Matt watched as the commuter plane land, and as it taxied in his thoughts wandered to his parents. He had been forced to leave home when he was just eighteen and now, at thirty, he was reliving the scene that had caused that departure from his home. His father had walked in on him while he was having sex. The fact that he was having sex was no big deal to his father; at least it hadn’t been until his father saw that it was Matt’s mother who was the one Matt was fucking. Matt remembered how angry his father had been and how he had looked when he told Matt to leave, and Matt also remembered that his mother had been relieved when he had decided to go without talking to his father. It had been her who had started the encounter, and her who had wanted to let Matt take her in his bedroom. His mother had been a small woman, just barely 5’ tall, and weighing only 100 lbs, but she had the most fantastic figure that anyone could imagine. Her breasts were smallish but firm and topped with nipples so hard that they couldn’t be hidden when she was aroused. Her body was firm and tanned, and the cones that formed her areola and nipples were tanned to an even darker brown. Matt remembered how his mothers breath had been sucked in sharply as his tongue buried it’s self inside her hot pussy, and how her legs had come up and wrapped around his head. How she had whimpered and squirmed, and begged him not to stop, and said how much she loved him. Then when she had pulled him on top of her she had said,

“Bury your cock all the way inside me baby, fuck mommy’s hot pussy now Matt.”

He had done just that, and now he was remembering how hot and tight she had been, how she had gone wild and screamed for more as he fucked her. Then, when she had climaxed and collapsed beneath him, he remembered hearing a sound and then looking around, he had looked into his father’s eyes, and he remembered seeing the look that ended a family.

That had been years ago, and then there had been years of hard work, and no contact with his parents except through a mutual friend. He had worked his way through college, and then moved into the remote area that he lived in now in order to do research on glacial ice flows in relation to climatology. He had kept up with his parents through the mutual friend though, and that’s how he knew that they had reconciled and stayed together after the incident. For that he was glad at least, he had always loved his father, and he knew that the betrayal of that love was his own fault, and that it had hurt his father too. It had not been any fault of his father, nor even his mother, but only a weakness in himself and his mother, and a physical need to express their love for each other. His parents had continued their lives and had apparently been happy; they had even had another child to take his place. The mutual friend had been his mother’s best friend Rhonda. She had visited Matt several times over the years, and assured him that his mother still loved him and that she was grateful that he hadn’t told his father that it was her that had wanted to have sex with Matt. Matt smiled as he thought that the sex with Rhonda had been almost as good as it had been with his mother.

His parents were gone now, killed in a senseless head-on collision with a drunk driver, and now he was standing here as the plane taxied in and the engines stopped, waiting to greet a little sister that hadn’t even known he existed until a few days ago.

Rhonda was the first person off the plane, she smiled and waved at him, and then he saw his little sister for the first time, at least the first time live. Rhonda had provided photos of her from time to time when she came up for visits. The little girl was already the same height that their mother had been, and just as slim. She had flaming red hair and a splash of freckles across her cute little nose. She was a pretty girl Matt thought, almost to the point of beautiful, with deep green eyes. Rhonda greeted him with a warm hug and a warm, lingering, kiss on the lips and then she turned to the girl and said,

“Donna, this good looking guy is your big brother Matt. Matt, meet your little sister Donna.”

“Hi, Donna, I’m glad to finally meet you.”

Matt smiled and held out his arms to hug the girl, but she pulled back, stuck out her hand and shook hands with him. She liked the man instinctively, but she was determined to not make it easy for him until she knew exactly why she had never heard about him.

“Hello Matt. I’m sorry, but I was never told I had a brother, I don’t really know you.”

Rhonda stepped in and brushed past the tense moment by saying,

“Baby, Matt has been up here in the North doing research and your mother and daddy were busy just raising you.”

Donna quietly looked at her a long moment, then turned to Matt.

“Aunt Rhonda says I’m going to live with you now because we have no other family, and that’s okay with me, but I don’t want to interfere with your life if you don’t want me here.”

“I do want us to be friends Donna, and I hope you’ll be happy up here. You’re my family, and I do want you to live with me now if you want to.”

“Well, I am curious about why I was never told that I had a brother, or even heard your name until after mother and daddy died.”

Blushing, Matt turned to Rhonda, who had a tense smile, and said,

“Well, I guess that’s my queue to get the luggage so we can be off.”

The luggage was transferred to a smaller airplane that Donna noted had skis on the wheels and this excited her. She hadn’t been around much snow, living in the Southern half of the States, and she had always loved it. She was also very curious about this new brother of hers. He had never been mentioned by her mother or father, and she wondered why. She decided that Matt was a handsome man and it was obvious that Rhonda liked him, so she decided to just watch and learn, and try not to be too much of a brat. Maybe she would learn why her parents never talked about him. Besides, he seemed like a really nice guy and she needed someone.

Rhonda climbed into one of the back seats of the airplane leaving the front seat open for Donna, who was a little surprised when the other door opened and Matt climbed in next to her in the pilot’s seat and started flipping switches.

“Are you going to fly?”

Matt smiled,

“Yes, unless you’d like to. This is the quickest way in or out of where I live sweetie, so, you’d better say so now if you’re having second thoughts about living with your big brother.”

