I had some great dreams that night. The shower scene replayed itself in my memory. I could feel the tight grip on my dick. I could feel the sensation of sliding in and out of that pussy. I was focused on the tits in below me. I watched them as they bobbed up and down with each thrust.

My eyes worked their way up to see the look of pleasure on Aly's face. But it wasn't Aly. Staring back at me were the lust-filled eyes of Tiffany.

My eyes flew open. Just a dream.

The inside of the tent was filling with the little light that could creep under the tent flaps. I grabbed for my phone. 6:45. I had 15 minutes to spare.

I noticed a pain in my crotch. My cock was aching to be let out of it's prison.

Rudy was breathing deep in his sleep. I reached under my blanket and pulled my shorts down. My cock sprang to life. I made a fist around my dick and pumped slow.

I tried my best to recall my dream. I thought of the night before. Tiff's naked body. The taste of her pussy. Her scent. The way her body trembled after her orgasm. Yeah...

My pumping quickened. I could feel the heat pouring from my body. I threw my blanket off of me and shot my hips into the air as I came.

I drew several deep breaths, exhaling slow and steady. I left my cock out as the cool air surrounded it. It felt great.

I grabbed for my phone again. I had to talk to Tiffany. I had to find out what she was thinking. Did she really want to do something that we could keep as our secret? Was she just being a tease? One way to find out.

Me: You up?
Tiffany: Bleh...yeah.
Me: Sleep well?
Tiffany: Kinda. You?
Me: Great. Had some good dreams.
Tiffany: What about?
Me: Honestly? You.
Tiffany: lol. Those kind of dreams?
Me: All night.
Tiffany: What were we doing?
Me: Bad things.
Tiffany: They don't have to just be dreams.
Me: Yeah, yeah.
Tiffany: Really.
Me: You sure?
Tiffany: Positive.
Me: When and where?
Tiffany: Asap and wherever.
Me: Hm. Can't really use the shower.
Tiffany: Nope.
Me: You got any ideas?
Tiffany: Well there's only about 100 bathrooms around here, mister.
Me: Didn't think you'd wanna go back into one of those. ha.
Tiffany: Fine with me.
Me: Good, good. When?
Tiffany: After lunch.
Me: Awesome. I'm excited.
Tiffany: Mhmm.
Me: Alright. See ya then.
Tiffany: Be ready to shakeeee.

I closed my phone and smiled as "Reveille" hit. It finally dawned on me that it was Wednesday. Camp was at the half way mark. What a week it'd been.

Rudy stirred and his eyes opened slowly. He breathed deeply as he stretched.

"Morning, sunshine." I said.

"Yeah." He replied, sleepily.

"Sleep well?" I asked.

"Fuck this place." He said, sitting up.

Rudy started pulling his shorts on.

"What? Oh my God. Rudy doesn't need to beat off?" I asked in sarcastic shock.

" dick feels raw." He said, rubbing himself.

I laughed.

"Not that that's a bad thing." he added.

"That was kinda weird last night, dude." I said.

"What was?" he asked.

"Being in there with you guys." I said.

"You didn't like it?" He asked.

"I didn't say that. I mean...just doing that at the same time, ya know? And havin' to show you how to eat pussy." I laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. I suck at cunnilingus. We know." He said.

"Tiff, dude...she's smokin'." I said.

"Ah, fuck, I know." He said. "Aly...she's not exactly terrible. Got me hard just lookin' at her."

"Yeah." I said, smiling.

"I mean, shit, I'd fuck her. I'd fuck her right now raw dick or no raw dick." he said.

I didn't answer.

"Ya know I'm still open to switching partners if you are." He said.

"I'd do it. I don't have a problem with it. I just don't know about Aly." I said, lying.

"Well, either way, you need to show me how to eat pussy. Tiffany told me that that was one of the biggest orgasms she's ever had." He said.

"You can't push it. Just let it happen. Let your tongue slip around, poke, poke, suck, suck." I said. "You'll get the hang of it."

Rudy and I finished getting dressed and left the tent. The rest of the group had already assembled. Gary told us that it was swim night. The tests we took on Sunday were specifically for this day, our one night of swimming.

He also informed us that tomorrow, Thursday, was the camp-wide talent show. We could sign up through him. Friday, our last full day, was the camp dance.

Rudy and I mulled ideas for awhile. Did we even want to be in the talent show? No. Would we make it fun anyhow? Yes.

