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Since learning about sex a week ago, they just can't get enough.
It’s 3 o’clock and time to get out of school. Bobby is at his truck first and Linda isn’t far behind him. “May I open the door for you?” he asks as he holds it open.

“I know why you are holding the door for me. You just want to see my panties. Well, if that is the price a girl has to pay to ride in your truck, it’s worth it.”

She climbed in and made sure she was bent over so he did get a good view of her pink panties. She liked it when he looked. In fact, she liked it a lot.

Bobby climbed in as said, “Let’s get home. I really need some relief today.”

“Wait a minute. You need relief every day. You can never get enough. You’re insatiable. Since we had sex that first time a week ago, we’ve fucked what, 25 to 30 times since then?”

“Me? What about you? Who attacked me last Saturday after I mowed the lawn and no one was home? I was minding my own business in the shower and here you joined me and sucked me dry. Then you had me eat you and then fill you up.”

“Well, who was it yesterday morning who woke me up by licking on my pussy?”

“I got the idea from you. You woke me up earlier this week by sucking on my cock.”

“I guess we are both a little insatiable. But what makes you needier today?”

While they were talking, Linda’s hand had slid down to her panties and was caressing her slit and button. She worked the material of her panties into herself. Her legs were spread and Bobby could easily see what she was doing while at the same time driving. Talk about distracted driving!

“You know Cindy in my math class?”

“Yeah, the one with the big boobs?”

“Right. Today she was wearing a terry cloth outfit. The top was really tight and the bottoms were not only tight, but short too. I don’t know how the teachers let her stay but I’m really glad they did. All during math class, she kept “accidentally” rubbing her nipples. Sitting next to her, they were so easy to see. I don’t think she had a bra on. She caught me looking a couple of times but it didn’t slow her down. I need some help and quick. Let’s get home.”

“You know we can’t. Mom told us to go to the store to get a few things we need at home. If we don’t get them, Mom will be really ticked off.”

“If we have to.” A minute later he pulled into the parking lot. He ran around to her side and opened the door again.

“You might want to rethink the length of that skirt.”

“You’re right,” she said as she slid from the truck letting her skirt slide up and completely show Bobby her panties. “I’ll take care of that.” Then she rolled the waist band up a couple of rolls and asked, “How’s that?”

“While I really like it, it might be too short. People are going to be able to see your panties.”

“I can take care of that too.” With that said, she quickly hooked her fingers in her panties, pulled them down her long, tan legs, off her feet, and tossed them into the truck. “I’m ready.”

“I think I’m really going to enjoy this shopping trip” Bobby said with a wide grin.

As they walked into the store, Bobby stayed a few feet behind her, hoping to catch a glance at her perfect ass. If she bent over far enough, he’d get a look at her shaved pussy. Yeah, he was going to have fun.

When they got to the bread isle, the bread they wanted was on the bottom shelf. “I suppose you want me to bend over and get that right?” Bobby grinned at her.

“Should I keep my legs straight and bend at the waist? I can probably get the bread and give a good show. Is that what you are looking for?”

Still Bobby stood there with a stupid grin on his face.

She stood by the bread with Bobby far enough back that he would get a good view. She look around to ensure no one was looking, then quickly turned to face Bobby, bent and got the bread. Bobby didn’t get to see anything except the surprised look on the old guy’s face. The guy walked around the corner of the isle and from about 10 feet away, got to see Linda’s beautiful ass and pussy. She had been bent over for probably 5 seconds before straightening. She saw Bobby’s face, then turned to see the man, standing there with his mouth open.

“I’m so sorry sir. I didn’t mean to flash you. I was trying to be mean to my brother. I’m really sorry.” Linda was concerned that he might call the store security. This was the first time something like this had ever happened and she didn’t want to go to jail or anything bad like that. She was scared.

The man smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I enjoyed the show more than you’ll ever know. You must really drive your brother nuts if that is the way you tease him. Go on. Tease him more and enjoy yourself but be more careful.”

Linda and Bobby hurried off to get the rest of their things and leave. They were a little worried that he might change his mind.

As they headed to the cashier, one stepped out and said she could help them. While she was ringing up the few purchases she said, “I know what you did to that old guy on the bread isle.”

Oh no! Now is when the hammer comes down and she goes to jail. The store employees know about it and surly they have to report it. What can she do?

