Rudy and I sat on our cots. No one had been walking around when we returned, and we were pretty sure the camp was sleeping.

"That was a pretty good idea you had." Rudy said. "Fucking under the stars."

"Yeah. Gotta say it was pretty hot." I answered, laying down.

I put my arms behind my head.

"Tiff's startin' to piss me off, though." Rudy said.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Wantin' me to stick it in her ass. I can't do that shit." He said.

"Ha. Why not?" I asked.

"It just seems disgusting. Sticking it in her ass. What the fuck?" Rudy said as he laid down.

"Maybe it's not that bad." I said.

"Well, either way, I'm not fuckin' doin' it." He said.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...

I was beginning to hate the sound of "Reveille". It was the embodiment of the one thing I absolutely loathed in this world; waking up before I was ready to.

I had to drag myself out of bed. My only saving-grace was knowing I'd only have to hear that song 2 more times.

As I sat up, I remembered that later that night Rudy and I would be performing. Did we have our song picked? Nope. Did we have most of the details worked out? Nope. We had a lot to do.

I walked out of the tent and found Gary. I explained to him that I wasn't hungry and had a lot of work to do for the show. He said he understood and we could go up to the office and pick up the supplies he'd secured us.

"Take all the time you need." He said.

I walked back to tent as Gary led the boys away from the campsite. To my surprise, Rudy was awake and alert. He was gripping his phone tightly, smiling at me.

"What's goin' on?" I asked him.

"Don't freak out." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"It's Tiff..." He said.

"Yeah?" I said, confused.

"She kind of wants to be withyou." He said.

"Okay?" I replied.

"But she wants to be with me too." He said.

"And?" I said.

"I mean she wants to be with both of us...together." He said.

"No way." I said in disbelief.

"Swear to God, dude. She said she wants a threesome." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause I brought up the switching partners thing again. She told me Aly just didn't wanna do it. So since Aly is being stuck up, she said we could still have a good time." He said.

"I can't do that to Aly." I said.

"Dude...she never has to know. We'll keep it a secret." He said.

"I don't know." I said.

"Well, you better make up your mind before she gets here." He said.

"When's that gonna be?" I asked.

"She's on her way." Rudy laughed.

"Are you fucking serious?" I asked.

Rudy didn't say anything. Instead, he stood and pulled his clothes from his body. He started running his hand up and down the length of his cock.

"C'mon. We need to scoot these cots together." He said. "We're gonna need all the room we can get."

I stood, still not completely at ease with the idea, and pushed my cot to the center of the tent next to Rudy's. I slowly pulled my shirt off, my mind still racing.

I peeked out the tent flap from the front to see the stragglers' backs getting smaller and out of sight as they walked away from the campsite.

Almost immediately after the last boy disappeared, the sound of sticks breaking from behind our tent were audible. Rudy jumped into his cot and covered up with a blanket pulled up to his chest. I walked out the back of tent and saw Tiff creeping in from the fire lane.

She smiled at me. I forced one back. She was wearing a light blue t shirt and khaki shorts. She didn't hesitate or wait for me to move before she entered our tent.

"Well hello, gorgeous." Rudy called out.

"Mmm. Hey, Rude." Tiffany answered.

Her blonde hair was pulled back, tight.

She sat down on our double-wide cot as I pulled the tent flap down. Rudy put his hands on her hips as he sat up and kissed her. Tiff ran her hand over the blanket where she knew his cock to be.

I just kind of stood there for a minute while they kissed. I wasn't sure how to just 'jump in'. Tiff made the decision easy for me as she began to unbutton my shorts as she kissed Rudy.

The shorts fell to the ground and I stepped out of them. My boxers looked normal as I hadn't developed an erection yet.

Tiff, one hand rubbing Rudy's crotch, used her free hand to cup and squeeze at mine.

While Rudy's hands were hard at work undoing Tiff's shorts, she took both of her hands back to lift her shirt over her head and placed it on the ground. She then stood and allowed her shorts to fall.

Rudy threw the blanket from his body and stood behind her. He wrapped his arms around her body, his hands diving into her panties. He kissed her neck while his hard erection pressed against her ass.

Tiff slipped her hands behind her, squeezing them between Rudy's body and her own, to unclasp her bra, which also ended up in our ever-growing pile of discarded garments.

Her breasts bounced out. My cock began to tingle a bit. With Rudy still hard at work behind her, I stepped forward and lowered my face to her chest. I squeezed one breast while I sucker her other. I flicked my tongue over her nipple until it was good and hard.

Speaking of good and hard, my cock was finally at attention. I forced myself against Tiff's front. I kissed the opposite side of her neck as I pressed my hardness against her, feeling Rudy's hand rub my cock unintentionally.

