Daughter's Best Friend Gets Educated
I sat there in the rain watching the front door of the school just as I did every day, waiting for my daughter Amy and her girlfriend Kari to come out for thier daily ride home. Both of them had been cheerleaders for the past four years together, and since we lived nearby out each other in the country, I had always been happy to be the designated driver. Both girls had a driver's liscense, but neither one had a car. Normally I would take turns letting them drive home, but we had a "no rain or snow" policy which meant that on bad weather days, I did the driving.

It was Friday afternoon, and i was as anxious for the weekend as I knew they would be. My wife was gone for the weekend visiting her folks about 3 hours away, and it was just going to be me and Amy for the weekend. She was good about keeping to herself and letting me relax, so I figured I would just have fun playing video games and watching video games.

Finally I saw the doors to the school come flying open, and Amy came running out to the car with a notebook over her head protecting her from the rain. She quickly jumped in the car with a strange look on her face.

"Dad, do you think it would be okay if I went out with a guy tonight? Eric finally asked me out, and I really want to go."

Eric was a good looking senior that went to church with us, and though I was still getting used to the idea of my daughter dating, I knew how much she liked Eric, and at least I knew him well enough to trust him with my daughter. I gave her a little smile and told her to have a good time. She told me they were going to catch dinner and a late movie, and would probably be home around midnight. I told her that was fine, and she kissed me on the cheek and got back out of the car.

"oh yeah...Kari still needs a ride home though...that's okay right?"

"Of course it is, tell her to get moving." I said with a grin.

Amy disappeared back into the school, and after about another minute, Kari came running out the front door. I had know Kari for a number of years now, and to be honest, I had never really looked at her as more than my daughter's best friend. But over the past few months, it seemed that Kari had really started blossoming her senior year. I couldn't help but notice her breasts growing substantially larger than they had used of been, and her tight little body always seemed to be accented by the snug clothing she wore. But other than noticing her body, that was far as my imagination seemed to go with it. Today was a little different though. Though it was normal for Kari to come out to the car in her cheerleading uniform, usually I would sit in the back seat while the girls would be up front. It never gave much of a chance to really get to caught up in what she was wearing. Whenever she came over to the house to visit, though she would wear regular teenage outfits, they were usually somewhat conservative, and not very revealing...but as I was different.

As Kari jumped into the front seat, I couldn't help but notice that all she had on was a very thin white t-shirt, that was half soaked from the rain, and a very skimpy pair of loose fitting shorts that barely came down past her butt cheek. I tried not to stare, but her t-shirt was so wet around her breasts that I could actually see the dark outline of her areola through the shirt, quickly revealing her lack of bra. Her nipples were cold from the rain and sticking out hard against the wet fabric. For the first time ever, I felt my cock start to stir in my jeans at the thought of this girls lovely body.

"A little skimpily dressed today aren't we doll?" I asked, trying not to let out just how much I had noticed.

Without even looking down to notice how see thru her shirt was, Kari started telling me how one of the girls in cheerleading accidently spilt a coke down the front of her entire uniform. Her coach had told her to change into something else and she would have the uniform dry cleaned before their next game. The only thing Kari had left to wear at school was the t-shirt and shorts that had been left from her informal practice days. I could only assume that her her bra was just too wet to wear. But to be honest, as perky as this young girl's beautiful breasts were, she didn't need a bra anyway. They had to be at least a 36 DD, and yet, there was absolutely no sag to them whatsoever. That was the only thing that was large about this teenage goddess. I figure she must have weighed about 115 lbs and stood about 5'4. She had medium length blond hair and a set of the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen on a person.

I pulled out of the drive trying to drown out the naughty thoughts that were starting to form in my mind. I looked down at her legs for a brief moment, hoping that she wouldn't notice. Her smooth silky thighs were feminine yet muscular from cheerleading. I followed them upward to where I could just see the curve of her ass peeking out against the leather seat from where her shorts has been pushed up a little. My cock jumped a little more in my jeans, starting to become a little uncomfortable.

I hadn't turned on the heat in the car, and noticed that her legs and arms started to get covered by goosebumps. I knew she must be a little chilly, but just as I was about to turn on the heater, I noticed that her nipples were also responding to the cold. They were poking out even farther than before, and I could even make out the little wrinkles in her skin around both nipples clinging tight to the wet t-shirt. I hesistated long enough to take in a good look and then reached my hand over to her thigh and rubbed it up and down in a non-chalant way.

"Are you a little gold there Kari..." I asked, allowing my hand to rest on her thigh as though I was just trying to be helpfull warming her up.

"Yes sir....I guess I you think we could turn on the heater?" she asked. I don't know what was coming over me, but I just couldn't remove my hand that quickly, and was hoping she wouldn't realize that i had let it linger on her silky smooth flesh for longer than I should have.

