It was time to teach the little tease a lesson
She always sat there in my class, so smug and sassy. She knew she was hot and she always dressed just raunchy enough to tease every guy in the senior history class. Her name was Alli, and I could always tell that she knew what she was doing to them in her mini skirts and skimpy tank tops. I was sure she would have dressed skimpier than that if it weren't for the school dress code.
In spite of her desire to leave every guy in class with a raging hard on every day, I was pretty sure that she had never really considered the possibility that her 38 year old teacher was noticing her just as much as the other guys. She would look around the room at all of the guys ogling her, but not once did she ever seem to give me the time of day...maybe I should have been happy about that, but instead it pissed me off. After all, I was the one that had to sit directly in front of her...fully able to see those incredibly skimpy thongs she wore beneath her skirts. I used to teach up in front of the classroom, but had found the past few months less embarrassing if I would just stay seated at my desk...keeping my own hard cock out of the few of the students.
Well, it was the afternoon of Halloween, and I had a pretty good relationship with most of my students, so I had decided to throw a safe party for all of the students in my own home. My wife had decided that life would be easier without me around about six months earlier, and to be honest, I was just in the mood for a little company again. Many of the students had told me they would be coming, but I overheard Alli saying that she had better things to do than hang out at one of her teachers house. That actually relieved me a little, worried that I might allow that little slut to get the best of me and ruin the night.
It was about 8 o' clock when the students started showing up. I had a rather large house, but by the time 30 students showed up, it seemed so much smaller. The radio was blaring, and the house was full of a variety of witches, wolves, vampires and other such creatures. There was also a Little Red Riding Hood and a giant M and M. I was happy to see that the kids had chosen fun, yet conservative costumes, and didn't have to worry about any trouble. That is...until she showed up.
Alli didn't knock when she arrived, instead she just barged in the front door as though she owned the place. She was dressed in the skimpiest outfit I had truly ever seen at Halloween Party. She was dressed in a Reform School Girl outfit. Her skimpy little plaid skirt was loose fitting around her ass, and barely...and I do mean barely covered her perfectly rounded little cheeks. On top she was wearing this tiny little thin white blouse that allowed you to slightly make out the dark circles of her areolas. Only two buttons of the blouse were buttoned, right between her erect tits. The bottom part of the shirt was tied off in a knot just below her breasts, pushing them upward. Her breasts were only about a 32C, but they still seemed to be falling out of the flimsy top. Her hair was pulled up in to two pony on each side of her head. Not a single hair was out of place. Her eyes were accented with a light pink eye shadow and black eye liner. Throw in a pair of 3" stilleto heels and the lollipop she was sucking on like it was a hard cock, and this girl gave every guy in the house an instant erection.
I don't know why, but I was angry at the little bitch. I just wanted to have a nice fun party with the kids, and it was almost instant that the atmosphere in the house changed. All of the girls in the house were getting angry simply from the attention the guys were immediately showing to Alli. And Alli loved it. She didn't care if the girls hated her, because it didn't matter. She got all the attention she had needed from the room full of bulges that were now showing in the guys jeans.
After about 20 minutes, it seemed that a lot of the girls would rather go elsewhere than have their dates ogle Alli all night, so they chose to leave and find another party. After about an hour, all but about 10 guys were left, two girls, and of course Alli. Most of the guys that had remained were the homely ones that never stood a chance with a girl like Alli, but they were just happy to get the free show that she was content giving.
The night was all but ruined, and the more this little tramp seemed to bend over to show her skimpy little pair of white thong panties; and the more she sucked on her little lollipop, simulating oral sex...the more angry I seemed to grow. i wanted to throw her out of my house, but she really wasn't doing anything wrong other than being a total cock tease. But then she did it. I had slipped for a moment, and was watching that little slut's tight ass wiggle as she made her way out of the living room and toward the back of my house. I wasn't sure exactly where she was going alone, so I decided to follow her. I quickly followed her, making my way through the long hall and into the kitchen. She wasn't there. I looked into the dining room, and then out onto the back porch. Still no Alli. I finally heard this small cough coming from my pantry closet at the far end of the kitchen. I threw the door open, and there was alli, taking a big swig from a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Alli...what the hell are you doing? If i get caught with liquor in my house while I have a bunch of students in my home, I'll get into huge trouble."

"What the fuck" she said, jumping back in surprize from me throwing open the door. "Lighten up Mr. Porter, it's just a little drink...and relax...I'm not going to get you in trouble."

This was all it took to push me over the edge. I'm not really sure what made me do what I did next, but I had pretty much had my fill this cock teasing bitch. I'm sure the fact that I hadn't had sex in about a year didn't help the situation, but my lust was about to take over, and my common sense was about to pull the 'trick' of the Halloween season on my 'sweet' little student.

