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Girls taken hostage videotaped for money.
Back in the summer of 1979 I was just out of high school. I was young and very restless and wanted to see the world. I took a job as a carnival worker for about five months, which gave me the opportunity to travel from one coast to the other. If I didn't get to see the world, at least I would get to see this country. After returning to the East Coast, I settled in with a friend of mine in a trailer he owned and bought a motorcycle. Settled in is probably a poor choice of words. I was anything but settled. The crowd I started hanging around with were a bunch of hard partying street toughs whose only goals seemed to be to get high and get laid. At the time I seemed to fit right in. The only thing we all had in common was we were all very young and very restless.

My friend Roger who owned the trailer was not really a bad guy. He just seemed to know every bad guy in town. One of his associates was a guy named Jeff. Jeff was one of those guys who had more tattoos than teeth. He no doubt spent a good portion of his life locked up. Perhaps that was a good thing. Jeff had a huge attitude problem and his attitude seemed to enter the room about five minutes before him. He was only about two years older than me, but seemed to be so much worldlier in many ways, at least I thought so at the time. For some reason or another he took an almost immediate liking to me and we became buddies. This was certainly not something that could be viewed as a good career move on my part, but it seemed like the thing to do in the mind of one eighteen-year-old guy. Besides, women seemed to love him and he always seemed to have girls around. That was something I never quite figured out.

As the seventies came to a close, the three of us, Roger, Jeff and myself became somewhat inseparable. Three young men out of control would be an accurate deion. At this time, I was a young man trying to find myself and was somewhat captivated by the seemingly worldly Jeff and his effect on women. Jeff was into things like drugs, Cocaine being his favorite. Since Roger and I were hanging out with him so often, we soon followed suit. This was the late seventies, after all. This resulted in three young men getting very high and very broke. We always seemed to be looking for money any way we could. Roger was the only one of us who had a steady job but his generosity had a definite limit. Jeff was way too cool for work and I was hoping to hang out on what I had saved from my carnie days until I went off to school the following year.

As the seventies turned into the eighties Jeff's habits only seemed to escalate. Roger and I were right there with him, though not as bad. In order to bring in badly needed cash, Jeff turned to petty theft. This was something he was not unfamiliar with, but it was new to us. I have to say, I was a bit of a bad boy growing up but was never in a whole lot of trouble. In other words, I had never been locked up. I was Jeff's partner in crime, literally. I have to admit I got a certain thrill from our relatively minor crimes, and like I said, we needed the money. It seemed though, that no matter what we stole and fenced, it was never enough. The money never lasted more than a few days. Having three people with a growing coke habit didn't help the situation. I knew Jeff would come up with something, he always did. So, I guess what he came up with should not have surprised me in the least.

It was a Tuesday night if I recall. The three of us were sitting in the smallish kitchen of Roger's trailer listening to 'Whos Next' on the stereo. Jeff spoke in a very serious tone.

"Let's rob a bank." He said frankly.

Roger and I glanced at each other in disbelief. Don't they give time for that sort of thing, I thought? I could tell by Jeff's expression that he was dead serious.

"I've been thinking about this." He started, "It's our only way out."

He then picked up a brown paper bag from in the corner. He pulled out the contents one by one and laid them on the table. In the bag were two handguns. Each landed on the wooden kitchen table with a resounding thud. I could see the steel barrels glisten under the light of the bare bulb over the table as 'Won't Get Fooled Again' played in the background.

I picked up one of the guns. It was a 38-caliber revolver. It felt heavy in my hand. I gripped the wooden handle and pointed the gun towards the door. Jeff let out a chuckle as Roger just looked on as if in a trance. The gun felt good, real good.

"What do you say Son?" Jeff was staring at me with one of his famous stares that seemed to go right through you.

I hesitated for a moment. Then I took a deep breath.

"I'm in." The words just sort of came out of my mouth like someone else spoke them for me.

Roger just stared at me. I can't imagine what was going through his mind. Then again maybe I can.

"You?" Jeff asked.

"Yea, I'm in too." Roger said rather feebly.

The next couple of days we spent planning our heist. It was decided we would do this Friday morning. The bank would have extra cash on hand to handle the large number of people there to cash their paychecks. Roger would drive the getaway car. Jeff and myself would do the actual robbery. We chose a local bank that was near a major road so we would be able to exit the area swiftly. That time of the day should not be bad traffic wise.

