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Bill finds his sex doll is aquite a handful!
Coco surprised and pleased Bill with the passion she showed at returning his kisses upon awakening from her trance. This was a wonderful change from the friendly, but business-like young lady he’d last seen conscious during their negotiations for his fantasy.
“Oh, my heavens, Bill, you accepted my offer?” Coco happily blurted out, as she held his face between both her small hands!
“Yes, I did, Doll.” Bill laughed in return, as he savored the feel of her small hands on him. “Don’t ever make an irresistible offer like that to a Texas horse trader unless you’re serious!”
Coco and Bill hugged and kissed as they laughed and she cried from joy. Bill knew her young mind was adjusting to some awesome changes and stresses. He was just as avid in his craving for more contact with her as she was with him, but he was also deeply concerned about her physical well being. After all, he planned to put his sex doll’s endurance to the test during the next years. “When was the last time you sat down to a meal, Darling? I was about to order something from our kitchen.”
The look on Coco’s lovely face showed his guess had been correct, she was trying to recall when she’d last eaten, and due to her hectic schedule it had been close to a day earlier, as it had been with him. Bill remembered he had no idea of Coco’s dietary preferences. “Does a grilled steak sound alright, Coco? Those would be quick to prepare, but you can order anything you’d like. Our kitchen is equipped to cook for anyone, vegetarians, Kosher, and Halal diners, as well as omnivores. We never know when friends or customers of different religions or customs will drop in.”
“A steak would be marvelous, Bill, very rare please.” Coco was pleased at the thought of their sharing a relaxing meal and drinks together to break the ice as well as knowing she’d gone far too long without eating due to her excitement over their deal. She knew she’d be in distress soon if she didn’t eat something.
Bill went to the intercom on the nearest wall and thumbed a button. He asked, “Is anyone on Kitchen Patrol? We have a hungry recruit on board who’s signed on for the duration.” Bill winked conspiratorially at Coco.
“Kitchen Patrol here, Bill, extending a warm welcome aboard to the new recruit.” The reply had been almost instantaneous, Bill’s security crew had known they had visitors at the door and were on full alert. Bill knew they were being watched on the security cameras. He began giving their order, “Stampede two of those aged Top Sirloins from the ranch across the grill, please.” He looked questioningly at Coco. “Saut? asparagus with cream sauce okay with you, Dear?” Coco quickly nodded in appreciation. “Mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes?” This got a wide smile and eager nods from her. “Thick slice a loaf of that home baked bread too, please, and serve some of the fresh churned butter. This recruit looks like she could use it, and I’m starving too. Oh, and put several bottles of our best bubbly in the chiller there and the one in our room, please. We’re celebrating her signing on!” Coco found she was ravenous now, as her mouth watered in anticipation!
Bill spoke more briskly. “Okay, that will do, serve us in the Officer’s Mess, please, and remember I’m timing you!” Coco laughed in appreciation of Bill’s jests. It was obvious the rapport he had with his crew! “A steak does sound delicious!” Bill growled. “I didn’t feel like eating after… well… after you left.”
“Now that I’m back you’d better eat hearty to keep your strength up.” Coco warned him. “You had it all your own way yesterday, big guy, but give me half a chance and I’ll wear you out at foot races or bed games!”
“Yar!” Bill demonstrated his best pirate’s laugh for her, and assured her, “You’ll have your chance to back up those brave words as soon as you’ve had your fill from our galley, Lass!”
He had been leisurely walking with her, hand in hand, in the general direction of their dining facilities which consisted of three different sized areas, all lavishly furnished for their particular use. When needed, the dividers were removed and the entire area could be combined into a huge Grand Ballroom or meeting hall. As they passed their own quarters he showed her the door and offered her the use of the master bath to refresh herself if she wished. She declined, so he led her on down the hall to the Officer’s Mess.
When they reached their table Bill impulsively hugged Coco to him and bent to kiss her. “I’m so happy you’re here, my Darling. This is a dream come true for me!” He seated her next to his own chair at the end of the huge Captain’s table, where utensils and water glasses had already been placed. Bill was pleased to see a tray of enticing appetizers had arrived as well. He offered them to her, and chose one for himself. One of his men came in to take their drink orders. The first things Coco noticed about this giant man were he looked to be around two feet taller than she, and he seemed to be at least three feet wide at the shoulders, tapering down to powerful hips and thighs. His handsome features were those of an Asian and he wore his long raven hair tied with a black band at the back of his head. The man wore a black martial arts gi complete with a black belt. Coco saw he had a small communications headset on. The giant spoke gently in a deep voice, “Good evening, Ma’am, Mr. Porter.”
