my car ladies, we are
wasting daylight. They piled in the car and saw the
three guys standing looking and kept a straight face
until they got to the street and then Sarah's shoulders
began to shake as she giggled.

Emily: "Oh, the look on their face when you said ' we
have problem', they looked like men condemned to death
by hanging."

Sarah: "And Bill almost jumping out of his shoes, I
will, I will, lord that was priceless."

Julie: "I hate you, both of you, why do you do me like
that, 'Julie, tell them our decision'. You should have
done it, after all it was you two they asked, they only
told Bill afterwards. So he and I are just kind of, oh
yeah you can go too just don't say anything or get in
the way."

Emily: "Because you can do it so much better than we
can. See how good it came out, now everyone knows who
claims who and that it's all in fun, we are just
friends meeting for dinner."

Sarah: "At least we hope, we might get raped before the
night is over, I don't intend to fight to hard either.
So don't try to help me, this braless is got me hot as
a firecracker already."

"Oh no, you can't get horny remember. Let's not talk
about sex, look out Saucy Lady here we come!"

It wasn't far to the store and they were inside
shortly. Jane saw them, she saw Julie and waved,
smiling, but she was with a lady looking at some
dresses. She rushed over and said she was glad to see
them and would help them just as soon as she could. She
touched Julie's arm and said she was glad to see her
again. Julie introduced Emily and Sarah telling her
that they wanted to look at some dresses for Emily. She
asked if she wanted elegant, slightly revealing and
elegant, or movie star hot! Emily said the last two, I
think. Jane showed her the section to start in and said
she would come as soon as she could.

They went through the racks like people possessed, with
a lot of oh, look at this, and wow that would look
great in study hall or a strip bar! There was a lot of
laughing and giggling, Emily held up a dress in front
of her that was split to the crotch and the vee neck
open to the navel, she said this has got fuck me
written all over it! Julie and Sarah exploded in
laughter. After ten or twelve minutes the other lady
paid Jane and left and she came back to them, going
straight to Julie touching her side and saying you look
great today.

Sarah: "She always looks great, she looks great in
baggy sweat pants, it's just not fair!"

Jane: "I know, every time I see her I think the same
thing, it's just not fair. Did you find anything you
like so far, Emily?"

Emily: "Well I have four here that I want to try on,
but I'm not sure they are exactly what I had envisioned
getting. I love this one but it's just way to
revealing, I mean, nothing is left for the imagination,
what you see is what you get!"

Jane said, hold the four up in front of you and tell me
what you like and don't like. They discussed them for a
while going to the dressing room and looking in the
mirror. Sarah eased up to Julie and put her hand on her
hip and said with an impish grin, can I feel of your
breasts while we wait? Julie smiled and said you are as
bad as Emily, both of you just delight in teasing me,
don't you? Jane called her and said, "Julie, I think
what she is wanting is something that highlights her
long torso, what do you think?"

"Sounds good, the shape should show off her breasts,
tight around the waist and hug her hips but then flare
out to stop at the knee."

"Yes and I have just the thing, wait right here, I know
exactly where it is. "

Jane went to the corner of the store and returned in
seconds. She held it in front of Emily and said, you
will have to try it on you can't tell just by looking
at it. She took it back and waited, looking at Emily.
Emily glanced at Julie and Sarah, she said come and
undo my back, Jane said I'll do it and hung the dress,
squeezed behind Emily and started undoing the neck
hooks then the zipper and pulled it off her shoulders
and Emily was standing there with nothing on except her
thong and shoes. She was looking at Julie and Sarah,
who were both grinning at her.

"Wow, Jane, don't take you long to strip a girl does

"I get a lot of practice, you would be surprised how
many of the young girls these days seem to be helpless
when it comes to trying on clothes." She said as she
walked to the front of Emily and taking the dress off
the hanger she got it ready to put on. Taking her time
and checking Emily out. Emily saw Julie and Sarah
looking and said what are you two gawking at? They
laughed and Sarah said you look different naked, if I
had a penis I think it would be hard now. Emily laughed
and said if you had a penis you would look strange with
those big boobs. Julie said, girls, enough you are
embarrassing Jane.

Jane glanced at Sarah: "She does have nice boobs, and
they are so firm looking without a bra, no sag at all."

"How do you know I don't have on a bra! Is it that

"Oh no, there's just something different about the look
of a girl with out a bra, I should say woman, for girls
sometimes you can't tell. But a developed woman it is
evident and very nice. Men can tell from about a mile
away, that's why they like bikinis so much."

She had the dress ready and held it so Emily could step
in it. She went to the back and pulled it up so she
could slip her arms through the little straps and then
zipped it up the back and the side. Emily gasped as she
realized it fit her like her skin. Jane turned her to
the mirror. The dress bared her shoulders and chest.
The top had stays in it and lifted her breasts to make
the tops of them visible. It was snug across her
stomach and down to half way of her hips then suddenly
flared out. Her entire upper body was accented and very
appealing but the flared bottom brought it back from
being to sexy and also accented her legs. No one said a
word for almost two minutes.

Emily: "Oh god, it's awful, it's way to sexy, to much
tits showing, makes my body scream fuck me, it's way to
awful, I've got to have it! Julie tell me I can't have
it, tell me that I look like a slut, tell me
something!!!!!! I've got to have it even if I get

"Emily, it's beautiful! You have the perfect body for
that dress. I don't think anyone else could look that
good in that dress. It must have been made for you!"

"But I can't wear it anywhere that we go. That bunch
that Kurt works with are all old fuddy-duddies, their
laced up wives would talk about me forever!"

Jane: "I forgot to tell you that there's a jacket that
goes with it, a bolero jacket, just covers your
shoulders and chest, let me get it. It's on a separate
hanger because people keep wanting to buy it separate
but I wouldn't sale it without the dress."

She went back to the corner rack and came with a light
sand colored jacket and helped Emily slip it on. Taking
extra time to smooth it over her shoulders and the
lapels along her chest brushing the tops of Emily's
breasts. Emily's eyes were shining and Julie and Sarah
knew she was feeling sexy and hot.

All three heard Jane whisper to her, "God, you are so
beautiful, this is perfect for your skin tone." Then
she looked around at all of them and said, "Looking at
the three of you makes me want to go hide and cry."

Sarah: "You're beautiful also, Jane. You have such an
innocence about you, I love you already and I only just
met you."

Emily: "This does make it just perfect. Don't keep me
in suspense, I know I can't afford it but how much is
the dress and jacket?"

"They are both together, the tag says 87.99, I will let
you have it at my cost, half of that, forty four

"Forty four dollars? Jane this outfit would be priced
at 180 dollars in a big store. Why are you selling it
to me at your cost?"

"Well, I like you and you are a friend of Julie and I
like her, plus this is your first time in my shop. I
hope you will come back again. Plus when people see you
in this and ask where you got it, I hope you will
recommend my shop. Just don't tell them what you paid
for it."

Emily looked at Julie, she looked back at Jane and then
Julie, she said in a small voice. "I want it but that's
not fair to you, help me Julie!"

"You can argue with her all day but it won't do much
good, she is a beautiful person, kind and caring, but
she has a streak of stubbornness that you can't break."

Jane smiled at Julie: "Well, if you insist, I do have
another motive for being nice, let me tell you but you
don't have to do it. First, Sarah was there something
you wanted to look at?"

"No, I don't have enough money to pay sale taxes so
I'll just hanging with these two sexy beauties. You
know the ugly ducking that always goes with the
beauties in hopes of picking up a cast off."

"Yeah, the story of my life!"

"Oh god, Emily listen to these two begging for a
compliment! Are you going to wear that now or are we
going to stand here all evening watching you make love
to yourself in the mirror?"

"Julie, it's makes me look like a different person!
Wow, I want to kiss myself! I'm going to take it off,
in a minute. Do you think it shows to much boobs, I
love it. Oh damn my nipples are getting hard, now
that's sexy!"

Finally Emily said help me and Jane undid the back hook
and slid the zipper down to her butt so she could get
out but Emily held the dress in the front against her
breasts, looking at her self in the mirror. Julie and
Sarah grinned and Sarah whispered, she isn't going to
let go of it. She slipped her hand from Julie's hip to
her ass and rubbed it, whispering, it's making me hot
I've got to go to the bathroom! She asked Jane where
the restroom was and she said the room in the back on
the left, there are a lot of boxes in there, I'm
getting new stock.

Emily asked did she have a box to put the dress in and
Jane said yes and finally Emily slipped it off and
stepped out of it. Jane removed the tag and folded the
dress carefully as Emily stood looking. Emily looked at
Julie and said she was ready soon as she wrote a check,
she got her handbag and started looking for a pen and
her checkbook. Jane winked at Julie and took Emily's
clothes she was wearing and went to the register,

Julie said let's go to the counter so you can write on
a hard surface, she started that way and Emily was
following her, in her thong and shoes. Sarah came out
of the back and yelled at her, "Emily where are you
going, don't walk around half naked?" Emily stopped and
hurried back to the curtained room and then yelled,
"Where are my clothes, who got my clothes, Julie, get
my clothes, I'm naked!"

"Oh really, I didn't notice, did you Jane? Did you
notice a naked woman in your shop?"

"No, I didn't see her, did she leave?"

"Sarah, find my clothes, please. They've got them and
Julie will take them to the car, don't let her! Go get
my clothes for me, someone will come in and I'll be
hiding under a clothes rack. Hurry!"

Sarah had caught the joke and she said to Emily: "Oh I
see them, you left them at the register, go get them!"

Emily looked at her and then looked at Julie and Jane
standing at the register, Jane held up her clothes so
she could see them. "Ok, you got me! I will start
paying attention. I suppose I have to come and get
them, no one has any mercy do they?" Everyone shook
their heads and she walked to the register, half way
there she started swinging her hips and taking long
steps to make her tits bounce, when she got there she
held out her hands for her clothes, saying. "Eat your
hearts out, peasants."

