Will Joe and Susan make it through the truth about Aunt Jane's and Thanksgiving with her cousins?
Please Note:
Warning, it took me a long time to get to the sex in this chapter! If you're only reading this for the sex, then scroll down most of the way.

My Neighbor's Incest Part XI

It's not normal. It's too late. It's incest!"

Billions of thoughts and images flashed through my brain at light speed. They collided with emotions too powerful for my years, causing me to slip into a black cavern in my mind. Suddenly, the splash from a giant tear drop hitting my hand, brought me back from my mental stupor. When I realized the waterfall had come from my own eyes, I knew I wasn't helping Susan through her tragic ethical conflict.

"So, you just watched them do it? How come you didn't, you know, with Jeremy?" Is that your biggest concern? My twelve years old girlfriend was grappling with what would be daunting even for an adult, and I ask what amounts to a selfish question.

"Joe, I knew you would be the first. After that day in your attic, I knew. I wanted to that day, but I was too scared. Even before that, I hoped it would be you. Back when you ignored me, I had a crush on you. I just hoped one day, I'd look like Jasmin and you'd notice me."

"I cried myself to sleep that night after you told me you wanted me to help you with Jasmin. It killed me to watch the two of you together. I was so jealous. I thought I destroyed my chance with you when I helped you fuck her. I loved you so much and you wanted my sister." Susan's tears let loose again and so did mine.

"Susan, I'm sorry. I had no idea. I never expected any of this to happen. Phew, if my mother hadn't sent me into the attic that day, probably none of it would have. Even now, it's so hard to believe." I took a long pause.

"I don't care anymore what people think. I want you to be my girlfriend. I love you, no matter what." I knew I felt that, but everything was still so complicated. Sex does complicate everything!

"Susan, you're still a kid. There's still time to work out all this out." Susan's eyes came alive before I could say anything else.

She took my soaked hand into hers, "You're not mad at me? You don't hate me for what I did?" Susan looked relieved.

"No, of course not." I really was jealous about her being with another guy, regardless of relationships, but what if I told her my secrets?

"Joe, I'm not a kid! I can't be. Look at everything I have seen and done. I loved you the day I first saw you. Just keep loving me, please." I sealed my promise with a kiss, a salty kiss.

For the next thirty minutes Susan and I shared our feelings and loving kisses. Our passion was as high as it always was, but without the lust that normal drove us to sexual bliss. We just kissed, held each other and looked adoringly into the other's eyes.

"I better go before your mom comes home. I hope my father comes back so Thanksgiving happens with the rest of my family." Susan's tone wasn't hopeful, but her face was.

I noticed all of Susan new curves as I watched her take all four porch steps at once and strut towards her house. So much had changed since that day I lifted her straight body into my attic. Was that really just a few months ago?

I tumbled onto my bed that night like I was a ton of bricks falling from a building. I had so many mixed feelings and thoughts. I tried to imagine having sex with my mother, yet even in a forced fantasy, I couldn't see it. I even thought about some of my cousins I hadn't seen for a while. But, nothing. I wondered how it could come so easy for Susan's family, and to everyone else it was a cursed plague. I remembered that guy in the bible, Lot, I think. His two daughters slipped into his tent when he was drunk and fucked their dad. Maybe I just don't know who's doing it?

I thought of all the fantastic fantasies I had had of Mr. Davis' torturous dick being shoved inside Jasmin's tight hole. The incredible sex I had with Mrs. Davis. Watching Jasmin with her dog. Am I like an unreasoning animal, just fucking whatever is in front of me, like Buster?

I loved what I was doing, but I hated how it affected my love for Susan. I was probably as confused as Susan as I fell asleep that night.

The days rolled quickly passed as the holidays approached. I had noticed Mr. Davis' car in the driveway the night before. So, I was hoping Susan was going to call me with some good news. I didn't see Jasmin's fine ass the whole day at school, so I couldn't ask her.

I jumped at the unexpected knock on the door. Then, the doorbell quickly followed, twice. I opened the door expecting some kid trying to sell something I wasn't going to buy. I hated when they came to my door as much as I hated it when I had to go sell that useless stuff myself.

"Can I come in?" Without waiting for an answer, Susan pushed me out of the way and walk into my living room.

When I reached the room she was sitting exactly where she had been when she dumped her family baggage, not too many days ago. Her demeanor was completely different. She looked like her goofy self. Happy. I took the exact position on the ottoman I had last time. "What is it?"

"I'm getting an A in math, and my dad came home yesterday! Okay, I gotta go." Susan started to stand with a big smart ass smile on her face.

I pushed her down. "See, I told you everything would work out! How the hell are you getting an A in math?" I was excited that her dad came back, which probably meant even more good news. But, I couldn't comprehend how she could even be passing math.

"You silly boy. I might be young, but I'm not dumb. Did you really believe I sucked at math?" Susan's smile gave way to an outburst of laughter as she tackled me. We wrestled around on the carpet like kids until I finally pinned her. I kissed her, wondering if she could feel my love for her growing.

