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Gina's Shower

Gina loved being fucked by strapon dildos. It was that simple. The
perpetually horny 17 year old with the cheer leader body and D cup breasts
had lost her virginity at age 15 to a neighbor girl named Sally and hadn't
looked back since. The feel of a nice hard plastic cock was all she
fantasized about. She didn't care if her reputation at school suffered, so
long as she had enough plastic dick to satisfy her insatiable need.

When she couldn't talk another girl into fucking her with a strapon, Gina
took care of herself with her fingers or any of her wide assortment of
dildos. She often fantasized about Sally and how could she had it when
Sally still lived a couple houses away. She regretted that Sally's parents
discovered the two of them locked into a doggy style fuck session, which
was her favorite position of all. It wasn't long after that that Sally was
forced to move away.

Gina felt bad about all that but still had the best orgasms knowing that
Sally was straight and she was gay. Gina got the greatest thrill whenever
she remembered how she threatened to expose Sally as a lesbian after their
first innocent encounter. Goose bumps rippled up Gina's arms as she
recalled how she first tried to seduce Sally. She remembered how shocked
and disgusted Sally was after she leaned in and tried to kiss her.

Gina was so hurt by Sally's rejection that she lashed out at her the only
way she knew how. She told Sally that she would tell everyone that she
(Sally) was gay, if she didn't make out with her right then and there.

Gina's heart thumped loudly when she remembered how Sally reluctantly when
along with her weak attempt at blackmail. Things escalated quickly from
there until Gina had Sally fucking her nearly everyday or whenever and
wherever she wanted. Gina loved the power and control she had over her
neighbor and really regretted getting caught. Those were the best days of
her life until then.

Gina came home to an empty home late that Friday night. Her brother was
spending the night with friends and her parents were on a weekend get away
for the two of them. She was left in charge of the house and her brother
and their black lab, Skip.

Her job was simple, make sure the dog had food and water and that her
brother was fed and taken care of. She took care of her brother by having
him spend the night at a friends and Skip was easy after that.

Gina walked into her bedroom, stretched and reminisced about Sally's long
plastic cock and how great it felt. She couldn't help herself when she
jammed her hand down her pants and rubbed her sex. She could still feel the
stickiness of her own juices. She smelled her fingers coated with a pungent
odor that aroused her even more. She suckled her fingers and hand as she
stood in her bedroom quietly reflecting.

She knew she should take a shower, but she really didn't want to wash her
pussy or get rid of that glorious aroma of cunt, orgasm and sweat. She just
loved it and she inhaled deeply through her nose capturing as much odor as
she could. "Mmmmm, I LOVE that smell," she sighed to herself as she began
to undress and prepare for her shower.

Since no one was in the house, she decided to scamper naked to the
bathroom. Her large breasts weren't easily contained or restrained and they
bounced wildly as she pranced down the hall.

"Hi Skip," she said gleefully as she leaped into the bathroom past the
sitting dog.

Gina gave herself a nice hot shower, but she kept her hand cupped over her
pussy to deflect as much water as possible and not wash away that
smell. Just the idea of "saving" her cum like this, got Gina heated even
more. She tasted herself and wondered "what on earth will I do with it?"

She finished quickly, got out and was careful not to wipe her pussy for
fear of removing "Sally" from her pubic hair. She wrapped her hair in a
towel and then her body. She opened the bathroom door and steam poured out
above her head as she exited and walked down the hallway.

"Hi Skip," she said as she leaned down to scratch his head as she passed
the seated animal.

Skip's nostrils flared as the girl walked past and his head flicked
slightly as he picked up a unique, arousing scent. Curious as to its
origin, Skip got up and followed the slightly familiar smell.

Gina entered her room and began drying her hair with towel from her
head. She leaned forward a little to allow her hair to fall forward and
then she bent over completely to rub her hair vigorously.

Just then she felt something cold touch her ass and thigh. She bolted
upright, turned around and screamed, "SKIP!"

Skip just stood there, sniffing and licking his lips. His long tongue
flicked under his nose and swiped along one side of his mouth and then the

"Skip, don't do that," Gina exclaimed, "you scared me." She knew the dog
didn't mean to scare her but her heart was pounding so hard, she felt
compelled to scold the dog.

She turned her back on the dog again and resumed drying her hair. As she
bent over again, she arched her back a bit.

Skip watched intently as the girl's swollen vagina gradually pushed between
her thighs. The lightly haired slit still glistened from its internal
juices and tiny white specs clung randomly to her pubic hair. Skip sniffed
repeatedly at the blossoming twin globe as it seemed to grow in size and

Skip couldn't help himself; he had to taste what was causing that
smell. He'd smelled a similar smell before from the local female dog a
couple of houses down. Every time he smelled the neighbor dog he got
aroused. He couldn't explain it, it just happened. And tonight wasn't much
different. The scent was slightly different but the effect it was beginning
to have on him wasn't. He could feel an erection starting and his impulse
to use it was building as well.

He craned his neck and extended his tongue and licked the glossy slit with
a long, coarse upward stroke.