They all laughed, Sarah said she was going to learn how
to do the runway walk so she could walk like that!
Emily got dressed and started filling out her check.
Jane told them she had a good week and sold a lot of
clothes and was restocking with some new styles and she
was going to advertise. Also she said she was going to
be part of a fashion show at the mall next week end but
she needed some models. She said that was what she
wanted to talk to them about, would they model some of
her clothing for her? If they knew of any others that
would help she could use about six models or more. She
couldn't pay but would give them a discount on

Julie said sure she would help and Emily said yes that
she owed her something for the dress. Sarah said she
would love to, it sounded exciting and she might could
get some of the girls at school to help her also. Jane
said that would be great and gave them a card to call
her if they got any one. She asked if they could come
to the shop one evening next week and they would go
over the show, it would be next Friday night at eight.

If they couldn't get some others they would wear some
and she would have to show other on racks, but it would
be better if she could have models so the people could
see how they looked on someone. They got so involved
talking about it, they completely forgot about going
shopping. Finally they were satisfied and promised to
be there Tuesday at five o'clock, Sarah would talk to
some of the senior girls and bring them if she could
get them.

They got ready to leave and Emily had to go to the
restroom, she gave Sarah her dress box to hold and
hurried to the back. Sarah walked to the door looking
at clothes on the racks. Julie was starting for the
door when Jane took her arm and stopped her. She asked
Julie how she was doing and said I was wishing this
morning that you would come by, then she said she was
worried that maybe she wasn't interested in seeing her
again. Julie said she didn't know how to approach her
but she would like to see her again.

There was a long pause and Jane said could we get
together Tuesday after the others left, maybe they
could go have a cup of coffee or even a drink if she
liked. Julie said she would like that, could they see
how they felt before deciding and then she added
quietly maybe we would want to be some where there
wasn't any one else. Jane said yes she would love that.
They said see you Tuesday as Emily approached. The
three girls left, Emily gave Jane a hug and a quick
kiss on the cheek before she went out the door and
noted that Jane's hand was on her ass as they kissed.

As they drove to the mall, they discussed the time and
decided that they didn't have time to shop very long.
Julie said let's decide what we need to look at in
which store and do that first and if we have any time
left we can look around, but I have to have cup of
coffee first, then I will meet you. Emily said she had
what she wanted to look for so she didn't need to look.

Sarah said she didn't have any money to put on clothes
so she would just stay with them. So they decided to
drink coffee and talk until time to go to dinner. Then
Emily said then why go to the mall, let's go to Henry's
and Julie can flirt with him and get our coffee free!
They all laughed, then Sarah said she would dance with
Henry this time for Julie and Julie said, laughing, no
you won't, you can't have him, he belongs to me.

They stopped at Henry's and he was glad to see them,
the place was crowded and he was busy filling orders
but every minute he could he would come out and talk to
them. They drank coffee explaining that they had
promised to eat with some friends and couldn't stay
long but wanted to thank him for the help with their
cookout. They sat at a table and talked but more people
kept going in and they finished their coffee and
decided to leave, they read the menu on the wall put
enough money on the table to pay for the coffee and a
tip for Beth and got up to leave. They waved bye to
Henry and said see you again soon!

Henry: "Beth, their coffee is on the house."

Sarah: "No it isn't, Henry, we left the money on the
table, you aren't getting out cheap. When we come back
you can 'on the house a steak'. Bye." They all blew him
a kiss. Henry smiled and waved, he shook his head and
wondered why all the good things in life never took
very long and all the bad things hung around forever.

Back in the car they talked about Henry and how nice he
was. He wasn't handsome, he was big, looking even
bigger in a t-shirt and white apron, and smelled like
fried food but he had a heart of gold. Beth was the
same, she never would have much, working in a small
place like that she didn't make much money, but she was
a good person, very friendly.

Emily said, "If we drive slow we should get there on
time but I don't know where we're going. Do you,

Julie said, "Not the foggiest idea, don't know if we
are going in the right direction."

Sarah said, "Oh forgot to tell you didn't I, when we
get to the end of town take that street with the gas
station going right, it's out there about eight
minutes! When you see some lights on the left it is
there or you are there or both you and it are there."

There was a moments silence and Emily said, "What?"

Another silence and Sarah said, "What ever we're
looking for, I guess."

Nothing was said, then Emily giggled and said, "I think
we are all crazy."

Julie said, "Must be, I understood her completely."

But they did find it! Just like Sarah said it was right
there and they were also, now. They didn't get to the
porch before Joe was holding the door for them, they
went in and there was Ben and Bill, they looked real
happy. Ben said they had a table and it would be about
twenty minutes so they should go to the lounge and have
a cocktail while they waited.

Joe said, "But first you need to check us out, Julie,
we are clean, sober, and smell good! Bill has been
riding us like a sheepherder, don't put him in charge
anymore he gets mean!"

Julie smiled and said, "Well I can tell you are clean,
shaven, smell good ten feet away, and you look sober,
but how am I to know if you have been flirting with
pretty girls? Their answer was because we were waiting
for the most pretty girls in this state maybe the whole
United States."

Emily said, Oh my, they are full of it tonight!"

They found a table and when the waitress came she
looked at Sarah and said hi. They were discussing what
to order and Julie said we three are having salty dogs,
it's a club thing, and it's a secret club so don't ask
about it. If you find out anything then we would have
to kill you. They finally got everybody's order and the
waitress left. Julie then said, "Guys, listen closely,
these are the rules tonight.

"Any thing said or done from now until we leave is not
to be repeated, nor is it to be taken seriously,
everything is for laughs, fun, and a good time. We will
not believe any thing you say, you should not believe
anything we say. If you make a joke and it is funny we
will all laugh but if it isn't funny you will be
ridiculed without mercy. If you make a pass at us we
will not take it serious, if we promise you a good time
in the back of the car you should not take it serious,
for it isn't going to happen. Do we understand each
other. They all nodded. She finished by saying great
let's have a good time then!"

Ben asked Emily if Julie was this bossy all the time,
she said oh no, she is a perfect angel from midnight to
four in the morning. Ben said well then I better check,
is everything ok so far. Julie said no. He said what do
I need to change, just tell me and I will get it done.

Julie said, "Well, first thing, we are sitting over
here and you three are sitting over there. You should
be sitting beside Sarah, Joe should be beside Emily and
then Bill and I could sit together, I can hardly see
him he is so far away, how am I going to play with his
legs if he sits ten feet away?"

Ben smiled and said, he could fix that, he told every
body to get up and then he assigned seats but it wasn't
working. He put Joe at the end and Emily said oh no he
has to sit beside me. So he moved to the end and then
Sarah said, what, you don't want to sit beside me, I
should have stayed at home.

Everybody was laughing, even people that didn't know
what was happening were laughing. Ben told them there
was no way everybody could sit beside their partner at
a rectangle table. Emily said then get us a round table
you were going to fix it remember? By then the waitress
had returned with a tray full of drinks and she was
looking at them wondering what was going on.

Ben asked her if she had a round table and she said yes
in the corner, would you like it? He said if I'm going
to get any peace I need it. She led them to the table
in the corner and waited until they got seated and gave
them their drinks. Everyone was happy now, Ben said
let's toast our friendship and Emily said I'll do it,
to good friends, good food, good times and hope none of
you gentlemen get pregnant.

When they finally quit laughing Julie said, "Now you
understand what I meant about not taking anything
serious. But seriously, we do appreciate you asking us
to share dinner with you, we enjoy your company, we
haven't known you very long but feel like you are long
time friends. We like to have fun, carry on a lot of
nonsense, and try to enjoy life and we hope you do to.
Unfortunately, I don't know any good jokes but if you
do please tell them all night if you can, we don't
normally get to laugh much at work so we need some
humor occasionally to lighten up."

As they finished their drinks and heard a couple of
stories, everyone relaxed and their mood turned to
fellowship with friends instead of couples dating.

Ben signaled the waitress for another round and when
she brought them they toasted again. Emily said wow
these are strong, we better be eating soon or I will
pass out and Joe will be eating with one hand and
holding me up with the other. Sarah had got quiet and
Julie noticed she was smiling at Ben, who had one hand
under the table, the hand next to her. She leaned to
Emily and said Sarah isn't fighting at all is she, she
gave up at the first contact. Emily said, she wasn't
joking was she?

The waitress came and said that their table was ready,
she would bring their drinks and follow them. Julie
leaned to Bill as the others were getting up and kissed
his cheek saying thank you. He asked what did he do,
she said for being a perfect gentleman, but you can
touch me don't be afraid that I will think you are
getting a free feed if you rub against my shoulder or
knee. Relax and get the stiffness out. Ok? Bill smiled
and said ok. Julie slid out of the booth and took his
hand as they walked to the dining room. She still felt
him stiff and wondered what had caused him to be so
uncertain of himself. Oh well she would give him some
of her drink, it sure loosen her up.

When they got to the table, it was a round table, Ben
assigned seats again, making sure everyone was seated
next to the same person they had at the lounge, like
they didn't have enough sense to seat themselves. The
waiter came and asked if they would like a bottle of
wine before dinner. Julie said, "Oh no, this is a
beautiful restaurant and I would love to enjoy a dining
experience but I have been starving since four o'clock.
I wish to skip soup, salad, and wine going directly to
the main course and eat as soon as possible or I may
faint from lack of nourishment. Is that ok with the
rest of you?"

Everyone said, great idea and the waiter got menus and
they were picking out entrees immediately. Julie used
the opportunity to lean against Bill and whisper asking
what he recommended and he said he loved the t-bone.
She said good and gave the waiter her order, Bill
ordered the same. As soon as they finished and the
waiter left, Julie suggested a meeting of the ladies in
the rest room. When they got up all three men stood,
Bill moved Julie's chair for her and the other two saw
him and hurried to do the same.

When they got to the restroom it was empty so they
ragged Sarah about letting Ben play with her legs under
the table. She blushed and tried to change the subject.
Emily said Joe was a lot of fun, he is real humorous,
knows lots of jokes and tell everyone with humor, he
was a good date.

Julie: "Date? You have graduated to date status? Sarah
is way pass date status but I can't get pass hello!"
Sarah: "What's wrong, Julie?"

Julie: "I don't know, Bill seems to be uptight he
doesn't seem to be relaxed, he is nice, polite, and
very attentive but he seems ill as ease. Does that make

Emily: "Come on Julie, we all know what's wrong with
Bill. Haven't you figured it out yet?"

