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Bill had no idea how giving in to his obsession would change his life.
Bill Porter locked the wide security doors of his New York penthouse apartment behind the departing deliveryman. He reactivated his alarm system, then turned to inspect his sex doll to see if he'd gotten what he'd contracted for. He'd told his supplier during their negotiations she was to be in a deep hypnotic trance on delivery to his suite. He'd been assured she'd be in a trance for at least eight hours, the length of their contract. He'd been given written instructions with a simple verbal command to use to wake her in case of any emergency.
He sat the petite woman up; her head rolled limply to one side. He held her chin and turned her face to his; he brushed her waist length blonde hair to one side with his fingers and saw she was even more beautiful when in a trance than he'd hoped. She had a natural beauty with gorgeous features that needed little enhancement from makeup. He recalled the awesome color of her eyes that had first captivated him was a beautiful deep blue. Her face, eyes, and body had so intrigued him he’d secretly taken hundreds of pictures of her, all of which were safely on his computer, and he had viewed them many times over during the last months in anticipation of this day. Her name was Coco Devereaux, and he knew from his extensive research of her she was near her twenty-fifth birthday.
The girl’s full lips were exquisitely shaped and very inviting. They turned up at each side of her mouth giving her a look of constant amusement. Bill could not resist bending to kiss her inviting lips as the subtle perfume she wore wafted pleasantly up to him from her warm body. "My pretty Coco, you’re mine at last." Bill spoke her feminine sounding name, then shoved it from his mind. She could only be a sex object to use for his sexual gratification. This was strictly a business arrangement between a high-class pimp and himself.
Her young face had a look of innocence and vulnerability he found damned captivating. He'd been dreaming of this erotic fantasy or fetish, if you insist, since he'd first been introduced to her at a posh charity event a few years before. His obsession for her had finally overcome his personal qualms and caused him to negotiate for this tryst. He was well aware he'd have been charged a larger portion of his fortune for the temporary use of her body if his cynical supplier had suspected the depths of his obsession. His shrewd business mind knew this was a weakness that could be used against him, and he was determined to be alert for that possibility. He reached for one of the girls clothed breasts and tweaked her nipple sharply between his thumb and forefinger. Her face showed no conscious reaction.
Satisfied with her condition, Bill lifted his fuck toy in his arms, and cradled her with ease. Bill was a six-foot tall man approaching his fourth decade and had a muscular athletic frame from the rigorous daily workouts, yoga, and martial arts training that had become his daily habits while in the military. He was considered to be handsome by most women, and largely due to his swiftly accumulated wealth had been listed among the top ten eligible bachelors in the U.S. by several major magazines for each of the last seven years. Bill knew most people would consider his intense interest in little Coco eccentric, he regularly consorted with royalty, Broadway and Hollywood stars, and other celebrities. His only answer was he was driven to possess her, if only for a little while.
He would have estimated the petite woman weighed very little over a hundred pounds, if that. From meeting her personally he’d judged she stood around five feet tall, or perhaps five feet short would be the better way to describe her. He’d considered her presence and personality vivacious and charming, though today he was focused on her physical charms. Bill carried her down the long hallway to his master bedroom.
He turned on several professional quality cameras focused on his bed with one switch on the wall, and glancing up, he saw a huge picture of the bed and the two of them on one of his several wide-screen televisions. Bill took pride in his excellent video and audio systems; he had built them himself. Electronics was but one of his many accomplishments and businesses.
Bill was certain his system was safe from hackers hi-jacking his recordings and pictures. Security was the main product he sold to the many nations around the world who were his customers and had paid him their billions.
Satisfied everything in the room was being recorded from several angles, he sat the young woman on his bed. He kneeled and let her head lie on his shoulder. He unbuttoned her sheer white silk blouse and took it off over her slim arms. The complete helplessness of her small body was arousing him already. She was his pretty fuck toy to use as he wished. He unsnapped her lace bra and pulled it off her. One glance at the bra’s label showed it read 34-C. Her breasts were more than ample in proportion to her slim body. "Damn, she's small, but so freaking sexy," Bill thought out loud!
