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M+/F, exh, m/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd, beast,orgy
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy)

This is Part 10 of a 12 Part e-novel. If you read
Parts 1 thru 9 you will get much more out of
this awesome story which contains mother and son
incest, mother and her son’s best friend in a three
way, multiple females on females, beautiful mom and
a very horny dog, oral, light bondage, and orgy.

If you do not like stories of this type you should go no further.***

Part Ten

Chapter Forty Five

Julie looked at Connie standing in the door as the
garage door closed, she had a bathrobe on, Julie was
sure that she wouldn't have any thing under it except
her self. There were no cuffs or collar visible. Connie
watched Julie walking towards her with those skin tight
gym shorts outlining her cunt slit and her magnificent
breasts swaying and bobbing in the t-shirt. Connie
wanted to make love with Julie and she used Bravo as
bait to get her here. Julie wanted Bravo to make love
to her and she would let Connie do anything she wanted
to get him. They both knew that the other knew and was

When Julie stepped inside the door and it was closed,
Connie and she exchanged smiles, greetings, and a light
kiss. Then they just looked at each other for a few
seconds. Both wanted to get started!

"Would you like something to drink? We have colas,
juice, wine, and a little hard liquor name your

"Wine sounds good, do you have white or rose'? But a
cola is ok if not."

"Got white, it's my favorite. Come on, we can drink it
as we watch the movie from last night. I have seen it
and god, it's hot! You are a great actress! It's so
real I get hot just watching it."

Julie didn't comment, she followed Connie to the
kitchen and watched as she got wine and glasses for
them. Then they went to the computer room and sat on
the couch, sipping wine and just looking at each other.
Julie sat her wine down on the end table and turned to
face Connie.

"Connie do you have any thing on under that robe? You
are naked aren't you?"

"No nothing at all. You don't have any thing under
those shorts and t-shirt either."

"No, I thought you would want me naked as we watched
the movie, so I only wore what was necessary. Would you
like me to take it off?"

"Yes very much, can I do it?"

"Yes but hurry, take your robe off and undress me fast,
I want to see the movie!"

Connie stood and the robe was gone! She took Julie's
hand and helped her to stand and pulled the t-shirt
over her head tossing it on the couch with her robe.
She looked and touched Julie's breasts and nipples. She
leaned to Julie and kissed each nipple until they were
hard and rigid. Julie rubbed her sides and back as she
was being loved by Connie's lips. Then she rubbed her
shoulders as Connie knelt at her feet and removed her
gym shorts. The shorts were like skin on her and had to
be peeled down her hips and legs and Connie stopped
trying when Julie's cunt was revealed.

For a long time she looked at the hairless lips and the
clit peeping out of it in front of her. She remembered
the night before and how she had thrilled with that
clit in her mouth and she wanted it again, along with
the cunt, now! She looked up at Julie with pleading
eyes and Julie said softly, anything you want, baby.
Connie whimpered and leaned forward to kiss it.

Julie whispered to her to remove the shorts and Connie
pulled them down to her feet trying to maintain contact
with the clit but had to give it up as Julie raised her
leg. Connie slipped the shorts over her foot taking her
low heel sandal with it and then Julie raised her other
leg and she did the same with that sandal tossing them
and the shorts to the side. She leaned forward but
Julie had her blocked with her leg placed so that her
shin was between Connie's breasts and rubbing them.

Connie whimpered, it felt good but she wanted back to
her clit, but she grasped it and one breast and
squeezed it against Julie's leg then turned her head
and kissed the thigh rubbed her face against it and
licking. She released the leg and ran her hand along
the underside of Julie's thigh to her ass and rubbed,
moving it in she touched her crack and trailed her
fingers along it on the way to Julie's cunt. Her
fingertips brushed along Julie's asshole in passing
bringing a low moan from Julie. When she reached the
cunt and found it open she pressed inward and inserted
two fingers inside.

Julie was teasing her but now she was the one being
brought to a sudden desire to let Connie have what she
wanted. As her leg holding her weight and balance began
to shake she sank back on the couch almost missing it
and ended with her ass just barely on it and her head
and shoulders on the back rest. Connie disengaged from
her leg and was between them and sucking her clit as
quick as a snake strikes and pushing her fingers
deeper, Julie moaned louder and spread for her to gain

Connie loved Julie's clit with her mouth and her cunt
with her fingers for many minutes. She glanced at
Julie's face occasionally watching to see that look she
saw last night when she recognized that she wasn't
acting but really was overcome with passion. She saw it
soon and knew she could do any thing she wanted now.

"Julie, I'm going to fuck you with the dildo very slow
while you watch the movie. Get on your hands and knees
so I can fuck you from behind like Bravo will."

Julie whimpered at the mention of Bravo fucking her,
she wanted him now but knew she couldn't watch anything
when he mounted her ass and slammed that hot dog cock
in her. She nodded to Connie and when she raised up
Julie slid to the floor and got on her hands and knees,
waiting. Connie got up getting the wireless remote from
the desk and then opening a drawer pulled out the dildo
harness and strapped it on. Julie watched her from her
position on the floor and from there the dildo looked
huge but she had taken it last night and she should be
loose from taking Bill's monster cock tonight.

Connie pulled up the proper window and Julie saw there
were many files, more than she remembered them making.
A quick selection and the movie came on, the title was
' Neighbors Seduction'. She watched as the first scene
started with her answering the door. Her attention was
broken for a short while as Connie was behind her and
the dildo was sliding in her cunt seeming to go in so
slow and so far. She groaned and hung her head, it felt
way to good! She shouldn't be horny, Bill had satisfied
her completely, she was becoming a nymphomaniac!

She grunted each time Connie pulled back and slid it
forward, she didn't want to cum, she wanted to save
what she had for Bravo's cock but the huge dildo
reminded her of Bill's cock except his was not as
rigid. Connie stopped when she saw Julie was not
looking at the screen and told her to look. Julie
raised her head and saw herself standing and the crop
slapping her nipples, she stared in amazement at the
sound of the slap and her whimpering cry.

Connie leaned forward holding the dildo with one hand
to keep it from going to deep and pinched Julie's
nipple. Julie didn't move she just moaned and pushed
back on the dildo until it touched her womb. They
watched the whipping together and Julie came when her
cunt was being punished with the riding crop.

Then they watched as she was tied to the table and
Julie moaned for she knew she would be watching herself
being fucked by Bravo's long hot cock. Connie eased the
dildo in and out of her wet cunt slowly to keep her hot
and horny. Julie watched in amazement as Bravo slammed
her against the table and then pulled her back, each
time pulling her a little farther off the table until
she saw her tits roll off and swing beneath her each
time he slammed his knot into her cunt.

She whimpered with each breath and moved with Connie as
she was fucked. It seemed like just a short time and it
was over with Bravo dismounting from the side as she
saw the knot separate her cunt lips and come out of her
and she sobbed as the memory was still fresh in her
mind of the feeling of emptiness.

Julie's body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and
the dildo made a squishing sound each time Connie
pulled out and eased back in her cunt.

"Julie do you want Bravo to fuck you again tonight? I
think he misses you, he looks sad tied to his house."

"Yes, please go and get him for me. Let him have me

"It looks so good to see you and him fucking. Is it
really good?"

"Yes, it's the very best there is, he is a wonderful
lover. You want him too don't you?"

"Yes, will you help me to have him fuck me tonight?'

"Yes go and get him and I will help you first, then he
can do me for as long as he wants."

Connie eased the dildo from Julie, then told her to lie
down and rest. She got up and took the harness off and
turned the dildo around and rubbed Julie's wet cum from
it on her cunt and placed the tip in hers and moved it
around to wet the inside with Julie's scent. She put
the dildo in the sink on her way to the door, then went
around the back to get Bravo. She was at the gate when
she realized she had come out naked, she hurried inside
hoping everyone was asleep and walked to Bravo who was
up and watching her. He quickly caught the scent of his
bitch and got excited and licked her arms and hand as
she unfastened his chain at his collar. Bravo was
licking and whining, he licked her cunt as she squatted
to his side.

"You smell her don't you boy. Yes you do. She's waiting
for you inside but first you have to do me, fellar."

Connie paused at the gate looking to make sure nothing
was out there then holding Bravo's collar they ran to
her back yard and inside the door. She made sure the
door was locked and then started to the computer room.
Bravo had caught the normal scent of Julie and he was
pulling and snatching her arm to find her. She called
to Julie that they were coming but Julie had already
heard Bravo's feet clicking on the hard wood floor and
now the sound of Connie's bare feet on the carpet as
she was trying to hold him back. When they entered she
turned him loose and he bounded to Julie and right into
her arms licking her face and neck as she hugged him
and rubbed his head and sides.

Connie watched them and realized that she was seeing
two lovers, a woman and a dog in love and wanting each
other. She felt sorry that Bravo had been tied and
couldn't see his lover when he wanted to. She felt like
she was intruding on a marriage and was wanting to fuck
the woman's husband! Bravo was licking Julie everywhere
he could which was mainly her face and neck but when he
could get away from her hands he would lick her nipples
and Connie could see Julie was getting smoky eyed from
her rising passion. Connie kneeled next to them.

"He wants you bad. He isn't going to want to fuck me,
he only wants your cunt, he loves you. Do you love him
and want him the same?"

"I love him, I want him just as bad. He is my lover, he
made me his bitch, I belong to him now."

"Then I can't ask you to make him fuck me, I want to
see how it feels. It looks so good to see you being
fucked by him, I want to feel it too. Come to the play
room and let him have you."

Julie got up and told Bravo to sit and he did, waiting
and eager. She started to follow Connie and told him to
heel and he walked beside her rubbing her leg with his
body. When they got in the playroom she told him to
stay and she sat down on the excise bench and spread
her legs in front of him. He whimpered and pranced his
front legs looking at her and Connie saw his red cock
sticking out four inches. Julie said to him come and he
jumped to her and immediately was licking her cunt as
she moaned and looked at Connie watching.

Julie let him lick long enough to feel her cunt getting
wetter then she stopped him and made him back up and
sit, stay. Connie was amazed, she and David had tried
to get him to learn how to sit but he just looked at
them and went back to eating. It had to be love, he
loved Julie and would do anything she wanted, he was
already trained but didn't accept her or David as his
master. But Julie was his and he was hers' they were

Julie told Connie to come and stand with her, she
rubbed her cunt getting her hand wet and rubbed it on
Connie's cunt and then her breasts telling her to sit
on the bench.

"Julie you don't have to do this, I want it but I can't
come between you. He won't be fooled he knows I'm not
you, he doesn't want to fuck me!"

Julie told her to sit down, she did spreading her legs
as Julie had. Julie sat behind her and pulled her back
until Connie was almost laying with Julie's legs on
each side of her. Bravo was looking and wondering what
was happening, he wanted his bitch but she was cuddling
the other bitch. Julie patted Connie's cunt and told
him to come and he was there smelling her hand and then
Connie's cunt with Julie's aroused smell on it.

He was smart enough to know that his bitch wanted him
to lick this cunt so he did. Connie moaned, she had got
him to do that a few times but it was still a shock to
her. Julie leaning forward patted him and said good
boy, lover and patted her cunt again. After a little
while, when Connie starting shaking, Julie patted both
sides of the bench at Connie's waist and said come and
Bravo leaped up landing with both paws on the bench and
his face over the head of Connie as he licked at Julie.

Julie backed away by leaning and he strained forward,
Connie gasped, Julie knew his cock had touched her
cunt. Julie pulled on Bravo's collar and said come and
he pressed forward and Connie moaned as the dog cock
slid into her cunt. Julie rubbed his shoulders and said
fuck her baby, fuck her. Bravo didn't understand the
words but he knew his bitch was offering him a second
bitch to breed and that was alright with him, he chose
her as his favorite but he would take another one, two
or more. That was normal for him, he needed a lot of
bitches to carry his puppies. He began to fuck into
this pale bitch and extend his cock to reach deep in
her. Connie was gasping, grunting and whimpering like
she was being worked over with a whip.

"Oh yes, thank you, good it's so good, oh my god, it's
hot as a fire poker and he's so long, ooooohhh. Julie
I'm cumming, aaaaagggghhh, fuck me, oooooooooo he's
better than any man I ever had. He's pounding me to

Connie no sooner finished coming than she was moaning
that she was cumming again, Julie thought that she must
never have had a multi orgasm and didn't know what it
was. Five minutes later she was lying flat as Julie had
got up and was standing next to Bravo rubbing his back
and haunches, and she was still. Julie urged Bravo to
stop and he was confused but tried to get off, if he
couldn't finish fucking this bitch then there wasn't
any use to stay on top of her. Connie moaned as the
half sized knot was spreading her cunt to pop out.

As soon as he was out of Connie's cunt, Julie got on
her hands and knees and said to Bravo, "Come fuck me
baby, I'm dying for you to make me your bitch again."

It didn't take Bravo a second to be on her back and
searching for his cock home, he did get a quick lick in
on the way up! The long wet red dog cock found it's
home and went plunging in with such power that she was
rocked forward and had to crawl a little to keep from
falling on her face. Now Bravo had his bitch and he was
eager to get his knot in her, pre-cum was squirting all
over her inner walls and womb. Julie gasped and spread
her knees to get it in and she felt it pop through her
opening the pointed tip striking her womb. She wiggled
for him as he bowed his back to get deeper and nestled
his head on her shoulder and along her neck licking her
face and lips which she turned to him.

"Oh baby, you feel so good in me, fuck me hard
sweetheart, I love the way you fuck me."

Connie opened her eyes and saw Julie was pushed over
her body by Bravo's attack and she reached to grasp one
of her dangling breasts and cupped it. She slid down a
little so that her breast was at Julie's face and
rubbed it against her cheek. Then she watched as Julie
was battered by the big dog. Both dog and woman were

"He loves you Julie. He is giving you all that he has.
You are right. You belong to him, you are his bitch!

Julie didn't respond she was to deep in her enjoyment
of this best of all sex, the dog didn't indulge in love
talk, he didn't try to make her love him by telling her
how beautiful she was or sexy, he showed her that he
wanted her, he took her and she felt sure that if she
tried to get away he wouldn't hesitant to clamp down on
her neck and remind her he was in charge. Plus he
fucked her with every ounce of muscle and energy he
had. As Connie said he gave his all each and every

Julie didn't even realize when she started sucking
Connie's nipple, it was just a natural thing, it was
there rubbing her cheek and she took it in her mouth
and sucked hard. Connie squeezed her nipple and breast
just as hard but it only made Julie hotter and she
moaned from the ache caused by the fully engorged knot
in her cunt and sucked harder. Connie was in heaven she
had loved Julie's clit and cunt, fucked her with her
dildo, been fucked heavenly by Bravo and now Julie was
loving her tit. She was dripping wet, hot and horny,
all she needed was to be tied and whipped for
perfection. She could get Julie to do that also all she
had to do was keep Bravo away from her for a while and
she would do anything to get him.

Julie was cumming, a long lasting steady cum, not
powerful and earth shaking but every few seconds
another convulsion catching her by surprise. She
whimpered mostly, she felt deep inside that she was
doomed, she would never get over being fucked by her
dog lover. She wanted it, she would always want it, she
no longer cared if anyone knew or watched all she
wanted was to have his cock in her cunt and him
pounding into her. Bravo gave her his cum suddenly. She
squealed when the hotness hit her womb and raised her
head from Connie's nipple. Looking at Connie but not
seeing her she told her what was happening.

"He's pumping me full of hot sperm, oh it's so good.
It's running down my cunt walls like a river. His cock
is in my womb and some is getting inside, he's giving
me his love seed, he wants me to carry his puppies. Oh
how I wish I could, for him, to show him how much I
love him. Fuck me baby, fuck your bitch all night

Connie thought it was all over except waiting for the
knot to shrink enough to come out, but she didn't know
Bravo, he was still as he finished then started licking
Julie's neck and cheek. He would lay on her back and
lick, then just look around, lick some more, move his
head across her head and lick the other side. Julie lay
her head on Connie's breast and just let him have her
for any thing he wanted as they waited. Five minutes
went by and Bravo made no move to get off, a few times
he moved his back feet causing Julie to moan as his
cock and knot moved in her. But she was his and she
made no effort to hurry him.

Then to Connie's amazement the big dog grasped Julie's
hips tightly again and began to pump her with his big
cock. He rocked her for a minute and stopped and
rested, licking her.

"What's he doing Julie?"

"He's showing me that I am his, his bitch. He knows
that someone fucked me tonight, he doesn't know it was
you but he knows I had cum before he got there and he
is showing me that I belong to him and he will fuck me
whenever and for as long as he wants."

"Does he do it like this a lot?"

"No, usually he is once and done and gone for food or
whatever. He may come back for more or he may not. He
might just lay down and sleep then jump up and fuck
again. But this is different he is making me his, each
time that his goal, to fill me with his sperm and make
me his bitch."

Julie grunted as Bravo started fucking her again, she
could tell his knot was smaller as there was more room
for him to move and the ache wasn't as bad in her cunt.
He did this four times. Julie was tired, her knees
hurt. She moved up on Connie a little when being
slammed by Bravo, and rested her arms on her kissing
her nipples when they were resting.

Her right arm was laying on Connie's stomach and the
elbow was touching her cunt, she could feel Connie move
her hips to rub against her elbow. When Bravo started
again she moved her hand and arm so that she cupped
Connie's cunt and slid a finger in her. Connie
whimpered and begin to fuck her cunt on the finger.
Julie slid it in a little deeper and just held it there
for her to fuck.

This time Bravo didn't stop to rest, he kept hunching
at her and his knot swelled and the tip of his cock
began to reach her womb again. Julie moaned and sucked
Connie's nipple which was hurting from the hard sucking
she had put on it. Julie was being fucked in her cunt
by Bravo's big stiff cock and her finger was being
fucked by Connie's cunt. Connie was ready now, she had
recovered from Bravo and was hot again. She had been
frightened at first when Bravo penetrated her, he was
so fast but it felt good and soon it was to good
leaving her dizzy and confused. But she recuperated
when Julie sucked her nipple and now she had a finger
in her cunt.

Both of the girls were nearing climax again, you
couldn't tell about Bravo, he panted all the time and
went rapid fire from start to finish. When he spurted
that didn't mean he was through and ready for a smoke,
it was his decision and Julie just lay in blissful
surrender for him to dismount or go for another. Connie
begin to whimper and hunch faster, Julie gave her all
the finger she had and pressed against her clit with
her palm, sucking her nipple hard enough to stretch it
to a inch long. Julie was caught up in Connie's
excitement and from Bravo's hot cock and bulging knot.
She moaned around the nipple and tried to return the
dog's forward thrust with a backward thrust of her ass
but she couldn't keep up with him.

When Connie erupted, Julie wasn't far behind. She
raised her head and groaned deep in her throat as her
body became rigid and she covered his pounding cock
with cum. Connie massaged Julie's breast and watched
her as she climaxed for her lover, her expression was
pure lust and love for her dog's cock. That was two
much for Connie and she trembled with a second small
climax, rotating her hips against the deep finger. As
they both began to settle down, Connie relaxing and
Julie letting her head hang down to rest her cheek on
Connie's breast, Julie suddenly raised her head again
and cried out to Connie.

"Oh god, he's going to do it again, now. Ooooohhh,
baby, you're swelling in me, sooooo big, now, now, give
it to me now. Aaaaaggg. You're killing me, your cock is
in my womb. It hurts, it's to big, oooooooo, please cum
in me now, fill me with your sperm, lover. Oh, yes, yes
it's burning me Connie. He's pumping his love juice in
me and it's hot as boiling water. Oh I love it, I love
his cock, I love to be fucked by him.. Fuck me
sweetheart, give me all of it.. My stomach is full of
cum, his knot is going to tear me to pieces. Oh it's
aches so wonderful. I can't take it. Baby, I can't take
any more of it. "

Connie watched as Julie slowly sank down on her
breasts. Her eyes looked out of focus and Connie
realized she was fainting or something as her knees
lost their strength and she leaned to the side. All
that kept her from falling over was Bravo's cock locked
in her cunt but he wasn't in position to hold her long
and he begin to fall with her, he never let go of her
hips and she settled to the floor on her hip.

Slowly Connie eased her down holding on to her breast
and she lay on her side with Bravo behind her still
buried in her cunt. He looked at Connie whimpering as
if he wanted her to do something. Connie had no idea
what to do! She could see that Julie was breathing
slowly and deeply. She looked at Bravo and whispered to
him, " It's your fault, don't look at me, you're a
greedy bastard, what were you going to do, fuck her all
night?" Bravo whimpered and licked his jaws.

Connie got up and went to get a towel and wash cloth,
she returned after cleaning herself and washed Julie's
face. That revived her and she moaned from the pressure
caused by the dog's knot in her and their position.

"I'm sorry, I must have passed out. How long have I
been laying here?"

"Only about five or six minutes, you scared me! Have
you ever done that before? Was it from the pain or from
the emotion?"

"Some times it happens if I get carried away."

"How long does it take for him to release you?"

"Some times it's not long but other times it is twenty
minutes. "

"Does it hurt now, are you in pain?"

"A little, it's like an aching in side, a dull ache,
but it isn't bad unless he gets turned around before it
shrinks enough to come out. Then it really hurts and
you can't relieve the pressure."

"I can't believe how much he fucks you, you know, how
long. I thought it was quick and he was through but he
went a long time and then kept on fucking. How many
times did you cum and how many did he?"

"I don't know, he came twice not counting the pre-cum.
He always fills me full of cum. When he comes out it
will make a mess I can't hold it in me like normal."

Julie propped her head with her hand and then Connie
got her a couple of pillars to put under it. They
talked and Connie touched her, fixing her hair, rubbing
her shoulders, which soon led to massaging her breasts
and nipples. Next Connie was kissing her, Julie smiled
and kissed her also, she was thinking that this was a
first for her, being loved by a woman while stuffed
with a dog cock. Bravo was restless but his knot wasn't
decreasing very fast, he would whimper and squirm
around, lick her back, raise up his upper body and lay
his head on Julie's side, looking at her.

"Gosh, I don't think he wants to release you. Do you
suppose he wants to fuck you again? It's been a long
time, at least fifteen minutes."

"Maybe I should get up, he may be hung by us laying
here. Can you help him if I try to raise up? Keep him
on my back, otherwise it might be painful for us both."

Julie would have preferred that she and Bravo could
have been in private, she didn't mind so much the guys
watching as they took pictures and made movies, she
forgot about them. But Connie was different! She was
making herself a part of their lovemaking. She slowly
begin to try and get up with Connie holding Bravo's
hindquarters and pushing him tighter against her ass
and that did help relieve some of the pressure on her
cunt. She made it up to her knees again, he grasped her
hips and when he got his feet under him again his back
bowed and that long cock touched her womb. She realized
he had not decreased at all in size.

"He's still big and hard, I can't believe it!"

Connie was feeling around her cunt, a finger on each
side as she rubbed the lips still bulging from the knot
pressure. She felt of Bravo's sheath and balls,
exploring and also rubbing his sheath, she wondered if
dogs responded to being jacked off like men. As she
rubbed it she watched the faces of the woman and her
dog lover. Both where still feeling the afterglow that
good sex brings. She gripped the sheath in her hand and
jacked it while reaching for a hanging tit to massage.
She heard both woman and dog whimper from her handling
of their body parts and smiled. She would make them
both hot and they would fuck again!

"What are you doing? Connie! Don't make him fuck me
again! Oh no, you shouldn't take advantage of me like
this. You know I can't get away! Oooohh, he's getting
bigger and longer. Please stop, he'll fuck me to death.
No, he's pushing in my womb, aaaaggghhh, yes, oh my,
yes, it feels so big!"

"You don't really want me to stop. You want to feel him
in you, fucking again, don't you?"

"Yes, keep on, get him hot and let him have me. I can't
give myself to him until Monday. Let him fuck me now!"

Connie continued to massage the two lovers, she got
excited watching them. The dog was licking the woman's
shoulders, neck, and face, he was happy. The woman was
holding her face around for him, letting him lick her
lips and wiggling against his cock, she was happy with
his cock in her and her nipple was hard rubbing in
Connie's palm. Connie wasn't sure but she thought maybe
Julie was hotter than the dog and he was just trying to
satisfy her lust. After a few minutes Bravo took a few
thrusts into her and she moaned.

"Oh yes, lover, fuck me. Make me your bitch again. I
love you, I love your hard cock!"

A few more hunches into the willing woman and she begin
to thrust back fucking herself on his cock even while
he rested, whimpering and gasping. She got faster and
cried out as her passion was peaking. Connie released
the sheath and moved to Julie's face so she could kiss
her and massage both breasts at the same time. Julie
moaned and opened her mouth for Connie's tongue. As the
massaging woman slid her legs under her body she was
pulled to where her mouth was on the nipples of
Connie's breasts. Both women where whimpering now.

Bravo began to thrust into Julie and she knew he
wouldn't stop any more until he pumped more sperm into
her. She sucked hard on the nipples. As the dog picked
up speed, Connie slid away from Julie a little and
pulled her head down as she lay back on the floor. The
tanned woman instinctively knew what she was suppose to
do. She had done a lot of it when she was young. She
licked the wide spread cunt and searched for the clit
and opening with her tongue. Finding both she switched
from one to the other licking and sucking as she was
being fucked by the big dog.

Connie came quickly, she wet Julie's face as she rubbed
her cunt all over it. But Julie didn't seem to notice
she was deep into her own pleasure. She had cum already
but it was a small one and she wouldn't have enough in
her for a big one. She was tired, and now she just
knelt with her lips around the offered clit, tongue
washing it, as she grunted from the thrusts of her
lover. It was another ten minutes before the dog
wiggled against her ass and stopped moving. His cock
pulsed in her twice before any cum squirted against her
womb and inside it. Julie almost cried with joy as she
took his love juice, moaning yes, yes, baby fill me.

"Is he cumming, Julie?"

"Yes, it's good to feel it flowing in me."

"Will he fuck you again? I don't think he will ever get
enough of you. He will want to go home with you and
fuck you all night. Could you do that? Would you let
him fuck any time he wanted to?"

"Not all night, he would kill me. But any time he wants
me I will let him."

"When he got out and came to your house, did you
undress and get on the floor for him, how did you know
he wanted to fuck?"

"He licked me until I couldn't refuse him, I had just
taken a shower and heard him. I went to the door with a
towel wrapped around me. He, well, he just about raped
me, he licked until I was so hot I was dizzy and he
pushed me down and was on me and in me before I knew
what was happening. He made me take his cock again, he
made me his bitch, now I belong to him to fuck. "

"Is he finished? He's not moving, just holding your
hips and looking around."

"Yes, I think he's finished. I'm full of cum, his cum.
It's seeping out and running down my leg. He must be
shrinking, maybe he will pull out this time. it's going
to mess up your floor."

Connie spread the towel under her and ran her hands
over her body, taking advantage of the chance to
explore the lovely woman's body and intimate areas
while she was helpless and emotionally acceptable. She
liked the feel of soft hands on her breasts and stomach
so Julie was just holding her position and letting
Connie do what ever she wished; of course she had no
choice about the dog, he had her locked up and all she
could do was wait.

Bravo was ready to get down and rest. He tried to back
off but his knot was still to big but he pulled away
and Julie moaned from the pressure and tried to move
back for relief. Connie grabbed Bravo's tail and pulled
him back towards her and he whined. Finally he stopped
pulling back and waited for a while until some more
shrinkage occurred and then suddenly did a side
dismount towards Connie and was off, pushing against
her so she couldn't hold him. Julie grasped as the knot
popped out and watery cum spurted out and ran down her
legs. Her head sank to the floor and she felt it
trickling over her clit and down her stomach. That was
the most cum she had ever had in her at one time.

Connie wiped her with the towel then she put two
fingers in Julie's cunt and let some cum run out and
wiped again. Bravo had moved about three feet away and
lay down licking himself clean. Connie checked his cock
and it was not in sight, safely retracted in it's
sheath, she was certain that he wouldn't be interested
in any more fucking for a while, but she had tomorrow
and tomorrow night for herself.

Thirty minutes later she had Julie naked in the shower
and washing every thing as she leaned against the wall
and just allowed wash cloth and fingers to enter where
ever they wanted. Drying was almost as much fun for
Connie as she rubbed her body against the tired woman
as much as she did the towel.

"Why don't you stay here tonight and sleep? No need for
you to go home now, no one will be looking for you

"Thank you and I would love to sleep with you, but I
need to get up and do a lot of things tomorrow and if I
stay here we will get distracted and it will be late
when I get home."

"Could we make it another time, would you like that?"

"Yes that would be good, I would like to."

Connie made her wait until she got Bravo back in his
yard and chained to his house, then she returned and
stripped off her robe and they spent another twenty
minutes naked and kissing, finally Julie got dressed
and left for home. She showered, drank coffee and went
to bed, tired and satisfied.


Ben woke Sarah once during the night kissing her
breasts and when she put her arms around him he rolled
on top and she felt his hard cock rubbing against her
cunt and sighed as he entered her. Later just before
daylight he awakened again because she was rubbing his
cockhead with her tongue and fondling his balls. When
she realized he was awake she smiled and kissed it
before crawling over him and putting it in her wet cunt
to add more cum to that he had left her earlier.

Ben wanted to go back to sleep afterwards but the clock
was beeping and he was sorry he had set it. He thought
about calling and telling Joe that he was sick and
couldn't play golf today but had to get up and go home
anyway plus he was starving. Also Joe and Bill were
early risers and would be pounding on his door to go to
breakfast and he didn't want them to see him sneaking
out of Sarah's apartment, for her honor not his. He
would love for them to see him! He would have bragging


Emily was worried when she got home that Kurt would be
up and want to know where she had been so late. But
when she went in the door with her dress box in front
of her so he wouldn't see she was braless he was
sitting on the couch asleep, with some old movie
playing on the TV. She had to get to the bathroom and
shower so he wouldn't realize she was braless and no
thong under her dress. She had slipped the thong under
Joe's pillow as a surprise for him.

She went to the rear of the couch and touched Kurt's
shoulder which woke him and bent to kiss his cheek.

"You fell asleep, baby. Why didn't you go to bed? Were
you waiting up for me?"

"Oh yeah, yeah I was planning a surprise for you but
the movie was boring. What's that?"

"Baby, I found the perfect dress for the company
cocktail dinner at the country club, god, I had to have
it! And it was a steal, too! I'm going to shower and
put it on for you! What were you going to surprise me

"Well, I had a hard on for you all night but I've got
to find it now."

"That sounds wonderful, let me clean up and show you
this dress and I bet you will find it then!"

Emily hurried to the bathroom and was undressed and in
the shower before he could get a beer and walk in
there. He asked her how the girl's night out was and
she said told him it was great but he was going to kill
her. Then she told him that three old men that lived in
Sarah's apartment complex were at the place they went
to eat and they insisted that they eat together and
then they paid for it! She said, we had a couple of
drinks in the lounge and thought we should dance when
they asked since they paid for everything. She told him
that it was fun, they knew a lot of funny stories and
were very nice. But people would be telling him that
they saw his wife dancing with a older man, you know
her sugar daddy.

"Well, I hope you are getting lots of money from your
sugar daddy, baby. Then we can retire and live in

"I better start looking then, don't think these guys
have much money living here, I hate to think that some
one bought my dinner with social security money!"

Emily dried off and said let's look at my dress and to
be honest, if he didn't want her to wear it just say so
for it was a little sexy. Kurt held her ass as they
walked to the bedroom and while she took it out of the

"Horny bastard aren't you? Turn me loose long enough to
get in this thing and I promise it will be worth the

She struggled into the tight dress and got him to help
with the zipper and hooks. Slipping into her heels she
turned slowly and looked at him and said, well?

"Damn, honey! That is a eye bugging, jaw dropping
outfit. I love it! It is just perfect on you. I never
thought that anything on you looked better than you
with nothing on, but that dress actually enhances your
natural beauty and makes that fabulous body just jump
out and grab you by the balls."

"Be honest baby, is it to daring to wear to the dinner?
Tell me with your brain not your balls."

"Both of them agree. It is perfect, I will be the envy
of every man there. They will elbow me out of the way
trying to get close to you. You don't need a bra or
panties and no stockings, just you and that. My god,
get it off and let me play with you for a hour or two."

Emily smiled as she turned her back for him to undo
what he had just done and she was standing in her heels
in front of him watching his face get red from looking
at her in a flash. She put the dress on the box and
asked him if she should get on the floor or the bed.

"Bed baby, you are going to be there a long time and
the floor will get hard."

"Sounds great to me. Don't forget you have a early tee
time tomorrow."

"Golf isn't even second to you. It's you, you, and you
before golf. Besides I seem to play better after making
love, maybe you should go with me and we can slip in
the woods after nine for a quickie!"

"Never catch me lying naked in the grass! I'm scared to
death of spiders and snakes!"

Emily was a tired but satisfied woman when she got to
sleep. Kurt thought maybe he should encourage her to
flirt with old men more often, she was a tiger this


Emily went with Kurt for breakfast and then back home.
She sat and thought for a long time, trying to sort out
her feelings. Should she feel elated, in the dumps, or
like nothing happened. She wanted to talk so she called
Kurt made his tee time with his boss as his partner
against two vice presidents. He was calm and relaxed
not really caring if he won or lost and shot four
better than his handicap.

Ben, Joe, and Bill along with George and Hank went to
breakfast for waffles and eggs. The first three ate
like horses. They discussed golf, weather, and many
things except the one subject that they wanted to
discuss. George and Hank fussed because they
disappeared after claiming that they weren't going to
eat out. The former just looked at each other and gave
lame excuses to the latter.

