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You felt the cloth pressing against your face, mouth and nose covered by what felt like wadded up panties soaked in some strong-smelling chemical. You start to panic, breathing hard while trying to pull away from the figure behind you.

Your breath becomes labored, and your eyes start to become heavy, and the figure relaxes enough for you to turn towards him. Your eyes momentarily widen as you see a large-built, obviously male body, black latex gloves, and a face obscured by some metallic-looking mask. As you open your mouth to begin to scream, the cloth returns and it all turns black.

Your head slowly clears, and you open your eyes groggily, blinking to adjust them to the room. You vaguely remember the awful smell for a moment and look around blearily. You recognize your bedroom, and raise your hand to rub your eyes, only to find it secured to a post on your gothic-style bed.

Panic-stricken, you look towards the other hand as you try to move it, and start to say "what the...", before you realize your mouth is filled with what feels like a large ball, strapped around your head and secured with a sturdy buckle.

You try to move your legs, failing because they're tied apart to the same posts, pleated skirt flared, leaving you tied and gagged, standing on the floor at the foot of your bed, legs spread and your body bent over the end, the collar round your neck secured to a lower rail with a stocking.

You attempt to cry out, but all that comes from your mouth is a muffled grunt, and, more disgustingly, a thin string of drool from your forced-open mouth. You shudder, and attempt to protest, but that only produces more drool, and a chuckle from behind you.

"Wakey, Wakey, pretty..." You hear, in a low voice, and you strain to turn your head to see who this is.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll see me soon enough."

You feel waves of panic begin to flow through you as you realize your predicament.

"Oh, I know you're here, all on your own, while your hubby's out of town...Truck-driver, is he ? I saw him carrying a large bag this morning, which means he's away for at least tonight, and tonight's all I need for now."

"Oh my god!!!," you think, "How does this bastard KNOW ?"

"Saw your kids off too, didn't you, off to a festival, are they ? That gives us ALL night, GUARANTEED."

"Oh shit!!! He's been WATCHING me!!!" you frantically try to scream for help, but again, a muffled MMMph sound is all that comes out.

"Now, what can i do to you.?"

You strain to see what is about to happen to you as another scream rises in your throat, but the collar is too tightly fixed, leaving between your legs your only view.

You moan softly as a naked body presses against you, erect cock pushing your skirt against the inside of one of your tied-apart thighs, while the gloved hands play with your breasts through the material of your satin blouse. "Mmmm-MMMMMPH!!!" you protest, as the hands unbutton your satin blouse, pull the cups of your bra down and gently start to rub and tweak your strangely hard nipples. It sends shocks into your belly.

Another line of spittle runs from your mouth as your moans get louder, raising as the pressure on your nipples increases..."Oh my GOD, I'm actually ENJOYING this!!!" you think, as you look down and see a bowl on the bed, catching the drool that's now running freely from behind the gag. You close your eyes in disgust, but open them with a snap as your shoulder-length blonde hair is grabbed and your neck strains against the collar.

A low voice in your ear chuckles, and says "Now, you little bitch, let's see what you can take."

The bowl is removed, and you exhale, grateful that you don't have to see your drool collected like a trophy and your shame pooling in front of you.

You start to sob gently as a pair of black-gloved hands start to slide up and down the insides of your nylon clad thighs, from the tops of your heeled suede boots all the way to your pantyhose-covered pussy, sliding the nylon against your damp satin panties and making you moan louder as it rubs your piercing into your clit, sending pulses deep into you.

The hands slide your pleated skirt up and over your waist, gather it up at the front and tuck it between your body and the bed and slowly pull down your grey pantyhose and silver panties to rest just beneath your bottom, leaving you able to see your spread thighs, but feeling totally exposed and feeling a cool draught against your rapidly heating pussy.

The man drops to his knees, giving you an upside-down view of his wide torso and a better look at his masked face.

"Ohhhhh...My.....GOD!!!!!" you frantically think as you take in the view. Tattoos on his chest and arms, and a latex face mask that shows an aggressive expression, with a grille over the mouth. A low chuckle comes from the grille and the green eyes flash dangerously behind the mask.

