"M-m-m-m-m." Rudy hummed. "That was some nice stuff."

"Was it?" I asked.

Just looking at Tiffany, I could tell it probably was. She was very pretty. Her bright, blonde shoulder-length hair. Her perky looking breasts. She had a nice figure and cute ass to boot. The pictures she'd sent Rudy really turned me on as well. She was definitely a looker.

"Fuckin'-A it was." He said. "How was yours?"

"Amazing." I said, remembering Aly.

"You did get some?" He asked, making sure.

"Yeah, man. I got it. Blew it on her stomach." I said, neglecting to tell him the mess it had been.

"Fuck that. I just shot mine right in Tiff." Rudy said.

"Yeah, Aly told me that I should do time." I said.

"Yeah. So...tomorrow?" Rudy laughed.

"I guess so." I said.

Rudy flipped through his phone and sent a message. He finally got one back.

"They're gonna meet us in the same stalls tomorrow night. Right about the same time. Tiff says they'll both sit on one and lock the door. We're supposed to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" so they know it's us." Rudy said.

"Sounds good to me." I said.

Rudy and I laid down on our cots. Before going to sleep, I reached for my own phone and sent Aly a text.

"Goodnight, babe." It said.

"Nighty night " was the reply.

I laid my head down and closed my eyes. I drifted to sleep to the sound of Rudy playing with himself again.

I'll be damned if I didn't just close my eyes and "Reveille" hit the fucking P.A. I'd been asleep a few hours, but it seemed like I'd just laid down.

I pulled myself from my cot and tried to ignore my headache. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tshirt. Fuck the cold. I walked out of the tent while Rudy tried to decide how to handle his morning wood.

I was the first one to join Gary in the campsite. He asked me to help rouse the other campers. I went from tent to tent opening flaps and yelling inside. I interrupted one of the younger boys that had also had to make a decision with his morning wood. I chuckled to myself and quickly pulled his flap shut.

I ran my hands up and down my arms for warmth while we waited for the other campers. One by one they left their tents to join us.

"Just a reminder, boys..." Gary started once everyone was huddled around, " are to stay in the campsite after dark unless you have special permission otherwise. Also, the girls camp is off limits."

Gary made no indication that he knew anything. It was probably just a reminder for all of us. Rudy and I would have a laugh about all that later.

Gary informed us that there was nothing really special going on that day. There would be camp-wide olympics that night and we were encouraged to sign up for an event. There was swimming, obstacle course, 50 yard dash, and tug of war.

Being the biggest guys in our campsite, Rudy and I signed up for tug of war.

With that, we made the trek up for breakfast. It was some half-assed combination of imitation eggs and month old ham. Rudy and I only ate to give us the strength for our hips later.

Unfortunately, the seating arrangement hadn't been so great and our backs were to Tiffany and Aly. I couldn't really look at them without turning around and making it obvious.

After breakfast, Gary reminded Rudy and I that it was our job to get firewood. We hiked back to the campsite and got the wheelbarrel. We brought it back up by the main building and started to load it up.

"What do you think of switching?" Rudy asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You know. Like you take Tiff for the night. I take Aly." He said.

"Oh. I don't know. I guess that's up to them." I said.

In reality, the thought of giving Aly up made me sick. I guess I was setting a double standard. I'd gladly pound Tiffany if I could, but I didn't want Aly to be with anyone else.

"You'd enjoy it." Rudy said. "Tiff is a fucking animal."

We filled the wheelbarrel and headed back.

"She's got experience from somewhere. I don't how many people she's been with...but she's still got a tight, hot pussy." He said.

I nodded my head.

"What about Aly? How's she?" He asked.

"She's still tight. She told me last night that she's got toys and shit, but I was the first guy she was with." I said.

"Nice." Rudy replied.

"Tiff wanted me to put it in her ass last night." Rudy said. "But she kept bucking me and I blew."

"Well, there's always tonight." I said.

"Yeah. I might. I dunno. Seems kinda weird. I like her puss. We'll just see how it goes." He said.

"Aly never asked me to do that. I like her puss, too. I think I'll just stay there." I said.

"Damn, dude. Ha. I'm gonna have to rub another one off now. These bitches have me hard all the time." He said.

"I know how ya feel." I said, honestly.

We unloaded the wood at the campsite and grabbed a football. Rudy and I played catch for awhile. Some other campers joined in and it turned into a joke. The others couldn't grasp the concept of the spiral. Rudy and I quit.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of aimless walking of trails, lunch, Gary's stories, and Rudy and I sneaking into our tent to beat off. We had it set up so only one of us would be in there at a time, but once the schedule got mixed up and we ended up in there together. No big deal.

We just laid on our cots, pretended the other one wasn't there, pretended our girls were there, and had at it. We'd clean up and head back out to the group.

