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There I was at the mercy of 3 college coeds
My wife Ashley and I have been married for several years. She has a younger sister named Kate that is 19 and always in trouble. She's been picked up shoplifting, with drugs, drinking under age and other stuff. Kate was attending a college about an hour from our house, and I use the term "attending" very loosely.

A little while back Kate was at our house for the weekend as she is every once in a while. Her and Ashley have fun together shopping and stuff. This time it was a Saturday morning and I had gotten back from a business trip late the night before. Ashley was already asleep when I got home but in the morning I was woken up to a familiar feeling. Ashley had slipped under the covers and was beginning to suck on my cock. Her blowjob abilities are rivaled by none. I couldn't see her but I could picture her blonde hair as it brushed against my torso and could see the shape of her tight butt pushing through the sheets as it pointed straight up in the air as her head bobbed. Her moist lips were pulled tight around my shaft as her tongue encircled my cock. Meanwhile her hand pressed firmly against my base tightening the skin around my hard cock. Realizing my sister-in-law was in the next room asleep, I stayed quiet enjoying my wife's amazing abilities. Within minutes I filled her mouth with cum. I could feel the excess running down the side of my hard cock as she continued to suck until I stopped shooting into her mouth.

As I lay in ecstasy Ashley emerged pushing back the sheet and laid on top of me. "Good Morning", she said with a messy smile.

"Now that is the way to wake up", I responded still breathing hard. "I'm getting rid of the alarm and I just need you to do that every morning."

She rolled off of me with a smirk on her face. "then it wouldn't be a surprise", she said while wiping some of my cum from the edge of her mouth. She stood up from the bed still wearing her slinky nightie. "I'm gonna get cleaned up", Kate and I are going shopping in a while. Mind if I pick something up for myself?"

"So that was your plan", I answered, "you sure know how to ask nicely. How could i possibly say no to you after that?"

"I though it might help my cause", she said while stepping into the bathroom and closing the door.

I laid back with a smile on my face still basking in the pleasure I had just experienced. As I laid there with my eyes closed the morning sun illuminated the room I heard a familiar sound. It was my bedroom door opening. It took me a second to process what was happening and then I realized what was going on. My bedroom door had opened and I was lying buck naked on my bed with my legs still spread a little bit and the only other person in my house was Kate. I opened my eyes and raised my head to see the 5'9" long haired, slender brunette staring at my spread legs.

"Oh!", she said, clearly shocked at the site she had entered to. "Oh!", she said again still shocked and still looking.

I quickly flipped the sheet back to cover my cock that was still experiencing some after-sex plumpness as it laid on the bed.

"Oh!", Kate said again now looking away, "I didn't know you were home. I'm sorry.", then she turned and walked out forgetting to close the door in her haste.

When I could hear she was not nearby I moved quickly to the door and closed it. Once the situation was under control I realized that I was actually a little harder than before she had stepped in. This unexpected exposure had been arousing. What's not to be arousing about it. I had a 19 year old college student with a very nice body standing in her cami top and little shorts staring at my pumped up cock. At least I had made a good showing for her. I quickly determined that Ashley need know nothing about this accident. I moved on with my morning and nothing else was said, although there were a couple of uncomfortable gazes back and forth between Kate and I. I'm sure we were both wondering what the other was thinking about our encounter. I wondered if she liked what she saw, but that was a question I knew I'd never get to ask.

About 10:00 Kate and Ashley headed out shopping while I settled in for some college football. The evening passed and on Sunday Kate headed back to school and all was back to normal in our home. That evening at dinner Ashley and I were talking and she asked one of those odd questions.

"You'd do anything for me, right", she inquired.

"Yes", I answered with a clear question mark on my face.

"Well, I know that", she said, "but I need you to do a favor for me."

I was a little worried with the big build up to the favor. "What kind of favor?", I responded reluctantly.

"Well", she hesitated, "I don't really know what kind of favor."

"How am I supposed to do you a favor if you don't know what it is?", I asked now puzzled.

"I just need you to do something, and trust me. Will you do it?", she responded cryptically.

I thought for a moment, trying to understand our conversation. "I'll do whatever it is you want me to do, whenever you figure out what it is.", I continued trying to cover all the bases. Saying no didn't seem like an option.

"Ok then", she said, "I don't really know what it is 'cause it's something I need you to do for Kate".

Kate and I had a rocky relationship from bailing her out of jail and other altercations, much less our little peep show the morning before, but I was now committed to this. "What is it?"

Ashley began to explain, "All I know is that she is about to fail a class and she said you are the only one that can save her grade at this point. She needs your help this Tuesday night and I don't know what she needs you to do, but whatever it is I need you to do it no questions asked."

I broke in, "But what if..."

"Whatever it is", she interrupted, "No questions asked and I'll never ask you about it again and I'll wake you up with your 'alarm' this week"

Thinking of her amazing blowjob distracted me from the conversation at hand, but I realized I had no choice. "Ok baby, if that's what you want", I answered.

"You're the best husband in the world!", she exclaimed with a big smile on her face. "How could I ever show my gratitude?", she continued as I felt her foot slide up my leg and make lite impact with my crotch.

