I made my way back to my room, my head still spinning. Jenny was going to be here tomorrow. Carlie would obviously be here tomorrow. I would be here tomorrow. What was I going to do?

I slipped on a pair of shorts and crashed onto my bed. Tomorrow was gonna be rough.

I had trouble falling asleep that night. I kept tossing and turning trying to get my mind to quit.

Before I knew it, it was morning.

My eyes peeled open, the sun burning them. My face grimaced at the thought of being up so early.

I let out a long yawn and looked around. At my left laid Carlie, sound asleep, snuggled against me. It made me smile.

I leaned down and kissed her head. Her breath drew deeply as her eyes fluttered open. She seemed lost at first, but quickly came to her senses.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Good morning." I said.

"Good morning." She replied.

"When did you come in here?" I asked.

"I don't know. Sometime last night." She said, sleepily.

I nodded my head and let out another yawn. I pulled my sheet from my body and threw my legs over the edge of my bed. I did a little early-morning stretch and stood.

"You're leaving me?" Carlie asked.

"I'm just gonna go downstairs. Watch some tv. You can stay here and sleep." I said.

Carlie never said a word as I walked out the door.

In reality, I needed time to myself to think about Jenny's impending stay. Maybe I was making too much of it. Maybe Jenny and I had grown apart and we would just be old friends. Only time could tell.

I sat in one of the recliners and flipped on the tv to catch up on some news. Nothing very interesting going on.

It didn't seem like that much time had passed before I heard footsteps on the staircase and coming up behind me.

Carlie made her way around the edge of the chair and sat down on my lap sideways, draping her legs over the armrest. She looked good in the shorts and tank top she'd picked out.

"You couldn't go back to sleep?" I asked.

Carlie looked at the tv and shook her head.

I put one hand in her lap and the other on my chin.

Carlie went to biting her nails as the news dragged on.

"Don't forget. We have to get Jenny today." Carlie reminded me.

"Yeah. I know." I said.

"Making sure you didn't forget." Carlie said.

I sat there nervously for a moment.

"Carlie...can I tell you something?" I asked.

Carlie quit biting her nails and looked at me.

"Mhmm." She said.

"It was a long time ago...and I don't want you to get mad." I said.

Carlie looked at me blankly.

"Jenny and I...we kind of..." I stammered.

"You what?" Carlie asked, smiling.

"You know...we did stuff." I said.

"Oh really? I had no idea." Carlie said with heavy sarcasm.

"You knew?" I asked.

"We're best friends. We talk." She said.

"When did she tell you?" I asked.

"Awhile back." Carlie said.

"And you never said anything?" I asked.

"None of my business." She said. "I thought it was weird, though."

"Weird?" I asked.

"Yeah. Like my best friend and my brother. Ha." She replied.

"Yeah." I said. "But we haven't done anything in a long time. Promise." I said.

"Again...I know." She said. "Jenny has a boyfriend now, anyways."

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

Carlie nodded her head.

We sat there in silence once more. The thought of Jenny with a boyfriend kind of irritated me. I couldn't do anything about it. It really wasn't any of my business. But, in my mind, I felt I'd marked Jenny as part of my territory long ago. Funny how time changes things.

Something else began nagging my thoughts. I didn't know if I should bring it up or not. I didn't want to upset Carlie (which seemed to be my main goal lately).

"Carlie..." I started, "You said you and Jenny talk about everything, right?"

"Pretty much." She said.

" know that there are some things you can't really tell her, ya know?" I said.

"Oh. So I shouldn't just be like 'Hey, Jenny! I'm doing Ric now. Isn't that funny?'" Carlie teased.

"I'm serious, Carlie. This is something you cannot...cannot...tell her." I said, seriously.

"Wow. I can't believe you think I'd do something like that." Carlie said looking away from me, obviously aggravated.

"Listen, it's not like that. I just...I dunno. Just think of it as a reminder." I said, wrapping my arms around her torso tightly with a hug.

Carlie remained cold for a few moments. Finally, a smile spread across her face and she leaned into me.

"I know." She said.

"Alright. So when do you want to go pick her up?" I asked.

"Whenever. Up to you." I said.

"Get a shirt and let's go!" She instructed.

Being a good slave, I did as I was told. I found a shirt, slipped it on, grabbed my keys, and out the door we went.

