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part 1 continued
Tom’s eyes flutter as she nearly passes out from her first orgasm.

Tom sits up, and gets out of the glass box. She turns to face Melissa, and in one movement starts kissing her on the lips. Grabbing her ass and back, she pulls Melissa against her, so that their naked cunts touch each other and their juices mix. Tom feels oddly off balance, now that he is so much more top heavy, and their breasts smash together as they tightly hug each other and kiss.

“Good girl, now would you like to help us with our sacrifice” she indicates the donkey still waiting patiently in the corner.

“You’re gonna kill it!” Tom says, in between kissing her neck and shoulders.

“No, one of us was going to sacrifice ourselves to the goddess of nature. Believe it or not, we were about to ask for more of those worms. If you do it it’ll be much more powerful since you’re still a virgin.”

Tom’s pussy has already recovered, and the heat inside of her is completely unabated. Her pussy starts drooling onto the floor, and her nipples stick out into the night air. Tom is hardly able to think straight for all of the lust, and all she knows is that that donkey can satisfy her. She walks over to the donkey, and runs her dainty hand over its coarse back. The other five girls sit down to watch.

“Let him eat you, Tom. Let him taste his gift.” Tom walks in front of the donkey, her hips swaying, and pets its head. Immediately, without any coaxing, the donkey sticks its long, sticky tongue out and runs it from her butt crack to her slit, making Tom squeal. Then the donkey dives right in, the tip of his tongue scooping just into Tom’s folds, licking up her juices, which are now flowing freely. More and more tongue enters Tom with each lick, and soon Tom has another orgasm, this time standing up. She becomes weak kneed, but doesn’t fall over as her pussy sprays the nose of the donkey with cum. The donkey lick it off his nose, then wipes up the mess running down Tom’s legs, finally cleaning her pussy. Tom was perfectly willing to let him do it again, but Melissa stops her.

“Enough Tom, now return the favor.”

Tom gets down on her knees without a second thought, and crawls under the donkeys belly. The donkey’s penis has retreated fully into it’s sheath, but Tom puts the furry sheath in her mouth anyway. It tastes almost dusty, with a hint of salty, and Tom plunges her tongue into the fold of skin to lick the actual shaft and head. The dick immediately expands several inches, and rushes to the back of her throat. Tom is amazed at the donkey’s virility, after already cummed twice, but immediately starts sucking and licking the donkeys head. She cant even begin to deep throat it like Melisa did, but that doesn’t stop her from doing her best to make that donkey feel incredible. Tom runs her tongue quickly over the still swelling head, swirling around the edge one second, dipping into the pee hole another, and flicking and licking across the top in between while still sucking and maintaining a rhythm.

“She’s a natural.” Comments the red head, who until then hadn’t spoken.

To Tom, the blow job is incredibly hot, and her pussy is on fire when the donkey finally cums. her mouth is flooded with thick, hot cum, which she quickly swallows, only to be filled up again with another gush. She swallows it all.

The donkey brays loudly this time, and now all the girls surround Tom. They pull what looks like a pommel horse out from the corner of the room, but it’s obviously shaped to the form of the female body.

“Lay down Tom.” Commands Melisa, and she obeys. She fits snuggly into the indentions, and is now bent over.