They went to the public course and got in line for tee
off, Hank didn't play golf he said it was a stupid
game, hit the ball then go look for it and hit it
again. He followed Ben around complaining because they
had to walk. He could have driven a golf cart but
needed the exercise. He just like to complain.

Sarah slept until ten thirty, waking with a headache
and a fuzzy mouth plus dying of thirst.

Julie was in the tub soaking. She had toast and jam
with lots of coffee and was in the hot oily bath to
combat soreness, she couldn't be tender or puffy today.
After talking to Emily she got out and had her robe on
when she got there. She had told her that she had to go
to the grocery store and Emily said she did also and
they could go together. Julie told her to wear shorts,
sexy ones, so they could get the best cuts of meat.

They drank coffee and laughed about their night out.
Emily was nervous, Julie could tell she was working
towards telling her something so she waited for her to
start. Finally she asked if she would keep something
secret and then told her about her and Joe. Julie
hugged her and they sat holding each other.

"How do you feel about it today?"

"Confused, mixed emotions, I guess. Am I awful?"

"No, you're not awful. You feel confused because you
did something that you really wanted to do but that you
feel that you should not have done. There is no harm
done so far to any one but yourself, the thing now that
is important is do you want to never let it happen
again or would you like to do it again. That is your
decision. You can be sure that he will never tell. You
can be sure that I will never tell. "

"Last night I was certain that I wanted to continue, it
was so exciting and made me feel like I was a young
girl again. I could do what I wanted to do and anytime
I wanted to. But today I look in the mirror and see
that I'm not a young girl and I have responsibilities
and commitments that I made, I shouldn't want to be
free and do things like this."

"You're almost right baby, but just because you made
commitments doesn't stop you from wanting to be young,
free, in charge of your life, and able to do anything
you want to, have all the fun and good things that are
in life and all around us. Everyone has those desires
and they don't just apply to women or men, young or
old, rich or poor, everyone."

"Do you have them? Do you ever want to be wanted by
another person other than Harry. Do you ever want to go
to bed with another man just to see what it like! Do
you ever feel all giddy to think that some one loves
you and wants you sexually and you want them to want
you, to court you, to seduce you and then take you. Am
I crazy?"

"Yes, I do and have. If you're crazy then I'm crazy
too! But it can't be just you and me, everyone has
those desires. Women have an advantage in that they can
always say no to the last part, enjoy the courting and
seduction but act defiled when the taking time comes
along. Men want the same thing, flirting, courting,
seduction but the woman is in control and the
instigator most of the time so sex is his satisfaction,
proof, his goal."

Then Julie told her about her evening with Bill and
they talked a long time about emotions and desires,
holding each other and sometimes wiping tears,
sometimes laughing. They drank a pot of coffee, ate all
the cookies in the house and wished they smoked.

"Was Bill good, Julie?"

"You're not suppose to ask that, Emily! He was great!
Hung like a horse! How about Joe?"

"Normal size but man he knew how to use it!"

They talked some more, sharing their feelings and their
emotions. Neither said if they would do it again for
both knew that if they did it would not matter to the

Julie urged Emily to remove her bra, pinched her
nipples to make them hard so they stuck out against the
thin blouse, then they went to the store. Emily was
introduced to the market manager and they spent twenty
minutes selecting meats and fish and he made sure they
got the best. Even calling out his meat cutter to help.
They told him about the great hamburgers they made from
his ground beef and thanked him for his help.

Finally they had all that two buggy's would hold of
meat, produce and canned food and got through checkout.
Emily watched Julie put a trance on the bag boy and
teased her on the way home for making him have a hard
on. Julie just smiled and said he was cute but his ears
were always red. They laughed most of the way to
Julie's. Then they separated and each did their house
work and prepared for the weekend.

Julie thought Harry would be home around three and he
called to say they were back at the shop. He asked did
she have any plans for dinner that Mr. Grey wanted to
take them and Heather out to dinner and discuss their
progress. She said no plans that couldn't be delayed
for a little while and he said ok he would be home
shortly and he arrived fifteen minutes later. They
spent some time on the couch talking, a little longer
time in the shower, and a long time on the bed not
talking. Then it was shower time again and dress for

Dinner was slow, they spent a lot of time listening to
Mr. Grey and Harry telling each other about what was
happening at each place. Mrs. Grey took Julie and
Heather around the corner to a little shop and they
sampled some chocolate, bought some and talked about
women things then returned to the dinner table and she
said to Mr. Grey that they should order and talk about
work later. They had wine with the meal and ate slowly
with coffee afterwards. Finally it was time to go home
and Heather rode with the Grey's to pick up her car at
the shop. Harry took Julie home and they were in bed or
on the bed quickly and used it roughly.

Sunday morning came quickly and as they ate breakfast
Harry said that they would not have to work next
Saturday unless something unscheduled came up. They
would still work an extra hour each day and stay there
Friday night but come home early Saturday morning. Also
that there wasn't a good HVAC dealer there and he would
take on some jobs for people that needed repairs as the
nearest shop was sixty miles north of there. If it got
to growing they would take out a license and see what
was needed.

Julie asked what that meant for them. He said that if
business was large enough Mr. Grey wanted to open a
shop there. Julie knew that Mr. Grey didn't know about
business there so Harry had told him that this was what
they could do. She mentioned this to Harry and he
nodded that it was his idea and if he had the money he
would do it himself. Both of them ate thinking about

"What do you want, Harry!"

"Someone has to run it and Mr. Grey doesn't have time,
so he may ask me to run it."

"But what do YOU want Harry?"

"I want to run it on a partnership with the first right
to purchase."

"Can I help in anyway to make this happen?"

"You already are, you are keeping our home stable and
carrying more than half the load. Just hold things
together for a while and we will be alright no matter
what the outcome is."

"Harry, I don't want to move, I love it here. But if it
comes down to that you know I will do it?"

"Yes sweetheart, I know that. You are the best thing
that ever happened to me, anything you want that we can
afford is yours, just name it."

"A full time husband would be great, that bed is cold
with just me in it! I slept a lot better last night."

"I'm working on that. Meanwhile if you find a hot
blooded male looking for a place to sleep snatch him

"Sure, you know that I know you are lying, you would
kill me if you found out that I was having an affair!"

"You might be surprised, baby. Try me and see. You need
sex more than once a night, Jimmy hasn't been home and
neither am I so you need to find you a lover. I'll take
care of it for you."

"Are you serious Harry?"

"Wait and see sweetheart."

"What about you, don't you need a lover!"

"Ok, I'll take care of both of us. Don't laugh, this
isn't a joke, I'm serious. Have you been working on
Emily? I still want to see you and her together and if
would be great if I could join in."

"It's looking ok, but she and Kurt are real close. Not
sure it will work out." Julie was becoming aware that
Harry wasn't teasing about a lover and she was shocked
at her own feeling. She was relieved, even pleased that
he had told her this. She felt like it was the opening
to cover all the secrets she was keeping. But it also
could be something else! Maybe he was looking for an
opening to cover himself.

"Harry do you want me to do that? I mean honestly. Do
you want me to take a lover? Do you want me to let
another man make love to me or are you just trying to
see that I am satisfied sexually? Jimmy is doing good
filling in for you, I can make out without a lover. He
can start sleeping with me to keep me from feeling
lonely at night. But if you want me to do it then that
is different."

"Baby, do you enjoy having sex with Jimmy?"

"You know that I do."

"Of course and you would enjoy another man also! You
would enjoy a woman! You should do it, I want you to be
happy and satisfied. You like to let me make you show
your body off to others and you should do it while I
not here and if you see some one that really turns you
on then you should let them take you sexually. Just be
careful but I know you will be."

"You haven't answered my question Harry. Do you want to
me to do it. I'm not going to do it unless you tell me
to! You know that! I never show myself to anyone unless
you want me to and I won't unless you tell me to. It
makes me hot and I want to make love when I do, even
with Jimmy. When he opens my shirt and looks at my
breasts I melt, just like I do when you do it. Most
likely if I flash someone then I will want to make love
to them and I have to know that is what you want before
it happens."

"Ok, I want you to, and I want you to make love with
Emily and make her fall in love with you so she will
let you take pictures of her and you naked and making
love. I want you to find you a lover and make love with
him. Just make sure he is clean and not married. If you
want me to I will find someone but it would be better
if you found him!"

The telephone rang. It was Tammy, she wanted to know if
Jimmy was back. Julie told her no, that he wasn't
expected until around lunch. Tammy wanted to know if
she could come over about lunch time. Julie asked if
she could wait until Jimmy arrived and she would have
him call her and then she could come over. Tammy said
that was great she would wait for him to call, then
added make sure he calls immediately, please.

Julie told Harry that they were going to have a
frequent visitor, she feared, and she told him about
how Tammy seemed to be getting real close to Jimmy.
Harry wasn't ready to change the subject but he asked
how Jimmy acted with Tammy. Julie answered that he was
cool but he wasn't running away either.

The conversation continued and Harry worked it back to
Julie having a lover and they discussed it, even when
she went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch.
Finally he had covered it from all angles, then just
came right out and asked her if she was going to do it
or should he.

Julie thought for a while, at least she appeared to be
thinking it over. " Let me. I want to feel comfortable
with, with this person. Some one I feel good about
letting make love to me. Harry, I don't have any
experience in sleeping with anyone except you and
Jimmy! It's scary. What if I don't like it? Worse what
if I do?"

"Don't worry about it. Those are the same feelings you
had about Jimmy and it worked out well didn't it?"

"Who are you going to get? No, I don't want to know,
never want to know!"

"Me neither. We can't go around telling each other
about them, agree?"

Julie nodded. She had the roast ready and put it in the
oven and they talked as she was getting everything for
lunch which she planned to have at one o'clock. She and
Harry were a little more comfortable with different
subjects and soon she was aware her short top was
unbuttoned and her shorts were barely hanging on her
hips. Harry was working on them and her every time she
paused in moving around the kitchen. She was rinsing
the baking potatoes and sticking them with fork at the
sink and he was behind her slipping the shorts down her
hips so she reached back there and felt his cock which
was hard.

"Baby, if you can wait until I get these in the oven,
we can take care of that swelling. We have time before
Jimmy gets here."

"Great idea, can't understand why it swells up every
time I get around you, but you sure know how to fix

When they reached the bedroom, Julie tried to treat it
with loving kisses but Harry wanted deep throat
massages and she gave it some. Then they tried
massaging with cunt muscles and it was feeling good but
the swelling got worse. Finally Harry said maybe they
would need to place it in a deep dark tunnel and let it
just snuggle there a while. The while turned into
thirty minutes and he had to spank her twice as she
kept wiggling, moaning, and arching against him.
Finally Julie looked over her shoulder at him laying
behind her and smiled at him.

"Baby, you keep telling me to stop cumming and then you
spank my ass knowing that makes me cum even more. You
are mean to me. You are teasing me. Are you going stay
in my ass until three o'clock?"

"Depends. Are you getting sore? Don't want to hurt you
but it sure feels good and you aren't getting much
there any more."

"It's great but I need to check the roast and potatoes.
Can't go to the kitchen like this."

"Promise you will come right back and let me in again?"


Julie hurried to the kitchen and was right back, after
she went to the bathroom for the lube. It was better
and slipped right in and both of them sighed. They
moved a little, talked a little and Harry's hands
roamed all over her body finally two fingers found her
cunt and entered. Julie was near cumming and as the
fingers entered she moaned to him that she was cumming
again and begged him to fuck her ass. Harry gave it to
her steadily though two climaxes and then joined her
for the third one.

As they recovered Julie remembered Tammy and told Harry
he should talk to Jimmy about sex. He said he had
already done that, he knew not to go crazy and get a
girl pregnant.

"But Harry, what you know and remembering it aren't the
same. When he gets her undressed and you know he will,
and she isn't going to be saying no, I'm afraid, he
will forget what he shouldn't do and do what he wants
to do!"

"Are you saying she is a slut?"

"No, she is a very nice girl, well behaved, pretty,
intelligent, and sexy as hell, but she adores him. You
can see it in her eyes! When they are with each other
it like a short rubber band is attached to them. Jimmy
takes a step and she is snatched right up to him. She
can't keep her hands off him, and she takes a lot of
deep breaths to make her tits rise and fall. She is
trying hard to make sure he knows she is hot and

"Hummm, do I detect a little jealous there sweetheart
or is that a mother protecting her son?"

"Don't try to tease me, you dirty man. Really baby, all
I want is for you to make sure that he doesn't let his
hormones think for him. You remember that you and I had
good reasoning all the time we were dating and swore we
wouldn't have regular sex until after school and we
were married but our emotions wore us down and we
couldn't have stopped if someone had a gun on us!"

"Oh yeah, and man it was good! Damn I could have eaten
you alive that night and it's been that way ever

"Oh Harry, you are getting hard again, we don't have
time unless you can do it quickly, can you?"

"I can if you want it baby."

"I want it, I want it bad. But please talk to Jimmy.
Please fuck me again, do you want my ass?"

"Already there so might as well stay. I'll talk to him
after lunch. Work with me baby, god that's good. You've
got the best ass in this world for fucking and looking

Julie had never and never intended to tell him she had
a lot of practice in it. She didn't believe that
husbands and wives should kept secrets from each other
but realized that some times the truth shouldn't be
spoken at all. They made it to the bathroom and shower
and were in the kitchen at a little after twelve. The
telephone rang. Julie looked at Harry and said what
would you bet that it's Tammy.

It was. She said they had just got back from church and
thought maybe Jimmy had called and didn't have time to
leave a message. Julie said no, he wasn't back yet.
Then she asked if Tammy had lunch and she said no,
would she like to eat with them and she said oh yes,
that would like be great. Julie offered to come and get
her but she said her
father could bring her.

She was there in fifteen minutes! Harry went out and
talked to her father for a while and she helped Julie
set the table, talking a mile a minute. Harry came to
the door saying he knew her father just didn't know she
was his daughter. Then they heard the bus horn honking.
Tammy almost broke for the door but caught herself and
waited for them. They went outside just as Jimmy was
getting off, Tammy was meeting him and waving at the

She wanted everyone to see her at his house so the word
could get out that she belonged to him or he belonged
to her or they were a couple. Julie whispered to Harry
asking if they were like that, he said maybe, that he
remembered that he sure was proud to let everyone know
he had the prettiest girl in the whole school. Julie
told him he was a used car salesman, always lying, just
to get in on the action.

They got settled in the house and ate lunch. Jimmy was
telling them everything that happened since Friday. He
and Harry talked baseball. Julie ate and listened to
her men. Tammy was eating and hanging on every word
that was said. Julie realized she was watching Jimmy so
much that she was eating by putting food in the corner
of her mouth as she didn't want to look away. Also she
noticed that Tammy was just as eager and as interested
in what Harry said as Jimmy. Julie thought to herself,
this girl is a natural, she can get any thing she wants
just by being herself. Personality, beautiful, and sexy
can do that for you, and those tight shorts with the
white off shoulder midriff top didn't hurt a bit.

With all the conversation and relaxed atmosphere the
dinner/lunch was just about all gone by the time they
got full. Julie was resigned to cooking again for a
late dinner. When they got up to clean the table, Tammy
was helping her and she acted as if she was accustomed
to it, her mother had raised her right. Julie thought,
wouldn't make a bad daughter in law. Harry said he and
Jimmy had to discuss something and went outside. Tammy
was washing plates and everything before putting them
in the dishwasher and talking away. She actually hugged
Julie and thanked her for asking her to come and eat
lunch with them.

Julie hugged her and said she was glad she could come
and they stood at the sink Julie holding a pot and
Tammy a dish cloth and talked about women things, house
cleaning, cooking, and the dreaded grocery shopping.
Tammy touched Julie's hand, arm and every time she was
talking she was touching. Julie realized that she was
just an open, likable person.

To soon it was time for Harry to go as he had to pick
up Heather and meet the others at the shop. He gave
Jimmy a shoulder hug then turned to Tammy but she
ignored his hand and stretched up to hug him and say
she was so glad to get to meet him and visit their
home. Harry said come anytime you don't need an
invitation. Then he took Julie's hand and walked to the
truck. They heard Jimmy said oh yuck, it's kissing
time, let's go inside they will be busy for a half
hour. Tammy said, shame on you!

After Harry left, the last thing he said to Julie was
to work on the two things they had talked about, she
finished cleaning up the kitchen and looked for
something to fix for dinner. Jimmy went to take a
shower and Tammy helped her. They sat on the couch
talking but soon Julie excused herself and went to the
bedroom to give them some privacy. She was a little
nervous and moved around straightening things and
putting things away. She was thinking about the
discussion she and Harry had! Some times it was a
relief, others it was a cause of concern.

"Mom, are you okay? You seem to be worried about
something. "

"Yes, baby I'm fine. Just thinking about all the things
I have to do tomorrow. We will have a late dinner since
we ate lunch late, would Tuna sandwiches be okay and
would you ask Tammy if she wants to stay?"

Tammy couldn't stay for dinner, she said they always
had family dinner and she had to be home. Her father
was coming to pick her up at five. She and Jimmy talked
about the finals next week, going over the schedule and
how they were going to study. Julie asked if he could
come to her house Tuesday night as she would be tied up
with the clothing show both Monday and Friday
afternoons and part of the evening. Tammy's father was
there at a little before five and she hugged Julie,
thanking her for lunch and having her over.

Julie and Jimmy talked a while as they sat on the
couch. He told her about the trip and she told him
about the clothing show. He asked if she wanted
anything to drink and she said sure. He offered to make
some coffee for her and did. She drank it as they
walked around the house looking at the grass and
shrubbery, he said he would water it a little tomorrow
if it didn't rain. Back inside she sat at the counter
with another cup and he stood beside her talking. Then
he began to rub her arm and shoulder, she had wondered
when he would start, it felt good and when he leaned to
kiss her she met him halfway.

"Mom, I sure did miss you, it was fun learning and
being with a bunch of guys but it wasn't fun when we
went to bed. I wanted to have you in bed with me."

"I missed you also baby."

"Are you hungry, mom, we could eat and then play around
a little."

"Not really, but we can eat if you are or if you are in
a hurry to get me in bed."

"I'm in a hurry. Sorry, but I've missed you."

"Let's lock up, play around, and then we can eat and
play some more. I've missed you and I'm in a hurry

Jimmy had the doors locked in a flash, Julie went to
the bathroom then got a washcloth. He came in and
started undressing her as she got the cloth warm and
wet. His clothes followed shortly and they kissed and
he felt of her, rubbing, pinching, kissing, and
sucking. She washed her cunt as he watched then washed
his cock making it even harder and larger. They got on
the bed and she sucked him for a little. He kissed her
nipples and sucked until she moaned her approval.
Spreading her legs he kissed and licked her cunt gently
as she sighed in contentment. Then he turned her over
and kissed her ass cheeks. Julie was hot and squirming

"Mom, your ass is pink. Has dad been spanking you?"

"Yes baby. He did."

"Did he fuck you in the ass and spank you?"

"Oh god, don't make me tell you those things."

"Did he?"


"Raise up on your knees."

"Baby, don't spank me hard, it will be tender now."

Julie pulled her knees under her body and kept her head
on the bed. She waited for him to spank her ass. She
moaned when instead she felt his tongue lick boldly up
her crack and over her asshole pausing and swiping
across it then the tip burrowing at the tight opening.
The shock to her was like a unexpected fright, goose
bumps covered her naked body and she shivered all over.
She hadn't been really turned on as Harry had taken
care of her last night and again today but was ready to
let Jimmy have her as he was going to be horny when he
got back. But now she was! He had kissed the right
place and that made her horny as hell. Plus it reminded
her that she had not been Bravo's bitch for two days
and she needed him.

Jimmy placed her back on her side and slid between her
legs inserting his hard cock in her cunt. She squirmed
against him and helped as he began to pump in her hot
wet cunt. He didn't last five minutes and she smiled as
he filled her with cum, he really had missed her.

"Sorry Mom. I wanted to last a long time but it was to
good. I'll make it up to you in a little while."

"It's okay baby. We've got plenty of time to do it
again and again. Let's close all the blinds and fix our
sandwiches and eat naked so we can play at the same

"Wow, you are the best mom ever made."

He closed the blinds while she cleaned up and came in
the bathroom so she could clean him kneeling in front
of his cock and giving it a few light kisses. While she
made sandwiches he rubbed her breasts, ass, and cunt.
He got the nipple chain from his room and placed it on
her nipples without the weight.

"Would you like your collar and cuffs also. They really
make you look sexy or I should say sexier."

"If you want me to wear them for you, yes."

He placed them on her and she had to admit that she
felt different with them on. She was getting more
aroused from wearing them and the chain, his hands on
her cunt, ass, and nipples were also making her hot.
They ate sitting at the table and he had poured her
coffee and she drank it with the sandwiches without
thinking. After that they went to the couch and Jimmy
had her lay with her back across his lap and her head
on the couch arm with pillow so he had access to her
and he took advantage of being able to reach
everything. Julie lay with her eyes closed enjoying the
caresses in the semidarkness of the late evening. When
he inserted his finger in her cunt she whimpered and
opened wider for him.

"Are you hot and want to be fucked?"

"Yes lover, I am ready for you anytime you want."

"Are you my slut to fuck and will do anything I want
you to?"

"Yes I am your slut."

"Let's go to bed."

Jimmy did much better this time, Julie came twice
before he spurted his semen in her. They lay on the bed
entwined for a long time kissing and caressing. When he
slipped out she squeezed her legs together to hold in
his sperm. He cleaned himself while she was on the
toilet and then cleaned her after making her lean on
the vanity with her legs spread. Julie was still ready
to fuck, in fact she was getting hotter all the time.
She would like to have David here along with Bravo and
make a movie, she could pretend that she only did it
because they made her and she could pretend that she
was faking cums on the dog cock in her.

She was thinking of this and planning how she could get
Bravo freed tomorrow so he could come and be waiting
for her to come home so she didn't realize that Jimmy
had led her to the front door after cutting out all the
lights except for the bathroom. He got pillows from
couch and took her outside pausing at the covered
entrance and putting the pillows on the concrete
against the wall. It was dark without the moon and she
waited for him to tell her what they were going to do
but she already knew.

So when he stood against the wall she sank down to her
knees on one pillow and kissed his cock before taking
it in her mouth. It was wet with pre-cum and she licked
it all off and kissed it again all over and included
his balls which were really big and beginning to pull
up in their sack, a sign he was close to cumming.

She kissed and sucked his cock for a long time,
frequently she would taste pre-cum as his cock was
flowing it into her mouth. She deep throated him
several times working her throat muscles to squeeze the
cock tube and head. Jimmy would whimper when she did
but he managed to keep from cumming down her throat. A
few cars drove down the street lighting up the entrance
of their house but they were behind a brick column and
the shrubbery hid them unless someone was looking back
as they moved passed the dark house.

"I love you Mom, I love my slut."

"I love you, lover."

"Are you hot enough to fuck now?"

"More than enough, sweetheart."

"Let's go out on the grass so you don't get hurt on the

"Baby, someone will see us!"

"Will you go out there and give yourself to me to fuck
if I ask you to?"

"Yes baby, I will, I am your slut but please don't ask
me to. I give myself to you anytime, you even have
fucked me in front of your father, you give me to
David, even a dog has fucked me because you want it.
But please don't make me fuck on the front lawn,

"Then I will whip your tits instead, that or the lawn?
Whip until you cum enough to run down your legs."

"Tie my hands baby, whip me and make me cum, make me
cum for you and then fuck me."

Julie knew he was testing her, he was establishing that
she belonged to him. But he would do it, she would let
him and she was puzzled why she suddenly thrilled at
the thought of being whipped and made to bear pain. He
helped her up and gathered the pillows as they returned
inside. The cuffs on her wrists were fastened with a
snap behind her back and she stood in the kitchen naked
and trembling as he went to get a belt.

The chain was removed from her nipples and the belt end
smacked her tit on the side, Julie whimpered as the
shock and pain flowed though her. The blows were not
hard and the soft leather belt didn't cut her but she
whimpered and swayed as he whipped the sides of both
tits and the room was filled with the sound of belt on

When he moved to the top of her breasts catching
nipples at the same time her whimpers turned to moans
and she had an insane desire to ask him to hit directly
on her nipples from the front and hard. The belt tip
hit her thrusting nipple and Julie bent over at the
waist at the shock running from her breast into her
stomach and down to her cunt. She swayed from side to
side, slowly straighten up with tears in her eyes and
waited for a second or two then thrust her other nipple
out and raised her head with her eyes closed. The belt
missed but she heard it and felt the wind from it and
knew it was coming again. As she waited she also felt
the moisture running down her leg. Then it came and
connected this time but she refused to bend over just
swayed and moaned.

"Whip my stomach lover, make me cum for you." She was
surprised by her own voice as she turned slightly so he
could hit her across the stomach. The belt smacked her
stomach and the sound was like a gun shot to her ears.
Three others followed and she was trembling so bad she
could hardly stand, then she was surprised by the belt
straight across her tits and stumbled backwards against
the counter.

"Do you want your clit and cunt whipped also? Spread
your legs for me."

Julie remembered the whipping Connie did on her cunt
and didn't think she could take it. But also she
remembered how she had climaxed afterwards, deep and
hard climaxes that left her shaken and drained as she
was fucked by Connie and then Bravo for a long time.

He waited as she considered, she thought she was going
to say no and her mouth opened and said "baby" but she
stopped as her legs spread without her willing them to
or she willed them to but her mind was thinking
otherwise. Jimmy watched as she moved one leg and then
the other until they were wide apart, her eyes closed
and she leaned back against the counter thrusting her
hips forward, whimpering softly.

"Do you want this, you need to say it so I will know
that you really want it."

"Yes, whip your slave slut, baby."

She took five licks coming up between her legs and
hitting her cunt and clit before she shook so hard she
was crumpling. He stopped and took her in his arms
holding her and rubbing her as he kissed her lips wet
with tears.

"Thank you sweetheart, thank you for doing this to me.
Please take me to bed and fuck me. I need your love."

Jimmy carried his mother to the bedroom released her
hands and entering her cunt fucked her slowly for the
next half hour. She came often, moaning as she ground
against him, she was remembering each lick and the
shocks exciting her as she stood helpless but

Jimmy cleaned her with a wash cloth as best he could as
she slept soundly not moving. He crawled in bed and
caressed her body, sucking her nipples, kissing her
lips, and inserting his fingers in her cunt but she was
unaware of any of this.

Chapter Forty Six

When Julie woke up the next morning she was aware that
she had dreamed a long dream but couldn't remember what
it was about. She lay for a few minutes trying to sort
out what was reality and what was a dream but realized
she knew the reality but only knew she had dreamed not
what it was. She got up and saw that it was almost time
to get up anyway and she needed a shower something
awful. She was in the toilet fast and quickly in the
shower, she hated to be soiled and dirty, she would
just die if she smelled bad. Hot water had the bathroom
steamed up and it felt good on her breasts. Her breasts
were sensitive, the nipples stung from the hot water
and the wash cloth felt rough as she washed. When she
washed between her legs she flinched from the
tenderness but her clit was sticking out like it was
looking for something, the soreness wasn't stopping it
from being horny.

For a few fleeting seconds she was concerned with the
twists and turns her life had taken in just a few short
weeks. But then she recalled the many times she had
been taken and used for the pleasure of others until
she begin to find her pleasure in just being used. The
many cocks that had been placed in her mouth and ass
making her accustomed to being filled with cum before
she knew the ecstasy of a hot demanding cock in her

She had grown to expect and accept her role but then a
desire grew in her to feel the spurting of cum in her
mouth and ass, the taste on her tongue, the warmth in
her gut. The great satisfaction of knowing she could
please a man, drain away his strength, render them
powerless to refuse her and see the desire in their
eyes as they looked at her and dreamed of her
treasures. Now she wanted to experience everything and
anything. She always had. She just kept it buried but
now it was ripped open and she couldn't go back

Julie shook her head to clear away her thoughts as she
dried off the towel and wrapped it around her hair.
Coffee was sitting on the counter so she knew Jimmy was
up. A quick drink and she went to the bedroom and
checked the bed. The sheets needed changing and she
stripped them and carried them to the washing machine.

Starting them to wash she considered what she could fix
for breakfast, meals were always a problem, not
preparing them as much as planning them. As she looked
in the refrigeration Jimmy came in the kitchen with
just a towel wrapped around him. He looked at her
standing naked with chill bumps from the cold air
flowing over her and immediately went to her and hugged
her from behind with his hands sliding to her breasts.

"Morning baby, be tender with your lovers breasts this
morning they are a little sensitive. Something must
have happened to them last night."

"Morning lover. God, I love you! You are so beautiful
and a wonderful lover, thanks for not wearing anything
so I could see and hold you naked. Say, I have a
wonderful idea! Let's be sick today and not go to
school, we could stay like this all day. Except
standing in front of the refrigeration won't be much
fun. But we could always go back to bed."

"Sweetheart, that is a wonderful idea. But what about
final exams? Is a day in bed worth failing a whole year
of work and study?"

"It is if you have a beautiful and sexy girl to lay in
bed with you and I have my hands on the most beautiful
and definitely the sexy one on this planet."

"Oh my, you are full of it this morning. I am trying to
find something for breakfast and your hands aren't
helping me think at all. Don't rub that thing on my
butt! How can you be horny this early in the morning?"

"Looking and thinking about you makes me horny anytime.
Lets do a quick loving and skip breakfast. We can
always eat."

"Sure but the bed is stripped, we have showered and you
and I never have a quick loving. It isn't possible,
right now. Plus I am a little tender down there."

"How about a alternate idea then. I need some help to
get though the day without raping someone, could you,
with your good heart and loving nature, give me a
little lip service and I will do breakfast while you
dry your hair."

"Are you really that bad off baby? Or are you teasing

"I really am Mom, sorry."

"Don't be sorry, sweetheart. You know I love you and I
love to take you in my mouth, let you cum so I can
taste and swallow your love juice. Sit on the couch

Julie drank a couple of swallows of coffee and went to
him, getting on her knees between his legs she quickly
kissed his hard and reared up cock and let it slip
slowly in her mouth. It was wet with pre-cum and she
rubbed with her tongue to get all the taste. Then she
slowly put pressure on it with her tongue pushing it
against the roof of her mouth and sucking. He moaned
and she whimpered just from the feel of a cock in her
mouth and having a cock that she could suck. Now she
wished they had time for him to fuck her ass, she
needed that as much as he needed to cum.

Julie got him deep throated and sucked some more before
she felt the telltale twitches and pulses in the head
so she knew he really was horny and it would soon be
over. She got it deep in her throat when the swelling
and hardening began and pulled it out so she could get
his cum in her mouth to enjoy rather than just gushing
down her throat. He groaned deep in his throat and the
strong first blast hit the back of her mouth and down
her throat.

The second she blocked with her tongue and let it flow
around in her mouth and she moaned softly as she
savored it. Then was just a matter of letting him spurt
ever growing weaker bursts until all she was getting
was a few thick drops easing out. She was always amazed
at how much he could cum and how quickly he was

Finally he was finished and just laying in her warm
loving mouth being washed by her tongue. She sucked the
head gently to get every thing out and let it go in as
deep as it would go as it was slowly shrinking in
length and girth. She wasted some more of their time
just loving on it so he would be completely satisfied
until finally she let it slip out and hang down in
front of her lips. She kissed it a couple of times on
the head and along the top.

"Do you feel better now lover? Can you make it until
tonight now?"

"Mom you are the greatest in the world, that was
wonderful! You are always so good to do things for me."

"I love you baby, I will do anything for you anytime,
just let me know what you want to do to me or with me
or have me do for you."

"Will you do one thing for me this afternoon?"

"Yes sweetheart."

"When you get home from school call David's mother and
tell her to let Bravo loose so he can come and fuck
you. He has been tied up for four days now and he will
want to mate with you. Let him have you as many times
as he wants to satisfy himself and get you accustomed
to being his bitch. You will learn to enjoy it and we
can make many pictures and movies of you, him, and
Connie. Ok."

Jimmy knew she already enjoyed being the dog's bitch,
to much enjoyment he thought, but he knew she wouldn't
want to admit it, at least not right now. Julie was
happy, she wouldn't have to sneak around she could
always pass it off as this was what he wanted her to
do, take Bravo regularly as her lover.

"Should I wait until you are home to call, if he comes
before you get here he, well he doesn't wait, he will
knock me down and rape me like he did before when you
came home and he was fucking me."

"No, call as soon as you get home, remember as many
times as he wants and as long as he wants. We want to
have you and him accustomed to fucking each other so
that the next movie can portray the three of you as

Julie nodded and kissed his cock as she got up and went
to the bathroom to start on her hair. Jimmy bought her
some coffee, noticing that her nipples were sticking
straight out and hard enough to hang clothes on. Julie
noticed this also and she knew why but he could only
wonder if it was the sucking or the dog that got her so
hot. He thought that maybe rewarding her with the dog
would keep her in the mood to do anything he told her
to do. He and David had lots of plans for her and
Connie with Bravo.

Julie's hair was almost dry all it took was a minute
with the blower, some mink oil, and a quick brushing.
She had often wondered where her hair genes came from,
neither her father or mother had thick black easy to
manage hair. She smiled as she wondered if her mother
had fooled around before she was born, she sure did
afterwards. Her makeup was quick and all she needed was
to get dressed but she decided to wait, didn't want to
hear Emily whine. As she laid out her clothes Jimmy
came in and said breakfast was ready and stood looking
at her.