We told Gary that we had an idea. Since the talent show included musical acts, we thought we'd sing a song. Except we didn't want to just get up there and belt out some old camp song. We wanted to be rockers.

Gary said he liked the idea and it just depended on the song we chose. Everything had to be camp-appropriate. We knew that was gonna be a problem. The band we wanted to imitate didn't have a lot of clean songs. A lot of their lyrics had sex-laced messages. That's right. We were gonna do an imitation KISS concert.

Gary laughed when we told him that. He again said he thought it was a good idea and the camp could supply the paint for our faces. He asked how we were gonna manage it with only two people. We hadn't thought of that. Gary said he knew some younger counselors that would probably be willing to help us out.

We were set. All we needed was the song.

We headed up to the mess hall. I couldn't help but think of the excitement I'd have when we made this trip again in a few hours. After the next meal, I'd be meeting Tiffany for our first time together. What a rush.

Once we got in the mess hall, we noticed that Tiffany and Aly were nowhere to be found. I was sitting next to Rudy and next to the wall. I slid my phone out of my pocket and sent Aly a text.

Me: Where are you guys?

A few minutes passed and I had no idea what was going on. I started picking at my food when my phone started to vibrate. I opened it and there was a picture of Aly, totally naked and wet. The message read: "We needed a REAL shower lol."

I sighed a sigh of relief and saved the picture. I told Rudy where they were and he nodded as if he didn't care.

We finished breakfast and headed back to camp. We hadn't been using a lot of wood for campfires. Just a little at night. If we'd actually stay in camp at night, we probably would have went through a lot more. But no one bothered to sit around the ol' campfire these days.

Rudy and I sat down on the picnic table we'd crafted and thought our plan out for the concert a little more. Before long, Gary joined us.

"You boys think of your song yet?" He asked.

"Gotta be honest, Gary. I don't think we're gonna get away with "(You Make Me) Rock Hard" or "Hotter Than Hell"." I said.

Gary chuckled.

"No. Don't think so." He said.

"I don't really know. We're still thinkin'." I said.

"Well, I talked to some counselors. I got two that can fill in with an acoustic guitar and bongo drums." He said.

Acoustic guitar and bongo drums? What the hell? Better than nothing, I guess.

Gary stood and told us to give it some more thought. Rudy and I turned back and focused our attention elsewhere...the girls.

"The shit we've got goin''s good. But it could be better." Rudy said.

"How?" I asked.

"I don't know. It needs to give me more of a thrill. Needs to be more exciting." He said.

"Honestly, I'm thrilled everytime I'm with Aly." I said.

I was being truthful. I was still new to this game. Any time I got with her really was exciting.

"Yeah, I mean I like it and everything. I don't know what I mean. Maybe I'll just shut up." He said.

"Why complain when you could be getting nothing?" I asked.

"True." He said.

Rudy and I sat there a little while longer, reminiscing about our exploits. How great it'd been. How much we'd been dreading camp. How glad we were that we came.

I tried my best to occupy my time. All I could think about was after lunch. I couldn't wait to drive balls-deep into Tiff. I didn't know exactly how it'd go, but I had a good idea. A very good one.

Gary told us we could spend our time that day how we wanted. Nothing was on the agenda. I announced that I'd had trouble sleeping and was going to go take a nap.

I laid down on my cot and took out my phone. I had a new message from earlier.

Tiffany: Still excited?
Me: You have no idea.
Tiffany: Mmm. I'm getting butterflies.
Me: Why?
Tiffany: Cause I'm excited too.
Me: Ha. You're gonna be disappointed.
Tiffany: I don't think so.
Me: Yeah. I'm not that great.
Tiffany: Not what I hear lol
Me: Yeah, yeah.
Tiffany: I saw you doing Aly. I think I'll be very pleased.
Me: Just wait and see.

Why'd she have to bring up Aly? I was trying to block her out of my mind while I set out on this task.

I closed my eyes and began to think about everything. Somehow, I must've fallen asleep. Next thing I knew, Rudy was shaking me telling me it was time to go to lunch.

Lunch. God, lunch. I'd been waiting for this time all day and I couldn't care less about the meal.

We walked up the trail. My cock grew with anticipation. It was impossible to hide. I just hoped that no one was looking and checking it out.

We sat down and my leg began to shake up and down. I tapped the table top with my fingers. I couldn't sit still. I watched as Tiffany came into the mess hall, smiling. Behind her, Aly.

