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For about two years I was a cock-hungry whore
For about two years, I was a cock-hungry whore. I couldn't get enough cock, I wanted it all the time. I thought about it all the time. I had been celibate for almost three years when I took a trip to Europe that changed my life. You can read about that some other time. When i returned to the US, I had a new appreciation for men and what they had to offer.

So I started going to websites for singles in the area and met some okay guys. I fucked one of them after an afternoon date at Universal Studios. But it was nothing to write home about. Then I found a website dedicated to finding people just to fuck... I was hooked. I posted a profile and put up some pictures of my hard nipple and immediately got hits. I chatted up a few guys but was too scared to meet anyone in person. I mean, what kind of girl meets a guy just to fuck him? Well apparently, I do!

I started chatting with Jay, he seemed nice enough. He wanted to meet me on a Saturday at a local tourist trap. I agreed but seriously doubted that I would go. When that Saturday came around Jay called me about an hour before we were supposed to meet and got me VERY horny. He started telling me about all the nights he had masturbated to my pictures on the site. He told me that his cock was hard just talking to me and that he couldn't wait to ram it in me. He made me so wet I felt I had to meet him.

Jay's picture was deceptive, and he was chunkier than I expected. We sat around and talked and drank a couple of beers. Since we were in public I figured we would stay away from the topic of sex. However, after the second beer Jay leaned in from across the table and said, "You know my cock is rock hard right now looking at your lips and your cleavage? I can't wait to see what you look like naked." I looked down to his crotch and saw a bulge that made me very nervous. I took a big gulp of beer, finished off the bottle and stood. Jay immediately stood as well, his cock protruding prominently.

"What's up? Where are we going?" He asked.

"I don't know Jay, where do you want to go?" I replied.

Jay grinned and said, "Let's hit my RV, its parked over in the parking lot there." And he motioned to the area where dozens of RVs were parked.

"You brought your RV?"

"Well, yeah, its cheaper than getting a motel room and then I won't have to wait to fuck you any longer than I already have."

Although I was not sexually attracted to Jay I was extremely horny and wanted to get laid. Jay had a hard on so I figured, what the hell.

Jay lead me to an older model RV near the rear of the parking area, and off to one side. He opened the door and I climbed in. The ambiance what lacking but the RV would serve its purpose.

"Let me give you the tour," he joked and led me to the rear bedroom. "Can I take off your clothes?" He asked.

"Sure," I replied.

Jay grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it over my head. There I stood in an RV parked at a tourist trap in my bra. Jay's hands went immediately to my tits. He started kneading them relentlessly. Luckily for him, I happen to enjoy having my nipples pinched. So, he was very ineptly, turning me on. I started to moan and Jay moved in closer. He started kissing my neck and reached his hands under my bra. I was getting rather moist and was enjoying the feel of his hot tongue on my neck and chest. Then Jay reached down the front of my pants, under the g-string and started rubbing my clit.

Then Jay moaned, "You're bald... and soaking wet," he exclaimed.

I looked at him and smiled, 'You are making me wet."

Jay moved quicker then. He undid my pants and yanked them down to my knees. Then he pulled on his pants and had them down in record time. Jay motioned for me to turn around and I did so.

He put his hand on my upper back and pushed me forward so that I was bent over, practically naked, in front of him. I heard him fumbling with a condom then he was up against me. I was so turned on by his excitement I didn't even noticed that all the blinds were up in the bedroom.

I could feel Jay's cock up against my ass. He reached around and fingered my clit, getting his finger nice and wet with my juices when he plunged them into my tight cunt. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned in my ear. He pulled his fingers out and put them to his tongue. I was writhing up against him, just wanting him to ram me with his cock.

"Do you want to taste?" He asked. I had never tasted my own juices before, but before I could answer, Jay thrust his fingers into my mouth. As I sucked them, tasting the complex flavors of my own pussy, Jay thrust his cock into my pussy.

It was so unexpected that I gasped and lurched forward. Suddenly I was face down on the bed, my ass in the air and Jay was pumping his cock into me. I was moaning and pushing back on him. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into him while he thrust forward. Jay was grunting loudly and I soon realized that the RV was rocking back and forth. It was then that I realized that ALL of the blinds in the "room" were up and that anyone passing by would be able to see us.

I tried to stand up straight. But Jay wouldn't let me, he pushed me back down and continued to assail my pussy with his manhood. Although Jay was a large man, his cock was relatively small. But I had been celibate for so long that I was tighter than a high school virgin (according to subsequent lovers), so I felt every thrust of Jay's cock.

"Jay, I'm gonna cum," I moaned as Jay continued thrusting into me. He reached around and started fingering my clit. I was in heaven, I came so hard I damn near blacked out. I was getting quite loud and I realized that it was my movement that was causing the RV to rock back and forth.

Jay pulled out of me and sat on the bench next to the opposite window. I turned around and smiled at him. "Back that ass up to me baby."

I took a couple of steps backwards, my pants and g-string still around my ankles. Jay grabbed my waist and guided me onto his lap.

"You felt so good, so nice and tight," he whispered in my ear. Jay began licking at my neck again, and he added some tongue thrusts into my ear as well. Jay was still hard and I could feel him up against my pussy. He was kneading my breasts again and I was feeling horny again. I moaned and started rocking back and forth on his lap.

"Stand up a little," Jay said, "I want back in you."

I did as I was told Jay spread my ass cheeks with his hand, "Damn, that looks good," he moaned.

I felt his hand moved to my asshole and suddenly i was wet there. He had licked his hand and wet my hole. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting you ready for some anal," he replied.

"Oh really? Well I don't do that," I said.

"Have you ever tried?" He asked, rubbing my pussy lips while he spoke. He could feel my wetness and I turned to him and saw his stiff cock wasn't so scary.

"No, I haven't."

Jay just nodded and suddenly I felt pressure in the area. Jay had stuck his thumb in my ass. He spread my cheeks again and removed his thumb, then he spit on my asshole. Then he pulled me back onto his lap, positioning his cock at the entrance to my anus. Jay guided me down, slowly and gently, onto his cock.

"Oh!!!" I yelled. I no longer cared that anyone passing by may hear me or see me getting ass-fucked in a run-down RV in a parking lot.

"There you go baby, just move up and down now."

I did what I was told and Jay sat back and watched me ride his cock. He started moaning and thrusting upward. Then he grabbed my shoulders and held me down on him. I felt the tension ease and I knew that Jay had cum. He hugged me from behind, his cock still in me. "That was great," he said.

I felt dirty, and cheap, and slutty, and I loved it. I never saw Jay again. But he was just the first in a long line of guys that I fucked just for fun.

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2015-03-04 04:09:26
I want fuck you

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2011-02-02 04:29:22
Fun story. I've signed on to websites like that and enjoyed no-frills sex for sex' sake years ago. I enjoyed the realism and the female point of view. Jay sounds like a lousy lover but gave you what you needed at the time. Thanks for sharing. Short but well written.


2010-05-28 07:18:14
i am glad he only had a small cock .not like all the rest of them that has a giant cock that LIES.............

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2009-11-12 22:09:56
I liked it

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2009-11-01 22:25:19
Loved it. Lucky you and lucky Jay!

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