"Sure we can," I said, reluctantly removing my hand to adjust the controls on the dash.

We started talking about her day and cheerleading practice as we made our way through town before making our 20 minute drive out through the country. I had turned on the heater, but made sure to put it on her feet, hoping it would take a little longer for her t-shirt to dry off. I couldn't help keep staring over at her swollen breasts, feeling my cock get harder and harder.

There was finally a short moment of silence between us, and it seemed as though Kari had something on her mind that she was scared to talk about.

"What's on your mind Kari?"

I guess my question took her by surprize, and she turned a little embarrassed.

"What do you mean Jack?"

"Well, I can tell you are thinking about something, and from the look of your face, it is bothering you, so why don't you just tell me what it is."

To be honest, I just figured it was teenage drama, but for the first time, I just wanted to hear this sexy young thing talk to me. I was engulfed by her seductive little teasing body, and was just anxious for any kind of contact with her I could get...even if it was just verbal communication.

Her face was a little red with nervousness, but she finally cleared her throat and asked...

"Jack, could I ask you a question? It's a little embarrassing, but I am really curious about something."

I was intrigued to say the least..."Sure Kari, you know you can ask me anything."

"Really? Anything?" she asked...someone surprized by my open ended statement.

"Anything." I said, now even more curious what was leaving her so perplexed.

"Well...some of the other cheerleaders were teasing me in the locker room after practice today, and I guess it is just bothering me."

"What were they teasing you about?"


Oh, this is not where I though this conversation was heading, but I was so glad that it was. I was trying to figure out how to adjust the bulge that by now had to be very obvious if she had decided to look down at my lap.

Trying to look more authoritative than turned on, I asked her, "Well, what are they teasing you about?"

"It's just the fact that I'm still a virgin. They all thought it was funny that I hadn't know...uhmmm...given it up any of the guys at school."

I don't know what drove me so crazy about that comment, but I could feel my cock pressing at the zipper of my fly now, and it was only getting harder and harder. But at the same time, I became a little curious about my own daughters sexuality.

"Well, what about Amy? Isn't she still a virgin too?"

"Yes she is, but Amy doesn't like to admit that, because she doesn't want to be teased about it. So she lies to the girls and tells them that she has done some things before. Since we are friends, I try not to ruin her story. But unfortunately, it leaves me as the odd girl out."

I was relieved to hear my 17 year old daughter had waited, though realistically knew how easy it was to get tempted and eventually give in. But for the moment, the last thing I wanted to think about was my daughter's sex life...what i really wanted to hear about was Kari's.

"Now you have a boyfriend don't you? Have you guys done anything at all sexual?" The question was forward, but I figured she had opened that door already, who was I not to walk through it.

"Well...I HAD a boyfriend. David turned out to be a huge creep. He was always pressuring me about sex. He would try to feel me up and be rude because I didn't want to give him a blowjob like the other girls did. So finally I told him to get lost."

I couldn't believe this young beauty just said 'blowjob' so easily in front of me. Needless to say, now I began to look at her soft puffy red lips and imagine what they would feel like as they glided up and down my hard shaft. I could see her pink tongue peeking out from time to time as she continued to tell me what a jerk her ex boyfriend was.

"So are you just not interested in having sex yet? Because there isn't anything wrong with you waiting to have sex till the time and guy is right."

Her face lit up and she quickly blurted out..."Oh no...i think about sex all the time.....ooops.." she caught herself, and realized what she had just said, and how bad it must have sounded. "I guess I shouldn't have said that." A nervous giggle escaped her lips, and it was so innocent and yet so sexy.

"No, it is okay. It is normal to be curious about sex. You are at the age where your body is starting to notice all the new feelings that weren't there before."

"Tell me about it." she mumbled under her breath, again blushing a little.

The car went silent for a moment, but I was too far gone to allow this conversation to stop here. I wanted to know just what kind of thoughts went through Kari's naughty little mind.

"So have you done anything sexual yet?"

Kari looked at me a little nervously, not as though I had crossed a line, but rather she wasn't sure just how much was okay to tell her best friend's father.

"Well, do you mean with a myself?"

I about choked on my own saliva. A million different images now flowing through my mind of this sweet thing fingering herself to orgasm.

"Well, how about we start with the guy?" I asked.

"I had boyfriend before David had rubbed me between my legs once. His fingers played with know." Her face was flushed with nervousness still, but I noticed she had goosebumps on her thighs and arms again.

I reached over, and again, trying to not be overly obvious...interrupted her long enough to rub my hand up her thigh, this time going a little higher than I had rubbed the first time.

"Are you still cold are covered with goosebumps?" I kept rubbing up and down her soft flesh for a couple seconds.