"Take 'em off..." Rudy whispered as he kissed.

I didn't know which of us he was talking to, but I knew which of us he was talking about. I got down on my knees and peeled Tiff's panties from her body. She stepped out and I tossed them aside.

I watched the way Rudy's hand worked her pussy. A bit sloppy, but she still enjoyed it.

I stood back up and slid my own boxers to the ground. I eyed Tiff's beautiful naked body.

Rudy quit kissing her and withdrew his arms.

"You boys...sit." Tiff instructed.

Rudy and I both sat on the edge of a cot, Tiff in front of us, hands on her hips.

"Oh my...what lovely cocks we have here." She teased.

She leaned down and wrapped a hand around each of us, jerking slowly. Tiff turned her body one way, gave Rudy's cock a suck, turned the other way, and repeated the motion with mine. This girl was great.

Tiff kept sucking my cock as Rudy brought her onto our king-sized cot creation. He lifted her hips as she continued to suck me. I watched as he lined his cock up and thrust into Tiff, making her moan, giving me extra pleasure.

I ran my hand through the golden field that was Tiff's hair as she sucked me. Her tongue swirled around my shaft while her head bobbed up and down.

I began to thust my hips up and down, slowly at first, as to not disturb the rhythm.

I felt great. Just minutes ago, I wasn't sure about the situation. Needless to say, I'd made my peace with it.

Our tent filled with the sounds of balls a'slapping, bodies a'moaning, and mouths a'sucking.

Tiff took me from her mouth and began to run her hand up and down my saliva-coated cock. She kissed my shaft sweetly as she looked into my eyes. I gave her a smile. A real one this time.

"Let's switch." Rudy ordered, pulling out of Tiff.

Tiff gave me a few more jerks as she sat up on her knees. Rudy sat down and spread his arms out, dick to the Heavens.

I crawled the rest of the way onto the cots. Tiff turned around began stroking Rudy as I leaned down and kissed her snatch. I rubbed my thumb through her slit a few times before I started to poke at her pussy lips.

I took in a breath and pushed my hips forward. My cock slipped in easily, her tunnel being lubed from Rudy's earlier job. I slid back and forth into her. I leaned my body over hers and squeezed a breast.

Rudy bit his lip as Tiff continued sucking him.

Without a warning, I called an audible. I withdrew from Tiff and flipped her over. I spread her knees and slipped back in, missionary.

I kissed Tiff's neck, but had to stop when she started sucking Rudy again. I didn't want my face that close to another cock, so I buried it into her shoulder as I threw my hips up and down.

Even this was too awkward for me, so again, I changed the play. I rolled onto my back and instructed Tiff to get on top. She complied, lowering herself onto me.

Tiff wiggled her hips around and eventually leaned down onto me. From this position, she could throw her hips up and down to her heart's desire. I gripped her ass tightly, spreading her cheeks.

Rudy looked dumbfounded. He had just been fucked over. He sat there, rubbing his own cock. Tiff buried her face into my chest. No chance for a blowjob.

However, there was one option still open to Rudy. The one thing he refused to do. The one thing he said was too sick to do. But of course...he did it.

Rudy, his face contorted with uncertainty, slowly approached our bodies. My legs were spread out, as were Tiff's giving him a decent amount of room. He gripped his cock. He looked down at it, then to Tiff's ass. He repeated this several times.

"Oh...fuck it." He said in a breath.

Rudy rubbed the saliva and precum over his cock and pushed against Tiff's asshole.

I looked down at Tiff's face. It was flooded with a mix of excitement, joy, and pleasure.

Rudy slipped in, the look of apprehension not disappearing from his face. He began to pump in and out, slowly of course.

Tiff had stopped throwing her hips up and down, her mind crowded with the joy of double penetration. I had to begin doing the work. With not a lot of room to work with, I threw my hips up and down as much as I could.

Rudy's defiance began to fade. His face started returning to normal and his pumps got faster. I think he even smiled a little.

I kept pumping in and out of Tiff. Her moans began to fill the tent, and for that matter, the campsite.

I clenched my jaw as her pussy contracted around my throbbing cock. That's all it took.

"" I moaned as hot streams shot from my crotch.

My now-super-sensitive cock quivered as Rudy's thrusts caused my pussy-trapped cock to wiggle around. It was a sensational feeling.

Tiff was breathing hard as Rudy slammed his hips harder and harder. He gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them at the top.

A few, hard, final slams, coupled with Rudy's tremendous moan, signaled his orgasm had come.

Tiff moaned loudly again.

Rudy bent down and kissed her spine multiple times before pulling out and sitting down.

Tiff sat up and looked down at me. She winked. I cupped her breasts and pulled her back down to me so I could kiss her. I threw my hips up and down a few more times, though my cock had deflated substantially.

