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My Neighbor's Incest Part X

"Okay, yup, I'll be waiting for you. No, they will not be home for a few hours. I can't wait, see you then." I placed the phone down and let my mind ponder what news Susan might have for me. She was going to be at my front door in a few minutes. It was strange the day before, in the driveway when Mrs. Davis wouldn't tell me whatever, "news" she had. But, so was everything else about our relationship, if you could call it that.

I had decided to let the whole thing about Mrs. Davis thinking Jasmin was my girlfriend go for now. The whole situation was too complicated and letting her think I was good for her daughter was fine with me. It provided a cover for Susan and I. Although, if we all ended up in the same room, that might make for some uncomfortable moments.

For now, I was just going to listen to my wonderfully sexy girlfriend tell me the news and then finish what her sister interrupted yesterday. I'm not sorry she did, because if she hadn't, I would have been humping Susan when her mother came home. That would have crushed Mrs. Davis. She would have seen her sweet young daughter being not so sweet. Plus, she would have thought I was cheating on her other daughter. What a twisted soap-opera life I'm living!

The doorbell made me smile at the thought of my true love standing on the other side. I swung the door open ready to hug Susan. "Howdy neighbor!" In unison, the two sister greeted me. My first emotion was somewhere between disappointment and resentment at the sight of both girls. But, once my eyes focused, both emotions fled quickly. My heart raced and my cock stirred at the vision before my eyes. The siblings stood shoulder to shoulder, both with that too familiar, cat ate the canary, grin. I took in the Playboy fantasy photo shot and tried not to over react.

Jasmin was wearing a well worn pair of denim overalls, with holes in the knees. The absence of a shirt and bra allowed her over sized teen chest to protrude from each side of the chest flap. Susan was wearing tight jeans and a, wife beater, tee shirt. A material bridge stretched from one erect nipple to the other. Her dark red tit crowns were clearly visible through the stretched fabric. My mouth watered.

"Tricker Treat!" Both girls held out their hands.

"You're a little late for Halloween, but what trick are you going to do for a treat? Other than, cause a wreck in front of my house." As I spoke, my eyes went back and forth from Susan to Jasmin.

Jasmin glanced over each shoulder and then turned to Susan. She planted her lips over Susan's and gave her the most erotic kiss I had ever seen. As Jasmin pulled her mouth away, Susan's tongue was being sucked out of her mouth. Jasmin turned towards me gleaming from ear to ear, the ways she always did when she wielded her sexual powers over me. "Now, where's our big fat treat?"

Jasmin's kiss left Susan looking scared and dazed. Kind of like that first time the three of us got together. I made eye contact with her trying to ask if she was alright with this. She smiled and asked, "are you going to invite us in before your parents come home?"

"Sure, come in. I thought you were coming over to talk to me, but I'm not sure I'll hear a word you're saying." I was hoping she got the hint that I was unclear about what was going on. As they walked in I pointed towards the living room.

Jasmin said, "Don't worry, we'll clear your head before you have to listen."

Susan's already plump nipples stretched her shirt a little more as she walked past me. I imagined my tongue circling each mound as my lips pulled them inside my mouth. I smiled, proud to have her as my girlfriend.

Jasmin's dimples grew deep as her face shared a genuine, sweet smile with me. My heart fluttered without regard for my mind's confusion about my feeling for her. I slipped my hand around Jasmin's back, under her farmer's suit. As we walked behind Susan to the living room, my hand traveled quickly south past the curve of her back and over her round ass. There was no surprise when my searching fingers found no panties. Jasmin pushed her ass back to encourage my groping hand. But, then with a loving smile she pointed towards her sister and removed my hand from her rump.

"I'm sorry to intrude on you, but I have got to watch. I can't stop thinking about in after yesterday, and Susan said I could watch. As long as I kept covering for you two." Jasmin moved the ottoman against the couch as she spoke.

Susan sat on the ottoman looking almost as nervous as I felt. Jasmin's hands went to work on Susan's button and zipper. I stood motionless trying to figure out how I felt about Jasmin watching us. Jasmin tugged her sister's jeans past her hips, like a mother undressing their youngster. It seemed strange, but as Susan's fine pubic hair came into view my erection indicated it didn't care.