"Stop, I'm not done. We don't have time for that." She pushed me off her and got back on the couch.

"So, what was the fight about and what did he tell you when he came back? Do they seem happy? How long before your mom has her baby?" I grabbed a breath of air and shifted my erection so it wasn't jammed in my underwear.

"Jeez, Is there anything else you want to know?" Susan's large smile drew in a deep breath.

"He didn't really say, and I don't know, except what I could put together from the fight and other things I know. My guess is that my mother was upset that her sister was coming for Thanksgiving, and maybe she knew something about what happened when we were at her house. I'm not sure, because I was listening from my room, and I woke up after they were going at it for a while. Jasmin told me she heard more, but she didn't say if she knew more. They seem happy and everyone is coming for Thanksgiving!" Susan didn't seem to need an answer like I did, but she seemed relieved and thrill that her aunt and cousins were coming.

"Jeremy, Jesselyn and Aunt Jane will be here Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving. I can't wait. You're going to like them. They're all very nice. They're so much more than cousins to us. Jeremy is sixteen and Jesselyn is seventeen. Actually, he will turn sixteen the same day Jasmin turns sixteen. December 12th. You better get Jasmin something for her sweet sixteen." Susan took an excited gasp of air and stood up.

I felt uncomfortable about how excited she was to see her family, really Jeremy. Am I jealous? Unfortunately, I also thought about what I might give Jasmin for her birthday. I mentally scolded myself and kissed my girlfriend on her belly button as she stood in front of me.

"I better get back home, my mother doesn't know I'm over here, and she knows I don't need your tutoring anymore. I hope she doesn't figure out what kind of lessons you have been giving me over here." Susan giggled.

I took a deep breath in through my nose as I stood. With my nose filled with Susan's scent, I hugged her and walked her toward the door. I paused before turning the door knob and looked into Susan's eyes. "One of these days we're going to have to tell your mother."

Susan took hold my hand. "I don't think it's time. She had that whole sex talk with me the other day. She acted like I had never seen a dick before and went on about babies forever. I think being pregnant has gotten to her." Susan made a funny face at the sight of my face, but didn't say anything.

"I better go." Susan finished turning the door knob for me.

I followed her onto the front porch, not ready to let her go. Our lips and tongues enjoyed a passionate kiss, until the flicker of headlights lit us up. "Shit, that's my parents! I'll talk to you later."

I went in the house and sat in front of the TV, like nothing had happened. I was hoping our arms locked around each other could have been mistaken for something else.

"Is there anything you want to explain, young man?" My mother didn't look mad, but she was clearly serious if she used the dreaded, "young man."

"Well, mom, I guess there is. You see, the doorbell rang and when I answered it, there was a girl out there. I explained to her that I wasn't interested in any Girl Scout cookies, but without warning she started kissing me! I promise, I'm as shocked as you must be!" I flashed my best wonderful only son look.

There was a lengthy discussion about Susan's age and the inappropriateness of, "making out" on the front porch. There were no orders given to not date Susan, but the term, "exercise wisdom" was used enough that it was clear they didn't approve. Of course, there was never to be anymore kissing out front or elsewhere. If I heard, "she's only twelve," one more time, I was sure I was going to blurt out, "she fucks like she's twenty!"

All ended well with my parents as far as I was concerned. We'd just keep hiding the kissing, but I wasn't going to say she wasn't my girlfriend. Now, I just had to prepare for Thanksgiving. I wondered how I was going to feel seeing Susan and Jeremy together.

The days had clicked off quickly, that is, until the Monday before Thanksgiving. Only two days of school that week, yet they seemed like a week on their own. But, I knew once Tuesday ended, it would be fast forward into the holiday season. We would have so many days off from school between now and after New Years, plus countless goof off days at school. This year's holidays had so many different things to look forward to. So many unknowns.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis were getting along well, from what Susan told me. There wasn't anything I wanted more than their unending happiness. Mrs. Davis' status seemed too obvious, now that I knew what was in her oven. Her plumping belly and swollen chest seemed to scream my name every time I caught a glimpse of her. Although, she always seemed friendly and kind in her somewhat inappropriate way.

Susan had mentioned the family get together a couple of times, and each time I felt a twinge of jealousy. The strange thing was my feelings weren't limited to Susan. Somehow, Jasmin had become a stowaway in my emotional bank, and she kept making love withdrawals. Withdrawals, from the supply that should have been reserved for Susan. It seemed unfair that I saw Jasmin more than Susan, but Susan still stayed fresh in my mind. The memory of her last kiss always lingered on my lips until it was wiped away by another.

Susan's brutal honesty about herself and her family's incestuous history had left me more connected to her in my heart, but still troubled by how it complicated our relationship. It also had me challenging my own primate tendencies. I wondered if I had a sister like Jasmin or Susan if I would be different?

I spent most of math class thinking about what I could get Jasmin for her birthday. I hated having my birthday in the summer because it always seemed like a bad time for one. But, I imagined sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas was worse. I found my desire to get her something special frustrating at best and cheating at worst. I guess if that thing didn't happen before Halloween, she would just be the sister of my girlfriend. But, instead there was a ton of baggage associated with us. No matter what I got her would be my lose. If it was too special, Susan would be upset, if not special enough, Jasmin.

