If you read my last story, you know it was I submitted it as fiction, because I didn’t tell the whole truth. The part about what I saw Janet and Maggie doing was true, as was the dirty & perverted things I did with their panties. But I never actually had the pleasure of having sex with my sis, except in my fantasies.
My name is April and I am 12. I am pretty (I’m told) but at 4’2”, I am only about an inch in height away from being labeled a dwarf. I weigh 87 pounds, My hair is straight and blonde and I have green eyes. My chest is as flat as it was when I was 10, but I am hopeful. When I complained to my mom, she just hugged me and said that Janet must’ve taken all the height and boobs and didn’t leave any for me. But I am fine with that. She is a good enough sister and she gives me other things (even though she doesn’t know about it).
I woke up the next morning in a puddle from literally finger-fucking myself to exhaustion that night. I laid there for nearly an hour, rubbing my soar pussy and day-dreaming about the night before. The first sniff of my 15 year old sister’s pussy and the taste of the pee stained fabric. Sucking at the crotch of Maggie’s undies and savoring the flavors of sweat and anything that had leaked from lovely Maggie through the course of that day. I came again. I had fucked those panties last night. I had cum all over Janet’s and soaked them with piss. I had actually nibbled little holes in the crotch of both pair in my throws of passion. They were also soaked in urine and smelled of it. I held them to my face and inhaled deeply. “There is no way that I can return Janet’s panties to the hamper even if I wanted too and I don’t give a fuck what happens, Maggie isn’t getting hers back – ever!” I thought to myself as I shoved them in between the mattress and into the shower.
That entire week was drenched in day-dreams of that night. It was the first time I had ever cum like that. I thought endlessly on how my pussy had convulsed and then flooded my hand with gooey, slimy cum and how I had licked my own sauce from my fingers. OMG that was so fucking hot. I was lost in my on world as I thought back how every day since then, I had snuck into the bathroom and found my sister’s used underwear and how I had sat there sucking at the cotch of those babies while I fingered myself to one orgasm after the other. Throughout the week I had come to relish even the taste and the smell of her ass!
I was almost ready to rub my pussy right there on the bus! Had I been alone, I might have. But as it was, Haley was sitting beside me. I dared a sideways glance, wondering that she might have read my mind and knew what I’d been thinking about. Wondering what she would think of me if she knew. I watched her sitting there so pretty, so young, so not knowing that I wanted to take that sucker, dripping with her spit and put it in my mouth. Not knowing that I wanted to lick her pussy and taste her cum. Not knowing that her best friend since elementary school wanted her to pee in my mouth and let me lick her butt. “Damn what a perv!” I thought to myself just before I said, “Can I have some of that?”
She obliged and I was happy. I dreamt that her spit actually had it’s own flavor and that I could taste it on my tongue! I handed it back to her, clearly wetter than she had given it to me. My spit rolled off the bulb and over my index finger. She looked at me a bit puzzled, but she did not hesitate or say anything. She was still looking at me when she parted her lips and took the sucker into her mouth like it was a cock. My pussy began to leak as she handed it back to me. “Want any more?” This time she did leave it wet. As wet as I had! I think I actually moaned a tiny bit as I took this innocent sex toy back into my mouth and let her spit slid off of it and down my throat. This went on until we got to her stop. I let her take the sucker even though I had hoped to get home with it and stick it inside my pussy. I could use that for hours! Already thinking about how I would do it. Sliding it up and down my bald pussy, my peach fuzz getting sticky with its sweetness. Gliding back down, then penetrating my hole, just inside, just enough to get it good and wet before putting it into my mouth to lick it and suck it. Taking the spit covered treat now and rubbing it on my nipple… “April! Are you listening?” Haley was standing there in the isle shaking that cock (sorry) sucker at me. “Do you want to come over later? It’ll just be me and Daniel. We could watch a movie … or something” She hesitated! She hesitated! “Or something” I thought to myself as I stood up. “Not right now dumb ass. What’s wrong with you? I mean after dinner!” I dropped back into my seat. “Sorry” I said. “I was thinking about something. Sure! 6:00 okay” Haley took the treat from between her teeth “Great!” she said as she handed me the sucker.
I had chosen a short mini-skirt and a lacy tank top to wear over to Haley’s house. It would just be her and her brother anyways. “Her and her brother. She has a brother. A brother too.” I thought to myself. “This might be fun!” I was on her doorstep by 5:30.
