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This is FICTION and my 1st EVER story! It is just based on my fantasies so please be nice!!


"Oh Daddy" Jessica says as she runs into the house after school ... "I am graduating this weekend your little girl is all grown up now." Jessica's mother died when she was 2 so it has always been her daddy and her to comfort and love each other for 18 years and now his babygirl is all grown up. Tom, a hardworking upperclass citzen has always been there for his babygirl. After his wife died he has always taken great care of Jessica on his own. He has never remarried and hardly dates. But today something is about to change!

As the night went on, Daddy went into the shower he was going to take me to dinner to celebrate before the crazy weekend with parties and friends. I was in my room changing when I got to thinking about Daddy he always would turn me on even though he didnt know. I laid on my bed and rubbing my clit and feeling my juices flow. Pinching my nipples as I tried to cum before Daddy got out of the shower. Oh YES I would love to have daddy feel me. I rub harder and faster oh my pussy always felt so good when I thought of my Daddy fucking me and licking me. I begin to climax fingering my pussy deep and moaning out in pleasure OH DADDY. I better not be too loud he would hear me.

We went out to dinner. Daddy had a few drinks. He let me have a few sips of his drinks too to celebrate my accomplishment. I could tell something was on his mind. When we got home he wanted to watch a movie so we watched a scary movie while laying there I got scared at one point and jumped I was sitting close to Daddy and he put his arm around me to make sure I was ok. I laid into his lap. As the movie continued he would rub my back and soothe me as I got scared. Daddy's arms moved to my side and then the front of my chest. His breathing was a little faster when then I realized his hand was on my titty. A feeling shot through me and my pussy got tingling WOW my daddy is feeling my body. I tucked my hand under my head and could feel his cock hard. Rubbing his through his pants you could tell he was loving it as he grabbed my tit harder. Pinching my nipple more. He was making me so wet.

"Baby girl, can I ask you a questions?" Daddy says. "Of course Daddy" Jessica responds. "What were you thinking about when you were masterbating this early evening before dinner?" Daddy asks. OMG Daddy saw me I hope I am not in trouble. "Oh Daddy I am sorry am I in trouble?" Jessica asks. Daddy says "No, babygirl I just thought I heard you moaning my name when you were cumming" Should I just tell him the truth he is a little tipsy tonight he might not remember what I say. "Yes, Daddy I was thinking of you I hope you are not mad." Daddy begins to reach under my shirt and fondle my tittys mmmm it felt so nice. Daddy says "Babygirl, do you want daddy to touch you?" "Oh yes Daddy please." Jessica begs. "I have wanted this for so long Daddy. Ever since I seen you naked 2 years ago I have thought about wanting to fuck you Daddy we have always had that special bond." Jessica continues.

Daddy begins to pinch my nipples and kiss them oh daddy is so gentle. "Daddy will be nice babygirl I love you I would never hurt you so if you dont want to do anything you let me know ok?" "Ok Daddy I will tell you I promise." Daddy begins to reach down my skirt to feel my pussy mound. His hands are so warm and feels so good. He begins to rub my clit which is hard and throbbing for him. I grind into his fingers as he rubs me. My juices start to leak out of my pussy when he realizes how wet he has made me. I reach into his pants and grab his cock stroking it hard and fast for him as he moans in pleasure. "Oh Daddy you are so hard is ok if I suck your cock?" I I take daddys cock into my mouth and suck it and lick it massaging his balls as I suck him harder and deeper. He begins to lick my pussy oh yes my daddy is going to love my pussy juice. I suck him more wanting to taste him. Oh Daddy make me cum I say. Sucking him more I feel him throbbing he is grinding into my mouth harder. I grind into him having his tongue fuck me. Oh Yes I am going to cum Daddy as I cum hard he cums as I sucking him yummy he tastes so good. He was surprised I was swallowing all of his load in my mouth as he licked every last drop of my juices.

After we both cum we watch the rest of our movie and kiss each other goodnight. I couldnt have imagined how much I loved my daddy till this night. He was so wonderful he was so gentle and kind and loved me so much. I cant wait to have him again. I hope he doesnt get mad when he remembers tomorrow what happened. I sat there all night thinking of how the next morning will be when I walk downstairs for graduation day.

More to come if you like! Thanks for letting me share this with you.
This is just Part 1 I have more in my head for this story so I hope you like it and are kind to me!
Thank you and have a great day!

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2014-09-14 01:45:59
i loved it cant wait for part 2

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2011-04-08 21:00:15
too short!!!! and you should know that every time the person talking is switched a new paragraph starts...

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2010-11-03 02:40:50
It is a good storty but I agree with the other comments. It was a little short and needs to be a little bit longer. Perhaps you could add a little it more detail to the sex parts of the story, telling more of how she sucked his cock and more about how he entered her cunt and licked her juices up and how the two orgasamed, shooting their respect cum down each others throats.

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2009-10-27 22:19:56
I think it was a good story.. But short... needs to be a bit longer :-)) Will be waiting for more...

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2009-10-24 22:57:21
Great story! Thanks.

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