"Ummm, maybe a little, but I think I'm just a little embarrassed to be telling you this."

I gave her thigh a little squeeze, allowing my warm fingers to slide down a little lower between her thighs. I smiled over at her.... "We can stop talking about it if you like....i don't want you to be uncomfortable."

What was I saying...of course I didn't want to stop, but at the same time, I didn't want to come across to obvious.

" would really like your opinion. Just please tell me if I just sound like an immature girl. I'm sure you probably don't want to hear all my problems."

This was great. She wasn't worried about my perverted little mind, but rather whether I just thought she was a stupid teenage girl.

"Don't you worry about that," I said, squeezing her thigh again and giving her a soft assuring smile. "you feel free to ask me or tell me anything. How else are you going to learn about this stuff?"

"Thank you Jack...that makes me feel a whole lot better."

"So, Chris....what happened next?"

"Oh, his little brother came running out to the car, and he paniced and stopped touching me. For some reason, he never tried again."

"Would you have let him?"

"Probably, he was a nice guy, but too much of a momma's boy. I think he just chickened out. He broke up with me just before his family moved out of town."

"So what else have you done?" Still anxious to hear more.

"Well, that's just it...other than kissing, and having David try to grope at my tits, nothing. But I hear all the other girls talk about sex all the time, and have to admit it...i'm really curious about so many things, and I don't know anything about what they are talking about."

"So why didn't you let David teach you?"

"Because he was a jerk about it. I guess I just want to be treated like a lady the first time. Is that wrong for me to want that?"

"Not at all. It is okay to wait for what you want?"

"But sometimes I get tired of waiting." A little nervous chuckled escaped her lips and her hands slid between her thighs.

"Here, you still look cold...let me turn up the heat for you." I reached forward and adjusted the fan a little, and turned the vent on the dash so the warm air would blow on her better. It wasn't that I wanted her warmer, but the way she was sitting had her arms covering up her breasts, and that was just not acceptable any longer. I had to be able to see those perky globes.

She thanked me and scooted back in her chair a little, stretching her legs out to allow the heat to warm up her legs. As she did that,she parted her legs a little, and moved her hands back to her side. I couldn't help but notice the small gap that had formed in her shorts revealing her a direct line of sight to her pussy. I only glanced for a moment, but I was certain I could make out a thin line of hair. Was it possible she wasn't wearing panties either?

"So how about this...for the rest of the drive home, you can ask me about anything you like in regards to sex. But this conversation will stay our secret. Some people may not appreciate an old guy having a conversation like this with a sexy young teenager."

"Really?!" Her eyes got wider and a giant smile crossed her face. "I promise I won't tell anyone, but I am just so tired of not knowing what everyone is talking about. Can I really ask you anything at all?"

"Absolutely...ANYTHING AT ALL!" I emphasized, still finding it so hard to believe this conversation was taking place.

"Well, then....what exactly is a blowjob? I know it has to do with sucking on a guy's penis, but that sounds kind of strange to me. Does it feel good?"

I was shocked that blowjobs were her first question, but I also knew that oral sex was a more acceptable replacement to actual sex now a days. I just didn't realize how popular the concept was in high school.

"Well, it basically consist of a woman sliding a man's penis in and out of her mouth, teasing his shaft and balls with her lips and tongue. And can feel incredible for a guy to experience."


"Well, for a few reasons...First, he doesn't have to do any of the work, so if the girl is good at it, she can give him tremendous pleasure that he can just lay back and enjoy. Second, It feels completely different from regular sex because the tongue is always in motion and the mouth can apply different degrees of suction and pressure that tease the man and drives him crazy."

"That's sounds hot, but at the same time, I guess i'm a little worried about the thought of putting a man's penis in my mouth. And tasting his cum. Some girls have said it is so gross they refuse to do it. Other girls say that they love to do it, but the taste is strange."

"Well,oral sex...both for women and about pleasure. It is a way for you to just totally pleasure your partner. So it is a non-selfish act. As all sex should be. So if you ever want to be a great lover, you have to learn to get past the taste or the fears that come with different acts of sex."

"That makes sense. Ummmm....does your wife like to give you blowjobs?"

I let out a nervous chuckle...I was afraid she would ask that. "Well actually wife hates giving blowjobs. In fact, she just isn't wild about sex in general. But let's keep all that our own little secret okay. I probably shouldn't have told you that."

"Don't worry Jack...our secret. And...I'm sorry. Does it bother you that she doesn't like sex and blowjobs?"

"I thought we were talking about your sex questions, not my sex life." I laughed a little, letting her know I was just teasing.

"Well, someday I hope to be a great lover, and I want to know what not to do as much as what to do."