Julie: "Tell me so I will know also, honestly I don't."

Emily: "Tell her Sarah, she won't believe me."

Sarah: "It's simple and you have to know, maybe you
just don't want to know."

Julie: "What?"

Sarah: "We all knew from the first day, when we came in
the apartment and you were there with all the men. Bill
couldn't take his eyes off you, everyone looks at you
but he looks at you differently. Julie, he is in love
with you, he is so in love that he can't see anything
but you. I don't know how he walks around without
falling over things when you are around. He knows you
are married and knows there isn't a chance in the world
for him and he is so afraid that he will do something
to make you not like him. He can't relax around you for
he might touch you and you would think he is coming on
to you."

Julie thought about it for a minute and she knew she
had suspected that but she didn't think it was that
bad. "I don't understand, I know he likes me but he
acts strange tonight. When I talk to him he looks like
he is under stress he stares straight at my forehead
like he didn't want to look at anything else. If I move
in the seat and touch his hip he flinches away like it
was, well I don't know. Doesn't seem like he is in

Emily: "The reason he stares at your forehead, is when
you lean forward and turn towards him he can see down
your dress. He is afraid to look because you might be
insulted. The same with touching, haven't you ever seen
someone that you were so obsessed with that you were
afraid to talk to them because they might not like your

Julie: "No. If I want someone I want to be close and
touch them, I want them to know that I like them."

Sarah: "But you have never been rejected by someone
have you, everyone wants to be close to you, everyone
wants to touch you and talk to you, you are a princess,
but Bill thinks he is a leper, you can't touch people
if you are a leper."

Julie: "That's awful, he is such a nice man, I really
like him and he would be a lot of fun if he would just
relax and enjoy himself. What can we do?"

Emily: "We can't do anything. You have to do it, that
is if you want to, if you really like him and want to
try to help him. But make sure you want to! "

Julie looked at Emily and then at Sarah, neither said
anything but a silent understanding passed between
them, that telepathy that women have among themselves
when they are close friends. Julie mumbled to her self
as she got her handbag and went to the door, stopped
and looked at them and said are you absolutely sure, I
don't want to make a fool out of myself.

Emily asked her if she was sure that tomorrow was
Saturday and it would be hot. Julie asked how they knew
he could see down her dress. Sarah said because every
time you leaned forward Ben almost dropped his drink
and his hand trembled on my knee. You got it girl!
Julie said she wished she knew how to turn it off then.
They went back to the table and sat down. Emily said
guys that was a long and hard trip and I lost my buzz,
can we do another round, I'll buy this one, Joe said no
you won't, I will, I don't want people saying I'm a
kept man.

They got their last drink downed and talked as they
waited. Everyone was asking where they came from and
how they got here, what did they do for a living, etc.
The waitress bought their drinks and about thirty
minutes later they got their orders. The steak was
delicious and Julie tried not to eat to fast, she
didn't want they to think that she had never been out
to dinner, but she didn't get to eat at really good
places very often. Life changes when you have children
and she had always had one. They finished rather
quickly for everyone wanted to get back to the darker
lounge, the men wanted to get these sexy girls in their
arms on the dance floor and feel some tits on their
chests. The girls didn't intend to dally very long at
dinner either.

When everyone was finished and turned down dessert Ben
told Joe to go and find them a table, not a booth this
time so everyone didn't have to get up every time
someone danced. He said he would get the check and
called the waiter to bring it. Joe was back in a few
minutes and said he had them a perfect spot and the
band was already playing! They got up and left, leaving
Ben to settle the check. Julie was feeling good, she
was a little wobbly from the salty dogs, they made her
thirsty for more and she needed to skip a few as she
was driving back. She held on to Bill so she wouldn't
stagger just in case. But after a few steps she was ok
as mostly it was from sitting so long.

There was a door that separated the lounge from the
dining area so the diners wouldn't be disturbed by the
band and they were blind entering in the darken room
from the brightness of the dinning area. They were
sitting and the girl said hello that she bet she knew
what they wanted to drink. Everyone said bring them on!
Ben came in just about the time she arrived with the
drinks. They talked about how good the meal was and
that was a good place to eat and have a good time.

The band started a slow number and Julie asked Bill
would he dance with her to that and he was up and
holding her chair before she could bat her eye. She
kicked off her shoes for he was only an inch taller
than her in her heels and she wanted him to feel
comfortable. They got to the edge of the dance floor
where it was not lit by the stage lights and she turned
and went into his arms and put her body from hips to
breasts tight against him and they swayed to the music
as they got used to dancing together then began to
move. Julie was slightly shocked, pleasantly, Bill was
a excellence dancer, he had very good coordination and
was smooth. She told him and said she felt at home in
his arms then lay her head on his shoulder and
whispered to him that he smelled great. She could
almost feel his chest puffing out.

They danced and talked, she moved her face a little
closer to his neck and he could feel her breath on his
skin. She had learned which way he was going to move
and was with him each movement and able to press a
little harder against him. She looked around to see
where the others were and they were also dancing, Sarah
had her eyes closed dancing with Ben and Emily was
looking at her and smiling. Julie smiled back and blew
her a kiss and got one in exchange plus a nod. When the
song was over the band went straight into another to
keep them on the floor for this was the first people to
dance tonight.

Julie looked at Bill without moving away and he said,
can we do this one also, and she just lay her head on
his shoulder as they started moving, she moved a little
closer and lightly kissed his neck. She thinks she felt
him tremble. They danced that number and when it was
over they went back to the table. Julie told everyone
that Bill was a fantastic dancer. She only had time to
take a swallow of her drink and Joe said mind if we
swap partners Bill. They were back on the dance floor
and this was a little faster tune.

When it was finished Ben wanted to dance and the song
was a little faster again. The next song was a rock
number and Bill was giving Sarah to Ben and taking
Julie and they went at it, of course they couldn't
touch as the fast beat meant not much steps but a lot
of shaking and Julie was really good at hip shaking.
Soon Emily and Joe were beside them and Emily was great
she could shimmy like a go-go dancer. As they turned
they saw Sarah and Ben also dancing and Ben wasn't
wonderful but he was holding his own, Sarah was good
but she held back she didn't want to be to much better
than he was.

Julie realized the band knew they had a winner and did
the whole number twice. When it was over Emily yelled
at them, break time! When they got to the table Julie
realized she was slightly sweating, she asked Bill if
he had a handkerchief and he got one from his back
pocket and wiped her forehead and blotted around her
face. Emily said to him to blot Julie's chest and leave
that loose button undone. Julie said am I coming out of
my clothes, am I embarrassing you Bill? I'll behave if
you are embarrassed. He said oh no, I'm enjoying this,
it's fun. She said you can button it if you think it's
to cheap looking but if you like it open it's ok.

Bill said you could never look cheap Julie. It's fine
like that, I'll try not to stare. The band had started
another slow song and Julie said let's dance and took
his arm and went back to the floor and away from the
table. She was in his arms again but this time she was
leaning against him but not so tightly. She talked low
as she wanted to ask him a few things.

"Bill, you don't look at me when we talk very much,
when you do you don't look comfortable you just look at
my eyes. Is there something you don't like about me, I
want to be a close friend but I feel like you are
reluctant to get close to me and I feel like I'm taking
advantage of your good nature. But then some times also
I feel like you do like me, you are nice and seem to
want to be around me but then you are stiff and seem to
be nervous. What am I doing wrong, Bill?"

"Oh my god, Julie, you aren't doing anything wrong,
it's my fault really it is! I like you a lot, I, like
you really, really a lot. I want to be with you all the
time, , well as much as we can, you are so nice, you
are pleasant and you don't make fun of me, you are
beautiful! I love to look at you and you are so easy
going and accepted me just like I am. "

"Bill, I like you just like you are except I want you
to like me just like I am. Thank you for saying all
those sweet things but I don't understand. If you
really think I'm beautiful why don't you look at me
closely and touch me, I want you to, that way I know
you like me?"

"I want to look at you but I don't want you to think
that I'm a lecher, looking down your dress and lusting
for you. I want to treat you like the special person
you are, I want to look but I don't want to make you
feel humiliated."

"Have you looked down my dress tonight?"

"Just a quick glance, I'm sorry I couldn't help it."

"It's okay, did you like what you saw?"


"Would you like to see it again?"

"Oh Julie, don't ask me that. You know I would give the

"Bill if you liked what you saw and you would like to
see it again, then all you have to do is look. I don't
mean to stare at my breasts but if it's there look at
it! When we decided to meet at your apartments, I
picked out this dress to wear and decided not to wear a
bra so my breasts would show. Do you know why, because
I wanted you to see them! And when Sarah and Emily said
Ben and Joe asked them to let's eat together, I wanted
to sit with you and dance with you and I was happy when
you said you wanted to go and sit with me. Can you
imagine how confused I feel when you don't look at me
after I tried to impress you?"

"I'm sorry Julie, really I'm so sorry, I wouldn't hurt
you for the whole world."

"Ok I believe you, lets play like we are on a date. You
and I are unattached, good friends, we both like each
other and we can kiss and play around without it
hurting either of us. It doesn't mean we are in love or
going to marry, we just like to have fun together. We
feel free to take small advantages of being a guy and
girl and enjoy each other, sex is something we can
approach and share without guilt. Can you handle that?"

"I don't know, I'll try. Do you mean that we can go to
bed together and make love? Or are we just 'play like
we can'?"

"Why don't you think you can? We're just pretending so
we can loosen up."

"Oh, I, I, don't make me say it Julie."

"Say what Bill?'

"I am, I am emotionally involved and have a hard time
with my obsession for you."

"You mean that, you can't mean, we hardly know each
other, you, you."

"I'm in love with you Julie, ever since the first day I
saw you, I can't help it. I try to tell myself that
it's impossible, my logic tells me that it can't
happen, you have a life, a wonderful life I hope and I
know that this just can't happen. But my heart won't
listen to reason, it just goes on aching to see you,
just to look at you, just to see you smile at me and
say my name. I'm hopeless."

"Oh god Bill, I'm so sorry, I just add to your problems
by joking around and kissing your cheeks. Are you
miserable baby, please forgive me."

