I sat down on my cot. Rudy sat on his. I had no idea what time it was. My mind was still filled with the images of Aly's hand wrapped around my shaft.

A small beam cut through the darkness. Rudy had turned on a flashlight.

"Hey..." He whispered, barely making a sound.

"What?" I asked.

"How'd it go for you?" he asked.

"Awesome." I said.

"What'd you do?" He asked.

"Handjob." I said.

"Bitch blew me." He said, smiling.

I opened my eyes wide and tilted my head.

"Really?" I asked.

"Fuck yeah." He said. "They want to meet us again tomorrow."

"Fine with me." I said.

Exhausted, we laid down on our cots. I closed my eyes but couldn't find sleep.

"Ric...psst...Ric..." I heard coming from the area of Rudy's cot.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You care if I rub one out? I can't sleep with this thing." He said, I assumed he was talking about an erection.

"I don't care." I said.

Although I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, I could hear Rudy's body fidgeting. I heard the elastic of his shorts smack against his body and then heard the tell-tale sounds of self-pleasure.

As much as I tried to sleep, I couldn't shake the memory from earlier. My own cock began to swell. I ran my hand down and felt the bulge in my shorts.

What the hell? Why not? Rudy was doing it too and it wasn't like we could see each other.

I slid my own shorts down to my ankles and began pumping away.

"That's the spirit." Rudy whispered.

I tried to imagine my hand was Aly. Any part of her. I remembered groping her tight ass. I remembered her own hand wrapped tightly around me.

A few minutes of hard pumping later, I let loose. Streams of cum shot from my crotch into the black oblivion. I tried to control my breathing, tried to stay as quiet as possible.

I closed my eyes and drifted away to the sound of Rudy still pumping himself.

At 7:00 a.m. "Reveille" began blaring out of the camp's P.A.

I opened my eyes, unaware of my surroundings before coming to my senses. I was still at camp.

I sat up and stretched. Rudy was still sound asleep. I shook him awake.

"Jesus Christ...what time is it?" He asked

"Must be 7." I said.

Rudy laid there, not wanting to get up. Soon enough, Gary's voice broke through our site.

"Alright, boys. Time to get up!" He said.

Gary made his rounds to all the tents to make sure we were up. Each one of us had our own pace, but eventually we were all outside and ready to go.

As hot as it was everyday, the mornings were still a constant reminder of how the elements worked. You didn't want to wear jeans because you knew it would get hot. Wearing shorts would subject you to the bitter cold for a few hours.

I stayed in my khaki shorts but put on a longsleeved black shirt. Rudy also kept his shorts but wore a grey hooded sweater. We slipped on our shoes and headed out to meet the rest.

"Sleep well, boys?" Gary asked the group.

Various voices made an indication that it was alright.

"Alright. Let's head down to the mess hall for some breakfast!" He said.

Mmm. Food. I could eat.

We hiked up with the group, staying at the back again. Rudy and I discussed the nights happenings in a coded talk. We walked into the mess hall and sat down.

Hundreds of campers filed in and took their own seats. Scanning the room, Rudy and I saw Tiffany and Aly. We made a little indication of acknoledgement, but not enough to rouse suspicion.

Rudy kept taking glances at Tiffany. I, however, tried to focus on my toast. I didn't want the wrong counselor seeing an interaction between us.

We finished breakfast and filed out of the mess hall. We had a few minutes to spare before heading back to our campsite. Several groups of people were scattered about. Rudy made his way over to Tiffany and they spoke without looking at one another. It just looked like two people were standing alone.

In the short time they were there, Rudy got a goldmine of information. We made our way back to the campsite and slipped in our tent.

"They wanna come here." Rudy said.

"Here?" I asked

"Yeah. Right here." he said, pointing to our cots.

"How?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it. Just givin' you a heads up." He said.

I nodded and we exited our tent.

Rudy and I made our way over to the group. Gary took a headcount and explained the day was going to start with fishing. Then we'd have capture the flag, supper, some camp building exercise, and the day would be shot.

Gary led us down another run-of-the-mill trail that led to the pond. After a brief walk, we came out to the largest clearing I'd seen in the camp thus far. The pond was freaking HUGE.

Gary took us to the shack and had us partner up. He fitted us each with a fishing pole, but one can of worms per team. The fishing was catch and release, of course.

Rudy and I ventured away from the spots which were being claimed by the rest of the group. We got far enough to be out of ear shot but not far enough to seem conspicuous.

Rudy took his phone from his pocket.

"This girl is amazing." He said.