"Don't get any ideas sweetheart. You have all the
favors you are entitled to today."

"Just admiring the most beautiful body in the world.
You have to admit that there aren't any others that can
even come close."

"Did you go to a baseball camp or a school on pickup
lines this weekend. You are sure laying it on thick."

"A weekend away just made me appreciate you more and
want you worse."

Julie went to get her robe giving him a quick kiss as
she walked by and he got a quick feel of a breast also.
She told him to not grab she was tender. He said to

"We can make it better come in the bathroom."

She followed him after getting the robe and he was
rising from looking under the vanity.

"This is the salve that takes away soreness. It is good
for strained muscles, bruises, and hurt places."

He got a little on his finger and approached her
rubbing a light coat on her nipples. Then he looked at
her cunt and back to her face.

"Are you sure about this or is this an excuse to get me
hot? I'm already hot and have to wait until tonight to
get relief. "

"No you don't, you have to wait until you get home

Julie spread her legs and he rubbed a heavy coating on
her cunt outside and inside. Julie said a small hummm.
Then he got some more from the jar and spread it on her
clit, he spread and spread and spread. Finally she gave
up holding it and moaned her frustration.

"Stop baby, oh damn you are going to make me wet again.
Stop! Please..."

"Sorry, had to make sure that it was covered good."

"Of course you did, you are just like your father, lie,
lie, lie all the time and tease me to death."

"But you love it don't you?"

Julie just smiled and put her robe on. They went and
ate, but she made him got put on his pants first, his
cock was worrying her. Toast, jelly and bananas was
breakfast, she ate four pieces and drank two cups of
coffee. She realized she had drank nearly a pot full
when he got up and made some more for Emily and her in
the afternoon. She wondered why he got the water from
the refrigerator instead of just filling it at the
sink. But she didn't think about it long as time was
getting short and she had to hurry. She had her heels
on and lotion on her body when Jimmy yelled that Mrs.
Johnson was driving up. He went to open the garage door
for her.

Emily jumped out and hurried to the garage. She saw him
waiting inside and hoped he was going to give her
another hot kiss like Friday. She wasn't mistaken, he
reached for her as she approached making it oblivious
why he was meeting her. She leaned to him and he pulled
her body against his and crushed her breasts against
his chest and gave her a long and deep open mouth kiss.
When they finally broke away she was breathless and
looked in his eyes.

"What are we doing Jimmy? We shouldn't be doing this.
We are going to far now. We need to think about what we
are doing."

"I don't need to think about it, all I want is to enjoy
it! You are a wonderfully beautiful woman and I think
about you all the time."

"Oh god, your mother would kill me if she knew what we
just did. Let me go before we get in trouble."

"Let me hold you just a little, tight against me, I've
been dreaming of this for ever. I'm sorry I know you
don't like this and you are allowing it because you are
a good friend of Mom's but can I have one more kiss and
hold you, please."

Jimmy kissed her and Emily kissed him back letting him
slide his tongue in her mouth. He shifted his body
against her rubbing his chest on her breasts. Then he
let her go and backed away from a thoroughly dazed
woman. Emily looked at him, her mouth still open. Then
she turned and slowly went inside. She made it to the
coffee pot and there was a cup waiting for her. She
drank it even though it was hot and poured some more.

"Emily is that you? Are you alright? "

"Yes it just me the coffee moocher. Yeah, I'm fine,
just dying for some coffee to wake me up and thinking
about this week. Oh I hate finals week, I hate all
tests. Why in the world did I become a teacher, I have
always hated exams and now I have to give them to five
classes. Why didn't I become a waitress."

"Because you are to damn pretty to be a waitress,
sweetheart. You should have been a movie star or a
topless dancer and then you would be rich."

"Yeah, that is the ideal, oh god look at you, you are
absolutely glowing how in hell do you always look so

"Hush don't start on me this morning. Come here so I
can talk low, I need some advice."

"What. What happened?"

"Nothing, shut the door to the bedroom while I dress."

"Kiss me first so I can feel your tits."

"Ok, but don't touch my nipples they are tender."

"Harry worked them over didn't he? Hmmm, your lips are
sweet. "

"Oh stop. My, I'm sore down there also."

"Oh yeah, it is red and just a little swollen I think.
Wow, you must have had a great weekend."

"Listen while I dress. Harry told me something that
surprised me. We were just lying around talking and he
said he had always had a fantasy of watching a woman
make love to me orally while he had intercourse with
her from the rear. I almost fainted. Then I got hurt
because he wanted to make love to another woman, then I
got confused and didn't know what to think. I still
don't. What do you think, do you, is he wanting to make
love to another woman? Is he tired of me? Are we apart
to much? What should I do?"

Emily stood looking at Julie with her mouth half open
in surprise, she shook her head, no!

"What does that mean, Emily?"

"He can't be tired of you, look at your nipples and
cunny. He is fucking you, if he was tired of you he
wouldn't want to love you or at least not as much as he
did this weekend. I'm shocked, were you playing truth
or dare or something? Men don't come out and tell their
dark secrets to anyone. Not their wives not their best
friend, nobody! What bought this on? Did you tell him
of a secret desire you had?"

"No, we were talking and I told him about the fashion
show and he asked about Jane, like who she was. I
mentioned that I wasn't sure of her, that she might be
bisexual or she might just be friendly or a good
salesperson. Some how we were discussing lesbians and
gays and he said it was funny that men like to see two
women together but two men made you want to vomit. I
said two women also made some women sick. He said he
thought it was erotic. Then he told me about his
fantasy and asked if I had any, of course I said the
fantasy I had was being extremely rich. "

"We've got to go. Get your bag. I agree with Harry it
is erotic to see two women making love and the part of
him taking part is interesting."

Julie paused at the door to the garage. "Would you do
it if Kurt wanted to?"

"Sure if it was you or Sarah. It would have to be
someone I loved. Would you do it for us?"

"I don't know."

"You had Sarah making love to you and you to her while
I pounded her senseless. What's the difference?"

"I don't know, this is confusing to me. Would you do it
with Harry and I?"

"Maybe, I not sure. But if I did it at all you two
would be the only people I did it with."

"Oh my aching head. We've got to go, get out of here!"

They made to school but had to hurry to beat the bell.
Mel was just about to abandon his post when he heard
Julie's heels chattering up the steps. She touched his
hand and said have a good day and good luck on your
finals. She hurried to her desk and checked the baskets
for reports, all were brief with notations that classes
were prepping for finals. She decided to help in the
office. She asked Darlene if she had filing to be done
and she said yes so as she gathered it up she whispered
to her that they needed to talk about the retirement
party. Darlene said it was ready all they needed to do
was discuss it and get it approved by Charlie.

Julie filed for the next forty minutes before Charlie
came out of his office and asked her if she would step
inside for a few minutes. When she went in and shut the
door he was sitting behind his desk with a folder in
front of him.

"Sit down and be comfortable, Julie. I just want to
make you a formal offer about the position on
Administration Manager. This is your folder and in it
is the contract that we will enter into if you accept
the offer. Read it and listen as I hit the high points
in the same order as they are listed in the contract.
Ok or would you rather read it first and then discuss

"No this is fine. Let's start."

Ok, basically we are offering you the position at the
same pay as we currently are paying because we feel
that the starting pay for that grade is to low for some
one of your knowledge and the experience you have here
at school. The hours would be from seven thirty to
three with a half hour lunch break. Other breaks are at
you discretion. You know the holidays and that summer
break is a slow time at school and we work on demand
and take it easy whenever possible. Mainly we try to
maintain someone here to answer the phones and make
sure we are ready for the next term but there are
programs that go on just about all the time."

You will over see all matters of administration and
responsible for the office personnel. For instance you
will hire someone to take you place on the reporting.
And the accounting and reporting of budget position is
your responsibility. Of course last but certainly the
hardest part is to keep me from making a fool of
myself. Now I will go and get us a cup of coffee and
kill a few minutes while you read this and consider

"Mr. Hale, it doesn't seem right that you would offer
me the same pay as Mrs. Lucas makes now, she had been
here forever."

"Don't worry about it. No one will know what you make
except you and I. But things are a lot different now
than they were forty years ago when we started. Also
our offer is less than we would be asked for by a
college degree manager, so we and you win."

"One last question, you say we, you aren't making me
this offer because of, our friendship. It's not
necessary, our friendship stays the same even if I
decide not to accept."

"Julie, you make me want to kiss you! No this has
nothing to do with you and I. This has been discussed
by myself, the v p and Mr. Coan. We are in agreed that
this is the fair offer to make you. Be back in a

Charlie went to the coffee pot, the two ladies looked
at him and Mrs. Lucas raised one eyebrow in question.
He said quietly, pray for me.

"Let me get your coffee Charlie, your hands are

"Hell, this is nearly as bad as asking someone to marry
you. You know I have hired a lot of folks and fired a
few. But some how this seemed to be personal like my
job and life hung in the balance."

"Don't worry Mr. Hale, she likes you, she isn't going
to let you or anyone else know that. But we know she
does. She will consider what would happen if she
doesn't help you out."

"Well, I hope so. She is always so business like, no
emotions, considers all aspects of a problem and
pleasantly steers you towards the best and proper way
to handle it. I just wish you could have seen her at
the presentation. So calm, so well prepared, clear,
concise, those eyes had everyone riveted to what she
was saying. Yet she didn't come over as pushy she..."

"Easy Charlie your heart is crawling towards your

"Gimme some coffee, I hope you are right Darlene, Lucas
going away for a better life, you have a life also and
here I am, forever I guess. I need some one to like

"Want us to go in and threaten to kill her if she
doesn't sign?"

"Almost that desperate. Make her a cup of coffee and
let me take it in as a bribe, she should be nearly
finished now."

Julie was finished, she just sat there in shock. Forty
thousand dollars! Life insurance and retirement
benefits. Hospital and medical coverage for the family
at a low cost. How could she turn that down! Harry is
gonna stroke! He would kill her if she turned that
down. She wanted to call him right now! But she knew
what he would say, take it baby take it quick before
they come to their senses. She thought about all the
things they wanted that they could get.

Charlie came in the door quietly, he brought her coffee
to the desk and said I can come back just call when you
are finished.

"I'm finished Mr. Hale. Thank you for the coffee."

"May I ask if you have any questions or any thing you
wish to discuss?"

"Charlie, are you sure about this? This is a generous
offer and I want to accept it but I feel like I'm
taking advantage of you. If, I told you that our
relationship would be changed, would be over, would
that make a difference? "

"Well, it would make a difference to me personally, I
would be heartbroken. But it wouldn't make a difference
as far as you working no matter what job you choose to
take. Julie, you know I love you, I've told you that.
But I'm no fool. I know the worse thing I could do is
try and buy your love or bind you to me with money.
Understand, you will earn every cent of this offer. I
have always burdened Mrs. Lucas and Darlene with
administration duties. And now I am offering you that
burden because Darlene won't be here much longer and
you will have it all and have to get good people to
help you. This isn't a gravy train!"

"I'm not looking for a gravy train and I don't want
charity but I want this job and I will do my best for
you. I accept your offer."

"Great!!!!! Sign there above your name and I'll sign
below and it's done. We have to celebrate. Let me get
the ladies in here!"

Charlie went to the door and soon his office was turned
into a party. Mrs. Lucas had a small cake that she had
made just for this and they drank coffee and ate cake.
Laughing at each others happiness for each ones
different dreams.
Charlie said he felt like a burden was lifted from him
and Mrs. Lucas said yeah and her also but it had all
now fell on Julie. Twenty minutes later they were going
back to work. When Julie made a copy of her contract
for her self and one for Charlie she took it back to
him and he said thanks for all you do for me. That she
had made this a special day for him and he would like
to take it as far as it could go. Julie smiled.

"You are getting smoother with your seductions Charlie,
I like it. But I am busy could we make Wednesday a
special day?"

"Wonderful, want to go to the lake cabin?"

"Around noon? Lunch at same place?"

"Good. I'll bring a bottle of wine."

"Light and sweet."

Julie quickly told him about the retirement party he
said ok, he would make reservations at the country club
and arrange dinner there, Julie would take care of the
rest. She went to the office and finished her filing.

Julie insisted that Mrs. Lucas take a break that she
never went on break finally she said she would if she
would go with her. As she got some money from her bag
Darlene appeared at the door and said that they would
have to tell her and Julie said yes but Mr. Hale needed
to do that, she would remind him. On the way to the
lounge they talked and Mrs. Lucas said she felt
relieved now that Julie had decided to take the
position. She had been worried about them getting some
one to take care of the duties as Charlie was not good
at budgets and stuff like that.

They had a coke and some cheese crackers and talked
with all the teachers as they came in. Emily and Sarah
arrived talking fast and laughing. Julie reminded them
of the fashion show and asked if Sarah had talked to
any girls yet. She said no but she would just before
lunch. Julie asked them to keep a secret for her and
she told them about the job and that she had decided to
take it. They dragged her to the hall so they could
talk with out any one overhearing them and asked a
thousand questions in ten seconds. Julie was trying to
tell them all she could but the bell rang. Break was
over fast and they had to go back to work.

Julie and Mrs. Lucas went to the office and Julie
insisted that Darlene take a break that it wasn't good
for her to sit there all day she needed to get out and
relax. She said ok she would go to the lunch room and
beg them for an apple.
The morning went fast and lunch time came quickly.
Julie was getting her handbag when she remembered she
had to call Connie. Both Mrs. Lucas and Darlene had
left for the lunch room and one of the senior girls had
come to answer the phone, so she decided to call from

"Hello Connie, this is Julie. How are you?"

"I'm good Julie, I'm glad you called, I've been
thinking of you all morning."

"I am supposed to ask you to do something, it appears
that there are plans for another session but I don't
know when any way I am suppose to keep Bravo at the
house so he can get accustomed to being around me. Do
you know anything about this?"

"No, but it doesn't surprise me. Are you going to pick
him up tonight?"

"That's why I called, you are supposed to free him so
he can get some exercise and see if he will come here
and I am suppose to let him stay inside and get used to
being here, I guess."

"Oh, I understand, I think. Are you prepared for him?
You know what is going to happen as well as I do!"

"Yes, I'm sure that is the plan. I can't discuss it
now. Any way go ahead and free him and thanks, I

"Ok, consider it done, you lucky girl."

Julie hung up, Connie knew what was going to happen
also! But apparently she didn't know why, they both
were in the dark and wouldn't know until they were
told. When Julie went to her car and sat down inside it
she realized her crotch was damp. She had a hard time
keeping the car at thirty five miles an hour on the way

Reaching home, driving in the garage, all the time she
was looking for him but he wasn't around the house not
on the entry, not in the drive, no where. She shut the
garage door and went inside to put her bag away
thinking maybe he was hungry and Connie gave him food.
Maybe he was just looking around the neighborhood,
maybe he had been here and went back home. Maybe, oh
no, she may have him in her house and fucking him! She
reached for the phone to call, stopped thinking well he
doesn't belong to me, they take care of him, feed him,
water him, and, and, and she has every right to do what
she wants. Holding the phone she sat at the counter,
dejected, feeling betrayed and a little pissed also.

Getting up she poured some coffee adding to that she
had left in her cup and put it in the microwave, when
she shut the door and pushed the button she heard a
bark at the back door. Almost running to it she opened
it and there sat Bravo wagging his tail. Julie went to
her knees and hugged him as he joyously licked her face
and whined his joy at seeing her.

"Sweetheart, I was doubting you, I'm so sorry. You beat
me here! You wanted to see me as bad as I wanted to see
you! Yes baby, kiss me all you want, I love you too! Oh
lover, you need a bath. We'll take care of that we can
shower together and I will bath you. I'm so glad to see
you, I missed you terribly. Come on let's go inside."

Dog and his girl went inside, he made a quick run to
the living room and checked out the coffee table as she
got her coffee and drank it watching him.

"No one's here except you and I, baby. I have you all
to myself and you have me and only me. Checking out the
table? I haven't had time to get it ready. You won't
find any other dog scent here I don't cheat on you."

He came running back to her and licked her legs with
that long tongue. Ran around and sniffed her ass,
poking her crack and pushing his nose in it. Julie
giggled, and said stop that it's not nice to smell
butts. Back around to the front and sticking his head
under her skirt he hunched to get at her cunt.

"No baby, don't, you'll mess up my skirt. I have to
take it off, oooww, let me pull it up! Oh yes, that's
so so.... good. Oh, let me get undressed, stop, come on
to the ooow bedroom. God, you are horny as I am, I'm
hurrying don't push."

She made it to the bed and kicked off her shoe which he
smelled of, she had the skirt unzipped and pulling it
over her hips and he was trying to lick at the same
time. She turned away from him and stepped out of it
and he was licking her ass cheeks and crack plus
sticking his nose between her legs to get at the damp
spot on her thong.

"Oh lover, you're killing me with that tongue, you've
got me so damn hot I can't stand up. Please let me get
undressed and you can have me. I want you to take me
again and again. Oooooww, yes, let me pull the thong
out of the way."

She pulled the small strap over her ass cheek so he
could lick her asshole as she learned on the bed with
one hand, shaking and trembling. She ripped the thong
down and stepped out with one foot and tried to get the
other out but Bravo was pushing and lifting her up to
her toes with his snout and she almost fell. Giving up
she swung around and sat on the very edge of the bed
letting the thong hang around her ankle. Spreading wide
so he could lick her wet cunt she almost screamed when
his tongue spread the lips and licked it rapidly like
lapping water. As he licked she moaned and removed her
blouse and reached behind her back to loosen the bra,
tossing both on the bed with her skirt.

"Oh baby, you know what a girl likes don't you. I'm
running like a river, you'd think I hadn't been fucked
in a month. That's what you do to me, you turn me into
a mindless slut all I want is for you to love my ass
and cunt then fuck me to death. I'm ready for you
lover. Oh god, this is so good you are going to make me
cum, sweetheart. SO GOOD!"

Julie wanted him in her, she wanted to feel that hot
dog cock embedded in her and the knot stretching her as
it banged in and out. She had to get to the coffee
table so the height would be right and he would fit
with out straining. But she hated to make him stop! He
paused for a moment and looked at her and she knew he
wanted her on her back so he could mount and insert his
cock in her and prepare her for his cum. She got up and
rubbed his head as she started for the linen closet in
the laundry to get a large towel.

Bravo was right beside her until they reached the
living room and he raced to the table and looked at her
turning towards the kitchen and bounded after her. As
she reached the laundry he caught up and nosed her ass
causing her to jump. As he licked she got a beach towel
and a hand towel from the closet. Julie sank to the
floor and hugged him.

"Lover, you are driving me crazy. Juice is running down
both legs you got me so hot! Oh now you are going to
lick my nipples, you aren't easy to turn down, you just
keep on and on. No doesn't have a meaning for you does

She let him lick her nipples as she rubbed his neck and
shoulders then rose to her feet and was laughing as he
quickly ran back to the coffee table and waited for
her. She placed the beach towel on the coffee table and
the hand towel where she could get it quickly. Grabbing
two pillows she placed them on the coffee table, Bravo
was whining.

She smiled at him knowing he was in a hurry, she was
ready also but had to make sure they wouldn't make a
mess that would take a long time to clean up. Sitting
on the edge of one pillow she leaned back and adjusted
the one for her head thinking he would lick between her
legs. But Bravo had enough licking for now and he
reared up and mounted her coming down hard on her
stomach and breasts.

"Ooofff, baby take it easy on me will you. Ohhhhhh,
it's in me, you know where it's at! Oh my god!"

Julie had grabbed his legs at her shoulders so his
claws wouldn't scratch her. She felt the hot cock
sliding in her wet cunt as he scrambled forward driving
it deeper and began to slam it to her. She moaned with
joy feeling the tapered head, the swelled middle, the
smaller rear and then the forming knot at her entrance
banging against her cunt lips. On the fourth stroke the
knot entered and she whimpered as she held her legs
wide for him to get as deep as possible. The cock was
still extending and soon it was nudging against her
womb. Bravo had his head along side her face and his
rear was moving so fast it was almost a blur.

"Yes lover, fuck me. Oh it feels so good. Take your
bitch to heaven with that wonderful cock. No one can
fuck me like you do. I love it! As long as you want,
all afternoon, I will be naked and ready for you."

Julie closed her eyes and rocked with him on the table.
She was feeling the tapered head slightly entering her
womb and then quickly out, the veins along to length of
his cock, and the knot was budging her slit and causing
pressure in her cunt. She was surprised when she came,
it was so quick that she didn't realized that it was
even near. It was a small and pleasant feeling
signifying that more would come rapidly. She was
getting hotter and hotter with every thrust into her.
She moaned and place her left hand on his neck and
pulled his head tighter against her face rubbing her
cheek against him.

"Yes lover yes, make me cum a thousand times. Fuck me
all day, I need you so bad. I need you every day, many
times every day. There isn't any thing like being
fucked by you!"

Julie felt that familiar ache growing in her lower
stomach and was trying to hurry it, she wanted to cum
again and hard, so hard that she would have to bite her
lips to keep from screaming. Just as it started, Bravo
also started she felt the first spurt rocket through
his cock and the hot semen hit her womb and his thrust
pushed it inside. He froze as it continued to spurt,
she was shaking from her own climax and moaning in his
ear as they mixed their cum in her cunt. Both settled
down, she, lying still holding him firmly against her
breast and feeling his hairy belly on her stomach and
him lying on top of her beautiful body continuing to
pump his dog sperm in her.

They lay for a while. Neither of them moving. Julie was
smiling as she enjoyed this almost as much as the
fucking. Stuffed with a hot dog cock. Cum flowing
around in her. Her cunt lips budging with his knot and
a slightly aching. Bravo was partial to the hands
rubbing his neck and sides, but he wasn't finished yet
she just didn't know that.

"Baby, your cock feels so good in me. It doesn't shrink
and slide out like a man's it stays and let's me enjoy
it for awhile. Maybe that the reason you tie with me.
Keeps your puppy making seed in and let's it work and
gives me a great deal of pleasure so I will want you
again and again. Makes me your bitch!"

Bravo raised his head above her face as though he was
drinking in her beauty.

"Why are you looking at me, lover? Are you trying to
tell me something? Don't say you love me like all the
men. You don't love me, you own me! I say that I will
give myself to you, that I will let you fuck me, but
truthfully you make me your bitch! I don't have much
chance to refuse, not that I want to, you just take me,
lick me into submission, make me a whimpering slut then
fuck me until I can't see straight. But I don't care. I
really love it!"

Bravo licked her chin, lips, and most of her nose in
one swipe, one wet swipe. Julie giggled and sputtered.

"Teach me to keep my mouth shut won't you? Are you
going to get down or are you going to stay on me,
licking me and holding me hostage with that knot stuck
me? Baby! You're not going down! Are you going to do me
again? Are you resting for round two?"

Of course he didn't answer just licked her again. His
paws were on either side of her neck and he had raised
a little but his short coarse hair still tickled her
nipples and he just looked and licked whenever he
wanted. Julie pulled her knees in towards his body a
little to relieve the spread strain on her muscles.
That caused her cunt to shift and the ache to increase
plus it tighten her cunt around his cock and he shifted
his legs forward moving in her a little deeper.

Julie whimpered as the tapered head touched her womb,
he hadn't lost any length or size. Bravo felt the
tightness and responded by giving a quick burst of
power thrusts into her wet and tight cunt. Julie moaned
and spread her legs again, she knew now she was in for
another pounding and she would cum immediately!

"Yes baby yes. Oooooohhh, uuuuggghh, SOOO GOOD!"

She didn't realize that just because she came
immediately that he wouldn't. Bravo was pounding her
for a long time through three climaxes before he
stopped for a few seconds and then started on her
again. Julie moaned, twisted her head, shook, and
thrust back at him until she had no more energy and
just lay letting him give her all he had. Finally she
felt him stiffen and hunch in her being still a second
until the cum splashed into her cunt and bathed the
walls inside her womb. Julie knew she had been fucked!

This time his knot went down quicker than normal and he
whined to her. She realized she had a death hold on his
neck and one leg and she had to let go or he had to
stay in her. She wondered if she held him would fuck
her again or would he rip her throat out to get away.
She found the hand towel and then kissed his snout
letting go of him. Bravo backed away and the knot
popped out followed by the long red cock, she caught
most of the cum as it spurted out of her. As she wiped
he would lick as if he was trying to help her.

"Oh no, don't help me baby. Your tongue is my first
master and, oohh baby stop, I can't stand that it is
killing me and making me hot again."

She didn't stop him, it felt to good! Her cunt was very
sensitive and his tongue was rough and strong. Being
thin, it could also slip inside her cunt and swipe the
entrance and he would lap like drinking water. It was
like being shot in the cunt with a machine gun. Julie
leaned back and let him go at it, whimpering and
rubbing his head. Finally he stopped and ran towards
the kitchen. She wiped and got up to put the hand towel
in soak, it was already soaked. Going to the laundry
she met him coming back, he licked her leg and ran to
the back door and looked back at her.

"You want to go out, sweetheart? I will open the door
but I can't go out with you. It's not fun to watch you
pee on everything. I'll leave the door open and you can
come back in."

He sprinted out and immediately ran around smelling of
everything. Julie put the hand towel in the washing
machine and turned it to the soak cycle. She got
another one as she felt something running down her leg
and went to the kitchen for a badly needed cup of
coffee. She remembered that she hadn't eaten anything
and found chips to munch on, then she thought that he
needed some water and maybe something to eat also. She
got the leftover roast and warmed it and put it down
for him.

She panicked, he might have gone home! How could he? He
couldn't get out, but he got in, maybe he, no he
couldn't jump that fence it was six feet tall! She went
to the door and saw him laying on the lounge. Well, she
guessed he was getting a tan. She tried to whistle but
wasn't very good, but he looked at her to see what that
noise was.

"Come here, it's time for lunch." Well what else could
she say!

He looked at her, she said, I'm not coming out there.
You think you will get me outside and just like last
time entice me into playing with you and sucking your
cock. Well it won't work, you need a bath first you
smell like a dog! Come on inside and we'll talk about
it. Bravo looked at her, then jumped off the lounge and
ran in the house almost knocking her down as he passed.
By the time she shut the door and returned to the
kitchen he was wolfing down the roast. She ate some
chips watching him.

She drank two cups of coffee, he ate all the roast and
lapped up some water and disappeared in the bedroom.
She got up and followed him wondering if he went and
got in the shower, he seemed a lot smarter than she
thought he was. He understood a lot more than she
thought he was capable of or a least it seemed he did.
He just never bothered to answer. He was lying on the
bed stretched out. Just like a man she thought. Fuck,
eat, and sleep, life was simple for them. May be men
evolved from dogs or they both evolved from something,
they sure thought alike.

"Get up. It's bad enough that I smell like you but not
the bed too! In the shower if you want to mess with me

His head raised up and he looked hurt but jumped off
the bed and followed her in the bathroom, stood
watching as she tied her hair in a ponytail and
followed her in the shower. She thought, this is great
I was afraid I would have to wrestle with him. He has
been trained well. Wonder who trained him to fuck
girls. But when she turned on the shower he was more
interested in getting out than staying to watch her
bathe. She got the hand held shower attachment and
started wetting him down. He looked at her like she had
condemned him to death or torture. Next it was shampoo
and she sat on the floor and rubbed it in, washing his
belly real good.

"Come on, don't look so sad. It's not that bad is it? I
like to take a shower. It makes me feel clean and
refreshed plus a little horny. But I'm horny most of
the time anyway. It's really nice to shower with a man
or in your case a male, you can wash each other and
play around. Sometimes I make Harry cum just by jacking
him off, he hates that at least says he does but he
never stops me. You don't really care do you? You just
want to get it over with. Give me a kiss. Don't want to
huh. Bet if I sucked on your cock you would change your
mind right fast. You know something? I'm going crazy,
sitting bare ass naked on the floor of the shower
washing a dog cock and talking to him. It's your fault
damn it."

Julie got the shower and rinsed him, it took longer
than she thought it would, seemed like she would never
get all the shampoo off him. She wet herself and washed
with some body wash, hoping he liked apricot, and then
rinse. Bravo stood at the end, as far as he could get,
looking dejected. She giggled at him. Finally she got a
towel and dried herself and then started on him. He
stood patiently until she opened the shower door and he
thought he could get away but she grabbed him and made
him stay with her on the bath rug as she made sure he
was dry.

"You can't go outside and wallow in the grass and dirt.
You have to stay inside with me, got it?"

She felt of his coat to see if he was dry enough to not
get any thing wet and he was so she turned him loose
and he bounded out the door. Julie fixed her hair back
and brushed it a few licks going to the bedroom. She
sat on the bed and he came trotting in and jumped up on
the bed and around her to lick her back. She jumped
from the wet tongue on her warm skin and lay down
patting the bed beside her. Bravo laid down and let his
head fall over on her stomach. She put her hand on his
flank and rubbed him, thinking that there certainly
wasn't a problem with them getting to know one another
and being used to each other, he was moving in.

As she idly rubbed his flank he rolled over to his back
and her hand was rubbing his sheath. Julie looked and
saw his cock emerging from it. She put her hand on it
and applying slight pressure began to jack it slowly.
Bravo whined and licked her stomach out of the side of
his mouth.

"You like this don't you? You don't like baths but you
put up with it just to get this. Did you understand
what I was saying about a bath first? You scare me
sometimes, you seem to know to much. You don't write a
newspaper column do you? I would hate to read about
myself in the paper. Woman sucks dog cock in husband's

Julie realized she was going to do it, she really
wanted to do it! But not on the bed, she remembered
last time she had pre-cum and cum running all over her.
They would have to go to the living room.

"Come on baby."

She rolled off the bed and started for the living room
with him licking and nudging her leg. She moved the
coffee table and spread the beach towel on the floor,
he got in a lot of licks while she was bent over. She
moved him to the middle and told him to lay down and he
fell like he was shot rolling to his back, four inches
were extended for her. Julie got beside him and touched
him then licked the wet head, he whined pitifully. She
enclosed her lips over about two inches of the hot red
cock and rubbed her tongue along the bottom and was
rewarded with four more inches sliding out of the

Now she could see the knot starting to form and took it
into her mouth all the way to the knot. She opened wide
and let it slip in but knew she couldn't let it stay as
it swelled and begin to stretch her lips. She backed
off and sucked as she pumped her head up and down on
it. She whined as his tongue found her cunt and licked
away. The whole thing was swelling in her mouth and
pre-cum hit her throat. She swallowed as the dog cock
pumped more into her throat and some ran into her mouth
and over her taste buds. Bravo's tongue dug deep into
her cunt and Julie shook all over, this was obscene but

But she wanted more, he was to hot and so was she, she
wanted to be fucked. She quickly raised up and crawled
around and presented her butt to the dog who was up and
ready. As she lay her head on the floor he mounted her
and wrapped his legs around her hips and stabbed at her
quivering cunt until he found it and plunged all eight
inches in her with one stroke.

"Yes, oohh baby, fuck me hard. Hurt me with that big

Fifteen minutes went by with the only sounds being the
slapped of balls against shaved cunt, grunts, moans,
whines, and gasping from the fucked woman. The dog was
silent but busy. Julie hit her climax quickly and
continued, as she was fucked by her dog lover, to cum
regularly. She was getting what she wanted since last
night when Jimmy told her to let Bravo have her today,
as long as he wanted to. This time he had staying power
and filled her with pre-cum twice in addition to the
load in her throat. The knot was firmly encased in her
and aching her wonderfully. She could do nothing but
just keep her balance and not fall over. Twice she
tried to rock back against him but was unable to keep
up, giving up and just letting him slam her like a jack

Julie looked between her swinging breasts with the long
hard nipples and could see Bravo's legs between hers
and also the bottom of his ball sack as it slapped
against her extended clit. She remembered how it looked
on the video to see herself being fucked by Bravo and
wished she could see it now. She wanted to see the
flash of his red cock as he pumped in her cunt. She
felt another climax building in her and was giving out
and getting dizzy from a overload of passion. She was
being slammed forward and pulled back but it was so
fast that it made her tits jiggle and jump swaying from
side to side. He was in her womb and it was getting
irritated but also losing feeling so she couldn't tell
if she was hurting or not. But she knew for sure the
knot was aching her opening and she had grown to love
it. She didn't ever want him to fuck her without
getting the knot inside.

Something wet was running off her back and dripping
from her neck, it was drool from the panting mouth of
her dog lover. Sweat was covering her body and his legs
were slipping from her hips and he would have to get a
new grip occasionally. She heard him begin to whine and
wondered if he was in pain also. Soon she found out as
he jammed into her ass cheeks and she saw his legs
straining to push deeper and she moaned as he got
another half inch in her womb and then the hot dog
sperm gushed into her sensitive cunt and womb splashing
and running around the walls. She could feel each spurt
and she began to secret her cum also.

"Yes lover, fill me up, give me all your hot cum. I'm
coming for you baby. Ooooohhh it's so wonderful.
Wooooo, you really had a load. My... my, cunt is on
fire. You're burning me, Oooh it hurts, my womb is
hurting, to much cum pull it out... Agggghh, ooooohhh.
I'm dying!!"

But it wasn't going to come out, she tried to move
forward but the knot was to big and it wouldn't give
and his cock was to long so she swayed and gritted her
teeth and suffered through the pain. Sweat now dripped
from her body. Some ran to the end of her nipples and
dripped to the towel, she saw all this with dazed eyes
and then to add to her problems she quickly reached
another climax and shook all over as she convulsed on
the hard and hot dog cock. Slowly the woman and her dog
lover came to rest and neither was cumming any more,
neither could cum anymore right now! Julie's eyes were
wet with tears but as the cock relaxed a little she
smiled and the thought ran through her mind, the best
fuck she had ever had. Any more would have killed her.