Donna shook her head no, and the engine roared to life.

Matt had stopped just before pulling onto the runway and was doing his final checks before take-off when he glanced down and noticed that Donna hadn’t fastened her seat belt.

“Here, let me get that for you.”

He reached down for the belt, but the buckle slipped off the top of Donnas’ leg and fell before he could get it. She grabbed the strap and jerked it out from between her legs, but not in time and Matt was unable to stop his hand in time to keep it from sliding between Donnas legs and stopping with the little finger pressed firmly against her crotch. Matt’s face turned beet red as he jerked his hand back, stuttering an apology. He looked up at his little sister, and noted that she had the greenest eyes he had ever seen, and they looked big and shocked now.

“I’m really sorry Donna. I didn’t do that on purpose. I-”

“Forget it. I’m ok. Let’s just go.”

Rhonda laughed from the back seat, and Matt eased the throttle forward.

For the next hour and a half Donna marveled at the beauty of the mountains below her, and the soft white of the snow that covered them. She thought of her brother, and decided that she would probably like him. She already liked his easy smile, and the way he had of making her feel like they had known each other all their lives, even if they hadn’t. She even liked the way he blushed. He also made her feel warm and safe, and after the last few days she really needed that. When her mother and father had died, her world had been thrown into chaos and fear. She had been on the verge of panic when Rhonda told her not to worry, that her mother had left a will and instructions that would make sure she was cared for. The will had left everything to her and a brother that she had never known about, with instructions that he would act as executor of the estate, and also would be given custody of her in the event that she was too young to be on her own. She had resented him at first, but now that she had met him she was deciding that she might be better off with him, and Rhonda was right. He is very handsome. She smiled to herself as she thought about how he had blushed when he had put his hand between her legs, and then she blushed as she thought about how it had made her feel.

Surprise was what Donna felt next as she realized that they were about to land, and that they would be landing on a small frozen lake. The plane touched down on the lake and started taxiing to the small end, toward some trees, and a small cabin she saw as they slid to a stop at the bank. Matt jumped out to secure the plane, while Rhonda and Donna ran for the cabin to escape the cold, leaving Matt to take care of the bags. The cabin was warm inside, but it was small and dark, Donna didn’t know how they would be able to have any privacy in this place. She looked at Rhonda and saw her smiling, as if she could read her mind.

“Don’t worry baby, this is not where you’re going to live. This cabin belongs to the institute that is funding Matt’s work. He lives up the mountain on his own place.”

“Does the airplane belong to the institute too?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it does, but he has one of his own too.”

Then out of the blue, Donna squinted her eyes at Rhonda and asked,

“Are you and Matt lovers?”

Rhonda laughed at the bluntness of the question from the twelve year old, and then said,

“I guess you deserve to know a little bit more about your big brother, and I can see that you have some concerns. To begin with, Matt is a good man, he won’t try to steal your inheritance I assure you, as a matter of fact, he had his portion of the inheritance placed in a trust to be used for your college education; he has done very well in business himself and is much wealthier than you know. He does research for the institute not because he needs the work, but because he loves the work that keeps him in the mountains he loves, and the solitude he loves. I have been his friend since he was a teenager, and his attorney for almost as long. When I passed the bar your mother was already my friend, and then she became my first client. Matt was my second, and yes, to be blunt about it, you’re almost a woman yourself now, so I think you’re old enough to know that Matt and I have had sex at times, but we are friends first, and we always will be. Just like I hope you and I are friends too.”

Rhonda stepped forward and put her arms around Donna and held her close. “Don’t worry baby, Matt has loved you your whole life, and he will take very good care of you. I think you’re going to find that you love Matt too. Then she bent and gave the girl a short but gentle kiss on the lips. The kiss shocked Donna, but she liked it, and it caused her breath to get shallow and quick. She wanted to appear like it happened all the time however, so she tried to casually continue the conversation.

“But won’t I just be a nuisance to him if he loves solitude so much?”

“He just doesn’t want to get hurt again baby, but believe me, he needs you as much as you need him. Trust me, I’m your friend remember?”

Smiling, “Yeah, a friend who kept my brother a secret from me my whole life.”

Donna was wondering how Matt had been hurt before, but Rhonda was still holding her and she decided to push to see how far Rhonda would let it go. Her lips parted and she surprised Rhonda by standing on her tip toes and French kissing her, pressing her body into Rhonda’s breasts, and slipping her tongue into Rhonda’s willing mouth. Rhonda didn’t pull away but, when the kiss broke, she leaned back and looked at the little girl with a smile.

“You are a very naughty little girl.”

Then they both laughed.

Just then the door burst open and Matt stepped in from the cold.

“Hey, if you two are hanging onto each other for warmth then let me in there, I’m freezing.”

The girls laughed again and stepped apart, and then, as Rhonda guided Donna toward the door, she said,

“You had better have that truck warm before we go back out then because we want to get home.”

Donna thought about the kiss as they started the last part of the trip to her new home, and she blushed. She had never kissed a girl before, much less a woman, like she had just kissed Rhonda. Oh sure, she and her friends had experimented back home. They had kissed each other but with lips closed, and they had even played with each other, slipping their fingers inside one another, but she had never French kissed. She decided that she liked it.

