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Alice finally goes to the doctor and gets on the pill. now there is nothing stopping me from flooding her womb with my seed.
During the remainder of the week I’d been texting Alice, reminding her to get down the doctors and arrange to get on the pill. I’d told her via text message that I wanted to fuck her tight little cunt again and fill her up with my sperm. The following Monday morning I received a text message from Alice,

“Hi, I’ve been doctors and its sorted xx”. Great I thought reading the message I couldn’t wait to finish work and get hold of her sweet 18 year old body and come in her tight pussy.

“I’ll pick you up outside work when you finish your shift, I’ll take you for a drive in the car because your mum and sister will be home later. I’m going to enjoy coming inside you tonight Alice”

“Ok, 10pm xx” Alice text back.

For the rest of the day I could think of nothing else except fucking Alice. After dinner my missus went up to do her work and I helped Fiona clean up the kitchen. I’d been so horny all day I couldn’t resist fondling Fiona's tits as she washed up.

“Suck my cock Fiona I’m so fucking horny right now”

Fiona didn’t need asking twice, she’d become a very good slut over the last year and a half and sucked my cock or spread her legs in an instant. She’d even got over the fear of being risky and sucking and fucking knowing her eldest daughter was upstairs or that her wanker husband could return home pissed at any moment. Such was her wanton need for cock, something that she’d been starved of for far too long.

Her expert mouth bought me off within a few minutes such was my pent up lust. Fiona gobbled down my spunk like she always did licking it all from my cock as well, never wasting a drop.

I spent the next couple of hours relaxing with the missus before she retired to bed at 9:30pm, she often went to bed early as she worked long hours and had a demanding job with lots of travelling involved. Just before 10pm I jumped in the car and set off to pick Alice up from work. It was only a two minute drive to the pub where she helped in the kitchen. I waited in the car park out the back for a few minutes until she came walking out the pub.

She had on a pair of black trousers that clung to her pert little ass and showed off her thin toned legs, her white blouse was fitted and showed of her perfect little titties, she had two buttons undone which just gave off a hint of her smooth cleavage. She looked fucking hot even in work clothes. She opens the car door and jumped into the passenger seat.

“Hi” she said

“Hi Alice” I said looking up and down her sexy body.

“Unbutton your blouse, and take off your trousers, I want to see what underwear you’re wearing”

“What .......what here? Now?”

“Yes Alice here and now, come on be quick”.

“But someone might see if they leave the pub”

“Well do it quick then Alice nobody is leaving at the minute”. She kicked off her flat shoes and undid her trousers; she lifted her ass and began to remove her trousers as they slid down her legs her panties came into view.

“Very nice Alice” I reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy through the thin lace material of her sexy French knickers. With her trousers discarded she unbuttoned her remaining buttons on her blouse, her matching white bra looked stunning covering her smooth pert cleavage. I pulled her towards me and gave her a long lingering kiss, sticking my tongue into her mouth.

“Lets go get some of that tight little pussy hey”. Starting the car I pulled off the car park and headed towards a lane a few minutes away, one I’d used with my missus when we first started going together and more recently Alices mum.

It took only 2 minutes to arrive at Cottage lane, a dark two mile stretch that ran between our village and another main commuter road. Halfway down the lane I stopped and reversed into a field entrance backing right up until the car almost touched the gate, making the car disappear into the bushed entrance. If a car was to drive by slow enough they would see us but at any decent speed the car probably wouldn’t register. At this time of night I was also sure the usual hoard of dog walkers would not be out, but you never know.

“Slide your seat back and spread your legs, that’s it Alice get them up on the dashboard, open them wide.”

I reached over and pulled her French knickers to the side exposing her lovely hole, the interior light gave off sufficient light to allow me to see that she’d had a recent trim and was nicely smooth. I dipped a finger into her pussy and found her clit with my thumb, her little moans gradually got louder as my finger play had the desired effect. I worked another finger into her hole, and mashed them around a bit, opening up her cunt for my fat cock. After making her come I removed her bra and sucked her hard nipples.

I climbed through into the back of the car and sat in the middle, I removed my trousers and boxers releasing my throbbing hard member into the open.

“Lean through her and suck my fucking cock you slut”.

Alice put a knee on the driver seat and one on the passenger seat, on all fours, and bent forward between the seats and found my helmet with her sweet mouth. She sucked me off a lot better this time massaging my bollocks as she licked and flicked her tongue over the bulbous purple helmet before her. If anybody was to notice the car now then they would get the sight of Alice’s panty covered arse through the window screen, as she put her mouth to good use on a big boner in the back.