Standing, Jasmin pulled Susan's pants by the end of each leg, straight up. Susan's slit and butt hole greeted my lustful eyes as the clothing fell to the carpet. I had fucked Jasmin in front of Susan before she was anything to me. But, this was different, I was going to make love to Susan in front of Jasmin. It seemed unnatural with an audience. I pulled my pants down anyway, knowing I couldn't resist the tender body before me.

Susan's innocent smile greeted me as I knelt between her legs. Jasmin was to my right, looking down at her sister's parted legs. She used her hands to encourage Susan's legs to open a little more. She watched my swollen dick head approach the tiny hole hidden behind the smooth flaps of flesh.

I felt like it was the first time as I moved my purple knob up and down the soft flesh. A shinny line of wet appeared on my throbbing head as Susan's pussy lips opened for me. Susan moaned softly as I brushed her clit. Jasmin's fingers gently separated the puffy folds of flesh while her eyes encouraged me to push inside her sister.

A shiver rolled over me as my cock's nerve center found Susan's hot juices. I paused and looked down at my bulbous dick top completely covering the hole it was trying to enter. Jasmin's hand move tenderly down my back and stopped on my ass. She pushed me forward and watched closely as Susan's body indented. I applied a little more pressure and Susan opened her legs further. Without warning the resistance gave way, and I watched my sword pierce Susan's body.

Susan and Jasmin gasped simultaneously as the tiny hole opened to accommodate my flesh. I paused as the miracle of sexual sensation engulfed my whole being. My eyes embraced Susan's with love and pleasure. Jasmin panted in lustful amazement at the sight of her younger sister being penetrated by a fat cock.

"My god, that is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I think I'm going to cum." Jasmin's words broke Susan and my moment and I pushed the rest of my cock inside her body.

The tight opening clamped down on the fattest part of my dick while the rest of the pussy tunnel embraced my flesh with a warm pleasure that defies words. Jasmin gasped again and placed her hand over Susan's stomach, as if she was trying to feel my dick inside. I drew the full length out and then slowly pushed back until my balls touched Susan's ass.

Slowly moving in and out of Susan's body, I watched Jasmin's hand slip inside her loose fitting pants and fondle her own needy hole. I pressed my thumb against the swollen nub at the top of Susan's spread lips. Instantly, her insides clamped down on my rod and her legs jerked. I felt a flood of juices surround my plunging meat as it continued in and out of her jerking body.

The faster I went, the more fluid I could feel seeping out around my dick, as Susan's orgasms seemed to roll one after another. My hips started driving like they had a mind of their own. I was on autopilot. That feeling always marked the moment I wished I could make myself slow down. But, once that magical rhythm happened, I always found myself powerless to do anything except obey my cock. My mind would cloud over with a wonderful lust, and I'd hump my lover until I felt that jerk inside my nuts. Then, I'd have to do the hardest thing, I'd have to pull out.

Jasmin's face was inches from her sister's gushing hole as my body hammered away at full speed. Jasmin moaned wildly as she reached an orgasm and my balls sent the first warning to my brain. Shit, I don't want to stop.

At the last possible second, I pulled back until my head came out, then I drove forward at full force until my balls hit Susan's gorged clit. The first huge stream of semen flew to the right of Susan's head, and landed on the couch. The second blob hit her neck and the third was intercepted by Jasmin's head. Two more small streams splattered Susan's stomach and pubic mound, as I milked my rod over them.

Still breathing heavy, Jasmin's tongue cleaned her sister's stomach. I watched in amazement as she licked all the ball juice off Susan and then kissed her. "Thank you little sister. That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I'll be wet for days thinking about it. Thank you for letting me watch."

Jasmin kissed me on the mouth, sending her tongue deep inside, "Thank you too. I'll leave you two love birds to talk now."

I watched as her tits bobbed side to side and peeked out from her sexy outfit. I love big tits.

"That was weird." I tried to look as puzzled as I could, even though Jasmin's kiss didn't surprise me at all.

Susan's look seemed to agree. "Well, considering what we just did and my twisted family, was it really?" Susan's words summarized so much.

