A few months ago, my sister was having a friend stay overnight with us while mom and dad were
out at some party and would be really late getting home. This was not unusual, as they were rarely
ever at home since Janet turned 15 and therefore deemed old enough to babysit me. We spent a lot of time on our own anyway, playing in our rooms and running around all over the neighborhood.

I was a fairly popular girl at the middle-school but Janet was a super-huge hit at the high school. Blonde-haired blue-eyed and slender and the head cheerleader on the JV squad. Needless to say, we had plenty of very pretty girls at our house on a regular basis.

But this new friend of hers, Maggie, she was different than all the others. She was 16 with long soft & curly
brown hair and big brown eyes. She was incapacitatingly pretty and also very flirty! I had never been
past second base with anybody (especially a girl) but even I could feel what Maggie was about, and
it stirred something deep in my loins. The way she leaned against Janet when she talked to her, and
just the way she looked at her seemed so sensual and natural. It was pretty obvious even to me that
Maggie was a sexual being with no preference to gender! And she was about to change my life

It must have been around 10:00 when they thought I was in bed asleep, that I heard them downstairs in the den. They would giggle then coo at each other, then giggle again, then it would go really quite. I'm only 12, and not very worldly, but I knew they were up to something. I figured maybe they were drinking mom's
booze and talking about Maggie's boyfriend, or Janet's fascination with Jimmy's 'package' she called
it. Anyway, curiosity got hold of me and I slipped out of the bed and down a few steps so that I could
see into the den below.

Maggie was sitting cross-legged on the floor across from Janet who was facing her. They were both wearing one of our dad's big T's and I could clearly make out Maggie's cute breast and swollen
nipples through the thin fabric. The feelings that washed over me were alien. I was exteremly tuned on
by another girl! And so was Janet as it turned out.

Maggie leaned forward slightly and very casually said "Alright Janet. I dare you to put your finger in
your pussy, then put it in your mouth." Janet snickered and tried (only a little) to brush the dare aside as
crazy, but then she leaned back slightly and slipped her hand between her legs. I will never, ever forget
the look of shear lust on Maggie's face as she watched my sister slide her finger into her mouth. She
moaned her approval of the taste, never leaving Maggie's impassioned gaze "Mmmm" escaped Janet's
throat while she sucked on her finger. "My turn Maggie. I dare you to put your finger in my pussy and put it in your mouth."

OMG! I was about to burst into flames! I said I hadn't been with anyone past second base, but I was 12.
I knew all about masturbation. But until that moment had it ever occurred to me to taste my own cum
(that would make me gay, right?), much less another girls. But now! My own finger was inside me while
another was dancing around my clit. I almost lost my shit when Maggie leaned back and put her
finger, slick with Janet's cream, in between her pouty, beautiful lips.

Before I even realized the gravity of what I was about to do, I found myself by the hamper in the bathroom
with a pair of Janet's soiled panties in one hand with the other busy on my leaking pussy! I opened the soft
garment to the crotch and was elated to see that it was coated with a white substance that I knew was my
own sister's discharge. I held the panties to my nose and inhaled Janet's scent. The white discharge which
had been dry, was now moist with my saliva as I sucked through the thin material and tasted my sister's
pussy. I began to shiver and then shake. My body was wracked with an orgasm I never knew was possible.
My pussy quivered and the muscles in my stomach contracted. I was cuming! Not like all the other times
though. My fingers and hand were being coated with this lovely slimy, semi-sticky clear fluid. It was just
spilling out of me! I quickly slipped my coated fingers into my mouth and sucked on them while I held Janet's panties down there to catch more of the gooey cum. Then I replaced my fingers with the newly wet
crotch of the panties and licked and sucked and ate my own cum.

I was not finished. I wanted more - much more. I put the panties back between my legs. Hoping for more
of that sweet hot liquid, I pushed. As the pee began to flow, I remember trying to rationalize what I was
doing, but unable to control myself at this point, I drenched the panties with hot pee before shoving them
back into my mouth. The hot salty taste of my own piss mixed with my sister's discharge and my own cum
sent me again over the edge. I collapsed in the bathroom floor and laid there while I pulled myself together. I was awake almost the entire night. Visions of Maggie's pouty lips pressed against mine. My tongue sliding into her pussy and tasting her cum. My sister's lips on my own exploding vagina.

The next morning I was the first one up. My first thoughts were of Maggie and Janet kissing and touching
each other. Tasting each other... I wanted to be in the middle of them! The thought of the taste of my sister's
cunt in those soiled cotton panties. The thought that the chance that I may never have, to taste Maggie! I was hooked! I snuck into Janet's room and while they were laying there sound asleep (with eachother's fingers deep inside the other - I fantasized) I crawled across the floor to Maggie's overnight bag and found the prize! Her used Cheerleader undies would be musty with her sweat and pee and sweet, sweet discharge! I hurried to the bathroom where I was not disappointed! 'Oh sweet Maggie' I breathed through the cotton while desperately fucking myself with my fingers.