"Only when you aren't around. When I see you, well I
feel good and you are so nice, you're always friendly
to me and treat me like I was special and you are glad
to see me. But when you are gone, well it just hurts."

Julie realized the music had stopped and she pulled
away and told him they needed to sit down, that they
were making fools out of themselves. They went to the
table and as they were sitting down Emily asked if they
were both deaf, the music stopped five minutes ago.
Julie said, "It did not, we were talking and thought
they would start again, we didn't know they were going
on break."

She went on, "You know I have learned a lot about you
guys tonight because we have time to talk, and I really
like what I have learned. Some times we take people for
what we see to quickly, a bunch of jokers, always
clowning around, making fun of each other and suddenly
I see three friends who share with each other their
good days and bad days. Plus I see three men who have
worked hard and been successful and just want to live
comfortably having a good time. Plus you are generous
with your friendship and share yourselves with others."

Ben said, "Thank you Julie. That is one of the things I
love about you three girls, you are fun but you're not
dizzy or ignorant. You love to have fun but you also
have feelings for others and share your friendship."

There was a silence as they were not comfortable with
leaving the fun and jokes for serious soul searching.
Emily broke the silence: "And what would be some of the
other things you love about us, can we discuss them in

Ben: "I love your hair, the color and the slight waves
in it."

Joe: "Hell I love everything about her. She doesn't
have a thing that you could not love!"

Emily: "How do you know, you only see a little of me."

Joe: "That's true, show me the rest and I'll check it
out carefully."

Now they were back to the carefree banter and everyone
laughed, except Emily she acted like she was suddenly
afraid of Joe moving her chair a little away from him
and giving him sideways glances. Everyone laughed again
and she suddenly smiled and said, you wish, and moved
back to kiss him full on the mouth. Sarah said that she
needed to go to the little girls room would any one
wish to go with her. Ben and Joe got up and Bill said I
will, Julie said no you won't and Emily dragged Joe
back down in his chair. Sarah said I meant would any
ladies like to go with me. Julie said, we all three
have to go, can't trust these guys enough to leave any
one out here.

They went to the bathroom and there were two girls in
there so they waited until they flushed, going in the
stalls silently until they were gone. Meeting at the
mirror they looked at each other as they checked their
make up and straighten their hair, each was waiting for
someone to say what each wanted to hear.

Julie: "We are going to have to break this up soon,
it's getting close to bed time plus to many more drinks
would get dangerous for driving."

Emily: "Yeah and this wasn't a good idea, all this
flirting and stuff has made me horny as hell. I swear
Joe is slick, he can accidentally get his hands all
over you while dancing. He has some smooth moves on the
dance floor."

Sarah: "You're horny! What about me and Julie, you have
a man waiting for you, we got a cold bed with nothing
in it."

Emily: "I thought you were going to rape Ben, that
should warm up that bed. He didn't turn you down, I can
tell that. He is all over you like bees on a hive."

Sarah: "I guess I could, I'm not spotting anymore,
should be okay, would it be okay Julie?"

Julie: "Do you mean medically or morally? Medically it
is okay any time I guess, if you don't mind the mess.
Morally is up to you! But you need protection, don't
get carried away and think its safe."

Sarah: "I got my pills should I take one tonight?"

Julie: "No tomorrow is best. But you need to use a
condom for at least two weeks until the pills can get
in your system, a month would be better."

Emily: "Doctor Cole, would you check this itch in my
crotch and tell me what to do for it, do I need a Z

Julie: "No need to check, I already know what's wrong
with you. You have the cure sitting out there waiting
on you and another one at home. You might need to use
both tonight your fever is real high."

Emily: "I will if you will."

Julie just looked at Emily, they were trying to read
each other's eyes but their expressions didn't change.
Sarah was looking at both of them, finally she
whispered, "We all need to, all six of us, what a mess,
let's get out of here!"

They went to the table but Emily didn't sit down she
asked Joe if he wanted to dance and he looked around
and said the band is back but it will be a minute, sure
let's dance. Something in her eyes told him that she
wanted to dance or something and he was on his feet and
leading her to the floor in a second. Emily took the
lead away from him and led him to the low stage where
the band was checking their instruments. She talked to
the lead singer and he nodded and went back to the
other guys to tell them. Emily and Joe walked back to
the floor and stood talking.

When Sarah sat down, she immediately moved close to Ben
and whispered in his ear. He smiled and his mouth could
be read saying he would love to. Julie reached for
Bill's hand and squeezed it, smiling at him.

"Did you miss me, Bill?"

"Sure did, for a while I was afraid you had climbed out
the window and ran for you life."

The band announced they had a special request for a
special lady and began to play the entry for 'Help Me
Through The Night', Julie told Bill that they had to
dance to this and he had to hold her tight. They along
with Sarah and Ben hurried to the dance floor and the
three couples swayed in time with the music plastered

Julie didn't put her hand in Bill's instead she wrapped
both around his back and up to his shoulders holding
her body against him and made sure each time they
swayed or turned that she rubbed her breasts on his
chest and her stomach against his. She was trying her
best to fuck him through his clothes. Bill wasn't
fighting it either, he was finally beginning to
understand the rules and the first rule was that the
rules were suspended tonight.

He actually slid his hand down her waist and let it
rest on her ass and was rewarded by her pressing harder
against his crotch and she leaned her head back to look
in his eyes and smile. They danced the rest of the
dance away from the other couples keeping her back and
his hand on the opposite side of them. Julie returned
her head to his chest and shoulder and pulled him
tighter to her and lightly kissed his neck. Often when
they swayed and turned she would press her cunt against
him extra hard and she could feel the bulge in his
pants. It wasn't long just a bulge so she decided he
must have on what she called squeezies to support it.

All to soon the song ended and the band immediately
came out with ' Stagger Lee ' and they broke, beginning
to move away and dance to it. Emily yelled out, come
on, everybody dance and the couples sitting and
watching got up and everyone did dance. Now the three
of them moved closer to together and talked and danced
as a group. Once they gathered around Emily and Joe as
she did the pony and he did the monkey. He was pretty
good but Emily could have made a good living dancing on
tv and the stage, she could shake her butt so fast it
made you dizzy to watch. Of course the band wanted to
keep everyone on the floor so they did about ten

Then just as everyone was giving out and sweat was
shining on faces, they ended the song and immediately
moved to Elton Johns, 'The Way You Look Tonight. Julie
and Bill melted against each other and he kissed her
cheek as she snuggled into him.

"Thank you Bill. You are so nice to me and I love being
with you, I hope we have other opportunities to get
together. We need to go after this number, but I want
you to know that you have made this a very wonderful
evening for me."

"I have enjoyed also, it is a dream come true for me to
hold you like this."

"Bill, are you going to bring the plant to my house
tonight or wait until tomorrow? Do you know where I

"Which ever is best for you, no I don't."

"Is tonight ok, after we get back and everyone is
settled, you could come and I will have a cup of coffee
fixed for you and we could talk while we drink it. Is
that ok or do you need to get to bed?"

"That's great, coffee sounds good."

"Ok, do you know where Yucca Street is?" He nodded. "Go
west about six blocks, the number is 6572. I will leave
the garage door open and the light on. You decide where
it would look best and then come in for coffee, ok?"

"Ok, it shouldn't take me long."

Julie kissed his neck again, saying thanks and he
kissed her cheek, not a peck a lingering kiss. She
smiled at him and said real low you can put your hand
on my butt I like that. He did and tighter this time.
Bill was beginning to believe, it might just be make
believe as she said but it was a hell of a lot more
than he thought he would ever get, plus he would have a
little more time to just look at her, alone! But heaven
was quick and the music stopped! Bill now knew what
gnashing of the teeth meant. Julie took his hand and
they walked to the others and she said, we have to go.
We can't lay in the bed all day tomorrow like rich
folks. It's been wonderful and if you girls don't
object I want to kiss all three of these handsome men
when we get to the apartment.

They said ok but it has to apply to all of us. They
thanked the band and went to collect their bags and
shoes. Joe took care of the drink tab along with a
generous tip for the waitress, she hated to see them
leave it was a slow night and she wasn't getting a lot
of tips.

Chapter Forty Four

At their cars, the guys were parked at the side but
walked them to their car, Julie said don't drive fast
and stay behind me, we don't want to breakdown out here
in the wild all by ourselves. Ben said don't worry we
aren't going to let you beauties out of our sight.

One the way in the girls were quiet for the most part,
they talked about the dinner and the dancing but each
was silent on their intentions for the balance of the
evening. Reaching the apartment Sarah asked did they
want to come up but Julie said no thanks she needed to
get home and relax in a hot bath and go to bed, she had
enough excitement tonight. Emily said she was going to
look at Joe's collection of gems he had found, because
she had promised and then she was going home. Sarah
said ok, she was going to thank the guys and run
upstairs for she had to get to the toilet.

They said bye, call me, I'll call you over the week
end, whatever and got out to tell the three waiting men
goodbye and thanks for a wonderful evening and then a
round of kissing, some just brief but some really big
ones, Julie noticed no one kissed her cheek everything
was dead on the lips and not very brief. She squeezed
Bill a little harder than the rest and then headed for
her car. As she backed away she noticed Sarah going up
the stairs, Ben just waiting, Emily and Joe strolling
to his apartment, and Bill standing frozen looking at
her car. She blinked her lights at him and he waved.

Passing Connie's house she saw lights still on inside
and the light in the computer room on but the blinds
were closed, she was looking at movies no doubt. If
Julie didn't have plans she would have stopped, she
would like to see some movies too. She left the door
open and the light on hurrying inside and going
straight to the coffee pot. She remembered that Jimmy
had it all ready for morning but she would use it
tonight. She turned it on.

She noticed the answering machine blinking and thought
it was a message from Harry, she hit the play button
and was surprised when Connie's voice came through. She
said to call her when she got home, not to worry if it
was late for she couldn't sleep anyway. Julie erased
the message and called, she said she was just getting
in but she had her girl friends for coffee and could
she call back later so they could talk.