We were only about a mile from her house, and I was regretting the fact that his conversation was about to end.

"Fair enough. I told you that you could ask anything, and I meant it."

"Well, what about anal sex?"

"Whoa, wasn't expecting you to ask about that one. Is that a popular subject around school too?"

"Well actually, I've never heard anyone at school talk about it...but I saw my parents having sex once, and from the angle of where I was standing, it looked like dad was in her butt instead of her pussy. So, I've always been curious about whether it hurt or not."

My cock was as hard as a rock, and I knew the bulge was more than obvious, but there was no chance to adjust it without her noticing. She had never taken her eyes off of me while we talked. I pulled down her long driveway headed toward the two story country home at the end. As I pulled into the drive, i noticed that neither of her parents' cars were in the drive.

"Are you home alone? Normally your folks are home by now."

"Oh, well it's their anniversary, and they decided to take off after work to go out of town for the weekend. So I get the house to myself. Do you want to come in? We can finish our talk."

That had to be the best offer of my life, though I was sure what I had going through my mind was not as innocent as to what was probably going through hers.

"Sure, no one is at home at my house either...why not."

As we climbed out of the car, I finally had the chance to adjust my throbbing cock through my jeans. I looked down to see how well it was hidden, but there was still a pretty noticible log in my eans if she looked at it. I headed up to the door, enjoying the view of this tight little teenage ass swaying in front of me as Kari reached out to unlock the door. I don't know if it was the cold or she was just a little shaken from the conversation, but she was having problems gettng the door unlocked. I decided to reach past her, keeping my body behind her, and help her unlock the door. As I turned the lock, I leaned against her just a little, feelin my hard on brush against the top of her ass. I was hoping she wouldn't realize my hard on, but at the same time, loved the thought of what I had just done.

"Would you like a coke?" She asked me as we entered the living room.

"That sounds great." I followed her into the kitchen where she had to lean down to the bottom shelf of the fridge to retrieve the cold cans. As she did, her shorts rode up higher, giving me a glimpse of those perfect ass cheeks beneath the thin fabric. My cock twitched once again in my jeans.

Kari turned around and handed me my drink and I thought I caught her look down at my cock. Part of me was tempted to turn away, but I decided that I had been undressing her with my eyes for the past half hour, it was only fair that she get to look if she wanted to.

"So, anal sex? You never answered my question." She immediately said, quickly returning to the conversation from the car.

"oh well, we better answer that then...hadn't we." She grinned back at me as she she leaned up against the counter, taking a sip from her coke. "Well, anal sex is a little trickier. It is sometimes more pleasurable for the guy than it is for the girl...but there are a lot of women that claim to have better orgasms from anal sex than from regular sex. Something about hitting the G-spot easier. But it can also be painful if done wrong. The ass is a little tighter than a pussy can be, so it takes some lubrication and consideration. But for a guy, that tight feeling can feel incredible on his cock."

"Do you prefer using those words instead of the regular words?"

"What do you mean." I asked, not sure what she was asking.

"You an ...pussy?"

"oh, well, I guess i figure penis and vagina and butt all sound more clinical to me. There is just something sexier about the other words when it comes to sex."

"You mean like FUCK!" Her eyes were wide and curious to see my response. Something about how innocent this young girl looked saying such a grown up word was one of the sexiest things I had ever heard.

"Yes my FUCK! Do you like that word?"

"Actually...that is the first time I've ever said it. I have always wanted to say it, but never wanted to be viewed as the girl that cussed in public all the time. It is a sexy word to say though like this."

"You sounded sexy saying it." I gave her a little flirtatious wink followed by a grin.

"Jack, that is the second time you called me sexy. Do you really think I'm sexy?"

Oh crap...did i go to far. I wasn't sure how to answer this without totally sounding like a perverted old man.

"Well, you are a sexy young lady. I didnt mean any offense by it. I hope it didn't sound bad." I stumbled through my apology, trying hard not to sound like some stupid nervous 13 year old boy.

"Oh no...I liked it. I guess I never thought of myself as sexy, so to have a man as good looking as you are tell me I was just feels good."

"Well, I am glad you didn't mind."

"Then can I ask you another question?"

"of course...i said ANYTHING."

"Well, what makes me sexy?"

"Now that is a question that could get me in trouble." I laughed.


"Well, here I am all alone in somebody else's house with thier sexy teenage daughter, and I start telling her all the ways I think she is sexy. How would that sound if someone found out?"

"First, you said I could ask anything...REMEMBER? Second...we promised this conversation was private. It is just that teenage boys only say stuff like 'you're hot or pretty' but never really do a good job about telling you what they think is so attractive about you. I'd really like to know though."