It was still hot as hell out. Walking out of the air conditioning into the heat was like a kick to the gut.

We made our way to Jenny's and pulled in the drive.

"You gonna go get her?" I asked.

"She's coming." Carlie said.

I started to remember what Jenny looked like the last time I'd seen her. Wearing that bikini. Soaking wet. Fucking hott.

With luck only I could have, a bulge began to form in my shorts. I didn't understand it...after all the time's I'd had problems with erections in shorts, I never once wised up and put something else on. Teenage stupidity...gotta love it.

I began to shift in my seat in an attempt to conceal my soon-to-be full-blown hard-on.

My movements caught Carlie's attention. Her focus locked onto my pelvic region.

"Jeez, slick...smooth...real smooth." She giggled.

"Shut up." I said.

" wittle wicky afwaid his big, bad boner is gonna scare Jenny?" She asked in an annoying childish voice.

"No." I said.

"Then get it out." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Come on, tough guy. Let him out and get some sun." She said.

I just sat there, silently.

Carlie reached over and put her hand on my thigh. I looked around, nervously, hoping no one would see.

"Cut it out. Not here." I said.

Carlie didn't listen very well. She grasped the outline of my cock through my shorts and squeezed up and down the shaft.

Jenny's door opened, and out she stepped. I swear, these girls must call each other to coordinate their outfits. Jenny was wearing a tank top and shorts that were every bit as small and tight as Carlies.

"There she cut it out." I said.

Carlie just giggled and kept groping me right up until a split-second before Jenny opened the door.

Yeah...I'd like to pretend that Jenny might not have realized that Barnum & Bailey Circus apparently set up on my crotch, but I'm sure that was hoping for too much.

Jenny smiled and climbed into the back seat with her overnight bag. I concentrated on driving while the girls began talking, laughing, and just being loud.

I pulled into my driveway and pretended I was working on my steering wheel as the girls hopped out and walked to the door. I got a full view of what they looked like walking away. Know what I mean?


I laid my head on the wheel. This was gonna be a long, long day.

I decided I may as well go inside. I kind of snuck through the living room. I didn't know where the girls were. I made my way up the stairs. Now, I could lie and say that I was just going to head to my room and lay down and yada, yada. But I only had one thing in mind...getting rid of this damn erection.

When I hit the landing, I saw Carlies door was shut. I knew where the girls were. I crept down to my room, entered, locked the door, and was beating myself before my ass hit my bed.

With all of my memories, old and new, I had all kinds of images swirling in my head as I pounded my cock. I thought of the first time Jenny sucked my cock. I thought of the next night when we introduced one another to sex. I thought of how innocent and sweet Carlie looked just the other day as she slept. How sexy she looked and how tight she felt when we first made love. My had been a good year.

With the image of Carlie beneath me, myself sliding in and out of her, I blew. I blew hard. My balls actually ached a little afterward.

Sweat droplets formed on my body as I inhaled deeply. My eyes spun as my orgasm subsided.

I sat up looked for my shorts. I pulled them up and walked back out. Noticing Carlie's door was still shut, I snuck back downstairs and into the living room.

I sat down and looked for the remote.

"Heya, Ricker." I heard.

My stomach did a somersault. I looked around. Walking my way from the kitchen...Jenny.

"Oh...h-h-hey Jenny." I said.

Jenny stood in front of me, her clothes so tight, her hands on her hips, her hair falling just above her shoulders. She was smiling.

"How are you?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm good, you know. How are you?" I asked.

"Good, good." She said.

"Where's Carlie?" I asked.

"In her room. I just came down to get something to drink." She said.

It was shorts were starting to feel as tight as Jenny's...

"I see. You guys got a big night planned?" I asked.

"Pretty much the usual." She said.

"Oh...that sounds nice. Well, you know, if she falls asleep early or something, you can always come talk to me if you get bored." I said, hoping she understood what I meant.

"Mmm. Ha. We'll see." She said.

I nodded my head. Jenny smiled and walked upstairs. I heard Carlie's door open and then shut.

I sighed. My God...

The next few hours passed boringly. I didn't want to beat off anymore in case Jenny showed up later that night, but I did continue to stroke myself lightly.

Eventually, Mom came home, and just a little while later, Dad arrived.