When the final bell rang on Tuesday, you could cut the excitement with a knife as all the students scrambled for the exit doors. For me the excitement was piled on top of a tremendous mountain of uncertainty. I wondered what I might feel when I met Susan's cousins. My hope was to spend every extra minute with Susan, but I didn't know for sure what would happen. We would all be at the mercy of our parents to some extent. I wish we had it like Charlie Brown and his friends.

Later that day, from my yard, I watched Mr. Davis pull into their driveway. I knew that he had gone to the airport to get Aunt Jane and her kids. I was nervous and excited to see these people who were "so special," to Susan and Jasmin. I tried to watch carefully without staring. That was until I saw Jesselyn slip a leg out the back door like a runway model. One long slender leg appeared, then the other. With her three inch spikes firmly planted on the pavement, Mr. Davis pulled her to her feet. She looked six feet tall. Three inches added by her shoes, but still a tall woman.

My jaw dropped and I remained frozen with my mouth wide open until a voice interrupted my trance. "Are you catching flies?" Susan's smart ass remark broke my concentration, but not my eye's focus. The tall slender young woman drew me to her.

Jesselyn's skirt ended halfway down her smooth thighs. She had on a sky blue silk blouse that was pulled tight across her firm, medium sized chest. As amazing as her model like frame was, her strawberry blond hair framed a beautiful face that could not be ignored. Her high cheek bones, defined chin line and broad smile soothed me. Her swollen bright red lips rested below a nose perfectly matched to the rest of her face. She was strikingly pretty, and strangely familiar.

"She has that effect on everyone." The second time Susan spoke, I broke my stare and turned towards her. I was embarrassed that I had been so caught up that I ignored Susan.

"Even you?" I asked coyly and returned my eyes to the car unloading process.

My eyes arrived just in time to see Mr. Davis' hand being a little too helpful as he guided Jesselyn to the back of the car. "Well, maybe. Definitely, my dad!" Susan also noticed the excessive hand gesture and seemed annoyed by it.

I watched everyone gather around the trunk to collect their luggage. Jeremy shared his sister's tall, thin frame. His light brown curly hair rose a few inches above his sister's head. The moment I laid eyes on him, I felt a streak of jealousy rise in me. He was good looking, like the rest of his family. I quickly pushed it aside reminding myself he was just Susan's cousin, and he was only going to be here a few days. I looked away quickly.

At the sight of Aunt Jane, my eyes did a double take. I blinked hard and then looked again. It was like a time machine had taken Susan thirty years in the future. The forty-ish woman was as beautiful and sexy as Susan, just in an older version. Her breasts sat high on her chest with her cleavage visible to the nipple line because of her low cut shirt. She leaned into the trunk pushing her shapely ass back into Mr. Davis' leg. He promptly slapped her rump, causing her to squeak and call out his name.

"Joe, no matter what happens this weekend, don't let it affect us." Susan's voice seemed concerned as she headed towards her driveway. She turned back and mouthed the words, I love you.

As the whole family came together I watched like a peeping tom. I felt so much a part of their lives that I felt left out. I wanted to see how they greeted each other. When Susan arrived at the trunk, Jeremy gave her a huge hug that lifted her two feet off the ground. But, as soon as Aunt Jane saw Susan, she took her away from Jeremy's bear hug. She took a cheek in each hand and pulled Susan's face close. I could see her lips moving as tears formed in her eyes. She finally kissed Susan on the forehead and then hugged her for a long time. Susan's arms returned the same serious grip on her aunt. When the hug broke off, Aunt Jane held Susan at arms length and looked her up and down. I was sure even her aunt would notice her new and improved curves. Her smile beamed, her tears glistened in her eyes, and she hugged Susan again.

As I watched them greet, like I had never been greeted by any of my aunts, I became fascinated by Aunt Jane's beauty. In thirty years Susan will still give me a boner. I couldn't help imagining marrying Susan, and thinking she would still be hot in thirty years.

Jasmin seemed more interested in Jesselyn than anyone else. The two beauty queens hugged like crazy and started talking up a storm. They were only half paying attention to the rest of the family. I was pretty sure given enough time, Jesselyn would break open her large suitcase and start showcasing her designer clothes.

When Mrs. Davis finally brought her incredibly sexy self out of the house, I noticed her larger than life breasts swinging in her blouse. It might have been my imagination, but it seemed like she totally snubbed Aunt Jane and hugged Jeremy. Sadly, the thought of her swollen chest pressed into his body made me jealous. I had never hugged her outside of the totally inappropriate sex acts, yet I wished it was me receiving a warm passionate hug. I shook off my stupid feelings and watched to see if Mrs. Davis was ever going to stop fussing over her nephew and act like she knew Jane was there.