She kneeled there with her face on the towel unable to
move for a long time, becoming aware that her knees
hurt and she was tired beyond belief. She was going to
just fall over and sleep if she ever got off that
wonderful cock. She moaned when the head slipped out of
her womb. A few minutes later she felt the knot move
and knew it was shrinking, she started feeling around
for the hand towel but couldn't find it. She had to
raise up on elbows and look around for it finally
seeing it near her right knee, she got it and held it
under her body ready for quick action.

But it was still a long time before the knot began to
emerge from her and it was heavenly to feel the
pressure it put on her opening. Suddenly it popped out
and she caught most of the cum that came out right
behind it. Bravo was there to lend a hand with his
lapping tongue and she whimpered as she felt it swipe
over her clit. When he stopped she put the hand towel
against her cunt and eased her hip to the floor and
rolled over on her back. Giving a sigh she rested her
legs and stomach muscles. Bravo came to her and licked
her face and breasts, he liked the salt taste of her
sweat covered body. She rubbed his sides and neck and
let him love her with his tongue kisses. She didn't
think either of them would get horny again very quick.

"I love you also baby. But I'm wore out right now, lay
down and rest a while, please. If you still want me you
can have me but it will be like fucking a dead body.
You got everything I had that time, god, you are a
fantastic lover!"

Bravo flopped down and lay his head on her stomach and
looked at her, she smiled and thought, he's great as a
lover and he's also a good companion. But she didn't
want to play right down! They lay together for a
quarter of an hour. Julie had her eyes closed and
breathing deeply with her hand on his head. She felt
him move and looked at him, he was looking around and
then back at her. He leaned to her cunt and raked the
towel away with his nose and licked her. Julie gasped.
He swung his hind legs around and stuck his nose
between her legs and nosed up to her cunt and licked
her again. Pushing at her closed legs to get better
access he got closer as she slowly moved them apart for

"Are you going to clean me, lover? I'm not sure I can
take much of that. Surely you don't want to fuck me
again so soon, have mercy on me!"

But he was licking in earnest now that she made room
for his snout and she gasped and opened her legs
farther. It was to good to resist. Her clit began to
harden and rise from it's hooded cover and he licked it
also. Julie was tired but she couldn't deny that she
was heating up. She had said he could have her if he
wanted her and apparently he did! She lay on her back
with both arms spread out to her side, her legs wide
open and shivered, quivered, and whimpered as he bought
her higher and higher. She wanted him now! She wanted
that hot cock in her again, she wanted to feel the hot
cum splashing in her and the knot aching her cunt.

Slowly she rose to a sitting position and dragged the
coffee table to her back over the beach towel and
bracing on it raised up and back until she could lay
down. Bravo never missed a beat, moving as she moved
and following her.

"Up, baby, up. Come and fuck me."

When she patted her stomach he was on her breasts in a
second and she was grabbing his legs and pulling him
forward until she felt the tip of his cock touch her
cunt lips. He licked her mouth just as she opened it to
tell him to fuck her and she got a lot of tongue. It
tasted like dog drool plus hot cunt and dog cum all
mixed, not really that great but she didn't care at
that moment. His cock was going in and she couldn't
think of any thing else. He pumped away just as fast as
ever, like he hadn't fucked in a week and the knot was
in her before it begin to swell. She moaned as she felt
it growing inside her.

Her cunt convulsed and she was climaxing but she wasn't
sure that she had any thing to coat his cock with, she
felt completely drained but it was still good. Bravo
didn't go as long as he normally did before stopping
and burying in her deep to let her absorb his limited
spurting. Then he just lay on her occasionally licking
her neck and cheek. She hugged him.

"Thank you baby for making me feel so good! I know you
are as tired as I am and just empty now. But I love you
and you always leave me satisfied. Stay with me for a
little while and let me savor your cock in me, then you
can go home and rest if you want to or stay here and
rest. But let me have your cock in me for a little
longer, it is wonderful. I am your bitch, I think I
always will be. You fuck me like I'll never been fucked
before and I think about it all the time and want it
all the time."

Julie knew she was a dog's bitch. She might as well
face it. She was a slut wanting a cock in her somewhere
all the time. But she was obsessed with being a dog's
bitch and having Bravo fuck her everyday. She
determined, as she lay hugged against her furry lover,
that she would continue her affair with Charlie,
develop her relationship with Bill, let Jimmy, David
and Connie have her anytime she could. Also she would
work on getting Emily for Harry and maybe Sarah for him
also; but she was committed to letting Bravo have her
as his bitch whenever he wanted her.

Bravo began to whine and squirm around on her. She
released him and he backed out immediately. Coming out
sounded with a pop and a slurp but there wasn't much in
her to run out, but she was aware that there was still
a lot of dripping that would take place for a while.
Bravo trotted to the kitchen and lapped up some water
as she wiped herself, then he looked at her, the back
door, and the front door.

"Which do you want sweetheart? Front and home or back
and me again, your choice."

He chose front and ran to it. She followed, feeling sad
but also relief, she wanted him to want her but
couldn't enjoy it as she was wiped out. She opened the
door partially and got down on her knees and he rushed
her and licked her face then turned and squeezed out.
He trotted out to the street and turned for home with
his head high and proud. Watching from a crack in the
door Julie smiled, he's showing out, wants everyone to
know he just fucked the hell out of this woman.

She went to gather up the towels and took them to the
washer, she didn't want to wash any thing else with
them so she added liquid soap and started the cycle.
The living room was next and everything put as it
should be. Straight to the bathroom, brushing teeth,
gargle, toilet with her spray bottle and then in the
shower for a hot bath and shampoo. She left her hair
wet, applied some of Jimmy's salve, found her gym
shorts and a strap top and returned to the kitchen. She
had one more cup of coffee so she decided to drink it
before she started dinner. Coffee was suppose to make
you be alert but she got relaxed and calm when she
drank it, calm but still thinking about sex, she seemed
to think about it all the time.

She was starting dinner, Swiss steaks in good brown
gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans with hunks of ham,
and yeast rolls coated with butter. She was starving.
Jimmy burst in the door, she had left it unlocked, and
came straight to her for a kiss and a quick rub of her
tits. He started talking without letting her say a
word. He and Tammy were going to study tonight for the
history and social studies test. She was going to come
over here if it was ok.

"Of course sweetheart, why don't you call her and ask
her if she would like to eat dinner and we could go get
her if she needs a ride."

Jimmy smiled and grabbed the phone. He went to his
bedroom and talked then came back and said ok, her
father said he would bring her. She should be here in
fifteen minutes, he was going to shower and change.
Julie needed to change also so she quickly put on a
pair of shorts that didn't show her cameltoe and a
thicker shirt to hide her nipples and was back in the
kitchen checking the food. Jimmy came back in a few
minutes, he was dressed and she could smell soap and
shaving lotion.

Tammy arrived and he went to the door and let her in.
After the normal greetings and small talk, Julie told
Jimmy to make them a small salad and by then dinner
should be ready. Tammy was sitting at the counter and
she said she would help him. They talked and giggled a
lot, he was cutting up and making her laugh and they
kept bumping into each other, accidentally of course.
Julie was putting the Swiss steaks on a platter and
started to tell them that they could work better if
they weren't chained together, but didn't.

As soon as they were finished mangling the salad she
put them to work of pouring tea. Soon they were at the
table and eating. She reminded Jimmy that she would be
late tomorrow because of the practice for the fashion
show and asked him if he could have dinner at David's
so she could go eat afterwards and not have to rush
home and prepare a late dinner. Tammy suggested that he
come to her house for dinner and they could study until
Julie came to pick him up. He said sure, is it okay
with you mom? She agreed and said to write down the
address and phone number for her. She would call to
tell them she was on the way.

The meal was delicious, and they cleaned up and did the
dishes as she put every thing away. They went to the
table to study and discuss the test. Julie got the
phone and called Harry to tell him about the job. He
said wow, at the salary, great, at the insurance and
damn, about the retirement. He said I hope you took it
baby, that's to good to pass up! They talked for a
while about her working full time and his problems at
the construction site. Julie asked if he would be able
to take a vacation, they always went on vacation
somewhere right after school was over. His answer was
not very soon.

"Baby, Sarah wants me and Emily to go with her
somewhere for a week's vacation. Would it be ok if I
went? I don't know if Emily will go or not but Sarah
doesn't know anyone or anyplace to just change scenery
and relax. She won't go if she doesn't have someone to
go with, and I will be alone anyway. Plus usually the
school is closed for a couple of weeks for everyone to
take vacation then opens again and starts training
classes for the teachers. I will have to be there

"Sure baby, you go ahead if you want to, you deserve a
week off! Just keep in touch with me is all I ask."

"Ok, thanks baby, I'll see what develops and let you
know. It would be good to go and just lay around, not
having to get up and work or clean house just be a
beach bum! But there isn't a beach close around here
and I don't want to travel two days to get to one."

They talked for a while and then hung up. Julie was in
the bedroom, she went to the door and checked on Jimmy
and Tammy, they actually were discussing the war of
1812! She called Sarah and asked her if she got any
girls for the fashion show. She said she had about
twelve volunteers so she called Jane and she said to
pick six that were about a size 4 to 6 so she wouldn't
need so many different size dresses. Then they talked
about the finals and Sarah said she was ready, she was
going to get two girls to help her grade the papers
each afternoon and it would be a piece of cake!

"Sarah are you in the toilet? Don't talk to me while
you are in the toilet!"

"I'm not in the toilet, I'm sitting on the couch. I'm
not a uncouth person!"

"Sarah I heard the toilet flush... Do you have

"Himmm, well yes I guess, Ben dropped by. We went to

"Why didn't you tell me? I don't want to interrupt

"You're not interrupting anything, we're just talking."

"Ok, I don't care what you do, baby. It's just that I
feel like I'm keeping you from something, that doesn't
sound right does it?"

"Yeah, sounds right to me, sounds like a good idea for
later. Wanna come over and watch! Sorry I shouldn't
have said that!"

"God, Sarah, you are getting just like Emily, a one
track mind, sex, sex, and more sex!"

"Yeah, it's great."

"Bye, Sarah. Remember your friend that you love sitting
at home babysitting the giggling love bugs while you
are gasping in ecstasy. "

She hung up before Sarah could reply.

Clothes had to be washed, towels folded, a breakfast
planned, she turned on the coffee pot that Jimmy had
prepared and asked Tammy if she drank coffee and would
she like some. Jimmy's face had a strained look on it
but Tammy said no thanks.

When she finished her chores and checked everything,
she wasn't sure what to do, should she sit in the
living room or go to the bedroom, never been in this
position before. The phone rang it was Sarah.

"You hung up on me, Julie! I had something else to tell
you, listen to this. There is an assembly tomorrow
morning at eight ten. With a surprise announcement, so
dress sharp, it didn't say what for but I bet that it
is about your new position."

"We always have assembly before finals, Mr. Hale likes
to encourage the students and wish them well. Plus he
usually presents the senior class for the last time.
More than likely he will announce the retirement of
Mrs. Lucas and Eloise and the retirement party or he
may wish to tell only the teachers of the party by

"If he don't mention you I'm going to shout it out. But
he will! He thinks to much of you not to praise you!"

"Well, I'll try to dress decent, I wouldn't want you
and Emily to be embarrassed."

"I didn't mean it like that, I meant... you know what I
meant! I'm going to hang up on you now."

"Wait! Is Ben still there or did you have to call 911
for an ambulance?"

"That's mean. You're laughing now aren't you?" Sarah
hung up.

Julie decided that she should tell Jimmy and Tammy
about the assembly and the announcement. They weren't
doing a lot of studying anymore. Just sitting and
talking, something about ' and they got caught half
naked on Indian Mountain just two days later'. Julie
knew she didn't want to hear anymore, at least not from

She told them about the assembly. They didn't seem to
be surprised about her new position. Jimmy knew she had
been considering it, Tammy looked at him and seeing
only a little reaction turned to Julie and said she was
glad but she really didn't know Mrs. Lucas but she
wished her the best.

Then she said she needed to call her father so he could
come after her. Julie said, call and tell him that we
will bring you home right now. I need to see where your
house is before tomorrow night. And he shouldn't have
to do all the driving anyway. Julie got her bag and
keys and soon as Tammy hung up and they gathered up
their books and papers, they left.

Jimmy made sure Tammy sat in the middle so they would
be crowded, Julie was learning that he was full of
tricks. She also got a good bit of leg touching, her
bare leg against Tammy's bare leg, as they talked and
went around corners. Tammy wasn't shy at all about
being touched, or squirming around in the seat. She
didn't just turn her head and shoulders to speak to
Julie she would throw her hips around and put her hand
on Julie's arm as she talked. Julie knew her hip was
against Jimmy because when she spoke to him she did the
same thing to Julie.

Julie began to realize that Tammy wasn't a flirt, she
seemingly wasn't aware that she had what a lot of
people would take away from her, innocence. She was
open, outgoing, friendly, and apparently thought
everyone was like that. She liked people apparently all
people, but she liked Jimmy extra, she didn't care who
knew it either. Arriving at her house she pleaded with
Julie to come inside for just a minute and meet her
parents. She declared they would love to meet her!

Julie went in and met them. She was shocked! Tammy was
a carbon copy of her mother, who jumped up from her
chair and rushed to hug her.

"Oh, I'm so glad you have time to come inside, we've
been dying to meet you. Tammy has told us so much about
you that we feel like we are old friends."

Her father came from the kitchen followed by a girl
just a little younger than Tammy, he hugged Julie
lightly and then the girl also hugged her. Julie was
amazed, she looked like Tammy's mother also and her
father also had light hair. But the biggest thing was
that it was very apparent where Tammy got her great
personality for you liked them as soon as you saw them.
And they were friendly, kind, and very acceptable to
everyone, just like Tammy. Suddenly Julie came to
realization that Jimmy was fortunate to have a girl
like her that cared about him. She wondered if Tammy
was fortunate!

They talked a little while and then they excused
themselves and left. She was pensive and thinking as
she drove, Jimmy was also quiet.

"They're good people aren't they mom?"

"I think so baby. You don't meet people like them very
often, when you do you should hang on to their
friendship for it will make you a lot happier than some
friends you can have."

"Yeah, Tammy sure has changed in a year. She was always
just a nice girl who was pretty but not exceptional.
Other girls had larger breasts and wore revealing
clothes and were more fun to be with. But she has
bloomed this year, but she's still a nice girl."

"You should always treat her with respect. Don't take
advantage of her trust and friendship. Never ask her to
do anything that she wouldn't do normally."

"Funny that's what Dad told me yesterday, but he wasn't
as nice as you about it."

"What does that mean? What did he say?"

"He said he would tear my arms off and beat me half to
death with them, if I ever hurt her, even her feelings.
Don't think I ever saw him that intense."

"Your father is a good man, baby. He had a hard life as
a young man and it made him have to trust in his own
ability because he didn't get any help at home. But he
is honest and really cares about people unless they lie
to him or disrespect him."

"He's good to me and you, that's what important."

They were quiet the rest of the way. It was time for
bed but she had to have some coffee and decided to have
one cup and save the rest for morning. As she drank it
she was filled with confusing thoughts and pondered on
them for a long time. When she was finished she went to
the bedroom and Jimmy had turned down the bed and was
lying on it reading his text book. She asked was he
having a problem with something. He said no, that he
was just reading. Then he said that Tammy was better at
history than he was so he was trying to catch up.

Julie asked how she was in math. He said good but she
has trouble with equations and angles. Julie thought
well what woman doesn't. Not many Emily's running
around that love that stuff.

She said are you ready for bed, baby? It's getting
late, we haven't been sticking to the rule on bedtime
like we used to. He answered, sure ready, and put the
book on the table and turned out the bedside lamp.
Julie went to the bathroom and then cut out the light
after she undressed and went to the bed. They snuggled
together and she waited for him to start but to her
surprise he didn't and after five minutes she could
tell he was asleep by his breathing. She lay thinking
about her situation, not so sure about what she wanted
as she had been earlier. Jimmy moved and his hand
closed over her breast.

Chapter Forty Seven

Julie wanted to go to sleep, she was a little tired but
mostly she didn't want to lie in bed and think. Besides
Jimmy's hand on her breast was turning her on and he
was asleep! She remembered the afternoon and Bravo, she
thought about tomorrow evening and Jane, Wednesday, the
cabin and Charlie, then it came like a vision to her
mind, a picture, clear as if he was standing in front
of her, of Bill with that look in his eyes that said he
would love her forever. She was getting worse, she felt
like it was to hot in the bed but she didn't want to
get up and all she was covered with was the sheet and
the ceiling fan was running.

But Jimmy's hand felt like it was stuck to her tit but
it wouldn't squeeze or anything to help her. She
couldn't play with herself with him lying snuggled up
to her. She lay there thinking and wishing, also she
cursed herself some. Finally she just had to get up!
She shifted a little in the bed to move away from him
and he released her breast and turned over. Waiting for
a few minutes she slid to the edge and got up going to
the kitchen in the dark house.

Julie drank another cup of coffee and sat at the
counter, occasionally she had to wipe her eyes. She was
confused and distraught, she knew now what was wrong
but didn't know what to do about it. Grabbing the phone
she dialed a number and waited as it rang three times
and was about to hang up when it was answered.

"Bill, it's Julie. I hate to wake you but I wanted to
talk to you."

"Hi Julie, I'm glad you called! I wasn't asleep. I was
sitting on the patio enjoying the coolness of the

"Oh good. Can we talk? I don't want to talk on the
phone I mean can we get to together and talk, tonight,

"Sure, want me to come over there or meet you

"Can I come to your place? I mean is it possible to
come over without anyone knowing?"

"Well yes, at least I think it is. I will meet you in
the parking lot and we can go around back and nobody
would see us."

"Ok, that's great. Thank you for being so
understanding. I will be there in about fifteen

Julie found a dress in the dark closet and a pair of
heels, got her bag from the living room table, and was
easing out of the driveway as noiseless as possible in
four minutes. The dress was a wrap around and loosely
tied. Her breasts rubbed the silk like material and
made them tingle.

Arriving at the parking lot of the apartments she saw
him standing at the far edge and pulled in there. He
came to the car as she was getting out. She walked
straight to him and gave him a kiss, lingeringly, she
wanted to let him know she wasn't there to sit and
talk. Bill was taken back as he was a little confused
because he didn't know what she wanted to talk about.
His mind worried that she was upset about Friday night
and was going to tell him she would never see him
again. But the kiss allayed some of his fear.

They walked down the side street, she had placed her
hand in his and went through the shrubbery to the back
of his apartment. Julie sighed once they were inside
and no one had seen her.

"Bill, don't turn on any lights. Can you cut off the
living room lamp and close the blinds.?"

"Sure, the blinds are already closed. We can see by
street lights shining on them. Sit down, I made you
some coffee, you drink it black, right? Sit down."

"Bill, I don't want to sit, can we stand at the kitchen
counter? Bill, I haven't been truthful with you, I
don't want to talk. I just wanted to see you. I wanted
you to take me in your arms and kiss me and hold me
like you did Friday night. Bill, I want you, I need you
to make love to me. Is that alright with you, do you
want me?"

Bill was so shocked he couldn't speak for a moment,
finally he managed to say ' more than anything in the
world, Julie'. " I've been almost sick thinking that
you wouldn't ever want to see me again, my heart aches
I want you so bad."

They came together in a tight embrace, kissing and
fitting their bodies together, he became aware that she
was naked underneath the thin dress, the heat of her
body radiating to him. Julie was anxious, wanting to
feel him in her, she needed relief that his love would
give her and his cock was the instrument. Bill was
floating from the realization that she wanted him, this
wasn't just politeness or kindness, she really wanted
him. He felt it was emotional as well as sexual.

Julie felt his love for her in his touch, his lips, and
the way he held her body. Almost like it was a precious
jewel and he had to hold it gently and tenderly but
tight enough that it wouldn't slip away to be lost
forever. The reality flooded over her, she wanted to be
loved, loved without condition, and she felt that in
Bill. He would never ask or demand that she do anything
other than what she wanted to do. Instinctively she
knew he would not want her to fuck others for his
enjoyment or in payment for something. Never would she
have to have sex with a man or woman to get him a sex
partner and she would not be subjected to whippings and
abuse, photographed naked, fucking, sucking, anything!

Bill was what she wanted, but deep in her heart she was
afraid it was to late. She might not be able to resist
the sheer sexual joy she received from having those
things done to her. She might not want to never be
lusted after, have willing men and women to do anything
to fuck her with cocks and tongues. But she had to seek
relief tonight and he was her first choice! Suddenly
cumming wasn't enough, being fucked for hours was only
temporary relief, she wanted to feel love flowing into
her as well as cum.

And Bill had both for her and he was eager to give her
both! As they kissed she tried to unbutton his shirt
getting the top two undone but he was holding her so
tightly against his chest she couldn't get to the
others. She reached behind and pulled his shirt from
his pants but his hips were welded to hers' and she
couldn't get the front out. She moaned in despair and
tore her lips from his mouth.

"Sweetheart, help me. I'm on fire, help me get you

Releasing her he was shirtless in seconds and she had
his pants sliding down his legs and one hand on his
cock, rubbing.

"It ties on the side baby, there aren't any buttons."

His search was abandoned and he found the bow and the
right end to pull and the dress fell open. His hands
went to her breasts automatically and a sigh came from
his lips, he needed relief also. Julie had his shorts
down also and both hands stroking, one cupping balls
and one rubbing cock. Bill realized he had to get out
of shoes, socks, pants, hell everything, he wanted to
be naked as a newborn and kissing her from head to toe.

He went to work and standing looking at her beauty in
seconds. Julie slowly removed her dress letting him see
her body come into view, she stood there and slowly
turned to her side for a profile view. Then she turned
so he could see her back and ass and then all the way
to face him again. She was showing him what he wanted,
she was proud to know she had what he wanted, and she
was feasting on the look in his eyes as he adored her.

She wanted to get him in her quickly but also wanted
him to feel appreciated so she paused and let him look,
running her fingers over her tits, nipples, down her
stomach and framing her cunt spreading her legs
slightly. She whispered for him not to move and walked
to him giving him a kiss on the lips and then sinking
slowly to the floor as she nestled his cock in one hand
while the other fondled the hot squirming balls. She
leaned forwarded and kissed on the very tip letting her
tongue tip torture the little slit with quick flicks.
Then she slowly let her lips encase the head and ran
her tongue around the rim. Bill groaned like he was in
great pain.

Again, as Friday night, she was in awe of the size of
his cock. The head stretched her mouth to get it in and
she wouldn't be able to hold it long until her jaws
ached. But she didn't plan on holding it long, this was
just for him, just to help him understand that he was
special. She rose and kissed his lips again and
whispered, hurry. Bill did. Shoes and socks flying and
pants left in a heap right where they were and she had
only time for a couple of swallows before he was taking
her in his arms and putting flesh to flesh. She walked
backwards plastered to him towards the bedroom with his
cock rubbing her stomach and pointing towards her face.

On the bed and lying facing and kissing they managed to
get cock centered in cunt and plunged to the limit,
both moaned from the pleasure each felt.

"Oh god, baby, this is wonderful! Take me slowly and
let me enjoy your love, but if you want to cum don't
hold back, let me feel your love flowing in me."

Neither was able to delay climaxing and six minutes
later Julie was filled with Bill's warm sperm and he
was gasping as her cunt milked his cock of all it's
semen. But neither was satisfied and they continued to
kiss and move against each other and his softened cock
began to revive and he was moving in her again making
her gasp and coo from the stuffed feeling.

She would have swore it was even bigger now and she was
even hotter now as he murmured his love for her in her
ear. Julie gave him herself fully and openly,
responding to every movement, moaning her acceptance of
his cock in her. Bill felt powerful, he was wanted by
the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She wanted
him to love her, she wanted him to kiss her, and she
wanted him to fuck her!

Almost an hour passed with the two lovers sharing their
desire, Julie had climaxed three more times, shuddering
and begging him to fuck her. Julie was in heaven, this
is what she wanted, what she needed, to be loved. She
felt his cock getting harder and knew what that
signified, it made her even hotter anticipating his cum
spurting in her.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, I can feel it. I want it so bad,
flood me with it baby. Oh Bill, I feel your love
flowing though me! My lover, my special man, you are
making me love you. I know it's wrong, I know we can't
love each other but your love for me is overpowering
me. I want this forever!"

That was to much for Bill, he felt the cum boiling out
of his sperm laden balls and rushing to his cockhead.
He slammed as deep in her cunt as he could get and
pulled her ass against him until his balls were being
crushed against her crotch and groaned. Julie's moans
turned into squeals of delight as cum spurted into her
and splattered against her cunt walls. As he stiffly
held himself against her and gave her his cum he was
also wishing that this could be forever, he wished it
was super glue instead of cum and they would spend the
rest of their lives just like this.

The next ten minutes was spent breathing hard and
kissing. Slowly their upper bodies relaxed and moved
away a little so they could look at each other and he
could touch her breasts and rub the nipples with one
hand. The other was still holding her ass to keep her
cunt mashed against his groin and his cock deep in her.

Julie giggled. "Wow baby, you really, really, really
loved me. God it was great! Baby you have the most
wonderful cock in the world. You know how to use it
too! Do you know, I came five times while you made love
to me, I am overwhelmed, how do you do it for so long
without cumming? Oh I get wet just thinking about you
and your cock."

"I love you, Julie, I don't think I would ever get
enough of you. You make me into a superman, you make me
feel strong and powerful. I want to please you as many
times as possible."

"Bill, I wasn't just making fucking talk, I really
think that I am falling in love with you. It scares me
but I don't know what I can do about it. Please don't
ever use it against me. I want to see you but how? I
want to be with you and make love like now but it's
impossible. What can we do?"

"Julie I,"

"No, no, don't talk now! Let's just enjoy what we just
shared, we are falling in love and we love to fuck
together and we both want it to happen again and we
will find away. So let's just enjoy it, ok!"


Julie smiled, he would agree to anything she said, he
was more realistic than she was. He knew the odds were
against them, at least against him, she had things to
fall back on, he really didn't have anything. But he
accepted that and would live with it if he had to. They
lay on the bed exploring each other not talking much
until he began to shrink.

She said she had to clean up and go. He held her
tighter. She asked if he heard her, he shook his head
and they laughed together. A little more kissing and he
released her ass and she moved away, rolling onto her
back to hold in his cum. He said he would get her a
wash cloth and walked to the bathroom holding his wet
and dripping cock.

After they were cleaned up they talked and drank some
more coffee, Julie didn't see her dress on the kitchen

"Bill, did you hide my dress?"

"Yes, I thought maybe you wouldn't go home if you
didn't have any clothes."

"Oh baby, you are going to break my heart. I want to
stay all night with you but you know I can't. Please
don't make it harder than it is now."

"I'm sorry, I'm just teasing you. I really want you to
stay but I understand. Don't feel bad."

"Kiss me and give me my dress and let me go. You don't
have to go to car with me."

"Yes, I do, I want every minute I can get with you plus
if something happened to you I would want to die."

It took another twenty of kissing, dressing, kissing,
coffee, kissing until she caught a look at the clock on
the stove. It was twelve after twelve and she gasped,
what had they been doing for two hours. They hurried to
the car in the still dark night, a quick kiss and she
was on her way home. She made it inside and found the
closet to put her dress in, slipped out of her heels,
smiling as she realized she had kept them on while they
made love, slipped into bed without disturbing Jimmy
and went to sleep immediately.


Morning came with the alarm going off, Julie stirred
and raised up to turn it off but couldn't reach it over
Jimmy. He opened one eye and looked at her.

"Turn it off baby, I can't reach it."

He slowly rolled to the side of the bed and fumbled
around until he finally got it off. Julie got up and
went to the bathroom for a quick seat on the toilet and
then in the shower. Coffee was waiting for her when she
got out. She went to the kitchen and the coffee was
making as he had started it after refilling it. She
went back to bathroom and got a towel for her hair and
one to wrap around her. Breakfast was going to be toast
and eggs and she had it nearly ready when he returned.
They exchanged good mornings and a quick kiss.

"Sorry about last night, Mom. I was really tired and I
thought you might be also with Bravo visiting. You did
call Connie didn't you?"

"Yes baby."

"Good, call again today for a quick one. How did it


"Did he fuck you?"


"How many times?"

"Baby do you have to know all that? I did as you told
me to do. He came over and I let him in and fed him and
he fucked me."

"How many times!"

"Three or four, I don't remember."

"And he wasn't shy about it or did you have to coax

"Baby please! He wasn't shy."

"Good, then we will make the movie the first night we
have time."

"Baby, what are you going to do with all these pictures
and movies? No one can ever see them!"

"Don't worry about it no ones knows about it but us.
Call ok, don't forget it's important."

Julie wasn't happy with that explanation, but she had
to accept it for now. Breakfast was finished and she
was almost ready for school when Emily got there, Jimmy
missed her as he was busy talking on the phone to David
in his room. Emily and Julie discussed the fashion show
and finals and then left for school.

The assembly was quick, just a few words to the
students to encourage them to do their best on finals
and prepare for an enjoyable summer vacation. Then the
announcement of the retirements and an open invitation
to all staff to attend the retirement dinner. Then a
quick announcement of Julie's promotion to manager of
administration. Both announcements drew applause.

The morning went without incident, she spent most of
her time working at Mrs. Lucas's desk. She found
several things that she made a mental note to change,
improve, or get on the computer to make it faster. She
went on break with Darlene and made her go to the
lounge, she said, no one knows you work here, you never
go on break. They see you around and it's oh yeah
that's that nice lady in admin. Darlene said she didn't
need to eat or drink colas as she was to fat. Julie
said there is juice and coffee plus you can take some
fat free crackers, come on with me.

All to soon it was lunch time and in the back of her
mind she had been thinking about it, with mixed
emotions. She went to her office and called Connie.
Then went to the car and drove home. Bravo was on the
front entry and came running to the garage.

"Hey baby, are you glad to get out? Easy now let me get
out of the car before you rape me! Listen now, we have
to go inside and I have to undress for you, but we
don't have all day so it's once and done, ok. Hell
you're not listening to me!"

She struggled out pass the eager lapping tongue, and
they went inside, hitting the garage door button on the
way. Julie rushed to get her bag on the counter, warm
some coffee and undress at the same time. As soon as
she started unbuttoning her thin white blouse Bravo sat
down and watched, wagging his tail.

"Is that love or lust in your eyes, lover? You know
what it means for me to undress don't you? Yeah fun
time for the dog cock, huh. Well at least you have a
few manners, you will wait as long as I appear to be

She got naked and kicked off her shoes before getting
the coffee from the microwave, walked to the laundry
room for a towel and let him lick her ass all the way.
She giggled when he nosed into her crack, but
hesitated, frozen, when the tongue found her ass hole.
She bent slowly holding onto the closet door and let
him thrill her with the rough tongue action.

"Ooohhhh, baby, that's not fair. I can't resist that
and you know it!"

She shuddered and goose bumps were all over her ass
cheeks. She straighten, hurried to grab the coffee cup
and headed to the couch, throwing the towel at the
coffee table. Sitting down on the edge and spreading
her knees she rubbed his head as it advanced to the now
wet slit.

"Oh yes, that's great! Lick slower baby it's not going
anywhere. Ooouuuuweeeeee you don't know but one speed."

Bravo licked and she trembled. Lying back against the
couch enjoying the sensations running through her body,
she let the dog do anything he wanted to her cunt. Had
there been someone to watch it would appear as if he
was trying to lick her womb as his tongue was worming
inside as deep as he could get it. Julie was breathing
in short but deep breaths as her passion begin to soar.
She sprawled with her legs wide open occasionally
gulping coffee until she emptied the cup and could put
it on the couch.

Bravo reared up and was trying to mount her and insert
his cock but his head bumped into her face and he
licked it but couldn't get his cock close enough get
in. All he could get was a few touches against her cunt
lips. She slipped off the couch and crawled to the
coffee table, he immediately mount her from the rear
and as she spread the towel he found home!

"Aaaggghh! Baby, not so fast, oh, oh let me get the
towel fixed, please!"

But it was to late and to good. She gave up and just
thrust the towel under her and spread her knees so he
could get between her legs and not step on her. She
wiggled back to let all the hot and pounding cock go in
as far as possible and rested on her hand with her head
lowered. At first there was no sounds except the
panting of a dog and slapping of a wet cock against a
wet cunt. Gradually there could be heard faint
whimpers, then a few gasps, a low moan followed by a
outburst as she began to cum.

"Yes, baby, yes, fuck me. Give it to me, let me have
all of it deep inside. Give me your knot lover, tie me
and pump me full. Oh my, I love this, I'm just a slut,
a dog fucked slut, I didn't want to be but I'm just
like my mother! Oh yes, cumming for you baby, fuck me,
fuck me hard."

Julie came twice before Bravo pumped his hot cum in her
cunt making her cum again. They both were panting as
they waited for the knot to recede and release her
aching cunt. Tears dripped from her nose, she wasn't
sure if they were from despair at what she saw herself
becoming or joy from the enjoyment of having the best
lover she had ever known. Visions of her mother's eyes
and face as she took the pounding cock of the dog as
Julie lay beside her watching, came to her and she
smiled at the memories. She guessed her mother was just
doing what ever she could to enjoy life or maybe like
her, mother had discovered that it was the best fuck

Bravo had slipped out of her womb and the knot had
decreased in size to lessen the ache and she could just
wait letting the emotion of satisfaction wash over her.
Feeling the knot began to bulge though her cunt lips
she got the towel ready and caught the flow of mixed
cum that gushed out of her cunt.

