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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 1
Chapter 12
Naruto walked over to Hiashi.
“It’s over” said Naruto.
“What you’re not going to kill me” said Hiashi.
“No, I want you to live with your defeat and your humiliation that will soon follow” said Naruto.
Just then some medical ninjas came to heal Hiashi, they healed him as much as they could but he was still pretty beat up, he would have to go to the hospital, then came down Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hinata, and Hanabi from the balcony.
Both Hinata and Hanabi quickly gave Naruto a hug, “Naruto-kun . . . I’m glad you’re ok” said Hinata.
“Yeah were both happy . . . Who know what we do with out you” said Hanabi.
Once Hiashi was healed he stood up and began to walk away when he heard some one clear his throat. Everyone turned around to see the ANBU who was already standing in the arena with them.
“Seeing as Uzumaki Naruto won, these are his request that will be granted, one: The cage bird seal will be abolish in the Hyuga clan, two: Hyuga Hiashi will be removed as head of the clan and Hyuga Neji will take his place as head of the clan, Three: As of this moment any and every bond that ties Hinata and Hanabi to the Hyuga clan is now severed and they are not to be ordered, threaten, bothered, attacked, or followed in any way by the Hyuga clan, if so anyone who does will be killed”
“What!!! There is no way I’m stepping down, the Hyuga is the strongest clan in Konoha and they need me to lead them” said Hiashi.
“Hiashi-” Tsunade was about to speak but was cut off.
“He’s right” said a Hyuga elder who stood there along with the rest of the Hyuuga elders listening to what had been said.
“Why is that?” asked Jiraiya.
“This battle was between Hiashi and the . . . boy, personal matters if you will, the bird cage seal and the head of the clan are matters of the Hyuga clan, the clan should not be brought in to this matter and most certainly it should not be punished for Hiashi’s incompetence, the fate of a clan should not be made by him” said the Hyuuga elder as he looked at Naruto with hateful eyes.
“I see” said Tsunade.
“I’m glad you agree Hokage-sama” said the Hyuga elder.
“No . . . I don’t agree, I understand your reasoning, but it’s wrong” said Tsunade.
“WHAT?” said the elders and Hiashi.
“You might be old but it seems like your either acting stupid or you don’t know all the rules to the battle contract, Naruto didn’t bring the Hyuga clan in to this you brought yourselves in to this. One of Hiashi’s request involved the cage bird seal, any request that involves matters of a clan the clan has to approve it, and you indeed approved it which is why you stamped your seal of approval on the contract, and once you did not only did you approved Hiashi’s request that involved the clan but you also automatically agreed to all of Naruto’s request that involved your clan, those are the rules” said Tsunade in a satisfying tone.
“YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS” yelled Hiashi who was furious that he was being forced to step down, what would he do now.
“I am, and I expect these changes to happen with in the next three days” said Tsunade.
All the Hyugas present were angry well except for Neji, who couldn’t believe what happened.
‘He did it, that son of bitch actually did it’ thought Neji thinking back to what Naruto had said to him during the chuunin exam, however he did it before he became Hokage.
All the Hyugas left as they and specially, Hiashi who was humiliated in front of all the other elite clans of Konoha who were watching not only the fight but their conversation as well, Neji however stayed behind.
Naruto began to walk away dragging Hinata and Hanabi.
“Where are you going?” asked Jiraiya.
“I have to go tell my friends what happened, there waiting for me remember” said Naruto.
“Alright go but you and I have to have a talk soon” said Tsunade.
Naruto, Hinata, and Hanabi left, Neji was about to follow till Tsunade called him.
“Neji I think we should talk about your new role, would you please come to my office” said Tsunade.
“Of course” replied Neji.
“You too Jiraiya” said Tsunade.
“Neji wait” said Hinata from a distance.
“What is it?” he asked.
“I want to thank you” said Hinata.
“For what?”
“For the gift, I love it” said Hinata.
“Oh, no problem, I’ll see you guys later” said Neji.
“Oh and Naruto I want you here tomorrow at the same time” said Tsunade.
“What for?” asked Naruto
“You’ll see” said Tsunade as she left with Neji and Jiraiya.
At the last moment before they disappeared, “Good luck Naruto” said Jiraiya.
“Good luck for what?” said Naruto.
“I don’t know but let’s go” said Hanabi.
Naruto meet up with the others along with Hinata and Hanabi, Naruto gave them the news of his victory and Neji’s new position in the clan.
The gang went out to celebrate the victory and Neji’s as the new head of the clan even thought he wasn’t there.
Naruto really didn’t want to tell what he did and how he did it, so all he did was say that he beat Hiashi, however Hanabi stepped in and told them everything that happened. Everyone looked at Naruto to see if she was telling the truth, all he did was nod.
The gang just hung out without a care in the world they talked and laughed. Hinata thanked the other for the gifts she received. Naruto and everyone that say around him were all happy by the way things were turning out. All night they talked about things that did not consist of the shinobi world.
The three were now at home; now that the night was over they laid in bed resting from a very long day. Hinata and Hanabi were sleeping, but Naruto was still awake thinking.
Now that Akatsuki was gone, and he no longer had any desire to retrieve Sasuke, and his relationship with Hinata was safe from Hiashi the only thing he wanted now was to spend time with his family, the family that he never had
Hope you like the chapter.

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