I felt bad about what I was gonna do. But honestly, I couldn't say no. Tiff was hott as fuck and if she wanted it, who was I to tell her no? Besides, as she said, Rudy and Aly didn't have to know.

Our food came and I pounded mine down. My phone vibrated.

Tiffany: There's a trail to the right of the mess hall. Walk about 200 yards. You'll see the bathroom.
Me: Ok.
Tiffany: I'm not wearing panties

I swallowed hard. I put my phone back in my pocket and clasped my hands together. I closed my eyes and tilted my head down.

"You ok?" Rudy asked.

"Great." I replied.

I watched the clock slowly tick. It seemed to stop and start continuously.

Finally, to my great relief, I saw tables of people stand and walk out. As Tiffany and Aly stood, they gave us a wink and exited. I stood and rushed out the door before my group could join me.

I waited around outside. I had to give Tiff a chance to get to our spot. Rudy rushed to my side.

"You gotta beat it that bad?" He asked due to my hasty departure.

"Oh, no. I just wanted to get out of there." I lied.

"I gotcha. You ready to head back to camp?" He asked.

"Actually I'm gonna go hit the bathroom. I'll be right there, though." I said.

"Alright. You don't want me to come with you?" He asked.

"Nah. I got it." I said.

Rudy said alright and headed off to camp. I told Gary I needed to use a bathroom right away and told him I'd see him in a few.

I looked around for the trail. It was actually pretty hard to find. You could walk right by it and never notice.

I hit the trail and walked rather quickly. It was sure as hell farther than two hundred yards. My disappointment didn't last long when I saw the latrine.

How was I supposed to know if she was in there? I started humming "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

One of the doors swung open.

"Ric! Get in here!" Tiff said.

A smile spread across my face as I looked around and jumped through the door. Tiff slammed it shut and turned the lock.

We wrapped our arms around each other and started kissing. Tiffany ran her hand down and grabbed at me through my shorts.

"Mmm. You really are excited." She said.

"No shit." I replied.

"We've gotta make this kinda quick. Aly thinks I went back to the mess hall because I forgot my chapstick." She said. "There's not enough time for you to eat me out again. We'll get to it next time." She said.

Next time.

I slipped my hand into her pants. As promised, no panties.

"God, you're wet." I said.

"I've been fingering myself since lunch." Tiff laughed.

I undid her pants and slipped them off. I opened my own shorts and slid them down to my ankles.

I ran my hand up and down my cock as Tiff backed against a wall. She lifted her leg to my waist and I grabbed it. I grabbed her other leg and slipped my cock into her.

Rudy had been right. She was tight. I couldn't figure out if she was as tight as Aly, but I couldn't complain.

Tiffany wrapped her arms around my neck as I slid my hips back and forth. I kissed her neck as my balls smacked her slit.

"Ahh, Ric...fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy!" she whispered in my ear.

I held onto Tiffany more tightly as I lifted her from the wall and walked over, shorts still at my ankles, and sat on the toilet lid, giving my legs a rest.

Tiffany kept kissing me as she ground her hips back and forth on me. I lifted her shirt above her bra, and then lifted her bra.

I leaned in and sucked her nipple as she fucked me.

I looked down and watched my glistening cock disappear inside of her shaved love box. I watched it twitch as she wiggled her hips. I saw her entire body dance on me.

Tiff's arms found my neck again as she planted her feet on the ground. She did this so she could run herself up and down the length of my cock.

"God,'re so fucking hott." I moaned.

Tiff was sliding up and down me slowly. I did my best to begin to pump my hips up and down into her.

Tiff began to wiggle her hips again. I couldn't take it anymore.

I moaned loudly as my balls emptied into Tiffany. I gripped her ass tightly.

She giggled as she sat on my lap and rested. I smiled and leaned in and kissed her hard.

"There. You owe me one now." Tiff laughed since she hadn't gotten an orgasm.

I nodded my head as she dismounted. I pulled my shorts up as she got dressed. We walked to the door, kissed once more, and that was it. We walked out and went our separate ways.

I got back to camp, a permanent smile on my face.

Rudy was the first to reach me.

"What the fuck, stud? You get a little after lunch?" He asked.

"Aly...she's a beast, dude." I said to conceal what had happened.

Rudy wanted details, but I talked my way out of it. We spent the rest of the day talking and playing with the football until it was time to go back to the mess hall for dinner. It was rather uneventful other than Tiff and I sneaking looks to each other.