“No need for formality, Gunner. The lady is a member of our family as of now, and she’ll be bunking with me. Her name is Coco Devereaux. Coco, I’ll warn you, if Gunner or others of the Crew try to con you into their Texas Hold ‘Em games be careful. I’ve heard rumors from friends who’ve been suckered in they cheat!” Gunner and Coco both laughed and she tentatively withdrew a small hand from Bill’s grasp and extended it to the giant. Gunner told her, “Don’t let Bill lie to you, Coco, he taught us all our best card cheats. He’s an artist at it. We do have our own code of ethics, though, we don’t cheat on any pot larger than pocket change.” He engulfed her hand, wrist, and much of her forearm with his one of his own huge hands. Bill laughed loudly and told Gunner, “Back off there, Gunner, I saw her first! Oh, by the way, pass on to the rest of the Security Team, Coco’s security is Priority Alpha as of now.”
“Got it, Chief. It’s done.” Gunner took their drink order and returned to the kitchen. Coco was almost afraid to ask, but her curiosity got the best of her. “Um, what’s Priority Alpha, Bill?”
Bill leveled with her. “I protect what is mine, Sweetheart, and when you walk out of our home, which means this penthouse, there will be at least four operatives of one of the best security teams in the world protecting you. They each owe their lives and their fortunes to me, in one way or another, and by now they know how precious you are to me.” Coco was silent for a few moments as she tried to absorb the gravity of this new responsibility she had assumed.
Something drew their attention toward the kitchen. It appeared some members of the Staff were having a controversy. Bill told Coco, “I think I know what this is about. Please excuse me for a moment. I’ll put a stop to it.” His suspicions were confirmed as he approached them, they were arguing about who was to have the privilege of serving Coco! “What in blue blazes is going on here? I issued a Priority Alpha on Coco and the poor girl is practically faint from hunger. Could we have some service here, please?” The big men laughed and hurriedly returned to their duties.
When Bill returned to their table Coco was giggling at the men’s antics. “They’ll serve us now,” Bill laughed. Gunner arrived carrying steak platters and vast trays and bowls of vegetables and salads on a huge tray. Another very large man, this one with short blonde hair and wearing a casual shirt and slacks, entered with their drinks and some sizzling grilled shrimp on another platter. “Good day, Miss Coco, I’m Swede. We did surf ‘n turf, Bill, we thought you and the lady might like some variety and took liberty with your order. Oh, I blended a fresh batch of our mango-habanero sauce knowing how you love it with seafood and steak.” Swede sat their drinks in front of them, and then bowed to grasp Coco’s extended hand gently and graze it with his lips. “Enchant?Mademoiselle!”
“Enchant?Monsieur.” Coco returned gracefully. Gunner and Swede exchanged meaningful glances concerning Coco, and Swede even went so far as to voice congratulations to Bill, confirming Coco’s intuition of their closeness. “Cowboy, it appears you outdid yourself when you shanghaied this recruit!”
Bill laughed loudly, and agreed. “I would say so, yes. She has all the makings of a fine addition to our crew!” Coco laughed and thanked them, “I appreciate your kind welcome, everyone, and I’ll do my best to make myself useful here!”
Gunner pulled one of the chilled bottles of champagne out of an ice bucket, deftly uncorked it, and filled their glasses. He handed one to each of them, and Bill tapped her glass with his as they looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. “To us and our future!” He toasted her and she echoed him, then took an appreciative sip.
Bill helped serve her with her steak tray, shrimp, salad, and vegetables. “I know you must be famished, Dear.” He told her. “The crew will be falling over each other to please you, and we’ll give them a list of your likes and dislikes soon. We have chefs in the building’s four-star restaurant around the clock, several with security clearances are allowed up here, and we can order anything normally available on either Continental or American menus from there. The Security Team does much of our own food preparation here. They’re all either on duty or on call in their own suites here or in the building a large portion of their time.” Coco slowed her slicing pieces off her rare steak and eating them long enough to tell him, “I’ll make it easy for all of us, Bill, just tell them I like ‘see’ food. I see food, I eat it!”