The sight of her exquisite peaches and cream complexioned breasts and puffy pink nipples affected him so strongly he was aware of his pulse rate rising as he looked her over. Next he removed her stylish short skirt, lace panties, high-heeled shoes and stockings. The hair framing her pussy had been removed, except for one small tuft above it, and the curtains matched the carpet, being blonde. Her slim legs were shapely and smooth, yet fit enough the muscles in her calves and thighs showed the definition of an athlete, as did those in her arms. Her hips were imminently attractive and functional, wide enough for child bearing, yet there was not a pound of excess flesh to be seen anywhere on the girl.
Bill had learned from his research and discussions with her she had been an outstanding gymnast and had gone to college on a sports scholarship. In his estimation she had a toned and strong little body and took great care of herself. She looked good enough to eat and he fully intended to enjoy doing so.
Bill took off his robe and laid it aside. He picked up one of her small manicured hands and wrapped it around his erect penis. He gave it a few tentative strokes and watched as her breasts bobbled invitingly. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his penis and he bent over her to wipe it on her pretty lips. He was tempted to fuck her mouth immediately, but decided that could wait until later. He'd use her for his sexual gratification in every way he could before his contracted hours ended.
Bill grasped her small hands and looked closely at her nails. As he'd first thought, the polish on her finger and toenails was the same pink as the natural color of her lips. He kissed and sucked on each of her slim fingertips and nails in turn, liking the erotic feel of them in his mouth. He moved her arms over her head and wrapped them loosely with the thin straps of her lace bra. This further increased her aura of utter helplessness to his immense satisfaction. Bill moved down to the end of the bed and held Coco’s feet. They were very small, slim and graceful in appearance. He wondered that she was able to find stylish shoes to fit them. Bill kissed her toes affectionately, thinking they were a foot fetishist’s dream. Bill was more a tits and ass man himself, but still, he thought, if one were to hold her feet together just so, then insert one’s self between them… No, perhaps later, Bill laughed, he had other fetishes to gratify at the moment.
He kissed, nibbled, sucked, and licked his way back up her sleeping body, paying special attention to her thighs, which he found delectable. He skipped past her pussy on this trip, saving that exploration for later.
Bill could not resist the temptation of closely examining the entranced girl's delightful breasts any longer. He went prone beside her to peer closely at them. Bill cursed her damned bra. Its stitching had left faint pink pressure lines on the delicate skin of her otherwise flawless breasts. He decided he'd stipulate that she not wear a bra for several days before any further transactions they made. Bill then had a thought it would be far more sensible for him to avoid ever doing this again. He shoved those unpleasant thoughts aside and went back to his tit play.
With her arms extended above her head the globes of her firm breasts flattened somewhat, but still stood out above her body invitingly. Her nipples fascinated Bill; her areolas were about the size of a silver dollar and protruded a half-inch from her oval breasts. Their color seemed a near perfect match for the pink of her luscious lips. The tips of her nipples were a little larger than pencil erasers and extended over a quarter-inch from her dome-shaped areola. Bill considered them perfectly shaped for his aesthetic tastes. She fitted his own ideal much more closely than he could ever have dreamed, and he, considering himself a conniseur of the feminine form, had seen thousands of beautiful nude women, both in pictures and in person.
Bill had avidly anticipated enjoying suckling her delightful breasts and he applied himself to this next, while rolling her puffy nipples between his fingers alternately as he reached to explore her moist slit with his other hand. The delicious textures and shapes of her nipples and breasts made his mouth salivate as he sucked and licked them.
After luxuriously suckling every delectable inch of both her breasts and her nipples deep into his mouth and against his palate, Bill moved down between her thighs and found her clit with his lips and tongue. He licked and sucked it while exploring her pussy with his middle finger. He added another finger to her as she lubricated and relished her tight fit as he searched for her G spot. She moaned softly then, which was the only physical reaction he'd noticed her make thus far.
Seeking to get a further reaction from the girl while exploring her body, Bill slid both his powerful arms under her smooth thighs and reached his hands up to her soft breasts. He caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between his thumb and fingers while thoroughly licking, sucking, and fucking her clit and pussy lips with his mouth and tongue. Bill was delighted to find the lubrication and engorgement of her sex organs functioned naturally despite her hypnotic trance. Her fragrance and taste were simply those of a clean healthy woman, which pleased Bill to no end. He had no use for the nonsense of artificially scented and flavored douches. He laughed as he thought if he’d wanted mints or strawberries he’d be eating them, instead of a fine woman’s pussy!