“And to make it better, that old guy is my husband.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t really mean to do that. I was teasing…”

“Wait. You think I’m angry with you? Not even close. You flashed my husband and he came right here, dropped off his purchases, and said he was heading home. He was going to find his little blue pill. Thanks to you flashing him and the science of modern medicine, I’m going to get laid tonight. It’s been a few months since the last time. Listen. Anytime you want to flash my husband, you have my permission. Oh, gotta run. My shift is over and I have someone waiting at home. Thanks again.” And she was gone.

Linda and Bobby headed out to the truck laughing and so happy it hadn’t turned out a completely different way.

Once in the truck, and again Bobby had held the door for Linda and got a great view of her pussy and ass, Bobby asked, “Want to go to Aunt Jen’s this afternoon? We can drop the stuff off at home, leave a note for Mom and Dad, and then quickly get over to Aunt Jen’s”

Linda smiled sweetly and said, “If you didn’t ask, I was going to.” She resumed sliding her finger up and down her slit, this time with no panties in the way.

Bobby loved looking at Linda’s legs. Besides pointing directly at her amazing pussy, her thighs were lovely thighs. She was athletic but she didn’t play sports. She did love to run and climb which kept her in great shape.

“You need to keep your eyes on the road” she reminded him.

“The view is great. Why don’t you take the skirt off too? I like the idea of you sitting there nude from the waist down.”

“Well, no one will be able to see but you so OK.” And down went her skirt.

She continued slowly rubbing her pussy and began playing with a nipple. Bobby kept glancing at her, enjoying the view. His luck was running hot. He missed every light which gave him time to lean over and rub Linda’s pussy. He would end by sliding a couple of fingers into her wet pussy then sucking on them after the light changed.

“My blouse is getting in the way. Do you mind if I sit a little lower in the seat and take my blouse off?”

”A naked girl in my truck sounds unbelievable.” Off went the blouse and bra. Linda had nothing on and was giving Bobby a good show as she rubbed her pussy and B-cup boobs.

“When we get to Aunt Jen’s, pull up next to the garage. I can probably get out of the truck and into her backyard with no one seeing me.” She waited the two minutes to get there then said, “Grab my clothes” and off she went, naked as a jaybird.

The houses were all one story and the fence was solid so no one could see into the back yard. Linda was doing cartwheels across the grass and finally stopped and fell onto her back in the dark green, thick grass. She was spread eagle enjoying the feel of the grass and Bobby was enjoying the view of her lovely body, especially her pussy. He walked over to her and fell between her lets and impaled her with his tongue.

In the week they had been enjoying sex Bobby had learned how to bring Linda quickly to her orgasm. Sometimes she could have a dozen before he quit and they did something different. Today she quickly headed to that wonderful place with the electricity shooting through her and Bobby could hear her moans getting louder.

Suddenly he stopped. “Linda, maybe we should go inside. You are getting a little too loud and the neighbors might wonder what is going on.”

They headed to the house. At the patio Linda said, “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

Bobby stepped in front of her and she began pulling his shirt out of his pants and over his head. Next, she pulled off his shoes and socks. “Now for the good part”, she said. She unbuttoned his jeans and lowered them releasing his cock to bounce straight out.

“Doesn’t that feel much better” she asked as she began stroking his cock.

He agreed the breeze felt good but her hand felt far better. “Maybe we could find some place to do this all day. For now, I want to get you inside where it will be more comfortable and you can be as noisy as you want.”

He picked her up and carried her through the patio door and into the kitchen. Aunt Jen had a nice large counter in the middle of the kitchen with bar stools next to it on one side. Bobby set Linda down on the counter and pulled up a chair between her legs. He pulled her close to the edge and he began gently kissing her legs on the inside of her knees.

Linda leaned back on her elbows and offered her most precious body parts to his gentle touch. He kissed his way up her leg, then moved to her other knee, again kissing his way closer to the goal.

His tongue finally brushed against one of her lips then the other. He began lapping her like a dog would drink water. His tongue pushed harder until it slid between her folds and found her love canal. He tongue fucked her for several minutes before she began to moan. He moved up and began sucking on her clit with a circular motion.

While he was sucking on her pussy, his hands were massaging her firm breasts and his fingers were tweaking her nipples.

Since they weren’t home and no one could hear, she was allowed to be as loud as she wanted. Her moans were loud and as she got closer to a climax, she was saying then hollering, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” over and over.

Bobby didn’t slow down and alternated between sucking on her clit and tongue fuck her. Linda was loud but couldn’t have been heard outside of the house.

Finally the electric shocks rushed through her body exploding in her belly. Bobby kept sucking until she pushed him away. She had had a couple of orgasms and was now was enjoying the tingling sensations throughout her body.

“Well, what do we have here?” It was Aunt Jen. “Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.”

To be continued…

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