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his disease... is still spreading....
I wake up and groan. My head is throbbing, and my insides are aching. Dizzily, I sit up, and my first thought is that this place smells like a barn. Opening my eyes, I see that I’m instead inside a bare room, and I have no idea how I got there. There is a T.V. facing me, with an old vhs style tape sitting beside it labeled, “Play me”. I push it into the T.V., and immediately it starts playing. On the screen appears a creepy ventriloquist’s dummy, which immediately begins speaking in an electronically garbled voice.

“I’m glad you’re awake. I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here here, well, I’ll tell you. You’re a whore Daniel, but today we’ll see just how much of a whore you’re willing to be in order to live. As you may have guessed I found you at a bar, trying to get some customers, and I slipped you a very heavy sedative into your beer. You know the type of bar that is, no one cared that I took you away asleep. While you were asleep, I did several things, and no, sex wasn’t one of them. First of all, I replaced your panties with this.” He holds up what looks like a mess of wire, a metal ring, and a large egg.

I look down, and just then realize that I’m naked. Wires go around my waist, up my butt crack, over my shoulders, and around my neck in such a way as to render a thick, odd looking metal ring tightly positioned over my slit.

“This egg I have inserted into your ass. Inside it is enough C4 to very effectively kill you. Don’t try to remove it, or I will detonate it.”

I definitely feel the egg inside my ass now, and I stand up, feeling the wire that’s sticking out of me with my fingers. It’s a big one, and has traveled a bit up my rectum. Looking around the room, I see a camera pointed at me, and frown. I take my hand away from my ass, and try to ignore the intruding object.

“Here’s the deal, in order to disarm the explosive, you must find the other half of this ring.” He holds up another ring identical to the one in the “panties” and snaps them together with a twist. “and join them. The Bomb will be disarmed, and the door to your left will unlock and open. Outside of the door is this large red button, which will unlock the two rings.” He presses the large red button, and the rings spring apart.” Out of generosity, I have done two things to help you. The first is that I’ve given you a shot into your cervix, which has caused it to contract fully, exactly as if you were about to give birth. You won’t fully understand how generous that really is until this video is over, since it will buy you some time and spare you much pain. You probably still feel it as a deep pain inside of you. Secondly, I’ve given you a twenty four hour timer on the bomb. That should make the outcome of this entirely dependant on your choices, and not a time limit. The clock starts now.”

The video cuts out, and the T.V. screen now displays a timer counting down from 24 hours.

I grab hold of the ring and try and move it, try to dislodge one of the wires, but soon give up as they start cutting into my skin. I walk gingerly over to the door, but of course it’s very solidly locked. I then go into the next room, which has no door, and find a horse standing there. Unsurprisingly, the other half of the ring is around the base of his penis, but it’s not nearly as bad a I had thought. A horses penis retracts nearly completely inside of it’s body when not mating, and the ring is on a large foot long rubber sleeve being held over his penis. I try to move the base of the rubber sleeve on him, and then try to squish his penis underneath it, both to no avail. All I succeed in doing is arousing him slightly. Grabbing hold of my own half of the ring, I try to push it away from me, but I can’t get anything bigger than a eighth of an inch gap. On an end table, I suddenly notice a note and a bottle of KY jelly. The note says, “He’s been sedated, I suggest you hurry before it wears off.”

I realize that there really is no other option, so I take the bottle and start scooping it into my vagina, using my finger to push it all deeper. Better safe than sorry, that was my motto. I can’t help getting hot, but I really don’t intend to let him in me, cause that would kill me. All I need to do is connect the two rings and I’m outta here. Taking the rest of the jelly, I smear a big glop on his sheathed member, sticking my hand down in his sheath and into him in order to lube up as much of him as I can. He gets a little excited again, this time huffing at me, so I wait until his penis retracts back fully into his sheath. I then pull the end table underneath him. I notice that apart from the harness holding the sleeve in place, there’s also a tarp already pressed against his belly with elastic bands.I slip into the hammock like apparatus, which presses me tightly against his belly, and reach down for his rubber sleave. Finding the ring, I quickly connect the two halves, and I hear the door in the other room unlock and open.

