My True Rape Story.
The young girl waited in anticipation for the alarm clock to buzz. It was her eleventh birthday and she excitedly yearned for attention today. She quickly jumped out of bed and rushed to the shower carrying her new outfit that she would be wearing to her party in just a few hours. She showered, dressed, and brushed her teeth quickly. She took a moment to look into the mirror wanting to impress her friends as all young girls her age wanted to. She darted to the kitchen where breakfast was waiting on the stove. She prepared a plate of eggs, bacon and toast, and sat down to eat.

Three hours later, her friends started to arrive at her house. All of the young girls giggled and gossiped while eating cake and ice cream. After festivities, the young girl sat down to open her presents. She was excited to see make-up, shower gels and lotions. She no longer desired toys, after all she was almost a grown-up now. After the party was finished and her friends had left, she began packing her suitcase. She was going to spend the weekend with her grandmother and step-grandfather as she did almost every weekend. They were going to get up early the next morning and take her out with her cousin to go gem mining at one of the local tourist attractions. Little did she know, this would be the last night of her innocence at the young age of 11.

Her grandparents were raising her cousin, who felt more like her little sister. Grandma and Grandpa slept in different bedrooms as her cousin Katy was only 5 years old and refused to sleep alone in the bedroom at the other end of the two bedroom trailer. So, Katy slept with Grandma, and when the young girl spent the night with them, naturally she slept with grandpa.

“Rebecca, put your suitcase down and come see what we got you for your birthday”.
“Ok, be right there grandma”.

Rebecca walked into the kitchen to see a beautiful set of hot rollers to curl her hair with and a lovely outfit to wear to school. The outfit consisted of a pair of cute jeans and a name brand blouse.

“Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much! I can’t believe it. I’ve been wanting a set of hot rollers for quite some time now!”
“We know”, replied Grandma. “I can’t wait to teach you how to use them. You will be so beautiful”!
“But no more than you already are”, replied Grandpa.

Rebecca gave them both a hug and a quick peck on the cheek and ran off to the bathroom to try on her new clothes. She ran out to show off her new look and found her cousin Katy ready to run outside and play. She eagerly obliged and the two ran outside holding hands to chase each other around the yard.

At eight that evening Grandma came outside and told them to come get ready for bed because they would be getting up very early the next morning to go mining for gems. The girls went inside and took a hot bath and put on their pajamas. They went to their rooms and snuggled in with each grandparent, both watching a little television before falling asleep eagerly awaiting the next day’s activities.

Rebecca awoke to a strange sensation. She was still half asleep and didn’t know what was happening. She felt more pressure and fully awoke, yet pretended to still be asleep. Her grandfather was rubbing her vagina through her shorts. She thought, “Oh my God, what is happening?! I must be having a nightmare!” She tried to scoot away, but his hand was persistent. She didn’t know what to do and started panicking inside. She had not even started to have sexual urges at her age. She hadn’t started her period, or ever had a boyfriend. She was only 11! Hoping he would stop if he knew she was awake, she moved and asked him what time it was. “It’s four in the morning baby. We’ve got to get up in a couple of hours so you better get back to sleep or you’ll be tired tomorrow”. He never stopped rubbing her.

She felt paralyzed as he continued to touch her and started to put his hand inside her pajamas. She struggled and he put his arm across her chest to hold her down. “Grandpa, please stop. What are you doing?!” “Hush Rebecca. If you wake up your Grandma or Katy, I will have to kill them in front of you, and then I will kill you too.” Her Grandpa reached over to the nightstand and pointed a Revolver at her face. He always carried a hand-gun, though he never had a permit to carry one legally. Rebecca’s eyes widened in fear and she closed her mouth and held her breath.

Her Grandpa continued into her pajamas and started rubbing her underneath her panties. He moaned as he leaned down to kiss her in a way he never had before. She struggled to break away and he slapped her in the face and picked up the Revolver. She laid perfectly still and didn’t kiss him back even as he attempted to kiss her. He abruptly shoved two fingers into her small vagina and she let out a small cry of pain. “Shut up or they’ll hear you Rebecca. I swear I’ll kill all of you if you don’t keep your mouth shut!” He grabbed her around the neck and squeezed tightly. She knew if she didn’t do what he said, that he would kill them all.

Her Grandpa let go of her neck and reached for a jar of Vaseline next to his bed. He removed his fingers and coated them in the petroleum jelly. He told her to take off her pajamas and panties. She did as she was told, crying. He placed his fingers back into her vagina and started moving them in and out. The pain was unbearable as he broke her hymen and a small trickle of blood ran out onto the bedsheet. “Ooh, I just popped your cherry birthday girl”. Rebecca cried harder, careful not to make any sounds. He pushed his fingers in farther causing her even more pain than before. She thought she would die. He started rubbing her tiny breasts with his other hand as he continued to finger her underneath the heavy quilt that was on her bed.

“Rebecca, put your hand on my cock”.
“Put your hand on my cock or you’ll be sorry!”

Rebecca’s Grandpa removed his hands from her breasts long enough to remove his erect penis from his boxers and placed her hand on it. “Now rub it Rebecca”. Rebecca didn’t know what to do. She tried rubbing it like he said. “Put your hand around it and rub it up and down. Rebecca did as she was told, not sure if she was doing it right. He continued to play with her vagina and the pain didn’t go away. He removed his fingers finally and started rubbing the outside of her vagina and then her clitoris. “Doesn’t that feel good birthday girl?” “No, please stop. You’re hurting me!” He didn’t stop.

