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Guy with a dark side controls his girfriends mind and makes her his slave
The story behind the story:

The two main characters are me and my Ex-girlfriend. The describtions are accurate.
I have certain dark phantasies concerning control/dominance stuff and am hugely turned on by the idea of completly controlling a woman's life. Making her my obidient slave. But on the other hand, I also have a nice caring side and would never hook up with somebody who is not strongwilled and independent. Those two sides can not be brought into union. They are completly opposite. I resolve that by enjoying phantasies of control but living a different live. To maintain the seperation of the sides I never use somebody I am with in the controlphantasies. My girlfriend sensed that something was wrong with "us". And she asked me and I admited that I had phantasies of other women but not because I was not happy with her or didn't find her attractive but because it were phantasies where I would not be comfortable to put her in. She could not understand that and her jealousy of my phantasies destroyed our relationship. The end came 2 months after what was supposed to be the perfect holiday. Now the relationship has been over for 1 year but I still think of her. She was the most perfect woman I had ever met and maybe the most perfect one I will ever meet.
About 6 months after the breakup she started creeping into my phantasies and at some point I decided to write them down. To tell you the truth, I have not even written half of it down and I do not know if I ever will finish the story but I'll post what I have. It's 9 chapters but I'll only post one a day (2 chapters today because the first chapter is setup and contains no action) and only if the feedback is good because I don't want this thread to dissapear to page 10 within 2 days if people enjoy the story and at the same time don't want to be the only one to bumb it.

And now to the real story:

Chapter 1

It was bad luck. Really bad luck. We had hit a rough spot in our relationship right after deciding to go on the biggest and best vacation of our lives. 3 weeks all inclusive in a 4,5 star hotel in a place that was as close to paradise as you can get.
But the location is unimportant if you are going with the wrong person. That should have not been a problem either. I'm 6 feet and 1 inch tall and still have the physique I had when I left the Army special operations 5 years ago. And my bony and rather attractive face along with the dark hair and the blue eyes make sure that my appearance matches my fitness. But I'm still downright hideous compared to my girlfriend. At 5 feet 8 inches she's a bit more than a hand width smaller then me and a little below perfect model height which is probably the reason she is no model. It sure is the only one I can think of because her body is perfect. Light brown skin, long legs, wide hips a thin waist and the hottest most perfect set of C cubs you will ever see. She has curly hair and brown eyes that are so sparkling that they look golden from certain angles and are a little almond shaped thanks to some Cherokee Indians among her ancestors. But her most captivating feature must be her lips. She has the most perfect full lips you can imagine and they are even more accentuated by her thin jaw and her high cheekbones. Everybody who sees her starts pouting his lips as if wanting to kiss her. It's like a reflex reaction. Somebody once asked me to describe her, and I just said "Imagine the most perfect Brazilian beauty. And now imagine you have been together with her for 10 years and got used to her beauty. And then seeing my Tina would still give you a heart attack!" He didn't believe me until he saw her. Now he does believe me. My name is Thomas by the way.
But now back to the story. You might wonder what the rough spot we hit was. Well. You may think that it is ridiculous (and it is) but Tina developed a crazy jealousy. She started to argue with me about my looking at other women when she was not around. She told me she thought I was cheating on her when I was looking at another woman's ass when I was out shopping. Alone. As if she did not look at other guys from time to time. Anyway. I came up with an idea. I decided that we should use the vacation to fix our relationship but I also prepared a plan B. If bad came to worse I wanted to have something ready so that it would not become the 3 worst weeks of my life. I saw this program about sublimal messages and programming people with tapes they hear at night and decided to give it a try. I don't want to bore you with the details but I programmed her to react to a certain sentence ("Let me lay down the law for you.") by going into a trance. In this trance she would follow every command I gave her but would not do anything on her own. I could also give her long term commands which she would stick to like they were law for her. I decided to give her 24 hours at the beginning of the vacation. If she would stop nagging me and just try to enjoy the vacation I would not put her under and not manipulate her but instead I would try to fix our problems. But if it started to look like she might try and talk me to death during the vacation...well, that's what Plan B was for.

