A few weeks have passed and Randy received a phone call. It was Trevor and he wanted him to sleepover. Randy asked his parents and said he would be there by 6. Trevor thought of the last time he was over there. He thought of Trevor and Eddie, but he thought mostly about Debra.

Trevor approached the house and knocked on the door. A guy answered the door.

“I’m guessing that you’re Randy,” said the guy.

“Yeah and I’m guessing your Trev’s bro,” said Randy.

“Yup well you can come in,” said Trevor’s brother, Alex.

Randy followed Alex and entered the room where Eddie and Trevor were playing a game.

“Hey guys,” said Randy.

“Hey Randy we’re going to play something four player,” said Trevor.

“Okay,” said Randy.

Trevor hooked the game up and they all started playing. After a few hours of doing random things Randy had to use the bathroom. When he entered things looked completely different.

Trevor was in between Eddie’s thighs working on his meat while Alex stood there stroking his 6-½ inch cock.

Trevor looked up, “Drop those pants Randy.”

“Where’d your mom go,” said Randy as he dropped his pants.

“She went out for a little while,” said Alex.

Trevor walked over and grasped Randy’s cock. Randy sat on a chair as Trevor began his assault. Randy felt Trevor stroking his cock as he looked over Trevor’s head.

“So, Trevor told me you wanted to try anal,” said Alex.

“Yeah I did,” said Eddie smiling.

“Well you know you can’t give anal until you receive anal,” said Alex.

“Who says that?” asked Eddie.

“Rules of the household,” said Alex.

“Well have any of you received?” asked Eddie.

“I have,” said Alex.

Eddie looked at the thick cock and said he’d do it.

Alex took command as he pushed Eddie on all fours. Alex then bent over and began licking the tight little ass. Eddie moaned at Alex worked his tongue into the little brown star. Not to long after that did Alex started working his ass with a few fingers.

Randy could see Eddie’s face skewer in pain, but he allowed Alex to go further.

“Okay I think that is good enough,” said Alex.

Alex took position behind Eddie and he pushed the head of his cock against the asshole. Alex pushed a little harder and the head popped in. Eddie’s face told it all and Randy could tell it was painful.

“Hold on Alex,” said Eddie through clenched teeth.

After a few minutes Eddie said go ahead and Alex began pushing more in. After many stoppages Alex finally had his cock buried in to the pubic hair. Slowly Alex began to fuck Eddie as Trevor began sucking hard on Randy’s cock.

Randy watched as Alex began to get faster. Eddie’s face told Randy that he was in pure ecstasy.

“Uh hurry Trevor suck my cock I’m going to cum,” said Eddie.

Randy’s cock slipped out of Trevor’s mouth as Trevor scurried over and sucked Eddie’s cock in. Eddie moaned loudly as he began to cum. Randy watched as Alex’s balls slapped Trevor’s face as he devoured the cum. Eddie finished up and Trevor crawled back over to Randy licking his lips.

“Let’s 69,” said Trevor.

Randy obliged as he lay down on the floor. Trevor crawled over Randy. Trevor’s mouth soon began its work again as Trevor’s cock found a home in Randy’s mouth. Randy didn’t know how much longer he could last as Trevor moaned on his cock. Randy felt a warm gush in his mouth as he began swallowing the cum. Randy couldn’t take anymore and his cock began to fire. He could tell Trevor was having trouble as some of the cum slid down his cock and took refuge on his ball sac. Trevor swallowed what he had before licking the rest of his balls.

Randy and Trevor watched as Alex began to cum in Eddie. When Alex finished he pulled his flaccid cock out and Eddie’s asshole was gaping with cum leaking out.

Eddie went to the bathroom to get the cum out. Eddie came into the room and found all of them playing a game.

“I’m getting in next,” said Eddie.

“Okay,” said Randy.

“Hey you guys I’m back,” said Debra from the other room.

“Hey mom,” said Trevor.

“How were things while I was gone?” said Debra.

“They were good,” said Trevor.

“Okay well I’m going to hit they hay,” said Debra.

“Okay goodnight,” said Trevor.

The rest of the night consisted of the four playing an assortment of games before they fell asleep.

Randy woke with a groan and sat up. He inspected his surroundings as he wiped the stuff from the corner of his eyes. Randy stood up and stepped between the sleeping guys as he headed for the bathroom. Randy did his business and walked back toward their room. He grabbed a snack before starting to go through the last room between the kitchen and the room they slept.