Our constant trips to the tent never registered with the group. It was better that way.

I kept thinking about what Rudy had asked me earlier. I knew that there was no way that I'd let Aly get anywhere near him. I liked Rudy, I really did. But it didn't take long to peg him. Regardless of whether I believed him or not when it came to his sexual history, I knew that now he would do anyone if he got the chance.

On the other hand, I was very intrigued when it came to Tiffany. She looked so fine and Rudy said she was 'a fucking animal'. That made me curious.

Thinking about Tiff made me hard. I looked around and slipped back into my tent. I laid down and undid my shorts. I pulled my boxers down and started stroking. I thought about the pictures I'd seen of Tiff. I wondered how good she looked in real life. It had to be the same.

I was pumping pretty good, my mouth open, eyes closed. I moaned softly. That's when the tent flap flew open.

"Oh. Ha. Sorry." Rudy said.

He sat on his cot.

"I'm doin' the same thing." He said. "Check this out."

He pushed his phone to me. Another picture from Tiffany. She had two fingers knuckle deep into her slit. Damn.

"Shit, dude." I said.

"Yeah. She's doin' that right now. She says that if we're doing it at the same time it's like we're together. Well what-the-fuck=ever, but I'll still play the game." He said.

I had really taken a liking to Aly. She was great. Not just because of the stuff we were doing. I liked her. She was down to Earth, cute, funny, perfect. But I was hormone-ravaged teen. Tiff was just a change of scenery.

I laid there and kept pumping, imagining my hand was Tiffs puss.

"Ohhh...Ahhh..." I moaned as I came.

I was sweating. I ran my hand over my forehead and caught my breath. I tucked my cock back in my pants and got buttoned up. I left as Rudy was bucking his hips up and down in a frenzy.

Gary called us all around and asked where Rudy was.

"Must be napping." I said. "I'll go get him."

I walked back to the tent. Rudy was on his stomach, humping his cot.

"Hey. Gary's looking for you." I said. "We're heading up for supper."

"Fuck. Goddamnit." He said.

He sat up, his cock still at full attention, and adjusted his pants. He got ready and we left the tent.

We walked up to the mess hall and ate another shittastic meal. Rudy kept fidgeting trying to get comfortable with his hard-on. I looked down once and saw he was rubbing himself through his pocket. What a guy.

We finished our meal and headed to a large open area where the pool was. The counselors had spent most of the day setting up for the olympics.

Rudy and I eyed all the girls that had signed up for the swimming portion. Clad in bathing suits, there were some good looking girls that stayed on that side of the camp.

Rudy and I made motions, indicating which girls we'd like to fuck and which girls we'd like to have go home. It helped us pass time until our event. The tug of war.

The set up was simple. One long ass rope. 20 campers. 10 to a team. Teams were co-ed.

Rudy and I decided we'd be good anchors and headed toward the back of the rope. I held the end, Rudy in front of me. Out of nowhere, two individuals came into the line. One in front of Rudy, one in front of me. Guess who?

Aly smiled at me as she backed in close to me.

Rudy slipped a hand down and gave Tiff's ass a squeeze.

"Nice." He said.

"Just thought you boys could use the help back here." Aly said.

"Always." I said.

The counselor blew the whistle and we pulled. Aly leaned far back and her ass was rubbing my already hardening cock. Tiffany and Rudy weren't so subtle. Although we were leaning back, Rudy's hips were convulsing forward.

After a struggle, we pulled the rope to our side, collapsing our line.

I landed on my back, Aly landing on top of me. She giggled. She sat up and straddled my waist.

"Sorry about that, fellow camper." She said.

I ran my hand up and rubbed the area of her jeans where I knew her pussy was. I made it quick.

We got up and brushed off. Looking over, we saw that Tiffany was straddling Rudy as well, but she was grinding her hips.

Quickly, they stood as well.

Incase any counselors were looking, Aly and I shook hands.

"See you tonight." I said through gritted teeth.

"Mhmm." She said.

Rudy and I stood by Gary for the rest of the event. It was dark when the olympics got over. We walked back to our campsite and Gary asked if any of the boys would like to go take another shower.

Only a handful decided to go. Rudy and I volunteered to stay back and watch the remaining group of boys until Gary got back. Then we'd go and get our showers.

Gary led the group and Rudy and I hit the tent. Fuck the other campers.

"Did you see what she was doing to me?" Rudy asked.

"Ha. Yeah." I said.

"I came. I don't know why. But when she did that, I popped." He said.

I laughed.

"Fucking embarassing." He said.

Rudy took his phone out and said the girls were gonna be sneaking to the showers in about 20 minutes.

I was excited. I always was now. Almost every minute of my day was filled with excitement for the night to come.

