Emma learns about sex from mom and dad
My name us Emma. I am now 16 years old. I was 11 when I got my first kiss. I
play sports all year round so I don't really have much time for boys or even to
hang out with my girl friends except the ones that play sports with me. My dad
works days as an Accountant at a company and my mom works nights as a nurse.

My parents are both in their 30's and love me very much. I look like my mom and
all my friends say my mom is really pretty. The guys think she is "hot". They are
both free on weekends though so both of them get to go to my games on Saturday
and we usually do something together on Sundays after church.

Last night after my dad and I watched TV together (I always sit on his lap) I
got tired so my dad carried me upstairs to my bed. As he said good night to me
he placed a hand on my leg and kissed me good night. Then he said I was beautiful
just like my mom. I smiled and he sat on the bed stroking my hair.
Then he brushed his hand along my face saying I had really soft skin. He continued
to run his hand along my face and then suddenly tickled me under the arm which got
me laughing. As I wriggled to get away from his tickling, I accidentally let my hand
stray to his crotch and I felt something hard there. My dad cringed as I looked at
him for a reaction. "Honey you know your mom and I love each other very much, but
we hardly have sex any more except on the weekends when we are together". "DAD"?!?

"I'm sorry. It is just that I get horny and I don't want to cheat on your mom". "DAD
What are you trying to say"? "Well honey, you are so beautiful and look so much like
your mom that I was wondering if you would let me maybe just lay here in bed with you
awhile". "Gosh dad - sure". So my dad slipped into bed with me. I had shorts on and my
dad was in his pajamas. As he lay against me he kissed the back of my head and ran his
hand along my leg. I tightened up as he did but his touch sort of gave me a funny feeling.
"Honey if you want me to leave just tell me". "It's ok dad". He leaned against my body a
little tighter and I could feel something hard against ny backside and knew my dad had a
hard-on. He kept stroking my leg and kissing my neck which made me get a funny feeling in
my pussy. I started fidgeting against him.

"Honey I want to make you feel good if you will let me". I turned to face my dad and just
looked at him and nodded. He then kissed me lightly on the lips and brought his hand up
along my leg toward my pussy. My pussy was feeling wet like if it was sweating. My dad
then kissed me a little harder and started to stroke my pussy. It felt good so I spread
my legs a bit. He felt this was an invitation and slipped a finger inside my shorts seeking
out my pussy. He stuck his finger in my pussy and after shoviing it in and out a few times,
pulled it back out and looking at me put it in his mouth and sucked on it. "MMMMMM - you
taste good honey". I just smiled. "Remember honey - if you want me to stop at any time just
say so". "Okay dad I will". "Take your clothes off Emma".

I got up, did as told, and laid back in bed. My dad then kissed me lightly on the lips, then
my neck, and continued kissing me along my titties and belly til he got to my pussy. My pussy
was tingling and I arched up. He came back up my belly and began sucking one of my titties.
This increased the sensation in my pussy. He sucked on a tittie while massaging the other one.
He then kissed his way down to my pussy again and licked it. I almost died as he began to
lick up and down my pussy. I kept arching up at him as the sensation there grew. I spread
my legs wider. He kept on licking as I started moaning from how good it was feeling. I felt
something happening and as he stuck a finger in my pussy I suddenly had the greatest feeling
I have ever had. "Oh my God daddy - what just happened"? "You just had your first orgasm honey.

Did you enjoy it" "I don't want that feeling to end dad". My dad then dove back between my legs
and started to lick me again and shoved a finger in me and started fingering me. I started
arching my pussy to meet his finger thrusts and in no time felt another great feeling in me as I
must've had another orgasm. My dad just kept licking and I kept moaning. My legs were getting
weak. My dad then came up and smiled at me. I'm going to kiss you on the mouth again but I want
you to open your mouth slightly so I can put my tongue in your mouth. That way you can taste

Dad kissed me and I parted my lips slightly and felt his tongue go into my mouth. It tasted kind
of salty so I guess that was what my pussy juice tasted like. My dad was laying on top of me as
he kissed me and I could feel his hard dick. He suddenly broke the kiss and rolled off me.
"What's wrong dad"? "Honey I am so horny I am afraid I will take this too far. I am already
getting ideas of wanting to fuck you". "It's ok dad - I understand. Why don't you take your
pajamas off? Like you said - if I want you to stop I will tell you". "Are you sure honey?".
"Yeah dad".

