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Chapter 5

“Penny for your thoughts Ben,” Gwen said, looking up from her laptop and noticing that her cousin hadn’t changed position in the last fifteen minutes. For a second she thought Ben hadn’t heard him because he didn’t take his eyes off the passing landscape as the rustbucket rattled down the road.

“I’m sorry Gwen,” Ben said with a shake of his head, “what did you say?”

“I was just wondering what you were thinking about,” Gwen said. “I don’t think you’ve moved in the last half-hour and that’s not like you.”

“I know,” Ben sighed, “I was just wondering what everyone was doing back home. I really miss them, especially Jane, Keesha, and Ken.”

“So do I,” Gwen admitted, “especially Ken, I haven’t even seen our baby in two weeks. I talk to him over the phone to say goodnight every night, but it’s not the same as holding him, feeding him, putting him to bed . . . “

”And changing him,” Ben finished with a chuckle.

“Yes, I even miss that,” Gwen said.

“You know kids,” Grandpa Max said from the driver’s seat. “If you miss everyone that much you could always have Ben change into XLR8 and run the two of you home in just a few minutes.”

“Now why didn’t I think of that,” Gwen said with a rueful shake of her head.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if we ran home for a few hours Grandpa?” Ben asked, his hand hesitating over the plunger of the Omnitrix.

“Well we’re not doing anything special today,” Grandpa Max pointed out, “and you both know where we’re suppose to end up so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding me later. And if I need you for anything I can always call your cell phone. In fact it would probably be a good idea if you called home before head out, just to make sure that someone’s there.”

“Good idea grandpa,” Gwen said, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket and hitting the speed dial for her home number. “Hello mom? Ben and I were just thinking about running home for a few hours to see everyone, will that be alright? Great, let everyone else know we’re coming and we’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Sounds like we’re good to go,” Ben said.

“Yeah, mom said our dads are at work so we won’t see them, but she’ll call everyone else and they should be at our house in a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and change so we can head home.”

A few minutes later Gwen was catching her breath after XLR8's high speed cross country journey as she waited on the front porch for someone to answer her knock. “Gwen, Ben, come on in,” Gwen’s mom said as she held the door wide for her daughter and nephew. “But why did you knock? This is your home after all.”

“Force of habit I guess,” Gwen said with a sigh, “we’ve been on the road for a couple weeks now and rushing home like this makes it feel more like a stranger’s house than home.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Gwen’s mom said, “now hurry up and get in before someone recognizes you, especially you Ben, we can’t have someone recognizing your alien form and realizing that we’re related.”

“Good idea,” Ben lisped, sliding his reptilian form past his aunt and cousin to enter the living room.

As Ben crossed the threshold the Omnitrix started counting down and a red flash erupted while Ben changed back into his human form. “Ben,” Jane squealed happily as she rushed across the living room to throw her arms around his neck and press her swollen belly against his flat one.

Ben leaned forward to give Jane a quick hug and kiss and extracted himself from her grip so he could hold her at arms length and get a good look at her. “Jane, you’re huge,” he said.

“Ben,” Gwen said, “you can’t say something like that to a pregnant girl.”

“Why not?” Jane giggled. “Ben doesn’t mean to insult me, he’s just making an observation. And since I’m carrying twins and already a week late I have to admit that I am huge.”

“So you’re ok with Ben saying something like that,” Gwen sighed, “but most girls or women would be insulted by a comment like that. So just remember to be careful what you say, ok Ben?”

“Ok, ok,” Ben mumbled.

“So mom, where’s Ken?” Gwen asked, looking around the living room. “I haven’t held him in two weeks and I have two breasts full of milk just for him.”

“Kennie’s just finishing his nap,” Gwen’s mother said, “he should wake up any minute, and just like his father he’ll be hungry.”

“So while we’re waiting is there anything else new that you haven’t told us about?” Gwen asked.

“There sure is,” Jane said, “something really big and we didn’t want to tell you about it until we were sure things were going to work out the way we hoped.”

“So what is it already,” Gwen asked after several seconds of watching Jane’s broad grin.

“You remember how angry my parents were when they found out I was pregnant and refused to get an abortion?” Jane asked.

“Of course I remember,” Gwen said, “that’s why you came to live here with us because your own parents kicked you out of the house until the babies are born.”

“Well we had a whole new argument when they found out that I was planing to keep the twins,” Jane explained. “In fact they gave me an ultimatum, either I give the twins up for adoption after they’re born or they disown me.”

“That’s terrible,” Ben said, “how can they do something like that to their own daughter? Not to mention their own grandchildren.”