That Thursday night, Jeff slept over in the trailer with Roger and myself. The reasoning was it would be easier for us to get going in the morning, but I think he did not want Roger and I talking to each other about it too much. After all, we might change our minds. We spent most of the evening drinking beer and playing cards. There was really not much conversation about it, all things considered. It was almost hard to believe we were three guys who would be bank robbers the next morning.

We went to bed that night, but not to sleep. I know I could barely sleep. I'm sure Roger felt the same.

The next morning finally arrived. I was tired but woke up fast when Jeff handed me my gun and ski mask. We all piled into Jeff's old green Chevelle. Roger was at the wheel. I was extremely nervous as I fingered the handle on the 38, which I had put inside the ski mask. Nervous but excited like never before.

We arrived at the bank and my heart was racing a mile a minute. I could feel the surge of adrenaline flowing through my veins. Jeff told Roger one last time to circle the block once and then wait in front of the bank with the engine idling. Jeff and I then stepped out of the car. As soon as we closed the car doors we put on our ski masks and ran inside the bank.

"Don't anyone move. This is a stick-up!" Jeff shouted loudly.

There was a murmur in the crowd. I could see the guard was an older gentleman who was barely awake in the corner.

Jeff started giving directions to the customers, ordering people here and there. All of a sudden the alarm went off.

"Fuck!" Jeff shouted.

The old security guard pointed his gun in Jeff's direction.

"Don't you move, Kid. I sounded the alarm. The police will be here any minute." He said sternly.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Jeff said loudly.

All of a sudden Jeff grabbed a nearby customer and held her in front of him. She was a pretty girl in her thirties with short blonde hair. He then pointed the gun at her head. I instinctively found another young woman, a black haired beauty in her early twenties and did the same thing.

"Now what?" I asked Jeff.

"We just have to get the fuck out of here." He answered.

Jeff backed out slowly towards the exit with his gun held to the head of his captive the whole time. Again, I repeated Jeff's actions. The guard had his gun pointed in our direction the whole time as the alarm blared in the background.

We got outside just as Roger rounded the corner. We quickly opened the back door of the Chevelle and pushed the girls in the back seat with us.

"What the fuck happened?" Roger asked.

"Just get the fuck out of here." Jeff shouted.

"You're not going to hurt us?" One of the girls asked almost tearfully.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jeff shouted.

"Did you get the money?" Roger asked.

"Fuck!" Was all Jeff could say.

I sat in the back seat pondering the situation as I removed my ski mask. I had one hand on the gun as I fondled the mask in my other hand. No money, and now we have two hostages. Don't they give time for this sort of thing? Oh yes, they certainly do.

"Head out to the Parkway. Southbound." Jeff said with a sense of authority.

Jeff tried to remain calm, but I could tell he was a nervous wreck. One of the girls was starting to sob.

"What's that way?" I could not help but ask.

"My aunt has a shore house in Point Pleasant. It's empty this time of year." He answered.

Jeff directed Roger as we got off the Garden State Parkway at exit 98. He ordered Roger to stop when we got into town.

"Put the masks on the girls. We don't want them to know where the house is." He spoke in a serious tone.

I did as directed as the girl emitted soft sobs.

Minutes later we arrived at the house. It was a small shore house, designed for summer occupancy. There was nobody around. We all got out of the car and went up to the front door. Point Pleasant was generally deserted this time of year. I kept thinking that was a good thing as I led my hostage up to the door in her ski mask.

"Damn door is locked!" Jeff shouted.

Jeff kicked the door open and we all went inside.

"Welcome to your new home." Jeff said as he took the mask off his girl. I did the same with mine.

Jeff looked around the house for a few minutes as I held the gun pointed at the two girls. He came back shortly with some rope. He then directed us to a guestroom with a bed. We then tied the girl's hands together and tied their hands to the headboard of the bed, which was an old brass affair.

"That should do it." Jeff said confidently.

"What are you going to do with us?" The blonde asked.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head over it." Jeff said.

He then proceeded to literally rip the clothes off both the girls starting with the black haired beauty. When he had her down to her panties he slid them off her with the gun barrel as she emitted soft sobs.