After Susan wiggled into her pants, I gave her a tee shirt to put over her erotic see through shirt. Then, I led Susan to the kitchen and pulled out a chair for her at the table. I wasn't trying to be a gentleman, it came natural as I pushed her seat in to meet her sitting motion.

I let my hand slide across her back as I went to get us something to drink. "Okay, tell the news."

I sat down with two glasses and a Coke, facing Susan. It was so hard for me to act like I cared when all I really wanted to do was kiss her. Her face was glowing with a look of satisfied love. Her high cheeks smiled at me even though her lips gave no indication of her current emotions.

Susan inhaled, "Okay, you want the good news or the bad news first?"

Before I could answer, Susan continued. "Well, the bad news kind of makes the good news not so good. So, it probably doesn't matter."

Susan's innocent, childlike face replaced her sexual glow. Suddenly, she purged her emotional pit all in one fast sentence. "My mom is having a baby and my father hasn't been home for three days after they had a huge fight."

Susan exhaled and looked up from her clasped hands. Her eyes scanned my face, as if she was trying to read my look. I wondered if she could see the death grip on my heart, while I forced a genuine look of concern to my face? Shit! Look concerned, look happy, just don't look terrified. I coached myself inside my head. I could feel all the blood fleeing my face. Surely, I was as white as Casper by now.

I forced a smile and took Susan's hands in mine. "Wow, a baby! That's great. She was trying wasn't she? Don't worry about your dad, he'll come back, right? It was just a fight." I hoped my face was more assuring than my stupid run of words.

"Joe, your face is white. Am I supposed to believe that? Has your dad ever left for three days?" Susan's words dazed me as she seemed to be trying to read my mind.

I quickly pulled her up by her arm and made her sit on my lap. I gave her a warm hug as I considered the feelings I might have if my dad had actually left for three days. I kissed her cheek. "Susan, why did you wait three days to talk to me? And, why wouldn't your mom have told me about the baby?" My second question was stupid, but my brain wasn't working. My mind was flashing images of Mrs. Davis' chest at Halloween and at the car yesterday. I knew her tits were bigger.

I felt all the blood drain from my face again as I considered she might not have told me because she knew something. I might puke.

"Joe, I didn't know about the baby until I heard them fighting. I didn't want to say anything until I knew something more. Finally, yesterday mom told us not to worry. She said, 'some times people have big fights, and it's best that they put some distance between them.' She promised he was coming home soon." Susan didn't look like she had been convinced by her mom's words.

She continued, "then, she told us she was pregnant. She told me to tell you. I guess she didn't want to tell you because she didn't think we knew yet." Susan sounded like she was trying to come up with something to explain her mother's odd statement to herself as she spoke. It made no sense, and it scared me.

Susan turned my face towards her and kissed me. "Joe, you look more upset than me."

I kissed her and squeezed her tight. "I'm just concerned because you seemed concerned."

After talking for a few minutes, I ushered Susan to the front door. "My parents will be home soon."

Standing on the front porch with a hand firmly on each shoulder, I put on what I hoped was my most convincing face. "Susan, don't worry. Everything is going to work out just fine."

I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up by her butt. Our lips and tongues consoled each other in a passionate embraced. I could have gone on for a long time but I broke it off. "You better go before they come home."

I raced into the house like a chicken without a head. I put the glasses in the dishwasher and ran into the living room to see if there was any evidence of, "fornication." I turned the stained side of the ottoman towards the wall and flipped the cushion on the couch. I could take care of that tomorrow. I sat on the couch going over what it was like making love to Susan, while Jasmin watched. This was far better than thinking about something else.

I woke up at the sound of my parents coming in the house. I was dreaming I was married to Mrs. Davis. I was sitting with her, Susan, Jasmin and our baby girl. Except, even though she was a baby, she looked Susan's age. I shook off the crazy dream and went back to being a fourteen year old boy. That's all I was, a boy.

A few days had passed since Susan dropped her bombshell of information into my life. A couple of restless nights and worried days, but this day I was feeling fine. I had gone over it a million times in my head. I had finally convinced myself that with all of Mr. and Mrs. Davis' trying, the chance that I dropped the magic seed was almost impossible. I also convinced myself that it didn't matter anyway. Nobody, including me would ever know even if it was mine. There was no way Mrs. Davis would allow anyone to know she let her fourteen year old neighbor impregnate her.

