Number 3 of the tales of Kim. All characters are based on real people, no names have been changed
The day had started much the same way as all the others had over the past few months, Kim had woken up in Laura’s arms, their breasts pressed lightly together and her lover’s hot soft breaths on her face. Crawling slowly out of bed Kim quickly pulled back on her bra and top, trying carefully not to wake Laura before breakfast. But it seemed she wasn’t as quiet as she thought she’d been and Laura stirred softly in her sleep, unconsciously her hand fell down to her small shaved pussy and, still half asleep, she inserted her middle finger, casually in-between her pussy lips.
Rolling over onto her back Kim heard Laura whisper quietly,
‘mmmmm yea Kim, that feel sooo good, fuck me, fuck me please you naughty girl…’. Just the sound of Laura’s soft voice, so full of passion was enough to arouse Kim once again and at her crotch she felt her pussy tingle and above it, her cock began to swell of it’s own accord. Kim’s own cum was now beginning to leak out around Laura’s fingers from where she had pounded her as hard and as fast as she had always done. Right now all Kim wanted to do was get back onto that bed and put her now erect cock back inside that glorious pussy, and fuck Laura all day long, their love-filled passionate kisses lasting for hours on end and their subtle, smooth skins moving gently over one-another as they fucked the hours away until dusk.
But right now she had a lecture to go to, so pulling up her jeans and, with some difficulty doing up her zip over her swollen cock, slipped out of the door, closing it behind her. Turning round she almost bumped almost directly into Ed, who was coming away from the shower in a towel, almost knocking the garment away. Ed was a typical Rugby Jock, well built, chauvinistic and shallow, he was nice enough to hang around with but every now and then you easily caught him casting furtive glances over every girl in the room’s tits.
Casting her eyes quickly over Ed’s well toned and muscles body gave Kim’s cock and pussy another slight jolt as he hastily tried to keep his towel around his waist.
‘Sorry Ed,’ Kim managed, turning a bright shade of red and very conscious of the large, unfeminine bulge at the front of her jeans.
‘Salright,’ he muttered back, ‘see you at breakfast.’ And with that he strutted off back to his room, closing the door behind him. Kim let out a long breath and, sneaking back to her own room, quickly jacked off the remains of her pulsing erection, keeping images of Laura’s smooth, perfect body in her mind to get the job done faster. But then at the point of arrival, those smooth feminine curves and long flowing hair were suddenly thrust aside and the image of Ed’s muscular blocky form burst it’s way into her head and was burned into her mind’s eye as she sprayed her final jettison into the air.
But Kim was not the only person who was seeing strange things that morning, when he had bumped into Kim that morning; Ed could have sworn he saw something that had made his stomach do a somersault. There, quite plainly at the front of her jeans had been the most unnatural bulge, Kim with her perfect tits and beautiful feminine form, couldn’t possibly be… could she? Strangely though, although the image had shocked him at first, Ed felt himself strangely aroused, well more so than usual at the thought of her naked. That pair of peachy rounded breasts and flat, smooth stomach, long smooth legs and strangely out of place, that large pulsing cock at her groin. It was all so weird and strangely taboo, and Ed found himself lusting after Kim in a way that he had never thought possible, it was more than just sexual need, it was exiting and new.

That evening they all had dinner together as usual, the student halls were always busy and dinner was one of the few times when everyone could get together. Ed was unusually quiet that evening, as was Kim, both taking furtive glances at one another making a picture in their minds as to what lay underneath those clothes. Both were getting very hard under the table and when Laura reached over secretly under the table, as she often did to Kim’s crotch, she let out a small gasp as Laura’s hand found her already rock hard member.
Both of their eyes met and the urgency in Kim’s eyes was clear to see, she was gagging for it, he mouth watering at the prospect and her skin aflame with energy. The fire in those eyes was enough to melt all the inhibitions in Laura’s cautious mind and together they made their excuses and left, Kim moving carefully to avoid showing the new bulge at her waist. As he watched them go, Ed finally made the connection in his mind, of course, why else would they spend so much time together and be so secretive and un co-operative with all guys who had tried it before, himself included.
New images began to swell and grow inside his head, the thought of Kim sticking her cock into Laura’s pussy and their tongues entwining, their lips meeting was like nothing he had ever imagined before. He wanted in.

Back in Laura’s room the two girls were already enraptured in a passionate embrace, their mouths locked together permanently as they sought out the deeper recesses of each other’s oral capacities. Both of their breasts pressed tightly against one another, squashed together like two halves of a peach, the hard buds of their nipples rubbing softly against the other’s as they caressed and ran their palms up and down their soft flanks. Collapsing sideways onto the bed Kim quickly rolled on top and pinned Laura to the sheets, providing no route of escape from her ferocious kissing. Laura loved the feeling of Kim’s weight pressing her against the mattress, submitting entirely to her lover’s will and to wherever and whichever way Kim cared to take her.
As Kim’s hands ran down from Laura’s long lustrous hair down to her firm rounded bottom, finally to the bridge of her knees, she forced Laura’s legs up in their air until she had them fully panted apart, stretching her wide and leaving her waiting, soaking wet pussy open to her cock. Smiling sweetly and planting a final kiss on Laura’s lips Kim grabbed her cock in one hand and slowly, gently lowered it to her waiting snatch. Not entering straight away, she played the end over the lips, moistening the tip with those readily flowing juices and preparing that soft pink hole for her dick. Laura, bit her lip with the tension, the feeling of Kim’s hard feminine dick at the doorway to her pussy was almost too much and she whispered in a pleading voice.
‘Please, do it now, give it to me, I want to feel all of it, all of your dick deep inside me, please, I need it so bad!’
That was all Kim wanted to hear and with one final thrust she dove the entire length of her cock deep inside, sliding the entire width down all the way, until pulling it back out again and stimulating a moan of pleasure from below.
‘That’s right, you like that don’t you my little slut, you like the feel of my cock inside you, say it! say you love my cock!’
‘uuuuuuuuhhhhhh! Yea, yea I love your cock, that feels so, so good! Give it to me, fuck me, fuck me like a whore!’
Kim grinned , she loved it when she talked dirty, it made her feel more alive.
‘yea I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you until you cum and can’t cum any more, you slut.’