I felt my phone vibrate. I assumed it was from Aly. I pulled it out and it was from a number that I thought I recognized but wasn't sure.

Number: Hey.
Me: Who is this?
Number: Tiff.
Me: Oh. What's up?
Tiffany: Nothing, nothing. Just wondered what you were doing.
Me: Nothing really. Waiting until you guys get to the showers.
Tiffany: Are you with Rudy?
Me: He's right here.
Tiffany: Oh. Shh! Don't tell him i'm texting you.
Me: Why?
Tiffany: Cause I have to talk to you about something.
Me: What?
Tiffany: Rudy talked to me about switching.
Me: Oh.
Tiffany: I asked Aly and she said she didn't want to. She likes you.
Me: Oh yeah?
Tiffany: Yeah. She doesn't want to...but there are things that we can keep as our little secret.
Me: Yeah?
Tiffany: Mhmm. No Rudy. No Aly. Just me and you. That is if you want to.
Me: Yeah. I do.
Tiffany: ok. We'll get some alone time sometime.
Me: Sounds good.
Tiffany: Remember...our little secret.
Me: Yup.
Tiffany: See you soon.

I shut my phone. Damn. Tiffany was game. I couldn't let Rudy know anything was up. I couldn't let Aly think anything was wrong. Aly really was beautiful. And again, I did like her. But I'm only human.

Gary was making his way back into the campsite. Rudy and I grabbed our shower bags and told him we'd be back when we were done. Gary bid us farewell and we were off.

We came up to the showers and looked around. No one. Rudy walked up to his door and started softly singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". The signal.

We heard a lock click. Rudy smiled at me and waved. He opened his door and I opened mine. One problem. No Aly.

The shower was completely empty. I couldn't figure out what happened.

"Ric. Come here." I heard Rudy say.

I exited my shower and walked over to his. He opened the door and shut it behind me.

"Aly got scared sitting in there by herself and came in here." Tiffany said.

There was Aly, smiling like always.

"Aww. That's ok. I'll keep you company now." I said.

I grabbed Aly's hand and walked to the door.

"Hold on." Rudy said. "Why don't we all just stay in here?"

"What?" Aly asked.

"Yeah. We can all just stay in one stall. There's plenty of room." Rudy said.

I looked at Aly.

"I...I guess..." Aly said.

I was angry. Rudy just wanted to catch a peak at Aly's body. Whatever. I'd just get to show him what I was gettin'. And I'd get a chance to see what I would be gettin' in Tiffany.

"It'll be fine." Rudy said as he pulled his shorts and boxers off in one swoop.

Aly couldn't help it. It's one of those things that just happen. She looked at his cock. She'd seen it the night before in our tent. But she couldn't help herself.

Although we hadn't ever gotten close enough to compare, Rudy's cock looked about the same as mine in size. The one difference was that where I was shaved, he had hair. Not a bush. Just hair that hadn't been trimmed in awhile.

"Mmm. Glad to see you're ready for me." Tiffany said, wrapping her hand around his hard member.

"Come on, baby. Strip." He instructed as he peeled his shirt off.

Tiffany took her shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra. I got a good look at her breasts. Beauties.

She undid her pants and stepped out of them. Her white panties clung to the curves of her pussy.

Aly and I had been standing there watching all of this.

"Well, you ready?" She asked.

I nodded and took my shirt off. I laid it down and undid my pants. I kicked them toward the door and helped Aly take off her shirt.

Rudy was leaned his back against the wall, Tiffany on her knees sucking him. He turned his head and stared as Aly removed her shirt and bra. He smiled as her breasts tumbled out.

Aly sat down on the bench. I bent down on my knees in front of her. She leaned in close and I kissed her as I undid her pants. I pulled them off and threw them by my shirt. I kissed down her chest and stomach. I kissed her panties in key areas.

She rubbed her breasts as she stared down at me. I hooked the sides of her panties and pulled down. As her tiny landing strip became visible, I heard Rudy moan. I did my best to ignore it.

I kissed her mound as I slowly pulled her panties to her ankles. They fell to the ground and I put my hands on her thighs while I kept kissing.

Her legs slowly opened and she slid her body down the wall. I used my tongue to tickle around her lips. My tongue slipped between into her slit and ran the length. I closed my eyes and flicked my tongue everywhere it could reach.

I began to tug my boxers down. I got out of them and stroked myself slowly as I ate Aly.

I heard Tiffany say something about wanting some oral too. Pretty soon, I felt someone sit down next to Aly. I opened my eyes. There was Tiffany.

She spread her legs wide and slipped her panties off. I had the perfect view. Amazing.

"Come on, Rudy. I want it, too." She said.

"I don't know how to fucking do that shit." He said.

Rudy got on his knees beside me.

"Just watch Ric." She said.