It had been hard work, but I had brain washed myself into pretending it never happened. Mr. Davis leaving had nothing to do with me. Susan was my true love and I was going to focus all my emotional energy on her.

Jasmin's foot interrupted my conversation with my friend Bobby when it connected with my ass. "Hey stud. Susan wants to talk to you after school, so make sure you stay home and wait for her to call you."

Bobby's mouth hung open as Jasmin's lips touched my ear. "Here comes Stacy. Just play along."

Jasmin wrapped her arms around my waist and her tongue around mine. She kissed my neck and took my ear in her teeth. I'm not sure if her passion was an act, but my lust wasn't as my hands found her round ass cheeks, and I pulled her into my body.

"I said, play along, not do me in the hallway." Jasmin's voice in my ear registered a wave of pleasure all the way to my toes and my cock filled.

I could feel my dick pressing into her warm body as we held each other tightly. Then, Jasmin kissed my cheek and stepped back. "I got to go lover. Don't forget Susan's call later." She spun and head towards her class like she had never seen Stacy.

Bobby watched her round butt dance its seductive waltz down the hallway. I glanced in the direction of Stacy. She was leaning against the lockers staring in the same direction as Bobby. I would hate to see her hurt, but I sure hoped that worked. As much as Stacy was hot and a threesome with her would be a freshman's dream come true, I didn't want to do it.

As the bell rang for class, Bobby looked at me with a dazed look. "Did that just happen? You have some explaining to do!" I smiled and we headed in opposite directions for our next class. I tried to pretend I didn't have a hardon and that there was nothing real to that encounter with Jasmin. "Just play along." That's all I was doing.

I sat in class wondering what Susan wanted that was so important. I wish she went to my school, so I could run into her during the day. I thought of the perfect place we could sneak off to at lunch. My thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Parker's voice. "Please come to the front and write out your answer on the board, Joe."

Thank god my dick was laying flat as I stood up. I had no idea what the question was, let alone the answer. How stupid I suddenly felt must have been vividly displayed on my face. "Joe, please try and pay attention! We are talking about the meaning of Thanksgiving. Can you tell the class what Thanksgiving means to you?"

"A five day weekend." My already snickering peers burst out laughing as my perturbed teacher scolded me with her eyes. Good thing I didn't say what I was really thinking.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Parker. I guess I'm already in the holiday spirit. I feel very blessed to have a great family, friends and neighbors. I'll spend Thanksgiving with them giving thanks for all the wonderful things we have and the freedom we enjoy in America." I was so full of shit I was sure the class could smell me. Instead, the whole class stared in amazement.

Mrs. Parker said, "Very good. I didn't think you were listening."

After the forty seven minute class ended, I eagerly got out of the chair and headed for the door. I was hoping I could avoid Bobby and make it to my bus. I wanted to get home so I could wait for Susan's call.

"Bobby, it was a joke. Please don't take it serious and don't tell anybody. I don't want any rumors starting." I sure didn't want to have to deal with that getting around about Jasmin. Surely, it would make it back to Susan eventually.

"Dude! If a rumor was going to start, that's the one you should want! There is no way I am going to believe that was all an act. Not that I know much about making out, but I know enough to know when someone is pretending. You two were sizzling. I mean, I almost caught fire watching." Bobby's words only served to remind me of the months of conflicting feels and my twisted love triangle.

"Well, then I better sign up for drama class because that was all an act to get someone jealous. Jasmin is my neighbor and that's it. Let's face it buddy, she's hot and almost sixteen. What would she want with me?" My statement wasn't completely true, but I often asked myself that question.

"So, what's up with Susan, her sister, who you have to be home for her call later?" Bobby never struck me as being that smart, but he did pay attention.

"She's my girlfriend." I hoped the shock on my face wasn't as obvious as the look of shock on Bobby's face. I never thought about my answer, but it came out easy. It felt right when I said it, but then I didn't want to have to explain it.