I thought for a moment to myself...and then decided that if I wasn't hoping for more, I would have never come in the house in the first place. But for the past 30 minutes I was just thinking with my cock point in stopping now.

"Okay, if you really want to know, how about we go in the living room and talk about it?"

She didn't even respond...she took a long swig of her pop and then ran into the living room. I took a last drink of my coke and eagerly followed the young temptress into the other room.

She was aready sitting on the couch, her legs pulled up indian style in front of me. I don't know if she realized I could see her pussy from this position or not, but I was now sure that she was not wearing any panties. My cock refused to soften now. As I walked closer, I saw her look at the bulge in my jeans again, and was certain she noticed my hard on. She didn't say a word, but instead gently bit her bottom lip. She must have realized she had stared too long though, and quickly looked back up at my face.

I sat down in a large leather chair across from her and gave her a little smile.

"Okay Kari...let's see what all makes you sexy....stand up." I couldn't believe I was giving up the view of her pussy, but with what I was going to try to get away with, I was hoping I'd have a much better view very soon.

Without asking any questions, Kari stood up in front of me. I told her to come closer, and within two seconds, she was only a few inches from my legs.

"Give me a little spin....let me get a good look at you."

She giggled a little and then slowly spun around three times, each time spinning her head around to make sure she didn't lose eye contact with me.

"Okay, look incredibly hot in that outfit. I have been able to see your little nipples poking through that shirt since you got in my car."

She looked a little embarrassed realizing that she had been providing a private peep show for me.

"Next...your eyes...they are beautiful, and yet look at me with such innocence." She blushed a little but stood there quiet.

"Your legs....I had the chance to feel how silky smooth your skin was in the car...but on top of being so soft, they are as perfect as I have ever seen on a woman." She grinned proudly at the compliment I had given.

"I also love your is just long enough to be sultry and seductive, yet thin enough to remind me just how ultimately feminine you are."

She was beaming from ear to ear now. She was blushing, but flattered by all the adult compliments she was getting from me.

"So do i have nice breasts?" She asked, almost scared to ask me.

This was my chance..."Well, from what I can see of them through your t-shirt, you have lovely breasts, but that is only a guess. Sometimes women can have great breasts in a shirt, but when they are naked, they just aren't quite as lovely as you had assumed. But don't worry my dear...I'm sure you have lovely breasts."

She looked back at me, a little bit of her grin had disappeared. She wasn't angry at what I had said, but rather disappointed that she would not get a straight answer.

"What if I took off my shirt?"

"What? Kari, I would never ask you to do that?"

"I know Jack...its just that...well....I am just really curious what you think about them now."

"Kari if anyone ever found out that you showed me your breasts...there is just no telling what they would think of you...and me for that matter." I had decided to put it on her that it would be more of a decision for her than for me.

"I promise I'd never tell a soul Jack...please let me show you my breasts."

I couldn't believe my ears...this was way too good to be true. This young beauty was begging me to let her show me her breasts. I paused for a moment, making her believe that I was actually thinkin about this.

"Okay Kari...take off your t-shirt."

A huge grin came over her face as though I had just given her some sort of great present. Without delay she reached down around her waist and grabbed the hem of her t-shirt. With one quick motion she pulled the shirt up over her body and off of her head. My eyes were fixed on the most perfect set of tits I had ever gazed upon. It wasn't just that they were the bare breasts of a 17 year old beauty, but they truly were perfect. They were large and round. They stood up incredibly proud and in the middle of each of them was this large pert nipple standing out at least a half an inch. Her areolos were the perfect size and not too dark to distract.

"They are beautiful Kari."

Her smile beamed..."Do you really think so?"

"They are a thing of beauty...but there is more to a breasts than just the sight...would you like my opinion on the feel as well? It would require that i touch them though."

She didn't even hesitate a second. "Oh yes please...I would like that very much."

I scooted forward in my chair, bringing my face just inches from her perfect breasts. Trying to seem as 'professional' as possible, i reached out and cupped her right breasts with both hands. She couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure as my hands massaged at it and then teased the nipple with my fingers. I noticed her eyes close as I slid my hands gently to the other breast and gave it the same gentle attention. Without warning her, I leaned forward a little more and sucked her swollen nipple into my mouth. Kari jumped a little, but in no way moved away. She moaned out even louder as I drew the nipple deeper into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. For about a minute I massage the swollen nub with my tongue before switching back to the first nipple and sucking it in. Her breasts tasted fresh from the soap of the shower she had taken after cheerleading practice. I was losing control so I quicky withdrew from her breasts and sat back in my chair.

I noticed a disappointed look on her face as i retreated from her, but she continued to stand there, now looking intently at me. "Well, what do you think of my tits?"

"Honestly?" I paused waiting for her response. She didn't say a word, but just nodded her head waiting for my verdict.

