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This story involves a guy who was granted the power to fuck anyone he wants. No matter the age or gender so be forwarned.
It was a dream, or at least it seemed like it was a dream. Two shadowy figures had broken into my home in the middle of the afternoon and drugged me. Then two more figures, always obstructed by shadows had come in, drilled into my head and placed something inside. I had only the slightest twinge of pain when I had felt rather than heard a burst of static in my head. I felt the static when one of the shadowy figures had manipulated some buttons on a wireless computer tablet. The figure nodded, grunted with satisfaction then spoke me. “You will know what to do. Be completely unafraid. Nothing will happen to you.”

I awoke from my daily nap at the usual time. I always napped for an hour before the first of my students arrived. I had been teaching piano for about eight years and had quite a list of students who were taking lessons from me. I had had quite a few students win local and regional competitions and had one I was grooming to participate on a national level.

I put out the usual spread of cookies and chips I always did for my students, played a few scales on my piano and got ready for my first arrival. I glanced at my schedule and my watch. First up today were Brad and Brittney Wallace. These were a brother and sister, 10 and 12 respectively who's hot single mom would drop off together. Their mom was tall, blond and athletic. Brittney, while only 12 and just budding into puberty was already a dead ringer for her mom in a gangly 12 year old girl sort of way. She had a beautiful face with full cocksucker lips like her mom. I always wondered what a blowjob from her mom would feel like.

Brad and Brittney arrived at exactly the time I had them scheduled to arrive. Usually, Teri, their mom, would come in for a few minutes but today she was in a hurry to get to a dinner and cocktails with some of her friends from work. I feigned disappointment and took her kids after they both kissed her on her cheek.

Brad was always first to take the lesson so he took a seat at the piano and went through a few warm up scales. Brad was not very naturally talented but he was a good learner and was very passionate about his music. He worked hard enough and practiced hard enough to make up with determination and grit what he lacked in natural scale.

About ten minutes into the lesson I heard the static in my head. It was almost like a distant radio station late at night that I was trying to tune in. I turned a knob in my head trying to clear my head and at that very moment, Brad missed a note. It was a rare event that he did so during warm ups. He was just too good. The static in my head almost disappeared completely.

“Sorry,” Brad said.

“That's okay. Don't start over, just go on from there.”

Brad continued on. Again, I heard the static. I tried again to tune in the signal but this time I did so slowly. Brad squirmed in his seat. He was playing well, better than most but still seemed a little off. The kid kept squirming in his seat. It was then that I noticed that I had a hard on. I usually got the twinges of a hardon, but now I had a full blown hardon and to make matters worse, I was pitching quite a tent in my pleated khaki chinos. Here I was, standing next to a kid with my bulging hardon right at the kid's face level. No wonder he was having difficulty playing the piano. And this static in my head just would not go away! I tried to bring the mental radio station in to tune by turning the knob again Brad suddenly reached out and grabbed my dick through the khaki material of my pants.

I drew back in surprise but Brad stuck his fingers into my waistband and pulled me forward. He undid my pants, pulled them down then he pulled down my thigh briefs. My cock sprang free and Brad wrapped his small hand around it and stroked it a couple of times. He then rubbed it against his cheek. Brad looked up at me then took half my dick into his mouth. He pulled back a bit then took a little more when he came forward. He repeated the process until his nose was pushing up against my pubic hair. It was then that Brittney came into the parlor from the living room.

“What the fuck are you doing!” She shrieked.

She had probably come into the parlor to see why the playing had stopped and now I was busted. The static in my head reached an almost deafening level as she pulled her cellphone out of her pocket. I tried to turn it down and noticed that Brittney stopped going through her phone's contact list. I tweaked the knob in my head and her breathing deepened. Tweaked it some more and Brittney started rubbing her breasts.

I pictured Britteny getting out of her clothes and tweaked the knobs at the same time and damned if Britteny did not get naked. Not only did she get naked, she started playing with her pussy at the same time.

I pulled my cock from Brad's mouth and had him get naked. He did so quickly. I had him get on all fours on the piano bench. I always kept a bottle of Jergens hand lotion on my piano. I squirted some on my hand and rubbed it on my dick. Once my dick was as slick as I could get it, I placed the head against Brad's asshole and willed Brad to relax it a bit. A little push and the head of my dick went in. I left it there for a few seconds before pushing in another couple of inches. Left it there for a little while and then gave Brad a little more. It was not long before I had it all in and started stroking back and forth. The tightness of his ass around my dick was exquisite.