Another hour of driving back into the mountains on an old, bumpy, road and Donna got her first glimpse of her new home. It was a beautiful log home built on the top of a smaller mountain that was almost completely surrounded by taller ones. The mountain wasn’t tall enough to be above the tree line, and the house was surrounded by fir trees that were white with snow. The porch of the house was huge, going from one side of the house to the other, and it had several chairs on it so you could sit and see the magnificent view around you. Once inside, Donna explored the house and found that, aside from a large beautiful living room that had a huge spiral staircase leading upstairs. It also had a game room, with a sauna at one end that was just past a big kitchen, and it also had a big indoor pool on a lower level that had a railing around the upper level so you could sit in the game room and see the pool. The pool room was made almost entirely of glass so that it felt almost like you were outside, but without the cold. Matt showed her to her bedroom, which was up stairs, and he told her that he wanted for her to feel secure, so he had chosen the bedroom that had a large bath that was connected to another bedroom that he had moved into in case she needed him, but that if she preferred more privacy she could choose whatever bedroom she liked. The bedroom was beautiful and she saw that part of the back wall was only a partial wall with a railing at the top. When she looked over the railing, it pleased and amazed her because she discovered that it too overlooked the pool. In the center of the back wall was a fireplace with a beautiful rock mantle.

“Oh Matt, it’s beautiful, I love it.”

“Good, I’m glad. I’ll leave you alone now, I’m sure you would like to freshen up.”

Stopping at the door before leaving with Rhonda, Matt turned to Donna and said,

“Donna, this is your home now. Whatever is in it is yours, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy it. Always remember, now that you know you have a brother, I love you and will always take care of you.”

Tears welled up in Donnas’ eyes and she rushed across the room and threw her arms round Matt. With a surprised look on his face, Matt’s arms went around Donna and he held her close, looking over the top of her head at a smiling Rhonda. Donna looked up at him with those tear filled green eyes and said.

“Thank you Matt, I think I need you a lot now.”

Then she again pushed herself up on tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. It was just an impulse kiss from her but it shocked both of them. Matt responded to the warmth of the soft full lips of his twelve year old red headed sister, feeling the warmth, and softness, that the tears had caused in her lips and the feeling of her soft young body against his caused a stirring in him.

Rhonda took Matt by the arm and pulled him gently.

“Come on Matt; she’s tired let’s let her get some rest.”

Donna stepped back, her face almost as red as her hair, and closed the door. She couldn’t believe that she had just kissed a man, and not only a man, but her brother who was so much older than her. Not only kissed him, but kissed him in front of Rhonda. What was she thinking?

Rhonda and Matt went down the hall into Matt’s master bedroom, and Rhonda handed Matt a packet of papers.

“These are copies of the will, and other important papers you’ll need to go over. You really should go over them as quickly as possible.”

Matt tossed the papers on his desk, and then took Rhonda in his arms.

“How about a swim?”

They both laughed and left the bedroom suite for the pool.


Donna awoke with a start, and then she remembered where she was. She remembered the kiss she had given her brother, and the embarrassment she had felt came back to her and she blushed, but as she brushed the back of her hand across her lips she also remembered that it had felt good to kiss Matt, and that it was that kiss that she was thinking of as she had drifted off to sleep. She had never kissed a man like that before, in fact she had never kissed any man before, and she decided as she lay in bed thinking about it that she liked kissing him a lot. The boys she had kissed at school didn’t kiss like he did; they only kissed like they were kissing their mothers.

Donna started thinking of her parents then, and became sad again that they were gone. She had loved them so much, but now she wondered about them also. Why had they kept Matt a secret from her. She and her mom had been close and had shared almost every thought. Her mom had been her friend. Her dad was more distant than her mom had been, but he had loved her and he took good care of her, but he just didn’t seem to be as easy to get close to. She wondered if she should ask Matt about their parents.

The lighting was subdued in her room because of the light from the pool, but it was dark outside. She was hungry and decided to go down stairs to see if Matt or Rhonda were still up, and to get something to eat. Padding through the house with bare feet, Donna couldn’t find anyone, so she went to the kitchen and rummaged around until she found some cereal and a bowl. She poured milk over it, and then wandered around, eating her cereal, looking the house over again and deciding that she was going to be very happy here, it was very large and luxurious. Then, feeling a little lonely because she was still thinking of her parents, and the fact that she hadn’t seen Matt or Rhonda, she went back up to her room to take a shower and go back to bed. She slipped out of her clothes and stood in the semi darkness in front of a full length mirror in the corner of her room. What she saw was a slim four foot eleven inch twelve year old girl with red hair. She thought her breasts were small, even for her age, but they might get bigger as she got older. Her nipples were well formed with puffed out areolas, and they were bright pink on her pale white breasts. Looking further down, she blushed at herself when her gaze stopped at her pubic area. Her pubic hair was really starting to cover her pussy; a friend who had seen her in the showers in gym class had referred to it as “the Burning Bush,” because most girls her age were still pretty hairless, but hers was thick and bright red to match the hair on her head. She thought that she was really starting to look like a grown woman. She turned and started toward the bathroom for her shower, but took the time to looked over her shoulder and admire her firm, rounded, ass.