"She does look pretty fine." I said.

"Fuck yeah. She's a pro cocksucker, too. I came so much." He said.

"Damn." I said.

"I can't believe you didn't get blown, too." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause Tiff told me yesterday all that girl does is talk about you now. Since she met you at the pool." He said.

My stomach did a somersault. Awesome.

"What you doin' tonight?" He asked.

"I dunno. What are you doing?" I asked

"This!" He said, shoving his phone toward me.

Staring back at me was a beautiful, shaved pussy.

"Is that Tiffany?" I asked in disbelief.

"Fucking A." He said.

"How do you know you're gonna get it?" I asked.

"She already told me, dude. Already told me." He said.

"Damn." I said.

"And you'll be interested to know that Aly has been talking about wanting to do you as well." He said.

"Get out of here." I said.

Rudy went through his phone and shoved it in my face again. A message from Tiffany:

"Yeah just take it easy so i don't get hurt lol. Aly said she wants to do Ric"

I stared at the phone in disbelief.

"Holy shit." I said.

"Mhmm." Rudy said.

About that time, my own phone went of. Message from Aly:

Aly: Looks like I'm coming over tonight lol
Me: Yeah. I hope so.
Aly: Oh, I'll be there. Not sure when though.
Me: For real...last night was great. Thanks.
Aly: It was pretty niceee. Maybe more tonight? If you're good :P
Me: I can't wait.
Aly: What are we gonna do? lol
Me: Whatever you want.
Aly: Mmm. I'll think of stuff
Me: Great. I'm so lucky you're beautiful.
Aly: Aww. That's sweet.
Me: I'm for real. You just make me wanna do things.
Aly: Like what?
Me: Dirty things.
Aly: Like?
Me: Use your imagination.
Aly: Ohhh. I like. lol.
Me: Wish I was with you now.
Aly: me too
Me: We'll make up for it tonight.
Aly: Definitely Gotta go. See ya tonight xoxo
Me: See ya.

I flipped my phone shut and put it in my pocket.

"Dude...I think I'm gettin' some tonight." I said.

"Welcome to the club." Rudy said.

My text conversation had ate up a large chunk of time. Before I knew it, we were rounded up and heading back.

The capture the flag thing was shit. It was boring as fuck and limited to the people at our campsite. Rudy and I were easily the biggest guys and the rest were pretty weak. There were no good hiding spots for the flag and it seemed to be an hour and a half of wasted time.

Gary gathered us around to tell us a little bit of history of the High Noon Campground. Something about it being part of a land deal with the Native Americans. This place had over 100 years of history, but at the time, I couldn't care less. Rudy felt the same way, I'm sure.

I pulled the sleeves up on my shirt and Rudy took his sweater off. He was wearing a white tank top underneath. Same as me.

Gary concluded his history lesson and we slipped back into our tent. I took my own shirt off due to the heat and was down to my tank top.

"I can't believe this shit is happening." Rudy said.

"No kidding. I thought this camp was gonna suck." I said.

"Well...part of the camp...does suck." He said.

"True, true." I said.

Rudy tilted his head down to his crotch.

"We're gettin' some action tonight, son." He said.

I laughed and suggested we head back out. We sat around and tried to bullshit with the other campsite citizens for awhile. We had nothing in common with them. Still, we kept up our end of the conversation.

Gary told us it was time to head back to the mess hall for supper. Oh boy. That meant the day was almost done.

We crammed into that damn building again. Once again, we found Tiffany and Aly. This time, I made more eye contact. I noticed Aly kept smiling at me. Aly non-chalantly made a phone sign with her hand. I slowly slipped my phone out of my pocket. 1 New Pix Message.

I opened my phone and looked at the picture...from Aly. Apparently taken by Tiffany, Aly was smiling ear to ear, hands on hips, bra and panties.

The dark fabric clung to her body. It looked very similar to what I'd seen of her when we first met. She had been wearing her bathing suit. Still, she looked hott as fuck.

I shut my phone and slid it back into my pocket. I couldn't hide my smile.

"What?" Rudy asked.

"Show you later." I whispered.

I couldn't concentrate. I just wanted to stare at the picture all day. I probably could have had it not been so frowned upon here at High Noon.

As we were filing out, Rudy and I stood around outside. We looked toward the door at the people exiting. We saw Tiff and Aly. They walked toward us, but looked beyond us. As Aly walked by, her hand grabbed my obvious erection in my shorts.

Just for a split second, she had it in her hand. Then she let go and walked away as though nothing had happened.