Tiff slowly lifted her body, letting my cock flop out, glistening.

"You guys are awesome." Tiff said between breaths.

"It's all you." Rudy replied.

"Well, sorry boys, but I have to get back before breakfast is over. Aly thinks I stayed back because I didn't feel good." Tiff said.

"I'll miss you." I said, playfully.

"Aww. I'll miss you guys, too." Tiff said, leaning down and kissing me. Her tongue tasted sweet.

She stood and began pulling her clothes back on. She kissed Rudy, and waved goodbye to our naked bodies.

Once out of site, Rudy and I realized that it was indeed a good idea to get dressed before everyone got back.

We cleaned off and slipped on some simple clothes. I reminded Rudy that we had to sing that night. We decided we should go ahead and get on that.

We walked up to the office, passing our campsite neighbors heading back from breakfast, and explained who we were and that we needed the supplies. The office lady smiled and directed us to a box on the floor. Thanking her, we took the stuff back to the campsite and sat it on the picnic table.

Inside the box were ribbons, paint, spandex, smaller cardboard boxes, tape, and all kinds of other things.

"Who are we even gonna be?" Rudy asked.

"KISS, dude!" I said.

"I know that...but I mean WHO." He said.

I knew the one counselor was gonna have bongo drums...he'd be our Catman, the character made famous by Peter Criss and currently portrayed by Eric Singer. The other counselor had a guitar. He'd be our Spaceman, Ace Frehley's creation that was now done by Tommy Thayer.

That left Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

"Well, I won't lie." Rudy said. "I know the songs, but not perfectly. But I can play a bass guitar."

"Where we gonna get a bass guitar?" I asked.

"I don't know." He said.

Gary came and sat down next to us.

"Need any help, boys?" He asked.

"Yeah...we kind of do." I said. "We've gotta get two costumes done and figure out a song."

"Hmm. Yeah. I think I can help you both of those things." Gary said.

We took the spandex out. All it really was were two pairs of UnderArmour-like long sleeves and bottom wear. But they were black. That was a start.

Gary began cutting at the shirts while Rudy and I started with the Gene Simmons-esque armor. In reality, it was cardboard boxes wrapped in aluminum foil.

After a few hours, we had decent looking costumes. We weren't going to sell out Madison Square Garden, but we only needed the stuff for one song.

Which brought us to the song.

Gary suggested, predictably, that we should sing "Rock and Roll All Nite". We didn't want to do that. It was a good song, but we wanted something different.

That's when we decided on "Let Me Go, Rock and Roll." It was actually a scheme of mine. I thought it would be awesome to be Simmons, and he had the lead vocals on that. Since Rudy didn't know the words, that left it to me. A little dirty, but with a purpose.

I asked Gary if the counselors that were making up 1/2 of the band were going to be ready. He chuckled and told us not to worry.

Hours later, the camp was being led to the Camp's Fire Ring. Rudy and I disrobed to our boxers and slipped into our outfits. My spandex top was sleeveless now. Rudy's was more like a singlet. Rudy took a black leather belt, studded with silver, and wrapped it around him.

We were supposed to meet the other two behind the trees around the Fire Ring for some final adjustments. We grabbed a box filled with the little things we'd need to tweak and set out toward our destination, being careful no one saw us. After all, we were supposed to be a surprise.

We met at the designated location. Two people...their white face paint tipped us off...were waiting for us. They looked great. They each held a Halloween wig and handed each of us one. It looked like some crappy black hair, but it would have to do.

They carefully painted our faces as the talent show started. We wrapped our shoes and calves in aluminum foil, making it appear we wore boots. I put on my cardboard armor and we waited.

For everyone's sake, the camp was going to play the song over the PA so we wouldn't actually have to play and sing. It was just a show.

The counselors had a couple of guitars and the bongo drums. Since I was going to 'sing' I didn't get to hold a guitar.

As the head counselor announced that the following was the final act of the evening, our hearts raced. The song's guitar intro hit and we all rushed from behind the bleacher-like benches.

We went in front of everyone, most of them appearing to be in shock, and put on a decent show. Lots of jumpnig around, walking, etc.

As the song was closing, I found Aly and Tiff in the crowd. They were laughing their asses off.

As we finished, we got a loud applause. It really pumped everyone up. We stayed down in front of everyone as the head counselor reminded everyone that the camp-wide dance was tomorrow evening. He told everyone good night and the campers ushered passed us.

With Rudy and I standing at the front, our camp counselor band mates already leaving, we got a lot of looks. Girls started to crowd around us. We really felt like rockstars.

A few girls whispered into my ear, as well as into Rudy's, offering us all kinds of sexual favors. Handjobs, blowjobs, threesomes with a friend, straight fucking, etc. Life was good.