"Kari, you truly have the best tits I have ever seen, felt or tasted in my entire life. They are perfection to the complete form of the word." Her smile filled up the room, causing me to smile too.

"Oh thank you Jack...that means so much to hear that from you."

"Shall I give my opinion on the rest now?"

She looked at me a little puzzled by my question, but then my eyes moved down to her shorts and lingered there for a moment. Kari quickly understood what I meant and without answering, slid her fingers inside the waistband of her shorts and then slid them down off of her ass, and allowed them to drop to the floor around her ankles.

I tried to hide my lustful desires as my eyes fixed on the small landing strip of hair that had been shaved above her sweet innocent virgin pussy. I tried...but I failed.

"Oh Fuck Kari...You are incredible. I mean a true thing of beauty."

Again she smiled widely...satisfied with my response.

I had come to far now, and I no longer had control over my actions. I quickly reached out for her, grabbing her by the hips and pulled her closer toward me. She did not resist as I leaned forward and slowly traced a finger up the small patch of hair. She gasped out a small moan at the feel of my finger so close to her pussy. I then ran my finger back down the other direction, only i didn't stop. She wiggled and gasped again as my single digit brushed gently over her now swollen clit and across the slit of her moist pussy.

"Oh my Jack...that feels so good. Please don't stop."

A train couldn't stop me now. I slowly began teasing her sweet pussy lips going back and forth against them, every once in a while allowing my fingers to penetrate a little deeper between them, before sliding it back up and teasing her clit with it. I was a little shocked when she grabbed onto my shoulders and her first orgasm began tearing through her body. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders for support as her knees weakened beneath her. I continued to run small circles around her swollen clit as she gasped and moaned against me. I finally stopped stroking her and allowed her to catch her breath. I could see her nectar starting to seep from her pussy lips, and was mesmerized by this incredible beauty standing in front of me.

I grabbed her hips again and pushed her backwards, giving me enough room to stand up in front of her. I guided her over to the couch and told her to sit down. She complied without a word and instinctively scooted her ass toward the edge of the couch. Her legs were spread wide open, giving me an incredible view of the dashing creature. Without telling her what I was doing, I dropped to my knees and slid my hands up the inside of her thighs, parting them a little bit more. Her pussy was glistening against the light with her juices, and I slowly leaned forward and traced my tongue up the entire slit of her pussy. She gasped out loud, mumbling the word "FUCK". It was just as sexy this time to hear her say it as it was before. I repeated the process again, this time pressing my tongue just a little bit inside her delicious little slit. She moaned out again..."Oh fuck Jack...fuck." My cock was hurting it was so hard inside my jeans.

My mouth moved closer to her pussy then, and I flicked my tongue around in circles around her swollen tender clit. Her hips bucked up to meet my mouth and I took this opportunity to draw the little nub into my mouth and suck on it. As she get more worked up by the attention I was giving her clit, I slid one of my fingers into her soaking wet cunt. This was all it took to push her over the edge a second time and thrust her into another orgasm. I didn't stop though. As her juices covered my tongue and lips, I was taken over by my lust and eagerly began to devour her pussy for all I was worth. Kari found out for the first time that she was multi-orgasmic. She must of had at least three more violent orgasms before she finally begged me to stop and let her breath. Reluctantly I complied, knowing that I would have never tired of eating this sweet little pussy.

She was still panting heavily as I stood up in front of her. Her eyes immediately locked onto the bulge in my pants and for the second time I saw her bite her bottom lip. Only this time she didn't stop looking when I saw her staring.

"Jack...can know....ummmm....see it."

I couldn't help but smile back at her. I reached down into her lap and retrieved one of her hands, drawing it toward my jeans. She knew what I wanted, and quickly moved the other hand up to join it. Slowly she undid the snap, and then with very shaky hands started to lower the zipper to my jeans. As she moved the fly to the sides, my cock head sprang out of the top of my briefs. Kari's eyes widened as she saw the head of my cock for the first time. Her hands moved to my briefs and slid them down further, giving her a better view of the full length of my cock. She scootedforward on the couch, and moved her hands to the sides of my jeans and briefs. Without taking her eyes off of my shaft, she lowered my jeans all the way to the floor, bringing her face unbelieveably close to my dick. Her eyes were wide open as she helped me kick off my shoes and jeans and step free.

"Can I ...ummm...taste it."

"I'd be really disappointed if you didn't Kari."

That seemed to be all the encouragement she needed. She slowly stuck out her tongue and made little flick at the little stream of precum that was already sipping out of the tiny slit. I didn't blink as I saw the line of cum on her tongue and then she closed her lips and seemed to savor it for a second. She looked up at me and grinned...

"a little salty...but i like it. In fact...I think I like it a lot."