Dad got up and took his pajamas and underwear off. I noticed his dick was sticking straight
out hard and it was the first dick I have acutally ever seen so it looked big. I had no idea
how big or what to compare it with. "Honey spread your legs and I am going to lie on top of
you and stick my dick in your pussy. If it hurts too much just tell me. I will warn you though
that it will hurt when I push past your pussy barrier which is called your hymen. When I feel
it break I will stop to let you catch your breath and then you tell me if you want me to keep
going or not". "Ok dad". My dad then put his dick at the entrance to my pussy and slowly shoved
it in. As he felt resistance he let me know he was going to give a big push and it would probably
hurt right then. As he shoved his cock deeper I felt something in my pussy give and I cried out.

My dad pulled out and just looked at me. "You were right dad. It hurt. But go ahead and put your
dick back in me now". My dad again drove his dick in me but got no resistance this time and was
able to slowly shove it all in me. He kept it there awhile and it felt pretty good. My dad then
started shoving it in and out slowly as I began to moan telling him it felt good. This encouraged
my dad and he started driving his cock in harder. I began to meet his thrusts. He brought his face
to mine and kissed me on the lips as he kept fucking me. I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth
and felt him move it around inside my mouth so I tried doing the same thing with my tongue in his
mouth. This seemed to put him in another gear as he broke the kiss, reared up and pumped his cock
harder in me. "Oh honey - I am going to come inside you" My dad then let out a yelp as I felt him
thrusting in me and felt what must've been his cum inside me. When he shot his last spurt he
stayed tight against my pussy and then rolled off me. "Oh God honey - thank you so much. You are
just as good a fuck as your mom. I love you so much". "I liked it alot dad. I love you too".

Dad got off my bed. "Let's get some sleep hon". He kissed me good night and went to his room. I
quickly drifted off to sleep. I awoke to find my dad had gone to work and my mom was home sleeping.
I went downstairs, made myself some breakfast, and went to watch TV. A couple of hours later my
mom came into the living room, kissed me, and asked how I was doing. I said everything was fine.
My mom went back upstairs to take a shower. After a while as I walked up to my room. My mom was
coming out of the bathroom and she was naked. When she saw me I noticed I had startled her.
"Oh my God honey, I thought you were still downstairs in the living room watching TV. I'm sorry".
She quickly went to her room and closed the door. My mom took a long time to come back out so I
went to her room. I knocked lightly on the door but got no answer. I walked in to find my mom
naked in her bed playing with herself. She didn't notice I had entered the room and she was
shoving something in and out of her pussy. She suddenly began to moan as I realized she was having
an orgasm. As she came down from her high she opened her eyes and saw me standing there.

"Emma - what are you doing in here"? "I'm sorry mom. I knocked and when you didn't respond I
thought something was wrong and walked in". I started crying. "Oh honey come here". I sat on
the bed next to her. She told me that since she and my father don't see each other much she gets
lonely and horny because of the lack of sex. I understood since my dad had told me the same thing.
"Can I help mom". "Oh honey I wish you could. You are so beautiful" My mom kissed me on the
forehead. My body being against her naked body suddenly gave me a tingly feeling in my pussy. I
hugged her and could feel her tits against my titties. It felt good. "Mommy - will you make me
feel good"? My mom looked at me with a blank stare. "Can I get in bed with you mom"? "Honey are
you sure"? "Yes - I want you to make me feel like I just saw you".

"Well ok honey - take your clothes off and come into bed with me". I took my clothes off and laid
next to my mom. She hugged me and her tits against my naked body felt even better as I gave a moan.
My mom took my face in her hands and kissed me lightly on the mouth. Then she kissed my neck and
worked her way down the front of my body as she laid me back. She sucked on my titties one after the
other and moved her hands along my thighs. That gave me the tingly sensation in my pussy again so I
parted my legs more. My mom slid her hand up along my thigh up to my pussy and began to rub it. I was
moaning louder now. My mom then slid her head down between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I
arched up to her and as I felt her suck on my clitty I had that great sensation and knew I had just
come. My mom looked up with a smile, her mouth all glistening with my pussy juice. "Wow honey - you
are really supercharged. You really came quick". She dove between my legs again and started to lick
me again. As I was moaning almost feeling another orgasm coming on she got up and got what I had seen
her shoving in her pussy. She told me it was a dildo. She placed the head at the entrance to my pussy
and placed it against my clitty. I could hear a hum and a vibration against my clitty as I suddenly
came again.