Connie replied that she was going to show her the movie
they made, why didn't she come over when her friends
left, they could talk and watch the movie. Then she
added that Bravo was getting restless chained to his
house, they could let him in and give him some water
and food. Julie thought a second and said, if they
didn't talk to much and it wasn't to late she would
come but she would call first. As she hung up she saw
Bill's headlights as he turned in the drive. She was
anxious to get him inside, she was intrigued by his
confession of love plus she was always intrigued by a
new lover, if they wanted her she was halfway there.

She went to help him but he said he could get it and he
was going to put it at the entry so it would get
morning sun but be shaded in the late afternoon and it
would make a good point of attention from the street.
He struggled with the heavy and large pot over to the
place he wanted and turned it a little twice and then
said ok that should do it. Julie said come on in the
coffee's just about ready. She shut the garage door and
turned off the light as they went in, he asked if he
could wash his hands as the pot was dirty and she
showed him the bathroom.

While he cleaned up she poured two cups of coffee and
asked if he wanted cream and/or sugar he said just a
little of each. She fixed his and put both on the
coffee table, found a pack of cookies and put some on a
dish, turned out the bright kitchen light and was
putting the dish on the table when he came out.

She liked the casual feel that she had with Charlie
sitting on the floor so she threw two pillows down and
told him to sit down. They ate a cookie, drank some
coffee and talked about the dinner and dancing. Julie
knew he could see half her breast and she was glad but
the dress bottom was outrageous. Sitting on the cushion
made it ride way up her legs and the split was open
almost to her crotch and no matter how she pulled, it
still was the same.

"Bill, my dress wasn't made to sit on the floor but
it's more casual sitting like this, I apologize and
will change if it makes you uncomfortable."

"No, it's fine just like that. I like to look at you,
you have beautiful legs, everything you have is

"Thank you, sweetheart. It makes me feel good to know
you like to look at me. You can look all you want I
won't be embarrassed with you looking, we are alone and
no one will know. Bill, is it ok if I kiss you, I'll
been wanting to all night, you know a real kiss not
just a cheek?"

Bill didn't answer he was putting his coffee cup down
and reaching for her. Julie leaned back on the couch
and towards him and they kissed, a long lingering kiss
and then again and again. Julie put her hand on his
face and held him to her lips so he would know she
wanted more and he was giving her more. She slipped her
hand down his neck and into his collar rubbing his
chest and shoulder that she could get to. When they
finally broke to breath deeply she smiled and kissed
him softly on the lips and around his mouth as she
unbuttoned his shirt all the way to his pants and then
kissed him hard as she felt of his chest, surprised by
the hardness she felt in his muscles.

Bill was quivering and his chest was covered in goose
bumps. She lightly pinched his little nipple nubs and
he was coming apart, his brain had shut down all he had
were highly sensitive nerve endings absorbing pleasure.

"Can I remove you shirt? I want to feel your skin."

He nodded, to dry to speak but he helped her get it off
his shoulders and his arms out of the sleeves. Then he
sat spell bound as Julie undid some hooks at the front
of her dress and slid it off her shoulders and let it
fall to her waist. She was naked to her waist and those
beautiful breasts were standing out with hard nipples
pointing at him. She turned and lay across him and one
breast was against his chest and the other right were
his hand was going to grasp it and they were kissing
again. He heard her whimper as his hand closed over the
hot mound of flesh and the one on his chest was burning
holes through him.

Julie's hands were exploring him also. She placed one
of his hands on her breast and squeezed so he would
know she wanted him there and to do it harder. Bill
could hardly breathe now, he wanted this, had been
dreaming of it but now it was happening and he wasn't
sure he would live through it.

Instinctively his fingers found her hard nipple and
rolled it, Julie gasped into his mouth and he heard and
felt her moan with desire. Now he realized her mouth
was open and her tongue was exploring around his lips
and he met it with his tongue and she sucked it into
her cavity and trapped it with her tongue. Julie pulled
away until their lips were an inch apart and she, in
almost a begging voice, asked him if he would make love
to her.

"Please Bill, I want you, I need you. Undress me and
take me to bed. Make love to me, please."

No woman had ever asked Bill to make love to her, he
could only nod and start getting up. Julie was kissing
him all the way up until they were standing and he was
fumbling with her dress not having a clue how to get it
off. It was bunched up at her tiny waist and wouldn't
slip over those rounded hips and he was feeling all
around for a zipper, button, or snap, anything to get
it off. Julie was undoing his belt, his button was open
and the zipper was down and the pants hit the floor
around his shoes and he still didn't have any idea how
to get that dress off. Julie reached down and grabbed
the hem and it was over her head and floating to the
couch in a second.

Bill stood, turned into a rock by what he saw, the most
beautiful almost naked vision before him he had ever
seen. Not even in playboy magazine had he ever seen any
thing like her. Tan skin unbroken any where, long slim
legs, a black thong barely covering her entrance to
heaven and the magnificent breasts with the nipples
protruding outward firm and hard. Bill could feel the
heat from her body radiating across the two feet
between them. Julie was looking at the bulge in his
bikini type underwear. It was huge! She wanted to see
it and feel it in her hand. She looked at his eyes
devouring her and choked out a plead.

"Bill, please."

"May I take them off Julie?"

His eyes were on her thong, he wanted to see her cunt,
he wanted to look at her naked. She wanted to see him
naked, she wanted to feel that monster in her hand.
Julie stepped closer to him and took his hand and
placed it on the small elastic band that went around
her waist and he pulled them down to her feet so she
could step out of them. She kicked off her shoes at the
same time. He was on his knees before her holding the
thong but his eyes were locked on her cunt. He knew now
why men talked about eating pussy, he wanted to kiss
this one, in fact he would crawl in it if that was
possible. Julie wanted him to kiss it but she wanted to
see his cock and hold it, she had to get him up and out
of those pants first.

"Bill, please."

The plead registered on his brain but he didn't know
what she wanted, he was leaning forward to put his lips
on her cunt and she leaned forward to let him and just
as he made contact and heard her moan he also heard her
say, please, the pants, take them off so I can hold it.
His foggy brain wondered why she wanted to hold his
pants but he really didn't care so as he kissed her
slit he was ripping off his shoes without untying them
and snatching at his pants.

When he got them off he handed them to her in a wad and
she placed them on the couch. Something else to love
about her, she was neat. Julie was trembling, she
decided she might as well sit down and taking his head
in her hands she pulled him up until he rose to his
socked feet and she sat down on the couch pulling him
between her legs.

She put her hand on the bulging briefs and felt the
heat of his cock as she rubbed it. She grasped each
side of his briefs and slid them down slowly, first she
saw the connection of cock to body and then about two
inches of it, she moaned at the size being revealed,
more followed and more until at last it was all freed
and rising to stand straight out towards her lips. It
trembled as if it was afraid of her lips but wanted
them anyway, her lips trembled for the same reason.

"Oh my god, oh my god, it's huge, Bill. It's beautiful,
and so big! I love it, god, I love it."

Julie rubbed along the cock watching it jerk and
tremble in her hand, she placed the other hand under
his ball sack and fondled them in her palm as she
pulled back more foreskin to look at the rim around the
crown which was red, so red it was almost purple. She
realized she had never had a cock this big, it was only
six or seven inches long from his pelvic bone to the
tip but it was big around. Her mouth wouldn't open that
wide, she would be stuffed like a turkey with ten
pounds of sausage in, she couldn't wait to feel it in
her cunt.

Bill was in pain, his cock was so hard that it ached,
and the closer her lips came to the head the more it
ached. She leaned forward and lay her cheek along the
length of his cock and he gasped. She rubbed along it
like a cat against your leg, it felt like a leg to her,
then she fondled the balls and leaned over and put her
lips on the top on the large head and gave it a long
and loving kiss. Bill erupted cum on her chin and neck,
it was running down her chest between her breasts.
Julie squealed and put her hands around it to catch the
rest and he filled her doubled hands full of cum,
standing rocking back and forth with each ejection.
After five or six spurts he was finished and opened his
eyes to look at a smiling Julie looking at him.

"Julie, I'm sorry, it happened so fast I didn't realize
it was happening until it was to late. Please forgive
me, I messed up and messed you up. Let me get something
to clean you. What should I get and where.?"

"The bathroom, a towel, the big one from the shower."

Bill ran to the bathroom holding his cockhead in one
hand, he had to wash the hand and then get the towel
and run back to her. While he was gone Julie was
grinning and looking at the cup of cum in her hands and
running down her front. She thought to her self that he
wasn't used to playing with naked ladies. She wouldn't
have got that huge dong stuffed in her in time to beat
that quick trigger. But she was determined to, if she
had to tie him here until he could cum again.

When he came back he was apologizing and wiping her
off, she took the towel and emptied her hands and got
up leading him to the bathroom. She got a clean wash
cloth and got hot water washing her self as he
continued to say he was sorry. She put a finger on his
mouth to shut him up and said it's ok, baby, don't
worry about it. She washed his cock with the warm cloth
and Bill was feeling better each minute, he had
expected her to be mad and order him out of the house
but she was acting like nothing out of the ordinary had
happened. She washed his ball and wiped his legs and he
felt his cock swelling a little and was amazed.

Julie felt it in her hand and she wanted to love it a
little before it got to big again. So she led him back
to the living room and sat him down and they drank a
little more coffee and then she slipped between his
legs and placed her lips over his cock and sucked it
into her mouth. It was almost more than she could take
as her jaws where as wide as they could get.

For five minutes she loved it, sucking, tonguing,
kissing cock and balls until it was getting so big she
had trouble getting it in without scratching it with
her teeth. She pulled away and looked at him with his
eyes closed and a smile on his face. He immediately
pulled her unto his lap and kissed her and spent the
next ten minutes playing with her breasts and
everything else she had.

Pinching of her nipples, rubbing of her breasts, and
fingers in her cunt had Julie so hot she was just lying
cuddled in his lap whimpering and letting Bill have any
part of her he wanted. She had one hand under her ass
holding his swollen cock and rubbing it some, she
wanted it in her cunt but she didn't tell him. She
could whimper and beg for him to fuck her but it had to
be him, for his sake, for his manhood, that took her,
took her body, made her fuck him.