“Very good, Dear.” Bill roared with laughter. “I admire a healthy appetite, and I have one myself!” Bill applied himself to his own food, feeling confident now Coco was enjoying her meal. Twenty minutes of pleasant conversation later and he was beginning to wonder where his tiny sex doll was stowing all she’d eaten! She’d devoured well over half of a huge 24-oz. nearly raw steak, and several of the jumbo grilled shrimp covered in the mango-habanero sauce. She’d loved the sauce so she’d poured some of it over her steak. She’d also had several serving spoons of everything else.
Coco was savoring their meal and conversation. She knew the adage about every man wanting a lady on their arm and a whore in their bed was true to an extent. She had done her own research about Bill’s childhood and life, and she’d found he’d been an orphan adopted and raised by the owner of a large ranch in Texas. He’d made the man proud of him with his abilities as an all around rodeo champion, as well as his academics in college. He’d done a stint in the Navy, then took some of his own ideas and patents to a leading electronics firm. Two years later he’d owned the company, and became a major defense contractor to many of the world’s military forces, and that’s how he became Cowboy Bill Porter, the billionaire.
His personal life had not been so meteoric, he’d been romanticly linked with all sorts of celebrity athletes, actresses, and others of the rich and famous, but none had kept him for long. Coco knew she had the inside track on Bill, he was already obsessed with her physically, and possibly could be in love with her. She decided all he needed was plain old-fashioned good times and loving, and she knew just the woman who could provide them!
She picked up an asparagus spear with her fingers, and shoved her chair back. “Master,” she pouted, “your unworthy girl hopes she hasn’t grossed you out with her gluttony, but you know how you forget and leave her in your toy chest for weeks without attention.”
“Never again, my Darling, you’re my favorite toy!” Bill promised her, as he laughed. Coco made certain Bill’s eyes were on her, then she inserted the asparagus spear she held between her luscious lips and slurped it in. She chewed, swallowed, then she rubbed her full belly and moaned rapturously “Yummy, yummy, yummy, I have creamy butter sauce in my tummy!”
“Are you well fed then, Coco?” Bill asked. She nodded and assured him immediately, “Your doll is stuffed!” “Report to the Captain’s quarters, wench!” Bill ordered. Coco kicked her high heel shoes off and left them where they fell, she laughed as she leaped up from her chair, and she ran like a champion sprinter toward the kitchen! Bill was right on her heels as soon as he snapped to her intent, which was winning the foot race she’d referred to earlier. He slowed only long enough to grab her shoes and the wine bottle, and found he was at a considerable disadvantage being in the rear, despite his own speed and her much shorter stride. The diminutive woman’s tiny waist, hips and beautiful ass had all his attention!
She slammed the swinging steel kitchen doors open with her shoulder, then she circled the food preparation table where Swede and Gunner were seated playing cards and eating and drinking. They each reached for weapons, then relaxed and laughed as they saw who the intruder was.
She slowed only long enough to kiss each big man on the cheek as she circled. “Thanks, guys,” she told them, “You saved a poor starving girl’s life!” Bill was gaining fast on her, she feinted to one side of the table and he took the bait. She evaded him by going the other way and crashed back through the double doors, dashed through the dining areas, and fled laughing and screaming back down the long hallway to their quarters! She was lying on the big bed panting when he entered the bedroom, “What took you so long, Cowboy?” She asked. “Your fuck toy has missed you!”
Bill collapsed on the bed, laughing hysterically as she smothered him in kisses. “You are delightful, Coco!” He told her. “You’re more fun than a three ring circus, and I should know, I own one of those money pits.”
Bill hugged her close to him; “It feels so right holding you in my arms, Coco Girl.” She began French kissing him then, and he slid a hand down to hold a cheek of her shapely butt. She was rubbing the luxuriant growth of hair on his chest as they kissed and his robe fell open, revealing his erection. “Oh, my heavens!” Coco cried out in mock alarm, “Whatever do you use that huge thing for?”
Bill laughed modestly. “Oh, that? That my dear lady, in military terms, is a short arm, and it is used for short arm inspections and other interesting things. Would you care to inspect it?”
“The military named that monstrous thing wrong then!” Coco told Bill as she shook her head negatively. “It’s bigger than my forearms; don’t let that thing near your little girl, Bill, it would kill your poor fuck toy!” She buried her face in the hair on his chest and sobbed!
“It’s alright, Dear.” Bill comforted her, he had never considered his equipment as that much larger than average, but he was more than pleased she acted impressed! “That ‘thing’ has already been inside of you several times and several places and it didn’t seem to hurt you.”
