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Lisa is listening to her parents fuck when her father suddenly opens the door and asks her in

Timothy Clark, or Tim as he was always called, was alone in his car driving home in the afternoon on Friday. As always, he looked forward to coming home. He loved his wife and he knew that she waited for him and looked forward to see him. He had loved her since they first started going steady. He had diverted from the narrow path several times. The result was that he became more and more aware of how perfect his wife was for him. Now he didn´t even look in the direction of other women. He just waited for returning home and he knew that his wife waited too. They were perfectly synchronized in such a way that every time he returned home, they would go to bed early and made perfect love, sucking and fucking. He moved uneasily in the driver´s seat, because he was sporting an erection.

He arrived at home just about six o'clock in the afternoon. The moment he went through the door his daughter, Lisa, came running towards him. She jumped against him as she used to do when she was a kid, her feet on each of his sides and clung to his neck with her hands. Then she kissed him right on the mouth, hanging on him and rubbing her crotch against his cock. She hadn't done this for years now and he was embarrassed. He knew that she was well aware of his erection.

"Oh, Lisa, don't do that", he said.
"Don't do what?" she asked innocently.
"Don't jump at me like a little kid", he said. "You are so big by now." When he said that he realized that he was holding a grown up woman in his arms and she was kissing him while she rubbed her cunt against his cock as if nothing was more natural.
"Where is your mother?" he asked as he let her down.
"She took a bath and she asked me to tell you that she would join us soon" she said. At the same time the bathroom door opened and her mother came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in her knickers and a light robe which was open in the front. She hurried to Tim and kissed him passionately.
"Welcome home, darling" she said.
"Thanks my love."

They all entered the kitchen where Joan had prepared a light dinner. After dinner Tim went to the bathroom and after a while he came back clad in a robe held together with a waistband. They sat down in the livingroom, Tim and Joan sat together and Lisa was in a chair close by. They chatted a little and he said a few jokes he had recently heard. After a short while they all were quiet.
"Are you not tired, darling?" Joan asked Tim.
Lisa yawned.
"You know, I think I will go early to bed, I'm so terribly sleepy", she said. She and Joan had decided earlier to use those words and now they were just acting it out. They just wanted to get Tim early to bed and start the vivid love life. Then Lisa was going to listen to them fuck through the bedroom door. Joan had told her that she was going to suck Tim's cock and then they would fuck for quite a while as usual.
"Well Lisa, since you are tired, but give us a good night kiss first." Lisa rose and walked to her mother.
"Good night mama" she said and kissed her.
Then she went to her father and kissed him too. Then she went to her room.

After a little while the couple turned out the lights in the living room. Tim had losened the waistband so the robe was open in front and he had an erection and flaunted it. Joan's robe was also open in front, but she still wore her knickers. They went together into their bedroom.
"At last", said Joan. They both got rid of all their clothes. "At last you're back home. I'm so glad to have you back. We have missed you, Lisa and I. And now at last we can fuck!"
"Yes, he said, never better." Then they laid in the bed, which gave a little squeaking sound as they turned in. Ted lay on his back and his cock rose straight up. Joan grasped his cock and started stroking it. He took her breasts in his hands and kneaded them. Then he rubbed his hands down her sides to the thighs and almost lifted her up and she helped him a little. All of a sudden she was striding his face and he was sucking at her clit. She leaned forward and started sucking him. He moaned and so did she.

Joan had promised Lisa that she would talk aloud and that she would also try to see to it that Tim spoke aloud, too, so that she could hear them very well and know perfectly what was going on all the time.
"Oh, you are so hard darling" she said and he mumbled something as his face was buried in her pussy.
"What did you say?" she asked. He moved his face out of her crotch to be able to answer her question.
"Yes, my cock is looking forward to fuck my darling cunt" he said.
"Oh my god, it is so good when you fuck me. Do you know how often he has fucked her?"
"No idea", he said.
"I think that you have fucked me some three thousand times. And you have given my pussy some 15 litres of cum. How horny you are man!"
"What?" he said. "Are you crazy?"
"No", she said, "I figured out that if you spurt five millilitres each time you have given my pussy some 15 litres of cum through the years. That is quite a lot."

Outside the door Lisa was sitting with her ear close to the door. She heard them very clearly. She was rubbing her clit and waited for them to start fucking. She liked that the most. She found her mothers information remarkable and tried to envision 15 liters of cume. What a pool! E pluribus unum! Then she heard the definite sound from the bed.
"You just lay there darling, let me fuck you", Joan said. Then she heard their moans, the bed squeaking and the sound of wetness in her mothers pussy.
"Oh, it is so hard. This is so fucking good."
"Yes, and my darling cunt is so wet and nice", she heard her father say. Then there were just the fucking sounds for quite a while.

