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Written along with the story "Is She Happier Without Me?'
Thinking about the loves of the past,
All the loves that didn't last.
All my loves of yesterday,
I wonder where they are today,
The close moments that we shared,
The loving words that said we cared.
I think about the ones that slipped on by,
I sit by myself and I wonder why,
One day they're here and next they're gone,
I understand that life goes on,
But still I wonder if it was meant to be,
Are they happier without me?

And if we ever meet again,
Could the passion be the same?
Would the old fires start to burn?
Could loving thoughts ever return?
Or are unspoken words left unsaid,
Should the past be left for dead?
Are they happier in their new life,
Watching the kids, being a wife?
I have to realize the die is cast,
Nothing can ever change the past,
But still I wonder if it was meant to be,
Are they happier without me?


Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-02 05:24:48
Amazing plz keep writing i love all ur poems and they help me threw the day when i need them too plz write more!!!!!

Being MeReport

2013-04-03 12:05:10
I love all of your poems so far I read like four of them but keep up the good work


2010-06-23 19:36:52
Wow, almost dropped a tear. Very very well written, your talent deserves to be read by other people.


2009-11-18 17:33:46
this one made my eyes leak. This is the kind I like to read and write. Some of the words I have used in my poems. Don't worry about the lower rating this poem is getting. It's unfair but it's an xxx site

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-15 20:06:11
Very good! I guess I have to read the story that goes with it now.

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