"SKIP!" screamed Gina again, only this time, she didn't bolt
upright. Instead, she only twisted at the waist to look behind her and
scold the dog. "Skip," she repeated in a calmer tone, "I told you NOT to do
that. Now, don't lick me like that again!"

Gina had been given oral sex by girls in the past but none of them had ever
sent a shiver up her spine like Skip just had. The width, length and
coarseness of his tongue was incredible.

Gina knew what she was thinking was wrong. She tried to put the deviant
thought out of her mind as she continued to rub her hair with the
towel. But Skip's long tongue felt so good. Gina blinked repeatedly trying
to clear her mind. What was she thinking? What was she saying? It was

If it was so crazy, then why hadn't she stood up? Why was she still bending
over tempting fate? Why was her heart beating so fast? Why was she
spreading her feet right NOW?

Skip could tell Gina liked it. He tilted his head and licked her twice
more. When she moaned and stopped drying her hair, he knew he had her. Her
vaginal juices were beginning to flow each time he lapped at her pussy. His
long powerful tongue easily penetrated her soft fleshy folds and up to her
nether land. Her juices flowed so freely he was having trouble keeping
up. He licked her pussy and cleaned her anus as she pushed back against

Listening to the girl moan and groan as he intensified his licking and
lapping, Skip became more and more aroused. Smelling the increasing aroma
as the girl oozed more and more wetness added to Skip's arousal. Before
long, he was sporting a raging hard on. His long thin red cock had pushed
well past the outer hood was bouncing beneath his tummy.

Gina was becoming more and more limp with arousal. She dropped her towel
and leaned her upper body on her bed for support. She couldn't help
herself, Skip's tongue was driving her wild. She arched her back, lifted
her ass and spread her legs to allow Skip better access. He kept licking
and nipping at her sex like a kid with a drippy Popsicle.

Skip had had enough of licking this girl's cunt. He needed to get some
relief and he needed it NOW! Seeing her shiny white ass glistening from
saliva and girl juice, Skip popped up behind her and put his paws on the
bed beside her. His arousal had taken over and there was nothing more he
could do to control himself. He was on autopilot and his sexual relief was
all that mattered.

Instinctively, he began thrusting his hips, hoping to make contact between
his cock and the girl's slippery sex. He kept humping away without success.

Gina couldn't believe what was happening. Her mind was clouded with deviant
thoughts and hesitation but in her aroused state nothing seemed to matter
more than feeling a cock inside her. She wanted it. She needed it. She
didn't care that it would be Skip's cock, she NEEDED a cock to fill her.

She reached back and grabbed Skip's enlarged cock and helped guide him
forward. She moaned loudly when her pushed himself past her swollen lips,

Skip just kept humping and pumping. Once he entered the girl's gooey
goodness, he grabbed her hips with his front paws and pulled himself up on
her backside and drove himself in deeper. With each powerful thrust, the
girl moaned and caused him to work just that much harder. He wanted to
drive himself in deep enough to lock himself inside her. He pushed and
pushed and pushed until his ball-like rim was inside her.

Now locked in place, he stroked and stroked and stroked like the animal he
was. His tongue flopped loosely out of his mouth as he drooled on the
girl's back. His abdomen tightened repeatedly as he fucked the girl over
and over.

Gina groaned and moaned like never before. She had been fucked doggystyle
many times before but it never, ever felt like this. She was so full, it
was crazy. And she thought Sally had a "big cock", she mused to
herself. She kept panting with each hard bump from behind. Her pussy was
screaming with ecstasy and she loved it. She grabbed her nipples and
squeezed them. She couldn't help but grunt short grunts, "Ugh, ugh, ugh,
ugh," as Skip pounded her from behind.

She slipped a hand between her legs and started flicking her clit as Skip
humped away. Her body was electrified with arousal like never before. Why
hadn't she ever done this before? This was better than ANY girl she'd had
fuck her before. She could have saved her reputation at school, all from
the comfort of her own home.

Her fingers squished her clit between her slippery folds as Skip continued
to ride her.

Skip was rapidly reaching orgasm. His enthusiasm was increasing as was the
rate of his work. Each powerful thrust brought him closer and closer to

Finally, his cock spewed loads of dog cum over and over into the girl's hot
sex. Cum dripped out of her cunt as Skip continued his rabid pace.

Gina felt Skip cum inside her. She'd never felt such a distinguished "gush"
like that with anyone before, after all, plastic cocks didn't cum. She
didn't have to ask Skip if he'd cum, she knew. She continued to rub her
swollen clit, mixing Skip's cum with her own juices until she came, too.

Skip kept fucking the girl until his cock softened and he fell out. Still
aroused and knowing what his duty was, he licked the girl's quivering sex
until there was no more of his cum on her. He cleaned her inside and out
before he was finished.

Gina flopped on her bed, relieved and satisfied. She had finally found a
real "boyfriend" and smiled greedily at the possibilities. "Wouldn't my
parents be proud?" she mused to herself.

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