The two women politely kissed, stepped back and held each other's hands at arms length. They each looked hard into the other's eyes. The uncomfortable stare was finally broken by a soft smile from Mrs. Davis. It seemed like there was a collective exhale from everyone else. The two held hands as they walked towards the house, while Mr. Davis and Jeremy lugged a huge pile of luggage behind them.

Later that night I couldn't resist the urge to speak to Susan. I nervously dialed the phone, not sure what I would do if she didn't answer. Our relationship was still a secret at her house. At my house only the kissing was a secret. "You know what kissing leads to." My mom's words still made me laugh.

"Hello." Susan's voice on the other end made me smile and my nerves settled.

"Susan, me too!" I was by myself, so I could have just told her I loved her, but I spoke in code anyway.

"Joe, I was just thinking about you. I wanted to call you, but I know what your mother must think." Susan was speaking over a lot of background noise.

"Well, I was thinking about you too. I don't really have anything to say. I just felt like I needed to hear your voice." I suddenly felt kind of stupid and needy. Maybe even left out or jealous. Certainly, confused about all my conflicting feelings.

"Are you having fun? Is everything alright?" I had something to say after all. I waited patiently as Susan moved to a quiet place. I heard a door close, followed by silence.

"Yes, and yes. I guess so?" Susan exhaled with a sigh. I waited.

"Joe, I'm just trying to sort through so many feelings. I love my family, but it's so complicated with everyone here. I wish I had a normal life. Seeing Jeremy reminded me of what kind of person I am. None of my friends are like me. Well, except maybe Mary, but that's another story."

"Joe, can you understand why I'm confused and concerned about this weekend?"

"Susan, I can. I am too. Maybe I don't have a full understanding of what you're going through, but I'm confused and nervous." I hadn't expected to say that. I was frustrated not being able to be honest with the one person I was sure I loved. I probably loved Jasmin too, but not like Susan. The truth was, I probably wanted to be able to keep doing Jasmin, but only have one true love. This is a mess.

"Susan, please always tell me anything you need to. Whatever you need from me, just tell me. I love you." I needed to shut up before I said too much.

"Joe." Susan paused and sniffed.

"Joe, that's all I need. Just love me no matter what. I want to know we'll always be best friends, and you'll always love me. I need someone I can trust with anything, who will still love me. I really needed to hear you say that tonight. It felt funny earlier, when you didn't say it back to me." Susan sniffed and took a breath.

"I feel much better now. Thank you for not judging me because of my messed up family and the things I do." Susan and I talked a few more minutes before she had to get back to her family.

"Thanks Joe. I'll see you tomorrow." After we both breathed into the phone in complete silence I finally gave in and hung up first. Then, I stared blankly at the phone wondering if she was still holding it to her ear.

I felt like a fraud because I couldn't be honest with her, and she trusted me with so much.

The next day when the phone rang, I tried to get it before my mother, but she was right on it.

"Hello, Oh really, an A! Wow. I'm glad he did something for you other than kiss you. I know. Just a second. Have a nice Thanksgiving." My mother turned towards the living room.

"Joe, it's your other sweetheart." She held out the phone with her judging look.

"My only!" I took the phone with a disgusted look. "Hello."

Susan's voice instantly made me smile, even though she was squeaking. "What did she mean, your other?"

"It's a long story, but you heard what I said. I'll tell you the rest later." I sure didn't want my mother to hear me explain how I pretended to like Jasmin, so I could see Susan. My mother thought I had a crush on Jasmin, and Susan's mother thought I was Jasmin's boyfriend. Well, I guess my mother at least had it straight. Does she? My hope was she'd never figure it all out.

"Joe, my parents left, so we are going swimming. You better be coming over!" Susan's tone indicated she really wanted me there. She was getting good at telling me what to do. She must be my girlfriend.

"Is it cold out?" Even though it was warmer than normal, I still associated swimming with hot summer days. I guess because we never had a pool.

"Joe, this is Florida and they are here from Pittsburgh. They think it's hot!"

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes." I got excited about seeing Susan, but a little nervous about meeting her cousins. Or, maybe I was just nervous about how being next to Jeremy and Susan together would make me feel.

As I changed into shorts, I wondered if Jesselyn knew about what Jasmin, Susan and Jeremy did last summer. Or, if she knew about her mother and uncle! Suddenly, I realized Susan hardly mentioned Jesselyn. I didn't know anything about what I could assume the others knew.

Susan was waiting for me in the driveway when I got outside. A warm feeling washed over me, as soon as I saw her. Her smile indicated she felt the same way. I kissed her, hoping my parents weren't spying.

"I'm glad you came out to meet me. I realized you never told me anything about Jesselyn. I don't want to assume anything. Actually, I'm a little nervous about this." I didn't fully understand my apprehension, but I wanted Susan to know how I felt.

"Joe, I'm a little nervous too. Jasmin seemed to have her sinister mind working overtime all night and this morning. She has been talking with Jeremy secretly, and she told me to make sure I had you come over. So, be warned. You can bail out anytime you want to." Susan smiled cautiously.