Mom asked if Jenny was here yet. I told her she was. She made some more meaningless small talk that I pretty much zoned out.

I began to wander around the house aimlessly. All I had to look forward to was the possibility of later that night. That's all I could think about.

I zoned out long enough, that when I came-to, Mom was telling me it was time to eat.

I walked into the dining room and saw that I was the final arrival. Jenny and Carlie both eyed me as I made my way to my chair.

I couldn't look at anyone. It all felt so uncomfortable. I ate as quickly as I could. I kept feeling a foot running up and down my's anyones guess as to which of the girls it belonged to.

I finally finished and said I was gonna take a nap. I didn't think it was possible, but I was gonna try my hardest. Anything to make time go by just a little bit faster.

Once I entered my room, I had to really fight with myself to not break down and jerk it. I'd been pretty hard all day and relief was the only thing on my mind. I just wanted to lay down and shoot for the Heavens. But, I held off.

I laid my head down and tried my best to sleep. I was successful...sort of. I'd wake up and look at the clock anxiously. Without fail, everytime I looked at the clock, only 10-20 minutes had ticked away. This was killing me.

During one of my fights for sleep, a knock came to my door. I thought about just not answering it. But I had to.

I opened the door, my cock safely tucked away. Jenny and Carlie stood before me.

"What?" I asked.

"Come outside with us." Carlie said.

"Why?" I asked.

"We're having a campfire!" Jenny exclaimed.

"I don't want to." I said.

"Oh, come on. Quit acting tough." Carlie said, smiling.

"I don't want to." I said.

The girls' faces turned to pouty lower lips...the puppy dog face...instantly. It's pretty well documented that men crumble to this look.

"Fine." I said, annoyed.

The girls smiled and told me to hurry. I had a strong feeling that I was only being invited because neither of the girls could start a fire. But I didn't care.

We walked outside just as the sun was setting. We made our way to the back of our fenced-in yard. Three chairs sat around the fire ring, evenly spaced.

I didn't even need to be asked. I loaded some wood into the fire ring and got it lit. We each sat down in a chair. It seemed like a lot of time passed while we all sat in silence.

As the sun bid it's final farewell of the night, Carlie's mind spun.

"Let's play a game." She said.

"That's a good idea!" Jenny said. "What should we play?"

"Hide and seek!" Carlie yelled.

"Oh! Good idea!" Jenny said.

"I'm not fucking playing hide and seek." I said.

"Fine. Then let's else could we play?" Carlie asked.

"Ohhh. I know." Jenny said, smiling. "Let's play truth or dare."

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Carlie shouted.

I mumbled something, but was overruled.

It started out simple enough. Everyone was picking truth. Everyone had to answer who their first kiss was, who they thought was attractive, blah, blah, blah.

"Jenny...truth or dare?" Carlie asked.

"Dare!" Jenny answered.

"Hmm...I dare you to...kiss me!" Carlie said.

Jenny walked over to Carlie and kissed her. The girls laughed hysterically.


"Okay...Ric...truth or dare?" Jenny asked.

"Truth." I answered.

"Okay...Uh...Ric...Are you a virgin?" She asked.

Was I a virgin? What the hell did she think? Everyone at this fire knew I'd done Jenny.

"No." I said.

I was confused.

"Okay. Your turn." Jenny said.

"Nah. I don't want to." I said.

"Fine. Carlie...are you a virgin?" She asked.

Carlie stopped laughing.

"What?" She asked.

"Are you a virgin?" Jenny repeated.

"" Carlie said.

She looked uncomfortable.

"What? Who?" Jenny asked.

"You only get one question, Jenny. Game over." Carlie announced.

The stars shown brightly as we watched the living room light click off. Mom and Dad were in bed now.

Carlie said something about being cold and wanting to go inside. Jenny agreed and next thing I knew, we were all shuffling back into the house. The girls walked into Carlie's room, no doubt Jenny was going to try and pry the information from Carlie as to who her mystery lover was.

I walked to my own room and sat down at my computer. That usually helped pass time. Unfortunately, I found myself browsing some amateur porn sites. Not the smartest thing to do when you already feel like you could explode.

What could I do to pass more time? A shower. Yeah. That was a good idea. If Jenny came, I'd be nice and clean.