When my mom noticed I was in the throes of another orgasm she suddenly shoved the dildo in my pussy.
I felt another orgasm on top of the one I was having as my mom shoved the dilso in and out of me.
She continued to do this as she came up and started to suck on my titties. After a few minutes of this
I started coming again. "Oh my God mom - that was awesome. I want to make you feel good now". "Well
honey if you will do just what I did to you I am sure you will make me feel really good". My mom
laid back on the bed and I then dove between her legs and started to lick her pussy. My mom began to
moan and put her hands on my head as if she was trying to drive it into her pussy. I remembered how
she sucked on my clitty so I nibbled on hers and licked it. My mom suddenly started coming and I could
see her juices oozing out of her pussy as I licked it up. I kept licking her and reached over and
grabbed the dildo. My mom suddenly got up. "Wait honey". My mom got off the bed and took something out
of a box in her closet and brought it to the bed. It looked like a belt but had what looked to be a
fake dick. Much bigger than what I remember my dad's was.

"Here honey - put this around your waist. Then I want you to get between my legs and shove that cock
in my pussy and fuck me". I did as my mom said. I got between her legs and placed the cock at the
entrance to her pussy. I then pushed it in hard as my mom yelled out. I thought I had hurt her and
pulled the cock out. "Oh God honey no - shove it back in me hard and fuck me". I shoved it back in
her and started to fuck her like I remember my dad doing to me - in and out. It was weird but neat
at the same time. My mom was thashing around and she was meeting my thrusts. I then leaned forward
and as I kept fucking her kissed my mom on the mouth as my dad had done to me. This seemed to drive
my mom even more crazy as she put her tongue in my mouth and kissed me back hard. I then felt my mom
thrust up hard as she broke the kiss and appeared to be coming as she thrust her hips up to meet my
thrusts. When I felt my mom wind down I stopped fucking and just kept the cock in her. I then rolled
off her. "That was awesome mom - I want you to fuck me now".

"Ok honey, Take off the strap-on dildo so I can put it on and give you a good fucking". Mom put the
dildo on and I laid back on the bed. She then told me to get on my hands and knees instead. I did so
and she came up behind me and shoved the dildo into my pussy. It opened my pussy more than when my dad
fucked me. Mom started a fucking rhythm and I started pushing back as she shoved in. My mom then
rought her hand around me and started to run my clitty with her fingers as she kept fucking me. I
began to moan and felt the feeling building up in me. I came suddenly and mom pulled out of me. I felt
empty as I winded down from my orgasm. Before it was over I felt my mom putting something around and
inside my ass with her finger. "I'm going to fuck your sweet ass, Emma". It might hurt at first but
if you relax it will feel really good. I trusted her as she shoved the dildo slowly into my ass. It
did feel good going in since she was taking it slow. It started hurting some the more she shoved in
me but I relaxed as she told me and let it happen. Mom slowly shoved the whole dildo in my ass and then
kist kept it in so my ass could get used to the size. "Are you ok honey". "Yea mom - it feels cool".
Mom then started slowly pulling it out and then rammed it back in deep. I moaned altho it hurt a bit
again. Mom started a slow fucking motion and the better it felt the more I started pushing back
against to meet my mom's thrusts. My mom again reached around me and inserted 2 fingers in my pussy.
As she pulled the dildo out she would shove the 2 fingers up my pussy. She kept this up and I was
beginning to build up toward another great feeling. Mom slammed into me hard in both ends and I then
had the biggest orgasm of my young life. Mom kept fucking me at both ends and the orgasm just
continued. "Oh God mom this is fantastic! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"! Mom shoved her fingers deep up
my pussy and the dildo deep into my ass and stayed there as I had another orgasm. When I winded
down mom pulled the dildo and her fingers out of my pussy. She brought her fingers to my mouth so I
could taste myself. I licked all the juice off her fingers.

"Wow honey that was fantastic for me too. Your father will be home soon and I need to get ready to
go to work. "This will be our secret, ok?" "Sure mom".


2012-10-16 20:16:17
Omg very sexy!!! Weird..but this will probably happen to me and my child

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2011-05-09 17:37:19
i court my twelve year old daughter this story and she had her hand up her skirt and her fingers were playing with her pussie. I had a raging hard on,I sat down with her and said can i do that for you, She said yes please so put my hand inside her nickers and stoked her pussie. she layed out on the couch and let me put my finger in her cunt. i said would you like me to fuck you,she nodded her head so i stripped us both off and i got between her legs and pushed my cock all the way in her. i broke her hymen and fucked us both to a geat orgasm

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2010-09-03 12:03:35

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2010-08-29 16:42:59
ohh wow.i had to finger my cunt while reading that story. my father used to fingerfuck me when i was just 7or 8...i loved it.

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2010-07-12 16:30:14
I finger my daughter a lot when she comes home from school.
Kathy is now 9....I am on sick leave. We go to the sofa, Kathy takes her panties off..opens her legs wide, then I get down and both lick and fingerfuck her..Oh does she cum. After I satisfy her, she take out my cock and jerks it off for me. I will fuck her soon yes.

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