Rebecca’s Grandpa began to moan slightly and he removed her hand from his erect penis. He leaned up on his elbows and moved on top of her. “What are you doing?!” She knew what he was going to do. She wanted to die right there at that very moment. She had never even had any thoughts of having sex. This did not feel good. She wondered how anyone could like sex. It hurt so much. Her Grandpa was supposed to love and protect her, not rape her! “Spread your legs Rebecca”. “No”. She struggled against him as he grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms to the pillow above her head. She tried to kick him as he put one leg between hers and pried her thighs apart with his knee. He was too strong for her to overpower. He slapped her on the other side of her face. “If you kick, scream, or anything else, I will shoot you. This is your last warning. Do you want to be responsible for the murder of your Grandma and cousin? I will kill your parents too. You’re my Grand-daughter. In the Bible, it says you’re supposed to let me do this.”
Rebecca’s Grandpa put a handcuff around each of her wrists and secured them to the bedpost instructing her not to struggle and make any noise. He took the Vaseline and rubbed some onto his penis. He towered over her, and spread her legs far enough open to lay in-between them. He used one hand to put the head of his penis into her vagina as his other hand continued to molest her breasts. She gasped at the pain, but couldn’t struggle. She was paralyzed with fear and in shock as to what was happening to her. He was very forceful, but quiet as to not wake his wife. His bedroom was at the other end of the trailer, and it would be hard to hear anything anyway.

He pushed his erection farther into her vagina and her eyes welled even more with tears. She prayed for him to hurry and stop. “Please God help me”, she prayed in her head. Her forcefully shoved the rest of his penis into her vagina and the pain she felt as he pressed against her cervix was overwhelming. She felt faint from the pain, but was not lucky enough to completely pass out. He pulled almost all of the way out and shoved in harder and deeper each time. She felt as though her insides were being ripped to pieces and swore she would never have sex with anyone if he would just stop. He didn’t stop.

After what felt like an eternity he pulled her legs up and spread them farther, making his entries even more painful. He began to thrust harder and started moaning quietly. He thrust faster. Finally he penetrated her deep and stopped as he began his orgasm. He pulled out quickly and ejaculated into a paper towel he had in his hand. She quickly pulled her legs together and tried to pull as far away from him as possible. He pulled his underwear back on and threw her clothes at her. “Get dressed and keep your mouth shut”. He unlocked the handcuffs and watched her as she put on her panties and pajamas.

He picked up the Revolver once more. “Open your mouth Rebecca.” She opened her mouth. He placed the end of the barrel into her mouth and cocked the trigger. “You listen to me real good. If you say a word about this to ANYONE, I will tie you down and kill your Grandma and Katy in front of you. Then I’ll kill your parents and anyone else you care about. Then, after watching them die, I’ll kill you. Do you understand?” Rebecca blinked through her tears and barely nodded at him. He put away the gun, Vaseline and dirty paper towel and crawled back under the covers. “Lay down and go to sleep Rebecca. We have to get up early, remember?”

Rebecca closed her eyes as she slid under the covers and next to the wall, trying not to touch him. Her Grandpa whom she loved so much had just raped her, hit her, and put a gun in her mouth. If she said anything he WOULD kill everyone she loved. She knew he was evil and was too afraid to move. She didn’t sleep and heard him get up at 6 AM waking everyone up to get ready for the trip.

Rebecca went into the bathroom and took a shower before dressing in her new outfit that her Grandma told her to wear today. She wanted to make up some excuse to go back home. She couldn’t stand another second here with him. She could never come back. What could she do? She walked out into the kitchen and told her Grandma she didn’t feel well and wanted to go back home. “Rebecca, what’s wrong? Where do you feel sick at?” “I don’t know, just all over.” “Maybe you have a temperature”. Her Grandma went to get the thermometer and her Grandpa took her by the arm and whispered in her ear. “You have to act normal or she will find out and you don’t want that happening do you? You can’t stop coming down every weekend because that’s what you have done for years. Everyone will find out if you start to act different”. Grandma returned with the thermometer and Rebecca had no fever. “Oh well, Grandma, I think maybe I’m just still tired from yesterday. After breakfast I’m sure I will feel better.”

On the way to the gem mine, Rebecca sat behind her grandfather and he constantly looked at her through the rear-view mirror. She felt sick and dirty. She felt like a disgusting person and was still in pain from his pleasure. She started to hate him, but felt she was trapped in what would become a never ending cycle.

After five years of being brainwashed, raped, and tortured, Rebecca was soon to be set free from her physical slavery. Her Grandpa had been sick for a while and was now receiving Hospice Care as he was lying on his deathbed. He told her how much he loved her and that he was sorry for all that he had done to her. He begged for her forgiveness and she gave it to him as she knew that was the right thing to do. He begged for forgiveness from God, and she prayed that God would forgive him of his sins against her and to help her move on.

Eight years after his death, Rebecca has been happily married for almost six years now. She has only willingly given herself to one man, and he has been a gift from God. She was almost turned against sex and still struggles to achieve physical intimacy even with her husband. He is a wonderful man who has never pushed her into anything sexual that she didn’t want. They dated for years before even having sex the first time. She is still haunted in her nightmares from the torture she endured for so many years but is fighting to become a better person through her experiences.

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