He continued the breast and nipple manipulation while trailing his tongue down to her anal passage, which he enjoyed giving what he personally considered a world class rim job and tongue fucking. So much for his thin veneer of cosmopolitan businessman, Bill thought. You put debonair billionaire Bill Porter in bed with a good looking woman and he reverted to the Texas cowboy and rodeo hand he’d been many years ago!
He rolled atop his sex doll and kissed her slack mouth, licking it with his tongue and nibbling and sucking at her full shapely lips with his own, then he tenderly kissed her lovely eyelids. Bill spoke softly to her, “Sleeping beauty, on a scale of one to ten of the Bill Porter Index of Feminine Beauty, ten being the best, you are at least an eleven!”
Her breasts rose and fell slowly as she breathed. On a whim, Bill covered her mouth with his own and gently pinched her nostrils closed. He exhaled slowly into her mouth as she inhaled. He was literally breathing for the unconscious beauty and did so for several minutes as his eager hands roamed her deliciously feminine body.
He was so aroused now by the level of control he had over her he could not delay any longer in taking her. He moved between her legs, spread her thighs wide and raised them until he was in position, and entered her tight pink pussy with his hard erection. Her pussy had been well lubricated by his foreplay, but was still a snug fit for him, and he entered her slowly to avoid harming her. The sensation of finally entering the body he’d desired for so long was one of sheer ecstasy to him and he savored every moment!
Her lovely firm breasts surged forward and back as his thrusting increased in tempo to a frenzied pace. His hands moved to cup her butt cheeks as he slammed his pubic bone feverishly against hers. His heart raced in his chest after a number of minutes as he neared his peak of arousal.
He slowed his pace purposely to prolong his intense enjoyment of her. One of his roaming fingers found and invaded her intimate rear orifice. He knew only thin membranes of the girl’s organs separated the sensitive head of his plunging penis and his fingertip, so his finger fucking her ass increased his arousal exponentially. He became aware he was close to climaxing inside her, and he bent to suck one of her breasts into his mouth for the added erotic sensation. He lashed her erect nipple with his tongue and his whole body stiffened in exquisite spasms! He sowed his seed deep inside her, spurt after ecstatic spurt. The intensity of his orgasm lingered for moments, then regrettably, Bill's penis wilted and he slipped from her.
Finding himself momentarily winded Bill rolled off his sex doll and held her close, relishing being at least temporarily sated. This quiet interlude didn't last long. His mouth returned to her pink nipples and tempting lips as surely as a heat-seeking missile. Bill sighed, and reflected he would happily spend hours each day suckling her fantastic tits and making love to her, if only he could. Visualizing how her having a large man permanently attached to her breasts might create a conflict in her social life amused him.
After a few idle moments of play, Bill felt the need of a visit to the rest room. He jokingly instructed his sex doll, "Don't go away, I’ll be back for more of you.” He laughed at his own absurd quip. He entered his huge bathroom and used the urinal. When Bill turned from the lavatory after washing his hands the large hot tub in one corner caught his eye. He decided a few minutes of the warm, circulating water might rejuvenate him. He was halfway into the hot tub when he began feeling he was missing something essential.
He left and returned momentarily, awkwardly carrying his little sex doll with his more than willing prick sheathed deep inside her pussy once more. Bill switched on another camera that was directed at the hot tub. He sat on the side of the tub and swung one of her legs in, then his, until he sat on the hot tub seat in the water with her straddling his lap facing him. He kissed her nipples and her lax mouth, then cradled her head on his chest as he used his fingers between them to wash his sperm from her pussy. This took several moments as he relished exploring her pussy before putting his prick back inside her. Bill propped his feet on the seat beside him and rocked her body back against his knees. He delighted in playing with her body as he luxuriated in the mingled sensations of his fuck toy and the swirling water.