Whew, that was easy, I think. Now I just need to go press that button. I go to get up, but I’m connected to the horse and he ain’t going anywhere. Shit. Shitshitshitshit. That was a hell of an oversight, how am I going to get to the button But before I can think anything else, the horse walks forward, dragging me off the table, but the tarp thing keeps me strapped in place. Suddenly I hear a voice.

“Good, you’re willing to do a lot to survive, but perhaps you thought that you wouldn’t actually need to let him fuck you. You didn’t think I’d let you off without a good fuck” It’s a speaker in room somewhere, I surmise. “Let’s add a little urine from a mare in heat to the mixture.”

Suddenly I smell the overpowering stench of horse urine, to my very unpleasant surprise. The horse stamps, and I can feel him growing bigger against my leg. I start screaming, and start freaking out when the head of his penis touches my slicked pussy lips. I try to twist to the side, but I’m too late. His head extends in, followed quickly by several more inches. He’s huge, as thick around as my arm and his head is like my fist, but the strength of his penis presses him in further. The horse, delighted that he hit his mark so quickly, starts prancing around, pumping his already formidable penis into me, and I can’t repress a moan of pleasure. I’ve been fisted before, but this is an actual, grotesquely hot penis, and the horse is now starting to pump into me as the horse prances around. The horse, needing to mount something, jumps on top of the bed with his front feet, and now I’m impaled upon his goliath cock, my stretched pussy slowly sliding down him, finally hitting his base. His head is already touching my opened cervix, and he isn’t even very hard yet. His dick keeps inflating, getting both wider and longer, and I’m lifted into the air again as his dick meets the weakened wall of my cervix. He starts humping in earnest now, launching me into the air, sliding several inches of his dick out of me, then slamming back into me. It doesn’t take long for him to force his way past my cervical muscles. I fall back to the base of his dick, and he begins pumping faster and faster, launching me the full foot his rubber sleeve allows and then slamming me back hilt deep, going further into my cervix each time. He’s now several inches in diameter. I cum hard, and keep cumming. I spasm, hugging his belly as my entire body clenches over and over in a series of uncontrollable orgasms. His organ is now rock hard, and it bottoms out in my cervix, , and is still growing, I’m no longer able to hit the base of his dick, and am again speared, but this time there is nowhere left for him to go. As he gets bigger, his strokes get shorter until he can only pull out a few inches with his thrusts. I realize that he wont cum this way, but instead just keep getting bigger, and his mammoth dick will rip through my uterus.

I have to make him cum, and I start working my poor spasming pussy double time. I grasp and pull at him with my pussy muscle, and it seems to have a great effect on him, and he rams in and out of me with so much force that I start crying for the orgasms to stop. He doesn’t stop, and continues on fucking me faster and faster. I black out twice from overwhelming, unstoppable pleasure, but he keeps going. His penis is finally wedged tight within me, and I’m now bouncing up and down with his every thrust, the pain building as the pressure too builds. Finally, as my pussy cletches uncontrollably and I’m crying from the extreme overstimulation, pain, and unwanted amounts of pleasure, he rams me high into the air, and stayes there with both of us quivering. I know what that means, but I’m helpless to stop it. He starts cumming, his dick bouncing and twitching as the cum fills me. His dick is like a water hose, a steady gush of cum filling me like a balloon. My uterus stretches painfully, my belly pressing against his. Just as he stops cumming, another gush comes, this one exploding out of my poor pussy and getting all over my legs and belly. He cums two more times like this, soaking me with his cum, when he finally stops.