All of a sudden she heard her father say: "Lets turn over, now I want to fuck you." Then she heard a loud squeaking sound from the bed as they turned over. After that there was a very rythmic noise and Lisa realized that men fuck in a definite rythm while women don't. She heard her mother mumble something and she couldn´t hear it except that she was almost sure she heard her name.
"Are you sure?" said her father.
"Yes, quite sure" said her mother. "We have talked it over. I told her everything about our habits and she was very interested. She said that she had never been with a boy. Ahh ... Then she told me that she had masturbated while she listened to us ... Ahhh ..... This is soooo goood ..."
"Why was she telling you?" she heard her father say while he fucked a little faster.
"We were talking about sex and then she told me. She said that she wants to be fucked. Ahh .... My God, how your cock grew bigger ... Yes, fuck me hard .... Aahh .... Then she told me that she couldn't trust the boys she knows, because they were so stupid. And she does not want to rupture her hymen by herself ..... She says that she wants her first fuck to be genuine ... Ohh, yes .... this is so good ... !"
"Do you think that she is listening to us now?" her father asked.
"Yes, I know she is there. I told her that we would fuck for a long time and that I would suck your cock. She asked if she could watch us, but I said no .... Yes ... ahhhh ... yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, hard, now give me your cum ......."

Lisa was listening outside the door and heard every word. Somhow she felt as if her mother had betrayed her. But all the same she realized that since her father kept on fucking, knowing that she was listening, meant that he was not totally opposed to the idea or at least that it turned him on. But she remembered what her mother had said, that she might not let him see her. So she was ready to run and disappear round the corner as soon as the stopped fucking. But they kept on going. Her mother had already come and most likely her father too. They both kept on moaning. The bed squeaked faster and faster. Suddenly there was a forceful sound from the bed. Heavy breathing and moans from both of them. More rattling and moans... then silence. Only heavy breathing. In a little while Tim spoke again.
"Take it and lick it."
"Yes" said her mother. Then she heard the slurping sound of cocksucking. Hear father almost screamed.
"How did you like that?" asked her mother.
"That was the best fuck we have had for a long time" said her father. "Now I'm going to the toilet to clean up" he said aloud to give Lisa a warning. She jumped to her feet and disappeared around the corner in time before Tim opened the door. He went in and turned on the light. Now she could see him clearly. He was still erect. He stood in front of the mirror and washed his cock. He pulled up the skin and cleaned well around the rim of the cockhead. Then he rinsed off the soap and at last he wiped it dry. He took a much longer time than before. Lisa was glad for that and she realized that he was showing her his genitals without seeing her. At last he turned off the light and went back to the bedroom.

A little later the door was opened again. This time it was her mother. She closed the bedroom door and walked towards the toilet and turned on the light. Then she beckoned Lisa to come. She knew where she was although she could not see her.
"Well darling, how did you like it?" she asked when Lisa was there and they had closed the doors.
"This was amazing and fantastic" said Lisa. Her hart was still pounding. "How can you fuck for so long?"
"That takes some training" said Joan laughing. "Well, didn't you want to see your father's cum?"
"Yes" said Lisa.
"Bring your hand under my pussy" said Joan and squatted a little. Lisa did so and in a few seconds a glistening drop of semen fell into her palm from Joan's pussy.
"No, wait for some more" her mother said as Lisa was about to take her hand. Soon she got a lot more of semen. She took her hand and started to stir the semen with her finger. She looked mesmerized. She brought the finger up to her nose.
"Strange smell" she said.
"Yes" said Joan. "This is a combined smell of the cum and my pussy and your fathers cock. Thy all have a distinct smell but you get accustomed easily. Now put some more on your finger and taste it." Lisa did.
"It is not bad at all" she said and licked her finger clean and then got some more.
"No, I find your father's cum really good", said Joan. She took her daughter's hand and licked all the cum from her palm.
"It is so strange to eat something that a few minutes ago was part of my father" said Lisa. The cum tastes strangely but it is not bad at all.
"I like it a lot" said her mother. "Some women don't like cum. But different men taste differently. But then to other things. Your daddy said nothing when I told him that you were listening to us. But his cock grew qute a lot in my pussy. That means that he got more excited and hornier. So that he has already accepted this arrangement without saying a word. Then we shall se about the other wishes of yours."
"See about what?" asked Lisa.
"Yes, didn't you want to see us fucking?" said Joan.
"Yes, I want to, but I thought that you had refused" said Lisa.
"Yes, I did" said Joan. "But then I changed my mind. But we are in no hurry. Things take time. And your other wish about your father fucking you. It might take a long time or a short time or then not work out at all. We shall have to work it out. He doesn't know about that yet."
"Fantastic" said Lisa. "Will you try to persuade him?"
"Yes, but easy does it" said Joan. Then they went back to their rooms.

Later that night the couple woke up and had another fuck. That was a slow and easy one. But then Lisa was fast asleep in her room and heard nothing.


The days passed. Tim and Joan kept their schedule and fucked every other night as Joan had told Lisa, who always kept listening. Tim knew she was there and he kind of liked it. He always took care to talk loud enough to inform her of what was going on, such as when he asked how his darling cunt was and if she wanted his cum in her pussy and her mother said 'Oh yes, fill my cunt with your cum' and 'fuck me harder' and all that. Lisa always masturbated and tried to have an orgasm at the same time the others did. Then she rose and went into the corner and waited. Since her father knew she was there, he always came with his cock erect and turned on the light with the door open. Then he washed his cock and she watched from the dark corner. She knew that he knew about her but he never looked her way. And they never spoke about it. But she kept her childish habit: Every day when he came home she jumped on him and rubbed her cunt against his hard penis.