Bill's intentions to experience his sex dolls every charm initiated his next move. He raised her body and lowered her tight rosebud onto the tip of his stiff prick. This took some maneuvering, but the resulting erotic pleasure was well worth the effort as her anal sphincter squeezed his sensitive erection. “Your ass is no longer exit only, Sweetheart! ” He almost had a spontaneous ejaculation at the heightened sensations as he enjoyed the tight fit of his cock sliding into her warm bowels. Bill mischieviously thought of using her wake up words and surprise her, then reconsidered, that hadn’t been part of their deal.
His exploring fingers replaced his prick in her pussy as he found and rubbed her G-spot and clit. Her head was leaning against his chest. He turned her face to him, then teased his own nipples with her soft lips, then he turned her pretty face up to his to passionately kiss her lips, cheeks, and closed eyelids.
Her buoyancy in the warm water aided his fucking of the girl’s petite body. Water beaded up on her breasts and Bill bent to lick and suck them dry. He reached for a spray nozzle and adjusted the water until the flow was slow and warm. He allowed the liquid to flow over the globes of her breasts as he suckled it off, simulating lactation and nursing, another fond fantasy of his.
"Maybe sometime in the future we'll do the real thing." Bill told the unconscious young woman. There were so many things he'd pay almost any price to experience with this girl. Though he had always avoided paying for sex before, the explicit contract and negotiations had been essential in fulfilling this particular fantasy. Bill considered the pleasure well worth his effort and expense thus far. “What the hell,” Bill confided to his fuck toy, “our negotiations were a major turn-on for me!” He had often wondered during their talks if she had not been as aroused as he, her face, neck, and alluring cleavage had often been flushed as they’d talked, and more than once he’d thought he detected the delicious scent of sexually excited woman from her. He treasured the memory of her enigmatic smile the day he’d first told her she was the object of his sexual fantasy!
His hands roamed the firm mounds of her sexy butt as he repeatedly lifted her and slipped her down on his prick, her sensitive pussy lips and clit erotically striking his belly each time he slid her down. With one of her nipples and most of a breast suckled in his mouth Bill mused this was as close to Heaven as he'd ever come.
"Damn, this little doll feels incredible," Bill thought! His arousal had increased until he was rock hard and only moments from climaxing. He decided he could wait no longer. He increased the speed of his wild slamming of her ass and switched his mouth to attack her other bouncing breast. His strong hands clenched the cheeks of her butt as his testicles seemed to tighten. Indescribable ecstasy swept over Bill as he erupted into Coco's bowels! “I love how you make me feel, Coco!” Bill moaned in her ear as wave after wave of intense enjoyment swept through him. He hugged her fiercely to his chest as he lavished kisses on her lovely face. This orgasm had Bill wondering momentarily if he'd overloaded his own circuits. He'd enjoyed great sex countless times before, but using this entranced and seemingly helpless girl as a fuck toy had been an awesome turn on in comparison!
Cupping water in his hand, he splashed some into his own face. He peered round and found a stack of fresh face towels within reach. He dipped one into the water and swabbed her face and neck with it. Rinsing it out, he tenderly washed Coco's breasts, shoulders, and back, then he washed his own. His traitorous prick betrayed him and withdrew from her tight ass and Bill reached for a bar of soap and washed them both thoroughly.
Bill carefully sat her on the seat beside him, then stepped from the hot tub. He was acutely aware he was solely responsible for the girl’s safety. He grasped her under her arms and lifted her to the side of the hot tub to drape a large plush towel over her back. He carried her to his bed, then fetched more towels to dry them both.
His drying her body led to more intimate explorations of her. He watched her nipples closely as they hardened as he rubbed them with the terry cloth towel. This led to several more minutes of his suckling and fondling her nipples and breasts he found so irresistible. He rolled her over onto her belly and reveled in the soft globes of his fuck toy’s ass, kissing, licking and lightly biting her deliciously dimpled butt, then rimming her tight anus again with his tongue. He kissed, sucked and nibbled his way down her legs and lavished kisses all over her ankles and dainty feet. “Hmm, maybe I do have a foot fetish after all,” Bill told the girl as he nibbled on her toes.