As Kim continued to pound Laura’s pussy, all the time keeping her leg’s stretched wide; she thought she heard, at the back of her subconscious, the sound of the door creaking open. Turning round to face the door, she was stunned into complete shock. Ed stood, there completely naked, nursing as semi as he watched to two girls fuck, a wide grin across his face.
‘No, don’t stop on my account…’ he said smugly.
‘Ed! The two girls screamed in unison, get out!’
Ed merely smiled and closed the door completely behind him, ‘I don’t think so,’ he said taking a step forwards, ‘you see I’m sure you don’t want anyone to find out about this, and unless you want these pictures scattered all over the internet,’ he continued holding up a camera, ‘you’d both best do just as I say’.
Both girls were stunned, Kim’s cock still buried inside Laura’s pussy, they looked at each other and gave a small nod.
‘alright then, you, Laura, the whore, get over here and get on your knees, you’re going to find out what a real man’s dick tastes like.’
Laura was now so fully aroused by Kim’s attention that she was practically salivating and as she took Ed’s dick in her mouth he felt the glorious moist inner of her mouth surround it and the soft feeling of her lips on his shaft as she began to move her head back and forth, letting her tongue roll over the head, tasting the salty saline brine of his pre-cum. All the while she was furiously rubbing at her pussy with her other hand, desperately trying to finish the work that Kim had begun, both her saliva and her pussy juices leaking onto the floor.
Kim, still aroused by the bare naked form of Ed’s muscular body began to sneak around the two of them, now firmly distracted, and managed to retrieve the camera from where it lay on the floor, the memory disk was empty.
With a smile like that of a cat, she cast her eyes over Ed’s treacherous ass, as it thrust backwards and forwards now to they rhythm of Laura’s sucking, taking him lightly by the shoulders, she persuaded the two of them onto the bed and Ed into a position where he was hunched over, holding Laura’s head as she furiously ran her lips up and down his shaft. So Ed thought that he could dupe them into doing exactly as he wanted did he? Well she was going to teach him a lesson one that he wouldn’t forget any time soon. Ed’s full attention was now focused on the feeling of Laura’s mouth around his dick, oblivious to Kim, who now stood behind him, wiping a tube full of lube over her erect cock.
Leaning forward and grabbing his ass in her hands, Kim whispered in his ear,
‘silly, silly boy, you thought you could mess with us, well I’m going to teach you a lesson, you don’t fuck with us, or we’ll fuck you!’
With that she placed her lubed up member at his anus rested it there for just a moment, he, turned his head, his eyes now full of fear at what he knew she was about to do, but unable to escape with his dick stuck deep in Laura’s throat. Very slowly Kim began to apply pressure, but the entrance was so tight that it took a moment for even the head of her dick to pop into the hole.
‘Hungh! No, stop, please, I’m sorry’, he cried, the feeling of intense violation and intense pleasure mixing indeterminably together.
‘Shut up dick!’ Kim replied with a voice like iron, ‘you need to be taught a lesson and this is the only way you’ll learn, so shut the fuck up and take it like a man’. With that she thrust her whole weight forwards burying the whole depth of her dick into his body, triggering a half cry of anguish and half of curious ecstasy from below.
For Kim it was like nothing she had ever felt, she had fucked Laura in the ass a few times before, but the feeling of power that she got from fucking this chauvinistic, manly guy was ecstatic. She felt her orgasm growing quickly as Laura increased her pumping of Ed’s cock and she thrust harder and faster as she felt the familiar bursting feeling well up inside her. Ed was in a world of his own, and as he felt finally the familiar twinge in his groin which meant he was cumming into Laura’s hot waiting mouth, he heard Kim scream and moan behind him.
‘oooooooohhhhh shit!, take it, take it all you, stupid boy, take it like a man!’ and with that he felt her own female junk spurt out into his anal cavity, filling him with a soft warm feeling that spread down the shaft of that hot, intruding member.
Pulling out and relaxing as the last waves of the orgasm rippled through her, Kim lightly tapped the side of Ed’s ass, allowing him to fall sideways onto the bed.
‘Good boy,’ she muttered through twitching pulses.
Leaning forward she kissed Laura passionately, tasting Ed’s still warm cum on her lips.
‘Do you think he’s learned his lesson,’ she asked, grinning slyly at his exhausted bulk.
‘you know what,’ replied Laura, returning the look, ‘I think he’s going to be a tough case to crack…’

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i liked it but it was better without the man. i did this it was very funny when kim fucked ed. make another without the boy though.

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