“Oh, you stuck that monster cock in your fuck toy? So that’s why your little girl’s bottom is sore!” Coco was clearly not convinced she was safe yet! Bill had been working her clothes off and had removed most of them. He slipped out of the sleeves of his own robe, and moved it out of the way. “Let me see my pretty doll, Coco.” He rolled her to her side where he lay kissing her so sexy lips and face and holding her for a while, then he got a mouthful of one of his favorite breasts while his hand slipped between her legs to play there.
“Oh, yes, suck my nipple! That feels so good, do the other one, Bill. Please suck the whole thing. It makes me feel so damned fine. Don’t ever stop sucking them!” Bill didn’t need any encouragement on the tit sucking, and was relieved to hear she loved it, since it was a major turn on for him. “Don’t worry, Baby,” he assured her, “I worship your beautiful breasts. I’ll be paying plenty of attention to them.”
Bill kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down Coco’s small body to her thighs and found she was trembling in anticipation. He parted her thighs, slid his arms between and under them, and reached his hands up to fondle her sensitive breasts and nipples. This put his face right where he wanted to be to drive his Coco wild! A few trial kisses, licks, and nibbles on her inner thighs had her squirming, whimpering, and clawing at the sheets. Bill licked her pussy lips, again savoring her taste and she began moaning unintelligibly. Bill found her engorged clit with his lips and tongue and began to suck and flick it. He pulled one hand away from her breast to insert a finger inside her and sought out her G-spot and all hell broke loose!
Bill had had sex with a number of erotic, responsive, and orgasmic women in his life, but within seconds he knew Coco was on another level entirely! “Oh, you are one fine clit licker! Bite that thing just a little. Oh, Bill, please eat my pussy!” Every muscle in Coco’s hundred pound body was clenched solid. Her strong little belly, thighs, and butt trip-hammered her pussy into Bill’s fingers and face like an automaton as she fucked him! Bill wondered after a few minutes of this just how long she could last at this frantic pace. A few minutes more had him wondering how long he could last, and she was doing most of the exertions! He could tell she was having one strong orgasm after another as she alternately screamed for mercy, begged him for more, and cursed like a deep-water sailor! He was licking pussy, sucking clit, and finger fucking like a champion, but it was clear to him little Coco was the star of this rodeo! He thumbed her nipple a little harder than he had been, and inserted a finger in her rear and this set her off!
Coco went spastic on him. She shrieked in ecstasy, seemingly for long moments as she slammed her hot wet pussy against his face and squeezed his head with her strong thighs. Cowboy Bill loved her responsiveness, but had an amused thought he might have to yell for a calf rope to hog-tie her, when suddenly she went limp and quiet. Bill was breathing hard from his own extreme exertions at pleasing her and trying to hold her. He quickly noticed her silence and moved up next to her to hold her tightly and make certain she was okay. Bill thumbed one of her eyelids back and saw her gorgeous blue eye was rolled back in her head. She gasped, and resumed breathing, and he breathed a deep sigh of relief!
Coco moaned and seemed to be coming around as Bill held her possessively. “Baby Girl, do you need some water or perhaps a brandy?” Coco nodded weakly and pitifully gurgled, “Aqua!” Bill leaped to his feet and went to his bar, within seconds he returned with a glass of ice water. He held her in his lap and tried to assist her in drinking from the glass but her hands and arms and even her lips weren’t coordinated yet. Bill took a swig of the cold water, held it in his mouth and kissed her, transferring the water to her mouth. She swallowed and nodded gratefully. Bill gave her some more, then she gasped out, “Thank you, that was good.” She looked at him with a glazed look in her eyes and then drawled dreamily, “Bill, this looks like it may be my last roundup. You fucked this outlaw to death fair and square. Tell Ma and Pa and the boys back at the ranch I fought to the end!”
Not knowing what grade B western movie of the past had inspired Coco with this line, all Bill could do was laugh and adlib in return. “Pard, you’re one to ride the river with, and I’ll think of you when the tumbleweeds roll, and the coyotes yodel all day!”
Coco seemed to recover her strength quickly, and it was only moments until she was cuddled up to Bill kissing him and making shy glances towards large areas of his anatomy down south. “I suppose it’s too late to revise the definitions of the terms ‘sex doll’ and ‘fuck toy’ in our deal?’”
Bill thought that question over, sighed deeply, then allowed, “Yes, Coco, I reckon so.”