"Okay, you're right. You are a natural. Take drama, because I totally could have believed that, the way you said it." Bobby's sarcastic tone made it clear he didn't believe me. He could buy that I was going with Jasmin, but not Susan. Phew.

She's twelve. She really is just twelve. Don't try to explain it. "I'll sign up next year for that drama class. I'm not sure what Jasmin was talking about with Susan. She probably needs help with math. I tutor her now and then. Her mom pays me pretty good." I felt sad that I had just lied about my girlfriend.

"It's well, not good. So who helps you with English?" Bobby punched me and added, "See you tomorrow." We headed for the buses.

I'm only two years older. My thoughts rolled with the school bus towards my house and my girlfriend. It was clear to me Susan was older than her years, and if it wasn't for what I was doing to her bald pussy, who would care about two years. But, Mrs. Davis had such an issue with it. Maybe it was the potential for what we might do? A big smile came over my face as I thought of all the things we had already done. We could keep going this way until she was thirteen and then nobody would care.

Once I was sitting by myself waiting for the phone to ring, I felt something beyond anticipation. More like anxiety about what might be so important that I had to wait for Susan's call. I jumped up to beat my mother to the phone out of habit, even though she wasn't home.

"Hello." I tried to apply my best macho tone to my voice, hoping it was actually Susan.

"So, what is important enough for me to be waiting on your call?" I tried to act like I had better things to do, even though there was nothing more I wanted to do.

"What are you implying? Of course I can keep my hands to myself long enough for you to tell me. Okay, I'm on pins and needles now, hurry up." I put down the phone and took a deep breath.

Susan was coming over to finally tell me the end of the story she started in her backyard, months ago. She had hinted about it, and Jasmin had mentioned it, but neither would finish it. My mind had tortured me for weeks after she told me her father had walked in on her and Jasmin touching in such an inappropriate way. I had imagined everything from him scolding them, to him taking out his giant cock and punishing them.

My heart raced as I waited for the knock on the door. Why tell me now? I wondered why Jasmin had mentioned her cousin's coming and how it related to the events of that week at Aunt Jane's house. I knew whatever happened had an impact on Susan, and she didn't want to talk about it. She told me Jasmin taught her about giving head, but she never told me with whom. I was ready to know everything about my first true love.

As soon as I opened the door, I grabbed Susan's ass and started trying to make out with her.

"Very funny! And, what's with the manly voice when you answer the phone? You trying to impress somebody?" Susan was mocking me.

"Ya, I was hoping it was the Avon lady. I think I got a shot with her." I wrapped my arms around Susan to keep her from whacking me. I didn't want to let go, but I did and received my reward.

"Ouch, you hit hard for a little girl." I tried not to seem to eager for the story, but I was. Considering everything I already knew about her and her family, I couldn't imagine what else there could be.

"Sit here." Susan sat on the couch, and I sat facing her on the ottoman that I had to clean.

I took her hands in mine and rested them on her thighs. "Okay, I'm ready to hear everything about you." I bet that sounded too eager.

Susan took a deep breath. "Joe, so much has happened since that day in my backyard when I started telling you this. Probably, this isn't even important, except Aunt Jane, Jesselyn and Jeremy are coming for Thanksgiving."

Susan thought for a minute before continuing. "I was so shocked by what happened at my aunt's house, I had to tell someone. Joe, you're the only person outside of my messed up family that knows these things about me."

I thought about defending her family, but kept silent.

"I was scared when I came back that I might be gay. I enjoyed what we did too much. Really, what Jasmin did to me. But, when I saw you, and you did, well you know what we did. I knew I wasn't." Susan nervously scanned my face.

A smile crossed my face at the memory of controlling her orgasm with my mouth. Her squirting nectar filling my mouth as she shook and clamped her legs closed on my head. I licked my lips imagining the taste. So much has happened since then.

"It wasn't just that, there was something else that scared me. Remember I told you my dad sat next to Jasmin after walking in on her fingering me?" The question seemed rhetorical, but I remembered differently.

"I thought you told me she was about to put her hand in your shorts when he walked in?" I had pictured that scene a million times after she left me hanging that day in her backyard. It didn't matter to me either way, but I bet it would have made a difference to Mr. Davis.