"We are going to have a little fun my friend." He said.

He then took the gun barrel and stuck it between the sobbing girl's legs. She emitted a loud moan as the cold steel came in contact with her womanhood. He began to tease her with the tip of the gun barrel, inserting it under her bra straps and popping her bra off with it. The blonde looked on in worried anticipation.

"Don't worry Baby. Your next." He said with a big grin.

With that he proceeded to do the same with the blonde haired girl. She didn't seem to emit a sound as the cold gun barrel came in contact with her wet pussy but the look on her face clearly gave away the fact that she felt the steel against her clit. The gun barrel glistened with her juices in the harsh light.

"One more thing. I got a special gift for you since you are such a good little girl." Jeff stated with a smile.

He then undid his pants and whipped out his large erection. He stuck the tip in the blonde's face and teased her with it.

"Now open wide and say 'ahhh'. Come on, you can do it." He said.

The girl did as told. Jeff held the gun in her face as he shoved his cock into her mouth. With his free hand he held the back of her head firmly onto his erection and began to fuck her mouth as he started to moan. When it was over he wiped his cock on her left cheek. There was visible cum running down her face.

"Make sure you clean her up for me, real good." He said.

"Why, where you going?" I asked.

"I got to take Roger back." Jeff answered.

Jeff left with Roger. I knew they would be gone a while. I was left to guard the girls. This would give me plenty of time to ponder our predicament.

I found a face clothe in a hall closet. I wet it and cleaned off the face of the blonde.

"What are you going to do with us?" She asked.

"I don't know." I answered. I really didn't know.

After I was done I took a tour of the house. There really was not much to see. Nothing really in the refrigerator except condiments and a bottle of orange soda. After my tour, I returned to the room with the girls.

"She has to pee." The blonde said. The black haired beauty just sobbed quietly, as usual.

I thought for a moment. I wondered into the kitchen and came back to the room with an empty two-pound coffee can I had found. Then I thought for a moment and returned with a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom. I held the can between her legs.

"Can she get a little privacy?" The blonde asked as the other girl continued her sobbing.

"What's the matter can't she talk? And no, this ain't the Holiday Inn." I said sternly.

I held the can between the girl's legs. She flinched as the cold metal rubbed against her inner thighs. She continued her soft sobs. In a couple of minutes she started to tinkle into the can, the noises of her stream reverberating off the metal.

When she was done, I ripped off a piece of toilet paper and wiped her wet womanhood. Her sobs became more audible. The blonde just stared at me as I put the paper in the can and left the room. I flushed the contents down the toilet.

I came back into the room a bit later. I could not help but notice how incredibly sexy these young women looked helplessly tied to the bed. They were both so young and beautiful. The black haired beauty had big blue eyes. They were a bit red from her sobbing, but still gorgeous. She reminded me of a girl I went out with in high school who had moved away. I could not help but notice her beautifully shaped breasts. She was not large in this area, but her breasts were so round and perfect. Her nipples were perky and pointed skywards when she arched her back towards the bed.

The blonde was a bit more full-figured. She had much larger breasts and bigger hips. She had a full bush of soft blonde hair between her legs. I was about to stick my fingers between her thighs and touch her mound when I heard Jeff return. That time already, I thought.

Jeff walked into the house carrying a case of beer and a McDonalds bag.

"Got us some food and brews." He said rather proudly.

"Good, I'm hungry. Did you get anything for the girls?" I asked.

"No. Didn't think of it."

I grabbed a couple of burgers and some fries as Jeff sat himself in front of the TV. I went into the room where the girls were. I sat there and shared what I had with the two beauties we were holding hostage.

That night we all went to bed. Jeff slept in the main bedroom. I slept on the sofa in the living room and of course the girls stayed in the spare room tied to the bed. I could hear Jeff get up during the night and rather loudly have sex with the black haired beauty. After he was finished I could hear him go into the kitchen and get a beer out of the refrigerator. I heard him open the can and sit in the dark. I could hear black haired beauty softly sobbing.

The next day Jeff went out early. I spent as much time as I could with the girls. Black haired beauty was sobbing more than usual.

"What's the matter with her?" I asked.

"She needs tampons." She answered.


"Yes, tampons. You know, tampons?" She stated.