Donna stepped into the dark bathroom and started feeling around for the light switch, but before she could find it she heard talking from the direction of the other door, and it sounded like someone had said her name. She moved closer to the partially opened door and looked into Matt’s room. What she saw stunned her but she couldn’t pull her eyes off the sight. She saw the beautiful naked body of Rhonda, standing with her brother who was also naked, and she was sliding her hands across Matt’s bare chest, and then sliding them down to his naked penis which Donna couldn’t see. Rhonda’s hand closed around Matt’s penis as her other hand gently raked his chest with her nails, letting them cross his nipples. Donna watched as Rhonda began to lower herself to her knees as she did, she licked one of Matt’s nipples and sucked on it before she continued to her knees, and licked the end of his penis. Then she told Matt that she loved the taste of his pre cum. She licked again then she looked up and said,

“Do you think you and Donna will be alright here alone?”

“Mmmm, that feels good; I don’t know why not, what she wants is for someone to take care of her that loves her and that’s me.”

Donna watched in slack jawed fascination then as Matt turned, giving her a first look at her brothers’ penis. She thought it was huge, and then Rhonda sucked almost the entire length of Matt’s penis into her mouth, she saw Matt take Rhonda’s head in his hands and pull her toward him, sending even more of his cock into her throat, and stretching her lips with the size of his penis. It must have gone all the way into her throat, and then Rhonda’s cheeks were sucked in and she pulled his penis back out. She repeated this several times before Matt took her under the arms and lifted her to her feet again, and pressed his muscular body into hers. Then Donna saw him take one of Rhonda’s large breasts into his mouth and suck on it. Donna wondered briefly what Rhonda’s nipple and breast would taste like, and then she continued to watch as Matt kissed her tits and sucked on them. Then he guided her to the bed where she sat on the edge with her legs spread. Donna saw Matt clearly as he got down on his knees and moved forward kissing the insides of Rhonda’s wide spread legs as he moved forward. His head went all the way up between her legs, and he was apparently licking Rhonda because it caused her to arch her back and moan. Then Donna saw Matt’s testicles hanging down and she moved forward for a closer look. She thought she was still hidden in the dark bathroom, but when she glanced up she was looking right into Rhonda’s eyes. Rhonda had seen her but she didn’t let on, Instead she smiled and began talking to Matt again.

“Do you like my pussy baby? Lick it hard for me. Yesssss put your tongue deep inside me. Mmmm, yeah that’s it baby fuck me with your hard tongue. Can you feel how wet my pussy is for you?”

For the next several minutes Donna got an education she hadn’t expected as she watched Matt make Rhonda squirm in apparent delight as he licked and slid his tongue into Rhonda’s pussy. Then he suddenly stood up and turned Rhonda around so that she was on her hands and knees on the bed, with her knees on the edge of the bed. Donna watched, fascinated, as Matt moved up behind Rhonda and held his penis in his hand as he guided it into Rhonda. Donna saw the whole thing slowly disappear into Rhonda, and she saw Rhonda arch her back as she lowered her boobs to the bed, and Matt began thrusting into her.

“Ohhhhh Matt, I hope you love how tight my pussy is for you.”

“I love how tight your pussy always is, it’s almost like I’m your first cock every time I fuck you.”

Rhonda laughed a low sexy laugh and, looking toward the bathroom door, she said,

“I hope my pussy will always please you Matt, but are you sure you’re not harder tonight because you’re thinking of that kiss you got from Donna this afternoon, and pretending that it’s her pussy your fucking instead of mine? Aren’t you wondering what it would be like to fuck you’re your little sister?”

Donna’s full attention was on the conversation now, and she held her breath waiting on Matt’s reply.

“Donnas’ kiss? Fuck her? But she’s just a twelve year old girl, she’s my sister. Still, her body did feel good for a twelve year old.”

Rhonda laughed that sexy laugh again.

“Yeah, a twelve year old girl, and a little sister with a blossoming body, and soon she’ll be having a woman’s desires. How are you going to handle that?”

Matt stopped thrusting into Rhonda for a moment while he thought about that. When he slowly started thrusting again, he said,

“I don’t know. How should I handle it? You don’t think I should fuck her do you?”

Rhonda laughed again, that sexy laugh, and then squirmed her ass as Matt thrust into her and she said,

“That’s something that will be between you and Donna don’t you think?”

Then she laughed that low sexy laugh again, and Donna blushed as she realized that the thing that Rhonda had meant would be between her brother and she would be his stiff penis.

Rhonda then began to moan and quiver, then she fell forward on the bed and Matt followed her down. He pushed deep into her as she screamed into the blankets and balled the sheets into her fists.

Yesssss, fuck that big cock into my hot cunt, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh yes baby, fuck me hard yesssss, Ohhhhh Matt let me feel your balls slapping against me, shoot cum deep into my tight pussy.”

