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Mother daughter and Dog Bonding

The Griffin family has become a very close family a really close family over the last few weeks. Although they may not appear close in public together all that often Lois and her teenage daughter Meg are very much ‘close’ but not in a mother daughter way. When Meg had her breast implants her mother was the first person there to see how real they felt and how soft they were to the touch. And when Kevin Swanson died fighting in Iraq it was her mother who consoled with hugs and kisses.

Of course many mothers and daughters are close but few are as close as these two after all how many mothers and daughters have kissed on live tv? How many have taken nude photo’s of one another to carry around in pocket-books? And, how many have had sex with each other tongued fingered and fisted each other? How many? Not many I’ll tell you!

On this occasion the fun was hotter and harder than usual. It was Lois’s birthday and because of that her daughter had agreed to let her mother do whatever she wanted. Her mothers wicked smile had immediately alerted her daughter Meg to lie face down on the bed and arch her back pushing her hair less wet pussy between her smooth thighs. She grabbed her thighs and butt and spreading the flesh wide to expose her tight wet cunt further and allow her mother’s large black rubber strap on cock better access to the entrance of her tight wet hot cunt.

Meg lay still on the bed her well rounded white ass in the air as her mother slammed the large black rubber strap on cock hard into her tight wet pussy from behind. Twelve inches of sheer black ribbed rubber dildo slid in and out of Megs tight wet teenage cunt. "Oh yeah, don't stop mum." She begged her face being pushed into the mattress her hands squeezing her new enlarged tits hard. "Cum on my cock!" her mother shouted as she was thrusting deeper and leaning forward and biting her teenage daughter’s shoulder her hands gripping her hips. Meg felt her mothers breasts press against her back it always made her feel good. The thick black rubber cock in her tight wet cunt made her feel even better. Feeling the bulbous cold rubber head thrusting deeper into her cunt and stretching her wet cunt out…

Her mother then started to push herself up her daughters body changing her angle of penetration pushing the rubber dildo down against her daughters g spot making every stroke run a huge length of the black rubber ribbed cock across the front wall of Megs tight wet pussy. The pleasure she was give to her daughter was almost unbearable for Meg who always had multiple orgasms as she came for the first time that day. Her mother was now sliding slow and easy in and out of her tight wet hot cunt.

"I’m coming…" Meg Moaned. "Oh yeah!" her mother grinned as she loved getting her teenage daughter off.

Meg started to feel the great power building up between her legs she felt waves beginning to pass through her body beginning with each fast thrust of her mothers hips she could feel the bulbous rubber head of the thick black dildo sliding up and down her tight wet cunt. Suddenly it stopped her mother had pulled out the long black rubber cock totally removing the long thick black dildo and rolled her teenage daughter onto her back… Then she started to slowly reinsert the long black dildo again… For Meg now on her back with her knees in the air and her mother between them the orgasmic build up began again immediately.

Lois now leant in toward her teenage daughters mouth which opened to take her mothers tongue… The two of them kissed each other quick and with lots of tongue licking each other’s lips kissing again then keeping their faces close as Lois stroked into her hot wet pussy. Lois's small breasts flattened against her daughters new large enlarged implants their flat taught bellies together pelvis’s grinding hard and the black ribbed rubber dildo was been pushing deeper into Megs tight wet cunt.

Meg’s hands moved up and down her mothers smooth back and down and across her tight white buttocks gripping her thighs and then back up her back and round to her breasts pushing her slightly away… "I want to suck them…" She whispered. Her mother didn’t need asking twice as she shifted her position easing forward so that her daughter Meg could suck on her stiff nipples whilst she continued to stroke the strap on into her daughters tight cunt.

Lois loved the feeling of a tongue flicking over her stiff nipples and her daughters ruby red lips sucking them then her teeth gently nipping at them especially the feeling of her daughters mouth… And her daughter Meg was one of the best she had known. By now Meg was close to ecstasy as she had one hand holding her mothers left breast as she was sucking her mothers right breast as her other hand was guiding the long thick black dildo in and out of her daughters tight wet cunt as her mothers breast in her mouth was helping to muffling her long loud moans.

"Oh yeah… That’s it Meg… Suck my little titties!" her mother moaned.

As she came Meg bit down hard on her mother’s breast… One nipple trapped inside her mouth. It hurt her but she loved knowing that she’d got her teenage daughter off and this was a sure sign to her. Lois pumped extra hard speeding up into a frenzy… The long thick ribbed dildo almost coming out before she rammed it all the way back inside of her daughters tight cunt. Meg’s legs wrapped around her mother her thighs squeezing in tight she start to feel her juices start to run.