One night after about a week, Tim and Joan were fucking and Lisa was masturbating at the door. Then all of a sudden Tim jumped out of bed and ran to the door and opened. There was Lisa masturbating. Tim stood over her, his cock hard and wet from her mother's pussy. He turned on the light.
"Why don't you come in?" he asked. Lisa blushed all over her body.
"Can I?"
"Yes, isn't that what you want?" he said.
"Yes" was all that Lisa could say.
"Then come on and hurry. But clothes are forbidden. I am naked and so is your mother, so you must take off your knikers and bra before you enter. Then you must promise to ask us about everything that you want to know, whatever related to our sex. If you promise you may enter."
"I promise" said Lisa and took off her knickers and bra. She felt a little embarrassed being naked in front of her father. He had not seen her naked for the last ten years and therefore he had never seen her bare tits. Her mother was spredeagled on the bed.
"Lisa darling, now your dream is coming true. Now you will see us fuck. As you can see my pussy is soaking wet and I'm sure your's is too. And your father is more heavily aroused than ever. Soon he will put his cock into my pussy and fuck me and in a short while he will spurt his cum in me. How do you like the idea?"
"I like it quite a lot. Where can I be?"
"It is best for you to see if you stay at the end of the bed and look between your father's legs. He can spred them a little so that you have a clear view. Then you see his scrotum and cock and also my pussy."
"Yes" said Lisa and shivered with excitement.
"Well, lets go for it" said Tim. He went into the bed and between his wifes feet. She took her knees and raised them up to her sholders and spread them apart as possible. Tim took his cock in his right hand and moved his legs apart. He was just abot to enter Joan's pussy when he suddenly stopped.
"Lisa, can you see clearly?" he asked.
"Yes" she said.
"Then take my cock with your hand and guide it into your mother' cunt" said Tim. Lisa reached out and grasped his cock. She had never touched a man's cock before. He lowered himself and she aimed his cockhead towards the pussy opening. When his cock touched the pussy he stopped.
"Now rub my cock along the slit" he said. "Rub her clit from side to side with my cock. Then rub it down again along the cunt and steer into the hole." Lisa did as she was told. They both moaned. Ahh ..
Then he started fucking. Slowly. His cock disappeared fully into the pussy and his scrotum was hiding the pussy fully.
"Jees..." said Lisa.
Then he withdrew the cock. Slowly. Thin membranes in the pussy followed the cock just about half an inch out. The smell of pussy juice rose in the air.
Lisa was speechless. She didn't ask, just watched. She felt a rising sensation in her pussy which was very wet. She sat wit her feet spread and rubbed her clit. She tried to insert a finger in her pussy, but that was hardly possible without pain. Yet she dit and she liked it after a while. but she realized that her fathers cock was many times as big as her own finger.
Now Tim was increasing the pace. Her mother was moaning a lot.
"Do you like it mom?", Lisa asked.
"Yeah, ahh ..., wonderful, ahhh ..." Joan answered.
"And you daddy, how do you feel?"
"I fell as well as ever" her father said.
"Is the pussy more wet than usually?" asked Lisa.
"Yes, I think so", said Tim. "I'm just about to spurt."
"Yes ... ahh ... give me your cum ... " Joan gasped. "Then ... allow ... Lisa .... to suck ... your cock ...... she likes the taste ..... of your cum .... yes .... yes .... now .... yes ..... ahhhh ....." Lisa realized that her father was releasing his cum in the pussy. He thrust his cock deep in and held it there. The muscles in his thighs and buttocks were taught and stiff. He withdrew a little and then forcefully inserted his cock agan and kept on spurting. Her mother cried. Tim withdrew and turned over by his wifes side. Lisa could see his cum in her mother's hole. His cock stood erect and pulsing into the air. He was panting heavily.
"Lisa, you can suck it if you want", he said. "Then it will spurt some more." Lisa took his cock in hand and moved the skin along it. The she brought her nose to it and smelled. Then all of a sudden she opened her mouth and sucked his cockhead hard.
"Yes, yes ...." he said, then he grasped her head and pressed his cock hard into her mouth several times. Lisa stiffened for a moment but then she relaxed and kept on sucking. Then she stopped and released his cock.
"Did you get his cum in your mouth?" asked Joan.
"Yes", said Lisa.
"What did you think of it? Did you like it?" asked Tim.
"Nice" said Lisa.
"It was also very good for me when you sucked my cock. But now it's getting limp. That always happens after a man has fucked and had an orgasm. But now I'm going to the toilet to wash my cock. Lisa are you interested?"
"Yes" said Lisa and went with her father. He let her wash his dick and allowed her to investigate as much as she wanted. She had fun sliding his prepuce back and forth and look at his bulb appear and disappear again. She took good look at the rim of his cock and also at the underside of the cock. There she especially turned her attention to the frenulum connecting the prepuce and the bulb of the cock. She kissed his cockhead. Then they went back. Lisa took her knickers and bra and went back to her room. She felt that she had learned a lot.

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