“May the god of nature accept this sacrifice to her creation, and may she grant us what we desire in return.” Shouts Melisa, and then the donkey jumps on top of Tom’s back, but the weight of the donkey is put on the pommel. The donkey’s member is miraculously now rock hard, and strikes Tom’s pussy square on the first thrust. Tom is so wet that he slides right in, stretching her from the width of a pencil to the width of a baseball bat in seconds. Searing pain stabs through Tom as her hymen is broken, and blood trickles out of her cunt, mixed with the cum. The donkey slams six inches of his two feet into her before her tightness brings his momentum to a stop. He begins pounding Tom’s impossibly tight vagina, pulling and pressing at the stretched pussy walls, causing Tom to shout out in pain with every forceful thrust. Each thrust brings the donkey deeper, and soon he’s able to go ten inches deep into Tom. Tom, despite the pussy splitting pain, orgasms, and clenches hard on the thick member as cum sprays out of the tight junction of their two sexes. The donkey is braying with every thrust, and is becoming more and more forceful, now plowing an inch deeper with every thrust until he hits a wall, Tom’s cervix, at sixteen inches. The pain is still very real, but the pleasure is nearly drowning it out as Tom rocks to the motion of the donkey, trying to drive him deeper still. The whole world is now that cock to Tom, and she wants to please the Gods by taking it all. She rocks harder as the donkey slams into her cervix again and again with all of its body weight, slowly crushing her cervix and wedging it open. Suddenly, the muscles in her cervix are forced open by the pounding penis, and the donkey now slides hilt deep into Tom in one thrust. He just touches the back of Tom’s womb, and then draws out, just barely staying inside of Tom’s uterus, then slamming hilt deep again. Tom screams in ecstasy as she orgasms so powerfully she black out for a second.

Only to wake up the next still orgasming, her entire body clenched and frozen up as the donkey continues pumping. The donkey is building up to a massive cum, and then just a few seconds after he empties his balls into her. He bottoms out once more, but then stays there. Tom feels the cum coming as the donkey’s penis swells, then erupts deep inside of her, swelling her belly with cum, none of it makes it past Tom’s tightly griping cervix, but somehow her uterus stretches as an unnatural amount of cum fills Tom. Tom’s belly is pressed harder and harder against the pommel horse thing, as the donkey is still on her back pressing her down, but then a trap down is released by the girl with the short dark hair, and both Tom’s breasts and her belly hang freely. A drop of white liquid drops from Tom’s breast, and doesn’t go unnoticed by her. Without a word, she latches her mouth onto Tom’s breast, and draws Tom’s milk out, drinking it like she was dying of thirst. Before Tom knows it, someone else is on her other breast, and while the donkey soaks itself inside Tom’s warm cunt, they hungrily suck on Tom. This just sends Tom into one more orgasm, the pleasure now becoming unwelcome, but Tom can’t bring herself to stop it. She pulls and sucks the last of the donkey’s seed out, and is still orgasming when the donkey backs off of her, slowly pulling himself out and over stimulating the now raw and sensitive nerves inside Tom’s pussy. Not a drop of cum makes it past Tom’s thirst womb as her cervix scrapes the donkey’s dick clean, leaving only her own juices on him.

Two of the girls not drinking Tom’s milk go to clean off the donkey with their tongues, and Melisa puts her face right in Tom’s flaring, stretched pussy and starts sucking the juices out of it, and Tom arches from the pleasure, an reflex to avoid the overstimulation that only gave her a better angle. Tom brings her cunt back down out of the air, with Melisa still licking and sucking, and ends up sitting her cunt on Melisa’s mouth, and Melisa proceeds to give Tom a practiced and professional blowjob. Tom begins humping Melisa’s face as her tongue goes deep into Tom’s loosened hole, and more and more milk is sucked from her tit’s. Tom orgasms again, her vagina now almost in pain from fatigue, and drenches Melisa’s face and chin is pussy juice. They all finally stop, and Tom get’s off the pommel horse, her pussy sore and her nipples erect. On the floor of the cabin are jars and jars of the worms, and on top of the pile is a small gold necklace with the female symbol on it. Ingraved on the symbol is Tom’s name.

“Incredible, look at all of this. This should be enough for anything we wanted to do for the rest of the year! Maybe even our life.”

Tom picks up the necklace and puts it on.

“Whoa, Tomgirl. You’re a guy again.” Melisa walks over an looks at Tom in amazement. Tom looks down at herself, and sees only her female body.

“That can’t be, I’m still a girl.” Says Tom.

Melisa reaches down and grabs Tom’s crotch, squeezing her pussy, and blinks in surprise.

“I can feel that you have a pussy, but it looks like you have a dick. It must be an illusion! The gods must really like you Tom, they gave you a personal present.”

Tom takes of the amulet, then puts it back on, and to everyone else, it’s as if Tom was there, then Tomgirl, then Tom again, and finally back to Tomgirl again.