"Baby doll, I'm not worried about your sister. My main concern is not saying anything I shouldn't. Does Jesselyn know about you and her brother? Or, your dad and her mom?" I wasn't sure where the new pet name came from, but it gave me a more confident feel about our relationship after I said it.

"Well, stud muffin, I can't tell you a lot about Jesselyn. But, she doesn't know about her brother and us, or her mother." Even with her sarcasm, Susan's tone was regretful.

"So, best bet, don't say anything about anything. Jesselyn, well it's all a long story you're not ready for." Susan took a long pause, like it was a story she wasn't ready to tell.

She contemplated for a few seconds. "Joe, from what Jasmin tells me, Jesselyn is, well. How do I say this? Jasmin and I. Joe, Jesselyn seems to like girls and as far as we know, she has never had a boyfriend." Susan stumbling over her words told me there was even more to this than she was saying.

I let Susan's words tumble around in my mind long enough to draw a cross eyed look from her. I really needed a few more months, or maybe years to sort all this out. I felt guilty for a few seconds and then smiled at the girl standing in front of me.

"Joe, promise me that no matter what, you'll love me and be my friend."

"I promise, but you have to do the same." Susan didn't sound like she was asking for an excuse to do whatever, but I knew I was asking for forgiveness in advance, for anything she might find out.

We settled it, the true love we felt right then would carry us through anything that might happen. Even in my state of euphoria I knew our vow would be rocked if her mother ever gave up our secret, or if Susan found out I had pledged my love to her sister after being seduced by her. "It was the woman you gave me."

We started walking. "Wait, before we go, is it alright that you're my girlfriend? I mean, I want to act like you are in front of your cousins." I felt silly bumbling over my words, but Susan saved me.

"Yes it's fine. They both know I have a boyfriend that mom and dad don't know about. They are expecting to get to meet you today, so we better go." Susan hit me with her usual affectionate little girl slap as we walked to the gate.

We walked through the gate and Susan locked it behind us. Jasmin was standing next to Jesselyn with her volley ball shorts on. Her white cotton tee shirt was tied in a knot under her large melon shaped tits. The outline of her protruding tit crowns told the story of her missing bra. Jasmin was as sexy as ever, but my focus was on the stunning beauty beside to her.

"I told you she has that effect on everyone." Susan noticed I had frozen in my tracks at the sight of Jesselyn. I was wondering if Susan's hair would turn that color when she grew up into her cousin's shape.

Jesselyn's reddish blond hair was draped halfway down her back and glistened in the sunlight. Wavy, but not curly. Her long body wreaked of sexiness, but was contrasted by her girl next door face. Simply, perfection was the best way to describe it. The ivory girl skin shined with a glorious beauty. Her sex appeal mocked her childlike beauty and registered tilt on my appreciation meter. A goddess I'd never even be able to say hello to. Just like Jasmin used to be to me, too hot to approach.

"I love those shorts." I mumbled to myself, I thought.

"What did you say?" Obviously, Susan heard me.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. Those shorts should be outlawed." She shouldn't have been surprised. She knew how much I loved to go to her sister's volley ball games.

"Come on! And, try not to embarrass yourself." Susan tugged my arm, mumbling, "or me."

I wasn't sure what she meant by that, except... She knows me too well.

"This is my cousin, Jesselyn, and this is my boyfriend, Joe." Susan's introduction was followed by Jesselyn's slender hand being extended towards me.

As my hand touched hers, my brain stopped sending signals to my tongue and lips. The girl's hazel eyes were shattered like cracked glass and reflected light from a thousand points. Her face shined with enthusiasm and welcomed me like an old friend. Even in her plain red tee shirt and borrowed shorts, her sex appeal stunned me and her beauty paralyzed me.

"Where's Jeremy?" Susan's question caused me to release Jesselyn's hand, which I had probably been holding just long enough to make her uncomfortable.

"It's great to finally meet you." That was stupid. I wondered if anyone noticed how excited I sounded or that "finally," was really inappropriate?

Jasmin kissed me on the cheek and said, "Don't worry, he's harmless." Obviously, she noticed.

After a few minutes of small talk about how warm it was and how cold it was back at home, Jeremy finally came out of the house. His thin body was dwarfed by Mr. Davis' shorts, which he held up as he announced, "these are the smallest I could find."

As he approached, I wanted to feel defensive, but his pleasant face made me feel at ease. He said hello, but was clearly fixated on Jasmin's shorts. The black stretchy fabric clung to her ass like skin, except it increased the graphic nature of her fabulous curves. In the front, they wrapped her bulbous pubic mound and sank between her luscious outer flaps. In the back they tucked under her cheeks, accentuating their fullness, while separating them just enough to highlight the depth of her ass channel.

After some conversation, I felt like I knew Jesselyn and Jeremy for a long time. They were both very friendly and easy to talk to. Even though Jesselyn was seventeen and model material, she didn't give a hint of feeling superior. It was like she didn't have a clue how gorgeous she was. She treated us all like we were her age.

