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I wrote this years ago, but just made it a little longer
black candles in the night
soft flicking light
casting our shadows on the wall
not much talking, bedroom eyes say it all
cheap wine drank from a jelly glass
she's no Lady and she has no class
she turns up the radio
to drown out our little rodeo
with a grin on her face
she moves with grace
this woman all in black
leaving marks on my back
tomorrow I'll have to pay
for this night of play
I know the cost will be great
this woman loves with all the passion of hate
when she's through, all her charm is gone
then once more, I'll be alone
but some day she will return
with her black candles to burn
then again, somewhere in the night
I'll miss her parting flight.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-16 17:43:26
And I was just wodennrig about that too!


2009-11-19 04:40:51
I agree with Pete...I thought it nice too...Exakta66...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-21 07:44:14
bing bing bing
you are retarded , n u dnt knw shit about the
gothic chasm

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-18 00:17:13
Very evocative, I particularly like the final five lines.
Cheers from Piquet.

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