After we got back to camp, Gary told us it was time to get back in our trunks.

Rudy and I made our way to the tent and searched through our bags to get our swim gear. We took our shirts off and laid them on our cots. Then we removed our lower apparel.

"Yeah. I think I'm healing up nicely." Rudy said, pointing to his cock.

"Yeah. Looks like you'll be ready to go for tonight." I said.

Rudy ran his hand over his cock a few times.

"Mmm. Tonight. Can't wait." He said.

"Me either." I said, glancing down at my own cock.

"You know, we're the camp-wide cock champs." Rudy joked. "No one's been havin' this much fun. Guaranteed."

We stood there a little longer examining ourselve before slipping our trunks on.

We joined the group and headed for the pool. We made our way to the large clearing around the pool area and I got an idea.

"Hey, Rudy." I whispered.

Rudy turned to me.

"Let's do it here." I said.

"Here?" He asked.

"Yeah. It's a big, open area. Under the stars. It'll be great. It'll have the excitement." I said.

"Ya know...that's not a bad idea." He said.

Rudy and I decided to discuss it further once swimming was done.

Swimming wasn't exactly a highlight. It was just wading around in the water to cool off. No slides, no pool toys, nothing.

Once the swim was done, Rudy and I used the showers to rinse the chlorine from our bodies. We didn't want to have a funky smell or taste to us. We dried off and made our way back to camp. Rudy and I both put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. No boxers.

Rudy slipped his phone out to text Tiffany. He told her the idea and she said It did, in fact, sound exciting. She said Aly was a little apprehensive, though. I got my phone out.

Me: What's wrong, babe?
Aly: I don't know. I just don't wanna get caught.
Me: We'll be fine. We'll see anyone coming before they ever see us.
Aly: I don't know. What's wrong with using the showers?
Me: We can't do that a lot or someone might catch on.
Aly: Oh.
Me: I'm sorry. If you don't want to do it, then we won't. I'll just wait until next time.
Aly: No, I'll go. I wanna be with you. I'm just scared.
Me: It'll be ok. I promise

I slipped my phone back into my pocket. The anticipation was high in the tent. We knew that any minute Gary would come check to see if we wanted to go use the shower.

Rudy and I sat there thinking. There was a long silence that was interrupted by Gary saying he was back with the other campers. He hadn't even bothered to ask us tonight.

Rudy and I grabbed our old shower bags. Little did Gary know that all they contained was a towel to lay on. We hit the fire lane and bolted off back to the pool area.

It was clear night. The stars were out and the moon illuminated the field. A lone security light shone inside the fenced pool.

Rudy and I laid our towels out laid down. Rudy let the girls know we were there and ready.

We couldn't help but look at each other and laugh. This whole thing was so damn risky. It was so thrilling.

We heard the sound of people cut through the silence.

"I'm fucking hard, dude." Rudy mouthed.

"Me too." I mouthed back.

We could tell who the people were. Our girls. Rudy opened his phone and beckoned them to us.

The girls sat down beside and looked around. They were paranoid.

"Oh my gosh!" whispered Tiff. "This is nuts!"

Aly looked scared. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her cheek. She smiled at me.

"This is crazy." She said.

I smiled at her and laid her on her back slowly. I laid down on top of her, resting my pelvis between her thighs. I kissed her slowly.

Rudy and Tiffany were about 5 feet to our side. They were kissing as well, but Rudy's cock had magically fallen out of his pants.

I lifted on Aly's shirt and she helped me take it off. She looked sexy in her bra and the moonlight.

I kissed the top of her chest and worked down until I was at her stomach. My hands fiddled with her pants buttons but finally got the job done. I opened them and pulled them off of her.

I laid back down on a bra and pantie covered Aly. I ground my erection into her crotch.

Rudy was leaned back on his arms, Tiff sucking him off.

Aly sat up what she could and undid her bra. Her breasts fell in the soft light.

"God, you're beautiful." I said.

Aly reached her hand into my shorts and gripped my cock.

"Mmm. No boxers?" She teased.

I took one hand and unbuttoned my shorts. The zipper worked it's way down on it's own until I had to kick my shorts off. I straddled myself over Aly's chest as she wrapped both hands around my cock and pulled.

Tiff was now topless as well with her nipples alternately in Rudy's mouth.

I pushed my cock down a little and ran it between her breasts a few times. It felt awesome.