Jeremy was extremely good natured and easy to relate to. His likeness to Jasmin in looks and personality quickly made me forget I had felt threatened or jealous of him. Oddly, our age ranging from twelve to seventeen didn't seem to be an issue for anybody. Susan was right, I like them.

"I'll check." Susan headed towards the pool to see if it was too cold, while I watched her butt wink side to side. It amazed me that a girl her age could possess such a command of her sex appeal. She already knew how to use what she had to raise my flag. Probably, Jeremy's too. I wondered if he was drawn to her young ass and wanted to do to her what only I had done. He must. I didn't feel threatened by my thought because I knew she was my girlfriend. She wouldn't do it with anyone else, she loved me.

"It's great." Susan's words, that followed her foot dipping in, said, it's not too cold. But, her extended nipples told the truth.

"Let me go see." I left the other three, older teens and headed towards Susan's cherry's. Her nipples had outgrown her tits and stretched off their base like red crowns. The nipple was like a tit on a tit, and the soft skin felt so wonderful to my lips. They were so sensitive that Susan could almost get off when I sucked them. That was exactly what I wanted to do.

"You're lying." I stuck my foot in the water.

I stood in front of Susan, blocking her from the other's view. Gently, I lifted the bottom of her shirt and slipped my hands underneath. I quickly found the silky nipple sacks and rolled them between my fingers.

"Your temperature indicators gave you away." I smiled as our lips met and shared a tender moment.

Susan pulled the waist band of my shorts away from my belly and looked down. "Your horny gauge is giving you away." She smiled and snapped the elastic back on my dick.

I moaned softly as Susan's tiny finger tips circled around the sensitive top of my cock, now protruding from my shorts.

"Oh, I wonder how that is going to turn out?" Susan was looking around me with a curious smile.

I spun around without even considering the three inches of flesh peering out of my shorts. I instantly had a flash back to the afternoon Jasmin faced Stacy in the same position. Jasmin now stood facing Jesselyn. Her piercing eyes locked with Jesselyn's, and a hand on each of her shoulders. Jeremy was standing directly behind his sister. I wondered if the mature seventeen year old would crumble under Jasmin's seductive powers, like everyone else. I knew I would.

Jeremy moved close behind his sister's back as Jasmin's lips moved towards Jesselyn. She looked like she would have stepped back, but Jeremy prevented her. She stood stunned by the sensual touch of Jasmin's lips.

Jesselyn's eyes were wide open and her arms hung limp at her side. Jasmin's tongue plunged inside her mouth. Jeremy stepped to the side of his dazed sister. Jasmin had a hand on each side of Jesselyn's face. She gently caressed her soft cheeks. Like a zombie, she was marched backwards, locked in a passionate kiss. Without words, Jesselyn sat on the edge of the picnic table. The beautiful young woman was powerless to resist the devious plot.

Jasmin's lips kissed tenderly around Jesselyn's face, while her hands maneuvered under her shirt. Before Jasmin's hands reached her cousin's breasts, Jesselyn instinctively raised her arms so she could be undressed. She seemed reluctant, but comfortable being undressed by another woman.

Jesselyn lowered her arms and her proud nipples stretched towards her seductress. I licked my lips, amazed at the firm perfection of the girl's medium sized tits. They rose straight out from her body to a smooth, round point.

"Jeez, I'm going to explode." I whispered to Susan as we both stood engrossed in the incestuous act unfolding before our eyes.

Susan still struggling with her evil side said, "I'm sad to say, me too. Phew." She moved in front of me, and leaned back onto my body.

I reached around Susan's sides and slipped my hand inside the top of her shorts. I reached down until my fingers rounded the curve to her wet slit. The palm of my hand rested on her soft pubic mound. Susan sighed and took a wider stance. My finger dipped into the burning heat and found her swollen bud. I wrapped my other arm around her chest, holder her tight against my body. It was just like that first day in my attic, when she shivered with a powerful orgasm and cover my hand with her fluid. Even after everything that had happened since then, that was one of my most cherished memories.

Jasmin's mouth didn't waste any time tasting the wonderful breasts before her. Her tongue circled each dark ring, causing it to reach even further towards her sucking mouth. Jeremy stood several feet behind Jasmin, mesmerized by Jasmin's luscious lips caressing his sister's extremely erect nipples. He licked his own lips and released the front of his over sized shorts. As they dropped, he reached for his cock.

Susan's heart raced beneath my hand at the sight of Jeremy's hanging flesh. It was stiff, but still hung down towards the ground. Jeremy's tall, skinny body didn't match the large cock between his legs.

I quickly turned my attention back to Jasmin's teeth pulling Jesselyn's tit away from her body. I jumped at the sound of Susan's whisper, "Hum, that's nice."

I didn't respond. I wondered, was she referring to my hard dick jammed against her back, her cousin's massive tool or her sister's handy work? I groaned in frustration. I was too excited to just watch, but I couldn't take my eyes off the scene in front of me.

