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This happened before my encounter with Kelly and Susan. i will be adding a chapter to that later
I have been reminded of this when contacted by an old school friend of mine who used to skip classes with me. we swapped memories of how we used to be and he asked if i remembered Linda.
There’s no full blown sex, but this sort of leads into how I was so lucky with females.

We were in second year at senior school being 13, friends, John and Peter and I would skip classes as much as we could, to do rural studies (gardening), we would help the teacher around the grounds, mowing the grass, looking after the plants in the green house’s and the pets, we had a large shed, with rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and pigeons, with the area that we looked after around the school, some times other classes were split and the teacher asked us to supervise groups, doing various jobs, at 13 we were so proud being trusted by the teacher, week ends we took it in turns to go and water the plants and clean out and feed the animals, even Christmas day, the caretaker would open the side gate for us and when we had finished we would knock his door so he could lock up again.

It starts one Monday afternoon, we had a double wood work followed by a double metal work, the three of us didn’t like metal work so this we skipped, the teacher knew our dislike and was happy for us to miss his class, so we went down to the garden area, we checked on the green house and watered the plants that needed it, then we headed to the shed, we had cleaned out the chicken run and set to cleaning out the rabbits, while doing this Linda came in looking for the teacher, she was about 15, we knew her from when we started at the big school, she was in charge of taking our class around the school between lessons, being a three story building and with two flights of stairs at first it was hard finding one’s way around, so older kids had a new intake to show the way.

Asking where our teacher was we told her we didn’t know as he wasn’t there when we arrived, but we said he could have taken his class down the wood, what happened next only took seconds, she said something, I cant remember what, but in the blink of an eye we pinned her against the side of the shed, John one side me the other and Peter in front, I then felt one tit, John felt the other and Peter dropped his hand to rub her pussy, none of this had been planed, it just happened, as far as I can remember she didn’t have a very large bust but it was the very first I had felt.

She pushed us away and swung out, hitting John and Peter, I managed to move out of the way, she quickly turned on her heals and ran out, the three of us just stood there looking at each other not believing what we had just done, then it hit us, what if she tells a teacher, for the next half hour every little sound out side we thought a teacher was coming for us, or the police, but no one came.

We saw Linda around the school the rest of the week, but she didn’t say anything about the incident. It was my turn that week end to go in to feed the animals, I was first watering the plants and was surprised when Linda walked into the green house, I asked what she wanted, “I owe you a slap for the other day” she then hit me, as I grabbed my arm faking sever pain she hit me a second time, I looked at her and asked what that was for, “Because” again being on the spur of the moment I told her she had hit the others only once so she owed me now, “Oh yeah, that’s what you think” she then ran out and headed up to the shed, I was hot on her heals and caught her in the shed, not too hard to do as there was only one door, I grabbed her and pushed her against the side, I then shoved my hand under her top and pushed her bra off her tits, clamping each hand over a tit, I felt them for a second or two, she just stood there, saying nothing and not trying to stop me, seeing she was willing I dropped one hand and pulled her skirt up and finding the top of her knickers I eased my hand in and down to her cunt.

I had no idea what to do so I just rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, she seemed to like this as her legs opened a little, I then felt her hand tugging at the zip on my trousers, when she had released my cock she started pumping her hand up and down, being older she knew a lot more than I did and took control, with her free hand she pushed her knickers down, then put her hand on top of mine and eased one of my fingers into her cunt, I didn’t know at the time but she pushed my finger against her clit and worked my finger up and down, she then removed her top and said "You can suck my tit's if you want" I clamped my mouth over her right tit and sucked like a baby on a bottle, after a few minutes i moved to her left tit. her nipples grew hard and she was making soft gurgling noises, her hand was still pumping my cock and after a few minutes I felt my knees starting to buckle, and a tingling feeling was growing in my cock, then I released my spunk, it splashed all over Linda’s legs, she then shook and my fingers were soaking wet, I now know she was having an orgasm.

She lightly pushed me back and looked down at my spunk running down her legs, she picked her knickers up and wiped them on her leg’s cleaning the white gooey mess off, "Can't let mom see this" she put them in her pocket then gave me a quick kiss and ran out. I stood there for a few minutes wondering what had just happened, adjusting my clothes I finished off and went home.

This never happened again, I saw Linda about and she had a lad from her class on her arm, this lasted about one term, then she had another lad in toe, for the rest of her time at school I think she went out with all the lads in her year.

When I was head boy a first year girl came up to me, Chloe, she was Linda’s younger sister, she told me Linda had told her to find me out and I would look after her, I asked how Linda was, “Mom and dad have gone crazy, she came home the other month saying she was having a baby, and didn’t know who the father was”.

It was the year after I had the experience with Kelly and Susan before marrying her. When Susan was in hospital giving birth to our second daughter, Chloe was in the same ward having her first, she imediatly recognised me, we caught up on things and naturally I asked about Linda, she had nine children before she was finally sterilised, and to my surprise she had married and her husband was fine with taking on her other children, he fathered three. I now wonder what could have been the outcome had things gone further with Linda. I think I was lucky I only had a feel.


2010-04-22 18:20:52
Should have forced that bitch to suck you all off.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-31 11:31:41
what a dick head, look at you key board the i and u are next to each other and it's easy to hit two keys and not realise, ok proof read but even them you don't always see the obvious.

good begining to you story pappa smurf

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-29 23:49:29
You evidently needed to excel in some form of education:
You can't even get the spelling in the title correct


2009-10-29 17:58:27
have i read the same story, the chaps hadn't planed on doing anything, it just happened and they were given a good hiding and nothing more took place, so can't really say they forced themselve on this girl, she then took things further with Dave.
it was also stated no full blown sex.

having said that, if this was the first story Pappa smurf had wrote i wouldn't have read any others of his, which are great

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-29 11:42:28
Not that good...don't like guys forcing themselves on girls!
Negative from me!

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