Oh damn, I thought. I had some money left, but this was not really what I planned on spending it on. That, and where the heck was I going to find tampons in Point Pleasant in the middle of winter?

"I'll see what I can do." I said.

I thought about it for a bit. Really did not feel like going out in the cold, though we could use more beer as Jeff drank most of it. After making sure the girls were securely tied, I decided to take the walk.

Heading outside was a rude awakening. Point Pleasant in the middle of winter is hardly pleasant. It is like a ghost town. After walking about a mile into town I finally came across a couple of stores that were open. A liquor store and a drug store. I made my purchases and returned back to the house.

I took off my coat and went back into the guestroom. I showed the box of tampons to the girls. They nodded in approval. At least I bought the right thing, I thought. I opened the box and took one out. After carefully unwrapping it I started to insert it into her womanhood.

"String goes out?" I asked, trying to make light of the situation.

"Yes." The blonde answered. It was the first time I saw her smile.

I left the room and opened a beer. I put the rest in the refrigerator. I went through my pockets and realized I did not have a whole lot of money. Jeff and I would have to come up with something. I really did not know what Jeff had planned, but he always thinks of something I thought.

Jeff came home a little while later. I did not even ask where he had gone. He always seems to have some place to go though.

I told him I had bought more beer and he immediately helped himself.

"Hey, how much money you got left?" He asked me.

I told him not much as I bought more beer and I had to get tampons.

"Tampons!" He shouted, "I'll show her!"

He then ran into the room with the girls. I immediately followed close behind.

"Tampons!" He shouted, "You need something to stuff up there, I got something."

The black haired beauty then recoiled in fear as Jeff raised his hand as if to slap her. Then a sly grin came over his face. He then reached into his pocket and produced a cigarette lighter. He then flicked it and reached down and holding black haired beauty's legs open with the other hand reached down and lit the string on her tampon. The string caught fire and smoke rose from between her legs as black haired beauty screamed. Just before the flame reached her womanhood, Jeff licked his fingers and put out the fuse. He was laughing hysterically the whole time.

"Next time it will be a firecracker!" He joked loudly.

Black haired beauty began sobbing loudly as Jeff headed out of the room.

"We needed that money for beer." He shouted at me.

I sat there on the edge of the bed and watched this girl sobbing uncontrollably. She looked so damn beautiful I thought. I wished I could help her but I was caught up in something that seemed to be getting out of hand.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Jeff seemed preoccupied but really didn't say much to me. That night he told me he had to get to bed early because he had somewhere to go in the morning. Fine with me. Even though I used to think he was a fun guy, lately I had been starting to think it just more peaceful without him around. This whole thing was obviously stressing everyone out.

The next day Jeff left the house early. I spent most of the morning cleaning up the place, as it was quite dusty since nobody had been living there since the summer. From time to time I would check in on the girls to make sure they were alright. I was really starting to feel bad for them. I especially felt bad for black haired beauty, as she seemed to always be sobbing.

Early afternoon arrived and I heard Jeff barge through the door. He was rather excited about something. I followed him into the kitchen where he started putting out lines of cocaine on the table.

"I solved our money problem." He said proudly.

"I can see." I said, "How did you do that?"

"You'll see." He said, "Here do a line."

We each did a line of coke. Then I followed him out to the car. Inside the car he had big metal equipment cases with handles.

"Here, help me with this shit will you."

I helped him carry the cases inside. When we got in he started to open them. Inside were various lighting fixtures and a video camera.

"This is the solution to our money problem." He said proudly, "Right here."

"I don't understand." I said somewhat perplexed.

"I have a friend in the porno business." He started, "All we have to do is film the girls, and he'll pay us big bucks."

I was starting to understand. Apparently he had gotten an advance for the blow.

"You want to run to the store and get some more beer while I set things up." He said.

I did as told. Far be it from me to argue with Jeff.

By the time I got back, Jeff had the lighting fixtures set up in the room with the girls. The camera was on a tripod. The room was not large and the big reflectors filled up the room. When he turned them on the lights were quite glaring. The girls squinted.

"Oh yea baby, this is how we do it." He said enthusiastically.

He proceeded to snort a line of coke off the breast of black haired beauty as the camera rolled.

"Here, help yourself." He said as he handed me a short straw.