Jesselyn submissively leaned back on her elbows as Jasmin's lips moved down her body. While kissing her belly Jasmin's hands tugged at the girl's shorts. With her eyes closed, Jesselyn lifted her ass and allowed her bottoms to be stripped away. Like watching Susan being stripped in my living room, I sighed as shorts and panties slowly moved down the long smooth legs. Jasmin dropped the clothing and gently kissed her way up the girl's long legs. She took her time tasting the inside of each thigh. Then, after a long inhale over the strawberry fur, she kissed each side of Jesselyn's groin.

Probably, without any ability to prevent it, Jesselyn's legs opened and drew up towards her chest. A soft moan floated to my ears at the first touch of Jasmin's expert lips between Jesselyn's legs. The same sound echoed from Susan's lips and her hips jerked with anticipation of the feel of her sister's mouth tasting her cousin's warm pussy. She knew exactly what that moment was like. Susan's body twitched in unison with Jesselyn's.

Jeremy gripped his long rod, giving his undivided attention to his sister's spread legs. I whispered softy, "Look at the size of that thing. Did you really?"

Susan cut me off, "He's not much bigger than you. Yes, I almost took all of it! I know I could do it now." Susan sounded sure of herself. Almost, like she needed to try.

Jesselyn fell flat on her back, both hands gripping the edge of the table. Her perfect breasts defied gravity as they reached toward the sun. Her legs opened wide for Jasmin's hungry mouth. Her eyes slammed shut and her head turning side to side she gasped for air.

Jeremy seemed to be engulfed in the action, but not like I was. His gaze was that of someone in love as he fondly watched his sister being slaughtered by Jasmin's tongue. Nervously, he stepped towards Jasmin. I watched as his dick filled with blood. The closer he moved, the larger his dick got. I found myself glued to his powerful rod as it increased in size. It looks giant.

Jeremy stood inches from Jasmin, looking at the ravenous mouth as it devoured his sister's pussy. His dick standing hard as he stroked it with his balls swinging next to Jasmin's head.

Susan spoke softly, "What are you looking at?"

Her words surprised me and snapped me out of my trance. I had been mesmerized by the sight of his long dick and the images of it filling Susan's throat.

I didn't answer. "Doesn't he look star struck?"

Susan spoke so low I almost couldn't hear her. "He is. He's always been in love with her."

I wondered if she meant Jesselyn or Jasmin.

Jesselyn moaned softly towards the sky. She seemed to be totally unaware of whose tongue was pleasing her or who was watching. Suddenly, as if a perfectly coordinated plan was being implemented, Jasmin's head ducked out of the way and Jeremy's powerful cock pushed inside his sister's soaked pussy.

The screech from Jesselyn startled Susan and I. We both jerked. Jesselyn's eyes popped open and she sat halfway up. She stared down at the foreign object that had been jammed inside her body.

"Jeremy, no! You're my, no, we can't." Her words and face pleaded, saying no. But, she made no effort to remove her sibling's flesh.

Jasmin moved to Jesselyn's side. She whispered something in her ear and placed her hand on the strawberry mound of hair. Her fingers tenderly moved around and her eyes told Jeremy to keep going. Jesselyn looked on in shock as her brother pushed inch after inch inside her.

Susan sighed at the sight of the sibling sex. Her hips started jerking franticly, grinding my finger into her soaking wet slot. I pressed hard on her nub causing her to gasped for air. With a tremor, her tiny hole flooded my hand, and she closed her legs tight.

I wrapped Susan's upper body in both arms and held her tight as her orgasm shuddered through her. I kissed the side of her face and whispered in her ear, "I love you."

"No, Jeremy. Please." Jesselyn's pleas were hardly convincing, and Jeremy pushed his hip forward again.

Susan and I slowly moved closer, without separating our bodies. Jasmin's eyes glowed with satisfaction as she watched her plan evolve.

Jeremy withdrew all of his cock and Jesselyn's hole closed. Every inch of his massive cock shinned with excessive female juices. Then, with a forceful thrust Jeremy's dick pried his sister's hole wide open again. He rushed forward until his body hit hers. His large balls swung to her ass.

After a few more purposeful thrusts, Jeremy's hips established a rhythm, sending his dick faster and faster through Jesselyn pussy tunnel. Her eyes closed again and she moaned as her hole gladly lubricated her brother's shaft.

My body rocked inadvertently as I watched the two bodies slapping together. The sounds of sex grew louder with each pump of Jeremy's dick inside his sister. Then, Jesselyn bolted up into a sitting position, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Her eyes locked closed and her mouth grabbing for more air as her hands gripped Jeremy's neck.

With a loud orgasmic groan, she cried out, "Oh yes, fuck me daddy, fuck me!"

Susan and I shared a shocked look, while Jasmin smiled happily, like she knew more than the rest of us.

With her arms wrapped around his neck and her pussy hanging off the edge of the table, Jeremy pumped upward inside her flooded hole. Jesselyn panted into his ear, "fuck me, fuck me."

The faster his stroking rod went, the tighter her death grip on his neck got, and the more her pussy gushed orgasm fluid onto his balls. Finally, with a loud grunt Jeremy picked up Jesselyn and forced her down on top of his shooting cock. He bounced her gently, milking his balls deep inside his exhausted sister.