"Yeah...I'd say you're gettin' some tonight." Rudy said.

I hoped so.

We made our way back to Shadysides and waited on Gary. He eventually made it back and had us gather around to tell us what our camp building exercise would be. It was based on working as a unit. We were going to construct a picnic table. Oh what fun.

Being in the 'wilderness' we weren't alotted the luxury of power tools. Unfortunately, other than Rudy and I, none of our camp neighbors could muster the strength to work a saw. Whatever.

Due to several setbacks, mishaps, and general ignorance, the picnic table took a few hours to build.

When we finished, our bodies, Rudy's and mine particularly, were sweat-soaken. The sun was gone. Gary told us that we were more than welcome to shower that night. The bath house was located in the direction behind our tent. The path was accessible from the fire lane.

Gary had come to understand that Rudy and I could take care of ourselves. We didn't need out hands held the way the others did. In a way, Rudy and I were almost second in command to Gary.

"You two wanna go hit the showers?" He asked. "I'm taking the group on a walk over there now."

"Nah. I'm gonna wait a little while. Then I will." Rudy said.

"Yeah. I'll go when he goes. Keep the buddy system. Just don't feel like it right now." I said.

Gary nodded his head. It wasn't a problem. Gary told us he'd have the group back in about a half hour or so, depending on everyone's speed.

As soon as the group cleared the campsite, Rudy turned to me.

"Let's get those girls here now." He said.

"But Gary said he'll be back in a little bit." I said.

"We'll figure that out later." He said.

Rudy tapped on his phone's keypad with rapid speed.

"On their way." He said.

All I could do was accept it. A few minutes passed before we heard a "psst" sound.

Rudy slipped his head out and motioned for them to come in.

They were both bright with smiles as they sat down on our cots. We drew our tent flaps down.

It started out with the girls sitting together on Rudy's cot. Rudy and I sat on mine.

The art of conversation was lost on Tiffany and Rudy. They quickly locked mouths and started groping.

Aly leaned forward with her arms on her knees. She smiled at me.

"I was told we'd be making up for something tonight." She said.

I smiled and leaned forward. We didn't have the rough and tumble style that Rudy and Tiffany had. We took it slow. Caressing each other. Our kisses were passionate. My hand slipped down to the side of Aly's breast.

Aly's hand groped at my erection. She pulled my shorts down, exposing him to air. He stood proudly.

Aly grasped it and tugged. Our mouths stayed like magnets. Aly kept tugging.

She brought her head up to my ear.

"I wanna suckkkk..." she whispered.

I nodded my head and she slipped down onto her knees in front of me. Still pulling on my shaft, her mouth slipped over the head. I leaned back a little and watched her head bob up and down, her mouth encompassing my throbbing member.

I looked to my side to see that Tiffany was giving the same pleasure to Rudy. Rudy had his hand on the back of Tiff's head and bit his lip. His hips worked with her motions.

Not having any experience myself, I decided not to ruin a good thing and kept my hips in place.

I loved the sensation being generated from Aly's tongue on the underside of my swollen cock. I leaned over and kissed her head. She took me from her mouth and looked to me. I kissed her lips. She went back down and started sucking me again.

I was really getting into it. I loved the feeling and knew we'd been going at it for awhile. That's when my body went cold.

"Rudy? Ric?" We heard from outside the tent. Gary was back.

The girls eyes went wide. Aly took me out and wiped her mouth off with her sleeve. I looked at Rudy. We could hear the footsteps. I slipped my shorts up and placed the head of my cock underneath the elastic, hoping to conceal it.

I walked out of the tent.

"What's up, Gary?" I asked.

"Just lettin' ya know I'm back." He said. "Where's Rudy?"

"Right here." Rudy said, exiting the tent holding his shower supplies.

"Oh. Alright then. Head out to the bathhouse when you're ready." He said.

Gary whistled and turned toward the latrine. This was our only chance.

We rushed back in the tent and half-ass explained to the girls what was going on. They were scared. We told them just to come to the shower house with us. We'd have plenty of privacy there.

The girls, still frightened, snuck out the back behind us. We hit the fire lane and hit the trail with great haste. We were incredibly paranoid. We knew that a counselor was going to jump out from behind a tree and catch us.

We came up on the showers and looked around. Looked deserted. This shower house was for males only. We had to hope no one was around.

We made our way to one of the doors. Unlocked. Aly and I slipped in and locked the door.

We heard the door to the side of us open, shut, and lock. Tiffany and Rudy were in luck, too.