I used the bottom of my tank top to wipe some sweat from my head. I worked my legs forward as Aly brought her head up to kiss the tip of my cock.

I looked over and Rudy had taken all of his clothes off. Tiff laid on top of him only in panties, rubbing her crotch over his.

I worked my way back down to Aly's crotch. I rubbed a few fingers over her panties and leaned down far enough to plant a kiss strategically.

I hooked her panties and pulled them down slowly. Her pussy glistened in the fond light.

I decided I should take my tank top off strictly for cosmetic purposes. I laid back down on Aly and rubbed my dick over her crotch. I slid my hips back and forth, sending the bottom of my cock riding over her love mound.

Rudy and Tiffany had switched. Tiff was now flat on her back, Rudy's face buried in her crotch. He was giving it another go.

Aly sat up and turned around. She was on all fours. I gripped my cock tightly and poked her perimeter a few times. She loved it.

I shoved just the head of my cock in at first. Aly let out a soft moan. I rubbed her ass as I pushed the rest of the way in.

I pumped slowly. I made sure I could feel every inch of her pussy I could touch. My hands searched up and down her sides from breast to hip.

Rudy and Tiffany had given up the oral and were doing the same thing we were, just not as sensually.

I sped my thrusting up a little. The warm feeling being created was phenomenal. My cock was gliding in and out of Aly.

I let my hands fall to my sides. I simply threw my hips back and forth.

I looked over to see Tiffany watching us. It turned me on a little bit more.

My balls finally started making a 'smacking' noise. I had to laugh because the sound was being echoed from the surrounding trees, making it sound incredibly loud.

We kept at it for a few minutes before I pulled out of Aly and had her turn over. She spread her legs wide as I laid down on her.

I reached down and stuck my cock back inside her for our missionary adventure.

Aly's legs came up and I put them on my shoulders. My hips dove up and down into her.

Tiff was now laying on her stomach with her legs open. Rudy was coming in from behind on top of her.

"Come on, Rudy." We heard Tiff say.

"No. I just can't do that." Rudy replied.

"It's not a big deal. Just put it in. You'll like it." She said.

"No." Rudy replied.

"Please?" Tiff pleaded.

"Tiffany...I am not fucking your ass." Rudy said.

Aly let out a very loud giggle she couldn't contain. It made me laugh to. I had to stop pumping for a moment.

Regaining our composure, we got back to work. I kissed Aly anywhere my lips could touch her. Her lips, her neck, her chest, her shoulders.

Aly started to let out soft moans. I was feelin' it to. The surroundings and the always present fear of being caught added to our sexual pleasure.

I stopped pumping and let Aly's legs down. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her up. I laid my legs out flat and held her close to me. She put her knees down on either side of my thighs and stared into my eyes.

I leaned back on my hands as she bounced herself up and down.

I cupped one of her breasts with my hand before putting it back to the ground. I tried my hardest to thrust up, but from my current position, it wasn't easy. Besides, Aly was doing a fine job.

Tiff and Rudy had laid down to the missionary. Rudy was ramming Tiff hard and she was feeling it.

I felt my cock begin to get very sensitive. I laid flat on my back as Aly worked her magic. When I felt it was too close, I pulled her down onto me.

Still on her knees, Aly leaned her upper body down onto my chest. I threw my hips into the air with great speed and force. Aly's moans grew louder.

My cock erupted into Aly's sweet pussy once more. Luckily, this sensation cause Aly to orgasm as well and the sensation of her pussy clamping onto me made my own pleasure greater.

I moaned loudly. Too loudly. I couldn't help it. Aly had fucked me senseless.

We caught our breath and laid that way until my cock finally slipped out on its own. We kissed and giggled.

At some point, Rudy and Tiffany had also had their climaxes. We weren't sure exactly how they finished off, but we knew they had. We all laid under the stars a little longer before the cool night air began to chill our sweat-covered bodies.

"I will see you tomorrow, babe." I said, rolling over to Aly.

"It seems so far away." She said.

"I know, I know." I said, kissing her.

Aly ran her hand down my chest and my cock began to twitch back to life.

Rudy already has his shorts on when Aly and I stood up to hug. I helped Aly collect her bra, panties, and shirt before I got my own clothes.

Once we were all dressed, we said our goodbyes. Rudy and I loaded our towels back up and headed in the opposite direction of the girls.

My phone vibrated as we got back into the tent.

Aly: I miss you
Me: I miss you too.

I was finally feeling sad that camp was half over.


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