Donna had heard all that language before, mostly from the girls in her gym class, but she had no idea that anyone really used it. She thought in terms of the proper words, like penis and testicles, and breasts. The only slang word she had ever really used was pussy it made her feel more grown up and sexy to say pussy instead of vagina. It was also making her feel sexy just listening to it as she watched her brother fuck Rhonda.

Donna watched as her brother began to fuck Rhonda harder and faster, and then he thrust his cock deep into her. The final thrust was hard, and Donna saw Rhonda’s ass jiggle with the impact of his body against hers, and Matt held himself tight against Rhonda. She saw Rhonda’s hands go back to Matt’s ass and hold him in place inside her,

“Ohh yesssss Matt fill my pussy with your wonderful baby juice.”

She began violently thrusting her ass back at Matt as he began to buck and slam his cock into her, then they both tensed again and then they collapsed onto the bed. Donna watched and felt a pang of jealousy, which surprised her, as she watched Matt turn Rhonda over and pull her into his arms and kiss her with passion. Donna had forgotten about the shower and instead, retreated to her room and slid under the covers without even putting on her pajamas. She dozed off feeling the sheets against her bare skin as she ran her fingers through her pubic hair, and thinking about her brother and Rhonda, and what she had seen them doing. She wondered how Matt’s felt, having sex with a woman that was almost as old as their mother.

The next morning Donna awoke at about 10:00 o’clock and the first thought that came to her was of what she had seen the night before. Of course she had talked about sex with her friends at school, but until last night she had never witnessed it. She was excited by what she saw, and she blushed at the thought that what Rhonda did last night, she too would someday do too. She threw back the covers to get out of bed and when she did, she realized that she was still naked. Laughing, she fell back on the pillow with her hair forming a gentle red halo around her cute little face. She slid her hands from her budding breasts down over her pale smooth skin and toward her flame red pubic area and stretched.

“I can sleep naked every night.” She said to herself, and then she laughed again.

Getting out of bed Donna slipped on her robe and went to see if she could find Matt, or Rhonda. What she found was a note on the counter in the kitchen that was left for her by Matt.


Had to take Rhonda to the airport, she said she had to go back on business. I’ll be back before 6:00.

Love, Matt

For a moment Donna panicked, she was here all alone. She thought Rhonda was supposed to stay several days, until she and Matt had gotten better acquainted. Had Rhonda seen her watching last night and gotten mad at her? Then the panic left her; remembering the kiss she and Rhonda had shared, she didn’t think Rhonda would get mad at her for just watching, and she was an attorney, maybe she was called back on business.

Deciding that there was nothing she could do about it, she began to explore the house further, and enjoy it. She started with the outside; she found a large storage shed with ski equipment in it, as well as shelves of scientific stuff. Then she went to the garage and discovered bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles, as well as four wheelers. It was going to be fun living here with her big brother.

In the house she wandered in and out of all the rooms, and discovered that there was one with a closed door at the end of the hall up stairs. She opened the door and discovered a huge combination study and bedroom, a suite with a bath on one side attached to a walk in closet that was full of Matt’s clothes. She lay down on the huge bed that she assumed that Matt had slept in until she came, and then she smoothed the covers when she got up. She looked at the books in the book cases that were in the office part of the room, noting that most of them were novels instead of the technical books she expected, and then she turned to the huge desk. What caught her eye was the name on the packet of papers on the desk, and she recognized her mother’s handwriting. Donna opened the papers and glanced through them. What she found was a copy of her mother’s will leaving Matt as executor, and there were some other legal papers that she assumed Matt would need to take care of her mother’s last wishes. There was an envelope addressed to Matt from her mother, and then there were school documents so that Matt could get her enrolled in school here, and then she found her birth certificate. She couldn’t ever remember seeing it before, but there it was with the other papers, and it had her name at the top. Certificate of Live Birth of Donna Marie Martin. It gave her date of birth, and the hospital she was born in, then her birth parents. Donna started to put the certificate back with the other papers, but then, in shock, she looked at it again. Surely this was a mistake; her mother’s name was correct, Dawn McMurphy Martin, but under father, it had Matthew Robert Martin. She sat down in the chair and stared at the certificate, wondering what all this implied. The certificate said that her father was not her father, but that Matt was. That means that her brother and her mother; then she said out loud,

“Oh my god, this means that my brother is my father. No wonder daddy made him leave.”

After she got over the shock of finding out her brother was really her father, Donna left the room then and closed the door. She took the shock of finding out better than anyone could have expected, and she continued her wandering through the house, thinking about what she had learned. She smiled when she remembered that she had been excited when her father had touched her breast before he died, and now she thought that if it had gone further than just a touch, as she had wanted it to, she might have given her virginity at the ripe old age of eleven to the man that was in reality her grandfather. She tried to visualize the mother she loved so much naked, and letting her own son fuck her. Then, giggling out loud, she said,

“It must run in the family.”

She eventually ended up in Matt’s room. She walked over to the still unmade bed and noticed stains on the sheets. She looked around to assure herself that she was alone, and then she bent and smelled the stain on the sheet.

Mmmm, she liked the combined aroma of Matt and Rhonda, and thought; it’s something I could get used to. The thought came to her unbidden, but she thought, I wonder what Rhonda’s pussy tastes like?