"Shit!" She screamed, releasing her mothers nipple from her teeth. "You’re so fucking good mum!" "Come baby… Come for your mother"

Meg squealed in delight as the full strength of her orgasm flowed over her young teenage body and then move through her and out of her leaving her totally satisfied Meg fell into a deep sexy sleep. Her mother stood up and unfastened the black rubber strap on and jumped back astride her teenage daughter and shook her by the shoulders. "Wake up, wake up… Remember it's my birthday baby.." She said excitedly.

Meg came round slowly "What? You aren’t finished? she asked, sleepily. "Started! Of course not Meg" Her mother said "I haven’t had no cock yet!" She giggled. Meg rolled over and sat up supporting herself on her elbows. "Okay take it off and let me strap it on." "Oh no Meg you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t want that rubber shit inside my cunt" Her mother said with a nasty grin on her face. "I want a real cock a big wet hot cock that comes for real. I want Brians cock!" This took her daughter Meg by surprise. Brian was the family dog that her father had brought home one day after work. Meg breathed deeply it was disgusting but the image of Brian mounting her mother and fucking her just turned her on like nothing else on Earth.

"Are you for real MUM?" She gasped as her heart pounded. "Of course i was! i want his cock!" Moaned Lois "I’ve wanted it ever since your father first brought him home."

Meg stood up and staggered out of the room her legs still weak from the fucking her mother had just given her. Whilst her teenage daughter was out of the room her mother unstrapped the long thick black dildo and held it to her mouth and started to suck and lick her daughters sweet tasting juices from the dildo until her daughter returned leading Brian. Brian was a big dog and made to look even bigger by the smallness of the Griffin women as both where just five feet tall in bare feet. Brians eight inch cock was like a ten or twelve inch cock to any average sized women so for the girl’s it was huge.

Lois tossed the dildo aside and licked her lips and with her heart pounding so hard she was sure it was about to pop out of her chest. Meg stood next to Brian looking nervous. Her mother slipped off the bed and crawled slowly over to her daughter Meg and Brian the dog. She looked up at Brian as she reached under his torso and gently took hold of his pink dog cock it was small, barely out of it’s sheath but it soon started growing as soon as Lois started to massage it. Brian could smell her hot wet sweet smelling dripping pussy and that sure helped in getting him hard.

Meg crouched down to look under Brian "Go lay down on the bed mum." She said softly "I think Brians ready." Lois lay on the bed on her back with her legs spread wide open whilst her daughter walked Brian over to between her mothers thighs and turned him round backing him up to her mothers dripping wet pussy. She took hold of his now fully erect long thick pink dog cock and held it back between his thighs so it was pointing backwards. She eased the tip of his wet pink cock against her mothers wet cunt lips.

"You sure you want this inside you mum?" "Oh yes don’t you dare stop now!" Pleaded her mother.

Lois felt her teenage daughter slide Brians hot wet dog cock between her wet pussy lips. He was big but she had had bigger things in her cunt (her sons fist for one!) and he felt so good. Meg held his wet pink dog cock by the knot and slipped him in and out of her mothers tight wet cunt pumping his wet long thick cock into her mothers cunt nice and slow.

Lois felt waves of pleasure flowing over her body combined with the pounding of her heart it was amazing just like somebody was using her as a musical instrument playing with her. Meg stroked her other hand over her mothers flat stomach and small breasts pausing to pinch her stiff nipples squeezing hard and twisting each hard nipple one in turn. Her mother winced from the pain, but enjoyed the way it contrasted with the hot pleasure coming from her tight cunt.

"You like that doggy cock in your wet tight cunt?" Asked her daughter with an evil tone in her voice.

Lois moaned her reply unable to form words in her state of pleasure.

"You nasty girl! Your dirty dirty cunt!" Spat her daughter Meg a smile on her face enjoying seeing her mother do the nastiest of nasties.

"You fucking love it don’t you?" "Uh-hu" moaned her mother with a huge grin on her reddened face sweat pouring off her neck and chest.

She was grabbing hand fulls of bed sheets with both hands struggling for breath as her daughter eased Brians hot wet pink dog cock in and out of her mothers wet pussy. God this was good. Meg checked Brians to see how he was. Bending back from his hindquarters she looked at his face to see how he was and she was greeted by his long wet tongue slapping across her face. Instinctively she opened her mouth and allowed him to kiss her properly. A second slap from his long wet tongue this time hit her open mouth and went inside she closed her mouth and sucked on his tongue allowing it to slide slowly out it was wet and hot wet and soft she knew where she wanted it.