“Ben, you’ve never actually met my parents,” Jane pointed out. “If you had you’d know how narrow minded and self righteous they are. Something like this is just like them.”

“So what are you going to do?” Gwen asked.

“How do you feel about having a sister?” Gwen’s mother asked her daughter, when Gwen turned to look at her mother her eyes focused on her mother’s swollen belly and she giggled for a second before she added, “I meant, how do you feel about having a foster sister. We’ve been checking with our lawyer and he’s started the paperwork to make us Jane’s legal guardians based on the fact that her parent’s already kicked her out of their house and threatened to disown her. Everything should be finalized by the end of the week.”

“Sounds great,” Gwen said, moving in to give Jane a quick hug. “Welcome to the family Jane.”

“Well it did happen a little sooner than I expected,” Jane said, giving Ben a shy glance, “but I’m glad it happening.”

Before Gwen and Jane could pull apart the doorbell rang and Gwen’s mother rushed to the front door to look through the spy hole. “It’s Keesha,” she said, “I’m going to let her in but everyone move out of sight first.”

As soon as everyone was clear Gwen’s mother pulled the door open and gestured for the black teenager to enter. Once Keesha was in the livingroom the door was closed behind her and the pregnant fourteen year old turned to grin at everyone. “Hi Ben, hi Gwen, glad you could make it back for a few hours. Looks like I’m the odd one out, why don’t you catch me up on what you’ve been doing while I make myself as comfortable as everyone else.”

“Where’s your mother Keesha,” Ben’s mother asked, “isn’t she going to join us too?”

“She wanted to,” Keesha said, her voice muffled by her shirt as she pulled it over the tightly curled hair on her head, “but she got called in to work so she dropped me off on the way. Could you give me a ride home later?”

“Of course. Now where were we before we were interrupted?”

“I think Gwen was about to tell us what she and Ben have been up to the last couple weeks,” Jane said while she stroked the slight bulge of Gwen’s pregnant belly.

“Well,” Gwen started, watching Keesha as she stripped out of her clothes until she was naked as everyone else in the room, “we’ve run across a few of our friends and enemies from last year, and Ben’s managed to knock up three of them so he’s up to a total of ten babies born or on the way.”

“At least ten,” Ben interrupted, “after all, I may know when I knock a girl up, but I don’t know how many babies she’s carrying.”

“Good point,” Gwen admitted, “so he now has at least ten babies. And just wait until I tell you who he’s managed to knock up so far.” With Ben’s occasional help Gwen was able to catch everyone up on what the two of them had been doing since they started the trip with Grandpa Max.

“Sounds like you managed to keep yourself busy,” Jane said, reaching out to stroke Ben’s cock, grown hard while Gwen was telling everyone about their adventures. “I wish I could get a piece of this right now, after listening to the two of you I’m so horny I feel like I could explode. But of course at more than nine months I’m far too big fuck you now, no matter how much I want to.”

“Well I’m just as horny as you,” Keesha said, running two fingers along her drooling slit and bringing her wet digits up to her mouth so she could lick them clean. “And I’m not nearly as big as you so I can enjoy a good hard fuck. Of course my belly’s getting big enough that I may not be able to enjoy Ben’s cock much longer.”

“I’m actually feeling jealous right now,” Jane said with a derisive snort. “I wouldn’t give up Ben’s twins for anything, but I wish they’d hurry up and get born so I could have good hard fuck.”

“I have an idea Jane,” Ben said with a mischievous grin, “you may be too pregnant for me to fuck, but I can still eat your pussy while Keesha fucks me.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Jane sighed, “but we’re not the only ones here who want a piece of you Ben.”

“No, you two go ahead,” Ben’s mother said, “as much as we want Ben’s cock we still have our husbands to get us by.”

“And I have Ben and Grandpa Max every day and night,” Gwen pointed out, “I don’t mind sharing him while we here. Besides, once Ken wakes up I want to spend as much time as I can with my baby.”

“Speaking of my grandson,” Gwen’s mother said, cocking an ear at the sounds coming from the nursery, “there he is now. I’ll go get him for you Gwen.”

“Come on Keesha,” Ben said as he stretched out on the livingroom carpet and put his hands behind his head. “While the rest of them are taking care of Ken the three of us can get started. My cock is nice and hard and ready to get buried in that nice wet pussy of yours.”

“That’s good,” Keesha said, straddling Ben’s hips and carefully lowering herself down until her pregnant belly hovered just a few inches above Ben’s stomach while the tip of his cock touched the black girl’s slit so her pussy juice flowed over the head and down the younger boy’s shaft. “I don’t know about Jane, but since you’ve been gone for the last couple weeks I’m too horny to care about much more than fucking you again.”