Mr. Dancy answered the door. He looked up and down my small frame, getting stuck at my chest where he couldn’t help but notice I was not wearing a bra (not much need for one anyways). “Hm hmm. Hello Mr. Dancy. Is Haley home?” He stepped aside and bowed, motioning with his hand that I should ‘enter my princess’. “She is in the den l” he managed. I could feel his eyes on my ass, so I shook a little more than usual. I know he noticed. “Mrs. Dancy and I are just leaving April. Would you like anything?” I thought “What would you like Mr. Dancy” but said “Naw. I’m fine thank you” I glanced back just before I rounded the corner into the den and saw Mr. Dancy give his head a little shack as his hand adjusted his trouser’s. Lost in thought, “I wonder if his cock is big like in the porno clips. Does he cum like a horse? I’d like to drink his cum…” Suddenly - Wham! “Watch it bozo! I’m trying to walk here!” Daniel chanced his own look at my now swollen nipples. “Oh, hi April. I didn’t see you. I was just going – Haley is in the bathroom.” He quickly disappeared up the steps.
Daniel is way older than Haley and I. He turned 16 2 months ago. He has short brown hair and brown eye’s (“Like his Dad” I thought and bit my lip) He is a football player and a real hotty! I think he is a first string forward, or some shit. “Well well well” I pondered. “It Seems I have the Dancy men’s attention! Seems both of ‘em like underage girls. Well that is just fine by me”
Haley emerged from the bathroom with her long brown hair tied into long pigtails that stuck out about ½ inch before falling over her shoulders. She was wearing her little pink shorts that she’d had every since the 4th grade. They were a little too small for her now; and thread bare at the bottom of her butt-cheeks. (Enough so that I could see she was wearing pink panties – My favorite) She is taller than I am at 4’6 or 7 and she wears a training bra too, but unlike me, she has to (the bitch). Her face is slender and silky smooth and her big-brown-cow eyes have always made me feel a little funny. Looking back, I realized that it just might be possible that I have had somewhat of a crush on her the whole time. I was always jealous when she had other people around. Check. I was always looking at her. Check. I never slept over at her house without insisting on bath-time together. Check & check. “Damn. I bet she already knows I am hot for her and always was.” No bra. Check and yummy fucking check again! I was going to lay her sweet ass.
The parents left yelling back into the house with a bunch of “Don’t forget too’s & the phone number is …” But we were not paying attention. We were locked-on each other for a second there, but it felt like a passionate even seductive second. She broke her gaze and scanned my skimpy outfit. “I bet my dad and Daniel both busted a zipper” she giggled and tweaked my swollen nipple. “What about you sexy.” I giggled back and laid my hand on her tit “Woops” I thought and took my hand off of her with a giggle” “Sorry about that Haley. I don’t know where my head is anymore”. She said “Here sweetie. Let’s sit down and talk about it. I wanted you to come over tonight because, well, because of what happened on the bus.” “Damn!” I thought. “She did read my mind.” She threw one leg up on the couch with her other foot on the floor and faced me. My gaze immediately fell to her crotch where I saw that yummy place where her smooth skin met those delicious pink panties. I felt her hand cup my chin and lift my gaze to her face.
“I knew it, you know? I’ve always known it even if you didn’t. I wasn’t really sure until you licked my sucker today. Not that you licked it though, but the way you licked it.” “Damn” I thought. Busted, and this will be the end of us. She must have read my mind then, because she leaned closer to me and said “I love you.” Very softly and very tenderly just began kissing me!! OMG it was heavenly. I took her tongue into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Taking my que from today, she did not hold back her saliva which was yummy and hot. I let her spit fill up my mouth before I swallowed it, in a way that she would know that I was swallowing it. I received another mouthful and swallowed it too. Now my tongue was in her hot mouth and my spit was flowing in around it. I reached in between her legs and placed my hand on her dampening pussy. The thin fabric not enough to keep her juices from wetting my fingertips. I pressed and she pushed against my hand. We broke our kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. “Come upstairs” We took off. Giggling and running, hand in hand. Still giggling as we passed Daniel’s room and then we were there.
Haley’s little girlie and overly-pink room. Haley’s bed! I left my feet and landed on it like a trampoline giggling like an idiot, I grabbed one of her pillows and jammed it against my face so Daniel couldn’t hear me scream with excitement. I released my clutch on the pillow and sighed at my beautiful new girlfriend. “I love you back and I so want to taste your pussy” Haley’s mouth dropped open and she said “April! You little whore” while dropping her shorts and shucking off her panties. “You don’t even know” I breathed back staring at her pussy. “Throw me toughs” I said pointing at her panties without looking. “You are kidding me” she teased as she hooked them with her toes and kicked them right towards my face. Oh how warm and moist they were. Um the delicious smell of her young pussy, not unlike my own scent, I breathed in her odors as I watched her take off her shirt and unhook the bra. There she was. My sweet little Haley standing before me as naked as the day she was born. Her buddy tits and her sweet pussy bare and all for me!