Thinking about what she had seen the night before, she imagined her mother doing what she had seen Rhonda doing with Matt, and it surprisingly excited her.

Then she giggled, slipped her robe off, she lay face down on Matt’s bed with her legs spread and her pussy pressed into the stain. She took fists full of sheet in her hands and rotated her hips into the stain. Pretending that she was being fucked, she bucked her hips into the sheet as she had seen Rhonda do, and burying her face in the sheets she screamed,

“Yesssss daddy, fuck me hard. Fuck me like you did mommy, fill me with your baby juice like you did her when you made me.”

Donna laughed again, and then pretended to be full of seaman, what had Rhonda called it, cum that was it. She was full of cum and it was leaking out of her pussy onto the bed like it had Rhonda’s. She laughed again, then rolled over and lay back and in a few minutes she dozed off, apparently succumbing to the jet lag that was still catching up with her.

When Donna awoke later she decided that if this was her home, then she would have to pull her weight. Still naked, she pulled the sheets from Matt’s bed, and found the fresh ones in a linen closet. After making the beds, and cleaning the house, she decided to take the shower she had missed the night before, but when she went into her bedroom and glanced over her railing at the pool she looked at the clock and decided instead that she had time for a swim before Matt got home.


Matt dropped Rhonda at the airport and kissed her goodbye, then started the return trip home. He was sorry to see her leave, but he understood that she had work to do, and besides, it would give him and Donna time to get used to one another. Still, he would miss Rhonda; she had been friend and lover, and mother, and lawyer to him through many years of loneliness.

When he arrived home he was early, and he thought he might still have enough daylight to check his instruments. Going into the house, he ran up to his room to change so he could go out to the field and he noticed that his room had been cleaned, and the bed made. Smiling, he went through the bathroom and knocked on Donna’s door. When she didn’t answer, he stepped inside, noticing that her room had been cleaned also, but found that she wasn’t there. He turned to leave, but heard splashing in the pool so he stepped to the rail and looked over. What he saw caused his breath to catch; Donna was in the pool naked, and was swimming the length of the pool on her back. Matt thought he should stop looking, but the girl was beautiful, and the light was on in the pool, highlighting her pale porcelain like figure and red hair, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the bright red thatch of pubic hair.

After finally returning to his room, Matt changed and quietly slipped out of the house. He was back from the field and home again by six, and this time, he was greeted by a fully dressed little sister.

“Hi sis, did you keep yourself entertained today?”

“I kept busy. Why did Rhonda leave?”

“She said she had business to take care of, and she thought it would be better if we had time alone to get used to one another. I can get her back if you are afraid of being alone with me though.”

Too quickly she said,

“NO, I just thought she might be mad at me.”

Reaching out and cupping her chin with his hand, Matt smiled and said,

“Now how could anyone be angry at you?”

Blushing, Donna turned away and led the way back into the living room.

They snacked for dinner, and talked about their mother and father. Donna asked a few very pointed questions, but Matt very carefully avoided the reason he had left home, just saying that he and his dad had a disagreement and that he thought it best for everyone if he weren’t around. They talked about her schooling, and Matt told her that if it was okay with her that she would be attending a small private school on the back side of the mountain where there were several families living who worked for the forest service, or had small businesses that catered to fishermen, or campers. He told her that there were several girls close to her age in the school, in fact there was one family that were very good friends of his that were a mother and two daughters. Their father, who had been Matt’s best friend, had died a year earlier, and the girls had become like family, so they would probably like the company, and at least it would be company for Donna if she wanted it. Then he looked down for a moment before he said,

“Donna, I saw you swimming today.”

Blushing, she replied,

“I know, I saw you standing in my room. I’m sorry; I won’t swim naked again.”

“No, no, I don’t want you to feel guilty about it sis, I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t spying on you, but that I did see you, and I also wanted you to know that if it makes you feel more comfortable swimming that way, then you can swim naked whenever you wish. In fact if it doesn’t embarrass you, it doesn’t embarrass me, and if you want to then I don’t care if you want to go naked all the time as long as we’re alone, and inside the house.”

Blushing deep red, Donna said,

“I don’t know if I could go naked in front of you yet, but thank you for telling me its ok, and for trying to make me feel at home.”

Later, in her room, Donna thought about what Matt had said to her and wondered if he had gone naked before she moved in, and if he would feel better if he could go naked now, but wouldn’t because of her. She made a mental note to tell him that if he wanted to go naked then it didn’t matter to her. She also wondered how he would feel being naked with her when he found out that he was really her father.

Donna stayed up and read for a long time after Matt went to bed, and now she was getting sleepy too. She slipped out of her clothes and had decided to sleep naked again, but she was uneasy for some reason. Then, what she had been hearing in her subconscious mind came to her in an explosion of light and sound. A thunderstorm and she had always been terrified of storms. Without thinking she ran through the bathroom and into Matt’s room, and was standing at the side of his bed when he opened his eyes. He had heard the thunder, and knew exactly why she was there. Rhonda had told him that his little sister was afraid of storms, and that he might have to calm her if they had any of their famous mountain storms before she got used to living here.