Her mouth moved back downward, andagain she made a stroke at the head of my cock, but this time lingered a little longer, circling the head a couple times with her tongue. But then she did it. In one motion she moved the entire head of my cock into her mouth and then sealed her lips tightly around it. She slowly began to bob her head up and down on the shaft, not taking too much inside at first. I couldn't believe I was standing here with my cock inside the soft velvety mouth of this gorgeous teenager. She looked up into my eyes as she slowly started trying to take more and more of it into her throat. At no point did she act disgusted or turned off by what she was doing...and if anything...was getting more and more into it.

"Am I doing okay?" she asked, briefly breaking her mouth away from my cock. Her hand had begun to squeeze around the base of my shaft and was continuing to pump slowly up and down it as she awaited my answer.

"Fuck yes baby, just be carefull with your teeth, and see how deep you can get it into your throat. But baby, you are doing incredible."

She opened up her mouth and again started sucking my cock into her mouth. She was getting deeper with each thrust, and to be honest, I was pretty surprized at just how much of my thick 8" cock she was able to take. Not once did she seem to gag or hesitate.

"You are so good at this....I'm so impressed." I gasped out as she began adding some suction to what she was doing. I had reached one of my hands down and was starting to tease her nipple, while the other hand was now on the back of her head grabbing tight to a fist full of her hair.

"Oh fuck baby...don't stop" I grunted out seeming to turn her on even more to what she was doing. My hips started thrusting forward a little, and at one point I accidently went in too deep and caused her to gag a little. But she didn't stop...she pulled out a little, cleared her throat, and then forced her head even deeper on to my cock.

"Oh i'm going to you want me to come in your mouth?"

"I want to taste it...cum in my mouth." she said quickly, breaking away from my cock only briefly. She eagerly began sucking my cock in and out of her mouth with more vigor now, anxious to satisfy me completely.

"Oh don't stop...don't stop....oh fuck baby....." My hands both grasped the back of her head as I fired my hot steamy load into her throat. Kari never stopped a beat as she tried eagerly to prove that she could be the best cock sucker I've ever experienced. My legs quivered beneath me as her hands slid around me and squeezed at my ass. The spasms continued to throb throughout my body as her mouth anxiously milked every last drop of cum from my cock.

I finally pulled out of her mouth, almost about to collapse on the floor from my orgasm. I plopped down on the couch next to her as she finished swallowing the last of my cum and rubbed her small fragile hand across her mouth to wipe of the last few drops. She leaned over and kissed the head of my still semi-hard cock and looked up at me....

"So how did I do? Was it okay for the first blowjob I've ever given. If not...I promise I'll do better the next time?"

"The next time? Are you already planning ahead?"

"Just wishful thinking I guess. I'm hoping that's not the last time you let me suck your cock. It was delicious. I could suck on it forever."

"Well, for what it is worth...that was truly the best blowjob I've ever had in my life. My wife could have learned some things from you just now. My cock is still throbbing."

"I'm so glad you liked it...maybe I can help you with that throbbing a little." With that she leaned down and began sucking my cock down her throat all over again.

"You don't have to keep doing that if you need a break...though I'd hate to stop you if you feel the need to continue." Without stopping, she looked into my eyes and gave me an eager look of lust before thrusting my cock deep down her throat. She sucked it for another couple seconds and then lifted her head back up"

"I heard this helps get a guy hard again so he can last longer when he has sex."

"Ummm....are you saying what I think you are saying?"

"I'm saying that I don't want to be a virgin any longer. Will you please fuck me. Please...I really want you inside of me."

Here this angel was begging me again. My cock twitched as it got harder and hit her in the face. She giggled a little as her hand wrapped around my shaft...."I'll take that as a yes."

"Are you sure that this is what you want?"

Instead of answering, she just sucked hard and deep on my cock, forcing it as deep down her throat as she could get it, and then just held it there for a few seconds. Her efforts had worked, I was hard as a rock all over again, and i was thrusting my hips up against her face. I enjoyed fucking her throat for a few more minutes, and finally ...and i must say reluctantly...with drew my cock from her mouth and sat her back up.

"How about we head up to your bedroom and get a little more comfortable for that. She smiled and nodded, then grabbed my hand with her tiny soft hand and lead me through her house to her bedroom. There was something about the soft pink paint and all the stuffed animals that for some reason aroused me even more. Kari released my hand and ran over and pounced on to her bed. The sight of her tight little ass sticking up in the air was one of the most delicious things in the world. I playfully pounced on the bed next to her, rubbing my fingers up the crack of her ass. She let out a soft little moan as I allowed my fingers to slide down lower and start to caress and tease her little pussy. She was still wet as could be, and i pressed two of my fingers half way inside. Her little slit was so tight, I couldn't hardly get my fingers any deeper inside than that.