“I was afraid of that! I‘ll tend to my chores and earn my keep then, Master.” Coco assured him. “You lie back and watch me. If anyone can lick that Monster Horse Cock of yours into submission your fuck doll can!”
”I do so admire your positive attitude and work ethic toward your chores, Baby Girl!” Bill drawled. She put her index finger to his lips and shushed him. “Watch me!”
Coco shifted to a kneeling position between Bill’s legs as she eyed his big shaft as warily as a mongoose stalking a King Cobra before attacking and devouring it. She had Bill’s rapt attention for sure! Her tongue darted in and out of her sexy lips as she appraised his big prick from every angle. She put her small hands up and began making snake-charming motions with some harem girl belly dancing and hula moves thrown in for good measure, all of which animated her naked breasts, flat belly, and hips enticingly. This play-acting was working on Bill’s libido. He’d had a taste of some fine breasts and pussy and wanted more!
Coco leaned in toward the head of Bill’s prick and extended her pink tongue as if to lick it. Bill impulsively reached for her head to pull her to him and she slapped his hand. “I know how to do this,” she informed him, “you lie back and watch me!” She went back a step in her act to her appraisal of him. The next time she extended her tongue towards him Bill exerted all his will power and remained still!
She hadn’t touched Bill’s prick yet, but he was in serious danger of going off just from the arousal of watching her! She moved her mouth all around his cock, licking and lapping, but never quite touching him. He saw her stick her middle finger into her pussy and thought she was going to masturbate for him, but he was to find she had other intentions for that finger.
Her other small hand shot out and gripped his shaft about mid-length, so firmly he couldn’t have come now if he wanted to. She opened her pretty lips wide and somehow engulfed the big head of his penis with her mouth, she licked and sucked on his cock head to thoroughly wet it, then she leaned forward to force it into her throat with all her weight, then out, then in. She was deep-throating his big penis and fucking him with her entire upper body!
Her face, neck, and breasts flushed pink, then flushed darker as she had to overcome her choking reflexes. Bill felt indescribable pleasure, but he was worried and guilty she might hurt herself while trying to please him. His shaft looked just too damned big for the tiny woman to swallow and deep throat! Her eyes reddened and unfocused as she concentrated on her amazing disappearing act, pulling herself off his shaft only to gasp in some life giving air then swallowing him again. He could feel the muscles in her slim throat erotically constricting his cock each time she swallowed!
He groaned loudly as he felt her finger she’d moistened inside herself slide deftly into his anus. She found his prostate gland and began firmly massaging it, sliding her finger in and out, in and out! She released her tight grip on his shaft with her other hand and grabbed his scrotum sac, gently massaging it and his testicles with her fingers and nails, then back up to stroke his big prick up and down repeatedly as she slid it in and out of her throat. The little imp smiled at him with her eyes, she hummed the first stanza of “Dixie”, and Bill began to cum like never before in his life!
To Coco’s credit she swallowed most of his sperm and her mouth and sure hands on him and in him kept generating more! When he finally ran dry she neatly licked his deflating cock like an ice cream cone and licked and sucked the few spills from his belly and scrotum. Bill came back to sanity to find he’d been howling like a lobo timber wolf! He hushed that and reached his arms out toward her invitingly. Coco sprawled panting upon his body, flattening her scrumptious breasts into his chest. She grinned mischievously, licked a smear of his cum off the back of her hand like a cat licking cream, and asked Bill, “Does this mean you’ll really let me stay? Anyone who didn’t know better would think you sort of liked that, Cowboy!”
Bill reached to grasp her fine ass with both hands, he seemed to be making a supreme effort to tell her something. He whispered hoarsely, “Tell Ma and Pa… last roundup… you know!”
They rested for a while then, one or the other shifting to kiss or caress the other lovingly from time to time. Coco played in the hair on Bill’s broad chest, smiling smugly, running her hands through his chest hair, and lifting it between her fingers. She sought out his nipples, which she began tickling and teasing with her fingers and fingernails. She licked them, then she sucked and nibbled on them. She raised herself to tease his nipples with her own, pinching them lightly with her fingers. She raised herself further to tease his smiling lips with her nipples, and he overcame his post-sex lethargy to capture and suck one deep into his mouth, savoring her moan of sheer primal pleasure as he suckled her. “Bill,” she closed her eyes and whispered dreamily through trembling lips, “you keep nursing at my breasts like that and you may make me bring in my milk!” That fine “threat” was enough to cause Bill to redouble his efforts at suckling her!