He stretched atop her and fucked his prick between her smooth thighs until it gallantly stiffened to attention again like a good soldier. With a little repositioning with his hand beneath her he eagerly entered her tight pussy from the rear. Bill made a conscious effort to make love to… to fuck her G spot with the head of his prick from this position, though he knew she’d never feel it.
Coco's ass made a delightfully erotic cushion for Bill's hips as he fucked her. He brushed her fine hair back so he could fondly kiss her cheek, then he nibbled and sucked her ear lobe with his lips, and he probed her ear with the tip of his tongue. He reached beneath her to fondle her nipple with one hand and her clit with the other. Bill delighted in varying the angle, depth, and speed of his thrusting and prolonged it for over an hour. Whispering to her, he told his inanimate sex doll he wished this interlude with her would never end!
Feeling himself near sowing his seed, Bill withdrew from her and rolled her to her side; he re-positioned himself and inserted his prick in her warm wet mouth. Her full pink lips parted and closed around his prick. "I promise I won't cum in your pretty mouth." Bill told the ancient lie to the unconscious girl, and laughed mischievously. He contented himself for a while with fucking her mouth, while fondling her incomparable nipples and breasts. The erotic sight of her unconscious beauty made up for any loss of sensation from lack of her participation. Bill shoved his prick deep into her mouth, and as he did so he ejaculated. Bill spontaneously laughed again; he was delighted to feel the girl swallowing. "That's right," he laughed, "swallow all that cum, Sweetheart, or I won't kiss you again!"
As Bill recovered his breath it occurred to him since her swallowing reflex worked with his sperm while in the trance, it should work with other liquids. He was concerned she might dehydrate during the eight hours he was using her unless she imbibed something. In their contract he had very specifically stated he’d not harm her and would see to her every need, and his doing so successfully was integral to his own fantasy. He would never knowingly betray this trust.
Bill recalled having seen her drink wine before, and he rose from the bed and opened an ancient bottle from the bar along one wall of his bedroom and poured a glass of the prized nectar. He cradled her in a half sitting position in his arms and poured some into her mouth. This experiment worked partially. She swallowed some but dribbled more wine onto her breasts.
Bill took some of the rare wine into his own mouth, then kissed her sweet lips and transferred it to hers. He thought this an erotic experience. She swallowed it and the rest of the glass of wine in successive attempts. His feeding her the wine orally appealed to him on a primitive level, as male animals of many species feed their mates while courting, mating, and raising their young. He wondered for a moment if this might have been how kissing originated and made a mental note to discuss it with a behavioral scientist in his employ whose brilliance had impressed him.
Bill propped Coco up with several pillows so he could see her better. He took the empty glass to the bar and mixed a tall, strong whisky and soda for himself. He relaxed next to the girl with his drink, and reaching over, he kissed her full lips. When he’d finished the drink he poured some of the remaining ice into his mouth, then he sucked on her beautiful breasts. Her nipples hardened appreciably, increasing his interest in his erotic experiment. He moved his cold mouth to her clit, and was rewarded by another low moan from the unconscious girl.
“Hmm,” he whispered to her. “I wonder what it would be like watching another woman lick your sweet pussy?” Bill dismissed that possibility as a pang of jealousy struck him. “No, I want my sex doll all to myself!”
Bill glanced up at a clock on the wall, his contracted time would be over all too soon. He sat his drink down and rolled her atop him, determined to make love… to use his sex doll at least once more before his time was up. Her soft breasts felt so good on his chest he felt himself stirring. Her long tresses had fallen over her gorgeous face and he brushed it back so he could kiss and caress her precious lips, cheeks, nose, and eyelids. With a little maneuvering Bill moved her until her soft breasts and nipples were positioned over his own chest. His teasing his nipples with hers felt incredibly erotic, but there was one problem with that. It left his ready shaft waving in the breeze between the legs of her much shorter body.
Bill applied two strong hands to his sex doll’s tiny waist and shapely hips and soon had her slim body approaching an interesting latitude and longitude of his. With a few more adjustments he found a snug berth for his errant prick. Her pussy felt every bit as delightful as the first time he’d entered her hours earlier. He acquired two hands full of her gorgeous young butt, and he had some semen churning action going in no time. Her pretty face was within kissing range of his lips and Bill lavished them on her. Through sheer concentration and lust Bill lasted another hour inside her this time before having another mind-blowing orgasm at least equal to the rest.