Julie turned and sat on the towel: "Thank you lover,
you always satisfy me. I have lost count of the number
of times you have fucked me, a lot, but never have I
been left unsatisfied. Weeeee, you want to lick me
clean! Damn it's still good! Do it baby, lick me, get
all you want of my cunt, I never get enough of you."

When he was finished, she got up and gave him some
water and some coffee for herself, he started whining
wanting to go outside. He kept looking at the back door
and would go half way and turn looking at her. She told
him that he had to go home, repeating it twice. Then
she went and opened the front door and he reluctantly
came and stopped in front of her.

"Yes baby, you have to go home now. I must bathe and
get ready to go then I have to pick up two girls and
take them to the shop. I promise that I will see you
again in a couple of days. Alright?"

Bravo looked at her, wagging his tail. She leaned down
and hugged him, then she opened the door wider and said
go. He went out and started for the street, she thought
he was not going very fast, like a pouting child. She
closed the door and went to get the towel and
straighten up. The clock was showing almost three, that
couldn't be right!

She ate a sandwich and then hit the shower. She shaved
and applied hair remover on her legs doing all those
little things that take a lot of time before showering
and washing her hair. At almost four Jimmy arrived on
the bus. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a
shirt blouse. She waited for him to bathe and took him
to Tammy's and then went to pick up the two girls. It
was almost five by then.

Jane had two customers and she said make yourself at
home, I'll be ready in a moment. The girls wanted to
know if they could look at clothes and Julie said sure,
dive in. They did, going though the dress racks like
miner looking for gold. Julie noticed they were quick
to find the sexiest things and really giggling as they
held them up in front of them and running to the

"Mrs. Cole would this look ok for prom next year or the
summer dance?"

Julie wasn't about to get in the middle of that, she
answered, "Well it's a little low cut don't you think?
I would imagine your date would go absolutely crazy and
your parents would lock you up in the bathroom."

"But would it look good on me, (whispering) are my
breasts big enough?"

"Yes it would look adorable on you. It doesn't take
large breasts to be beautiful, Kim. Beauty comes from
inside you and you have that already."

"Oh thank you, Mrs. Cole. Coming from you makes it more
special, you are the most beautiful woman that I have
ever seen!"

"I agree totally, she is to me also."

Julie turned her head and saw Jane standing there. They
smiled at each other. Elizabeth, the other girl yelled
come look at this! That left Jane and Julie alone.

"How business?"

"Good, those two ladies just bought two hundred dollars
worth, maybe things are looking up for me!"

They talked, not speaking of that which they wanted to
say to each other, and Jane showed her the sorted
clothes she had ready.

"Tell me if you think this is best..."

"Hold on, here comes Emily and Sarah, so you don't to
say it again."

Jane ran to meet them and soon they all gathered in the
very back of the store.

"I have picked out three outfits for each of you to
model. There is a little slip of paper on each one with
a number on it. Each of you will have a number one and
that is the first outfit you will model. When the first
group finishes and starts to leave the area, the second
group will start forward, the third group will be ready
and standing waiting. The first group will go in the
bathroom and change quickly to their number two outfit
and stand by to follow number three when they finish.
Does that make sense?"

Everyone nodded. Julie asked; "How far is it to the
bathroom, how much time will we have to change?"

"It's only about seventy feet, a short walk. I will
have to watch for you to see if you are ready, I

"Can I make a suggestion?"

"Sure Julie."

"Suppose you have each group walk around as you talk
about the out fit and then each of us will come and
stand in front of the door and you will see we are
ready. Then you can have the girls circle the stage or
platform for a last look and when they come off we will
start walking."

"Great idea, that way I won't have to keep looking to
see if you are ready. When we finish and I see you then
I will tell the group, Thank you ladies and they will
know to start circling and walk back to change."

Sarah asked. "How many steps up and down the platform
are there."

"Really there aren't any steps, there won't be a
platform just the middle of the mall. Where the two
wings meet. "

Emily added her thoughts; "I think we, Julie, Sarah and
myself should lead the group. It can get fairly
intimidating to walk though a group of people when they
are all looking at you. We don't want to stress these
young ladies out."

"You must have been in a fashion show before, Emily."

"Yes and it was scary, some of those looks made you
shudder. It wasn't like showing your family your new
Christmas dress that auntie from out west sent you."

"Ok that's the way we'll do it. Now lets everyone grab
a pile and try them on to see if we need to make any

It was pure chaos for a while, everyone piled in the
back room and just waited, no one wanted to get naked
or down to their undies first. Julie took charge.

"Ok ladies, Friday night everyone will have on heels no
stockings, make sure your legs are shaven and a light
coat of oil to make them shine. The skimpiest bra you
have along with panties or thong. Not to much make up,
you don't want to look like a street walker, rather the
girl his mother would die for him to marry. Every body
take off your tops."

Julie had hers off and laying on a box in a flash. She
was used to getting undressed in a hurry. Everyone else
hurried also.

"Some of you have on tops that you have pull over your
head. Don't wear those Friday night as there won't be
time to redo your hair. Buttons or zippers on the front
to speed you up. Next skirt, no slips takes up time.

They went thru each outfit and by the end they were
getting good, it was going faster each time and Julie
told Jane that they shouldn't have any trouble even
time to relax. Emily spoke up.

"Jane, you may have to get Sarah a larger size in that
last outfit. She was having to stuff those big knockers
in like stuffing sausage."

All the girls screamed out laughing.

"I did not and mine aren't any bigger than Julie's and
she didn't have any trouble with them falling out."

Julie asked Jane about security and she said there
would be a mall supplied guard at the door of the rest
room. All the questions got asked and Emily said let's
get these ladies home so they can eat and study. As
they were leaving Jane held Julie back and asked if she
would like to get something to eat. Julie said yes but
we have to hurry, think of a place we can eat fast and
I will come get you after I take the girls home.

They met again and went to a near by place that had a
buffet and soon were back at the store. Jane led her to
the back without turning on any lights. As they talked
about the fashion show Jane cleaned off the table and
lay a cloth across it. Julie helped but neither spoke
about what was going to happen. Jane turned off the
bright overhead light after she turned on a small desk
lamp pointing to the ceiling. Julie smiled as she saw
Jane was trying to make it a little more romantic than
just a backroom passion.

Finally there was nothing else to do and they looked at
each other silent. Julie held her arms out to Jane and
she rushed into them and they hugged.

"Jane, I don't know what to do, I hope you do." Jane
shook her head looking at her eyes. "Well if I goof
please try to overlook it. But I have never seen you
naked, let's start by undressing, let me do you first."

Julie removed her clothes slowly, she had very pale
skin with no tan lines, obviously she never lay in the
sun. her body was shaped nicely and her breasts were
not big but a good size to match her body the nipples
were almost pink and about a half inch long. They were
also very hard and her chest and upper breasts were
turning pink with passion. When she stepped out of her
shoes she looked like a school girl, defenseless and
shy. Julie pulled her forward and kissed her upturned

Now it was Jane's time, she got the shirt off fast and
Julie's shorts were around her ankles like magic but
then Jane stopped to admire the beauty before her. She
felt of the bra a long time before removing it and then
as the breasts swung free she sighed a deep sigh, she
now saw what she wanted all week, half of what she
wanted all week. She caressed them, rubbed, and
squeezed them. Then she did the same to the nipples
both hands busy, eyes moving from one to the other.
Leaning forward she kissed both and then let her lips
slip over Julie's right nipple, squeezing it with her
lips and then sucking getting more and more in her
mouth as her hand massaged the left breast. Julie was
standing letting her have her breasts and breathing

Suddenly she felt Jane's hand sliding down her stomach
and the fingertips under her thong strap and straight
to her slit. She gasped placing her hand on Jane's neck
and seeking her breast with the other. Trembling as
Jane lightly rubbed along the slit as if she was
begging for entrance, Julie moved her feet apart and
moaned when the finger entered her slit and rubbed up
and down passing over the hooded clitoris causing it to
pop out and start extending.

They were together for a long while, in enjoyment and
also longing for additional intimacy. Jane stopped
sucking and licking her nipple and looked at her and
with questioning eyes she whispered ; "Can I do it to
you?" Julie nodded and kissed her on the lips, groaning
as two fingers entered her cunt and slid in knuckle
deep and wiggled around. The fingers made a slushing
noise in her wet cunt.

"Jane, you made me so hot, that I'm wet as a swamp, I'm

"Don't be. I love it, I love you, I want you and want
you to be hot."

"But I wanted to feel your lips kissing me again there,
but it's so messy now."

"I going to, I want to kiss your beautiful vagina, your
lips, just like last time and I will. It will be better
wet, I can taste your juices and get them all over my
face, I would love that."

Jane turned Julie until her butt was against the table,
leaning her back she slipped to her knees between her
legs, which moved apart automatically, and after
admiring the clean shaven wet slit with the clit
peeping out she kissed it! Julie moaned as if she was
stabbed and her knees bowed out to make the entire
cuntal area open and accessible.

Jane's tongue entered and the tip sought out the
entrance and probed inward bringing out another louder
moan. Julie went back with her hands gripping the table
edge and leaning on her elbows, her head hung back with
long black hair streaming to the table top, breasts
standing straight out and quivering. She groaned as the
sudden ache of an impending climax knotted her stomach.

Jane was crazed with lust for the woman she had wanted
so badly for days. She kissed, tongued, sucked and
tried to get her tongue and lips inside her cunt. She
was receiving moisture and swallowing it as fast as she
could and moaning as she wanted more she wanted it all.
Julie fell back on the table in complete surrender to
Jane's passionate loving and felt her legs being lifted
by Jane and spread wide apart, the loving mouth was
inside her slit and the tongue plunged deeper. Julie's
womb convulsed and she groaned out a whisper; "stop,
cumming, stop I'm going to climax.".

But Jane didn't intend to stop, she only got faster,
delighting in the twisted body of her obsession, the
moans and gasps as she gave up her cum to the eagerly
devouring mouth. When Julie could cum no more, she lay
trembling and quivering as Jane sucked and licked,
getting all the moisture that was available and then
kissed the open and relaxed cunt. She raised up wiped
her mouth and face on the sheet and leaned over the
trembling body to kiss the sweet lips, her cunt was
against Julie's and her legs raised and crossed over
Jane's hips pulling her tight as she returned the kiss
opening her mouth for the tongue flavored with her cunt

Jane squirmed against her cunt like she was fucking and
Julie pulled her tighter.

"I want to fuck you Julie. Can I fuck you and make you
cum again. Please let me fuck you."

"How can you Jane? I don't understand, how can you fuck

"Wait, don't move."

Jane got her handbag from a garment box and reached
inside pulling out a strap on dildo, it wasn't as big
or long as Emily's, more like the same size as a man's,
flesh colored, with veins showing, the head was a light

"It's a strap on dildo, I just got it a few days ago.
It is clean and sterilized."

"I saw some in pictures but never a real one. Won't it
hurt me!" Julie lied.

"No, it's real soft but firm like the real cock of a
man, let me try it, if you don't like it I will stop. I
want to make you feel good."

"I already feel wonderful, but ok, just be gentle."

Jane stepped in the dildo quickly and realized she
didn't have any lube, she bent down so Julie wouldn't
see and spit in her hand rubbing it on the head as she
kissed and licked the cunt she was going to plunge

"Oh my god, you're driving me wild, sweetheart.
Oooooohhh no it's too good."

Jane licked a few more times and then standing up she
grasped Julie's legs and stepped between them. The cock
was aligned perfectly and she eased the head in a
couple of inches. Julie moaned and stiffened, her legs
shaking in Jane's hands.

"Is it hurting? What's wrong baby?"

"No, no, it feels so good, oh my, this shouldn't feel
like that. Oh god, put it in me. Fuck me with it, oh
yes, ohooohhh."

Jane had it all the way in, all nine inches, she was
pressing the plastic that it was fitted in against the
cunt and squirming it from side to side. Then she
started fucking like a man would as fast as she could
delighting in watching Julie's passionate face and
bouncing tits with each thrust. Julie pulled her knees
up and that changed the angle making her whimper and
encouraging Jane to fuck harder.

Ten minutes the little room was filled with slapping
bodies, whimpers, gasps, grunts and whispered words of
endearment. Julie had heard that phrase whispered to
her since she was fifteen. She had long ago learned to
expect it and somehow it made it seem even better.
Often it came from strangers that were using her for
the first time and usually it was followed by, and I
love to fuck you.

Both of them were sweating, bodies shiny and slick, but
a twist that Jane hadn't thought about came on her, she
was cumming! The passion, the beauty lying before her
giving herself to be fucked, and the friction of the
dildo rubbing against her cunt lips was more than she
could take. She plunged in Julie harder but the climax
froze her and Julie was humping onto the cock now as
she was almost there herself and didn't want to lose
it. Jane finished but the frenzy of Julie fucking on
her cock set her off again. It was another two minutes
before they slumped against each other in utter
exhaustion. Tit against tit, stomachs almost welded
together, they kissed long and passionately. Julie
raised up to a half sitting position, she couldn't rise
any further without pain and possible injury from the
cock still buried in her.

She pushed against Jane and broke their sealed lip lock
and made her step back on shaky legs so the dildo would
slide out. Getting off the table she pulled the harness
down from Jane's hips and to her feet, urging her to
step out of it. Cum from Jane's cunt was dripping to
the floor and also running down her leg. Julie quickly
stepped in the harness pulling it up and seating it at
her cunt, then took the watching and shaking girl by
the arm she led her to the table and made her lie face
down on it. Seconds later she had the dildo half way up
Jane's cunt and heard her voice whimpering yes, oh, yes
fuck me. Julie worked on doing just that for two
minutes making Jane moan and gasp as she rocked from
the plunging cock.

Julie realized now what men had, good stomach and leg
muscles, it took more effort than she had thought. Also
her ass muscles were fast growing tired, how in the
world did Bravo make his hips move so fast! She could
only get half as fast and not hold that very long. But
Jane certainly was enjoying her efforts and she humped
back, matching each stroke into her, meeting Julie half
way. In no time she was gripping the sheet with her
hands in balls, then she was beating the table with her
fists as she reached the beginning of a terrific
climax. And as she came on the plastic cock she banged
her head on the table.

Julie was afraid she was going to hurt herself, and it
didn't stop, later she confessed that this was her
first ever multiple cum. As soon as one would end
another would start, the sliding cock was wet and
dripping on the floor. Julie tried to rub her shoulders
but she would have to grab her hips again to keep
leverage and maintain the pace.

Julie's clit was taking a pounding also from the base
of the harness and she was getting tired. It was harder
to keep up the pace and she wasn't feeling like she
could cum like this. No wonder men like to stop and
kiss and suck, they were giving out and had to
replenish! Jane was twisting and her voice sounded
hoarse she had moaned so much, slowly she begin to slow
her ass thrusts and Julie sunk the cock in her as far
as it would go and lay on her back, kissing her
shoulders. Jane lay still with only tremblers running
through her like aftershocks from a earthquake. A soft
voice spoke from the face on the table.

"I love you, Julie. Ever since the first day when you
came in the door. Now I am sure, I love you."

"Shhh. Don't talk now. Let's just enjoy the moment."

Julie stayed on her for a few minutes then she slowly
pulled back to remove the dildo from the wet cunt with
a sucking sound. For a second Julie looked at the
exposed ass in front of her and was tempted to reinsert
it in her asshole. There was something about the
submissive posture of her lying there that made it be
so appealing. She got closer and put her hands on the
white ass cheeks and rubbed them sliding them to her
hips and then up the sides. The tip of the cock touched
the puckered little brown entry. Jane didn't move or
make a sound. Julie rubbed and moved up leaning forward
applying pressure and was pleased when the ass lifted
and moved against the cock.

"Are you feeling ok, Jane? Does anything hurt?"

"No, I feel wonderful."

Julie continued to rub the small of her back and moved
up with her hands and leaned a little more. The tip was
beginning to part the small opening. Jane cooed softly.

"That feels so good."

"Do you get massages often?"

"No, never. But I like the way it feels."

"Just relax and let all your muscles be limp."

As she massaged and rubbed, she leaned a little more
and thrust her hips slowly forward. The cock begin to
enter and steadily slipped in until half the head was
entered. Jane's hips rose up and as Julie watched did a
small circular rotation against the cock. She rubbed
higher almost to her shoulders now and the head slipped
inside. She watched as the rim disappeared from sight
and heard Jane whimper. Now she reached for the
shoulders and rubbed them and felt the back pressure
against her cunt easing and the cock continuing to move
forward. Again the ass lifted and rotated, the wet cock
was moving faster now.

Julie leaned down and as she massaged the shoulders she
kissed the back of the girl she was ass fucking,
although both of them were pretending that they didn't
know it. She moved up to kiss where Jane's neck joined
her back and felt her thighs touch the ass and back of
her legs, she had taken it all without a sound. She
kissed and then lay her head on her back letting the
cock just lay inside her ass, not moving. She rubbed
her cheek on the smooth skin of the impaled girl,
hearing her sigh.

"Jane, are you ok, you are real quiet, are you sick or


"No you're not alright or no you're not sick?"

"I'm wonderful. I'm in heaven! I never felt like this
before. I didn't know it would feel this good. I had no
idea that anything would feel good in my ass."

"Doesn't your husband ever fuck you in the ass?"

"No, sometimes he touches it but I wouldn't let him do
anything else. I thought it was nasty and would hurt."

"Do you think now that you would like to let him? He
would love to, I'm sure."

"Oh yes, I will let him now."

Julie moved out a little and then back in and Jane

"When he gets home tomorrow tell him you want him to
fuck your ass, will you do that?"

"Oh yes, please do it again."

"I'm sorry, but you might get sore. It's better that
you wait until tomorrow. Also I have to go pick up my
son and go home, it's getting late."

Julie eased back as she straighten her body and let the
cock very slowly withdraw until it was out. Jane
whimpered when it was gone and Julie knew the feeling
of emptiness she had and slipped off the dildo and
pulled her up and held her tight. Jane looked at her
with adoration and pressed her tits against Julie's.

"I need to wipe the sweat off, do you have anything I
can use?"

"There is a towel in the metal cabinet over there. Hold
me a minute I feel weak. My legs don't have any
strength at all."

"You need to lay down for a while. Why don't you lay on
the table while I wash off."


Jane crawled up on the table and curled up. Julie went
to the cabinet and got the towel and wet one end to
wash with and the other end to dry with. She found her
clothes and dressed, got her bag, dug out the spray
cologne and used some. She peered into the little
mirror to make sure she didn't look like a fresh fucked
hag, ran her comb through her hair and went to check on
Jane. She was still lying on the table, naked, her body
pink, asleep with a slight smile on her face. Little
dew drops of cum hung to her dark brown cunt hair.

Julie shook her gently and she rolled onto her back and
smiled when she saw her dream in the flesh. Without
speaking she held out her arms and when Julie bent down
she raised to kiss her sweet full lips.

"Jane, you can't sleep on that hard table. I really
have to go but you need to get up and go home. Do you
need me to help you, are you alright?"

"Yes, wonderful. This the best I have felt in years.
I'm ok. Julie, are you going to come back, again?"

"Of course I will. But not tonight, I'm beat. You are
to good to me, you wore me out. I'll call you as soon
as I have a free night, again. But don't forget your
promise, tomorrow night! How long will he be home?"

"Just one night, hopefully he will be back Saturday.
Julie, I really do love you, I wasn't just carried
away. I don't want to embarrass you but I think you
should know that I will do anything, anytime for you.
All you have to do is call and I will drop everything
and meet you anywhere."

"Jane, please I..."

"I know, don't say it. Just remember, please."

"I promise, I will never forget. How could I after
tonight? Bye, see you Friday for sure."

Julie drove to Tammy's in a hurry. She was a few
minutes late. Blowing the horn when she got there,
everyone came out, they wanted her to come in and stay
awhile but she explained that she was sweaty from so
many people in a tiny room and would come some other
time, plus the children needed to get a good night
sleep. With Jimmy in the car and Tammy half in the
window she was ready to go and waited for her to pull
her head out. Obviously she wanted Jimmy to kiss her
goodbye but he pretended he didn't know. Finally she
touched his face and said goodnight, see you in the
morning, pulling her head out. Julie looked at her
mother and father and they were smiling, it didn't seem
to worry them that she was smitten with the teenage

"I didn't ask you how the history and civic tests

"Great! I think it was a good idea to study together. I
feel good about it, a couple of questions I wouldn't
have known except Tammy pointed them out last night. I
think it will be an A, I call that a winner."

"Math tomorrow?"

"Yeah, study hall then two hours on math and equations
thrown in, lunch, study hall, two hours of geometry,
and finally baseball. Going to be a busy day. Mrs.
Johnson won't have any mercy on us either!"

"She is a very good teacher."

"Yeah, she is. But I get distracted sometimes, she is
so darn sexy it's hard to think about angles with those
curves in front of you!"

"Jimmy, shame on you."

"Well, she is, Mom. She sure has changed in the last
few months. She used to be up tight and nervous but she
has become relaxed and accommodating, but she still
demands you give your best. I should would like to give
her my best."

"Jimmy! You can't be serious, that's awful. She is my
best friend. You shouldn't talk like that about her and
not to me anyway."

"Just teasing you mom. Just teasing you. Don't beat me
up! You know I think you are the best ever."

"Well maybe, but you might just be covering up. What
did you drink at Tammy's kitchen table that made you so

"Not bold, just horny, looking at you brings it out.
God, your legs are beautiful in the dash lights. "

"Oh now you are trying get redemption. Don't want to
sleep in your room do you?"

"Heck no, unless you are going to be in there with me,
naked and your hands tied behind you."

Julie's heart fluttered. Damn him, she thought to
herself, he knows what gets to me and he won't give up,
him, his daddy, and Bravo, all just alike, keep her hot
and she will do anything. She didn't answer and they
were at the driveway to their house. As the garage door
shut behind them she reached for her bag and he said.

"How about it, tonight?"

Julie swallowed, she knew she should have had enough
but, "I have to take a bath, first, baby."

"I'll make the coffee and wash your back."

Julie went straight to the toilet after getting her
funny shaped bottle. She had this thing about being
clean and fresh, inside and out. One of her few fears
was that she would smell, she couldn't stand to smell
dirty unwashed body odor. Honest sweat was ok, she
would lick sweat off her man but was intolerant when it
came to women with a musky smell. Everybody could
bathe! When she came out she was naked from the waist
down and working on the shirt when he came in with the

"There is one more cup from this morning in a cup on
the counter. I made the other it's ready for morning.
Going to change clothes be right back."

He was good as his word, he was back and saw his mother
standing naked checking her shaved cunt in the mirror
quickly. The coffee was gone, she had gulped it down.
He got in the shower and turned the water to hot and
she came in shortly. Julie stood leaning against the
wall with her hands as he wet her body and then washed
her tenderly. She got really turned on from him washing
her breasts, he held a nipple squeezing it and he
pulled and washed around it, and it was worse when he
washed between her legs, softly over her cunt and then
her asshole. They got finished with the shower, she was
so relaxed that she swayed as he dried her with the
towel and held his cock in her hand while he gently
rubbed between her legs.

"I love you, mom."

"I love you, sweetheart. I missed you loving me last
night and I want you."

"Did you take Bravo today?"

"Yes, just like you told me to."

"Are you and he becoming lovers?"

"Yes, I think so. That's what you want isn't it? For us
to be lovers. To fuck everyday. You want Bravo to own
my cunt don't you?"

"Yes, I want you to have him everyday. As many times as
you and he want each other, neither of you can refuse
the other."

"What kind of movie will you make of us, what will you
do with them?"

"Many different settings. When you and he get fully
engaged then we will make some outdoors and some inside
at different times and places. We will have you be a
slave to Connie and she will use your body and then
both she and Bravo will fuck you. They both will be
your masters."

"I am to be a sex slave and a dog slut?"

"You're wet! Just thinking about it makes you wet
doesn't it?"

Julie wouldn't answer, the answer was obvious. He let
her wrap her hair in a towel and then on the way to the
living room they stopped in the kitchen and he warmed
the last of the coffee and gave it to her. He got a
rope made of soft fiber from a sack in his back pack
and she saw it was cut in many different lengths. More
than her hands were going to be tied tonight!

He fashioned a loop on two lengths, one for each
breast, she watched as he placed them on her and
crossed them over her shoulders in the back around her
ribs twisting them in front and back around her waist
down her ass in the crack where he twisted them
together until they reached through her slit and back
to the back on each side tying them together. Reaching
in his pocket he pulled out the chain and attached it
to her nipples. Her tits were tinted pink and she knew
they would get worse plus the twisted between her legs
was rubbing her cunt lips and clit making her breathe
faster than normal. Next was her hands and she gulped
the coffee as he did one and then put the hand behind
her so he tie them together.

He was gone a second returning with a pair of black
high heels. Placing them on her feet, she tottered as
the heels made her body pitch different and the rope
seemed to get tighter. Next he walked behind her and
his cock rubbed against her ass cheeks, then a blind
fold was placed over her eyes. He walked her around,
she guessed they were dodging furniture in the living

A door opened and the garage door went up, she didn't
want to go out, the light would be on, but he turned
her around and they went some where else. She was
getting lost and confused, all she knew was that they
were still in the house. She was placed against a wall
and she heard a sound, soon it came again and she
realized it was one she had heard many times before,
the sound of a camera shutter. He was taking pictures
of her.

The next half hour Julie was moved, positioned, moved
again. She sat on a bed, the bar stool, lay on the bed,
lay on the couch all with her legs spread, fingers
pulled her cunt lips apart to let the rope go deep and
she felt her lips bulged around it. These were nasty
pictures. The rope was cut with something and removed
from her hips and retied. Now pictures were taken of
her with a open cunt, something stuck in her, it felt
like a dildo, and with one leg on the floor and the
other on the couch back. She never protested but did
whimper when the object was removed. She didn't like
this, it was degrading.

The object was placed at her lips and she let it be
slid into her mouth, she could taste herself on it.
Then something was placed at her asshole, it was coated
with lube and slid in easily, it was small like a hot
dog wiener. More pictures were taken. Finally she was
let up and her mouth relieved but the object in her ass
was left in. The ropes and chain were removed except
for her hands and she was bent over so her breasts hung
down and pictures taken side and rear.

Finally she was taken and placed on the bed, if was her
bed, she knew from the way it felt, and more pictures.
As she lay waiting she was surprised to feel him get
into bed and pull her over on her side and place his
cock at her cunt. She was wet and he slipped into her
without any hesitation. Her leg was pulled over his hip
and a hand pushed the object deeper in her ass as he
fucked into her.

Julie was not really hot or turned on, she was wet but
she got wet just from someone looking at her legs or
tits in a store or anywhere. She couldn't move all she
could do was just let him fuck her. But Jimmy was
turned on, he was in control, she didn't refuse
anything or complain. She took everything he did to her
without a word. He didn't last long, soon he was
grunting and filled her cunt with his cum. Julie tried
to move with him but it was irritating her hip and she
didn't want to get a sheet burn. He finished and rested
in her then got up and went to the bathroom. When he
came back he released her hands and removed the
blindfold and the object in her rear. Julie didn't say
a word as she went to the bathroom.

She went to the kitchen afterwards and warmed the
coffee in the other cup and sat at the counter drinking
it. She felt like she had been overpowered, tied up and
raped. She got up to prepare the breakfast set up to
save time, her eyes were misty. Going to the bathroom
for some tissue to blow her nose she saw he was asleep.
That made her feel even worse. She went to the laundry
room, shut the door and cried.

She thought of Charlie and Bill, how different it was
with them. How she felt when they made love to her, she
wiped at her eyes and wished she could go to them now,
she needed to feel love. She was satisfied when Bravo
left her, she would like to do it more but she was
satisfied. She was satisfied when she left Jane but she
wasn't now, she had just been fucked for his pleasure,
his relief, no satisfaction, no love given to her, just

She went back to the kitchen, finished setting out
breakfast, drank the last of the coffee and went to
bed. She had a little trouble going to sleep but it
helped to think about last night and Bill's huge cock
in her bringing her to climax and his whispers of love
in her ears. Tomorrow she would meet Charlie and go to
the lake, she drifted into a troubled sleep.

Morning came with the jarring sound of the alarm on the
bedside radio. Julie got up and went to the bathroom,
not bothering to turn it off. She heard it stop while
she was on the toilet. Jimmy was out of bed and in his
bathroom when she came out to turn on the coffee pot.
He already had. Returning to the bathroom she showered
and put on lotion without drying off.

She inspected her body closely but all signs of bondage
were gone. She got a robe to go to the kitchen, usually
with just him and her there she stayed naked but she
didn't feel like rewarding him this morning. She could
hear his shower running as she cooked eggs, grits,
bacon and toast. Juice for him and coffee for her, she
was finished with the first one already.

Just as it was ready he came in and set the plates and
silverware on the table and as they ate neither talked
about last night. She told him she should be finished
with her errors by five and be home but if she got a
late start or something she would be here as soon as

"Mom, you are upset. Is it about last night?"

"Baby, last night was not very enjoyable for me, I'm

"No, I'm sorry. I made a mistake by assuming that you
would like that, you seemed to enjoy bondage before and
I thought you would again. It's my fault, you should
have told me but you are to nice to say anything. You
always do things and let me do things because you try
so hard to please me and make me happy. But I want to
make you happy, too! Please tell me what was wrong so I
won't make that mistake again."

"Baby, maybe you have spoiled me. For a while now we
have been making love every night, sometimes two or
three times, but Monday night we didn't. I missed it
and wanted us to have a night of gentle loving but
there wasn't any love in last night, it was just
fucking. Like you were only doing it to get pictures or
to give me relief and it wasn't you and I making love
it was just fucking. I didn't mind being tied up, you
were gentle and it didn't hurt but it just wasn't like
the other times."

They were silent for a while then he spoke.

"I understand, it's my fault. I will make sure that it
doesn't happen again, you see all I wanted to do is
give you new and exciting things, new experiences,
things you had never done before. But I forgot the most
important part and that is that you do all these things
willingly because you want to make me happy and I
should remember that and give you choices not just up
and do it."

"Thank you sweetheart, let's forget about it, ok? It's
over and done so we should just forget it and go on.
Maybe part of the problem is that we have to much going
on. You have baseball on top of finals and I have the
new position plus run here and run there. We need to
relax a little, but soon we can, when school is over we
can take a break."

They finished eating, Jimmy said the dishes are mine.
When Julie got up he pulled her to him and gave her a
long kiss and she felt the passion in him and wished
they had time for some this morning. She felt a lot
better, coffee seemed to ease her tensions and then she
would get horny. But no time for fun and games now! She
would save some for tonight!

Jimmy got the dishes in the washer and dressed for
school then went to the garage to wait for Emily. Julie
had her clothes laying on the bed before she dried her
hair and got her self ready for school. She went to the
kitchen for some coffee and saw a cup sitting ready for
Emily. As she started back to the bedroom she saw Emily
pulling in the driveway. She went and sat at the vanity
checking her hair waiting for her to come in, it was a
long time!

Emily walked in the garage towards Jimmy and knew he
was going to kiss her again, it was in his eyes! She
went right to him and they kissed, she had her arms
around him and held herself tight against his chest so
he could feel her breasts. His hands roamed her sides,
back, and down to her ass, cupping each cheek and
pulling her tight against his hardening cock.

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know but I can't help it! I want to kiss you and
hold you so bad it hurt."

"Let me go. We are going to get caught one day and
there will be hell to pay. Please."

"Can I feel your breasts for just a second, it would
help me to have something to remember all day."

"Oh god, this is awful." Emily murmured as she twisted
in his arms rubbing against his chest to make one
breast available.

He cupped it, rubbed it, and then squeezed it lightly
and held it as he kissed her deeply. She returned his
passion and just for a instance rubbed her pelvic area
against his cock. She quickly pushed away and went to
the door turning to look at his bulging pants front.

"Get in the car, for god's sake don't let your mother
see that."

She called to Julie, saying it's me, stealing coffee.
She took a long time standing at the counter sipping at
the cup and hoping she could get her emotions under

Julie wondered what took her so long but when she came
to the door, her face flushed and her nipples looking
like they had burst though her bra and were straining
the blouse, she knew. She asked what Emily thought
about the show and they talked about it for a while.
Julie got up and walked naked to Emily and gave her a
light kiss, her lips were hot and soft, way a aroused
woman gets. She dressed and noticed that Emily was
preoccupied with something. They made it to the cars
and left for school. Jimmy was his old self, he touched
her legs and pulled her skirt up peeping at her thong
and laughed when she said, Jimmy! Stop that, you'll
just get worked up for nothing.

The morning went by fast, there seemed to be a million
things to do and look at. She entered all the data from
the day before and worked with Mrs. Lucas. All the
couches came in for coffee and now they had a good
excuse to gather around her and talk about how much
they looked forward to working with her. She was
gracious, friendly, and gave them plenty of
opportunities to check out her breasts and ass as she
turned to speak to each one. She cemented her
friendship with Couch Robert by touching his arm as she
told him how grateful she was that he made sure that
Jimmy got home everyday. He was beaming and the others
were jealous.