Matt threw the covers back, inviting her to get in bed with him, but she hesitated. Then another bright flash, and the instant explosion of thunder that rattled the windows, and she was under the covers beside him. Still another flash and she had her head on his arm, and her naked body cuddled to his.

When Donna realized that Matt was naked also, and that her breasts were pressing against him, she gasped and started to push away, but then another clap of thunder and she just cuddled closer to him. Matt put his other arm around Donna, and pulled her close. She went to sleep that night in Matt’s arms, feeling her father’s naked body next to her, and enjoying the feeling of security.

The next morning Donnas’ eyes opened slowly and she smiled when she realized that her head was lying on Matt’s chest and his arm was around her. then she realized that she was holding something in her hand, she looked down and saw that her hand, at least as much of her hand as would fit, was wrapped around Matt’s hard cock. She started to turn loose and move her hand when she saw the drop on the end of it. She looked up to see that Matt was still asleep, and then she decided to see for herself why Rhonda liked it so much. She lowered her head to get a closer look at the head of her father’s cock, and then her tongue slowly touched it so she could taste the goo on the end. Matt jumped when her tongue touched the head of his cock, and she looked up to see that he was now awake and smiling, and she blushed.

“It’s called pre cum, how does it taste?”

Trying to bluff, she said,

“I’ve tasted worse.”

Laughing and ruffling her red hair with his hand, he said,

“Oh, really, and how much pre cum have you tasted?”

Blushing again, she smiled up at him, then her fingers opened and she started to let go of his cock, but his hand closed over hers, and held it in place.

“Your hand feels good sis; only turn it loose if you don’t want to hold it.”

Donna looked at Matt for a long time, thinking. She thought Matt must not have seen the Birth certificate yet because he still believes I’m his sister. Smiling to herself she thought, well, in a way I am his sister, but I’m his daughter too. Then she rose up and kissed him like she had the day before, except that her lips opened and her tongue slipped into his mouth. Then, she sucked his tongue into her mouth and kissed her father with animal passion.

If Matt liked the way her hand felt, she wondered if he would like it if she imitated Rhonda even further. Her head lowered unexpectedly and she took the head of his cock into her mouth. It was the first she had ever had, but she liked it and she loved the taste of Matt’s pre cum. She smiled to herself as Matt gasped, and his body stiffened, when she put the head of his cock in her mouth, She began to suck and slide his cock head in and out of her mouth like she had seen Rhonda do, taking a little bit more of his cock into her mouth as she gained confidence. Shortly, she found herself up on her hands and knees bobbing her head and sucking his cock deeper into her mouth. She wondered what he would do if he knew he was getting oral sex from his daughter instead of his little sister. Then she decided to go all the way, and as she plunged his cock in to the back of her mouth, she began swallowing and took it into her throat as Rhonda had. She thought she would gag at first, but after a while she was sucking almost his whole cock in. She was getting very excited, and then she felt his fingers between her legs, one of them slipped between her moist, swollen, lips and it brushed her clit as it slipped inside of her. The explosion in her brain was as intense as the explosion of thunder had been last night. Donna began to convulse with her first ever orgasm as Matt’s cock exploded in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could in order to keep up with the throbbing cock that was filling her belly with his cum. Then when she thought she would collapse in exhaustion, and she just wanted to go to blissful sleep, thinking of what had just happened, Matt rolled her over though and spread her legs. Pulling her knees up, Matt began kissing her inner thighs and moving up as he had with Rhonda. Donna held her breath in anticipation of what he was about to do to her as her legs slipped over his shoulders and rested on his back. Then his tongue touched her clit and she moaned as his finger again entered her while his tongue teased her. Then his finger was pulled away, and replaced by his mouth as his tongue entered her, fucking her, as his mouth sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh Matt, yesssss.”

Donna was bucking her hips up into Matt’s tongue and Matt continued his invasion of Donnas’ pussy until she squealed and collapsed after having a massive orgasm. She then put her arms around Matt’s neck and her lips next to his ear as she whispered.

“I felt safer, and slept better last night than I have in a long time Matt. I hope we can sleep together more than just when there’s a storm.”

Matt laughed and gave her a kiss that was less than brotherly, and then holding her ass, he pulled her red bush into his hardening cock and said,

“I would like that very much Donna.”

She then got up and turned and started into her bedroom while he watched her beautiful firm young ass as she walked out. Donna stopped at the door as if thinking, and then turned and looked back at Matt smiling, thinking about what she was about to say to this man who was her real father.

“Are you going to fuck me Matt?”

Matt got up from the bed and followed Donna into her room, and when he stepped inside, he saw that she already had her knees on the bed, as she had seen Rhonda do. Her legs were spread and her ass was facing him, exposing the pink puffy little pussy lips, and her tight little sphincter. She looked back and repeated what Rhonda had said,

“Oh Matt, I hope you love how tight my pussy is for you.”

Donna was nervous, but she knew that she wanted Matt to fuck her now, and she knew that he would, if he could get his cock inside her. She didn’t know if he would do it after he found out she was his daughter.