As walked out of the entrance, Debra walked out of the bathroom. She was shocked as she looked over and saw Randy standing there.

Randy inspected her while she stood looking like a deer in headlights. Her hair was matted down and she wore a blue t-shirt. As Randy looked down further he saw the shirt ended and that she was bare. Randy took in the sight of his first real pussy.

“Oh uh sorry I didn’t know you were up,” said Debra as she began walking away.

Randy stood there admiring her ass as he realized she was staring at his bulge. Randy thought about all the times she looked at his pants and realized that she wanted him. Randy decided that she was worth the risk as he walked through the bathroom door. She wasn’t in the bathroom so Randy continued through the next door into her bedroom.

Randy saw her lying on the bed with her fingers reaching for her pussy.

“I just wanted to say sorry for running into you,” said Randy.

Debra was surprised to hear the voice and she covered herself up.

She looked over at Randy and said that it was okay.

Randy saw she was blushing.

“You know I think you’re very beautiful,” said Randy.

Debra’s face began to burn red, as she couldn’t find words to say.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me,” said Randy.

Debra was still at a loss for words.

“And I know you want me,” said Randy.

Debra’s face was burning red as Randy fought the butterflies in his stomach.

“And I want you to know I want you just the same,” said Randy.

Debra lay there not moving as Randy walked towards the bed.

“And I’m offering you what you want right now,” said Randy.

Debra watched as Randy stood at the bedside. She looked at the bulge, but she didn’t know if it was right.

“Do you want this?” asked Randy.

Debra’s heart beat faster as she slowly reached out. She rubbed the cock through the jean fabric and her mind raced with thoughts.

“I take it you want it,” said Randy as he slid onto the bed.

Debra sat over Randy and she felt like a little girl on Christmas as she began working the button on his jeans. She undid the zipper as she began working the pants down. She removed his pants and saw the outline of the penis through his boxers. She felt her pussy become extremely wet as she peeled of the boxers.

The shaven cock rocked back and forth as she pulled the boxers completely off. She stared at the cock as it throbbed. She brought her fingers down lightly around the cock. Her fingertips sent bolts of lightning through Randy’s body. She wrapped her hand around the cock and found out she could barely reach around it.

Starting at the base of the cock she slid her hand up and watched as the foreskin covered the head. She slid her hand up and down the shaft feeling her pussy leak more and more. She looked at the bead of pre cum that appeared when she slid her hand up the one time.

“Lick it,” said Randy.

Her breathing was heavy as she moved her head towards the teenage cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head tasting the pre cum. She licked the head again and again while she stroked it. She moved her head down and looked at the shaven balls. She moved her mouth in and lapped at the white pouch. She decided to suck one into her mouth and Randy moaned.

Debra suckled on the ball before letting it out with a pop. She sucked in the other one and let it pop out the same way. She then licked up the bottom of the shaft before looking up at him.

“You have beautiful eyes,” said Randy.

Debra’s heart fluttered as she looked back at the cock. She opened her mouth and sucked the head in.

“Oh my this feels amazing,” said Randy.

Debra continued to suck on the head before she began to slide down. She worked more and more into her mouth until she deep throated the entire thing. She remained still as she felt him shudder. She slowly slid back up before her mouth fell back on it. She continued that for a little until she ran out of breath. She let the cock slip out of her mouth as she caught her breath. The air felt cold on his cock as Randy looked at Debra and smiled. Debra smiled back before sucking his cock back in.

“Uh I’m getting close,” said Randy.

Debra maintained the same pace as she felt his balls draw up.

“Oh my that feels great I’m gonna cuuuuhhhmmm…,” said Randy.

Debra felt the cock twitch as it began squirting the sweet nectar into her mouth. Debra quickly gobbled it all up and she kept sucking on it until it was spent. Randy looked down at Debra smiling at him.

Suddenly they heard someone call for Randy. It was Trevor.

“Okay I’m going to pretend I was in the bathroom we will finish this later,” said Randy.

He grabbed his clothes and headed to the bathroom.

Debra watched his ass as he walked away before getting up to get changed. After changing she look at the bed and noticed the huge puddle. Debra could only smile as she took off the blankets and threw them on the floor before going out…

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