I did the line off of black hair beauty. Jeff then started to finger black haired beauty's womanhood. You could see her getting wetter in the harsh lights. He then thrust two then three fingers into her and started thrusting his hand wildly as she started to pant and moan. Her back arched wildly as she strained against the ropes that bound her to the bed. She soon came, creating a wet stain on the sheets that was quite visible in the harsh lighting.

"We are going to be porn stars, my man." Jeff boasted.

Jeff got off the bed and went over by the camera.

"Your turn, son." He said, "Stick some of that Polish sausage in her mouth."

I was quite aroused at this point. I was developing a fondness for the girls, especially black haired beauty, but this was way too tempting. I climbed onto the bed and unzipped my pants unleashing my throbbing erection. I put it to black haired beauty's soft lips. She had the most gorgeous full lips. They felt so soft and wet as I teased her lips with the head of my cock. I then slowly slid my length into her wanting mouth. She sucked me off like a pro and I came inside her mouth. Not a drop was spilled as she swallowed every drop.

"That was good, but next time maybe you could cream on her face. You know, for the camera." Jeff advised.

We then took turns with the blonde. We each fingered her wet pussy and stuck our cocks in her mouth. Jeff came on her hair in a fairly dramatic scene.

"I think we got some good shots." He boasted, "I'll take the tapes to my friend in the morning."

After filming I told Jeff I think the girls should have a shower and he agreed. He went off to the living room to drink beer and watch TV while I took the girls to the shower in the bathroom one by one. I stood by and watched as they took turns soaping and rinsing their young bodies. I was getting quite aroused again watching as the water rinsed the soap off their smooth skin.

As each got out of the shower, I handed them a towel. Black haired beauty thanked me as I handed her a towel. It was nice to see her not sobbing. I really think the shower did the girls good. When they were both done, I made sure they were tied securely and I joined Jeff in the living room.

"We are going to do well with this, son." Jeff said, "You'll see."

The next day Jeff left early to take the tapes to his friend. A few hours later he was back. As usual, he had more coke and beer.

"We need to do more filming." He started, "He gave me an advance, but we need to keep up our end."

Jeff did a couple of lines off the kitchen table and opened a beer.

"Let's get started, son." He said, "Times a wastin."

We went into the room with the girls. Jeff turned on the lights. The girls squinted as the harsh lights shone in their pretty faces.

"I want to pork the blonde quick. You make sure you got a good camera angle on me." Jeff said.

Jeff grinned as he stuck his fingers in the blonde haired girls love canal. She squirmed against the ropes that bound her hands. Jeff opened his pants to reveal his massive cock standing at attention. He stroked the girl's wet slit briefly then stuck his whole shaft in quickly and began pounding. The girl's moans became quite audible and her facial contortions were readily apparent under the harsh lights. Sweat beaded on her face from the heat of the lights as her face became contorted in pleasure. Her moans became screams as the two of them got off in an animalistic fuck frenzy. I was becoming quite aroused watching the scene as it took place before my eyes.

"I want to untie the other bitch." He said, referring to black haired beauty, "We're gonna tag team her."

He proceeded to untie black haired beauty from the headboard. He left her hands tied together though. He then positioned her on her knees with her butt in the air.

"Just make sure the camera is on her then get over here behind her." He said, "Got it?"

I did as ordered. I made sure the camera got the whole scene and then I climbed on the bed behind black haired beauty. Her butt looked so fine sticking up in the air. I dropped my pants and my underwear. I stroked her gorgeous mound with my left hand and delicately explored the folds of that gorgeous pussy. My fingers were quite wet and I was satisfied she would have no problem accepting my length. It felt so good as I slid it in and started pumping.

In the meantime, Jeff had got down on his knees in front of black haired beauty and presented his cock for her to taste. She went down on it, somewhat reluctantly at first but in a minute or two seemed to get into it as Jeff held onto her gorgeous black hair. I had my hands firmly on her butt cheeks as I continued working her from behind. The girl was soon squirming and moaning under the bright lights, her moans gradually increasing in intensity. I could feel her vaginal muscles threatening to squeeze the life out of me as she milked my manhood, her moans muffled by Jeff's cock in her mouth.

When Jeff was satisfied we had the shots we needed, we again tied up black haired beauty. She gave me a longing glance as I grabbed her wrists and tied them together. Her big brown eyes looked so intense. I could not help but wonder what was going through her mind this whole time.