She knew by instinct that he would be humiliated if she
told him to fuck her, if she took the power away from
him. So she let him drive her crazy, whimpering,
moaning and telling him how good it was to her and how
much he made her want him until he said to her that he
was going to fuck her now.

"Oh yes, darling, take me to bed and make me yours', I
want you to fuck me."

They made it to the bed and she threw back the covers
and lay down holding her arms out for him and spreading
her legs wide for his cock. As he positioned himself
between her legs she was waiting for his cock to reach
her hand and put it at her cunt entrance, rubbing it up
and down her slit to get some of her moisture on the
head. He was slick with his own precum and as he press
into her she widened her legs and let him take her all
the way until their pelvic bones touched.

"Oh, this is heaven Bill. You have me now. You have me
stuffed, god, I love the feel of your big hard cock in
me. It's wonderful, I love it, I love you, I can't help
but love you with your cock in me. You are so powerful
so strong and oh my, you love me so wonderfully. Yes
baby, give it to me, oh yes just like that, you can
fuck me all night. Kiss me baby, I'm cumming already.
Yes, yes, yes now, cumming for you, I'm cumming around
your big cock, fuck me, please fuck me!!"

Bill fucked her, he was in heaven. He kept hearing her
voice, I love you, I can't help but love you with your
cock in me. He would leave it in her forever. Soon he
was sweating and it dripped on Julie's tits and she was
covered in a sheen of her own sweat making her body
glisten like a diamond. Ten minutes went by and she had
cum twice, she made him lay on his side and they faced
wrapping each other with their arms. He liked this she
was only inches away so he could kiss her and let her
have his tongue to suck and she was tight against him,
her hot tits on his chest rubbing, her bullet like
nipples embedded in him sending electro shocks into his
body to keep him charged up and powerful.

Julie came again and had his ass in her hand pulling
him so tight against her he could hardly move and his
pelvic bone was hurting from hers banging against it.
He continued his steady plunges into her now slopping
cunt, she was so tight that when he pushed in it caused
pressure in her cunt and when he pulled out a vacuum
was created and they made sounds like plunging a
toilet. For a long time she lay still holding him but
not moving just letting him fuck her. She would smile
at him and whisper love me baby, kiss him and close her
eyes occasionally moaning softly. Bill hadn't ever had
many women but he knew he would never have another like

"Oh god, baby, you're going to make me cum again. Your
cock is going to kill me, I'll die from exhaustion.
Sweetheart, what will I do for a cock like yours ever
again. Will you love me and fuck me whenever we can. I
can't promise you anything except to call you when
there is time for us to fuck. Can you accept that and
let me have your cock again?"

"Anytime Julie, I love you more than ever. You can call
me and I will climb mountains to come to you."

And Julie began to move against him again, soon she was
moaning as her climax was near and then she was holding
him against her banging cunt. Bill felt like a million
dollars now, he was with the beautiful girl of his
dreams and deep in her. But best of all he was making
her cum, she loved his cock and it was carrying her to
climax after climax. But this time was different as she
clamped down on his cock with her inner muscles and he
thought he had got it caught in a vacuum tube. As she
humped against him as she climaxed it felt like she was
pulling his cock out of his body and he stiffened and
lost his cum in her demanding cunt. He was grunting
with each spurt and she was saying yes, yes fill me
baby give me all your lovely cum. They worked together
but would lose their pace and then slam against each
other until they could get it together again.

When he had no more to give her they lay wrapped in
each others arms kissing without urgency now. Bill lay
still completely satisfied, Julie murmured to him,
telling him how great he was, how wonderful his cock
felt in her and how much she cum because of him and it.
She kissed him and nuzzled against him wiggling her
hips to stimulate him, to give him as much satisfaction
as she could or he wanted.

"Julie, you are so lovely, your body shines like a
goddess, you are perfect in every way. I love you so
much that it's hard to speak some times."

"Thank you Bill. Did I please you sexually? Are you
satisfied? Can you go home and sleep or will you want
more because you aren't satisfied, you haven't had
enough? You can take me again if you aren't satisfied,
I can't cum any more I am fucked out but you can fuck
me if you want to."

"Oh god Julie, you are so wonderful. You would give
yourself to me just to let me be satisfied. I am sated
I couldn't cum again either, I am completely satisfied,
but I would like to hold you in my arms for a while and
feel you're naked body against me. It's like heaven to
hold you like this."

"I like that also. Hold me, kiss me, do anything you
want to, when you slip out we can clean up and for a
little while we can snuggle together but only for a
little while."

Julie begin to think his big cock wasn't going to slip
out, maybe it was to big to come out but slowly it grew
smaller and then came sliding out and she had to hold
her hand over her cunt as she went to the toilet. She
returned with a cloth and Bill lay and watched her
lovingly clean his limp and much smaller cock. He
couldn't remember when any one had done that for him,
maybe his mother but no one else.

Julie led him to the living room and warmed his coffee
and hers and they sat on the couch. She laid her head
on his chest and let him play with her breasts and
thighs as he kissed her. Bill wasn't nearly as shy as
he was a hour ago. He even rubbed her clit and Julie
felt it start to rise but he didn't notice as he
inserted his finger in her cunt.

She began to fear he would get horny again and she
wouldn't get to Connie's tonight but she wouldn't mind
having a stuffed cunt again. But Bill looked at his
watch and said he had to get home and let her rest. She
kissed him and got up so he could get dressed but she
stayed naked. She wanted him to leave seeing her naked.
He couldn't find his socks, last time he knew about
them he had them on. Julie reminded him he had taken
them off in the bedroom and they were on the floor she
thought. He found them and got them on and was ready to

They walked to the garage opened the door and cut off
the light and she pressed her naked body against him
and they kissed and he rubbed all over her, finally he
ended by kissing her nipples and kissed her lips and
said good night. She watched him walk out the garage
triggering the light which she turned off again and he
got in his car and backed out of the driveway. When he
got to the street he turned on his headlights and they
were right on her standing nude just inside the garage.
She waved and walked inside, he sat there until she had
shut the door.

Julie took a quick shower and called Connie, telling
her that the girls just left but it was late did she
still want her to come. Connie said yes come on. Julie
decided it was foolish to dress so she slipped into her
gym shorts and a t-shirt and found some shoes. She was
at Connie's shortly. Connie opened the garage door and
shut it behind her.


About that same time Sarah and Ben were lying on her
bed, satisfied, tired, and she had him in her hand, not
all of him just the important part. It would sound good
to say it was rampart turgidly hard but it wasn't it
was limp as a wet rag, seeping at the tiny slit,
looking like it was crying because it couldn't have any
more candy. But its owner was completely happy.

When Sarah had reached her apartment she went to the
bathroom right away and checked her tampon, there
wasn't a speck on it and she was overjoyed! In the
trash it went wrapped in six paper towels, she hated
them things, not the paper towels. She was wiping and
applying a cream when she heard the door shut. Ben had
stood around and watched Emily and Joe go in his
apartment and then Bill almost ran to his after Julie
drove off so he didn't see any reason to wait to slip
up to Sarah's.

"Is that you Ben?"

"Yeah, everybody disappeared as fast as money in Las
Vegas. Can I come back there?"

"No, I'm half naked, Ben. Wait until I get some clothes

"Ok, but it seems to be a waste, I'm going to be
wanting them back off. You know I become a slobbering
idiot when I hold you against me, naked."

"Speaking of idiots, did Bill make it to his apartment
or is he running alongside Julie's car? I've never seen
a man so obsessed with someone, he can't take his eyes
off her."

"Worse, Sarah, he can't even carry on a conversation
when she is around. But he's not an idiot, just got
damn good taste!"

"Well, listen to you! If she smiled at you I'd get
dumped beside the road in a second. Boy, I was hoping
for a romantic evening and find out that I'm just a 'oh
well better than sleeping alone,' pick up."

"You know that not true, I'm coming in there."

"Don't come in here, I'm not..."

"I'm in here and my god you're lovely."

Sarah had a very small towel in front of her cunt and
she had it folded in half so it didn't cover much. She
had on her shirt blouse but it wasn't buttoned and one
breast was completely out and the other half way. She
did have on her heels.

"Ben, you shouldn't just barge in a ladies bathroom and
see her nakedness, gentlemen don't do those kind of
things. Please avert your eyes until I repair my
modesty if you can not bear to retreat in shame and
despair. If my protector was here he would by honor
challenge you to a duel, to avenge my loss of
innocence. I am bound by the laws of chastity to report
your indiscretion. Please leave sir!"

"Beautiful, both your speech and you, I'm going to rip
that shirt off you, tie the towel around your mouth and
rape you. But we could just make love if you would come
here and let me take it off normally."

Sarah didn't smile, she didn't change her expression
she just walked to Ben let him take the shirt off her,
then she placed the hand towel on the vanity and melted
into his arms. They kissed.

"Ben, I'm sorry about last night. It was hard sitting
and talking at dinner and then on the couch kissing but
not able to give myself to you. And tonight was even
harder, god you made me hot playing with my legs under
the table and dancing, rubbing your chest on my tits.
You shouldn't do me like that, you know I'm weak and
can't resist!"

"That's what I want, you unable to resist. But it was
good to go out to dinner and have a good time. I'm
really glad that you went and your friends also."

Ben was talking but he also was exploring, his hands
roamed over Sarah's body and his lips were tasting her
lips, cheeks, neck and shoulders. Sarah had her eyes
closed a lot and kissed him whenever she could catch
his lips as they went by. Ben turned her around so he
could reach around her and cupped those mounds with the
rosy nipples and she leaned back on him with her hands
on his hips rubbing. One of his hands traveled down to
her cunt and massaged it. She whispered to him. "Ben,
take me to bed, I need you!"

Thirty minutes later, Sarah got a cola for them and
they drank it still on the bed and started kissing
again. They were on that bed for forty five more
minutes, occasionally they stopped to rest and talk but
it wouldn't be long before one or the other would start
moving again.


Joe showed Emily his gems, honestly he did! Emily
didn't know a lot about rare gems, so she wasn't really
impressed, she liked her gems cut, polished and set in
a ring. But she ooohh and ahhh enough to fool him, he
offered her one that he said was a low grade emerald,
it was big as a golf ball. She thanked him but said she
wouldn't know what to do with it that he should keep
it. She was waiting for him to make a pass at her but
was about to think he wasn't and she would go home.