“Oh!” Tom suddenly says, and reflexively places a hand on her slit. She had felt a sudden deep ache in her vagina, and she starts leaking cum onto the floor again.

“I’m still so hot, how is this possible” cries Tom.

“It’s all of the worms, they’re still hungry apparently, and they’re forcing you to feel pleasure in order for you to produce more hormones like estrogen.”

“How do I make it stop My pussy is still sore from the donkey!” Tom starts squirming, intense pleasure building rapidly in her pussy with no release in sight.

Melissa quickly walks over to her jeans that are laying abandoned in a corner, and takes out something from the pocket. Turning around, Tom sees that it is two silver snakes twisted around each other. As they near Tom, their eyes glow green, and they begin to come to life. Their silver skin turns green, and they begin twisting upon each other, apparently having sex on Melissa’s hand. Melissa places them at Tom’s slit, and the rapidly slide up her, still twisting around and procreating. The snakes seem much bigger once inside of Tom, and she drops to the floor and curls in a tight ball, moaning as the snakes gently stimulate her, gradually bringing her to an orgasm to release the built up heat in her pussy. She orgasms, and spreads her legs wide to increase the pleasure, jetting creamy cum into the air. The snakes, however, slide further up Tom, and don’t stop moving, actually gyrating a little faster. They seem to be growing, and now fill Tom’s entire cunt, their tails just sticking out of her, and the two girls hold Tom’s feet up in the air, spreading her open and letting the snakes slide deeper. They seem to flow right to the back of Tom’s cunt, and their tails slip back into her cunt. They’ve now expanded so wide that they wouldn’t fit past Tom’s tight entrance, since the inside of her cunt can actually stretch wider. The two snakes become at least two inches thick individually, but they still gently massage Tom’s pussy with their soft scales. Tom orgasms again, and a third time, screaming from the unwanted amounts of pleasure that she has no control over. Someone starts playing with her slit, then touches a button of flesh that makes Tom’s eyes roll up in her head. Melisa had located Tom’s clit, and now mercilessly starts rubbing it, alternating between Tom’s swollen pussy lips and her swollen clit. Tom cries and screams as one orgasm after another rocks her body, her cum pooling underneath her. She has no idea how long this goes on, but it feels like an eternity for Tom whose pussy seems to always have just one more orgasm in it, and it’s always so much better/worse than the last one.

Tears streaming down her face, Tom has yet another torturously pleasureable cum as she pisses herself at the same time.

“I think that should hold her for a while.” Says Melisa, watching the day break through the window. Tom lays there panting and drenched in sweat, her cum, and the donkeys cum, and Melisa reaches her fingers down into Tom and catches the tails of the two snakes. Slowly, she pulls them out, widening Tom’s entrance more and more, causing her to bounce up and down on the ground, even though her feet are still held tightly. At the widest point of the two, still twisting snakes, Tom’s tiny little hole that had started at the base of her slit and used to only be the width of a pencil is now stretched open to the entire length of her slit. The two snakes finally fall out of Tom, and immediately turn to silver again.

“How do you feel”

“Used… empty.” Tom gasps between breaths. Her pussy is slowly now shrinking back into it’s neat little self again, closing back up and shrinking flush with Tom’s crotch.

“Welcome to the sisterhood of the dancing witches.” She offers out a hand to Tom, and Tom takes it, lifting herself off the ground.

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2014-07-10 19:44:06
Pls continue this series

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2011-06-20 01:08:55
I have read all of your stories and this mini series is one of the best. I have noticed you like horses or anything with a large cock and balls. It is great most of the time, but the snake bit was a tinge odd. I enjoyed the story, as well as cumming as many times as Tom did. Keep posting stories and Kudos for creating a wonderfully erotic image in my mind.

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2011-03-24 16:34:50
Sisterhood of Dancing Witches? Interesting....

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One way to lose virginity. Almost a shame I lost mine to a carrot. But I sure love carrots.
Great story and I'll look at donkeys in a new light now. mmmmm.


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