I heard Rudy tell a few girls "Later, later". He was obviously filling up his dance card.

Looking at him, I heard "Let's do it right now." whispered into my ear. I turned. Aly.

I smiled through my make-up.

"Sounds good." I said.

My cock started growing. That wasn't a good thing since I was clad in spandex. It was very, very obvious.

I looked to Rudy. Tiffany had found him. Giving all of his attention to her and giving all of mine to Aly sent the other girls packing.

"We're going back to the tent." Rudy said, motioning to Tiff.

"C'mon. You can come to mine." Aly said with a smile.

"How? I can't get into your campsite." I said.

"Follow me." Aly said.

Rudy and Tiff took off as Aly led me down a trail. We came to a latrine.

"What?" I asked.

"Wash the make up off." Aly said.

I walked over to the sing and scrubbed my face until it was clean. Aly removed my 'armor' and opened one of the bathroom doors, throwing the materials inside.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Just keep the wig on." Aly said.

"It's not gonna work." I said.

"Just keep looking down. Don't do anything and we'll slip right in." Aly said.

"That's all I wanna do." I said, laughing.

Aly took off her zip-up sweater and instructed me to put it on. I did.

Aly guided me down more trails until we came to the final stretch. I could see a female counselor walking around at the entrance.

I lowered my head and walked down the trail. My heart beat wildly as we approached the counselor.

"Good night, girls." The counselor said.

"Night!" Aly replied. never stopping.

We made our way through the darkness into a random tent. As soon as we got inside, Aly laid down, I threw off the wig and laid on top of her. I kissed her hard, my cock rubbing into her crotch.

"This is crazy." I said.

Aly giggled.

I pulled off my spandex top and threw it on the ground. Aly pulled her shirt off and followed suit. Her bra was simply slipped off over her head and thrown. I lowered my face and sucked on her nipples.

I used a hand and pulled the front of my spandex bottoms down, exposing my hard cock. My hands flew to her pants zipper and got that out of the way. I got them unbuttoned and pulled her pants off. I stood and pulled my own bottoms to the ground.

Aly sat up and removed her panties. I lowered my face down and licked all over her. I loved Aly's pussy. My tongue was familiar with the territory and ran the joint. I kissed between tongue pokes, enjoying every minute.

I brought my head back up and grabbed my cock. Aly rolled over and pushed her ass toward me.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my cock. I shoved in and out with a great pace. I felt Aly's hard nipples poking my finger tips. My cock was gliding in and out of her sweet, sweet pussy.

I could feel her ass bounce as I brought it to my hips. Aly turned me on like no one else. I pinched her nipple. Probably a little too hard. But we kept on going.

I stopped pumping and grabbed Aly's hips, guiding her. I pulled her from the cot and I sat down, still inside of her, while she face away from me.

I held my fingertips just below her breasts as she bounced up and down on my cock. I moved my hands to grip her sides, helping her up and down as I thrust myself, my thighs moving in and out as I did.

My hands continued South, stopping near her groin on each side of her body as we kept fucking.

Eventually, I tried just leaning on my hands at my sides, letting us go at it that way. But I couldn't. All I wanted was to hold and caress Aly, prompting my hands to quickly return to her breasts as she bounced.

That wasn't enough. I took one hand from her breast and slowly rubbed where our sexes met.

Aly's bouncing slowed as I did so. Her mouth hung open helplessly, yet no sounds escaped. I could understand why. I was in the same position.

We climaxed together. Aly's pussy clamping on my cock just after I had shot a hot load off into her. We sat there, barely moving, trying our best not to make a sound as our bodies emptied themselves of sexual fluid.

I kissed Aly's neck and rubbed her breasts as we laid down, sideways, on her cot. There was hardly any room. But we made due.

I ran a hand over Aly's hip a few times. Finally, I draped it over her and cupped one of her breasts. My cock slowly slipped out.

"We're crazy." I whispered.

"What do you mean?" Aly asked.

"Having all this fun. Just us. And I guess Tiff and Rudy." I said.

"There are some other girls that do this stuff, too. I don't know how often though." Aly replied.

I guess I never realized that maybe we really weren't the only ones doing this. According to Aly, other people were gettin' freaky, too.

"So...I'm gonna need a date to this dance tomorrow." I whispered.

"Maybe I can help you out." She whispered back.

I smiled and kissed her neck. My hand that had been on her breast slowly trailed back down to her pussy. I rubbed her softly until I fell asleep...

1 more installment until this story is concluded!


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Love your series,its great,I don't actually masturbate 2 shit I read but if I did your stories would get'er done


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Great story so far. Since Part 1, I have been anticipating and enjoying each new installment. Thanks for sharing it here.

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