"Mum you’re going to have to take over the cock duties!" She said leaving go and shuffling around in front of Brian. Her mother reached down with one hand and took hold of Brians wet pink dog cock and she started pumping it into her tight wet cunt faster and harder than her daughter had it didn’t seem to bother the dog.

Meg lay down on her back in front of Brian and spread her legs wide reaching down between her thighs she spread her wet pussy lips with her fingers and encouraged the dog to start licking and he did. immediately the pleasure from his tongue shocked through her starting at her clit and spreading through her belly and chest this was incredible even better than having her mother sucking her tight wet cunt.

The two of them stayed in that position for some time. Lois on the edge of the bed her legs spread with Brians pink dog cock in her tight wet cunt and Meg on the floor with her legs spread wide with the family dog’s tongue probing her tight wet vagina. Both girls writhed and moaned from the dog sex pleasure they were getting.

Lois sat up as she came for the forth time she looked down and watched Brians pink and blue veined cock as she slowly pulled it from her cunt with a popping sound. As the tip popped out she held his cock gently in her hand and watched as his pre-cum dripped onto the bed sheets. She smiled looking down at her teenage daughter writhing under Brians oral skills.

"On your knees bitch!" Lois ordered her teenage daughter. "I think it’s time you felt this hot dog cock in your tight wet cunt!"

Meg needed no more instruction she rolled over and pushed her well rounded white firm ass in the air after watching her mother take that big wet hot pink dog cock she couldn’t wait to take it herself. Meg reached backwards and grabbed her firm white butt cheeks and she spread them wide exposing her puckered little virgin asshole and looking backwards over her shoulder her face flat on the floor she moaned.

"Don’t put it in my pussy mum. I want it in my ass please!" "Are you sure Meg?" Her mother grinned knowing that Brian love of anal sex.

"Don’t ask stupid questions mum just put it in! please!"

Lois eased the end of Brians cock into her daughters tight puckered little virgin asshole and as she fed more and more of his long thick wet pink dog cock into her daughters tight virgin arse hole she watched as it stretched it out as her daughters asshole took it all into her arse hole. She smiled as she heard her daughter Meg moaning from the pain of anal penetration.

"Oh shit, that’s so nasty!" She moaned.

Brian stood astride Meg with his chest against her slim smooth back his thick wet dog cock held tightly in her tight asshole. He was the king of all dogs and looked like a God.

Meg bucked back gently against him as her mother massaged his knot and eased him a little deeper into her teenage daughters virgin asshole she looked up at her mother with begging eyes "Put your fingers in my cunt mum!"

Her mother did as she was asked and she slipped three then four fingers deep into her daughters tight hot wet cunt and started to finger fuck her hard. She could feel Brians long thick dog cock through her daughters thin vaginal membrane. Meg was now out of control in ecstasy. After a few minutes Meg felt Brian arching his back and trying to pump deeper into her tight wet asshole. She knew male behavior and she could tell what was coming next. "He’s going to cum mum!" She moaned.

Her mother immediately ripped Brians dog cock from her teenage daughters asshole and gripped him firmly allowing him to fuck her fist. Meg struggled out from under Brian and rolled over getting her face in front of his long thick pink dog cock just in time to be splashed full in the face with a load of fresh hot wet dog cum. Lois leant in an pressed her face against her teenage daughters face as the second load of hot wet dog cum spurted out of the end of his cock catching both of them across the cheeks and lips. Both of them just laid their and stayed there, pushing their heads against one another as they tried to catch each spurt of dog spunk in their mouths. After a minute of non stop ejaculation both of their faces were covered in Brians dog cum.

Lois and Meg looked at each other and giggled. Their hearts were still pounding thinking about what they had just done and about what was all over their faces. Her mother broke the stillness leaning forward and swiping her tongue across her daughters cum splattered cheek licking all the dog cum off that she could. She savored the flavor and grinned. Then both of them launched into a licking frenzy licking each others face clean of Brians dog spunk ejaculate.

Once finished they collapsed on the floor in each other’s arms. "That was soooo good Meg." Moaned her mother hugging up close to her teenage daughter.

"I’ll never fuck another human ever again Meg." Her daughter Meg frowned "Never?" "Well except for Chris and of course your father" said her mother "and you of course!" She added before kissing her teenage daughter long and wet their tongues in each other’s mouths swapping what dog cum they had left savoring the flavor wondering how long it would take Brian to be ready to go again.

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