I hopped in, made sure I was delicate around my cock, and washed off. I got out, put on some boxers and sat back down at my computer.

I wanted to cry. Not because I was sad, I was just so aggravated. I wanted the clock to spin wildly into the future.

I got back to the porn sites. My cock grew and began to poke through the fly of my boxers. I looked down. How lonely he was.

I ran a finger over the head as I watched the young couples have at it. That's when it happened. I heard it. I knew I did. I heard a knock.

I stopped breathing and listened. I heard it again. This was it.

I clicked off of the porn site and walked over to my door, I unlocked it and swung it open. There she was.

Hellooooo, Jennyyyy!


Jenny smiled at me. She still wore her tank top and shorts. It was very obvious by the dark circles on her shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Hey." I said, trying to sound suave.

"Can I come in?" She asked.

I stepped out of her way and allowed her to step inside. I shut the door behind her and locked it.

Jenny folded her arms and looked around my room. She turned to me.

"Look at that." She said, giggling and pointing to my crotch.

Yeah...I'd forgotten to tuck myself back in. My cock head was out for the world to see.

"Ha. Sorry." I said, shoving him back in.

"I bet you are." Jenny said.

"So what happened to Carlie?" I asked.

"You know, she fell asleep already. I couldn't believe it." She said.

I sat down on my bed and motioned for her to do the same. She did.

"Wow. I can't believe that." I said. "Crazy."

"Yeah..." Jenny said.

Jenny was looking at the floor, arms still folded. I brought my hand up and brushed her hair behind her ear. I placed my arm around her back, resting it next to her ass on the other side of her body.

I drew my face in close and kissed her on the cheek. Jenny's eyes closed. I used my other hand to gently caress her thigh closest to me.

Jenny, eyes still closed, turned her head towards my own and our lips met.

We kissed with a firey passion for a few moments before she pulled away.

"Oh, Ric...I can't. I just...I can't. I've got a boyfriend...and...I just..." She trailed off.

I was way to horny to give a damn about her boyfriend.

"Oh, come on, Jenny." I whispered. "I want you bad."

"But my boyfriend..." she said.

"Is he here? I don't see him." I said. "C'mon. It'll be our secret."

I continued to kiss Jenny's neck. She hadn't pulled away from me completely. My hand still grasped her thigh. I knew she didn't wanna quit.

I opened the fly of my boxers and pulled my cock out.

"He misses you." I said with a small laugh.

Jenny hesitated.

"Please." I whispered between kisses.

"Alright." Jenny said.

Jenny turned back and kissed me again. Her hand wrapped around my throbbing shaft. She pumped slowly.

My hand that had been on her thigh made it's way up to the hem of her tank top and sank underneath it. I lifted it slowly. Finally, it crawled over her perky breasts.

I leaned my mouth down to them. I licked her nipple. I sucked her nipple. My hand gently squeezed at the prize I received from her tank top.

We released each others bodies completely. She lifted her tank top over her head and I slid my boxers to the floor.

We quickly continued where we'd left off.

Her shorts were the fabric kind. They clung to her hips with the help of an elastic waist band and a ribbon that was tied in the front. I pulled the end of the ribbon, the knot falling apart.

I slid off the bed and got on my knees in front of her. I kissed her knees and up her legs as my hands danced beneath the elastic of her shorts. I tugged them, and she obliged. I slipped them off of her feet and laid them down.

Staring back at me were a pair of skimpy white panties. Normally, I'd rub and massage and slowly remove them. But I didn't have that kind of time. I wanted pussy now. I pulled them down and shoved my face into Jenny's crotch.

Her hands clung to my head and ripped through my hair as my tongue gave it's all. I missed the taste of Jenny. She was great.

I kissed her pouty lips over and over again. I ran my tongue as deep as I could. I sucked all I could.

Jenny was trying to muffle her moans of pleasure. I was so turned on.

"Jenny...I need you." I said.

Jenny nodded her head. I stood up, cock in hand. Jenny scooted up the bed a little and spread her legs. What a beautiful pussy she had.

I leaned down a little and guided my cock to her slit. I brushed up and down it a few times. It drove me wild. I pushed my head in and felt like the wind was knocked out of me.

I pushed in slowly. Jenny closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. My head spun and I felt dizzy as my balls finally came to rest against her.