While Maggie and Janet are still pretty close, it would be several weeks before she came over again (I'll tell you about that night some other time). Sad for me, but I still had my sister's panties and there was no lack of bodily fluids to be suckled from those. I didn't soak them with pee anymore (I figured I'd get caught) but I continued to misuse them daily, to bring myself to that wondrous squirting orgasm.

Last month though, I got a new, very sweet surprise, that again, changed my life forever. Janet had been going steady with this boy (Jimmy) at her high school. Given her tryst with Maggie tough, I figured her
to be sexually active. It must've been blow jobs only though, because the taste of her sweet, sweet pussy never changed. A little more or less musky, more or less pee, more creamy discharge or less, a taste of blood and the smell of the period (a week I avoided each month), but always familiar. Until that faithful day.
As usual, I waited for Jimmy to leave and Janet to get a shower. Once she was out of the bathroom and safely in her room, I went in and fished her warm fresh panties from the hamper and there it was! What I knew had to be boy-cum had saturated the crotch! So much cum!

Already naked, I sniffed the new substance and then reached out with the tip of my tongue and tasted that new and wonderful taste. I began furiously fingering myself and sucking at the crotch of Janet's panties when the door flew open. Busted! There was Janet in her towel, glaring at me. As she looked me over though, the glare softened and the lines of her lips softened into a smile. I stood there with two fingers inside my nearly hairless pussy. My little butt thrust backwards. Her panties hanging from my teeth just brushing the tips of my puffy, 'mosquito-bite' tits. She walked in and cupped my face in her hand. Her other hand grasped my wrist and my fingers slipped from inside me. She lifted hand . I was immobile, paralyzed, embarrassed. I had no idea what she was about to do to me when...

My hand was eye level when her lips parted and she guided my cum-slick index and middle fingers in between her lips. She sucked gently before letting them slide from her lips and said, "My my little sister. You taste even better than I always dreamt. And what do we have here?" she questioned, while she gently removed her panties from my teeth. "I knew you were watching Maggie and I all along. I also know you've been using my panties this whole time to get off. If you didn't want to get caught, you should’ve shoved those deeper into the hamper!" I just nodded, unable to defend myself. I was still scared, but the fact that she tasted me like that had my head swimming around in circles and my pussy was as wet as a washcloth. "Ever kiss a girl April? Ever ate another girl's pussy?" She asked, matter-of-factly. I shook my head ever so slightly. She dropped her towel and led me down the hall to her room. I couldn't take my eyes off of her luscious ass. My mouth was watering as she shut and locked the door behind us.

"Lay down little April. I want to enjoy licking your beautiful pussy. Oh my, but you are the wet one aren't you baby." She lay down beside me and pressed her lips against mine. I moaned deep in from my throat when her tongue slipped into my mouth. I gasped when her fingers found my quivering vagina, and I clenched as she sliped two fingers into me. She slid down my body, licking me all over as she went. By the time her mouth closed over my pussy and her tongue replaced her fingers, I sailed over the top and erupted into her mouth. She choked a little bit from the surprise of it, then gently began to suck the liquid from me. "OMG little sister. What the fuck was that?!" She continued to lick up and down my lips and covered even the skin between my pussy lips and legs before pushing my legs backwards and licking up and down between my pussy and asshole. I moaned again as I felt her push her tongue inside my ass. After just minutes of that, I came again, against my sister's forehead and nose. She lifted her tongue out of my ass to catch the cum in her mouth.

She slithered back up my body and put her tongue back in my mouth so that we could share what she now calls, 'her little girl's lemonade'. She drew her thigh in between my legs as we kissed and pressed against my pussy while I ground against her and suckled her tongue. Now it was my turn. I began to make my way down her body and found her soaked. I ran my tongue through her golden pubes (which I don't yet have in abundance) and slipped down further to make love to her with my mouth. I found that Jimmy was still with us and moaned my approval as she pushed his cum into my mouth. I licked and sucked on her pussy until she was exhausted. Laying in her arms against her naked body I managed to finally speak, "Think next time Jimmy comes over you can save all of that for me?" She nodded and fell off to sleep....

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shit, that was the hottest story I ever read.

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love it that was so sexy i cummed

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hmmmmmmm........ it was okay

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Very hot! I too started started at an early age. Peeping on my siblings and their BF/GF would put me in such a state that I would cum without even touching myself!
To you I say my three favourite words: DON'T STOP, MORE!

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Very hot! I too started started at an early age. Peeping on my siblings and their BF/GF would put me in such a state that I would cum without even touching myself!
To you I say my three favourite words: DON'T STOP, MORE!

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