A movement behind Coco distracted her as something thumped her butt. She glanced over her shoulder to see his erection waving between her legs, wild and free and standing tall against her beautiful ass cheeks! “Oh no, Daddy Bill!” She cried out. “It’s that Monster Horse Cock again!”
He grinned and shifted himself and reached for it. “I have some interesting ideas about where I’d like to stable that critter, Baby Girl!” She stopped his hand in mid reach. “Just a minute there, Mister. Your accountants account, your body guards guard, and your Monster Horse Cock would seem to be in my fuck toy department. I’ll beat it this time or know the reason why!” She chose to regard Bill as an innocent bystander in her ongoing struggle with her nemesis, the Monster Horse Cock. He decided to let her play this out and see what she came up with since he had thoroughly enjoyed everything she’d done thus far. Bill laughed as he encouraged her in her struggle, “Go for it, Coco, you’ve already shown me you can lick that thing!”
Coco laughed in delight at his wicked double entendre, then she moved to straddle one of Bill’s hard muscular legs. When she noticed the pleasurable contact with her pussy she slid back and forth a few times and told him, “Oh, your leg makes a good seat, Bill. That feels really good!” The Monster Horse Cock seemed to agree with her; it was standing rigidly at attention. Coco grabbed it and moved the head of it nearer her face for a confidential discussion, which suited Bill just fine, he was enjoying the view and sensations. She asked his prick discretely, “Excuse me, I thought you and I had come to an understanding earlier?” The Monster Horse Cock declined to comment. She carefully gauged its width with two fingers, then she inserted those same two fingers into her pussy. “No, that huge thing won’t fit in my little pussy! Maybe I’ll just stick the end in, that seems to be where it gets air and spits from.”
Coco clambered up and straddled Bill’s face. “Here, Daddy Bill, wet this thing for me. I’m a woman on a m… m… mission! Oh, that feels so nasty, please don’t ever stop!” Bill had inserted his tongue into her pussy, then sucked her clit into his mouth. He reached up and assaulted both her breasts and nipples with his fingers. It was a couple of orgasms and minutes of wild riding later before Coco remembered her mission. ”Must tame Monster Horse Cock!” She began to chant. Bill abandoned his pleasurable licking and sucking to offer her more of his encouragement. “Go get him, Girl!”
She steeled her will power and climbed off Bill’s wet face. She straddled both his legs, and grabbed his hard prick. Bill enjoyed the feel of her hands on him immensely. She began another dialog as she began placing him within her. “I’ll show you, Horse Cock. Ouch! You’re too big. Maybe a few inches will fit. Ouch, oh, that hurts! Shit! Fuck! Oh my, that feels so good! The whole thing in my belly! Fuck your little girl, Daddy Bill! Suck my nipple, now the other one! Suck them harder! Oh, Cowboy, your Horse Cock’s giving your little girl a tonsillectomy!”
In his wildest dreams Bill had never been this turned on! A sex crazed young vision of loveliness sat impaled on him, and she’d already shown she’d go to any lengths to please him. Bill blessed the day he had seen her and fallen for her. Coco rode him hard for at least an hour, during which he knew she’d had at least several more strong orgasms. Bill had been counting them earlier as a diversion from cumming too soon, but he’d lost count. He was only able to stay with her through sheer willpower and conditioning. When she began begging Bill to make her cum again he licked a finger and probed her anus with it. He could feel his prick with his finger each time it drilled into her. This move seemed to have stimulated her, too. Abruptly she changed her pace and her little body seemed to literally vibrate! She wailed, “Hold me tight, Bill, I’m exploding!” Bill held her in his arms as she convulsed, crying desperately, engulfing his entire prick, and smashing her pubic bone frantically against his! He met her every stroke, then he felt as if his prick were spurting his very soul into her tight pussy and womb as she collapsed onto him! She shuddered for minutes and they alternated between panting for air and French kissing for all they were worth! His shaft began to wilt within her and each of them felt the mixture of their fluids pour out of her.
It was minutes before she could speak. Tears were running down her cheeks, making little puddles in the matted hair on his chest, her hair was wet and stringy, and her face and eyes were red from their frenzied marathon fucking and her crying. Bill thought he had never seen a more beautiful woman. He caressed her cheek lovingly and she told him, “I love you, Cowboy!” Bill found there were suddenly tears in his own eyes. He told her in return, “I love you, too, Baby Girl, heart and soul!”

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