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As I sat at my computer watching my latest porn fetish, I heard the door open and as I took my eyes off the screen I saw my husband standing in the doorway. He had dirt and sweat all over him from the days work and I could tell that he wasn't in a very pleasent mood. "What's the matter?" I knew better to ask any other question other than that. With a sigh he went over to the bed to lay down and in my haste to comfort him, I left the computer and layed down next to him. "Work sucked!" he uttered and then sat up and looked around the room, I could see his eyes were going to my computer and I was a bit nervous as to what he might say. "Oh..Uhm..want a drink?" I flashed a smile and got up quickly to go make us both a rather strong rum and coke. "What is this?!". He had seen the videos and chatlogs. "What is what?" I yelled back in reply. "The porn, what are you doing watching it?". He didn't sound angry more shocked than anything else.

Strolling back in with glasses in hand, I smiled while offering him the drink. "Oh, I was just looking at a site my friend sent in an e-mail". Lies, I knew it and he did to. Before I realized it, he was sitting at his computer, scanning the site for a video we made he thought I might have posted. "It's not there. I told you I wouldn't post anything with our faces". He nodded "Well then, I'll just look around". With nothing else to say I shrugged and took a large drink from my glass and continued with what I was doing. "Are you talking to anyone?" he asked. "Yes, a few people." Silence.... "Is that ok?". He shrugged and replied, "I don't care". To me, that means 'I do but I know you're enjoying yourself so I will let it go'. Every now and again I heard a few comments on the links and videos that he came across and together we sat and review porn on our computers.

A few moments later he got up and moved to the bed, watching me. I was nervous to say the least, I had men on cams and chatlogs galore filled with all types of random roleplays and his eyes darted around to everything that cluttered my screen. "You know what I want...." his voice was deep and seductive, I knew it had to be something sexual. "No, what do you want?" He turned my chair around to face him, "I want you to talk to all your little friends while I finger your pussy"....
Shocked I looked around as if there were another to help me say something and before I could utter a word, I felt him peeling my panties off, his other hand unhooking my bra. Going with the flow, I sat back down on my chair and began chatting away. My attention was definetly not on those I was speaking to but to my husbands two fingers rubbing against my pussy softly. His index stroking my clit briefly before both fingers were inside my warm hole.

"Mmm." A few moments went by as he kept whispering dirty thoughts into my ear, "Don't you wish all these guys were here to fuck you?". Instantly I uttered, "yes" as I rocked against his fingers slightly. I watched and chatted with a few more people and then I simply had to get up, I wanted more than this. I went to the bedside and got on my knees, his hard cock was throbbing in my face, teasing me. Leaning over, my mouth wrapped around his manhood and I began to slowly suck and lick along the shaft, creating a nice slick surface for my lips to slide against. "Mmmmm". He tasted so good. I felt his hand grasp a handful of my hair and push me farther down on his cock to the point where I began to gag. He grabbed my face and pulled me up, pressing his lips against mine in a deliciously wet kiss. "Get down there and shove my whole cock in your mouth". I felt his lips brush against mine as he whispered those words and before I could compute..his hand was pushing me back down and my lips wrapped around his cock once again.

"God" he uttered. I looked up to see his head tilted back and his eyes closed, which made me suck and stroke even faster. I took him entirely into my mouth, gaging everytime I tried to force it farther....I just couldn't get enough. I felt my pussy grow extremely wet as he began to play with my clit once again. "Tell me baby, what are your fantasies?" I took a moment to answer him, "I want you to watch me get fucked by a bunch of guys and then have them all cum on my face" Before I knew it, he had slammed me back down on his cock, my hands jerking him simultaneously while I sucked. I wanted him to cum for me. I wanted to taste what he had to offer. I wanted to know that he enjoyed the idea that I wanted to get pleasured by someone else. "You know what I want..." I remember that phrase from before and knew what it had lead to.

He pulled me back up once again to where my lips brushed against his while he spoke, "Tell me, have you ever fucked someone else while you were with me?" I immediately answered with a "No" and he asked again. "Have you ever let someone play with your pussy while you were with me?" again a "No". He was persistant. I wasn't sure if he wanted to know for real or if this was simply pillow talk but it was clarified in his response, "Mmm, baby. Tell me. I promise I won't be mad. In fact, I think that is so hot" He forced me back down on his cock, I could feel my gag reflex kicking in and I pushed against him to releave myself. "How many guys have you fucked in one day?" I continued sucking on his cock, feeling him stop me every now and then and pulling me up to him for a kiss, "3" I answered. He smiled, "Mmm, did they all cum inside you?" I nodded, I could see where this was headed.

He pushed me back down and began to fuck my mouth once more, "Oh god!". His cock was pulsating in my mouth and my pussy had officially begin to drip. "Baby, I'm so wet". He reached down between my legs to confirm what was said, "Ooh baby, you like that don't you?" I could barely speak with him shoving his cock deep inside my mouth, reaching the back of my throat. He played with my pussy even more, my mouth seemingly glued to his hard cock as I kept sucking and stroking him briskly. After about 30mins, he finally grabbed my face once more and pulled me away from his manhood. "I want to cum inside you", he said while pulling me up from the floor and laying back on the bed.
His cock slid right into my dripping wet pussy and with a few deep and hard thrust, I felt it. He had cum, his cock was throbbing, I could feel it against my walls. I began to ride his cock while he jerked against the sheets, wanting every drop of him inside of me. As we finished up, I slowly slid his cock from my pussy, his cum dripping from my lips and I smiled, leaning down to taste our juices together, taking his cock in my mouth once more. "Mmm" I smiled and wiped my lips before laying next to him in bed. "Wow, maybe you should talk to guys more often" He winked and I laughed before we rushed off to the shower.

I cant wait to see what today brings!


2009-11-05 19:07:06
Great story!! Reminds me of my ex. Would love to read more about your encounter!


2009-11-05 18:59:54
Great story!! Reminds me of my ex. I would love tou hear about more of your encounters!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-27 11:51:34
let him shower this dont want anyone dirty


2009-10-26 15:47:44
very hot don't stop now keep it up and let us know whats next

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-25 22:32:31
I'd like to hear in your future stories more of what the characters look like and their names, more to it than the scene, though the scene was quite arousing.

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