Jeff and I spent the rest of the day drinking beer and doing coke. Jeff seemed to be more and more into the drug every day. He became quite agitated at times and quite abusive.

The next day Jeff once again got early to see his friend and bring him the latest tapes. By this time Jeff was starting off the day with a beer and a line of coke. He did manage to get up early, I will give him that. I guess as long as he knew he had something waiting for him in the morning.

After Jeff left to go visit his friend and deliver the latest tape, I spent the morning in the girl's room. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched them for a while. They both were very beautiful, but black haired beauty was absolutely stunning. They both realized I was staring.

"So how long have you known that guy?" The blonde asked.

"Less than a year." I answered.

"Why you hang out with him?" She asked.

"I don't know, I guess he is fun sometimes." I said.

The black haired beauty just stared back at me with a longing glance. She had the most captivating blue eyes.

"What is your name?" I asked the blonde. I realized that all this time I hadn't known.

"Laura." She answered.

"And yours?" I asked the black haired beauty.

"Terry." She told me softly.

Terry. I finally had a name to put with that gorgeous face.

A while later Jeff came through the door. As usual he had a case of beer under his arm.

"We got to get some tape of the girls together." He stated, "Do you hear me?"

"Yea, whatever." I answered.

Jeff went into the kitchen and put out a bunch of coke on the table. It seemed like he had more than usual. He started cutting up lines. After he was done, he snorted a couple and offered me the straw.

"Here, help yourself." He said.

"No thanks." I said.

"You sure dude?" He asked.

"Yea, just don't feel like it." I answered.

After Jeff had a couple more beers and another line or two, we made our way into the girl's room. As usual the girls squinted under the glare of the lights when he turned them on.

"Untie the bitches, I got an idea." Jeff said to me, "Then get us some beers. We're going to have ourselves a party."

I untied the girls and went in the kitchen and grabbed some beers out of the refrigerator. When I returned, Jeff was fondling Laura's breasts.

"You know this bitch got some damn nice boobies." Jeff exclaimed.

"Both girls have wonderful bodies." I said in agreement.

"I want both you girls in the shower, now!" Jeff shouted, "Help me move this stuff."

We moved the equipment and the girls into the bathroom. It was tight, but we managed to fit the camera and one light fixture.

"OK, I want you bitches to soap each other up real nice and slow." Jeff explained, "You hear me?"

The girls got in the shower as Jeff turned on the water. The girls took turns slowly soaping each other's young bodies up. The steady stream of water from the showerhead washed the soap off as a puddle of soapy water formed around the drain in the shower stall.

"I want you girls to do each other's hair, real nice." Jeff ordered.

The girls took turns shampooing each other's hair. First Terry applied shampoo to Laura's short blond hair and worked up a white foam on her head with her hands. She then guided her head under the steady stream of water and made sure all the lather was out. When she was finished, Laura lathered up Terry's long black hair. The sight of this girl's soft hands working Terry's long mane into a mass of foam was a thrill in itself. When it was all lathered, she ran her delicate hands through her locks and made sure every bit of soap was out.

"Hey, is there a shower massager in the shower stall?" Jeff asked.

The girls looked. There was one on a hooked on the showerhead.

"Oh yea...I want you girls to have a good time with that, if you know what I mean." Jeff said excitedly.

Laura unhooked the shower massager and turned it so a steady pulse of water came out from the head. She then started rinsing Terry's young body with it.

"No, I mean like this!" Jeff said as he grabbed the massager from Terry's hand.

Jeff reached in and aimed the stream of water directly at Terry's mound. She let out a moan when the water hit her clit. He got closer and held it directly in line with her womanhood. Terry sighed and gasped.

"Do you understand now?" He asked.

The girls took turns stimulating each other's pubic areas with the shower massager. After a few minutes, Jeff reached in and grabbed the massager again.

"Make sure your butt is nice and clean." He said, "Nothing like a clean butt."

With that he aimed the strong stream of water directly at Laura's butt hole. She sighed again as the jets of water hit her tight opening.

"OK, that's enough." Jeff said, "Get out and dry each other off."

The girls turned off the shower and stepped out. Jeff handed Laura a big bath towel. She proceeded to dry off Terry, first her hair, then her face and on down. She carefully patted down her breasts and worked her way down, drying off her soft mound and down her thighs and calves.