Ben let out a slow groan of pleasure as Keesha slid her pregnant pussy slowly down his hard shaft until the curly black hairs around her cunt lips tickled Ben’s groin. “Wow,” Ben said as he watched Keesha’s swollen belly jiggle as she wiggled her pussy around on his cock. “Don’t tease me Keesha, fuck me, fuck me like you want another baby in your belly.”

“I do want another baby,” Keesha chuckled, “but we’ll have to wait until this one is born first. But we can still practice, right?”

“We can always practice,” Ben agreed, “at least until you get too big to practice. Of course it’s up to you to decide when you’re too big, and I’ve heard that some women fuck right up until they go into labor.”

“I’d love to be fucking right up to the last minute,” Keesha groaned as she started fucking her pussy up and down Ben’s cock, letting her belly bounce at the end of every thrust.

As much as he enjoyed watching Keesha’s belly bounce Ben found his attention drifting over to watch Gwen as her mother brought their son out of the nursery. “Hi there Kenny,” Gwen gushed as she took her son from her mother and held him up to her naked breast so he could find the large nipple and suck it into his hungry mouth. “That’s it honey,” Gwen cooed, “drink your fill, mommy has plenty of milk for you and your daddy both.”

“Your turn Jane,” Keesha said, drawing Ben’s attention back to her bouncing belly and tits as the black teenager slid her pregnant body up and down his shaft. “Straddle his head and ride him hard.”

“Love to,” Jane said, swinging her foot over Ben’s head and carefully lowering her pregnant belly down to her boyfriend’s mouth. Ben smiled as he watched Jane’s drooling cunt on it’s slow careful journey down to his lips and tongue. As soon as Jane’s pussy was close enough Ben started sliding his tongue along her slit, teasing her erect clit with the tip while he watched her pregnant body as it rippled just a few inches from his eyes. Jane’s pregnant belly was so close to Ben’s face that he could see every bulge and ripple that passed through the swollen skin as his twins shifted around in their mother’s womb.

Ken let out a brief complaint when Gwen shifted him to her other breast but it faded before it actually started once he had her other nipple in his mouth. “That’s it Kenny,” Gwen murmured, “enjoy your meal.” As she continued to coo to her son Gwen let her eyes drift to where Keesha and Jane were taking advantage of Ben’s cock and tongue and she felt a pang of jealousy.

“If you want to join them I can take care of Ken for you,” Gwen’s mother offered. “My milk’s coming in and I have been taking care of him since you and Ben headed out with Max.”

“Thanks mom,” Gwen said, kissing the top of her son’s head before she handed her son over. “I think he’s full so you just need to burp him and then put him in the play pen.”

“Sounds good,” Gwen’s mother said taking her grandson and putting him up to her shoulder.

“Hi Gwen,” Jane said with a soft moan pleasure as Ben ate her pussy. “Do you want to play with my tits? They’re so full of milk it feels like their about to burst so I’d like it if you sucked on them.”

“Sure,” Gwen said with a grin as she got to her knees in front of her best friend. When Gwen leaned forward to reach Jane’s nipples small bulge of her pregnant belly pressed against the larger bulge of her friend’s belly and the two preteens giggled self-consciously. After a few seconds Gwen leaned forward to suck Jane’s swollen nipple into her mouth and she let the milk fill her mouth before she swallowed.

“Tasty,” Gwen said, smacking her lips and shifting over to Jane’s other nipple. She could feel her friend’s swollen belly ripple against hers as the two baby’s in her womb moved around. “Your milk tastes almost as good as mine.”

“Almost?” Jane asked with a soft moan of pleasure as Ben sucked on her clit. “I think I’ll let my babies decide whose milk is better once they’re born.”

“No fair,” Gwen giggled again, “you’ll have two votes to my one. At least for another six months or so. But then it will only be a tie.”

“Only until I have another baby or two,” Jane said. I plan to keep ahead of you no matter what it takes.”

“I think you just might,” Gwen said before she sucked Jane’s other nipple into her mouth.

Ben was pretty sure that Keesha had already had one orgasm from the way her pussy had clamped tight around his cock. He ‘d managed to hold off his own orgasm that time, but from the way the black girl was picking up her pace he was sure she was building up to a second orgasm and he didn’t think he’d be able to hold back this time. As near as he could tell he’d managed to give Jane two small orgasms but this time he was trying to push her to a big one and with Gwen’s help he thought he’d manage to push her over the edge at the same time as Keesha.

“I’m cumming,” Keesha screamed as her cunt muscles clamped tight around Ben’s invading cock.