The sex was great that night, but I feared what Kate was going to get me into.

At the end of the workday on Tuesday I headed out to Kate's apartment about an hour away. I arrived with no clue as to what was going on and a knot in my stomach. I knocked and Kate opened the door. She looked very attractive as always wearing a tight T-Shirt that really showed off her pert breasts and and flat tummy. Her skirt that was a little too short which was normal for her. Her long dark brunette hair fell over her shoulders and her blue eyes reminded me of my wife's. As I entered her apartment I saw two other girls in the living room.

"Hey, thanks for coming. These are my classmates Meredith and Anya", Kate said gesturing to the two girls on the couch. Meredith looked very tall although it was hard to tell with her sitting on the couch. She had Strawberry blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders and almost clear blue eyes. She wore a little dress that left her long thin arms and longer legs exposed. Striking would've been an understatement as she was clearly an impressive specimen. Anya was darker skinned with long black curly hair. She appeared to be shorter than Meredith. Her low cut T-shirt and tight jeans showed that she was in very good physical shape. The cleavage on display showed her breasts to be almost large on her frame, but they looked pretty nice. Her deep brown eyes gazed into mine as she smiled in greeting.

"Ok, so what's up?", I asked trying not to sound too uncomfortable.

"Well, here's the deal", Kate answered. "We aren't doing real well in our art class. LIke not going to pass and if I fail another class Mom and Dad are going to make me come back home, so I have to pass. Last week we had a male model come in to pose for our class and I missed that day. It was an important assignment and I couldn't make it up because it was just one day. So anyway, it just so happens that our class is all girls, so the next class all the girls were talking about this model and how impressed they all were with his 'traits"", I began to realize that this model was not clothed in their session and fear began to grip me. "While they were all talking, the teacher came in and heard them. We thought she was going to be pretty mad, but I guess since it was all girls she informed us that she had spent years finding a model like him. She continued to tell us that if anyone could find a model with better 'traits', she would give them an A for the semester."

I was still puzzled by her statements but felt something bad was about to come. "Anyway", she said continuing with a little discomfort. "The next morning is when I walked into your room and saw", she paused, "things."

My mind started putting the pieces together and that's when I noticed sketching pads on the coffee table. "Oh no.", I said in disbelief. "You don't want me to..."

"C'mon", Kate interrupted. "We really need this. I really need this."

"I don't think this is a good idea", I said shaking my head.

"But you have to, Ashley promised", Kate begged with her hands clasped.

"Does Ashley know this is what you want?", I asked.

"Not exactly, but she told me you would do whatever I wanted". I could recall my exact conversation with Ashley a couple of days before when Ashley made me swear, whatever it is, no questions asked and told me she'd never ask what it was about. I made a promise to Ashley and now I was going to have to pay up.

"So how is this going to work?", I responded. All three girls smiled and Kate even clapped her hands softly.

"You're the best". she proclaimed gleefully. "So here's the deal. Meredith and I have to sketch you. Anya was at class, so she is our witness to determine if you are better than the model at class. She's also going to document it with some pictures to prove it, but won't have your face in any of them. So go ahead", she instructed as she plopped down on the couch next to her friends.

It was at that point that I realized that they were waiting for me to take my clothes off. I don't know if I've ever been that uncomfortable in my whole life. I could feel my cock plump in my pants as I processed the fact that I was about to disrobe in front of three extremely hot college girls.

I took a deep breath and proceeded to remove my shirt. Trying to get through this quickly, I kicked my shoes off and pulled away my socks. They just sat there and stared at me, pencils in hand. After a big inhale and exhale I mustered up the courage to drop my pants and underwear in one movement. As I stepped out of my pant legs I stood completely exposed to the three co-eds. I could feel my cock hanging heavy between my legs as I was definitely aroused by my circumstances.

"Well", Kate said looking over at Anya. Anya leaned forward clearly examining my cock. Her brown eyes were fixated right on my dangling member and i could feel it grow slightly.

Anya smiled, "I would say yes. It looks pretty nice and I think it could get you an A". I was oddly relieved to hear that I had passed the test and was worthy of an A. That's the kind of grade you want from an exotic college co-ed staring at your naked body. "But he needs to put his leg up on the table to be like the other guy", she finished her statement. I lifted my right leg up on the table allowing my cock to dangle down in open air.

"Wow", Meredith whispered staring at my dangling cock.

"I told you", Kate said while looking at the other two girls.

"But I didn't believe you until now", Meredith responded.

Kate snapped back, "I've seen a few of these, you know?"

Meredith conceded, "I have too, but nothing like that". Listening to the girls compliment my cock, made me grow even more.

"I'll get some pictures before he gets too hard", Anya said while picking up the digital camera and taking some shots. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, but I just stood still as they oogled my naked body.

"Here, use this", Kate said handing Anya a ruler. Anya came very close to me and proceeded to reach her hand with the ruler over to my cock and then stopped.

"Meredith, come here and hold this", Anya called out. Meredith stood up revealing her true height at about 6'. Her legs went on for miles and her long, slim figure seemed hardly covered by the short dress. She grabbed the ruler and held it next to my dangling cock, although, it wasn't dangling as much. Anya snapped a couple of pictures. "Hold it up", Anya demanded.