Joe went to make them a drink which she didn't need and
he didn't either but it was an ice breaker. He put a CD
in the player and it was a variety of soft music that
he had copied himself. Emily was looking at his
painting on the wall when he returned with the drinks
and asked him if he bought them and he said no that he
painted them himself. She was amazed, they were good!
She asked where this was made and then that one, Joe
explained where and how he tried to capture the peace
of the brook running at the edge of the meadow, as he
talked he placed his hand around her waist.

Emily knew he was feeling her out. All she had to do
was move away and he would know that fun time was over,
but she didn't. As he pointed out a bend of the brook
that he had trouble making look natural she leaned
against him and pointed to a rock and said what's that.
As he explained it was a rock she moved closer and
looked at him with her hand on his lower back, almost
his butt, and close enough that his hip was touching
her stomach. Joe was beginning to have trouble
concentrating on the paintings. He asked her would she
like to have one of the paintings, he would be glad to
give her one.

"Joe that is nice of you, but I can't, people might
think we were more than friends, you know like we were
sleeping together. I really like you but I have to be
careful, you understand."

She had opened the door and waited to see if he looked
in, he nodded and after silence for a moment he said
softly. " I wish we were more than just friends, I like
you also, you are fun to be with and so nice, plus you
are so outrageously beautiful. Emily I have never in my
life seen a woman as attractive as you are!"

"Joe! What a nice thing to say! Wow, I'm getting dizzy,
you are so nice, of course I know you are lying, but
thank you anyway."

"No, really. I mean every word of it. It's the truth, I
look at you and wonder why couldn't I have been
fortunate enough to meet you years ago before you got
married, maybe I would have had a chance to have you
fall in love with me like I love you now."

"Joe, don't talk like that! We can't say those things.
We can't be friends and make love, If you talk about
falling in love. That can't happen, we mustn't let it
happen, we can do what ever we want to except we can't
fall in love, do you understand."

"Can we, Can we make love Emily?"

"If you want to. Isn't that why you asked me to come
look at your gems? Didn't you plan to get me in bed and
make love? If you didn't I am embarrassed and going
home. Don't you want me? I'm confused Joe, you've got
your arm around me. You have squeezed me against you
all night, you even rubbed your chest against my
breasts! I thought you wanted to make love."

"Oh god, I do. I do so badly it hurts me. But I wasn't
sure that you would want to, you know with me."

"I like you Joe. You're my friend and I know that you
want to make love, at least I thought you did and I
want to make love with you but then I wasn't so sure,
let's stop talking about it, it's embarrassing to me.
Let's just do it."

Joe pulled her closer and Emily moved into his arms and
they kissed. The first really good long kiss they had
with each other. He was tender but he was pulling her
tighter against himself and she was going willingly. As
they kissed and he ran his hands on her back and one on
her hips and around to her ass he began to move his
feet, just small steps in time with the music. Emily
moved with him, she liked his tenderness in kissing and
feeling of her body yet she felt he was in charge and
she was willing to let him. As she moved with him,
holding herself close against his chest, he began to
move around and sway her so her hips and stomach were
rubbing against his. Emily could feel the hardness in
his crotch rubbing her lower stomach.

She realized how smooth he was when he reached out and
flipped the light switch and the room was darken
considerably. Then they began to dance towards the
bedroom. Joe was also working her skirt up her back
until her could get his hands on her ass. To his
delight it was almost bare, there was only the small
strap of her thong and he got a ass cheek in each hand
and pulled her against his hard cock. They couldn't
dance now for Emily was bowed against him, lips
captured by his, her breasts crushed against his chest,
and the rest of her body plastered to him, only her
legs were free and they were bumping against his. As
his hands explored her ass, Emily was heating up fast,
she loved for people to touch her butt! She pulled her
hands away from his back and when to work on his shirt
as they took baby steps towards the bedroom.

Joe moved from her lips to her neck and kissed it and
she felt his tongue tip touching her smooth flesh. She
was having a hard time getting his shirt unbuttoned for
he wouldn't let her move away to get some room to put
her hands in front, he didn't want to lose contact with
her breasts. She was tugging trying to get it out of
his pants and to the side so she could get it
unbuttoned and off, he wasn't co-operating, he was to
busy rubbing and running his fingers along her ass
crack. His mouth was moving to her shoulder as she
gasped to him.

"Joe, let me go long enough to get undressed! I want to
feel your chest against me without clothes in the way.

That made sense to Joe and he released her, took her
hand and led her in the bedroom where they began to
work at getting each other undressed. It would have
been faster if each had done their own but this was
more fun. When she had him down to his briefs, with his
pants around his ankles, he was ready to release her
tits from the bra but when the blouse was pulled
forward he realized she didn't have on a bra. He knew
that but in his eagerness he had forgotten, he held it
for a few seconds just looking at her breasts framed in
the sides. Emily was watching his eyes to see if he
approved or was disappointed, she soon learned.

Joe's breath whooshed from his mouth: "My god, how
beautiful you are! I can't believe it, your breasts are
perfect! Those are the most beautiful nipples I have
ever seen. I have got to kiss them."

Emily's breath whooshed from her mouth for his mouth
closed over one nipple instantly and she wasn't sure if
he was kissing or sucking then she realized he had her
nipple in his mouth and his lips were around it on her
breast, his tongue was rubbing the nipple so hard and
fast it felt like it was being sucked. She couldn't
stop the moan issuing from her throat. Joe was bent
over to her and she couldn't reach his cock inside the
briefs to see how big he was. She had to gasp his face
and hold him with a hand on each side. Surely she
didn't think he would try to get away.

Joe released that nipple and was moving to the other
when it met his mouth half way. He attacked it, Emily
whimpered, it felt just as good on that one. She wanted
a lot of this, but she also wanted to get him on the
bed and out of those briefs. She pushed him up and away
from her nipples and stepped to the side a little so
she could put her hand on his cock. The heat met her
hand half way and she cupped it lovingly, he was ready
that was easy to tell. She slid her fingers in the
front of the elastic band and was pulling it down at
the same time he was pulling her thong off her hip and
taking it down. She got his brief down enough to let
the stiff cock out and it sprang up and settled on her
wrist as she had a hand full of balls. She felt them
squirming around in her palm, ready to deliver their

Emily looked down at her surprise and saw Joe was
normal size, not little, not big, just normal but it
was hard and hot. Joe's middle finger slipped into her
cunt and she whimpered as her legs spread without her
even thinking about it. He slid it in deeper and Emily
leaned against him with her head on his shoulder, she
was afraid she would fall for her knees were shaking
and weak.

"Emily, you are so tight I thought for a moment you
were a virgin. Oh, this is heaven, lay on the bed and
let me love you there, I want to kiss it, please."

"You've got me worked up now, Joe. It will be wet,
while you undress I will clean it for you."

"No, I want to do that, lie down and I will have a wash
cloth in just a second."

Joe moved Emily to the bed and pushed her back when her
legs touched the side and she sat, his finger came out
of her for his feet were getting tangled in his pants
and he couldn't move with her. As she lay back and
swung her feet to the bed he hastily undid his shoes
and they, pants, socks and briefs were flying towards a
chair. All missed and fell on the floor. He was in the
bathroom and the water ran, a door opened, then it was
silent for a second or two and he cut off the water and
came out. Emily smiled at the look on his face as he
approached her, it was a look of adoration, utter
adoration. He sat on the side of the bed and placed one
hand on her leg pulling it to open her cunt. Then he
tenderly wiped her and as he did he moved over her leg
and pushed the other one to spread her completely. He
was lying between her thighs and his face was very
close to her cunt and he was looking directly at it as
he gently rubbed the slit.

Emily was getting hotter by the second, she watched as
his mouth got closer and closer to her cunt lips and
finally she heard herself whimpering and realized she
was letting him know just how bad she wanted it. It was
music to Joe's ears, he was going to get his tongue as
deep in her as it could go, he looked up over her
heaving breasts to see her looking at his mouth.

"I've got to Emily, is it alright?"

"Yes, please."

Joe eased forwarded and his tongue went in her slit and
he licked up to her clit and over it. Emily shuddered
and her head fell back on the bed with a thud but was
back up and she was watching as he did it the second
time. She groaned as he licked up and over her clit
which was throbbing now, and watched him go down for it
again. But this time he inserted it in her cunt and
pressed forward sticking it as deep as possible, Emily
was rigid, her leg muscles were knotted along with her
stomach, she couldn't take that. She tried to hold out
until he pulled back but Joe didn't intend to pull
back, he was wiggling, thrusting, and trying to lick
the sides of her cunt wall, it was hurting his tongue
but he didn't care.

"Joe, you have to stop, Joe, you're going to make me
cum. Stop, I cum a lot Joe, it will wet you. Oh my god,
please, please, it's to late now don't stop, make me
cum please, oh yes now, do it, do it, love me baby."

Joe had his mouth over her entire cunt and wide open so
he could extend his tongue as far as possible but
something inside Emily's cunt had grabbed it and was
trying to pull it out of his mouth by the root! It was
beginning to hurt! It was wet and warm in there
otherwise, but suddenly it got wetter. His tongue was
wet, something was flowing in his mouth and he had to
swallow it, his lips were getting wet, it dripped off
his chin, Joe was getting concerned. He hadn't ever
done this, like all boys he had talked about it and
heard others brag about it but he had never had the
chance. He didn't have any experience and no education
either but he was game. Emily was writhing on the bed
like she was in great pain, her head thrashed from side
to side, she moaned, whimpered, and groaned, thighs
slammed against Joe's shoulder on one side and the
other, where his arm was under her leg, was hitting his
head like a jack hammer. He knew she was cumming no
doubt in his mind but she kept telling him.

"Yes baby, yes, oh yes baby, love me, I'm cumming, do
it to me! I'm cumming for you baby, good oh my, it's so
good for you to make me cum!"

Slowly she begin to settle down and finally stopped
moving, lying still except for her hips which wiggled
and rotated against his mouth. Joe thought she must
have cum a pint, he had swallowed all of it! Suddenly
whatever was in her womb that reached out and clamped
his tongue, let go and he pulled it back in his mouth,
it felt six inches longer than normal. He licked her
cunt a few times and she cooed like a baby so he did it
some more remembering to move up and lick her clit a
few times.