Jesselyn clung to Jeremy's body with both arms and legs wrapped around him.

I found myself breathing as hard as the two lovers when Jeremy finally stopped rocking his sister. He set her ass back on the edge of the table and pulled his long rod from her hole in one fast motion. My jaw dropped at the sight of all the fluid that spilled from Jesselyn's open cunt. Jeremy's reddish flesh log slumped down until it rested on his over sized ball sack. Drops of their mixed juices rolled to the tip and fell to the cement.

While I was trying to make sense of what had just happened, Jesselyn seemed to return from whatever magical sex voyage she had been on. She suddenly seemed shocked by what had just happened. She franticly looked around for her missing clothes. When her eyes fixed their sight on her brother's hanging fuck tool, she looked at it like someone pointing a gun at her.

"Oh my god, Jeremy, you, we, we shouldn't have?" Jasmin stepped in and embraced the bewildered girl. With a kiss on her cheek, Jasmin whispered something in Jesselyn's ear. Then, she smiled, like she was the only one who really understood the Twilight Zone moment. She collected Jesselyn's clothing and took her by the arm. I exchanged a confused looks with Susan, while Jeremy lovingly admired his sister.

The three of us stood watching the two gorgeous females as they walked arm in arm towards the back door. "Susan, where did your parents go?" I didn't really care where they went, I just wanted to know how much time we had to figure out everything that had just happened.

"They went to the prison to visit their dad." Susan was looking down at her shuffling feet as she spoke.

I had never known anyone who visited a family member at the prison. I wanted to get details from my girlfriend, but thought better of adding to her obvious discomfort. Instead I asked, "Your grandfather, whose dad, your mother's or your dad and aunt's?"

Before Susan could answer, Jeremy finally turned towards Susan with a smile and spoke, "I can't believe that finally happened."

He glanced at me and then seemed reluctant to finish. Susan touched his arm in a tender way, "It's okay, I talk about everything with Joe."

"Susie, I have wanted to do that my whole life. Well, at least since I knew what it was." Jeremy seemed to consider how much he wanted to say. I glanced at Susan to see if she was accustomed to his name for her.

Once Jeremy started again, he flowed freely like I wasn't there. "I always loved her in a way that wasn't like a family member. I love Jasmin too, but Jesselyn has always made me feel different. I spent so much time in her bed when we were little." Jeremy paused for a moment of obvious emotional pain.

"After mom wouldn't let me sleep with her anymore, I would sneak in her room to watch her sleep. When I got older, I'd kiss her too long, or touch her in a way I knew wasn't right, just hoping she would respond. I just kept hoping one day she would feel the same way about me. But, when we went to live in Hattisburg and she stayed with you, I thought it was over. I lost hope."

I didn't understand most of what he was talking about, but Susan seemed to be following right along.

A tear formed in each of his eyes, "When she came back, so did my hope. Even though I knew she liked girls. I caught her and Jasmin together. I just kept hoping she would be like Jasmin and like boys too." Jeremy stopped and wiped his eyes.

"She never had a boyfriend. Susie, did you know about dad and Jesselyn? Be honest?" Susan looked at me and then back to Jeremy.

"Jeremy, I didn't. I, Joe. Jeremy, I'm not sure Joe wants to hear all of this yet." I looked at Susan's white face with a very confused look.

The back door opened and Jasmin yelled out, "Joe, your mother called. She needs you for something."

I felt my heart sink. I didn't want to leave my girlfriend, and I surely didn't want to miss out on a single detail of this saga. "Shoot! I got to go, but I'll be back as soon as I can."

I kissed Susan in front of Jeremy, I guess to say, she's mine. Then I slowly walked back to my house with a head full of questions. Their dad is in prison. Who's dad and why was he in prison? I had so many questions that I forgot how horny I had been. Then, I rubbed my nose and smelled Susan's pussy on my fingers. Damn, now I'm horny too!

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Ur stories r awesome keep writing but where is his dad in all this


2010-03-22 22:38:24
Your imagination is realy superior. I would have assumed joe getting it on with Jesselyn, but not her brother Jeremy. This could also be a branch for a new story off the main path. Then every-so-often, they get together, again, for a family re-union.

From the time Joe's mother caught him in the attic, I don't see how his parents are so ignorant about what is going on. Sure they may think Joe is involved with Jasmin (instead of Susan), but they should be aware of them always getting together when the Davis's are gone; and they surely should be able to detect the oders in the house. They are no less pungent than a pet spaying their territory. It would take a lot more than flipping cushions to get rid of the smell. It lasts for days. Even when Joe sprayed in the attic, it would eventually permiate the whole house. So even when Joe and Sue did something at the Davis's, the oder would still linger.

Keep up the story, but being creative also includes making it seem true too life.


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These stories are wonderful. Who gives a shit about spelling and grammar? I am entranced by the story. At first it was just about the sex, but I want to know what happened that made these youngsters what they is up they are great. Don't listen to the losers!

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