We arrived at the hotel at 6 in the afternoon and, of course, she was too tired for sex. We went to dinner at 7 and, although I did not realize it, I must have been staring at the other women all evening long because that's all I got to hear for the next 3 hours. Same for breakfast the next morning and it seems like I have been checking out all the girls on the beach (I can't remember any but hey, who am I to know, right?). Then came lunch and the same routine again. I pretended to have come down with a headache and stayed in for the afternoon which got me a "We never do anything together!"...Plan B was soooo on!

When she came back to the hotel room to dress for the evening my decision was made. She went into the bathroom and put on a yellow sundress which was looking beautiful on her and matched her skin really well. And just as she came out of the bathroom and wanted to go out of our room I stepped behind her and whispered "Let me lay down the law for you." She stopped dead immediately.

Chapter 2

I unhooked her bra and removed it. Then I slid her panties down her legs and threw them on the bed. I told her to walk to the window so I could check the effect the light had on her outfit. Just like I had hoped her dress had become a bit see-through but not too much. You could not really see her breasts but you could kinda guess where her nipples where and when I pinched them a bit and they became hard I could clearly see them poking through the dress.
"Rule 1: All the commands I give you now will go out of effect at midnight!"
"Rule 2: You will not stop me from doing anything. Whatever I want to do you will accept!"
"Rule 3: You will obey my commands!"
I did not program her to be comfortable with the way she was exposed, just to accept it. I wanted to see her sweat and be a bit uncomfortable. Although her appearance was captivating she never used it. She never dressed sexy and she never flirted. I am a bit exhibitionistic at heart and always wanted to show her off some but never got the chance. Never until now, that is. Tonight she would catch a couple of eyes and I might just make sure that some of those eyes got something worthwhile to look at. Or I might just enjoy that they hoped to get something. The holiday was 3 weeks long and I had still my whole life ahead of me after that.
"Snap out!" Was the snap out command that got her to snap out (Not creative, I know)
"Hey, where's my underwear?"
"I took it off of you. "
"Ok, I'll ... accept that ..." Her voice was shaky. The command worked. She had to accept it because I had done it, but she did not have to like it.
"Before we go to dinner I want you to suck my dick a bit." I said it flat and matter-of-factly. No need to command or sound dominating.
The funny thing was that as she kneeled down and fished my dick out of my shorts she said that she did not want to do that next to the window since people could see. She said it but still did what she was told. It was funny to watch. But what was even more pleasant to watch was how her skin glowed and how her lip-gloss looked darker and redder in the light of the sundown as she slowly started to lick the side of my shaft. I let her lick and kiss my dick for about 4 or 5 minutes. Just enough to get me into a state of pleasant arousal. Then I told her to get up and we went to dinner.
The dining room was a bit crowded but I did not mind the people. She on the other hand did. She was really nervous and very aware of how her nipples were poking through her dress as an effect of the arousal of the blowjob she had given to me. To further her nervousness a bit I leaned over to her and whispered into her ear.
"I'll fuck you on the beach right after dinner and before we do that I'll grant everybody who wants it a good look at you tits and your ass."
She went red instantly which amused me a lot. For dinner I chose a corner table. I did that for 2 reasons, 1, so that I could see the whole room and everybody who looked in our direction and 2 so that I could fondle her leg and knee while we ate. Hard to do that when you are sitting opposite each other. I did not want to risk going as high as her pussy because I did not want to get thrown out of the hotel but going mid thigh was enough to keep her aroused enough to have her nipples stay erect all evening. Slowly some people were catching on to the fact that she was not wearing a bra and started looking over more and more often. And I enjoyed it immensely. After dinner was over I leaned over to Tina again and whispered into her ear.
"You did not think I had forgotten what I told you earlier, did you?" The look of terror on her face was priceless "I want you to take a sip of water and spill enough over to front of your dress to make it go transparent. But let it look like an accident. And say 'oops' loud enough for the people to hear."
The cold water made her nipples get even harder and the yellow fabric went fully transparent instantly.