Panic again wells and your heart is pounding in your chest as you feel it, cold, but unmistakable, as this bastard uses your own saliva to lubricate your spread pussy... Waves of shame and nausea wash over you and your legs momentarily turn to jelly before you realize that even if they were to give way completely, you'd STILL be secured fast to the bed frame, bent over and shamefully exposed in front of this stranger.

The black-gloved hand returns and you feel a finger slipping into your pussy, followed by another, and another, and the fingers start to slowly move, in and out, filling you and making you gasp.

"Oh, you can take more, i just KNOW it." says the voice with a chuckle, and another finger slips in. He's now got all his fingers in you and your pussy is painfully stretched as they move in and out, speeding up slightly.

"Well, this just is NOT good enough," says the voice, and you feel a brief sensation of pain, as his thumb is inserted and his entire hand is inside you, painfully stretching and humiliating you.

"OhmyfuckingGODDDDDD!!!! he's fisting me!!!" you think before he suddenly starts to piston his hand inside you, knuckles grazing your g-spot, and sending your body into uncontrollable spasms as your legs strain to close and your hands frantically grasp at air.

Your orgasm builds up rapidly as the fist hammers away at you, hurting you, making you moan louder but providing you with an incredibly wet sensation as your pussy is awash with hot juices and as your orgasm is ripped out of you and you raise your head to howl, the fist is pulled out of you completely and you gush cum from your pussy as you let out a long, drawn-out scream through the gag before collapsing over the bed, arms limp and breathing ragged, your own cum slowly dripping down your thighs, soaking your panties and tights.

"Well now, that's a little bit better, isn't it ????. It's a START, anyway."

Another chuckle from behind the mask, as you frantically think "Oh shit... It's only just BEGUN!!"

"I suppose you'll be wondering who I am, and why I'm here?"

"I walk past you EVERY day, when you go to the shop... I ALWAYS nod, or say good morning, and you blank me like I'm not even there. You're a self-centered little bitch and this is my little way of teaching you a lesson."

"NOOOOOOO!!!!," you try to say, "It's not like that, I'm just trying to remember what I want to buy", but the grunts from behind the gag only make him laugh softly.

"Now for part two. How would you like that nasty gag removed ??? it must be uncomfortable."

You frantically nod and grunt "YES!!!", desperate to have the mouth filling ball removed from your mouth, and the figure says "One moment."

He moves behind you, saying "Let's make you comfortable again.", as he bends down and takes something from a black bag by your feet....your eyes widen and an involuntary "MMMMPHHHH!!!" is torn from your mouth as you feel your pussy stretch to take what feels like a fat, elongated ball inside your soaking pussy. The stem sticks out of you, and the man pulls your panties and hose up, trapping it inside you before releasing your skirt, letting it flow back down around your legs.

He moves in front of you, and the collar is untied from the bed, allowing you to stand straighter, and your back groans at the change of stance.

He moves back behind you and the buckle is undone at the back of your head.

You think to scream but before you do, a latex-clad hand around your throat and a whispered "make a noise and I'll choke you out" makes you think again. You nod, scared of not complying with this terrifying man.

The ball is removed from your mouth, covered and dripping with saliva, and once again, your stomach contracts and you swallow a retch.

"Work your mouth, bitch" the voice says, and you open and close it again, working flexibility into your aching jaw.

"Not QUITE what i meant, but you'll learn" comes the whisper in your ear, and you shiver as your nipples are brushed by the latex, gripping the skin as the hands skim across the surface.

Your hair is grabbed again and put into a ponytail by your captor as you softly say "please...Why are yo..."

The hand grabs you around the throat again and your vision starts to grow hazy as the oxygen is cut off. The hand lets go and your head clears instantly, and as you pull back your head and open your mouth to take a deep breath, you feel a leather-bound ring being forced into your mouth and buckled fast, leaving your mouth fully open and only your tongue is able to move.

The collar is re-tied to the same post on the bed, leaving you as you were before, only with a fat ball in your pussy and your mouth held open by a metal ring.