"Sorry, I might not have told you exactly how it happened. Remember, I was really paranoid that you were going to think I was gay." A self conscious smile appeared as Susan looked to me for approval.

"He just sat there next to Jasmin without saying a word, for what seemed like a life time. I saw his huge thing bulging in his shorts and I didn't know what he was going to want to do to us. I was scared. I knew at that moment I didn't want him. I never wanted him to do anything to me or Jasmin again." Susan took a quick breath and kept going.

"I thought about you. I know I told you I wanted him to, but that wasn't true. Well, not completely. I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't know what was normal."

"As he sat there silently looking at us, I knew it wouldn't be normal. I thought about how excited I got watching him and Aunt Jane and it made me sad. I knew we weren't normal." Susan never looked up from her folded hands.

"He finally unloaded what he had on his mind. He said, 'I heard you two watching us earlier, and I'm sorry.'" Susan seemed more uneasy than I had ever seen her as she considered her next words.

"He told us he was sorry he let us see that. He said it was wrong and he shouldn't have done it. He told us he had made a promise to mom. That was the only way she would have another baby. He said she wanted a divorce last year because she didn't like the way their life was going. Especially, the way they let it affect me and Jasmin."

"Then he made us promise we wouldn't tell mom about Aunt Jane. They had a deal they wouldn't sleep with anyone, other than each other." Susan paused when I exhaled.

"Joe, don't you think my family is messed up? Are you sorry you ever got involved with me?" Susan had mistaken my anxious guilt for judgment.

Tears filled Susan's eyes, and a few runaways tumbled down her cheeks. But, it was obvious she was holding back a salt water flood.

"He was so sweet to us, and he promised he would never act that way again. I had so much hope listening to him. I wanted to be normal, I wanted our family to be normal. I promised myself! I promised I wouldn't act the way our family acts. I'm just like him." Susan lost the battle with her tears.

She totally broke down. I let her cry on my shoulder while I rubbed her back. It reminded me that I had watched Jasmin cry after I cheated with her.

"Hey, take it easy." I didn't really have words to console her.

Through sobs and tears, "Joe, I'm just as bad as he is. I'm just like the rest of my family. All my promises were wiped out in a split second." I brushed some tears from Susan's face and tried not to show my concern for what might have happened.

Susan wiped her eyes and snuffed hard. "Joe, are you sure you want to hear this?"

"It's okay, just tell me. I want to know everything about you. I love you." I tried not to say those words too often, so they would stay special. There wasn't anything more to say after, I love you.

"I walked into our room the next day to talk to Jasmin some more about all the things my dad told us about our family. Jasmin was on her hands and knees, and Jeremy was kneeling behind her, fucking her. I should have just turned around and left the room. But, I didn't!"

"He stopped and stood up and I just stood there staring at his dick. My legs trembled and my inside burned, but I told myself, no, that's your cousin. I could feel the heat from his cock on my hand as he stood next to me. He kissed my lips and touch me between my legs and I forgot every promise."

"Jasmin helped me down on my knees with her, in front of Jeremy. She told me she was going to teach me to give great head. We took turns sucking him. We each gagged and stuffed him down our throats, like we were going to win a prize if we got it all the way down. It seemed so natural while I was doing it. Jeremy's cock filled my mouth with his cum and it seemed normal."

"Then I sat there and watched him fuck Jasmin. I enjoyed it. I never thought about my promise." Susan exhaled and more tears streamed down her face.

"Joe, are you mad at me? Do you hate me? I'm so messed up." Her face was flushed and she shifted uneasy on the couch.

"Susan, I'm not mad. You think all of a sudden I'd pass judgment? I don't have any sisters, so I can't say what I might do if I did. My dad doesn't have the temptation of having two hot daughters, either." I wasn't saying I thought it was normal, I just didn't want her to feel bad.

"Joe, would you have sex with your mother?" Susan's question took me completely off guard, and I looked it.

"See! It's not normal. I want to be normal. I want a family like yours. But, it's too late. You see how I am. I'm messed up like my family. It's incest, Joe!" Susan's sadness and conflict showed on her face like wrinkles on a hundred year old lady. She hated what she loved.

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