Charlie was in and out, he checked each class staying
for a little while, walked the halls when classes
changed and greeted the students doing all he could to
motivate them. Besides today was a great day as far as
he was concerned! That is if lunch time ever got here,
times just crawls sometimes. All the students felt the
same way time crawled until they got in the classroom
for the test and then you only had a hour to answer
fifty questions!

Julie and Mrs. Lucas were discussing the petty cash
procedure when the lunch bell rang! Mrs. Lucas said
well, that was a quick morning but we got a lot
accomplished but we missed break time and I need to go
to the bathroom, now!
Julie got her stuff and told them she had to run some
errors and would see them tomorrow, she tried to peep
in Charlie's office but Darlene said he left twenty
minutes ago. Julie went to the car and was at the mall
restaurant in ten minutes, Charlie's car wasn't there.
She ordered toasted sandwiches and tea for them both
and went to the bathroom removing her bra and sticking
it in her bag. She had wore a dress that buttoned up
the front and she unfastened three buttons at the

Returning she saw Charlie coming in the door he smiled
a big smile when he saw her.

"I ordered for you, just a sandwich and tea, is that

"Wonderful, thanks. My god, you look great. I have been
busy and didn't get a chance to talk to you, I was
afraid you might forget."

"Charlie, you know I wouldn't forget this, I've been
looking forward to it. You are just teasing me."

They ate quickly and were leaving quickly. Julie slid
to the middle, fastened her seat belt and saw she was
showing a good part of one leg in the split of her
dress. When he got in she waited until he got backed
out and on the street then moved a little closer and
lay her hand on his leg. Her watch showed they were
setting a record this trip.

They talked as they rode. Charlie moved the rear view
mirror down so he could see her without turning his
head. Then he put his hand on her bare leg. She saw his
pants jump.

"Charlie, you can't see the road behind us like that!"

"But I don't get to see you much, you wouldn't deny me
this opportunity to gaze at your beauty would you? You
know I am weak and need your nourishment everyday." She
smiled and squeezed his leg. "What I really need is a
picture of you that I can hold next to my heart when we
aren't together. Do you think that would be possible?"

"Are you serious? What kind of picture?"

"Any picture, just a picture to look at and cry over."

"I don't know if you teasing me or not. Really? You
want just a picture of me? Just to look at? Stop
smiling, I can't tell if you serious or messing with

"Honestly, with all my heart, I would love to have a
picture just to look at. I'm not crazy, don't give me
that look, I'm just a fool in love, I can't help it."

"Charlie you so sweet. But how? Do you have a camera?
And how could we get it developed without some one
seeing it?"

"I've got a digital camera, like you used for the
presentation. We could use it and not have to send the
film away to be printed."

"But still someone would see it when they ran the
prints off, unless, unless you ran them off yourself.
Do you have a printer and computer or a picture

"No but I have a friend that does and he would let me
use it, privately."

"Do you have it with you, now?"

"Yeah, it's in the glove box, at least I think it is,
look and see."

"It's here. Well, Are you sure, you are nodding your
head and I haven't asked you yet! Are you sure that no
one would see them, promise me!"

"I promise, I promise."


They drove another mile in silence.

"Ok, means yes? Yes I can take some pictures for my
eyes only?"

"Yes, you can. It seems silly, why would you want a
picture to look at, but yes you can take pictures of me
to look at and print them out, as many as you want if
you want to make yourself suffer why should I stop

Charlie sped up they were almost there and he was eager
to arrive. She had said as many as you want, he wanted
one of every second they had, he should have borrowed a
movie camera. Nothing had changed at the cabin, as soon
as the motor stopped she could hear the birds singing
and bees humming at the flowers. She got the camera and
handed it to him as he got out.

He went around and opened the door for her and she slid
over to get out and her skirt was bunched around her
hips showing her thong. He said oh my missed that one.
She got out smiling, he was like a little boy, thrilled
to death with everything, she raised up holding his
hand and he stepped forward and pulled her into his
arms. She felt the heat of his body as they kissed and
was enveloped in the passion flowing into her from him
and it was a passion born from love, she wanted all of
that she could get, she was starved for it.

They finally got inside, got the air turned on and
Charlie told her he had put a bottle of wine in the
refrigerator last night and it was just like she like
her wine. It was and they got a taste and then a glass
full, it felt like two adults having a good time,
enjoying their friendship, and knowing that they would
be sharing their bodies shortly. Each minute added to
the excitement.

"Can I have a picture of you standing on the deck with
the lake behind you, you are so beautiful, it takes my
breath away. I want to remember how you look at this

"Yes sweetheart, any way you want me, just hurry. I
want you!"

"Any way? Can I take some with you partially clothed."

"Fully, partially, or none at all, what ever you want."

Second later he had her standing at the railing, first
a full frontally, then profile, he moved around until
he saw the sun shine through the thin blouse outlining
her breasts and took about five. She saw his hands

"Charlie, baby, calm down, it's just me. Stop a minute
please. Come here and let me kiss you and calm you

Charlie doubted that kissing was going to calm him down
but he tried it for five or six minutes. She wasn't
sure if it was the kissing, the waiting, his
excitement, or posing for pictures but she was almost
panting also. He rubbed her breasts through the blouse
and she gasped she was so hot. She unbuttoned it all
the way to her waist and pulled it open so he could get
bare skin and he was soon kissing them.

"Baby, stop for a moment, you've got me boiling. Do you
want pictures of me like this, exposed?"

"Oh my god, yes."

"I will pose for you as I undress, take a picture, take
off something, take a picture, take off, when you get
pictures of me completely naked then you have to take
me inside and give me what I want. Deal?"

"Deal. My prayers have been answered, thank you for
doing this for me."

"I must be crazy, lover. It turns me on to think of you
looking at pictures of me naked and ready for you to
love. Baby, you're getting to me, big time, I fear."

Charlie grabbed the camera, Julie knew how to pose, she
started with the blouse only partially open, next one
breast almost out, bare on one and the other almost,
the blouse hanging off her shoulders both breasts
completely out as she pretended to try to unbutton the
last button. She never looked at him until she had it
off and turned partially away, looking over towards him
with just a slight smile. Then she slowly unbuttoned
the skirt standing up straight and holding the bottom
in her hands with her legs and thong showing in the
open vee. She let it puddle around her feet and he got
good hot shots as she slowly bent over lifting one leg
out and then the other, breasts hanging down and
nipples long and hard pointing to the floor.

She let him take pictures as she turned her back to him
and pulled the thong over her ass. Then as she heard
the shutter she turned so he could get some of her butt
sticking out. Then it was the front easing off her
cunt, he got closer and lower. One with the thong at
her knees, ankles, one ankle with the other leg raised
and then the last one as the thong was removed. She
faced him and struck several poses some like a model
some a little more casual, leaning on the railing
looking at the lake, brushing at an imaginary speck on
her lower stomach. She spread her legs and with one
hand on her hip held her hand out to him, palm up.
Charlie was sweating and taking pictures like mad.

"Charlie, stop taking pictures and come take me, I
can't wait any longer baby."

He came, in a hurry, she saw his cock bulging in his
boxer shorts as he closed the short distance between
them. As he took her hand she urged him towards the
door telling him to get his wine. He could drink the
whole bottle he was so thirsty but didn't have time or
need greater than what he was longing for. Julie took
his empty glass and her own to the sink, put the wine
in the refrigerator and went to get the sheet for the

He was naked when she got back. He was getting better
at undressing, finally learned to do shoes first. They
kissed and explored, didn't take him long to get a hand
on her cunt, he knew what she liked. When they
temporarily stopped kissing her eyes were glowing and
sparkling. He moved her to the lounge and she lay down
and held her arms out for him as her legs spread wide.
Charlie fell into her but he wrapped his arms around
her legs to hold them open as his lips, mouth, and
tongue descended on her cunt.

Julie moaned at contact and she was ready to cum right
now and she didn't care if it was on his cock or
tongue, he seemed to like both. It only took a minute,
just long enough to build in intensity and she was
shaking, moaning and wetting his whole face with cum.
She grabbed him and starting pulling him up, he would
stayed there all day licking and kissing it seemed
like. Charlie came up to her face eagerly and she
pulled him down and kissed him smearing cum on her face

They twisted and wiggled trying to get that hard cock
in the wet hot cunt but wouldn't get far enough apart
to make it work. She twisted to her side and reached
for it placing it where it and she wanted to be and
slammed onto it. She moaned and he, feeling the heat
envelope him, slammed against her, they tried to out
slam each other for a while, but it was to intense for
Charlie and he stopped not wanting to cum in ten
seconds and remembering the trouble slamming caused him

He raised slightly and pulled her bottom leg under him
and held the other at the crook of her knee and slid in
another inch. Then he started slowly fucking in and
out. Julie's eyes were shining as she looked at her
lover. He could have anything he wanted, he could fuck
her with a cactus and she would have let him but he
chose instead to give her what she desperately wanted,
to be made love to.

She could feel it flowing in her cunt from his cock, it
was in his eyes, his whole body radiated his love for
her. She relished the power that his love gave her, if
she told him to stop and get off her, he would. He
would bear disappointment and hurt but he would never
give her the same. She was realizing the difference
between love and true love. She must never hurt him,
but she could only give herself, that was all she had,
and really that was all he wanted.

But try as hard as he could Charlie knew he was going
to come to quick, he could feel it coming. He stopped
and kissed her, played with her tits, kissed the
nipples, like that was going to help him relax.

"Charlie, lover, are you ok?"

"To damn ok. I wanted to last at least five minutes. I
wanted to give you some pleasure, but I'm going to pop
off like a hot shook up soda. Dammit!"

"Sweetheart, don't fight it. It's alright. I've already
done my teenage bit and I loved it. No one makes me cum
like you do. Just make love to me and when it comes
then give it to me. I want it! I want to feel you
cumming in me, filling me up with your love. Give me
your cum lover."

Charlie couldn't fight that could he? Besides her body
and her words were making it worse anyway might as well
do it for as long as he could. That was about ninety
seconds, she felt him stiffen and glued her lips to
his, moaning into his throat and trying her best to get
every tenth of an inch of cock inside her cunt.

Finally they had to relax and she kissed and licked his
face clean of her cum and he returned the favor
enjoying the flavor. They lay still, kissing and
talking, making love with their hands and lips plus
with their eyes. Charlie was shrinking away about to
come out, when she said that she forgot to get a wash
cloth. He said he would bring her one to just lay

He looked at her before he went to the bathroom, lying
spread out on the lounge, beautiful, sexy, and smiling
at him. When he got to the bathroom he looked at
himself in the mirror and winced. What in hell did she
see in him, old, flabby chest, arms with wilted biceps,
and a slight paunch. What happened to all his hair?
Damn legs were ugly as sin. He had to start exercising,
he had gym shorts in his desk but never used them. She
was beautiful, an angel, should be on magazine covers,
but she gave her body to him to use and enjoy. He had
better start giving thanks, for some high power had
given him great blessings.

He cursed, he had forgot to turn the hot water on,
again! Well, back to the microwave. He punished himself
by using the cloth cold then took it to the micro wave
for her. As he waited the twenty seconds for it to
heat, he stole a glance at her. She was lying on her
side watching him.

"Yeah, forgot again. Now you know why the second reason
I so desperately need you to look after me."

"Second? What's the first or shouldn't I ask."

"The first is because I can't or don't want to live
without you around. You have made my life worthwhile

"Charlie, don't say that, you are to good a person to
let a little thing get you down. You will always be a
beacon in the life of so many people."

Charlie decided not to answer that, any answer would be
negative and he didn't want anything to be negative to

"Here you are, madam. Our best service to one of your
royal bearing."

Julie went to the bathroom holding it between her legs.
She always felt foolish doing that. But it was
necessary with the amount of cum her lovers put in her.
There was enough sperm in her to populate a whole
country. When she finished, washing with cold water,
she returned to the room. There was a glass of wine and
a tray of crackers and nuts sitting on the table and
Charlie holding a white robe.

"Here put this on, it will help protect you."

"Protect me from what? There is nothing here, except
you and I don't want to be protected from you. Oh my
Charlie, this is great! It feels so good on me! Baby,
this is cashmere, it must have cost a fortune. Did you
buy this just for me, you shouldn't have?"

"Well, to be honest I thought we would go down to the
dock and drink our wine and snack. And of course I
prefer that you not wear clothes. But you are
uncomfortable, I can tell, but you always do it for me,
so I thought this would give you a sense of safety. You
can snatch it up if you hear a boat or the fish start
staring at you."

"You are a jewel, sweetheart. Always thinking of me.
Thank you, I promise I will only keep it handy for
emergencies you can look at me all you want, really I
like it. It makes me feel special. Charlie, you make me
feel special."

Charlie grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him and
carried another and got all the stuff and they went out
the door. Julie said oh my god, all my clothes are out
here. Let me put them inside. She hustle around getting
them up and took them inside and came back; the robe,
which only came to half her thighs, billowed out as she
walked, but only enough to keep him hoping for a stiff
breeze. She handed him the camera which he had left on
the table. They walked to the dock and out to the end,
there wasn't a boat in sight. Julie removed the robe
folded it and lay it in the middle so it wouldn't blow
in the water. They sat with their feet in the cool
water for a while talking and drinking wine with
crackers and nuts.

Charlie spread the towel out and she laid on it in the
hot sun and he laid beside her touching her with light
fingers that trailed over her body. He admired how her
breasts still stood out even lying on her back. He
kissed her lips and also her breasts, little small
kisses all over her stomach and down to the top of her
slit. He was keeping her just about at the boiling
point and she wanted his cock but let him play. Charlie
kissed the bottom of her breasts and suddenly was at
the top and sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Julie whimpered and put her hand on his face to
encourage him. Charlie was shifting around, she thought
he was moving so he could change nipples but when he
moved her leg and got between them she realized he was
going to fuck her on the dock in the open where it
would be apparent to anyone what they were doing, just
like he did last time. The thing was she thought that
was what he had in mind by coming out here and she came
willingly, she really wanted it this way also.

When he moved up far enough Julie reached down and
grasped his hard cock and guided it to the her center
and he steadily moved it deep inside her feeling the
muscles inside her cunt grasping and milking him. They
made love there in the hot sun, long and leisurely.
They kept shifting as his arms begin to tire hold
himself up to not crush her, he was on his elbows for a
while then laying on his side. She moved and adjusted
with him holding him to her until she had both legs
wrapped around his legs and could help by returning his

For long minutes they lay with no movement except hips
which came together and rubbed then moved apart and
started back again. Julie wiped sweat from his brow to
keep it out of his eyes, they both were wet all over.
It begin to look as if they could do this until the sun
went down, but finally it got to be to much for Julie,
she begin to think about how much she loved this and
got emotional and that triggered her climax.

When she begin to moan and twist he got excited just
watching her ecstasy and he got started too. Just as
she was finishing he started filling her with cum.

"Julie, it's so good, you are wonderful, to good. I'm
cumming, god, I love you."

"Give to me baby, let me feel your hot cum in me. Fill
me up again, honey. Give me your love, your loving

As they held each other, the birds continued to sing
and they slowly became of aware of them again. Suddenly
Julie became aware of another sound.

"Charlie, oh no, there's a boat coming!"

They got up and she grabbed her robe and looking for
the boat saw it was rounding the point and headed right
for them. She ran to the shore and straight for the
cabin as fast as she could, Charlie wasn't to far
behind. She made it to the deck and inside leaving the
door open for him. By the time he got there she was
already in the shower, no need to go to the toilet most
of it was on her legs now. The water was like ice! When
he came in the bathroom she said come on in and I'll
wash your back. He immediately stepped in and when the
water hit him he almost knocked her down trying to get
out from under it. Julie laughed and wrapped her arms
around him and pushed him back under the shower head.
They frolicked around but did get each other washed.

Julie's hair was wet a little from the splashing but
she knew it would dry all she had to do was get in the
sun for a little. They dried off together, it took him
about five minutes to dry her breasts and she was
getting hot again from the friction against her
nipples. They went back out on the deck and checked the
lake, no boat was in sight.

"Sweetheart, did we leave the camera on the dock?"

"I think we left everything on the dock, I'll go get
it, I intended to take a picture, the sun shining on
you was just right."

"We have time if you don't start playing with me again.
We can go now and you tell me what you want."

"You know what I want!"

Julie pulled his towel up and her eyes got wide.

"Look at you, hard as a rock. My god, you can't want me
again that quick. What kind of super man are you?"

"I always want you. But you don't have to do it again
if you don't want to."

"I want to Charlie, I want you again but we will have
to hurry, can you do it quick and not hurt yourself."

"I can damn sure try."

Julie kissed him and whispered in his ear, you're my
stud. They went to the dock again and she reclined on
the towel with her torso propped up on her elbow,
resting on her hip, leg bent and the other up. Charlie
almost choked looking at her. The sun was just perfect
on her breasts highlighting one side and the nipples
looked longer. The muscles in her stomach and legs were
visible and her stomach was flat and taut. He took four
pictures from different angles and she would change her
pose just a little each time. When he finished he
helped her up but she didn't put the robe on, folding
it and laying it over her arm he got all the stuff and
they walked hand in hand and close together back to the

Inside she removed his towel, the walk had taken a
little starch out of his cock, but it was beginning to
rise again. She held it and rubbed it, walking
backwards leading him, she sat on the lounge and pulled
him to her mouth. When the warmth washed over the head
and radiated to his balls Charlie thought he had died
and this was heaven for sure. He was amazed at her
beauty and how elegant she looked all the time even
with a hard cock in her mouth. And it was hard! She
didn't love it long until she pulled him as she laid
back on the lounge and immediately inserted the head in
her cunt and rose to meet it until it was embedded to
the hilt.

"Love me baby, give me your love again."

He tried to go slow but it was way to good and she was
giving back her whole body for his hands, lips, and
tongue which bought him to higher and higher passion
and he was pounding away like there was no tomorrow.
Julie gave as well as she took and they rocketed into a
long and powerful climax together. Then, as they
normally did, they kissed and loved each other for many
minutes, you couldn't have wiped the smile from his
face with sandpaper!

Julie whispered to him that they needed to go, she had
to be home before five to prepare dinner. They spent a
little time cleaning up and dressing, Charlie watched
her get her bra from her bag and put it on. She caught
him watching and stuck her tongue out at him. He was
sad to see them covered up but happy because he knew
she had removed it before he got there, for him.

On the way back Julie's dress got pushed or pulled up
to her hips and he had a hand in the warm valley, just
trying to ward off frost bite. Julie put her hand on
his crotch and gave him a squeeze ever few minutes.
They kissed in the parking lot and she was gone in her
car quickly. Charlie drove home slowly, he didn't
really want to go there, it seemed like a tomb after he
had been with her. When he thought that it would be
another week before they were able to get together
again he almost cried.

Chapter Forty Eight

Jimmy was already home when Julie got there. She said
she would get dinner started and asked if Tammy was
coming here tonight. He said yeah, and thank god
tonight would be the last one.

"Don't you like Tammy, baby?"

"Oh sorry, I should have been clearer. Sure I like her
a lot. I mean thank god that after tonight and tomorrow
I won't have to study or take tests or go to school,
it's vacation time, hooray!"

"Enjoy it baby, when you are out of school for good the
only vacation you will get is one week. The other fifty
one will be work, work. Are you going to work with Dad
this summer, neither of you has mentioned it lately?"

"Yeah, I need the money and Dad says I need the
experience and to learn discipline. Not sure I
understand that last part."

"He means you need to learn that work is steady, all
day, not like a baseball game or other sports, where
there are time outs and innings. If you start at eight
then you get one break before lunch and that's all. And
there's no running to the drink machine because you
want a cola until then."

"Doesn't sound like much fun does it? Maybe I can study
real hard and be the boss and take breaks when ever I
want and have a sexy girl to bring me colas and latte."

Julie grinned and said yes you better. She had cubed
steak ready to fry and water heating for mashed
potatoes plus limas simmering. She went to the bathroom
after telling him to get the rolls and butter them for
the oven. A quick shower and she was refreshed. Decent
length shorts and a loose shirt tied at the waist and
she was back in the kitchen getting everything going.

"What did you do this afternoon, Mom?"

"I went to the clothing store to help get things ready
for the fashion show. We are set up, I think. We
gossiped quite a bit that's why I'm late. What did you

"We warmed up, took batting practice, then split into
two teams and played against each other. I played in
left field. Coach said he couldn't decide if he needed
me more in the field or at third base."

"Oh, I forgot to ask, is Tammy coming for dinner?"

"No, her father will bring her at seven."

"Ok, call and tell her to tell him that we will bring
her home."

Jimmy went to the phone and took it back to his room,
his old room. When he came back she told him to set the
table, dinner was almost ready. They ate at the counter
and then cleaned up the dishes. Julie got the dirty
clothes and started a wash cycle. She turned on the
coffee pot which Jimmy had loaded. Tammy arrived
fifteen minutes early, her father came to the door with
her. After greetings he said could come and get her,
they didn't have to bring her home. Julie said it
wasn't a problem they were glad to do it. The usual
adult talk about nothing passed between them.

Julie asked if he would like a cup of coffee, he said
oh don't go to the trouble, she said no trouble, it's
already made. Ok, he would like a cup. Jimmy and Tammy
were at the table and deep into math, equations and
angles. The angles of math, like geometry, you dig?
Jimmy glanced up and saw them with a cup going to the
couch. His first thought was oh no, but then as he
considered it he smiled and thought there would be fun
at Tammy's house tonight, he had made that pot stronger
than normal.

Norman, Tammy's father, left after half of an hour, he
had enjoyed talking to Mrs. Cole, she was a very
engaging woman, she was intelligent, but did not hog
the conversation. Also she was very attentive,
listening closely to him and leaning forward showing
interest in his opinions and speaking very softly in a
low and sexy voice. He certainly wasn't going to
mention to Tammy's mother that she was also a beauty to
rave over and sexy as hell. Tammy wouldn't notice the
bulge in his pants she was to deep into studying with

But Julie did.

She listened to the two discussing math problems and
was amazed that Jimmy knew so much, he was showing her
short cuts in how to work equations that Julie hadn't
heard of. When they got to geometry she went to the
bedroom, that was beyond her. She had skipped that in
school and took media journalism instead. She was in
and out, washing machine called and she got them in the
dryer and later folded them.

"How's it going?"

"Very well, Mom. We will be ok, I think. What time is

"Time to drink and relax, we have to take Tammy home
shortly. You don't need to go to long or try to review
the whole year, it will leave you tired and confused.
So take a break and relax, a good night's sleep will
help maintain what you have done. How did today's test

"Very good Mrs. Cole, we have four that I think are B
or A's. If we get these two tomorrow, we will be right
in the top ten and maybe top five."

"That's great, I am proud of you both. Jimmy get
something to drink, what ever each of you want."

"Ok, I want a beer or two. How about you Tammy?"

"You know I am going to let you have a beer! Maybe you
would like some scotch to sharpen up your taste buds
before you drink the beer."

Tammy laughed. " I love the way you have fun and tease
each other. It shows you have a good family

"Don't believe that, it just show time. When you leave
she will beat me and make me sleep on the patio."

They drove Tammy home and she and Jimmy stood on the
porch talking for a few minutes. The light was on and
Julie watched them, musing as she remembered her and
her friends and how they acted around special boys.
Some things change a lot but remain the same somehow.

Reaching home they were in the bed shortly, he held his
mother in his arms and kissed her as he ran his hand
over her breasts. She returned his kisses and held his
cock gently. They made love and he filled her with his
cum, she faked cumming for she just wasn't in the mood
tonight but didn't want him to know. After cleaning up
they went to sleep with his arm around her holding her
breast. Julie didn't go to sleep as quick as he did,
she was thinking, things weren't as wonderful as she
pretended anymore. She couldn't understand why she was
normal for a while and then super horny. Why did she
get emotional and feel like crying, over little things,
she wasn't like that before.

Before, before, was that the key? Before what? Before,
when she and Harry would put Jimmy in child care for
the evening and go partying and he made her flash her
tits and legs. Later when he was to big for child care
and they would wait until he was asleep and rip their
clothes off and fuck all over the house. They laughed
and giggled and had lots of fun! Before Jimmy caught
them on the couch and to cover it they made it a game
and let him join in the spanking, breast touching, ass
patting, and kissing. Or before he fucked her in the
kitchen and again on the couch. When did it stop being
mother and son making love and become master and slave.

Why did she not stop it! She knew she could have
anytime. All she had to do was say no, but all she said
was yes, yes, yes. Why did she submit so easily, want
to submit, sure fuck David, let a dog fuck her, let
Jimmy tie her up and whip her, hurt her nipples. Why
lead Charlie on and entice him until he is nearly crazy
and then almost rape him. Give herself to Jane, Emily,
Sarah, and Connie. Now she had to have Bill also. She
was a slut, could it be before she became a slut that
she was normal.

Jimmy turned over and his hand was gone from her
breast. She wanted it back, she wanted to play with his
cock until he was hard and awake and let him take her
again. A hard cock! She wanted it! She was normal as
long as she had a hard cock in her or waiting to enter.
She had been normal, maybe, before she wanted. Wanted
all those things! She wanted to be taken advantage of,
she wanted to be tied and made to do things, she loved,
no craved the look in their eyes as she submitted to
them. She wanted to see the coaches raping her with
their eyes, she wanted to see Charlie and Bill lusting
for her, so full of love that they were bursting.. She
had the things they so desperately wanted and she
wanted to give it to them.

Julie considered sneaking out and going to Bill again.
She could let Bravo out or go inside his pen the fence
would hide them. She thought to herself that she was
going crazy. She cried silently until she went to sleep

The morning was normal, shower, coffee on the vanity,
breakfast the old standby toast, butter, and jam. Body
lotion, mink oil on hair, it was getting washed two or
three time a day, a little makeup and lots of coffee.
Emily visited for coffee, told Julie she was going to
talk to Jimmy about the tests and spent ten minutes in
the garage, then they had to leave for school. Julie
was disturbed, Emily hadn't even kissed her good

On the way she asked him what they talked about, his
response was that, just the sequence of events for the
tests. She asked if he had been told any secrets and he
said no smiling. But he wished she had, he would love
to ace this one!

Mel was standing in the parking lot, at the edge, Julie
waved as soon as she saw him and he came running. He
asked if he could help her carry anything, she said no,
all she had was a hand bag and a file folder, but would
he walk with her to the door and tell her about his
finals. He began, he knew every question on the tests
and was telling each one, she was thinking this is more
than I wanted to know but she smiled and listened
closely to him. He made A plus on one and A on the
other on Tuesday, Wednesday's weren't posted yet. She
told him that today would finish it and to give it his
best, better let me go in for work. He hugged her, his
head didn't quite reach her breasts, and down the hall
he was hurrying.

Julie turned around and saw Charlie, Mrs. Lucas, and
Darlene all watching her. She went inside. Charlie,
with smile on his face, said good morning, I see you
have a boyfriend!

"Isn't he just precious. So innocent, so full of life,
my heart aches when I think of all the things that he
and all these children have to experience in life."

"Yes, and all we can do is try to prepare them to face
it, we can't keep it from happening."

"Julie, I want to thank you, I have already hugged
Darlene, for all the things you are doing for my
retirement dinner. Come here and let me hug you for
about five minutes before I break out crying."

Julie hugged her, handbag and file folder and all,
"Mrs. Lucas you don't need to thank me, it is our
pleasure. I am so excited for you, why are you here
today? You should have stayed at home and goofed off,
what could they do, fire you!"

"Sweetheart, I've done it for so long that I don't feel
right if I don't get dressed and come up here. I'll
come Monday just out of habit unless I leave my self a

"No you don't. Stay home until you get everything
caught up, come when you get bored and we'll put you to
work with no pay and that will cure you quick. Besides
you have a trip to plan, remember?"

"Yes, Mrs. Lucas take tomorrow off and enjoy a long
week end. Make her Mr. Hale." Darlene added.

"Well, you heard them, and they are the boss so don't
show up here tomorrow. Next time we see you will be
Saturday night at seven o'clock."

Julie got some coffee and checked her basket, there
were some reports from Tuesday's finals and she entered
those and spend the rest of the morning at Mrs. Lucas'
desk. It was strange and new and time seemed to fly.
She made them go on break and soon as they were gone
Charlie came out of his office and talked to her. The
subjects were a bunch of little things. Finally he came

"Sorry I wasting your time but I just really wanted to
get close to you, forgive me for that. Yesterday was

"Thank you, it was for me also. I'm looking forward to
next week. Go back in your office and don't tempt me
anymore today."

Charlie laughed, him tempt her! Went back to his office
and pulled out the manila envelope and just glanced at
a few pictures. He had went to his friend Dr. Harold to
borrow the camera yesterday, and last evening after
eating dinner at the cafe where he ate a lot, he had
called and then went over to his house. Harold was
going to let him run off the pictures on his photo

"Charlie how many pictures do you have on there?"

"I don't know didn't count them, I hope they are good.
I left the settings just like you fixed them."

"Charlie, it tells you on the view screen what the
number is. Let me see it and I show you."

"Harold, if you don't mind these are kind of personal,
I don't want anyone to see them. Can you show me how to
do this without seeing the pictures."

"Personal? What the hell did you do take naked pictures
of yourself? That isn't personal it more like

"Come on Harold! This is serious. Can you do it, show
me how?"

"Sorry, buddy. Didn't mean to make fun of you, well yes
I did. But didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's
going to be hard to download them and then print them
out without seeing them. I tell you what. We'll give it
a try, do exactly what I tell you and when it downloads
I will go and stand out side the door and maybe we can
do it without messing up. Listen now, hold it where I
can't see, press the little button that's got an arrow
in it. You've got to turn it on, Charlie! You've got a
picture, right? Down in the bottom there is a number
with a slash and more numbers. What are they?"

"Thirty seven slash seventy five."

"Damn, you got thirty seven pictures at twelve hundred
resolution. We're going to be here a while. Ok, Rose is
at a women's meeting something about organizing a
cancer walk then they will play bridge for a while so
we will be alone anyway. Ok, set it in the funny shaped
thing right there. Turn it around. Now that's better.
Ok, turn on the computer. Here let me do it, we'll be
here all night. If these are pictures of UFO's I'm
going to kill you Charlie."

Harold got it fixed for downloading, he explained he
had a new file set up for the pictures and when they
were printed it could be deleted and they would be gone
forever. He pulled up the program and then got up and
went to the door. He instructed Charlie to start the
download, when he said yes I see the little box with
papers flying. He said ok.

"Let's go to the bar and drink some scotch and smoke a

Ten minutes later he sent Charlie back to check and the
box said it was five more minutes. They poured another
small shot and swirled it around, sipping. Then they
went in and they were ready to print. He told Charlie
to save the program just in case and then how to shut
it down and go to the file and start printing. He
checked the paper level and they went back to the bar
and sipped so more.

Charlie went and checked the progress. He was gone a
long time!

"Hell, Charlie what were you doing in there? I thought
you had a heart attack or something."

"Just checking the quality. We got twelve so far."

"Why didn't you bring me one to check? Don't give me
that disgusted look, just fooling with you!"

"How long before Rose comes home?"

"Don't worry won't be anything soon. They play a little
bridge and talk a hell of a lot."

The conversation got around to fishing and neither had
been in a long time. Both wanted to go, maybe they
could this summer. Harold told about some of the
different things he was encountering with so many
retired people moving down. Charlie said that the class
sizes also increased by small amounts each year. He
told Harold about Mrs. Lucas' retirement and Eloise
also. They mused awhile in silence and said they were
going old, all of them, time to move over and make room
for some new horses.

Charlie told him that he was lucky to find a younger
lady to take the position and then he began to recount
the presentation and how she had organized and
presented it. His face changed, he became animated, and
there was a new Charlie sitting before Harold, who
noticed it but didn't comment.

Charlie went to check and came back quickly saying they
were finished, did he have anything to put them in.
Harold said sure, let's delete the file and then I can
come in my own study and get something. He talked
Charlie through it and then he went in found him a
manila envelope and he stuffed them in it quickly but
took care not to wrinkle any.

He wanted to pay Harold for the photo paper and ink but
he wouldn't hear it. Harold said let's snort another
scotch, but Charlie was ready to go saying it was
getting late and he had to go. Harold asked him if he
deleted the pictures from the camera and he paled and
said no. He did as Harold told him and then asked if he
could pay for the film or could he reuse it. Harold
shook his head and told him there wasn't any film and
he needed to get up in the world.

Charlie almost broke the speed limit getting home and
spend an hour with the pictures spread on his bed with
his heart almost bursting with love.

Harold sipped on a last ounce of scotch and thought,
finally he gave up and said to himself why not, he
won't ever know. He went to the computer and pulled up
the program and found the recent download file and
bought it up. He had to sit down, the first picture
almost made him choke on his own tongue. It was a
beautiful young woman, not a child obviously, she was
standing with some trees behind her and a lake. He knew
the view, it was from the deck of the cabin he and
Charlie owned.

The woman was familiar, he had seen her before but
didn't know her name. The second picture was a profile
and he gulped, her breasts were pushing against the
blouse and it looked like she didn't have on a bra as
her nipples were outlined against the fabric plus her
butt was doing the same. God this girl is built! He
wanted to see them all but each one was hard to leave.
One of her from the rear looking over her shoulder and
smiling. Then a whole bunch from the side with the sun
directly shining down, she didn't have on a bra! You
could see through the material, my god! Harold realized
his cock was hard as a rock.