He moves around you and kneels on the bed, facing you directly for the first time. His cock is fully erect now, and mere inches from your forced-open mouth. You desperately try to turn your head away, but the latex-gloved hand grabs your ponytail and drags your head back to centre. You begin to sob, knowing what's about to happen to your mouth, but powerless to stop his cock forcing its way into your mouth. You scream against this violation, but that only seems to excite your attacker, sending vibrations down the shaft of his bulging cock and making him start to slowly fuck your mouth, coating his prick with your saliva and causing him to groan in pleasure.

"Keep your eyes on me, Bitch," the voice says, and you stare upwards into his face, trying to beg by your pleading eyes alone, your mouth stopped by his cock.

He reaches behind you and picks up something you can't see, but within seconds, the ball in your pussy starts to vibrate, slowly at first, but with increasing intensity as he increases the power. You squirm, helpless to stop this double violation, but enjoying the vibrations of the ball against your sensitive inner walls. He suddenly chuckles and turns the power up to full. The vibrations make your legs weak and an unstoppable groan replaces the plaintive screams that have long-since died out.

You find your hips gyrating as if by their own accord, using the pressure of your panties and tights to move the ball inside you, as he methodically rapes your mouth, enjoying the tingle your moans sends through his shaft.

He withdraws a riding crop from his bag on the bed and you fight to pull your head back, trying desperately to beg him not to hurt you anymore. The hand on your hair holds you fast, keeping your mouth firmly locked around his cock. He holds the crop over you, as if to use it on your soaking pussy or pert ass, and you flinch, anticipating the first blow, pulling the ball deeper into you.

The crop descends, but instead of pain, you feel jolts of pure pleasure as the crop repeatedly strikes the stem of the vibrating ball where it meets the material of your skirt. In effect using it as a hammer against your still sensitive g-spot.

You feel another orgasm start to build, and, helpless to stop it, your pussy contracts and presses itself around the ball as you let out a loud sob as you start to cum again. Fear, disgust, shame, pleasure all mingle as you open your throat and push yourself onto his cock, screaming your orgasm as he holds your hair and forces his entire length down your eager throat.

He drops the crop and lets go of your hair, using both latex-clad hands to pinch your nipples and pull them downwards, intensifying your orgasm through your entire body. You panic and scream again as you start to gag on his cock, your eyes watering, and making tears run down your face.

Just as you think you're about to pass out, he withdraws his cock from your mouth and slowly wanks it in front of your face, using the saliva dripping from your mouth to lubricate it as he pulls the foreskin back, revealing a swollen purple head, that he rubs around your lips. Your tongue darts out to lick the bulbous head, drawing another chuckle from the masked attacker.

"Well, well, WELL," says the voice, "Our little bitch is enjoying herself, it seems."

"Oh fuck!!!!.... oh my fucking god!!!! that was SO fucking intense..." you think, as your pussy spasms, still a slave to the ball that's STILL vibrating inside you, holding you at the edge of another orgasm.

You feel your G-spot responding again, and start to moan softly, as the man suddenly rams his entire cock into your mouth again, and uses your hair as a handle to make your mouth travel the full length of his dick.

He picks up the crop again, and down it comes, again and again onto the vibrator stem, tipping you over the edge again and your legs give way as your entire body starts to shake with the most powerful orgasm so far. Again, you attempt to force your mouth down onto his cock, but the hand in your hair stops you, and you're forced to cry out your disappointment onto the tip of his cock, foam coming from around the ring-gag and running down his shaft

The hand releases your hair, and your head droops down, your energy spent. The man stands and once more moves behind you, your view once more obscured by your skirt. He Lifts the back of your skirt again, leaving the front hanging down, and slowly pulls your tights and panties down.

Suddenly, you feel a buzzing on your clit, as he uses a second vibrator on it, grabbing the stem of the vibrating ball and fucking it in and out of your raw pussy. You moan as the twin feelings of your clit being vibrated and your pussy being fucked with the ball start to work their magic, stretching the entrance and making you gasp again and again as you feel yet another orgasm beginning to swell in your belly.

The vibrator is removed from your clit and you protest, but start to squirm almost immediately as you feel the man's tongue flicker over your clit, as he sits between your legs, facing away from you, still fucking away at your already well-pounded pussy.