The shower house was set up the same as the latrine in that only a wall and separated the 10-12 shower areas. The building had a high roof just like the latrine. Again, you could hear everything someone was doing.

The shower stall was much nicer, cleaner, and smelled better than our previous arrangement from the night before. There was a lot more room, as well. The water from the shower heads only hit to about half of the room and there was a green curtain to separate the shower area from the waiting area just in case two people had to share a shower for some reason. Though I doubt they had this in mind.

I sat my bag down on the bench and pulled my tank top off. Aly ran her hands over my chest. I locked my hands around her ass and we kissed.

"Now maybe we can finish all of this." I said, smiling.

Aly smiled back. I pulled my shorts and boxers down. I walked over to the shower head, dick swaying freely with every step, and turned the water on. The water made enough noise to cover any minimal sounds we made.

I turned back to Aly who was now down to her bra and panties. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her. She smiled as she put her own arms around me. My cock was smashed between our bodies.

I heard the shower beside us turn on. Rudy had picked up on our scheme. More noise = less chance of being heard.

Aly reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She pulled it off. I looked down at two beautiful breasts. Two dark nipples smiled at me.

I leaned down and grabbed a breast with my hand took the nipple into my mouth. My tongue flicked over the small nub.

"Mmm." Aly moaned.

I slipped my hand down her stomach and into her panties. My fingers ran over a small strip of short hair and found her slit. I ran my finger over it, in it, around it.

"Ric..." She whispered. "I've never...I mean...I haven't actually...not with a real guy..."

"You're a virgin?" I asked.

Aly nodded her head. I smiled.

"Me too!" I said.

"Really?" She asked.

"Yeah. We're made for each other." I said.

"Guess so." She said.

Aly slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. I looked down at my prize. A beautiful, virgin pussy. A small landing strip of pubic hair stood. Awesome.

Aly and I walked over to the falling water and washed ourselves as we touched and kissed each other. Aly used my soap and lathered my cock up. She ran her hands over it again and again. She let the steady falling water wash the soap away.

She gripped me tight and asked "Ready?" I nodded my head.

Aly turned and bent over. Her puffy lips stared at me.

"Just tell me if it hurts." I said.

"It shouldn't. I mean I've used toys before. I've just never been with a guy." She whispered.

I gripped my cock and ran it over her slit a few times. I teased her pussy. I'd stick my head in and poke around and come out. Finally, I lined up for the money shot and pushed in.

"Oh, God." I moaned.

The feeling was phenomenal. The hot, wet, tight feeling inside of Aly made me want to explode right then.

My hands danced around her back and chest. They came and squeezed her ass and then back to her chest.

I moved my hips out a little. I pushed back in. Bingo.

I continued my slow movements, getting used to the feelings. Aly moaned a little. I started to speed up until my balls were steadily smacking her.

I decided to go for broke. I gripped her hips and started slamming hard. Aly's breathing picked up and her mouth dropped open.

Being a first timer, it wasn't long before I felt like I was going to pop. When I knew I was getting close, I stopped. Aly stood and I slid out of her. She turned to me and started kissing me. She raised her leg to my waist. I wrapped an arm underneath it, and repeated the process with the other.

She reached behind us and positioned my cock. I slid back in. Oh boy. Here we go again.

I began to thrust my hips up a little and roll them around. This way was good, too, but I needed something more stable.

I walked us over to the bench and laid her down. She kept her legs spread as I continued pumping into her. I looked down at her beautiful body and was amazed. I could see the waves of pleasure going through her body.

My hips were getting tired. I wasn't trained for this stuff. I felt my balls begin to tug.

At the last second, I pulled out and pumped my cock, sending hot cum flying all over her torso. My mouth dropped open and I couldn't breathe. Shot after shot of white gold flew out.

I leaned against the wall, my cock still hard, catching my breath.

"Mmm. Next time...just keep it in." Aly said, smiling.

Next time? Great! There'd be a next time!

Aly walked over and washed the cum from her body. I sat on the bench, putting some clothes on. Aly finished and followed suit.

We gathered our things and I peeked my head out the door. The coast was clear.

I raised my hand to knock on Rudy's door when it flew open. Rudy came waltzing out, Tiffany on his arm.

"Well...I guess this is goodnight." Rudy said to Tiffany. They kissed.

I looked at Aly and we both smiled. We kissed a passionate kiss and parted.

Rudy and I got back to camp. Gary was up walking around.

"Get your showers?" He asked.

We both nodded.

"Alright. See ya in the mornin'." Gary said.

Rudy and I made our way into our tent. Oh the stories we had now.

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