Like he had done to Rhonda, Matt moved up behind Donna and she felt the tip of his cock head touch her virgin pussy. She closed her eyes and pushed back gently, feeling the head of her father’s cock press into her. It felt enormous, and then she pushed harder and the head of his cock forced its way inside her. Slowly Matt pushed inside Donnas’, incredibly tight, pussy until he stopped against her hymen. Matt then began a slow retreat from her pussy until the head was just inside her, and he pushed inside her again. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his twelve year old sister, and then Donna looked back at him and said,

“I had the sex ed. classes Matt and I know it’s going to hurt. It’s ok; I want you to do it.”

Holding her ass firmly, Matt again pushed his cock inside her till he again came up against her hymen, then he thrust his hips forward quickly, without warning, and ripped through her, taking her cherry and sinking his cock as far as it would go inside his sister. Donna screamed and fell forward with Matt following her down, his cock buried deep inside her pussy. Donna lay face down on her bed whimpering, crying with pain, with the sheet balled up in her fists and Matt lying on top of her, not moving, his cock buried deep inside her from behind.

Matt looked down at his little sister, and the sight of her small body, with her firm rounded ass against him, caused his cock to twitch, and she moaned.

“Oh Matt, oh, oh, mmmm it feels good, just you being inside me, but don’t move it yet, please.”

Matt tried to be as still as he could, and in a couple of minutes his patience was rewarded when Donna began pushing back at him and rotating her hips. He took that as a sign she was ready, and he began fucking her slowly and deeply as her legs spread to give him even greater access to her tight pussy.

“Oh Matt, I want you to fuck me all the time with your monster cock. Can we sleep together again tonight?”

“Mmmm Donna, your pussy feels so tight, so good.”

“Ohhhhh yesssss Matt push your cock deeper, fuck me hard now. Ohh yesssss, yesssss, yesssss, FUCK that feels good Matt.”

Matt had pushed and fucked his little sister until his cock was deeply buried inside her, and now his balls were slapping her tiny body with each thrust of his cock, and she was pushing back with her own backward thrust to match each of his, and she was moaning loudly, coming closer and closer to the explosion she knew would be an even greater climax than the first one she had while he fingered her then virgin pussy. Suddenly Donna screamed with pleasure, and fell forward in a convulsion of pure ecstasy, and Matt fell atop her, pumping his cock savagely into her. Slipping his arm around her waist, he picked her almost limp, but still convulsing body up and continued to fuck her savagely, and then he too exploded as he felt her little hand close around his balls, and he began filling his sisters’ womb with his cum. Donna smiled to herself as she thought that the stain on her sheets tomorrow morning would now be from her real daddy’s cum leaking from her well fucked pussy. Matt’s cock eventually softened and slipped from his sisters pussy and she moaned as she fell asleep face down on her bed, legs still spread. Matt smiled down at her as he got up, and covered her beautiful naked form with a light blanket, and then the door bell rang.

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what happen to part 2? and when will part 3 be posted?

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2013-08-12 16:25:26
What a wonderful, well written story. As a writer I do hope you will have a beautiful, happy ending when you write the final chapter to this. Good Luck !! (countrycadillac)

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part/3 As Mary was sucking my cock she was also playing with my balls and she push my cock all the way done her throat and gagged on it ,i said take it slowly and breath through your nose and she then deep throated me,Susie was starting to have her first orgasm and was squirting cum all over my face and in my mouth and i was trying to swallow as much as i could, i must have looked a mess because there was cum all over me and running down my chest. after we had finally finished playing with each other we were laying on the floor recovering, Mary said that was great we will have to do that again, i said i would really like to fuck you both next time,susie said what is fucking so i said next when you get my cock hard i will then put it in your fanny and fuck you and fill your bellies full of my cum. i can't wait said Mary. but that will be another story

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Part/2 After she had come down from her first orgasm she just lay there smiling and my younger sister asked what was it like Mary and she replied marvellous i want to do it again, the younger one said can you do it to me i said i tell you what let's all take our clothes off and we can play with one another. so we stripped off and stood looking at each other. Mary said i like your cock can i hold it i said tell you what you can play with my cock and i can play with susie's fanny. So we all laid down on the settee and i got between susie's leg and began to eat her out, I had her laided back with her legs hanging down and was driving my tongue in her 8 year cunt she was shouting out lick lick it please .so i pushed as far as i could in her. all the while Mary was playing with my dick she was rubbing it up and down, i said why don't you suck on it ,she said what does it taste like i said try it and see so she open her mouth and swallowed my entire cock.

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part/1The story reminded of when I was 14 I started to play with my two sisters they were 9 and 8. we were playing in the lounge when i saw older one was sitting on the floor with her legs open and her panties were pulled tight over her little fanny and i got an instant hard on so i sat beside her and put my hand on her thigh and slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed it over her pantie covered fanny she shut her legs and trapped my hand there, my hand was cupping her pussy so i pulled her panties aside a slipped my finger between my pussy lips she said i like that and opened her legs so i could put my finger all the way up her cunt. i said take your panties off and show us your fanny, so she stood up and pulled them off, it was the very first fanny i had ever seen and i cupped it in my hand and started playing with it. I had two finger in her and was working them in and out,she was breathing heavily and said oh Les my tummy fills funny and she then cum all over my hand.

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