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Gina's Shower Part 2

Hot steamy water cascaded down Gina's every voluptuous curve as she closed
her eyes and leaned into the streaming shower. She pushed her hair back and
dreamed of her past weekend. Ever since Gina's initial sexual encounter
with Skip, her appetite for dog sex became insatiable. She spent the next
two days testing Skip's virility and recovery by having sex repeatedly time
after time. Needless to say, she was impressed by the dog's ability to
recuperate and engage in intercourse time and again. But what made Skip
even more invaluable was that during his recovery period he'd lick her
pussy and ass without hesitation or encouragement. By the end of that
weekend, both Gina and Skip were worn out.

Later, Gina could only grin when her mom asked her how things went over the

"Did you finally find a boyfriend?" her mom smiled, "you have that special
`glow' about you. Did you find somebody new?"

Gina sighed deeply and nodded her head. She reached down and scratched
Skip's head and slyly acknowledged her mom saying, "Yeah, I did meet
someone new and yes, we're seeing each other regularly." Her stomach
flittered as she spoke to her mom in code. She took a special glee in
teasing her mom like that.

"I'm gonna take Skip for a walk, okay mom?" Gina said.

"Sure, go ahead," replied her mom a little confused that her daughter was
actually "volunteering" to do a chore she'd hated until then. "Maybe she's
finally maturing," she told herself. "Are you going out after?" her mom
asked noticing how spiffy her daughter was dressed with her short mini
skirt and tight crop top.

"No, not really," grinned Gina as she looked in Skip's eyes and clipped on
the leash.

Now that she and Skip were a "thing", she was actually glad she lived on a
dead end street. Until she and Skip became a couple she hated the fact that
she lived on the end of a dead end street and that her house sat next to a
huge cow field and was butted up against a giant field beyond her back
yard. No, now she didn't care because all she had to do to get some privacy
was walk about an acre to any one of several small clumps of trees and she
and Skip would have all the privacy they'd need.

Granted those same bushy clumps of trees were favorite spots for
neighborhood kids to play in as well, but she knew there was room enough
for them all if she was patient and willing to go elsewhere.

Stepping carefully through the tall grass, she and Skip made their way to
the closest clump of trees directly behind her house but several dozen
yards away. Skip seemed to be getting more and more energetic the closer to
the trees they got. He bounded higher and jumped around eagerly as they
approached. Gina thought he could actually tell what she was up too.

As she got to within a few yards of the bush-lined clump of trees, she
scanned the immediate vicinity for any kids. The area had several paths
leading into the center and she took the one closest to her and headed
inside. She could feel her heart begin to beat faster and her ears began to
ring the closer to the center she got. Her body started to tingle and she
developed a little tunnel-vision when she finally stopped.

It was a little hard for her to breathe as she spun around slowly,
searching for any sign of anyone else in the area. She could hardly believe
she was actually going to enact her plan. All appeared quiet and her
arousal increased with the "all clear" feeling. She squatted down in front
of Skip and whispered, "It looks like we're all alone, Skip."

Gina stood and peeled off her crop top allowing her large firm breasts to
flop loosely and freely on her chest. The feeling of being outside and
topless took her breath away. She tossed her top on the ground and then
wriggled out of her mini skirt. She didn't bother to wear panties; it was
just another thing she would have had to take off. She tossed her skirt on
top of her crop top and then grabbed her pussy and tit. She closed her eyes
and started to sway seductively, trying to seduce Skip. She massaged her
pussy and gently pulled at one nipple as she slowly rolled her hips in a
tight circle. She ran her hands up and down her body, gently swaying to
music in her mind.

Skip sat there, watching the young girl's every move. His tongue hung
loosely from his mouth until he'd slurp it back in momentarily. Before long
he could smell that familiar smell. Instinctively, his cock began to

Gina just kept swaying to the music in her mind and seductively feeling
herself as Skip watched. There was something very erotic about dancing for
her dog that she'd never felt before. It was something strange, lewd, sick
and wrong, but VERY exciting and her pussy responded in kind. Her fingers
pressed in and out of her oozing cunt and slipped up and down across her
swelling clit.