I pulled back slowly before pushing in once more. I steadied myself by placing my hand on the mattress. I ran my hips back and forth, a little faster each time.

I heard loud moans of pleasure. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. Then I realized the moans were coming from my own body. Well, at least I was pleasing one of us.

I leaned down and sucked the beautiful breasts in front of me. Jenny and I whispered dirty things back and forth to one another involving what she wanted me to do her and how I wanted to do her. She politely informed me that she wanted me to 'fuck her pussy' and my retort was something to the effect of 'you're so fucking hot. I just wanna fuck you forever.'

I pulled out of Jenny and she turned over, positioning herself on all fours. I bent down and kissed her ass...literally.

I squeezed it tightly as I pushed myself back into her.

I placed my hands on the small of her back as I pumped in and out. Jenny began rocking herself back and forth to match my motions perfectly.

My hand got lost and found itself cupping one of her breasts as it swayed. I pinched her nipple and continued thrusting my hips. Any normal day, I'd be concerned with the sound of my balls smacking getting louder and louder, but today, I couldn't care less.

I pulled out of Jenny again and sat down on the bed. Jenny stood and walked in front of me. Oh, God...she was so fucking hott...

She spread her legs over my own and sat down slowly, impaling herself. My arms wrapped around her back as she wiggled her hips all around.

I brought my arms from around her and placed them away from my body on the bed, supporting me.

Jenny began bouncing up and down, my own hips trying to pump with her.

I was damn close.

I was hypnotized by the site of her breasts bouncing in front of me.

Each breath was beginning to draw deep. Jenny's mouth was open. She was moaning as she bounced.

I thought I was going to explode when Jenny threw herself on top of me. I kept pumping my hips as her muscles gripped my cock tightly. I could feel a hot surge of liquid surround my cock as I fired off shot after shot.

We both moaned loudly. Too loudly.

I kept pumping my hips slowly. I didn't want the orgasm to subside.

Eventually, Jenny brought her head up. She smiled and giggled as we kissed.

I ran my hands over her ass.

"That was just amazing, Jenny." I said.

She smiled.

"I'm sorry it couldn't have been more romantic. But I really needed that. Next time, we'll make it right." I said.

"Next time. Yeah. That sounds good. Next time." She said.

"I mean...if you want to." I said.

"Definitely." Jenny replied, lifing herself up.

I looked down at my cock, still in Jenny. She brought herself up slowly, my cock flopping out.

She pulled on her panties and shorts. Then her tank top. She laid back down on top of me and we kissed goodnight.

I fell asleep rather quickly after Jenny left. When I finally did wake up, I found that my room had yet another visitor.

My arm was wrapped around a body facing away from me, but snuggled against me. I looked down. Carlie.

I leaned over and kissed Carlie beneath the ear.

"You're awake?" She asked.

"Yup." I answered.

Carlie rolled over, looking at me. I kept my hand on her side.

As she rolled over, I saw she was wearing only her bra and panties. I also saw that I was still naked.

"Where's Jenny?" I asked.

"Her mom came and got her earlier." She said.

"Oh." I said. "Did you guys have fun last night?"

"Not as much as you did, I guess." She said.

"Look, Carlie...I'm sorry...I..." I started.

"No, it's ok. That's why I 'fell asleep' so early. That way you could still have some fun until I felt better." She said.

"Well that was awfully nice of you." I said, kissing her.

"Can I tell you a secret?" She asked.

"Of course." I answered.

"I think I'm all healed up." She whispered with a wicked grin.

I smiled back. I knew what that meant.

With the house to ourselves for a few hours, I rolled on top of Carlie as we kissed...

I know this story wasn't 'phenomenal' by any means, but I felt I had to put something up. I apologize. The next, and probably final, installment will be much better. I promise.

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2011-02-19 16:07:21
sounds like ric doesn't care about either one of them if he cared about jennie he would have still been doing her and if he cared about carlie he wouldn't have screwed jennie this time he sounds like a real jerk off and doesn't deserve either of them they both should leave him

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jenny got in the back seat ? you said earlier that he had a truck not a car

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There should have been a threesome


2010-05-27 05:32:37
again good story, i kept laughing over and over when you said "im not fucking playing hide and seek"

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Memo to Spacemountain:
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You post a perfectly good story and then ruin it by apologizing!
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