This is a follow up to Housesitting with Laura. Please read so the story flows together.
After laying with Laura for a few minutes we began to kiss again. Now I am not sure if it was that I was being an idiot or just caring, but I decided to ask her if she was sure she wanted to go again. With those beautiful brown eyes looking into mine, she didn’t hesitate to say she was absolutely sure. At that point she went up to me and starting kissing me again. We were both laying on my bed, we started laying on our sides facing each other and she pushed me down a little while she kissed me and started to again stroke my bulging hard cock. Her hand gripped my cock gently but yet firmly, I began to push up to her and then she laid back. My hands again began to explore her tight firm teenage body. I leaned over to my drawer to grab a condom. ( I hated condoms but I knew I had to strap it up.) At that point she said she was on the pill and had been on it for over 6 months as her mom decided it was best. SCORE I thought, she also stated she didn’t want her time to be with a condom and she wanted to have sex the way it was meant.

At that point I don’t know how, but my cock was even harder. It was so hard it hurt. I crawled in-between Laura’s firm smooth legs and bent down to kiss her again. I used my left hand to play with Laura’s tight pussy... that perfect pussy, those nice puffy pussy lips perfectly trimmed.. and sure enough it was hot and wet. I stared rubbing my cock on her pussy and I could feel her get hotter and even more wet, the girl was soaking. I ran the tip of my dick up and down that pussy and finally my head met with her virgin pussy hole... I gently began to push as she opened her legs wider. I tell Laura to take a deep breath and if she needed me to slow down to just say so. She nodded in agreement. I kept pushing myself into her and I finally feel my head just be sucked in to that pussy. Laura gasped but was fine, I continued to push into her about halfway in I thought to myself what a tight pussy this was. She was wet, hot and her pussy was literally grabbing and wrapping itself around my cock. I began to gently move in and out even though I was only half way inside her, I figured it would be easiest. Laura’s face told me that it did hurt, but it was also clear that the pain wasn’t terrible. She propped her head up trying to see my dick in her pussy. “Oh hell... you’re not even all the way in?!” I nodded and just worked myself into her.

After a few thrusts I could see the discomfort for her had subsided. So I decided to go in all the way with one thrust. When I did her eyes closed her arms hands tightly gripped my arms and she said to not move. I bent down and kissed her, my cock was all the way in that pussy and it felt as if though it was being tightly grabbed on. After about a minute or so she gave me a nod that she was ok to go on. So I proceeded to move in and out of this gorgeously hot and tight 15 year old teenager. At this point she was becoming a woman and I was responsible for that. But that pussy was just overwhelming. I moved in and out slow at first and within a few minutes I was picking up the pace. Laura wasn’t moaning very much but she was definitely breathing hard. I could not only see her breathing but feel it and hear it. It was a fast paced breathing with a few grunts and moans in-between. With every thrust into that pussy I just felt it get wetter and wetter, it was just sucking me in, it was like fucking a pussy that sucked my dick at the same time.

It was obvious that Laura was starting to enjoy what was going on as she called for me to go down to her as I fucked her, she wrapped her arms around my back as I moved in and out. Her breathing was now right next to my ear and she found a way to enjoy my cock as she started to suck on my neck and hold on to me so tightly as I moved in and out of that pussy. Even though the rhythm had definitely increased I was not going very fast because it was her first time, and that pussy was just way to tight. Laura’s legs began to wrap themselves around my legs as I moved in and out, and then it began. Laura started to moan she had finally started to fully enjoy my dick popping her cherry. I was sure I would have cum fast because of the tightness of that pussy, but it must have been the fact that I blew a load not but 30 minutes ago that had me fucking that pussy for 15 minutes already, with no end in sight. I began to slow down and I told Laura it was time for her to be on top. She looked at me with a little fear in her eye, but didn’t decline. But before there would be any switching of positions I wanted a few more thrusts deep into her. With every deep thrust she would dig her nails into my back. I finally came to a complete stop and with hesitation began to pull out of her. I swear her pussy popped when my dick came out. My cock had never looked so big to me, it was harder than ever and glistening from Laura’s juices.
I got on my back and Laura very slowly made her way on top first making sure she kissed me as she lifted her left leg over me and gently came down to rub her pussy against my cock. She decided to stay on top grinding her tight pussy on my dick as we kissed for a few seconds. And then she propped herself up, looked down to me and asked for me to help guide her. I held my dick up as she slowly placed herself right on my cock, and slowly began to sit down on my dick. It was incredible how different it felt from me being on top of her. Her pussy was so tight and so wet. As Laura descended down on my dick I had my hands placed on her hips. I was admiring the fine latina body she had. Her body was perfect, curvy in the right places and those perky tits she had were a perfect handful. I looked at my dick disappear into her pussy, her tight, hot, perfectly trimmed pussy. She got about halfway down on my dick when she decided to just let herself fall on it, as she did that she used her hands to cover her face and I felt the breath she took. I did what I could to comfort her and held her as she dropped on me. I asked her if she was ok, and she just said she needed a second. With about 10 seconds I felt her begin to move her hips very slowly. I had my arms wrapped around her as she did this, she then lifted herself up and began moving a little more. Her eyes were shut at first as she bit her lower lip.

The movement then started to pick up even more and she was back to her heavy breathing and slight moaning. I took my hands and cupped her tits into my hands slightly pinching those little nipples. I held as still as possible letting her do all the work, I wanted her to practice because there was no way in hell I would just fuck her one time. I moved my hands down to her hips and told her I would help give her tips. As she pushed up I pulled her hips slightly towards me, as she went back down I pushed her away. Then she began to ride me like this, moving her hips forward and backward as she went up and down. I then felt her push herself down on me completely and start to move her hips in a circular motion. My moaning then started to pick up, my breathing was fast and hard. She then laid down on me while rocking up and down on my dick and her moaning got louder. Just like before I felt that tight pussy just wrapping around my cock and sucking it at the same time, she was so wet, that it could be heard as my dick moved in and out. Laura’s moaning was becoming louder as mine went louder, her breathing more and more labored and I knew she was gonna cum.

At that point I decided to take over and I brought her down to me and held her against me as I started to push myself up into her. At this point her pussy was so wet and so willing to take my dick that I went into turbo mode. I began to move in and out of her so fast, you could hear our bodies slapping against each other, her moaning was becoming even louder and her moans longer. I heard her moan and all of a sudden she says, “OH MY GOD TONY DONT STOP DONT STOP OOH OOH OOH OOOHHHH MMMMPPPPPP” And at that very instant I feel her pussy just grab on even harder, I felt her contracting and there was no stopping me at that point, I continued pounding that pussy, it was now my pussy, I owned it, I thrusted in and out so hard her moaning continued and I felt myself about to fill her up. I said, “Laura your pussy is so great I’m gonna cum baby!” At that point she joined in my movements and I knew what was gonna happen, not only did she suck her first dick, have her first orgasms and have sex for the first time today, she was also gonna get a big cream pie. I pushed into her so hard she let out a near yell, I grabbed on to that tight firm 15 year old body and let it go, It was possibly the most intense orgasm I had ever had, I felt like I was not gonna stop cumming, and I don’t ever remember being as loud as I was in that very moment as I thrusted into her shooting her pussy up with my hot cum. When I came she stayed on top of me we both just laid there trying to catch our breath. My dick was still inside her semen filled pussy and I felt her wetness dripping down my balls. We kissed again and I told Laura she was in for a long weekend. She just smiled, nodded and welcomed it.

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