Bill rolled her off him reluctantly and brought a wash cloth and basin of warm water from the master bath. He enjoyed gently cleaning his sex doll from head to toe. He picked her up and carried her to a room adjoining his bedroom where a fully equipped barber’s chair awaited. He sat her into the comfortable chair and reclined the back.
Bill had prearranged a few basic items of makeup and enjoyed applying them to Coco and brushing her hair. His enhancing her beauty increased his fondness of her and he found himself speaking to her as he worked. “Yes, what a little doll, you are. You are exquisite!”
Satisfied with his preparations, Bill carried her back to his bed where several of his cameras were awaiting them. He took close ups, still shots, and video of her, carefully arranging her nude body this way and that. Bill enjoyed frequently kissing and sucking her nipples and clit to attention for his treasured pictures. “Oh, Baby,” Bill laughed and told her honestly, “I’m so glad you can’t hear me, I’m crazy about you!” Bill’s obsession for her would have been infinitely embarrassing to him, had he not known how impossible it was that anyone else would ever know of it.
Bill mixed himself another drink, and enjoyed drinking it as he sat on his bed holding Coco close while memorizing every treasured detail of her face and body. He realized now just how deeply he’d entrapped himself by living out his sex doll fantasy with her. He wanted more of her. He craved more of her! He mused it really was laughable the lengths foolish men, himself included, would go in deluding themselves where the “weaker” sex were concerned! Alas, he reflected, there were many things even his vast wealth could not buy, and at the top of that long list was love.
Bill glanced at the time again, then sighed deeply and gathered Coco’s clothing and began to dress her. Once she was dressed neatly he went to his concealed safe and took out the large envelope he had prepared for her and added another fifty thousand dollars in large bills to it as a bonus. He knew he was compounding his errors by doing this and demonstrating a weakness, but as the cowboys he was raised by would have said it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
At the exact minute agreed upon he had Coco dressed and seated near the doors to his apartment when the doorbell rang. Bill looked at the security monitor over the doors and recognized her courier. He kissed Coco’s soft lips lovingly one last time, then disabled the alarm and opened the doors. He handed the courier the hefty bundle of cash, then watched jealously as the man carried Coco out through his doors and out of his life, probably forever. Bill secured the doors, then walked slowly back to his bedroom. He mixed himself another drink, and lay back on his lonely bed to review his videos and vivid memories of the last several hours, perhaps the most enjoyable day thus far in his adventurous life!
Coco was dozens of floors below Bill’s luxury penthouse in the guest suite Bill had generously arranged for her to stay in for two weeks while facilitating this contract. “Wake up, Coco.” Craig Adams was Coco’s executive assistant in her lucrative position as owner of her escort service to the rich and famous. He watched closely as his boss opened her eyes in answer to the hypnotic command she’d asked him to implant in her mind. She yawned and flexed her arms and legs to increase her circulation. Craig offered her a glass of ice water and she thanked him and drank half of it thirstily. He asked her with concern in his voice, “How do you feel, Coco?”
“I feel rested, a bit tender in a number of intimate places, and twenty thousand dollars richer!” Coco answered brightly, seeming alert now. Craig smiled in relief and handed her the bulky envelope Bill had given him. She opened it and noticed the bonus immediately. “A fifty thousand dollars bonus! I hope Mr. Porter enjoyed his fantasy tryst with me, he’s so charming and attractive, not to mention being generous to a fault and rich as a prince.”
Craig laughed fondly at her as he shook his head. “Quite frankly, I was afraid you were getting in over your head on this deal, Coco. You’ve always insisted your escort service remain strictly that!”
“I know, Craig, I would never have gone along with this, not for millions, but while we negotiated I became as obsessed with Bill Porter as he is with me, though he has done his best to hide it, even from himself.” Coco mused. “Please don’t think I prostituted myself, Craig. Mr. Porter could have had me for nothing had he simply asked me, money is nothing to me where that man is concerned. I was introduced to him at a charity function several years ago. He was being honored for donating millions to aid orphaned children. When he looked at me with those eyes, I felt as if I would melt into a puddle at his feet! He brought this deal to me and our negotiations were so similar to wooing, and his obsession with me so flattering I fell in love!”