As Emily smiled and lay spread for him, he suddenly
realized his cock was punching holes in the bedspread
and he needed to put it somewhere, preferably in a warm
and wet place. He crawled up her body, marveling at the
beauty along the way, and grabbing the wash cloth to
wipe his cum soaked mouth and face. Emily lay smiling
and with her mouth slightly open and as he got near her
face she looked and then put her arm around his neck
and pulled him down and locked her lips on his. Her
other hand was between their bodies searching for his
cock and placed it at her cunt opening and rising up to
sink it in her. It was tight but wet and he sank all
the way until their pelvic bones bumped together.
Slowly they settled on the bed and every inch of their
bodies was pressed together.

They lay still kissing, god but his cock felt good in
her cunt. He wondered if that something was going to
tear it off but didn't really care if it did. Emily was
thinking it felt good in her also. Just the right size!
Finally Joe realized she was having trouble breathing
with him lying on her, crushing her breasts, and he
raised up. That slight movement was so good that he
started to gently move up and down, around and around,
rocking down for pressure on the lower edge and rocking
up to bang against her clit and shock her pelvic bone.

Emily was pleasantly surprised that he was such a great
lover. She had the wrong impression. As she smiled up
at him she was remembering that Julie had told Sarah
that older men fucked to not only relieve themselves
but also to give the woman pleasure. She wondered how
Julie knew all these things.

"Joe, you are a great lover, this is wonderful! You
really know how to make a girl happy."

"It's not me Emily, it's you. You make me feel
wonderful, I can't even begin to explain how good it is
to be with you like this. This must be heaven, I must
have died from a heart attack after dancing with such a
sexy woman, that's it, must have been while I was doing
the monkey!"

"Joe, you're a lot of fun. I really like you for you
aren't always talking about your problems."

"Right now I don't have any problems, just the most
beautiful woman in the world and she is also the nicest
woman in the world."

"Thank you baby, that's sweet. Can you kiss me, why are
you straining, lie down on your side and rest."

He did as she said and she twisted to him and they were
face to face and she had her hand on his ass holding
herself against him and he had his hand on her ass
holding her as he kept moving in and out with a side
ways shift occasionally. They kissed and made love,
they were fucking but it wasn't just sex. Joe twisted
around to get his mouth on her breast and she twisted
to help him and he sucked her nipple causing her to
whimper again as she felt her climax rising. She
whispered to him to suck hard and he did and she moaned
her pleasure.

Emily began to move against him and he felt her cunt
muscles getting tighter around his cock. Joe was about
to break his neck twisting to reach her nipples,
stretching to kiss her, bowing his back to get at her
other nipple. It got really good to him and he sucked
hard and got her nipple between his teeth and put some
pressure on it. Emily put her hand on his face to let
him know it was alright for she was groaning from the
growing tightness of her approaching climax.

"Oh Joe, you going to make me cum again. Love me baby,
oh how I love this! Cum with me, I want to feel you
cumming in me while I cum. Give me your cum baby, show
me your love when I show you mine! Oh what a lover you
are. Joe, oh baby, fuck me hard, fuck me!"

Joe knew she had better cum for he was! Her words alone
were enough to make him spurt her full of cum, he had
never heard a woman be this open about enjoying sex. It
hit him hard, like a fist to the stomach, he hadn't
come in months, he hadn't fucked a woman in years and
it felt like it. When he stiffened and stopped moving
Emily cried out oh yes and she fucked against him like
a battering ram and when the first load hit her womb
she answered with a cum to match his. They stopped
moving and wiggled against each other until they had
given all that they had to each other.

Joe was kissing her lips, nose and everything on her
face as he and she wound down, he became aware that he
unconsciously was babbling to her. Telling her how much
he loved her, how he adored her, how beautiful she was,
he would give the world, if he had it, just to have
her. Finally Emily put her hand over his mouth and she
smiled at him and kissed his cheek. After kissing her
back he apologized and said that he was not supposed to
say that. Emily kissed him and said she was sorry, she
didn't want to cause him pain.

"It's ok, Emily, I understand, really I do. It's just
that, well honestly I have a hard time controlling my
emotions when I'm around you. I want so bad to hold you
in my arms and tell you how I feel, but I know I
shouldn't. But now that we are alone I just want to
pour out my heart to you, I'm sorry and I promise it
won't ever happen when we are around others. But when
we are alone like this, if you ever allow yourself to
be alone with me again, I can't promise you that. And I
hope that you will be willing to allow us to be
together again some time, like this."

"Joe you have to know that I didn't plan on this
happening. I like you so much that it just seemed to be
the thing to do. I was aware that you wanted me, that
you wanted to have me like this. But I thought it was
just lust for a woman, just a need. I wanted you to
want me, I guess. It was thrilling to have someone
trying to get me in bed, it made me feel like a young
school girl again. And I flirted with you, encouraged
you, rubbed my body against you, and even acted like a
horny teen flirt coming on to you and dressing like a
slut. But I didn't realize that you were going to be in
love with me, I thought we would just have some fun,
share sex, let you have my body and we would still be
just friends. We might do it again some times but if
not, no big deal. Now I realize that I have done you an
injustice, I not only flirted with you, I flirted with
your emotions, you have been honest with me and I need
to think about this. I won't do anything to hurt you
further but I want to be your friend forever. So I have
to think about what is right from now, the right thing
to do."

Joe nodded, she could see the hurt in his eyes, she
knew he was thinking that she wasn't ever going to
allow this again and she wouldn't ever be in position
for them to be alone, he could kiss this goodbye. She
hugged him, they lay a long time just holding each
other, when he raised up to kiss her, while he had the
opportunity, he saw her eyes were moist as she smiled
at him and raised to meet his lips. This time the kiss
almost broke his heart for it wasn't a fun kiss or a
kiss of lust it was a kiss that said she really was
sorry and that she wanted so bad to wish his pain away
and he felt like she was honest that she was feeling
love for him.

"I'm sorry too, Emily, I didn't intend to fall in love,
it just happened, I wish I hadn't blabbered it out. I
promise that I will never call you or worry you in
anyway. If you want to see me or get together then you
call me or don't and never feel like you owe me
anything. If we are around each other I will always
treat you with respect and be just a friend, we can
laugh and have fun and never will I cause you any

"Joe you are so sweet, it is so easy to like you! Don't
be depressed, please!"

"Let me clean you up and then offer you something to
drink. I need to go to the bathroom first, can you hold
out for a minute?"

Emily nodded and smiled as he carefully withdrew his
limp cock from her and placed the cloth over her cunt.
He looked at it as he did and then looked at Emily and
said damn, it's even more beautiful. She said get out
of here, you're hopeless.

Joe went to the toilet and splattered for a long time,
he looked down at his cock and said to it, stick with
me buddy don't let me down, we just might get another
chance before we die. In his heart he knew he would
never find another one like Emily. She was fantastic!
Emily came in the bathroom, she wasn't needing to go to
the toilet so bad but she was dripping constantly, she
washed and cleaned and cleaned the cloth and washed
again, Joe had left her a nice deposit. When he came
out she looked and saw his cock was glistening with her
cum and she held out her hand for him to come to her.
She washed him gently as he stood and watched her
breasts bob and sway.

Emily pulled back the skin around his cockhead and
gently cleaned the rim, she felt his cock stir and grow
a little, Joe felt it also, he was feeling like a king,
a powerful warrior king and his maiden was cleaning him
for a night of sex. Mr. Cock got a little bigger.

"Joe, stop that, you are trying to get me hot again and
then you will have your way with me. I shouldn't be
doing this. Does it hurt, are you sore and tender,
should I kiss it and make it well?"

"Don't know if it will make it well or not but it sure
feels good to have you holding it."

"Maybe I should stop, but I don't want to leave you
frustrated. I didn't think you would get aroused so
easily, god, it's beautiful, oh damn, I should have
known you would touch my breasts, you know how to turn
me on don't you! Oh Joe, you're trying to make me love
you aren't you? You're going to get me hot because you
know I love the way you make love to me."

"I'm going to make love to you again, right now! I'm
going to fuck you until you cum again. I will be
dreaming of you for months like this, and I want you to
dream of me."

"Can I have something to drink first? My mouth is dry
as a bone."

"Yes, I'll get something and meet you in the bedroom."

Joe went to the kitchen and got a beer, he didn't have
any cola, he heard her flush the toilet and slowly
walked back to the bedroom. Emily was just sitting down
on the bed. She told him that there was wet spot on the
spread, they should have removed it. He said no
problem, he had a washing machine. He gave her the beer
and to his surprise she drank half of it before handing
it back. He took a few quick swallows and set it on the
bed stand.

When he turned back to Emily she was looking at his
cock and reached for it, pulling him to her and she
quickly held it and kissed the head. She kissed along
the sides and the bottom of the head and then slipped
it into her mouth, she tasted his precum and it was
coming fast in drips, Emily loved on it for a few
minutes and saw his legs shaking.

"Are you alright, baby, it's not hurting you is it?"

"No, it's just that I never had anyone do it before and
it feels so good that I want to cry."

"Lay down, sweetheart, lay down and relax."

Joe stretched out on the bed and Emily replaced her
mouth around his cock and gently sucked it, she
intended to suck him off and swallow it for him but
suddenly she wanted to cum also. She raised from his
cock and crawled up his body and positioned his cock
and slid down on it taking it all!

"Damn you Joe, you knew I couldn't resist didn't you?
Yes you knew, you let me play with you until I got hot
again, and now you are just going let me fuck until I
can't anymore. Damn you, I love your cock. Fuck me with

They did for a about fifteen minutes, both sweating and
moaning until they came at the same time. Emily slumped
against him and she whispered to him, " I can't fall in
love with you, but I think I am. Please don't make me,
I will come to you anytime I can and you can have me
anyway you want, just don't let me fall in love,
please. Just be my lover."

Joe had no answer for that, it made him happy to hear
but at the same time sad. He wanted her but like her he
didn't want to make her unhappy.

To be continued...
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