We stand still, him still in me, and I pray that he doesn’t go for round two. My breasts are pressed against his belly, and his still enormous cock still rests inside of me. My hair is matted with cum and sweat, and my body is slick with it, but I don’t care. I just lay as still as I can, grasping his belly for support, gasping for breath after that enormous cum. Finally, he starts slowly retreating into his sheath, and he jumps down of the bed. He walks around while he slowly shrinks, finally making it all the way back to my entrance, and then he’s out. I feel oddly empty without him filling me, my cunt now stretched so far that no man could ever truly satisfy me again, nor I him. That ***hole sure got me out of the whoring business for sure. We’re walking around, him eating some hay in the corner of the bedroom, when I remember the red button. How in the heck am I supposed to get to it! I try to lure the horse away from its food, but he ignored me, so I scoot down his belly, and kick him in the butt. That sure get’s him going, he rears up and take off and runs into the room with the T.V. Which has turned off. After knocking into some walls, he finally calms down, then to my horror pees on me. I’m now drenched, not only in steaming horse cum, but now steaming horse pee. I let loose a string of swear words, which I had been holding back until now with herculean strength, and think “How the fuck could this be any worse”

To answer my question, my rider was ready to fuck again. I felt his head against my pussy lips once more, and I scoot back as far as I can and twist to the side, but he still makes contact. Slower than last time, he begins entering me, pushing past my lips with he enormous head, and his shaft soon follows.

“Oh, oh God.” I moan, it feels so good after that last fuck that it my pussy aches with pleasure. He’s patient this time, waiting until he’s at my cervix, before he humps me and squeezes past into my womb. On the back stroke he leaves my womb, then reenters it, not to come out for a while. He starts humping sparaticly, in short strokes, since he has nothing to mount. About ever ten seconds he also rears into the air, trying to locate the mare he had stuck, but only succeeds in sliding me all the way down him, which I start to suspect is actually the reason he keeps rearing.

My moans are getting faster, and I barely realize that we are slowly getting closer to the door. With each thrust he moves just a little closer, but I can see I won’t make it to the button. He’s already just starting to bottom out in me, and I black out as my cum hits me again. I scream, my pussy clenching harder than it ever has before, and the horse just keeps getting bigger, and fucking me wild. I’m slowly sliding up his belly, when I reach the end of his rubber sleeve and his penis starts pressing hard against the farthest corner of my crotch. I can feel him at least two feet up in me, and right when I think he’s going to break through my poor womb, I hear a click, and suddenly he fly’s out nearly all the way with his next backwards thrust. The horse had stepped on the button! But my joy is just beginning as he brings his dick back to bottom back into me. The sudden free range of motion kicks me through to yet another cum, and my only wish is to make this horse feel as good as he is making me feel, as I work my pussy muscles along his member. Each pump inflates and deflates my entire abdomen, and in a few minutes of mind blowing pleasure he starts fucking faster and faster, finally pressing himself as far as he can into me. Again, my belly swells with his cum, then explodes as I can’t retain it all. We make a huge mess, and his impossibly hot cum warms my body up better than any soup or hot chocolate ever did. I’m again drenching in his thick seed, and again we wait, me patting his sides softly with my hand. Slowly he retreats again, and I can’t help feeling sad. Climbing out from the harness, I find wire clippers right beside the smashed button, and quickly removing the wire panties, crapping out the egg. I turn around and see the horse standing there, watching me. I smile, and right then decide to keep him, and his harness.

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2012-10-23 23:50:20
I love it all. Keep up the great work.

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2012-07-19 22:24:31
Awesome. I'm so into anything taboo-scat, bestiality, incest, you name it. I also love BDSM. You, my friend, are my hero. Call me! 412 207 6839

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2012-07-10 23:47:16
You forgot one small yet important detail in the video... "I would like to play a game." Doesn't he always say that?
Whatever. Great story, though. Helped me to FINALLY reach my climax.

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2011-06-29 12:47:51
Ya learn something new eevrdyay. It's true I guess!

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This article achieved exactly what I wneatd it to achieve.

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