we were just friends... until that one night
i was thirteen years old. i was a bit of a punk... smoking, weed, drinking. well one night i decided to go over my friends house. He was just like me, with the punk thing. we were staying up late, playing xbox 360, when we started making jokes about dicks and we had a good laugh when he pulled out his dick and started jerking off. in the past we did side by side masturbating so this was nothing new. so i went along with it and i pulled down my boxers and started jerking off right next to him. well, then he said something i never expected to hear: can you please jerk me off ray. i was shocked i've jerked off about me and him doing gay things but i never expected anything to happen. i thought he was just joking around still so i said "hahaha no you jerk me off". and then it happened. he reached over grabbed my 6 and a half inch long boner... and started tugging on it. then he said "i jerked you off, now you have to jerk me off". those words were a dream come true. i glady grabbed his cock and started jerking him off like there was no tomorrow. so we stopped and went back to jerking ourselves off. twe both knew the other one wanted to go back and do what we just did again but we were afraid to. so i took the intiative and i went and jerked him off and put his hand on my dick and told him to jerk me off at the same time. so there we were, two teenage boys living out our fantasies. in about 5 minutes he started to pant and then he says "oh god man, i'm gonna cum, oh god keep jerking me off". in about thirty secconds he let out a grunt of pleasure and let a huge load spray out of his cock. I knew he hated cleaning up his cum from all the time he told me about it, and I leaned down, and slurped his delicious cum from off his stomach. I was already almost to my spraying point and he knew that, so he reached over and licked the very top of my insanely hard cock. he started jerking me off again but this time better, like he was more skilled at handjobs already, i couldn't take much more or it and i knew it, but i held in there. after a minute i was almost screaming about how good my first gay experience was ending, and i shot out the biggest load of cum i've ever let out, and it landed right on my friends lips. i let squirt after squirt of my cum go everywhere, and it got all over my chest. my friend said " now thats a cumshot!" and sucked my hot globs of semen off of my chest. well we called it a night and got his sleeping bags out, and tried falling asleep on the floor. i couldn't fall asleep i was just so happy about what happened and i hoped my friend was too. i asked him "hey man, are you up?" and he replied " of course i am and i'm glad you are too. one second" and he got out of his sleeping bag with a massive erection and crawled right into my tiny little sleeping bag.i started getting hard again too because i knew what I had to do. i got deep into the sleeping bag and i said "here, i know this is what you want and it's what i want too, so you're gonna have to return the favor. i pulled his 6 inch cock out from his waistband, prepared for what i was about to do, and stuck the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking it like it was a tasty candy, and let me tell you, it was tasty.i went up and down on his dick with my mouth, getting it to the place in my throat i knew another boy's cock was meant to be. after a minute i let his cock slide out of my mouth with a wet slurp and he said " come on i haven't finished yet, please keep going!" and i thought what the hell sure. i put his ball into my mouth and started delicately sucking on it while stroking his shaft with my hand. i noticed a little bit of pre-cum forming on the tip off his penis, so i took the liberty to lick that off for him. it was one of the tastiest thing i have ever had. better than pussy juice which i've also sampled. I pulled his pants all the way down, took my finger, and started rubbing his tiny little asshole while i gorged on his yummy cock. he said "oh my god that feels even better! please keep rubbing my asshole!" and i knew he was on the virge off cumming. i was right, and in about 2 minutes, he moaned and let a big load spray into my hot, waiting mouth. and guess what? i swallowed every last tasty drop. then he moaned out " oh... holy shit... that felt amazing! here i can't wait to suck your dick, i know your gonna like it!" he pulled off all my clothes and took my amazingly rock hard dick and shoved it deep down his throat. then, he took his finger and started rubbing my asshole but only now he shoved it up my ass, and boy was i happy it felt like heaven, with a mouth on my dick and a finger in my ass, i couldnt be happier. he kept going, and going, and going, until i couldn't take anymore and let a juicy cumshot spray down his throat as he took my cock all the way down. there we were both panting, when he pulled out a condom, extra lube, and asked if i was please fuck him up the ass and that if i wanted him to, he'd fuck me. let just say i liked that whole him fucking me incentive. i quickly tore open the condom wrapper, threw the pakcet down, slid that little rubber sheild down my dick, and put my cock in between his ass cheeks. i thrust my cock up his rectum and he looked like the happiest son of a bitch in the world.i kept thrusting in and out of his asshole when i felt like i was gonna blow. i told hime this and he asked me to let him finish me off with his mouth, because he wanted my cum. i gladly obliged his request and shot my sperm all over his tounge. he then leaned over and kissed me. he started snowballing me, pushing my cum from his mouth to mine and then back to his. he swallowed my load and then asked if i wanted him to fuck me, and i replied "please fuck me, i wouldn't want anything else in the world" he put on a condom and shoved his cock into my tight, virgin asshole. i wanted to let the whole world know how good it felt. i could feel him moving up farther and farther when he grabbed my ass and started going faster, and faster, and faster. he then let out a groan as he orgasmed, spraying his delicious seed into the rubber. he then slid his dick out of my ass, and took off the condom, which i snatched from his hand and sucked the tasty cum out of. ithen swallowed his load, reached out grabbed his arm, kissed him, shoved my tounge into his tounge, and then pulled away. and you know what he said? "i love you". and what could i say except i love you too, because it was true. i loved him, i loved his cock, and i loved his cum. I went over his house every week after that. and we did the same thing every time. and i still love him.


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delete this crap

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Seriously,,,this is annoying ,, No freakin way can a boy be 13 and have a six 1/2 inch dick...not fuckin possible...write some realistic shit,, It'll be more interesting,,I feel like all these stories are repetitive,,"virgin asshole""...? So typical

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Seriously,,,this is annoying ,, No freakin way can a boy be 13 and have a six 1/2 inch dick...not fuckin possible...write some realistic shit,, It'll be more interesting,,I feel like all these stories are repetitive,,"virgin asshole""...? So typical

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have great sex with my best friend,we suck each other cocks all the time.

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