Meredith proceeded to reach out with her long fingers and hold my cock straight out with the ruler pressed against my body. Her fingers were cold, but caused me to become more aroused. "Damn Kate", Meredith said while holding my cock up. "How big does this thing get?". She proceeded to wrap her hand around my cock as if she was assessing it's girth. A flood went through my body when I felt the pressure of her hand wrap around me. My balls tightened and my cock began to grow harder quickly.

"It's already bigger than when I saw it", Kate said leaning forward.

"You guys are so getting an A", Anya said, "He's way bigger than the other guy. Meredith removed her hand from my cock and gave Kate a high five, celebrating their victory.

At this point I didn't know what to think. I was standing just a few feet from three hot girls with my hardening cock now pointing straight out under it's own strength and they are celebrating that it's the biggest cock they've seen.

"C'mon girls, we can't waste this", Anya interrupted their celebration. "Check him out. He's even got precum on his tip. You can't leave him hanging like this."

"That is a very impressive erection", Meredith added looking at Kate.

"Impressive to say the least", Kate added. Now my cock was as hard as a rock and precum was about to start dripping from my tip.

"Ashley said for you to do whatever I want, right?", she said looking at my face for the first time in a while.

At this point I had a thousand conflicting emotions. My mind said to "get my clothes back on and get out", while my heart said to "be true to my word" and my cock said "get me off now".

"Yes she did", I responded.

"Than just stand there for a sec", Meredith said as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around my firm cock. "I gotta check this out", she said bending over and wrapping her lips around me. My whole body tingled in ecstasy as she put me deep into her mouth and then quickly pulled away.

"Holy Shit, this thing is huge", she proclaimed to the other girls. I didn't think I could get any harder but listening to this sexy co-ed proclaim her pleasure with my cock was a big turn on.

"Move over", Anya said, "let me see". She proceeded to bend at the waste and engulf my cock with her mouth. Anya's mouth was warmer and wetter than Meredith's. I'd never had two different people suck my cock so close together, but it was very different and I wouldn't even know how to rate the pleasure I experienced. "This thing is huge", she said pulling away, "I feel like I'm only getting the tip in". I felt hard enough to burst.

"I'm the one in control here girls", Kate said with a playful voice, "Kate says", she said looking at me, "lay down on the couch". At this point my cock had taken over all reasoning. I needed to cum worse than any moment in my life. I laid down on her couch and my cock pointed straight up at the ceiling. Kate proceeded to reach under her skirt and remove a very small pink thong. "Let's give this thing a test drive", she said straddling me on the couch and slowly lowering onto my cock.

Her pussy was very wet and tight as I slowly slid inside of her. "Oh", she said, pausing and then proceeded to sink me deeper inside of her. "Damn", she said as I got about 3/4 of the way in. "You are massively thick", she said as she seemed to experience a little discomfort.

Her pussy was so tight around me I didn't know if she could handle any more of me or how much longer I would last before losing control as she wrapped me so tightly. She held her breath, straightened her back and slowly pushed down onto me. It took some force to get me all the way inside of her and she whimpered a little. The resistance was almost too great to bear as I could tell orgasm was coming for me.

"Wo", Kate said as if having a realization. "Right there", she continued with extreme focus. I began thrusting very slightly and she lit up like a Christmas tree. "Right There!", she proclaimed with her eyes wide open but focussing on nothing. I could feel my cum rising up. I was about to get the release I had been longing for so long.

"Yes!", she exclaimed as her body jerked slightly and then repeated, "Yes!". Her pussy was so tight that it's contractions around my cock were extreme. I instantly shot deep inside of her. She was still making sounds of pleasure but they were drowned out by the overwhelming release I was experiencing.

After what seemed like several minutes things grew quiet and Kate's head hit my chest. She lifted up her head and looked into my eyes, "You are amazing", she said still catching her breath, "I didn't even know that spot was there until just now". Her head dropped back against my chest. "Ashley is fuckin' lucky". She slowly rolled off of me and laid down on the floor unable to stand.

"Well, that was intense", Meredith's voice rang out. I had totally forgotten anyone else was in the room, but now realized that Meredith and Anya were staring right at me as I lay exposed on the couch. They were so hot and I couldn't believe what had just happened.

"I'd give him an A plus", Anya added.

Kate lay speechless on the floor and I pulled my clothes back on in silence. As I reached for the doorknob Kate spoke from the floor. "Thanks so much for all of your help".

"Well", I answered, "I'd be lying if I didn't say it was my pleasure". I smiled slightly as I turned and headed out the door. I wasn't sure exactly what I'd experienced, but I knew it felt very good and was an experience few men could claim to have had.

As I walked into my house an hour later, Ashley inquired, "So how did it go?".

"I thought there were no questions asked.", I responded wanting to avoid any chance of my experience getting out.

"You're right", she said patting my chest, "Never another word. How could I ever thank you for coming through for me". She continued while lightly gripping my cock through my pants.

"Maybe I could clean up a little first", I answered. The night wasn't over yet.

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