I looked over at Brittney and she had a couple of fingers deep in her wet pussy. “Come over here, Brittney.” I said. I had her kneel next to me. I pulled my dick from her brother's ass and placed my hand on the back of her head. I gave her the slightest pull forward and she greedily swallowed my dick. I let her suck it for a minute then I pulled it from her mouth and went back to fucking her brother.

I long stroked Brad. Driving my dick deep with each stroke. The static in my head was in a low steady almost inaudible hum. I guess when you had whoever it was directed to tuned in it went away. I directed it at Brittney to see if my hunch was correct. I turned it up slowly and Brittney became flushed, she started to breathe heavily. I pulled my cock from Brad's ass and stuck it in her mouth again. I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and started to fuck her face. My balls bounced off of her chin with every stroke. I dialed up the static to a point where she came. I dialed past it and she squealed around my dick and squirmed under me. She ground her ass on the carpet. I dialed it up some more and if my dick had not been in her mouth she would have been screaming. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her face, squealing with a mouth full of dick.

I felt my cum welling up. My dick grew even harder. I was tempted to turn the static up even more but feared the poor girl would go insane. I could hold it no longer and I came. My cum churned into her mouth and she swallowed easily making deep guttural sounds. I dialed down the static and then bumped it up to where she had cum the last time. I wanted her to come when I did. I wanted to make the swallowing of cum as pleasurable as possible. Once I finished cumming I slowly dialed her down to a nice after glow.

I felt a bit of disappointment that I had not fucked her. It obviously would have been a lot of fun using my newfound powers on her. It most definitely would have been a lot of fun for her. With that thought, my cock started to grow hard again in her mouth.

I glanced at my watch. I had plenty of time left. “Come kneel next to your sister, Brad.” I dialed Brad up a bit, to make sure sucking my dick made him horny. For the hell of it, I dialed Brittney up to an orgasm. She grabbed my ass and pulled me forward as she came.

“Your turn, Brad.” I said as I pulled my cock free from Brittney's mouth. Brad greedily slurped down my cock. Brad was a natural. His cock sucking skills were very good even though this was the first day he had done it. It would be a sad waste if these skills were not nurtured and practiced.

For fun, I turned the static on Brittney and dialed it up to where she was about to cum. She immediately started rubbing her tits and pussy. I turned it up and she came. Growing flushed and squirming as she was on her knees. I tweaked it and Brittney convulsed with beginnings of a huge orgasm. I pulled my dick from Brad's mouth and stuck into Brittney's. She immediately grabbed my my ass and pulled me forward desperately craving my cum sliding down her throat! I was not going to cum in her mouth again. I wanted to fuck her. I pushed her on to her back on the carpet, sped her legs apart and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed in the length of my cock and made her cum with a turn of the dial. Brittney squealed and pulled my face to hers and gave me a tongue sucking kiss.

I dialed back the static to where she was just about to cum and left it there. Brittney writhed and ground under me. Her pussy was so tight and hot I felt I could not last much longer. My cock grew within her when I could stand it no longer I spun the dial up on Brittney past the highest level I had hit her with before. I cut off her scream with my mouth as I kissed her. She drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She humped up at me like a wrestler trying to get out from under a pin. I felt her body tremble under mine. I felt her pussy flood with juices and her nails dig into my back. I came. I pushed the dial up even higher but just in bumps. I bumped it with every stroke. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she said every time I bumped it. Poor Brittney, she could fuck every day the rest of her life and she would never get fucked like this.

As I dialed Brittney back down to a nice, warm afterglow Teri her mom walked into the parlor. I had not heard her come in.

“What the fuck is this!” She shrieked.

I felt the static in my head, directed it at her and dialed it up. This was going to be fun!

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-06 23:58:13
more to come? is there more? There should be more!!

Jack SwallowReport

2009-10-20 06:18:52
Yes, I plan on writing a series of stories on this theme as the main character explores the extent of his powers.


2009-10-20 02:00:35
C'mon he did both kids and he always wanted mom to suck his cock. what could be better a 4-way

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-20 01:10:24
while I'm not into the gay parts of it--the plot does have merrit. why not add in the time wiht mom into the story?


2009-10-19 22:37:54
Geez! Is there more to cum?

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