"Roll over baby." I whispered in her ear.

She quickly obeyed, and I stared down her body, just taking in her delicious beauty. I moved my fingers back to her pussy and once again began to pump them in and out of her. Within a couple minutes she was moaning out loud and pushing her hips up to meet my thrust.

I sat up and then got up off the bed. I adjusted her legs on both sides of my legs, and stared down at her lovely figure and the sweet glistening pussy that was just waiting to be taken.

"Are you sure you are ready for this?"

"I want you to fuck me so bad...please fill my pussy with your cock."

"Your really catching on to this dirty talk aren't you baby. Becoming my naughty little slut aren't you?"

"I want to be your fantasy girl. I will never deny you if you will continue to satisfy me."

I lifted her legs up in the air and then slid her down closer toward the edge of the bed with her legs resting on my shoulders.

"This will hurt a little at first...but it will get better really quick."

I lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly started to push the head inside her. I couldn't believe how tight her virgin little pussy was. I had barely gotten the head inside, and I was having to put forth some effort just to keep going in spite of how wet she was. Kari was moaning out in pleasure though, so for the moment I knew I wasn't hurting her. I went in about two more inches and hit her tight little virgin wall. My hands squeezed tight to her hips as I smiled down at her. Without saying a word, I gave one quick fast thrust forward, driving my shaft past her hymen and stealing her sweet little cherry. Kari let out a quiet little wince from the pain, but her eyes stayed locked on mine and forced an awkward nervous smile. I knew she was hurting, but she didn't want to discourage m at all.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, noticing a small tear start to run down the side of her face.

"Don't stop...I'm okay." she said.

I waited a couple more seconds, allowing her body to let the pain dissipate. I slowly started pushing even deeper inside her, trying to get every inch of my cock inside her. Her eyes closed and she started to moan out again.

"You are filling me up so full Jack...your big cock feels so good inside me."

Her hands moved to my ass, and I felt her sharp fingernails starting to dig gently into my skin. This encouraged me to proceed, and I began to withdraw my cock from her pussy, stopping just short of pulling out completely. I thrust my cock back inside her again this time, a little faster than the first time. She moaned out in pleasure...."Oh fuck yeah Jack....fuck me..."

This young girl didn't sound like a little girl anymore, and her pussy was squeezing my cock like a real woman. It didn't take long before I started thrusting deeper and faster inside her. I was so glad that I had already cum once because I was able to last for a long time enjoying the feel of these incredible young pussy. Kari however was cumming over and over again. Her small frail body was flopping all over the place beneath me, and her frail body was quivering beneath me as I pounded her harder and harder. I leaned forward and for the first time placed my mouth on hers. My tongue pressed easily between her lips and found hers. She had such a sweet taste about her, combined with her flavored lip gloss, I was in a lightheaded haze of lust and passion. I could feel my cum starting to boil to the surface, and I knew I would't last much longer. I couldn't wait to fill this young slut with my steaming cum. I fucked her faster and able to force every inch of my big fat cock into her tight little slit. I felt her thrust her tongue into my mouth, and for some reason, that was the last straw to put me over the edge. I drove down hard and deep, completely impaling my cock inside that little beauty, and then fired stream after stream of my hot cum inside her tight little cunt. We were both soaked with sweat as I continued to lay on top of her, not moving my cock at all as I continued to spasm inside of her.

I had finally finished draining my load into her, and I could still feel her pussy quivering around my cock as it started to soften inside of her. I finished pulling my cock out and then rolled onto the bed next to her. We were both exhausted, and before I realized it, I had dozed off to sleep. I'm not sure how long I was out exactly, but I was awoken with th feel of the softest lips gliding up and down my cock. I was already getting hard from the attention, and couldn't help but think I was dreaming as i looked down at my naughty little slut sucking my cock clean. I wrapped my hands into her hair and laid there for a long time as this girl worked on perfecting her blowjob. Life couldn't get much better than this.

I was a little disappointed when she pulled her mouth off of my cock before I was able to finish. She slowly clmbed up my body and straddled my cock allowing it to slide easily up inside her wet slit.

"Don't get too comfortable inside my pussy Jack...there is still one hole I'm waiting to feel you inside of."

I was shocked. I never thought in a million years that she would let me violate that super tight little ass of hers. But before I knew it, she was leaning forward against my chest, allowing my cock to pop out of her pussy. She reached back and grabbed my cock with her fist and after stroking up and down it a few times, I felt her rub the swollen head against her tight little hole. It took all of my energy to keep from thrust up hard right then...but i knew this had to go slow at first....

this was going to be one great evening.

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Overall, LOVED IT!!! :D

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