Rudy watched as I ran my tongue deep inside of Aly. Rudy put his mouth to Tiff's snatch and tried.

"Like that?" He asked.

"Watch." I said.

I stuck my tongue out and ran it up and down Aly's slit. Rudy tried to imitate me on Tiffany.

I brought my hand up and used two fingers to spread Aly's pussy lips. I stuck my tongue in and thrashed it around.

I removed my tonuge and kissed her pussy lips like you would someones actual lips. I tugged on them gently. I stuck my tongue back in and started sucking.

"Mmmm. Oh..." Aly moaned.

Rudy tried.

I stuck a finger inside of Aly and kept sucking.

Rudy tried again.

"Rudy, if you don't get better at this I'm gonna have to have Ric do it." Tiffany teased. But I knew she wasn't really teasing.

I watched Rudy fumble around some more.

"Here. Do it like this." I said.

I stuck a finger on my other hand into Tiffany. This was our first sexual interaction. Rudy brought his face back down and stuck his tongue in as I fingered Tiffany and Aly simultaneously.

"Maybe I just don't get any feeling out of oral." Tiffany said.

"Maybe Rudy just isn't doing it right." Aly answered.

"Aly, is it ok if Ric just tries for a second? Just to see if I can feel it or not?" Tiffany asked.

"Yeah. Go for it." Aly said.

She really didn't care. In her mind, it was all harmless. It was just seeing if her friend could feel it.

Rudy slid over and I positioned myself in front of Tiff. I looked up at her. She had a wicked smirk on her face. This was all working perfectly for her.

I leaned my head down and slid my tongue along her slit. I kissed her mound gently. My tongue wiggled between her lips and poked around.

She tasted differently than Aly. Not better. Not worse. Just different.

It didn't take long before we found out that she could feel it. She could really feel it. She moaned loudly.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was having an orgasm.

Her body shook and her thighs clamped my head. I kept my tongue deep inside her as it was attacked with hot juices.

Her orgasm subsiding, he released the grip on my head. I wiped my mouth off and went back to eating Aly.

Rudy sat there staring at Tiffany.

Aly spread her legs more and kissed up her body until our tongues were fighting. I pushed my cock into her and started pumping.

Rudy helped Tiffany up and they started kissing. Rudy was still hard. He still needed his fun. Tiffany leaned her side against the wall and lifted her leg. Coming in from the side, Rudy held her leg up as he pushed into her.

I got my head close to Aly's ear.

"Sorry about that." I whispered.

"No biggie. You're still with me." She said.

And I was, afterall.

I pushed my upper body up and put my hands on Aly's stomach as I pumped. My cock started to go through the first stages of sensitivity. That time when the sexual side starts to take over and common sense starts to leave.

"You're fuckin' hot, babe." I said.

Normally, I would never say anything like that. But I was in the zone.

I stared down and watched as her breasts jumped up and down as I pumped.

Rudy and Tiffany were beside us, still standing. Tiffany was bent over and Rudy was smacking her ass as he drove in and out.

I pulled out of Aly and stood. Aly stood and I sat down. Facing away from me, she sat down on my cock. I wrapped an arm around her stomach and started pumping up and down as she used her legs to move herself.

Aly started grinding her hips back and forth. She leaned back and rested on me as I pumped in and out of her.

Rudy was moaning something or another.

I grabbed a handful of breast and kissed Aly's neck.

Aly was letting out small moans and yelps as I continued to pound her.

I was going pretty good when I knew I was about to come. Aly's pussy clamped down on my cock and wouldn't let go. This sent me over.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried out.

"Ahhhh!" Aly moaned.

I shot hot jets into Aly. I could feel the sticky mess running down my shaft.

I tried my best not to move. My cock was so sensitive after this. Aly kept grinding her hips around slowly. Every now and then she'd hit a spot and my body would jerk.

Slowly, she stood up and sat next to me. My cock, though dying, was still thick as it fell to my leg. We sat there and kissed and cuddled while we watched Rudy finish.

It wasn't a very big deal. Rudy started grunting and opened his mouth and let off a few hard slams. Then it was over. We all sat there for a little while before we started getting dressed.

I watched as Tiffany pulled her panties up slowly, giving me one last good look.

I took Aly and we walked outside. We kissed and kissed under the stars in the dark.

"You might be the greatest thing to happen to me." I said.

"You too." she said, smiling.

"I really like you." I said.

"I like you too, Ric." She answered.

We kissed again.

Soon enough, Tiffany and Rudy exited the shower as well. I wanted to spend a lot more time with Aly, but it was that time. We parted ways. Rudy turned and started walking. I stayed for a second to watch the girls sneak down the path.

Tiffany turned back and smiled at me.

I knew what she was smiling about.

I went back to camp and decided I needed to go straight to sleep. Who knew what tomorrow would bring to High Noon?

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