But it got better and better, open blouse with half of
both breasts exposed, one completely out, both out, no
blouse. Oh, shit, what tits, my god. He had seen a lot
of tits but these were magnificent. Then he knew he
could wonder no more how far she would go for Charlie
because the skirt was coming off also. When Harold got
through them he realized he had been looking at them
for forty five minutes. He wanted to start over. He
moved them to a secure file under a password and
unsteadily went to the bar to settle his nerves. Damn
Charlie's soul, no wonder he didn't want him, his best
friend, to see them. He was guarding her like a pile of
gold. Where had he seen her before?


Charlie couldn't look at the pictures for worrying
someone would come to the door, he looked at his
favorite, Julie naked and holding her hand out for him
to come to her, when he saw that he could just cry like
a baby. He locked them in his desk and went to the
window and peeked through the blind at her in her
office entering data. Damn!

Soon she was up and back at the front talking, smiling,
beautiful! Charlie knew he had to go do something
before he went crazy.

Julie was getting the schedule ready for next week. No
class work, Monday was work day for teachers with
meetings to finalize reports and discuss failures of
students, hopefully there wouldn't be any. Tuesday
students came for two hours for report cards and
celebration then go home for the summer. Thursday night
was graduation. Friday teachers and staff completed
close out and then it was vacation time.

She remembered that she, Emily, and Sarah had said they
were going to go together for a whole week, no
husbands, they wanted to go to a beach but hadn't made
any plans.

"Darlene when did you plan to go on vacation and for
how long.?"

"Well, I wanted to go week after next but now we need
to see if that conflicts with your schedule."

"If you still want it then go ahead and plan. I want to
go but haven't made any firm plans and don't even have
any idea where. Besides you get first choice."

"Thank you, Julie, you're so sweet."

The morning was zipping by, Julie went to the lounge
she needed to talk to Emily and Sarah about the show
and vacation. They tried to discuss it but it was so
noisy with teachers in and out and hurrying around plus
Sarah had a bright idea. Why didn't they get together
at the pool for a quick snack, something they could
pick up before going to pick up the girls. Emily said
well we should do something for the girls also but
dinner afterwards would be expensive. Could they have
them over and they could get some snack food and drinks
then go to the store and help Jane load up the clothes
and then the mall.

They decided that would be good, pick them up at four,
check hair and nails and make up, no swimming, shorts
and shirts, snacks, go to store around five thirty,
cruise the mall until six thirty and then dress for the
show. Julie and Emily would get snacks, Sarah never
bought any groceries, hardly ever cooked but she could
make canned soup.

Time was getting short. Nobody had a clue on vacation,
Julie said ok, Emily you set week. Any week except the
next two for me. Sarah you find place, cheap but
elegant, private but close to action, water we must
have' salt or fresh. Monday we meet and discuss, after
school meetings.

"How am I going to find a place, I hardly know where I
at. Road maps don't have that kind of information. I
need someone to help to me."

"Ask Ben, he has been all over this nation, he must
know hundreds of places."

"But if I ask him, he will , he."

"He would want to go, is that what you're trying to

"Well, you're a grown women, tell him he can't."

"But, but I."

"Oh hell, Sarah! You want him to go!"

"I'm sorry, Emily."

"Sarah, are you falling in love with Ben?"

"I don't know, Julie. All I know is what I feel when
we're together, and when we're not."

"Ok. No problem, just ask Mabel and let it be in front
of the men or one of them and the word will get around
to him, Joe and Bill. If they want to advise us about a
place they can tell Mabel or us and it's not like we
were snubbing them."

"Sarah, now we know why she is our leader don't we.
That's slick as hell Julie."

The bell rang and they scrambled up along with the
other teachers and headed for their classes. Julie went
back going to work at Mrs. Lucas' desk. She worked
until lunch and then stayed to meet the girl who
answered the phone while they were at lunch. Darlene
came back early and Julie went to the lunch room. She
worked until almost two. She waved to Charlie as she
left. Reaching home she was surprised to find Bravo
waiting, she shouldn't have been as Connie had been
given orders by Jimmy and David for everyday until

But she knew what she had to do and she knew what she
wanted to do, they coincided. Fifteen minutes later she
was naked on the coffee table and Bravo was licking her
to heights that left her gasping and panting for

"Oh lover, you are eager today aren't you? Did you miss
your bitch yesterday? I missed you, you are still the
best, sweetheart."

She laid back on the table and let him thrill her as
much as he wanted. He mounted her soon and had her
penetrated in a second with pre-cum coating her crotch,
legs and lots inside her cunt, she was primed for his
sperm. She rubbed his ears and neck as he held her down
with his legs across her breasts and paws over her
shoulders. She no longer had to hold his legs he seldom
moved them but they did crush her tits.

He licked her face always on the lips unless she turned
her head then it was cheek and ear. Julie would kiss
his tongue occasionally as it rubbed across her lips.
He steadily pounded in her cunt making her gasp, moan
and whimper with desire. She came before he was in her
good and then kept building to higher and higher
ecstasy. She climaxed the second time twisting and
squirming on the hard cock locked in her cunt by the
huge knot.

As she lay breathless under the weight of her dog
lover, slowly receding from her emotional convulsions,
Bravo began his squirting. She moaned from the hot cum
splashing against the sides of her womb. He came a long
time, coming to rest, just laying on her and squirting
periodically no longer hunching into her. Each time he
came she could feel the knot swell just a little and it
would relax when it was over. She wished he could cum
in her for an hour, it was such a wonderful feeling.
Men were good but not many could squirt, it just ran
out, but Bravo could stream it out with such force it
almost stung her womb, and it was hotter than her cunt
so she could feel it running down the walls.

Finally they were both spent. Julie would have liked to
cum with him but she was either to fast on the second
one or to slow for the third time. Maybe he would want
to do it again, she would like it with him on her back
also. She felt like he was raping her when he mounted
her back and clasped her hips with those powerful front
legs and he could slam her so hard her tits would
bounce and sway from the impact. But there is no such
thing as willingly raped she didn't think.

Finally he backed out, popped his knot from her and
flooding the towel, tried to lick it up from her cunt.

"Oh baby, that's making me hot all over again. Yes,
stick that rough tongue in me, all the way to my

By the time he was satisfied that he had done a good
job she was shaking all over, plus getting dizzy. He
licked his cock and then came around to her face, she
had her eyes closed breathing heavily and was surprised
when his tongue raked across her lips and partly
inside. She closed her mouth tighter and could taste
him and her now. Finally he backed away and lying down
finished his cleaning job, licking cock and balls.

Julie slipped off the table onto the towel and just sat
there watching, she couldn't believe she had kissed
that dog's cock and sucked it a little but worse she
wanted it now maybe he wouldn't leave if she sucked him
a little. To her surprise he got up and came to her and
licked at her moving around and wagging his tail, he
wanted to play! She would try to ward him off when he
tried to lick her face or tits but he would dodge
around and attack from a different angle. Julie got to
laughing and once he reared up putting his paws on her
shoulders and pushing her over on her back. She looked
up at him as he walked over her and stood looking down
at her, then he licked her right on the lips.

"You think you own me don't you? Showing the bitch her
place aren't you? And what are you going to do lover,
rip me to pieces if I don't get on my knees and let you
breed me again? All you have to do is lick me and I do
it any way. But you have to be master right?"

Bravo licked her again and she lay still with her hands
beside her and let him lick. He moved down to her
heaving breasts and licked the nipples making her
whimper with desire. He moved around and was no longer
standing over her just licking breasts and stomach.

"Oh baby, you've got me now. Any thing you want,

He moved down to her cunt slit and licked it, Julie
groaned and opened her legs for him and he moved down
stepping on her stomach then straddling her again but
now his cock was directly over her face but it was
inside the sheath. Julie whimpered again as she looked
up at it.

"Don't make me do it, lover. You know I want to don't
you. But I shouldn't want that. Oh baby don't. It's
coming out. You want me to suck it don't you. Oh yes
lick me lover, oh yes, yes I want it, give to me."

She massaged the hairy sheath and the cock extended
from his belly and she tried to raise up and kiss it
but after a brief kiss fell back. She massaged and
rubbed his side with her other hand as he licked. She
would have to wait until he stopped and change
position. He needed to lay down for her. She remembered
the time outside, that worked, god she had sucked him
outside where anybody could have seen them. She waited
until he paused licking his chops to get all her taste.
She told him to lay down and he settled to his haunches
and then lay down with his head on her leg. This was

Julie moved to rest on her hip and soon was kissing the
tip of his cock. It didn't take long until he was
extended and swelling. She was getting pre-cum dripping
from his cock on her lips and then in her mouth as she
let it enter to suck. She heard him whine when she
applied pressure with her lips and she groaned when he
rewarded her with a squirt of pre-cum straight down her
throat. She sucked and loved his cock for five or six
minutes, she could get it all in except the knot which
had formed but she was stuffed just like he stuffed her
cunt. She finally stopped and lay down with her head at
his stomach and kissed it occasionally and licked the
tip when she saw cum drops.

"I love you baby, this is awful, to love to suck a dog
cock. But I want to, I want to make you happy like you
make me. If you want me to suck you I will anytime. Are
you ready to go outside? I have to got to the bathroom
I will leave the door open for you, come back inside
and fuck me again, I'm your bitch."

They did just that, he went out the back door when she
opened it and ran to the fence to wet it down. She went
to the toilet for the same reason, got some mouth wash
and then washed. Returning to the kitchen she got
coffee and warmed it then to the door to see what he
was doing. He was checking out everything and marking
everything. Julie sat on the lounge and leaned back
with her coffee. He saw her and came running, jumped up
on the lounge and licked her tits and face before
getting between her legs and lying down with his head
on her stomach. She couldn't help but giggle, he was
the perfect lover. He wasn't asleep or watching TV
after making love he was just waiting to see if she was
recovered enough to do it again.

They rested for fifteen minutes, he would lick her once
in a while and she was feeling good. It was great to
know you were going to get fucked soon. Suddenly he
jumped up and licked her face and tits, as if to say ok
that's enough, on you knees bitch! Julie went to the
kitchen and got some more coffee, he never left her
side, she drank two large swallows and looked at him
watching her.

"Ok, boss, I'm ready let's do it."

She went to the living room and straighten the towel,
moving the coffee table out so they would have room. As
soon as she bent to move the table he went right for
her ass. She moaned as the rough tongue rubbed across
her anal opening sinking to the floor on her knees and
letting him have it. He took it! Soon she was trembling
with her head on the floor and her hands spreading her
cheeks to give him maximum advantage. He was licking
her from the clit to the asshole in rapid fire mode.
Just as she thought she could love this forever he
mounted her with ease grasping her hips and pulling her
unto him cock.

Julie was very wet and had no trouble taking him in one
plunge to her womb. She realized he was longer than
last time, he must be really turned on after she sucked
him. She felt the beginning of the knot and squirmed
until his tip slid into her womb opening, she wanted it
locked in there. But he had to jackhammer fuck her
first and it was in and out of her womb like a sewing
needle on a sewing machine. Julie moaned and grunted
and flooded his cock with her liquid, he answered with
his pre-cum making her whimper like she was being

He had her ready for his sperm and her cunt became
sealed by the knot but he didn't cum. He fucked her
with short strokes banging the knot against her lips
from the inside making her ache. Five minutes later she
came again begging him to give her his cum, to flood
her cunt. He continued to fuck pulling against her hips
and making her tits swing, bounce, and sway. She sank
lower and the nipples rubbed on the carpet until she
just settled down and they could no longer swing, they
just rolled forward then back.

Julie was almost to the point of losing it as she was
dizzy and her vision was blurred, but the climax was
building her again and she couldn't pass out and miss
that. This time it came out right she was almost there
when he blasted into her and set her cum off. Now she
was moving, twisting against his cock and he was still,
pumping her full of watery cum.

Julie groaned with the hot cascade in her womb and it
went on and on and on. She was bred now, she knew what
it felt like to be bred, it was good! She and Bravo
were locked together by his swollen knot for a long
time, she was so full of cum that she knew it would pop
out from the slickness but he didn't seem to be in a
hurry to disconnect from her cunt. She wondered if was
as good to him as it was to her.

When he did roll off to her side it came out with a wet
sound and he immediately licked it and then licked her
cunt. Julie was moaning again, she would never get
enough of him. She was tired, her knees hurt, and she
was tender back there, his tongue was making it even
more tender, but she wasn't going to make him stop. She
was his bitch. When he was satisfied that she was
cleaned up he stopped licking and whined. She wanted to
rest but he wanted something. She eased down to her ass
and leaned against the coffee table, facing him.

"What do you want baby? Can I rest a minute, I feel
weak? You are to much for me. I have to save some cum
and passion for tonight. Don't take me anymore today,
ok? Oh baby, don't start licking me again. Oooooo you
love those nipples don't you, they have been hard so
long they ache, give them a break!"

She leaned on the coffee table with her hands on the
floor and he licked her face, tits, stomach, and when
he went down to her cunt she opened her legs for him
and let him lick her cunt. Her lips trembled and she
felt that ache start in her stomach near her womb. He
whined and nudged her with his nose and she shuddered
knowing what he wanted now. Slowly she raised up and
slid back on the coffee table and laid down.

He was on her immediately and hunching to seat his
cock, she just lay and let him, sighing when it slid in
her to his depth. He shook her with his pumping
hindquarters. Julie remembered cumming once and she
knew when he filled her cunt again with hot cum but
mostly she was unable to respond. She drifted to a
tired sleep as they waited although his knot wasn't
very large and could come out whenever he wanted.

Apparently he didn't want to dismount, he lay on her
body and licked her until he was ready and took her
again, slamming in her until she woke up and realized
she was being fucked again. She moaned not from her
passion but from the fact she was being fucked so
thoroughly and she was to weak to do anything except
lay and take it again and again. When he dismounted she
managed to get off the table and lay on the towel. She
went to sleep with him licking her cunt.

Jimmy came home at five and had to find the hidden key
to get in. He looked around and walked to the kitchen
and turning saw her lying on the living room floor,
legs spread and Bravo lying with his head on her
stomach near her cunt. He was watching Jimmy but didn't
get up. Jimmy checked his mother and saw she was
breathing deeply. He also saw the soaked towel under
her and could guess what had happened.

He let Bravo out, for a few minutes it looked as if he
didn't want to leave but finally the urge to urinate
got the best of him and he went out the front door.
Jimmy looked at his mother naked, on the floor, cum
still seeping from her cunt. He wondered how many times
the dog had fucked her, it must have been a lot, her
cunt was red and puffy, there was sticky looking dried
something all over her body. Even her mouth and lips
were covered with crusted cum..

He went to the bath room and drew a tub of water
putting lots of bath oil in it. Then he went back to
get her and saw her bag and clothes laying in the
living room chair. He wondered if that was as far as
she got before the damn dog took her down and drove
that cock in her. Obviously she got the table to lie on
but that is all. He gathered her up in his arms and
took her to the tub and eased her down in the hot
water, took a cloth and washed her face. She stirred
and looked at him strangely.

"Baby, what time, is he still here? Don't hurt him
baby. He just loves me, but he is killing me. He won't
stop mating me. He wants me to have his puppies."

"It's ok Mom. He went home. How many times did he, uh,
mate you?"

"I don't know baby. Ever since I got home. I'm so

"Did you cum every time?"

"Yes every time."

"Did you enjoy it every time?"

"Yes, very much."

"Are you ready to make a long movie of him fucking you
again and again. Like today?"

"Not right now, please don't make me let him fuck me
again. Now."

"No, next week. Would you want it next week?"

"Yes, next week."

"You want me to arrange it next week. Is that what you
said? Is that what you want?"

"Yes, that is what I want."

"Ok sleep a while and I'll get something to eat, and
wake you when it's ready."

He checked on her but wasn't worried as he didn't fill
the tub all the way so she couldn't slip under water.
He would get a hard on every time he looked at her,
lying there with her beautiful breasts just out of the
water. He wondered how she had got dog cum on her lips,
did he fuck her mouth also? Most likely it was from
licking. He fixed some soup and crackers, got her cup
and filled it with warmed coffee and took it to her.

Julie woke up when he started bathing her. She let him,
it was good to bathed gently. She had some tender
places but the lukewarm water felt good. The water was
let out of the tub and he helped her out and sat her on
a towel at the vanity, then rubbed lotion all over her
body, using the cream from under the sink on her
nipples and cunt.

He even brushed her hair a little to get the tangles
out, another towel was wrapped around her, it was to
small and barely covered half of her breasts and half
her ass. She drank the coffee as he did all this and
felt much better. He led her to the kitchen and she
could see it was getting dark outside. They had their
soup and he would feel of her legs and arms and rub her
tits though the towel.

Julie was surprised, not at him playing with her body,
but because she felt so calm and relaxed. In fact, it
was obvious that he was horny and she would let him
have her if he wanted. She wasn't horny, she didn't
need to or want to cum anymore today. But if he needed
her she wouldn't protest.

"I love you Mom. You are so wonderful and so

"I love you too, sweetheart. Thank you."

"I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you, I though he would
just do it once and go home. I planned on you being
still hot and ready when I got home."

"Are you horny baby? Do you need relief?"

"For you I am. But I can make it."

"Baby, if you want me, I won't refuse you. But I won't
be able to match your cums. I don't think I have any
thing left."

"You're super Mom. After you rest some more, ok."


Julie went to sleep on the couch as he cleaned up the
kitchen and the living room. She dreamed terrible
dreams. The phone woke her but he got it.

"Can you talk to Sarah?"

"Tell her I will call right back."

Jimmy relayed the message and went back to cleaning.
She went to the bathroom washed her face to wake up and
brushed her teeth. She got the phone and called Sarah.
She had news.

"I talked to Mabel at the pool, there was about five
women there and they couldn't think of a place near,
you know within two hundred miles, that had a beach and
some things to do. They mentioned Vegas and places like
that but not exactly what we are looking. I told them
we would like something like Florida! Joe came up but
he didn't say much but they said they would ask around.
I told them that we didn't have a lot of money!"

"Well, maybe someone will have a idea that we can look
into. But Joe will spread the word, I'm sure."

"He already has. I saw them gathered in the shady
corner talking, Ben, Joe, and Bill. Wait let me finish!
About ten minutes ago I was grading papers and Bill
came to the door, he was real excited but you know he
doesn't say a lot. He stumbled around telling me that
he had heard we were looking for a place to go for
vacation. You know how shy he is, he stood in the
middle of the floor wouldn't sit down. Anyway he said
he might know of a place. I asked him where and he
wouldn't say just that he would need to talk to you. I
said, well call her, he said he couldn't it might
embarrass you. I didn't know what to say to that! Any
way he wondered if I would call you and see if you
could call him. What do you think of that?"

"I don't know, do you think they would be hatching a
plan, to show up at the same time as we are there, and
they talked Bill into doing it because we wouldn't
think he would do that?"

"Beats me, could be and he doesn't want to do it and he
wants to warn you. He acted like he had slipped up here
and they didn't know about it."

"Strange, but seems like Ben or Joe would just ask you.
They aren't shy at all."

"Right, and Ben and I are close. He wouldn't sneak
around doing spy things, he would just come up here and
tell me."

"Have you talked to Emily?"

"No, I thought you should check it out first."

"Well, I can call him and find out I guess. Do you have
his number, did he give you one?"

"No, he said, ask you to call him, like you would know

"Well, it should be in the phone book, I'll look it

"Call me when you finish."

Julie knew the number but she didn't want Sarah to know
that, she wasn't sure why not. She went to the kitchen
and saw Jimmy had made coffee and got some. She said
she had to call Emily, they were trying to work out a
vacation plan. He said ok, that he was going to run
down to David's for a while and for her to get some
rest. She promised she would.

She dialed Bill's number. It only rang a half ring and
he said Hello.

"Bill, it's Julie, Sarah called and said you needed to
talk to me. Is something wrong?"

"Oh no Julie, it's about a place that you could go to
for vacation but I needed to talk to you as it might
not be what you want or might cause, complications for

"Ok, can we talk now?"

"Is it alright to talk to you, I promised I wouldn't
bother you."

"It's fine, Bill. If you're worried, there's no one
here but me right now, and thanks for being concerned."

"Well, I know a place on the river that isn't very far
away. It's on a lake made by a dam and it's really nice
and quiet and some what private at the condo. There
isn't a lot of night life but there are some
restaurants and bars with dance halls about five miles
away. The lake has some nice beach areas at the condo.
The nearest town is small but does have some specialty
shops and stores. You can fix your own meals if you
want and it has three bed rooms, a great room, deck
with hot tub and of course a kitchen and small dining
area. If you are bored and want to see some sights the
largest town is about twelve miles south."

"It sounds good Bill, are there many people who
vacation there?"

"No, it's mostly reserved for owners and guests. They
don't rent."

"Bill, I'm confused. If they don't rent how can we stay
there? I must have missed something."

"You would be a guest of the owner. I could arrange it
for you."

"How much would it cost, we don't have a lot of money?"

"Julie it wouldn't cost you anything. You would be a

"Bill, I'm dreaming aren't I. We aren't really talking,
this is a cruel dream and I will wake up soon."

She heard him chuckling. "It seems real to me, we can't
have the same dream at the same time, can we?"

"Have you stayed there yourself?"

"Yes, lots of times. It's really nice, but a little
lonely if you are by yourself."

"Do you know the owner, is he a friend of yours?"

"Well, I, yes, yes, I do."

"Bill, there's something you aren't telling me. Are you
making this up? Are you trying to pay for our vacation
without letting us know, because of what, what we
shared together. If you are and you don't tell me now,
right now, we're not going to even consider it."

"Julie, I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't
want anyone to know that we are close friends. And I
was afraid that you wouldn't let me help you get a
place because it might embarrass you or cause you
problems if someone found out. So I thought up this
story to try and fool you."

"Now, I really confused, let's just start over and you
tell me again but the whole story this time. Wait, I
got to get some coffee. Ok I'm here and sitting down."

"I'm really sorry, Julie. I'm not very good at lying,
am I. Please don't be mad at me."

"Bill, how could I be mad at you, if I could I would
kiss you right now."

There was a long silence. "Me too."

"Talk to me, baby. Forget all that, ok."

"The condo is on Lake Havasu, south of Las Vegas, it's
a complex for owners only and has a private beach.
Other parts of the lake are open to the public so its
used a lot but the complex is gated and quite
exclusive. The owner lets friends and associates use it
but it's not rented out and there aren't a lot of
people there at any one time."

"Who is the owner, Bill?"

"Julie, I can get it for you."

"Bill, who is the owner?"

"It belongs to me."

"Seriously, you have a condo in a gated complex,
exclusive complex? Why are you living here, in an
apartment with retired people?"

"It's not exactly a condo, it's more like a vacation
home. There aren't many people there at any time except
weekends and they don't visit each other or any thing.
I lived there a while but got tired of just seeing
myself so I started looking for another place."

"You're amazing Bill. Really you are. How did you come
to buy it, didn't you know that it was not a

"Well, I didn't buy it, yes I did I guess. But I wasn't
looking to buy it. But I needed a place to live after
my wife, left, and I wanted to get away. I thought it
would be nice to go where no one knew me."

Julie didn't know what to say. Her heart had ached from
that bit of information. She wished she was there so
she help him with a hug and kiss. She tried to think of
a quick way to get the mood back to a lighter vein.
Bill was silent also. She knew that somehow, carefully,
she had to let him know she felt his pain but not dwell
on it.

"Baby, I feel like I'm prying in your personal life but
I didn't mean to. I'm really floored, you have dropped
a bomb on me. I'm happy that we have an opportunity
like this. It would save us a lot of money and sounds
like what we were hoping for; a secluded place where we
could lay around in the sun and do nothing. But still,
I am having doubts, like we don't want to feel like
we're intruding into a private life or take advantage
of you. Have you told anyone about this place?"

"No, no one. I wanted to tell you alone and if you
don't want to go then no one will know."

"Except you. Will you feel hurt if I say no."

"No. I think you should, it's to your and their benefit
to take it and it won't cost me a dime either."

"I will have to talk to Sarah and Emily, if I decide to
go, they would have to be agreeable. You understand
that we are going together. Not just me."

"Yes, I understand and I know it would expose you to
them but I couldn't think of another way. If I had told
either of them, they would think that I only did it
because of you, so I had to tell you first."

"You were afraid that if they told me, that I wouldn't
go because it would say I either liked you a lot or
didn't like you at all and was angry that you suggested


"Life can get complicated can't it?"

"Sure can. Please do it."

"If we go what are we going to tell people when they
ask where we are going?"

"Just tell them that you got a good deal on a place on
a lake. You don't have to tell them who built it or who
owns it."

"What will you say when the guys talk about it?"

"Nothing, just keep my mouth shut, like I always do."

Julie giggled. She was learning more about him every

"One last question. This is great but what will you get
out of it, do you intend to go with us or come there?"

"No that would blow up the whole thing. Julie there are
no strings attached. All I want is the satisfaction of
giving back to you something that would make you

"Giving back, I haven't given you anything, absolutely

"Yes, you have, you have given me two of the most
wonderful gifts on earth, your friendship and yourself.
I could never give you enough to repay that."

"Oh, you're going to make me cry, Bill. You know we
can't talk about that, it's cruel to even think about.
Don't say another word. Listen. There is one thing
Emily and I fear. Ben is going to want to go with
Sarah! Or he will try to find out where she is going
and then pay a visit. We feel that, we don't know, just
feel it. She won't be able to not tell him without
hurting his feelings. So I don't know what we will do,
our situation is different, we both know we can't be
together no matter how much we want to. But they aren't
facing that so it is harder. But I will talk to both of
them and let you know as soon as I can. Is that ok,

"Sure, tell them to not mention it, but if it is
necessary then let me know so I can be prepared with a

"Ok, see you tomorrow."

"Where? Nobody told me anything. Are we going to

"No, didn't Sarah ask about bringing the girls over for
snacks before the fashion show?"

"No, I haven't heard anything about a fashion show."

"Oh god, I hope she didn't forget, I have to call her,
now. Bye, baby."

Julie got some coffee, she needed it, and called Sarah.

"What happened, yes I did. I asked Mabel and she said
it would fine. So then I said I had better ask Ben
since he was president but she said, listen to this,
not to worry if I asked him he would say ok, then she
said, he would ok you burning the apartments down to
have a wiener roast. Julie I didn't know what to say
just stood there with my mouth gaping open. They all
laughed. What happened?"

Julie told her about the phone call.

"So you need to think about it, I going to call Emily
and tell her, we will get together and decide."

"I don' t have to think it over, it's free, let's go
for it."

"No, you have to think about it and think deep. For
instance what about Ben, how are you going to keep from
telling him? What will people think if we get a free
week at a vacation house. Think of Emily and I, we
aren't free from scandal like you. Why can't he go if
he wants to, no one would know if we kept it quiet.
Because how would you feel if you were Emily or I,
listening to the two of you moaning and smacking in the
next room all night!
Oh, yeah, and it wouldn't be fair for Bill either, he
does all the arrangement and doesn't get to be with
you. Couldn't he go also? Sarah, this is a vacation!
Not a gangbang! Just teasing to see what you would say!

Don't tease me right now, ok. Ok, what are our
options? That's what I want you to think about, I would
love to go and not have to spend a lot of money but
there are things that must be considered. Yeah, if I
tell Ben and explain why he can't know about it, then
somebody has to tell Joe, like you know who. Who,
Emily? Why? Julie, I'm blond but I'm not stupid! You
didn't buy that thing about looking at gems did you?

Well. Of course you didn't, you're way smarter than me
and I saw right through it. Maybe she would want him
along. Sarah! Emily is married and your best friend.
And so are you but if they go then Bill must go to be
fair and you will have to let him know. I'm going to
hang up. You are completely deranged. You have been
reading to many romantic novels, way to many. Think
about it, OK? Sure, and you think about it, OK!"

Julie did, she liked it but it was to risky for her and
Emily. She got Emily on the phone and asked if she
could talk without being heard, she said wait a minute,
Julie heard her say to someone, hopefully it was Kurt,
that this was girl talk and she would be back. She told
the whole thing again. Emily saw the benefits
immediately and also the danger.

They talked for over twenty minutes, Julie explaining
and Emily added things and often saying oh she didn't,
oh my god and others. There was a silence.

"Julie it sounds wonderful and I would love to go there
but it has so many conflicting possibilities for
disaster. Do you think she is so serious that she would
not go otherwise?"

"I don't have any idea, I was unaware until today that
she felt so strongly about him."

They agreed to talk tomorrow. Julie had drank all her
coffee and got some more, sitting at the counter she
realized it was dark as a cave with no lights on. She
walked to the light switch and just as she turned it on
the towel fell to the floor. She almost didn't even
bother with it but wrapped around her again just in
case. She sat on the couch thinking, how could
something as simple as a week's vacation get so
complicated! The answer came easily to her mind.
Because Sarah was emotionally involved with Ben and
that is what she needed someone to care for her that
wouldn't hurt her.

How did she let Bill get so emotionally involved with
her? The same reason Charlie was, and Jane and Jimmy
and Connie and David! They gave her something that she
needed only she wasn't exactly sure what it was yet.
She could add Bravo but she knew what he had that she

Why did Emily get involved with Joe? Excitement of a
one night stand?

None of it made sense but it pointed out one thing.
They all had to agree on what they wanted to do based
on today not what they visualized weeks ago for things
were different today. If they couldn't then nothing
would work and they might as well scrap the whole
thing. They could take separate vacation but it would
not be the same. She had to hope they saw that also.

Jimmy came in the front door and came straight to her,
sat down with a thud, put his arm around her and kissed
her cheek. He asked if she felt better and she said yes
she did. She actually did for she had decided that she
would do whichever the other two wanted. He asked her
if it would be alright for him to go to the movie with
Tammy tomorrow night and she said yes but she wouldn't
be able to take them because of the fashion show and
she hated for her father to have to drive them around
all the time.

No sweat was his answer, I'll pay him back when I get
my license. She gave him her mother look. They talked
about school and baseball and he said that they had a
game here tomorrow and another Saturday, away. Then
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week ending the
spring season. Practice started third week in August
then games twice a week in September.

"Have you talked to your father about working lately? I
haven't heard either of you mention it."

"Yeah, sorry I guess he thought I would tell you and I
thought he would. I will go back with him after next
week and work until third week in August."

"Oh my god that will be almost ten weeks!"

"But it will go fast and you will be busy with vacation
and your new job. You will be ok won't you Mom?"

"Yes baby, it just seems like it jumped up all of a
sudden. I'll be fine."

"Want to watch TV a while?"

"Not really, do you?"

"No, why don't you lie here on the couch while I
shower. Then we can go to bed if you are ready."

"Ok. Could you bring me some more coffee, first?"

"Sure, hold on right there."

He refilled her cup and sat it on the end table, fixed
her a pillow and made her lie back on it, her towel was
way above her cunt now. He kissed her lips softly and
she felt his hand at her cunt gently rubbing along the
slit. She felt her clit stirring but hoped it wouldn't
extend out she didn't want him to know she was horny.
Thinking about Bill and laying in the sun naked with
three men around made her hot again. She knew she
wanted to do that now. Just be naked and let them see
her! It made her insides feel like a hot baked potato.

Jimmy thought he felt her straining and he was going to
get her pass the point of stopping soon. He eased her
towel from her breasts and she raised to let him remove
it completely. She was already pass refusal he didn't
have to worry. But he spent another five minutes
kissing her, sucking her nipples until she moaned and
letting a finger tip slip inside her cunt lips until he
felt wetness seeping from it.

He eased away from her and went to front door to pick
up the package he had left there. Returning he opened
her legs and showed her the long dildo that had come
today to David's. It was long but not very big around
and light blue, he placed it at her cunt and whispered
that she should play with it until he finished
showering. Then he slipped a inch and one half inside
her cunt. Julie whimpered.

But instead of pushing in more he took her hand and
placed it on the dildo letting her hold it. She could
feel it trembling as her hand was trembling.

"Hold it there while I take a shower and then we will
go to bed and let you have it for as long as you like."

He kissed her lips and nipples again and went to the
bathroom, the master bathroom. Julie laid on her back
with her eyes closed and held it just as he left it.
She was trembling worse and wanted it inside her cunt
deep, it would reach her womb, enter and still have
lots to go. But she made herself fight the urge to
plunge it deeper.

It seems he was going to shower forever, she could hear
the shower running and she could hear herself moaning
in her throat. By the time he finally came in, naked,
with his cock swinging back and forth she was wet and
hurting with need. He kissed her and she kissed back
now, he sucked her nipples and she groaned, he kissed
down her stomach to the top of her slit and ran the tip
of his tongue into it finding the clit and tickling it.
Still she held the dildo.

He removed it but left it in her hand. Helped her up,
gave her some coffee and walked her to the bedroom. She
was positioned on her stomach but not flat almost on
her side. Lotion was squirted on her back and ass and
rubbed in slowly. She mewed as she loved for men to
touch her when she was naked, some of her earliest
memories were of being rubbed by men and women and her
cunt and ass touched thrilling her.

He touched those now and rubbed lotion on and in them.
When he touched her asshole she straighten her bottom
leg and bent the other bringing it up to a right angle
to her body. She had learned at a young age that this
was the best angle to assume when someone was going to
fuck her ass, all she had to do was relax so that the
finger or cock would slide in without a lot of pain.

He took the dildo from her hand and placed it at the
entrance to her cunt and pressed it forward slowly
until it was back to the one and one half depth. Then
as it just lay on the bed, lotion was applied to her
cunt lips, rubbed in and then the asshole was covered
with it and a finger was pushing some inside her. She
knew now where he was going to fuck her.