Unbeknownst to Gina, some younger neighborhood girls were approaching her
clump of trees. One of them had left her backpack near where Gina was. The
three girls had played together all day and were all kind of tired, so they
just walked silently in a single file on the narrow path.

With her eyes closed and her mind flooded by arousal at being naked outside
and preparing herself to have sex with her dog, Gina didn't hear the
approaching girls.

Skip heard them, but he was too preoccupied with watching Gina's seduction
to worry about them. Besides, what did he care?

Gina finally felt she was wet enough for Skip and she turned around and got
down on all fours. She patted her behind twice and commanded the newest
trick she'd taught Skip over the weekend, "Skip, Mount."

Obediently, Skip leapt on Gina's back and started humping, his cock groping
aimlessly for her pussy.

Gina reached behind her and grabbed the dog's swollen dick and guided it to
her pussy. She moaned loudly, "OOOOOHHHHHH!"

The three approaching teenagers heard Gina's moan and stopped in their
tracks. They were scared and didn't know what to do. The brunette girl
quietly knelt and encouraged the other two to do the same while she gave
them the "shhhh" signal with her finger pressed to her lips. The girls all
knelt silently and listened.

"OOOOOHHHHHH," they heard again followed by, "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh^�"

None of the girls had ever heard anything like that before. Together they
quietly crawled on their hands and knees until they could see where the
sound was coming from. Through the bushes they could see the lily white
skin of a girl on her hands and knees. A dog was behind her and kind of on
top of her and his paws her gripping her hips while his hips thrust forward
again and again. They listened as the girl continued to grunt. They could
tell she wasn't in pain or afraid.

The three girls stood a little to look over the bush rather than through
it. They could see the girl's head roll loosely around in a circle as she
moaned and grunted each time the dog bumped her with his hips. They didn't
understand what was happening but couldn't stop watching either. Hearing
her grunt the way she did was strangely arousing even for them. There was
something highly exciting about that "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," sound.

>From the angle they were watching they couldn't really see the girls
breasts very well, so they silently crept to their right so they had a
better side shot. They exchanged excited glances and pointed at the girl's
large breasts as they jiggled and bounced beneath her.

One of the girls saw Gina's clothes nearby and motioned to her friends. She
wanted to steal them and make this girl walk home naked but it was too

Gina was in heaven. Skip was fucking her really well today and she was
enjoying the fullness of his cock, securely held in place by his round knot
buried well inside her vaginal sphincter muscle. She bore down to keep his
cock in place and reached under herself to massage her clit.

"Oh gawd," she exclaimed as the touched her clit, "fuck me Skip, fuck me!
Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh^�"

The three girls looked at each other with wide disbelieving eyes. They all
knew what that word meant. Quickly they re-focused on the girl and her
dog. Now they knew EXACTLY what was happening and they watched intently

Skip came a few minutes later and like he had in the past, he kept humping
her until she came, too.

The three young girls couldn't stop watching even after the dog stopped
fucking the girl and his dick flopped limply beneath him. They kept staring
as the girl laid face down in the dirt but kept her ass high and pointing

They couldn't believe their good fortune. They'd have a wild story to tell
their friends now, even though nobody would probably believe them. The
girl's stuck around and watched the dog lick the girls' private parts and
all around her back side while she smiled and moaned her approval.

After the girl and dog left, the three girls scampered back along the path
giggling with delight and excitement, wondering if and when the girl and
her dog would ever return. They had to find out who this sick girl
was. They knew she must have lived in the neighborhood, so it shouldn't be
that hard.

So thrilled were they with their luck, they didn't even remember the reason
they went there in the first place: the back pack. They just giggled and
skipped and plotted their next move as they scampered back to the
brunette's house.

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