The Orgasm is wrenched from you and your pussy spasms, squirting cum from deep inside you,all over the man's waiting face... He gently kisses your clit once before standing and moving to the side of the bed. He grabs your hair again, dragging your face around to face him again, and simply says "Tongue"... You tentatively push your tongue through the ring-gag as he lowers his masked face to yours, and again, simply says "Lick"...The smell of latex and your own cum send another spasm through your belly, and you hungrily lick your juices from his masked face, almost purring as you lap it all up, all the time staring into the green eyes behind the mask and trying to place the face and the voice.

"Heh-heh-heh, our little bitch likes the taste of her own cum" says the voice, which drags you back from your shameful enjoyment of what started off as a non-consensual act, as you remember this is something you DON'T want, although you DO have doubts about that after having some of the strongest orgasms of your life.

He quickly moves behind you again, and says "you dirty little bitch, standing there, tights and knickers round your thighs, pussy stuffed, enjoying yourself...Well, we CAN'T have any of THAT, can we, Bitch". The Vibrating ball is removed from you, and you let out an unmistakable moan of protest as it stretches you for the last time before softly leaving you.

He replaces it with what seems to be the vibe he used on your clit, pushing it into your swollen pussy where it rests again on your g-spot. Your tights and panties are pulled back up and your skirt is once more allowed to drop down, the material brushing your soaking wet knickers into your pussy, the now-cooled cum that drenches them making you shiver.

The buckle is loosened on the ring-gag, and the voice says "Speak when you're spoken to bitch. Understand ?" You nod as best you can. The ring is removed and your aching jaw is opened and shut until the ache subsides.

"Who's fuck toy are you, Bitch ???" the voice asks.

"Y-yours" you reply timidly.

"Who owns you now ??"... "Y-you do".

"Good girl...Now, do you want my cock ?"..."oh yes," you gasp.

"Then BEG me to fuck you. BEG me to Rape you hard, Bitch"

"Oh, PLEASE, fuck my pussy, please rape me. Fill me up again, pleeeeeeeeease", you beg.

"Well, who am I to disappoint such a good little fuck toy ?", the voice says, and you give a start as your tights and panties are roughly ripped apart before he impales you on his cock, so deep it takes your breath away.

"Don't you DARE make me cum too fast, fuck toy, or I swear I'll rape your ass, too."

"Oh pleeeease no. I'll be your fuck toy, sir...Just don't fuck my ass, I BEG you". You sob.

He begins to move in and out of you, shafting you with his full length slowly and methodically, filling you totally and dragging repeated sobs from you as his gloved hands return to your nipples and flick at them as they graze your breasts.

He begins to move faster and turns the vibe on, widening your eyes and ripping an "OHMYFUCKINGGODDDD!!!!!" from you, shaking once again as the vibe inside you, the pinching of your nipples and the pistoning cock raping you threaten to tip you again into another full body orgasm.


One of the hands moves from your nipple and grabs your hair, pulling your head back so it's immobile, between the collar and the hand in your hair, and the voice growls..."Fucking take it all, you dirty little slut!!!!"

At the word "Slut", you lose all control, and frantically struggle as the pounding cock inside you starts to piston, faster and faster, and you begin to cum uncontrollably..."OhfuckOhfuckOhfuckOhfuck," you moan, "rape me you dirty fucking bastard, harder!!!!...Oh PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE hurt me with your cock...Ohyesohyesohyesohyesohyes", you gasp as he rapes you mercilessly.

The cock inside you suddenly seems to swell inside you, and as you gush your red-hot cum all over his shaft, he unloads HIS cum deep inside you.

As you gasp for breath after this final, devastating orgasm, the other hand is taken from your nipple and you feel a tinge of regret for the loss of sensation.

The hand grasping your hair is still there,though, and as you pant and attempt to regain your breath, sucking in air greedily, a familiar smell wafts into your nostrils.

"Good night, Fuck toy," the voice whispers in your ear, "Sweet dreams."

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Nice story. Hot ! ! ! Well written

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