“I’ve fantasized about this tryst with him since he first brought the matter up for discussion months ago. Now I can’t wait to experience it!” After all, she thought, Mr. Porter had stipulated in the contract that she’d be in a trance on delivery. As Craig had explained to her, though, he had not anticipated the ability of her subconscious mind to recall everything she experienced while under hypnosis if she were instructed to do so. Coco told Craig, “I’ll be back in just a moment.” She hurried into the suite’s lavish bathroom, then returned in a few minutes, refreshed and eager to relive her adventure.
“Okay, Coco, lie back and relax. I’ll count slowly from three to one, and on the count of one you will begin to relive all the sensations you experienced while in the trance as if they were happening to you again. Three… two… one.”
Coco sat quietly for a few moments, she recalled Craig speaking briefly with Mr. Porter then carefully sitting her in a chair. She heard the doors closing, then felt the welcome sensation of Bill’s gentle touch, and a sweet kiss on her lips that interested her. She felt warm, wet sensations of arousal in her pussy and her nipples hardening as she heard Bill’s sexy voice saying, “My pretty Coco, you’re mine at last.” “Ouch!” Coco’s hands flew protectively to her tweaked nipple!
Bill woke to the sound of his doorbell reverberating from a speaker in his bedroom. He rose from his bed and pulled on his plush robe that lay on the foot of his bed. He pushed a button on an intercom near his bedroom door and spoke to let his staff know he was awake and alert. “I’ll get the main entrance.”
He glanced at his watch as he walked to the doors and saw it had been a little over twelve hours since he’d last carried Coco through his apartment. Bill glanced at the security monitor, then did a double take. The tall courier was again standing in his Penthouse’s foyer with Coco limp in his arms!
His concern for Coco swept over Bill as he quickly disarmed the security alarms and opened the doors wide. Craig carried Coco inside and again sat her on the nearest plush sofa. Craig pulled a familiar thick bundle out of his jacket pocket. “Coco asked me to return her and your payment to you, sir, and she also asked me to deliver this note.” He handed Bill the thick envelope, and another thin one.
Bill opened the unsealed thin envelope, and extracted the sheet of perfumed stationery within. His heart seemed to race and he smiled as he read the letter! On it was a short note written in a neat hand.
“Dearest Bill,
There was no need for payment or long negotiations; you prepaid in full when you fulfilled my life’s fantasy while fulfilling your own. I would adore spending the rest of my life as your sex doll, awake or in a trance, if you but want me half so desperately as I want you!
Your fuck toy, Coco.”
Below this was a short list of instructions about the verbal commands to put her safely into and out of a trance. Coco’s casual return of the cash she had negotiated for and earned and her frank note clinched the deal for Bill. All his cynicism had vanished when she offered herself into his care, complete with hypnotic commands, and no questions asked or conditions given, other than that he wanted her. She would be his sex doll, mistress, life partner, and wife!
As for his reawakening fantasy, he wanted to reward her trust by sharing life experiences beyond her wildest dreams, perhaps later she might gift him with beautiful children to share their fortune and lives. Bill fantasized for a moment of what her gorgeous youthful breasts might look and taste like heavy with sweet mother’s milk.
Bill looked up at Craig, smiled handsomely, and returned the heavy envelope to him. “Thank you for all your help. This is for you.”
“Thank you, Mr. Porter, that’s very generous of you, sir.” Craig accepted the envelope gratefully, then spoke again. “I wish you every happiness, she is a wonderful woman.”
“Coco has just given me almost everything I could ever wish for, thank you. We’ll work on the rest of it together.” Bill shook hands warmly with Craig and locked the doors behind him as he exited, then he turned and hurriedly scanned the hypnosis instructions. He sat on the sofa beside Coco, he lifted her into his lap, and he held her now precious body close to his. “Wake up, Coco.” Bill kissed his sex doll and she woke from her trance to return his passionate embrace and kisses!

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