"Oh, honey what have you done let me help you dry off!" I said it so loud that those people who had not looked because of her 'oops' were looking now as I took a handkerchief and put my hand into the front of her dress to "help her dry it off". Oh, her nipples and the flesh of her tits felt soo good and it made it even better to know that 50 people were watching me fondling her. MY hard-on got even harder.
"We'd better go and get you out of those wet things before you catch a cold!" And with that I ushered her up and out of the room to the exit going out to the beach and on the way to the beach, while we were still visible from the dining room and I was sure that some of the eyes that had been glued to the scene earlier were following us I lifted the back of her dress up over her ass and let everybody who wanted to have a view of her perfect ass as it was going from side to side. Then I let her dress fall down but kept my hand on her ass cheek and squeezed it all the way down to the beach.
At the beach I lay down on one of the sun loungers and told her to take my dick out and then mount me and to use her sundress to cover what we are doing and then to ride me until I cum in her. She looked at me and asked me.
"But what if somebody comes by?" But still kept doing right as I told her.
"I don't care" (That wasn't true. I would care. I would be turned on even more) "Just make sure that your moves are nice and little and nobody catches on!" Her pussy was wet. Soaking wet. I was a downright wonder that her sundress did not have a soaked through spot in her lap. She rode me slow and deep, bend forward 45 degrees at the hip so that we were looking like she was talking to me if people came by. It felt great to be doing it like that right in the middle of the beach. I felt every little move like it was an earthquake. I wanted it to last forever but the blowjob earlier and the fun at dinner had gotten me pretty excited and I knew I would not be able to hold on long so I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth down to mine.
"You're so hot, I love you and you are the only one I want!" I whispered to her and then I kissed her deep and hard. She kissed me right back and our tongues wrestled as she moaned into my mouth and I felt my cum erupting into her tight wet cunt. We kept kissing until my orgasm had ended and then she got up and we went back to our room. On the way back I realized that she was getting strangely nervous again.
"Is everything alright? Did you enjoy it?" I asked her
"Yes I did. I just get horny feeling your cum flow out of me."
"Go into the shade of that tree over there and masturbate till you come."
I watched her from close by and covered the only direction from which she could be seen with my body as she leaned against a palm tree next to our hotel building and fingered her cum filled pussy. Watching her masturbate has always been a huge turn on for me and I have a chapter dedicated to it later on. For now just let me tell you that watching how she increases speed while the spasm rock her body got me all hard again. There are not many things that are more erotic then watching a girl pleasure herself. After she had cum she looked at her cum covered hand like she did not know what to do with it.
"Lick it clean."
She looked at me and then started to lick the palm and then the back of her hands and then took each finger into her mouth and sucked them clean. Seeing that I decided that we had to go back to our room fast because in about 5 minutes I would lose all control and fuck her again. Wherever we would be at that point. So we continued our way to our hotel room. The evening had been a success.

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2011-12-15 19:27:23
"OK" Too long of an introduction and not enough sex. I hope the later parts get better with better writing. Technique.

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2011-12-15 19:26:46
"OK" Too long of an introduction and not enough sex. I hope the later parts get better with better writing. Technique.

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2009-10-27 17:02:05
I`m all for BDSM, rape fantasy, and the Mind Control subject....but I found this story very disturbing. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I think it may be the linkage between this and your real life. I`m thinking that if you were to not write a story about yourself raping through mind control your ex-girlfriend, it wouldn't nearly as creepy.

Seriously, give it a shot. Other than some minor formatting, you write pretty well. Better than some I've seen here. But this here is some obsessive stalkerish material. Share, don't scare.

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2009-10-20 14:41:30
good start and then snore


2009-10-19 01:07:46
(Ph)antasies? Please.

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