“So am I,” Jane said, grinding her pussy into Ben’s face while her belly quivered just above his eyes. Ben watched as Jane’s belly continued to ripple, far longer than he would have expected since her pussy stopped quivering through its orgasm while her stomach continued to shiver. When he realized that Jane’s pussy lips were opening he pulled his mouth away from her slit. He could see Jane’s slit spreading wide just above his face and he managed to grab a breath and hold it just in time when Jane’s water broke and the amniotic fluid washed over his unshielded face in a flood.

“Mom,” Ben sputtered as soon as the flood was over, everything had happened so fast Ben wasn’t sure if anyone else had noticed that Jane’s screams of pleasure had turned to screams of pain as she went into labor.

“Mom,” Ben called again, “Jane’s water just broke. I think she’s going into labor.”

The next thing Ben knew his mother and Gwen were helping Jane to the sofa while Keesha was climbing off his melting cock to get out of the way. “Keesha, get dressed and then get on the phone to the doctor and the hospital,” Gwen’s mother said as she pulled on her own clothes. “I’ll grab Jane’s bag out of her room and once everyone’s dressed we’ll get her out to the car and I’ll drive her to the hospital.”

“No time for that,” Jane groaned through clenched teeth. “After making me wait an extra three weeks the twins are anxious to make their arrival.”

“I think she’s right,” Ben’s mother said, “I don’t think she’ll make it to the hospital in time.”

“In that case Keesha, you better make it a call to the paramedics and the rest of us need to get dressed so things won’t look too suspicious when they arrive.”

As Ben tugged his pants on over his limp cock he noticed that his mother was helping Jane with her top between contractions. “What should we do?” Ben asked as he and Gwen finished pulling their clothes on.

“You should get out of here before anyone arrives,” Ben’s mother said, “after all, the two of you are suppose to be several hundred miles from here right now.”

“Good point,” Ben said, dialing up XLR8 on the Omnitrix and slapping the plunger down. As soon as his eyes cleared from the green afterglow of his change he picked Gwen up in his arms and headed for the kitchen door and out of the house in his rush to get back to the rustbucket.

“That wasn’t a very long visit,” Grandpa Max said as he stopped the rustbucket long enough to let Ben and Gwen back on. “I thought I’d be on my own until after dinner at least.”

“Bit of an emergency back home,” Gwen said, “Jane went in to labor and we had to clear out before the paramedics arrived.”

“I can see that,” Max said. “So what happened to you Ben? It looks like you took a dip in a pool somewhere.”

“Not quite,” Ben said, blushing as he told Grandpa Max what had happened.

“Caught in the flood when Jane’s water broke,” Max said with a chuckle, “you may want to clean up before you do anything else.”

“Thanks Grandpa,” Ben said dryly as he made his way to the RV’s small bathroom.

“So how’s Ken doing?” Grandpa asked, “does he miss his mother?”

“I’d like to think so,” Gwen sighed, “but the truth is that he’s too young to notice when I’m missing.”

“Well he’s still young,” Grandpa Max pointed out, “and you have a job to do keeping an eye on Ben during the summer. When he’s old enough I’m sure Ken will understand. Trust me, you’re not a bad mother, you’re a good daughter and cousin.”

“I guess you’re right,” Gwen said with another sigh, “but I still feel guilty about leaving him behind like this.”

If Max was going to add anything else his words were cut off by Gwen’s cell phone. “Hi mom,” she said after checking the display. “How’s Jane doing? I see, I see, you’re kidding, I hope no one makes the connection. Ok, thanks mom, I’ll let Ben know and we’ll try to get home in a few days after Jane comes home with the twins. Bye.”

“What’s the news,” Max asked after Gwen snapped the cover shut on her phone.

“I’ll let you know when Ben gets back so I don’t have to repeat myself,” Gwen said.

“Well I’m here now,” Ben said as he came out of the bathroom, “so what’s the news?”

“Mom said that Jane managed to hold out long enough for the paramedics to arrive but the first baby was crowning by the time they had their equipment ready. After that both twins were born in the next few minutes and afterward Jane and the twins were taken to the hospital for a couple days of observation.”

“So what did your mother tell you that made you hope no one made the connection?” Grandpa Max asked.

“She said that Jane named the twins after her best friends, Ben and Gwen,” Gwen said.

“I hope no one makes the connection,” Ben said, “but since we are Jane’s best friends I don’t think anyone will. Still, it would be nice if people knew it was Ben Junior, but I can wait for that.”

“I hope so,” Grandpa Max said, “it’s still several years before the two of you can get married.”

“But that won’t stop us from having more babies between now and then,” Ben said. “And I look forward to making sure that we have as many as possible .”

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