Next Terry did the same for Laura. First she dried Laura's short blonde hair. Then she worked her way down, patting down Laura's full breasts, curvy hips and down her long shapely legs with the towel.

"OK, finish drying off and we are going back into the bedroom." Jeff announced, "Me and you gonna have another beer. Go get a couple."

I went and got a couple of beers and returned to the bathroom. We each had one as the girls finished drying each other off. Jeff was starting to get visibly intoxicated from the beer and the coke.

We moved all the equipment and the girl's back to the bedroom. Once again we turned on the big light fixtures. Jeff ordered the girls to start fondling each other as the camera taped their every move. The girls started to slowly fondle and kiss each other first on the lips and then on down. They were slowly kissing and licking each other's erect nipples for the camera. As Laura bent over to lick Terry's glistening mound, Jeff got excited and spoke.

"Yea, hold that position. I want some of that." He announced.

Jeff then proceeded to get behind Laura as she bent over. He had his pants down and his stiff cock was standing fully erect. He teased Laura's wet pussy from behind before plunging his full length in. He then removed it after a few moments and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her butt.

"I been wanting this." He said, by now somewhat drunkenly.

He then forcefully plunged his stiff cock into Laura's ass as she yelped. He pumped her as the cameras caught her every grimace, moans and whimpers. When he was done, he pulled out and shot his load onto Laura's butt crack. Terry just looked on, then glanced my way.

"OK, Bitch. I want you to eat my load off her butt." He said to Terry.

Terry just froze. She stared at him and then glanced over at me with those big blue eyes.

"Hey Jeff, you know the girl has a name." I said, "Her name is Terry."

"Oh, I'm so sorry I thought it was Bitch." He laughed.

I was starting to get rather annoyed at his drunken escapades. I thought he was taking an out of hand situation way too far.

"I told you her name is Terry." I said.

"I don't care what her name is, I told her to lick my cum." He shouted, "Or maybe you want to do it for her."

I snapped. The next thing I knew I had Jeff on the floor and was pounding his face under the hot bright lights while the girls looked on in terror. Jeff soon overpowered me and was on top hitting me. He was somewhat larger after all. The next thing I knew the punching had stopped and Jeff was lying on top of me. He was out cold. Laura had snuck up behind him and whacked him in the head with a metal light fixture case.

"Oh, thanks." I said, "Really, I appreciate that."

"Oh, we appreciate you." Terry came up and gave me a big hug.

"Look, you girls clean yourselves off quick and get dressed." I said.

"We don't have any clothes. Jeff ripped them, remember?" Laura said.

"Oh yea. I'll look in the closets while you girls clean up." I stated.

"What about him?" Terry asked.

"He should be out for a while." I said flatly.

I looked in the closets as the girls quickly cleaned themselves up. I managed to find some large 'old lady' clothes, but they would have to do.

"I found these." I said with a smile.

"Oh lovely." Terry said. It was the first time I had really seen her smile. She had a beautiful smile.

As soon as the girls were dressed, I went through Jeff's pants and found his car keys. We left the house and got in the car.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Take me home, please." Laura said.

I made my way to the Garden State Parkway northbound and took Laura home. We hugged and said our good-byes.

After we dropped Laura off I turned to Terry.

"You hungry?" I asked.

"Starving." She answered.

"I bet you are. You know I would offer to take you out to dinner, but I'm a bit short of cash right now." I stated frankly.

"I believe I still have some steaks home in the freezer." She said with a big grin.

I ditched the car a few blocks from Terry's house and walked her home. We had a wonderful evening. No Jeff. No video cameras. Just the two of us.

You can meet the nicest people at the bank sometimes.



2015-05-30 13:52:53
Great ending to the story

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2012-09-12 00:09:45
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2009-11-07 14:45:43
This leaves an opening for a sequel...Very good in and of itself.

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2009-10-21 19:11:10
A nice story, the ending was a bit shitty though, and "black haired beauty" was repeated too much, losing effect. Didnt like how the girls were let loose so often either. Thats me trying to be critical though, the story was great.

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2009-10-21 13:40:47
The ending had me chuckling, good story.
Not sure what he'll do when his friend wakes up.

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