I quickly took off my clothes and sat up on the edge of the bed. She walked over and took my hands “Stand up April baby, I’ve wanted to see you naked again every since we were kids. Oh fuck you are so fucking tiny and so fucking hot! Like an 8 year old” Oh shit that turned me on! Having read some of the stories in here, I understood her perversion. I wondered if she had ever molested any of the girls that she had babysat, or at least peeked at them while they slept. My pussy was on fire. I turned us around and pushed Haley down in the bed. She started to scoot back so that she could lie prone, but I didn’t want that. Not yet. I knelt between her knees and pushed them apart, revealing her glistening pussy lips.
Like me, Haley didn’t really have any hair on her vagina. More like a fuzz all over the mound but since her hair was brown, it was easier to make out than mine. I lifted her foot and kissed it on top, then trailed my tongue back towards her toes. I sucked her big toes into my mouth and then moved up her leg. Kissing and licking her delicate smooth skin. She was holding the back of her head with both hands, moaning, her eyes never leaving my open licking mouth. I was at her inner thigh when I reached up to touch her pussy. She quivered when I made contact and slowly and gently parted her silky cunt with my index finger. I traced down her lips and using my thumb, gently opened her so that I could see her wet, leaking hole. I slipped my thumb inside her, just for a moment. Her mouth was open and her eyes still fastened to my licking tongue as it made contact.
I slowly licked up and down her slit while I raised my hand and offered her my coated thumb. She took my hand in both of hers and sucked my thumb like a cock. I moaned my approval, knowing that she was tasting the same thing as I was. Sweet, delicious, creamy. Now I took back the hand and put my mouth on her, gently sucking at her flesh, I worked her slit open again with my tongue and swished it over her clit. Now – with her watching every move, I put my hand between my own legs and slipped an index finger into my now milky cunt. I worked it in and out, slathering and coating it with my own unique flavors, then fed her that finger while I sucked even harder on her clit. Again she took my hand into both of hers and fed herself my finger as if it were the most precious thing to be savored in the world. She was cumming.
I moved down to catch the prize in my mouth, and was a little bit surprised when I tasted her piss. In her throws of orgasm, my little girlfriend had accidently peed in my mouth. I sucked at her hole in anticipation of more but her orgasm was subsiding now. Her hands were on my head and her fingers in my hair as she quivered and shook, pursed her lips & cooed. For good measure, I licked my way back downward and pushed her knees up and back so that her heels were on the edge of the bed. Her asshole was brown and pulsing as I brushed the tip of my tongue against it. I let my saliva run down my tongue and coat her butthole before pushing the tip inside her asshole. “This is nasty” I thought to myself, then gave in to animal lust. In further, I moaned my pleasure at the taste of her shit . “Fuck” She whimpered as I ate her ass, now with utter abandon. My pussy was throbbing and dripping down my leg when I slipped a finger into her asshole and fucked her in and out, in and out. She came again, and again I clamped my mouth onto her leaking hole and sucked, hoping for more cum of course, but now, also her hot salty pee. I was not disappointed and this time she did not shut off the water works. Pee jettisoned her quivering cunt and splashed into my mouth and down my throat. I choked a little but I was mad with passion and lust. Pee soaked my hair and ran down my chest, over my already wet pussy and onto the carpet to drip and mix into a puddle I’d already started there.
I withdrew my finger from her asshole, leaned back on my heels and looked her dead in the eyes. With the sluttiest grin that I could muster I slipped that finger into my mouth and tasted her ass again.
To describe what she did to me after that, would be to describe what I’d just done to here all over again, except that instead of peeing when I came, I squirted into her mouth. I hadn’t done that so hard since my first time with Janet’s panties. But this time, it didn’t spill out as before, it actually had a bit of pressure and sort of steamed out. She was shocked enough at first to move back, my cum dripping off of her mouth and chin. That was so too much. Her loving face dripping with my pussy juice, I felt my loins flood again as my belly contracted. She was right back in there moaning ‘more April. Give me more’ into my pussy when again, my cum poured forth into her mouth.
Completely exhausted now, we collapsed back on the bed in each other’s arms. Kissing and licking our own cum from the others face. Trading spit and giggling like little girls. She fell off to sleep after a few hours, but I couldn’t sleep. I laid there for awhile but I wanted more. Finally, I fingered her while she slept and licked her juices from them, playing with my own pussy until it occurred to me… There is a boy in the room down the hall! “He’ll be asleep” the other side of my brain said. “Didn’t let Haley being asleep stop you did you” I said out load.

Bye for now

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What a lucky girl! She got to lick her gf pretty little feet and asshole! And then drink her urine! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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I really loved the part about a young girl kissing the little girl feet.When i was 15 i always licked the dirty-black baresoles of this 10yr old girl Cristy beautiful barefeet


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