“That’s Alice suck my cock real good, your mouths wasted on pussy Alice you’re getting good at sucking dicks, ooh yeah oh yeah that’s nice slut stick your tongue in my japs eye”

I massaged her breasts as she worked my cock for 10 glorious minutes, then I was ready for some pussy. I’d waited long enough for her to get the pill sorted and I couldn’t wait much longer to fill her cunt with my seed. I told Alice to turn around so her ass was pointing through the gap in the seats. I pulled her knickers down so that they were down near her knees, her thighs quite close together, making that tight pussy even tighter for me. I again fingered her hole with two, then three fingers loosening her 18 year old pussy up.
“You ready for my fat cock in your tight pussy Alice? Do you want my cock deep in your hole? Would you rather get fucked by my cock than lick that bitches pussy hey?”

“Come on Alice you aint getting this cock till you tell me”

“I’m ready for your fat cock, force it into my tight little hole and make me come, I want your come inside me fill me up”

I rubbed my hard knob it the soft folds of her ripe pussy hole, each time forcing a bit more hard shaft into her.

“God your fucking so tight Alice, your pussy is so fucking tight I love it, oh fuck yes that’s it slut oh yeah stretch your pussy wide round my dick, yeah oh yeah good that’s good so fucking tight”

I held her for about a minute, her ass pressed up against my stomach, just enjoying the feeling of her young cunt walls contorting around my thick 6 inch cock. God her cunt was like a vice gripping me tight then relaxing slightly before constricting around me cock again. The tightest warmest fuck hole I’d ever had the pleasure of invading felt awesome.

“Right you slut, I’m gonna fuck you hard like a little whore then I’m gonna fill your pussy with spunk, then every time I want a piece of your pussy I take it ok Alice you fucking whore, once my come floods your womb your my bitch, I fuck you when and where ever I like, you getting that Alice? Now I want you to repeat after me as I start to fuck you”.

“I’m your cocksucking little whore who will suck and fuck you whenever and wherever you decide” say them words Alice and a fuck you hard, you know that you want my cock so say it. I loved getting this control over Alice, just like I had her mum, I was right this was a family of sluts, slags and whores.

“I’m your cocksucking little whore who will suck and fuck you whenever and wherever you decide”.

As the words came out of her mouth I’d began to slide in and out of her hole, gradually getting faster and harder until I was really slamming my meat as deep as possible into her cunt. As with the other women I’ve fucked my length isn’t that great but my girth completely opens up their pussies and they love it. Alice proved to be no different and was soon bucking and screaming begging me to fuck her harder and make her come. It didn’t take long; my powerful reaming of her tight entrance soon had her love juices coating my dick, I pulled my cock out and told her to get out of the car. Alice stumbled round to the front of the car nearly tripping over her knickers as they as the tangled round her feet.

“Take them off, you don’t need them on anymore”

She removed them and put them on the bonnet, I picked Alice up and sat her on the cold bonnet in the open air; her nipples stood out hard and erect as the cool air blew over them.

“Spread your fucking legs Alice, sluts like you like getting fucked on car bonnets in country lanes don’t they hey, fucking whore”

“Mmmmm ummmm mmmmm” was all Alice could moan as my helmet forced its way back into her tight tunnel, I grabbed a leg in each hand a pushed them backwards and apart, spreading her cunt wider and allowing me to get deeper into her womb.

“Ohhhhhh fuck oh fucks yes yes I’m coming fuck me fuck me, pound my pussy with your big dick, yes oh yes that’s it make me commmmmeeeeeee”

Alice came nosily and hard on my cock, coating it with more of her sweet young fragrant juice. I pulled my cock from her gaping cunt and bent down to lick at her sticky pussy, it tasted amazing so sweet. I must licked her for a good 5 minutes cleaning her cunt of her come, standing back up I threw her legs over my shoulders and pressed my cock into her cunt, with my arms either side of her legs I squeezed together, making her pussy tighter still. I pulled and mauled her breasts as I drove hard and fast into Alice, slamming her into the car with every thrust.

It wasn’t long before the tightness of her perfect 18year old pussy had worked its magic and my nuts tightened and cock twitched inside her.

“Here I fucking come Alice, I’m about to make you my cocksucking whore. Oh yes fuck yes here it comes you whore here it fucking comes” Bang, bang, bang I slammed into her hole 3 more times then felt my cock erupt.

“Take my come you fucking slut, oooohhhh yeah baby milk my cock with your tight cunt, milk it like a whore. Yes oh fuck yes your one sexy whore Alice, your pussy is going to be seeing a lot more of my cock you know that don’t you?”

“Yes I know I’m your cocksucking whore now, I love your thick dick in my cunt”

“Clean my dick then get in the car”. Alice proceeded to suck my cock clean before jumping in the car. I hung her panties over the farmers’ gate then jumped in with Alice. Everybody was in bed when we returned so I gave Alice a long kiss then patted her arse.

“See you soon whore I’m going bed”.

I had my work cut out now with fucking the 3 women of the household, but god damn was I enjoying myself in the meantime. I really had stumbled cock first into a family full of sluts, slags and whores.

More tales from the family of whores coming shortly.

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2009-10-17 03:55:47
damn that was so hot. try to get all three of them at once

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