The dildo was moved to where the tip pressed against
the puckered opening and she groaned with desire.
Pressure was pushing it in very slowly and she relaxed
the ring of her asshole to let it penetrate. Slowly it
moved in and she was beginning to shake again. Her hand
slid to her top breast and cupped it, finger and thumb
squeezing the nipple. She was hurting with her need to
feel it all the way in and this was like torture. She
realized he had done it to her again, he had teased her
and made her tease herself until she was nearly crazy
with lust and it wouldn't stop until she begged and
then she would have to promise something to get relief.

"Is it good to you now?"


"Do you like to be fucked in the ass, do you want it


"What would you do to be fucked in the ass, real slow
and deep."

"Anything." Whimpering.

"Would you make a movie of Bravo fucking you like he
did today?"

"Yes." she had already promised that so there was
something else.

"Take a little more."

The dildo moved in deeper but it was so slow she
couldn't tell how deep it was before or after. She was
afraid to move for it was hard and unbending and she
might hurt herself on it. She was squeezing her breast
so hard it was turning red and the nipple was flat
between her fingers. Then he began to wiggled it as it
was rotated slowly inside. Julie was coming unglued
despite her efforts to remain calm, she didn't want to
beg for him but knew it was what he was working for.
Then it was coming out and she didn't want it out! But
she waited for him to say it, what ever it was, then he
would give it to her.

She felt more salve being inserted with a finger and
the hard hot cock head was placed at her anal entrance,
just nudging against it!

"Please lover, I need it."

"Want it deep and throbbing inside, ready to cum in
your ass?"

"Yes, please."

"Will you make a movie for me of you sucking the red
dog cock, taking it deep and letting him squirt pre-cum
all over your face and tits and then let it cum in your
mouth and swallow it?"

"Oh yes, I want to do that for you. I will lick it and
kiss it and take his pre-cum and drink his cum for you.
I will be a complete dog slut for you, any thing you
want me to do."

"Will you fuck other dogs if he can't do enough, until
we get a full hour of you being fucked and sucking dogs

"As many dogs as you want until they are satisfied with
their bitch."

"You are a good dog bitch! Cum for me as I fuck your

He gave her his cock now. And she was happy, she had
been afraid he was going to make her fuck a lot of
young boys and she knew it would be all over town
within a day, they had to brag! He would fuck a while
and then be still rubbing her breasts and ass cheeks.
She knew he was stopping to keep from cumming but it
was ok with her, it felt good to just lie on the bed
with a cock in her ass.

A half hour passed liked that until he went to far and
started pumping fast in her and to her surprise she did
cum when the hot cum flooded her ass. Later she
staggered to the toilet and eliminated the cum, cleaned
up and went back to bed. She didn't know when he came
out of the bathroom as she was asleep, her last thought
was that she hadn't planned breakfast, her mind
whispered, fuck breakfast!

Sometime during the night she dreamed of her parents
and herself again. She was awaken by hands smoothing
over her naked ass and spreading her legs and hearing
whispers of their voices.

Isn't she the most beautiful thing! Look at the skin on
that ass, so smooth, so lovely, I just can't help but
kiss it. Yes, and her breasts are getting bigger every
month. I love to feel of them and the hard nipples when
she is hot. She's hot most of the time, just touch her
and she starts breathing harder. I want to fuck her so

You do every Friday night!

I mean fuck her sweet little pussy.

You know we agreed that you wouldn't take her cherry
only her ass. We have to stick to it!

I know and I will but it doesn't make it any easier.
She's so beautiful.

We are going to have to dress her conservatively, some
boy will take her cherry if they see she has tits and
see her ass! We can't let that happen.

Yeah, there is a lot of money at stake.

That was a easy hundred bucks tonight. All he did was
take pictures of me letting her kiss my pussy.

Plus he said there might be more if we would agree to
selling them.

Do you think he was serious about wanting a young
virgin to film?

I think he was trying to get us to commit, if he makes
fuck films he wouldn't want just pictures of her and
you to look at!

Do you think we should do it?

We could get out of debt and maybe have a better life.

And it wouldn't be any different for her just different

More men, she would still be mine to fuck in the ass.

Of course and if we insist they would have to film me
with others and double our cut.

Plus I want some girls on the side.

A cock was being lubricated and Julie was rolled to her
back, her mother's mouth loved the pussy lips and a
tongue entered into the tight slit making her moan and
twist on the bed. After a few minutes she was wetter
and her mother slid up and kissed her lips rolling her
to her side and pulling her tight against her body
while bringing Julie's leg up and over her hip.

Julie moved with her as a hand caressed her tight
pussy, this was common as it opened her rear cheeks to
expose her anal pucker to the hard waiting cock of her
father. When he inserted it and slowly began to push it
deeper she moaned and kissed her mother with abandon
and passion.

"Yes baby, it's good isn't it. You will always love to
be ass fucked now. And there will always be someone who
wants to fuck your asshole, you can always have it all
you have to do is let them see it and they will want
it. Fuck her Daddy. Give her your dick deep inside and
bring her pleasure, make her cum and she will always
want it.'

'Yes, baby your daddy loves you and I want you to
promise me that after your husband has taken your
cherry and the honeymoon is over that you come and let
me have your sweet pussy. Promise me.'

'I promise Daddy.'

Julie found that her mother's words were true she had
learn to love a cock in her ass and wanted it. She got
a lot of them before the movie making was finished. She
got more afterwards and then Harry gave it to her many
times before she decided she didn't want to wait until
marriage to give him her cherry but that cost them. She
was sad about not waiting just a few more months. She
was also sad that she never was able to keep her
promise to her Daddy. She wanted him to have her 'sweet

Chapter Forty Nine

Julie woke up sweating, she felt like she had a cock in
her ass but then realized no it was a dream, why did
she have to wake up before he came in her. Why were
dreams like that? Jimmy was jammed against her ass and
his limp cock was laying in her butt crack, one hand
gripped her breast and he breathed against her neck.
She was stiff from laying so long in one position.
Sneaking up, he stirred and rolled over as she moved,
she went to the bathroom and the toilet.

A full cup of coffee was on the counter and the pot was
ready to start, he must have done all that before he
came to bed. She warmed the cup and started the pot.
Taking the cup she went to the shower and drank some
before she turned the water on. She used the summer's
eve and then soaped up washing good. Shaving her cunt
just in case she also applied hair remover to her legs.
Then when it was time she showered again with body wash
and washed her hair. She heard the alarm start in the
bedroom and it was cut off.

Jimmy came to the door and asked if she was ok. She
answered fine, how are you? He grinned looking at her
nakedness and said getting better every minute. She
smiled and asked if he saw anything he liked. The reply
was everything! She shook her tits at him and said
don't waste any energy today you will need it tonight.
He smiled and nodded going to his bathroom to shower.
She didn't want him to think she was tired or fucked

After a quick breakfast and doing all the necessary
getting ready, she packed a pair of shorts, shirt, and
her make up in a tote bag and starting dressing. Emily
arrived and she looked flushed when she got inside and
ran to the coffee pot, keeping her back to the bedroom
door where Julie was dressing.

"Are you okay? You look flushed like you had been

"Fine, just one of those morning when the clock is
faster than I am! Did you make a list of things to get
for snacks?"

"No, was hoping to have time to talk to you first. You
got any ideas?"

"Only that it will have be already prepared stuff, we
won't have time to fix anything."

"Ok, I'll make a list and we can discuss it at break."

They gulped coffee and hurried to the cars. The trip
was uneventful, Mel walked her to the office door. She
hurried to her office after checking her in box and
finding most of the finals test result she set to work
getting it entered. There were interruptions, students
were in and out, so were coaches, without scheduled
classes the first period was free for gathering in the
hall to talk. Then it quieted down and every one was in
their home room. Julie was finished, checked her box
again and found some more that had just been bought in
and entered those. She checked and had a test result
for each student in all subjects.

All that was left was to run the final report and print
it. While this was being done she made a list of things
for refreshments. The report was finished, printed and
she went to the copy machine. It required a lot of
copies, each teacher got one listing all students and
grades by period and finals and then averages. She knew
it would take a while and told Mrs. Lucas that she was
going to the lounge and get something to snack on. Yes
Mrs. Lucas came to work!

Charlie met her in the hall and said he needed to talk
to her after break. Emily was already in the lounge and
eating like she hadn't been fed in a week. She motioned
for Julie to come over and share her sandwich,
crackers, cookies, and egg salad. She gave Emily the
list and they discussed it, finally deciding to go
together to get it! Sarah came in late, flushed; she
had been helping with the girl's gym exercise workout.
They all talked at the same time. Sarah said Ben, Joe,
and Bill were going to provide drinks and Mabel and the
two other singles were going to bring finger sandwiches
and cookies. She swore she didn't ask them, they just
told her.

"Have you made a decision yet, Julie?"

"Emily and I are thinking about it. We love the idea
but are worried about the things we discussed."

"Is Bill pushing you for a answer?"

"Emily, you know Bill wouldn't push! Besides he is
waiting on Julie's decision, he isn't interested in
whether we go or not."

"Don't say that! He is offering this to all of us, no
strings attached!"

"What do you want to do Sarah?"

"I want to go. This may be my only chance to go on a
vacation like this! Imagine, living like rich people! A
gated community means that there is a guard at the gate
doesn't it? To keep the poor slobs like me out."

"Well, then it's up to us Julie. What do you want to
do, there's no use in rethinking all the same old
things, we know what the problem is, the solution is up
to us."

"I'm not sure, I told you I want to go but it worries
me. What is your feeling?"

"Honestly? You will think I'm crazy but I want to go as
bad as Sarah."

"Well, if all three of us want to go then why are we
agonizing over it?"

"Because Sarah, it's not that simple. We can't let Ben
go with you and not the others, it wouldn't be fair to
Bill and if we let him go then we have to let Joe go

"But Ben doesn't have to go, I not going to cry if he
can't go and I'm sure not going to miss it just because
he can't go!"

"She's right Julie. Why are we fighting a problem that
doesn't exist. We can go, have fun, all by ourselves.
If we were going to a condo and paying our money we
wouldn't be even be talking about it. What's different
just because it belongs to Bill and he is offering it
to us free?"

"I'm not sure but it feels different."

"The difference, Emily, is that he is offering it to
Julie because he loves her, asking nothing, expecting
nothing, just because he loves her. And she feels bad
because she wants to give him something in return but
he wouldn't except anything she offered except herself,
for that is all he wants, all he cares about. You would
rather turn it down than take it without being able to
offer something in return but can't bring yourself to
offer the only thing he wants and won't ask for, isn't
that right Julie?"

Julie just looked at Sarah, Emily just looked at the
two of them, then she said in a whisper.

"Oh my god!"

She got up and said, come on we've got to talk outside
I can't stand whispering any more. They all got up and
emptied their trash and went down the hall and outside.
There were students on the lawn but none close by.

"Is she right Julie? Just answer yes or no. Are you
feeling sorry for Bill? Do you know that he loves you
but can't have you and you are sorry? Do you feel like
it is partly your fault?"

"Yes. I can't stand to think of him suffering because
of me, I shouldn't have danced with him and flirted
with him, I shouldn't have kissed him and went to bed
with him! I thought I was helping him gain self
confidence and he would loosen up and start making
friends, like lady friends, and it did but also it just
made him get deeper and deeper. But he is so good and
kind, he would never do anything to cause me harm. That
why he wouldn't tell you Sarah, he was afraid that
someone would think we were other than just casual
friends. He would die if he knew that anyone suspected
that we had made love."

"Oh my god! You made love, you went to bed with him! Oh
my god. That's so wonderful, Julie you are such a good
person, you gave of yourself to help someone, I should
have known, you gave of yourself to help me also. Oh
god, I love you even more now. Isn't she wonderful,

"Of course, she did the same for me, that's why I love
her so much. Wait a minute, wait a minute! We don't
have a problem! We just think we do, you've been making
love with Ben regularly, she has made love with Bill
and thought he was great and all that leaves is me and
I'm not exactly pure myself. So we don't have a
problem, we can let them go as long as we are sure that
no one knows."

"Julie, was he great? Really! You're smiling, and
Emily, I guess Joe was great also. When were you two
going to tell me about this? I knew you and Joe weren't
looking at gems but since you didn't mention it I
thought maybe you were ashamed and I wasn't going to
ask you!"

"I am ashamed, ashamed that I enjoyed it so much, you
must never mention it to a soul."


They were silent for a while just glancing around at
each other, waiting for someone to say yes or no,
neither of the three wanted to say first but all three
wanted someone to make a decision.

"Emily, Sarah, what do you want to do, don't say
whatever you want to do, tell me what you want to do."

"I want to go, Julie, and we know that Sarah wants to
go, she has been open and honest about it from the
beginning. She wants Ben to go but she doesn't insist,
she just would like for him to go! I want to go, and if
Ben goes and Bill goes then I want Joe to go, I would
like for him to go with me but I don't insist either.
So it is up to you, you say you want to go so all that
is left is do you want Bill to go with you. If you do
then all six of us go, but not together. If you don't
then just the three of us will go. It's not a big deal
either way."

"God, you make it sound so simple!"

"It is simple, Julie. There is only one thing that
makes it complicated. Emily and I aren't emotionally
involved. I love the way Ben makes me feel and I truly
care for him but he can handle it. I think she is the
same way! But you care for Bill in a different way. I
think you have deeper feelings for him than you want to
admit, you are concerned that he will be hurt and you
don't want to be the one that hurts him. If that is
true then you should ask him if he would go and be with
you, you know what I mean."

"The worse thing that can happen Julie is he will fall
deeper in love with you and maybe you with him but then
it might just show both of you that you can make love
and not have to be in love."

"What happened that you two are advising me all of a
sudden, that's what I supposed to do."

"First time I ever saw a crack in your armor, first
time I ever saw you when you didn't have the answer."

"I've got to get to the softball field, I'm helping
coach the girls, the seniors are playing the juniors in
a challenge game. Decide and let us know, it's no
problem either way."

They separated and went back to work. Sarah went to the
field, Emily to gym to help with a dance class, Julie
went back to the office. She really would have rather
went home, she was full of conflicting emotions, but
soon got back into her duties and pushed them aside.

Then she remembered that Charlie wanted to talk to her
and went to his office.

"Sorry I'm late, there's so much going on this morning
that I keep getting sidetracked."

"No problem, just wanted to see you before the week
end, do you think it would be okay if I showed up at
the mall tonight. If you would be embarrassed just say

"Charlie, that's sweet. I think it would be great, two
of your teachers will be there and six students, you
could say that this is an extension of the school's
role in developing tomorrow's leaders. If would be very

"Great, but you would know that I just wanted another
opportunity to see you, I'll try not to look like a
drooling idiot."

"I'll wave at you, remember to applaud when your young
ladies are on stage, it will mean a lot to them."

"Of course, Julie would it be possible that we could go
to the lake again next week?"

"Monday is filled with meetings, Thursday is bad,
graduation night and practicing, Friday is goodbye day.
So only Tuesday and Wednesday are available. We weren't
planning on working in the office at all Wednesday
unless you know something that needs to be done.
Darlene is going on vacation the week after that."

"How about Tuesday and Wednesday?"

"Both days!"

"If possible, I sure would love it!"

"I have to check first. Can I let you know?"


"Charlie? Are those pictures safe?"

"Very safe, nothing to worry about. Beautiful, I almost
die when looking at them, I get choked up."

"God, you are unbelievable."

"I never get enough of looking at you. Is it possible
that I could do some more?"

"Oh god, don't talk like that. I get all excited just
thinking about posing naked for you. You really make me
want to and I always thought that things like that were
dirty and cheap but it's so exciting!"

"I'll bring the camera."

"I'm getting out of here, this is getting dangerous."

Charlie started around his desk and she shook her head
smiling at him and left in a hurry. The truth was it
did turn her on to think about posing naked. It always
had, she was excited to stand or lie naked watching the
eyes and bulging pants of the people taking pictures of
her, knowing they wanted to fuck her and usually did.

The morning got pass somehow, she had to change the ink
cartridge and reload the paper, the report was finally
finished. Copies were made on the copier and she and
Darlene sorted and stapled them. They went to the lunch
room and walked around with Mrs. Lucas as she visited
each class as they came in. Julie saw Mel, and he saw
her, she went to him and spoke, asking if he was
enjoying field and visitation day. She got a tray and
followed him as they were served and then asked him if
he could eat with her. She whispered that she had
looked at his grades and he had all A's, she was proud
of him! He was in heaven.

It made her feel good to sit at the table with all
these young people, they weren't into the teenage stuff
of making fun of each other, yet. Also they looked at
her with respect bordering on worship, it made her feel
good, lifting her spirits. As they chatted she was
surprised at how much they were into the world of
electronics, all of them knew how to use computers,
games, MP3s, and television was old hat to them. She
mentioned this to Mrs. Fields, their teacher, and she
whispered her thanks to her for sitting with them. She
could tell they were thrilled and enthralled by her

"Well, I want them to view the office staff as people
who are there to help them. Sometimes they get the
impression that we are wardens. But Mel is my special
friend and I wanted to spend some time with him before
he goes on vacation and grows up and not remember me

"I don't think you have to worry about that, he will
never forget this day."

Julie finished eating and told Mrs. Lucas and Darlene
to stay as long as they needed, she would get the
phone. Charlie was gone somewhere when she got back and
she laid his copy on his desk and went to the office
and starting reading the office manual again. She was
checking the budget report when she heard noise of
rushing feet, a lot of feet, in the hallway. The
students were heading for the buses, it was two o'clock
and school was ending early since this was the last
full day.

She closed her office and was securing the outer office
when Darlene came in. She said that Mrs. Lucas got
emotional and they talked her into going home. They
checked everything and locked all the file cabinets and
were getting ready to leave when Emily and Sarah came
in. They were excited and ready to go!

Julie and Emily went to the deli, the bakery, and the
grocery store and then went to Sarah's apartment. They
unloaded and was going up the stairs when they saw
Mabel and others at the pool. They waved and shouted,
the moochers are back, thanks for all your help. Sarah
was cleaning the apartment. They worked at getting the
snacks together and in the refrigerator. Then they
talked, mostly about the fashion show, no one mentioned
the vacation.

They went down to the pool and talked to the ladies for
about a minute before Ben and Joe came up, obviously
they had been keeping watch. They all found a chair or
lounge and sat talking. Julie wondered where Bill was
but wasn't going to ask. Everyone apparently had heard
about their vacation and was asking if they had decided
on the location. When they said they wanted a quiet
place to relax but preferred that there be a lake or
ocean so they could lay in the sun, everyone was
telling them about someplace they had been. The more
they talked the worse it got, Mabel loved the great
lakes, Joe said the southern part of California was the
best he had seen. Some mentioned Canada, Florida,
Texas, and even Cancun or Baja Calif.

Hank chimed in with the rivers in Washington were great
for trout fishing, then added but he didn't guess they
would do much fishing. All three said, at the same
time, no!

It was time to go pick up their girls! They were going
to the cars, after getting their bags and keys, and
Julie saw Bill, he was coming out of his apartment. She
waved at him and he waved back started towards her and
then stopped and waved again and went to the crowd at
the table they had just left. Emily and Sarah were
watching also, Emily said, "Poor Bill, he wants so bad
to see you, but afraid you will be embarrassed, that he
can't hardly think straight!"

"Be quiet, give me a break will you!"

"Ok, but you know it's true."

The trip to pick up the girls was not a long way, but
getting two obviously excited girls to make sure they
had lipstick and makeup plus meet their mothers, who
were excited also, took some time. Emily had the
furthest to go as she had picked the two that lived the
closest to her.

Kim's mother looked just like her only more mature,
both of their faces radiated when they talked. "Oh my
goodness, Kim has been talking about you all week, and
you are just as lovely as she said you were. It's so
good to meet you."

"Mother, look at her hair, isn't it just beautiful? And
it looks like that all the time. I wish my hair was
coarse like that so the wind wouldn't tangle it so

"Oh please, my head is swelling, thank you so much for
being so kind, but Kim your hair is beautiful and it is
so fine, I love it. You got your hair from your mother
and copied her beauty also."

There was more of that kind of women talk and they had
to do some more at Elizabeth's house. Finally they got
started to Sarah's. Sarah was back, Emily made it in
about fifteen minutes, nine females in a small
apartment, six of them extremely excited, it was a mad
house. They got the stuff and went to the shady area of
the pool. Mabel and crew was already loading up the
table. The men had enough drinks for sixty people!
People were coming and bringing food, soon the pool
area was full and the tables loaded down, the snacks
had turned into a buffet.

Ben and Mabel got everyone to shut up long enough for
Julie to introduce the girls and Hank to bless the
food, then it was every man for himself. As they were
crowding around the table and looking a place to sit,
Julie walked to Bill who was just standing and
watching, mostly her. She spoke to him and then took
his hand and squeezed it.

"Come on Bill, lets get in line. I'm hungry and there
is so much stuff we might as well eat a meal, we were
just going to snack but it looks to good to not try
some of it all!"

When they went by Sarah and Ben, she motioned for them
to follow, saying we don't have a lot of time we need
to eat now. Sarah grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

"Look at Emily over there talking to Joe! Just watch
her, she is doing her shy teenage bit. See! Swaying
around and shifting her hips, giving him those sideways
glances. She think she has been feeding us a line! She
might as well swing a watch in front of his eyes, well
I guess her hips are doing the same thing, he's

"You think she might have caught the Sarah Bell

"Oh, you just had to kick me didn't you! It's your
fault, you taught us all this stuff."

"Come on, leave the poor girl alone, you know, girls
just want to have fun."

"Gee, that would make a good song title."

They ate, ate some more, the finger sandwiches were
good and there were a lot of them. The fruit dishes
from the store were decimated, along with the cheese
and crackers. Sarah and Emily were shocked at how much
young girls ate. Julie wasn't surprised she was used to
feeding teenagers. They were like sharks, virtual
eating machines. They stayed close to the girls and so
did everyone else.

'My granddaughter has hair just like yours. Oh, you are
so pretty, your skin is like silk! Are you going to
college? We just love your teachers, they are so
beautiful and so much fun to be around. Any time you
want to swim come and be our guests, we would love to
have you!'

The girls were eating it up along with the food. It
made them feel ten feet tall with everyone heaping
praise on them! Emily told Julie and Sarah that they
never had told the girls how to walk and display the
dresses. Maybe they needed to talk about that after
they ate. Sarah said there wasn't enough room in the
apartment, they would have to do it out here. They
appointed Julie, she asked why me, because you are our
leader, then I should appoint one of you to do it! No,
you lead by example, not by edict. Emily said give them
an example how not to walk and then how they should.
Julie frowned, how not to walk? Yeah, not like the
Parisian models, you know! Sarah added, yeah not like
Emily's stripper walk the other day.

When they were through eating, Julie got the girls to
the side and explained to them to relax and be
themselves, not to try and copy the models they saw on

"When we come out of the changing room, we will walk to
the platform and wait for Jane to say ' the first dress
is" then I will walk up the steps and go to the front
corner, pause, turn once or twice then move to the
second, repeat and go to the third. She will say " the
next dress" thank you or something like that and the
second girl, Kim, will follow exactly the same
procedure. Then the third until we are back at the
steps and will go down. The second group will be
waiting at the steps and come up immediately."

"Keep your hands open, don't let them ball into fists,
you would look tense. Don't stop and freeze, keep
moving, stop, turn stop but move your head to look
around, don't stare straight ahead, don't let your arms
lock up, fingers are relaxed slightly curved, touch the
dress smooth it over your thigh, outside of course, if
you have a lapel or strap run your fingers over it
lightly, if the dress is loose pull it away from your
leg about three inches and let it fall back. And turn
your back so they can see how it looks from the rear.
Don't take long steps or short steps, just walk

"Shoes, if you are wearing heels that you are
accustomed to wearing then you can wait until we start
to put them on. But if you are wearing some that you
haven't wore much or you borrowed them, put them on now
so you will be acclimated to their heel height and
feel. Any questions?"

"Julie, demonstrate it once so they can see what you
mean by move don't freeze up!"

"You want me to show out don't you, Emily."

Julie made them move and said that the concrete section
was the platform, she put Hank at one corner and Ben at
the other. She said, I want to stay a arm's length away
from anyone so they can see the dress and so they can't
touch it. Otherwise I can't move if they are feeling of
the material. She walked towards Hank and he reached
out showing he couldn't touch her. Julie said if it's
Hank maybe two arm lengths would be better.

He's a dirty man. She stopped for only a second and
then did a quarter turn and stopped but her feet were
constantly repositioning and she was moving her head
and her hands slowly then she turned, paused and turned
stepping towards Ben immediately. She stopped in front
of Ben smiled and wiggled her hips and said, "You got
any money sailor."

Emily yelled, "You definitely don't want to do that
Ladies!" Everyone applauded and laughed. The girls were
laughing and clapping like mad."

"That's all there is to ladies, just remember, be
yourself. If your parents are there wave at them, if
classmates are trying to break you up with funny faces
smile. One thing you want to beware of, cameras,
flashes can blind you so know where you are on the
platform. Don't close your eyes that will make the next
one worse. If a camera is pointing at you look away
slightly and it won't completely blind you and turn."

"Just remember you are there to show the dress, but
people judge clothing by the person they see it on. If
some one likes it they may stare at you like you are a
monkey in a cage but they are trying to visualize how
it would look on them not being critical of you. Except
maybe boys, they won't know what color it is and don't
care just want to see you, but that's ok, that why we
wear shorts and dresses instead of sheets."

Emily said, "We have to go and get our stuff, it is
after five already and we need to make sure we get our
bags, check our make up and hair. We may not have time
to cruise the mall now. Anyone want a drink or food get
it now. While we can get to the bathroom."

They told Mabel that they could have the food if any
was left and thanked them for all their help and
support but they had to run. It was good by all around
and Mabel hugged them and the girls so everyone else
had an excuse so hugging was the order of business for
five minutes. It gave Julie, Emily and Sarah an excuse
to hug the three they wanted to hug. Julie hugged Hank
and thanked him for being a good sport with a light
kiss on the cheek, which gave her a opening to hug Bill
a little closer than the other and a kiss on his neck
followed by a special look.

They made it to the Saucy Lady's picked up their bags,
checked them to make sure everything was right and
talked to Jane about last minute things. Then they went
to the mall checked with security and were shown the
bathroom that they would use, went to the platform and
each one walked up, around, and back down. No problems.
There were already people beginning to arrive but they
were only looking quickly and then heading for stores.

They decided to just wait for there wasn't much time
left before seven not enough to do any shopping anyway.
They went to the bathroom and it took another fifteen
minutes for everyone to go so they dressed and checked
each other out and were working on makeup when Jane
came in and said almost time ladies, wow there is a
crowd out there, didn't know there were that many
people around here. Everyone had to run and peek.

Julie got her group to the door and out a quick check
to make sure buttons and snaps were fastened and Julie
noticed both Kim and Elizabeth had nipples sticking out
from their excitement, not showing just pushing against
the bra and dress. Couldn't do anything about it now.
Jane started up the steps.

"Ok, ladies, show time. Smile, everybody will love you,
follow me."

They walked behind Julie, they were excited, wanted to
run but Julie walked slowly, gracefully and they
admired how completely unaffected she seemed to be, she
was cool. They paused at the steps but it was only a
few seconds and then they watched as she went up the
steps and went to each spot smiling, calm, and waving,
as she went to last corner the crowd broke out in
applause. Elizabeth punched Kim and whispered go, then
stood there shaking inside repeating over and over,
relax stay calm be yourself. Then she had to go into
the bright lights. She couldn't have stopped smiling if
her life depended on it! This beat the hell out of
being a cheerleader. She was a model!

Julie was surprised at all the people she knew. There
were the girls families of course and Charlie, wave,
almost all the apartment group, wave, Jimmy and Tammy
with David and a tall girl, wave, and behind them
Tammy's family, wave! Cameras flashing, it was like the
red carpet at Hollywood. She was filled with pride to
just watch Kim and Elizabeth. They were outstanding!

Julie looked at Kim. She was radiating, glowing like a
spotlight, she was going to be something wonderful.
Julie had always seen her in school clothes or
cheerleader uniforms with little make up and wasn't
aware how great she looked in heels, a dress, and with
adult make up. Elizabeth standing at the steps could
almost be seen quivering but when she stepped on the
stage she transformed into a cool almost aloof beauty,
she had that look that said, yes I know I'm hot look
all you want!

When she came around to the back they walked to the
bathroom as the second group started, Sarah gave each a
high five as they passed and went to her first corner,
smiling. They walked faster going back, Julie checked
her watch, it had taken ten minutes so they would not
finish until after eight o'clock. In the bathroom they
got undressed and dressed for the second walk.

Julie urged them to hurry, checked make up and make
sure everyone was decent with no skin showing that
wasn't supposed to then it was back outside the door as
the second group came in. She gathered them in a huddle
outside and told them they looked great and it would be
easy now, just keep on smiling.

They commented on how many people from the apartment
were there. Julie said they are supporting you, they
are good people. That she didn't pay a lot of attention
to older people when she was young but she had learned
that they were mostly all nice and do anything for you
and ask nothing in return, to remember that as they
went through life. Elizabeth said she was excited. Kim
said this was the greatest high she had ever had.
Elizabeth said she wanted to stop in front of her
classmates and wiggle like Julie had and say eat your
hearts out.

"Don't you dare! You mother would stroke right there in
the floor."

"I saw Jimmy and Tammy waving."

"You said that like they were one person, Kim."

"Well they are joined at the hip aren't they."

"Don't say that Kim, Mrs. Cole will be laying in the
floor beside mom."

"Get ready. Smile and keep moving. I love you guys."

"Love you too. Group hug!"

They hugged and went slowly towards the platform as the
last girl began her walk. High fives as they passed on
the steps and then they were on. Jane whispered to
Julie that she wanted everyone back for a finale at the
end. Julie nodded as she looked at Charlie and then
Bill. She wasn't sure which but her heart stirred for
one, maybe it was both. The walk ended and Julie passed
to Sarah and Emily as they met. Then it was change and
get ready for the final walk. With the way they moved
there was no time to realize that the clock was
steadily moving and they were finished and waiting for
the others and the finale.

The girls' families were waiting with cameras and
wanting close ups. Julie moved out of the way but they
said no, no we want you in it also. Then it was Sarah's
group and more pictures, last was Emily's. Jane asked
for a big hand for the ladies and called them up in
groups telling everyone their names. Julie was first
and she walked to the center and when Kim came up
followed by Elizabeth she pulled them in front of her
and put her arms around their waist and reminded them
to smile for the cameras. Sarah and Emily followed and
did the same. Jane thanked everyone for coming and
please drop by the Saucy Lady and check out her
inventory. They started to walk off but all the
families wanted group pictures and Julie made Jane
stand with them.

Then it was just family and the cameras were still
flashing. Julie had a minute before they walked off and
she thanked Kim and Elizabeth and complimented them on
what a great job they had done. They went and got back
into their shorts and nine people were so crowded you
couldn't tell if it was your leg in your shorts or some
one else.

Finally they were finished dressing and good byes were
said and the girls started to their waiting families,
but Jane came rushing up. She stopped them and got
everyone together and said thanks that the mall manager
said that was the largest crowd they had ever had and a
lot of people had said they would come by the shop

She told the girls they could choose a dress from the
ones they wore or take another at half price. All of
them squealed and ran to get their sacks. It took a
half hour for them to get moms and decide which one
they liked best. But finally they were all happy and
said good by again and more hugging. Even the mothers
were hugging Julie, Emily, and Sarah. Lots of Dads
wanted to but thought better than to do it.

When they got to the cars, they looked at each other,
then at their watches.

"Let's go get a double Margarita, we're supposed to be
on our night out."

"Yeah, and it's almost over, but we've got time to get
drunk, that don't take long. We can leave the cars at
my place and ride together."

"If we go there we might have company and I don't want
any company right now."

"Me either, I'm tired and pissed off."

"Why are you pissed off, Emily?"

"Because Julie had her cheering section, and you had
half the damn town but my husband was no where to be

There was a long silence as they realized she wasn't

"Leave the cars here and go in mine. There's a Mexican
restaurant and bar about three blocks over there and we
won't know anyone, I hope for we aren't exactly dressed
for bar hopping."

"Thanks Julie, sorry I spouted off like a spoiled brat.
But sometimes I feel like just a workmate, cook and a
ready piece of ass. And it depresses me, except the
ready piece of ass that's ok."

"Emily, Emily, what are we to do with you?"

"Just love me Sarah, I can't help it."

"Julie here comes Jane should we invite her?"

"Why not? She's a nice person. If you would get her
drunk and let her feel your boobs she might sell you a
dress at cost."

"Emily! Shame on you."

Jane was happy to be invited, she threw her bags of
clothes in the trunk and jumped in the back seat of
Julie's car and they were off. They ate some chips and
hot salsa and drank two Margaritas. Julie was home and
in bed asleep when Jimmy got home at eleven. He woke
her up, horny, and kept her awake for a hour as he
enjoyed shooting his cum in her twice. After she
cleaned up and returned to bed he was asleep. She knew
now what Emily was pissed about! She wanted to be loved
when she was fucked and so did Emily. She had cum twice
herself but it was from stimulation not from emotional
joy. She could cum on a beer bottle or a broom handle,
she wanted someone who wanted to kiss her and feel of
her body as they inserted their hard cocks in her.

Now she was frustrated.

To be continued...

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