"That's it Alli, you disrespectful little brat..."

I could see in her eyes that she had just realized that she had gone too far. Her arrogant sassy eyes immediately turned to those of regret and fear.

"Maybe I should give your folks and the police a call and see what they all think about your desire to drink at the age of 18? What do you say to that."

"Ummmmm...17.....and please don't that Mr. Porter. I'm really sorry I brough the liquor. Please don't tell on me."

I stood there staring at this hot little tramp trapped in my food pantry. Her eyes were completely full of fear, and to be honest, I was lovely the new attitude. It was one that I had never seen her bestow before. My eyes couldn't help but take a quick glimpse over her barely clad body. The bare skin just over her breasts had turned bright red from nerves, and I could tell that her breathing had increased from the scare i had just given her.

"Well, maybe I should just punish you myself....maybe I could teach you a lesson without dragging your parents and the police into this."

An instant smile moved across her face. I'm sure that she figured the worst I could think of was detention or extra homework. Boy was she wrong. But she was going to have to wait a little longer to realize just how big of a lesson she was about to learn.

"That sounds great Mr. Porter. I sure do appreciate it. Thank you so much." The tone of her voice already claiming victory, thinking that she had somehow gotten away with her crime.

"This is what you are going to do Alli, and if you protest even once, then I will call your parents and the police and have them come right over to work this all out. Do you understand me?"

Alli's smile disappeared a little, wondering what I could have meant by my statement. "Ummm, yes sir...I understand. Just please don't call my parents."

"Follow me Alli...and don't dare say a single word until I tell you to." I grabbed her by the wrist...probably a little harder than I should of, and yanked her out of the closet. She let out a painful little moan, but for some reason, she simply complied and immediately followed me across the kitchen. I opened the door to my basement and led her down the stairs into a small room that my ex-wife and I had fixed up a few years ago for a guest house. It wasn't a large room, but it had a bed, a dresser, and its own little bathroom over in the corner of the room.The room only had the one door and no windows. I pushed her into the room and told her to wait on the bed until I came back down. I'm pretty sure the thought that I was about to take advantage of her had still not entered her wildest thoughts, being as how I had always been a pretty nice teacher to the students. She nodded her head without speaking and quickly sat down on the corner of the bed facing the door. As she did, her skirt bounced up just a little, once again letting me have a glimpse of her little white thong panties. As I shut the door behind me I had to adjust the hard on in my jeans before turning to lock the little deadbolt on the outside of the door. Part of me had wished that I could have seen the look on her face when she heard the bolt of the door.

I made my way upstairs and spent about 20 more minutes visiting with all the teens. They had asked where Alli had gone, and I told them that she had decided to leave out the back and make her way back home. The guys were pretty disappointed by the disappearance of their entertainment for the evening, so before long most of them had opted to leave on their own. I decided to go on and tell the others that the party was dying down, and they should probably go find another place to party for Hallow's Eve. The last few kids thanked me for the fun night and then made their way out of the house and down the drive. I waved at them from the door, and then quickly shut the door, turned off the porch light to discourage any trick or treaters, and then quickly made my way back down to the basement.

As I reached the room, I unbolted the door to my little prison cell only to find my prisoner sound asleep on the bed. Hell no....there was no way she was going to sleep this off and think it was just a big dream.

"Wake up you little slut..."

Alli shot up from the bed almost like a soldier getting woke up by his drill sergeant.

"Yes Sir!" Alli stammered, looking around for a moment trying to remember exactly where she was.

"Wait....ummm....what did you just ca..." I slapped her hard across the face, stopping her in mid sentence.

"Did I give you permission to speak you little cock tease?"

Alli rubbed at her face, trying to relieve some of the sting from the large hand print I had just left on her cheek. I couldn't believe it...I had never slapped anyone before, not even my ex-wife, no matter how many times I had wanted to. A small tear had formed in the corner of her eye, but she quickly wiped it away, trying hard not to show the fear that was not more than evident in her face.

"You better understand the rules really quick young lady, or this is going to be a very painful evening for you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Not sure if she was allowed to speak yet, Alli simply nodded her head in confused agreement.

"First you come into my class every day dressed in those filthy little skirts and tight blouses. Second you show up in this whore outfit in my own home. And lastly you try to drink liquor at my party, without any regard to whether it could get me in trouble or not. So tell me Alli, exactly what kind of punishment do you think you deserve this evening."

I stared at her long and hard, not saying a word until she finally worked up the courage to speak.

"Mr. Porter...I'm ...not...ummmm...sure....what's going on."

I pulled my hand back as though simulating that I was about to slap her again...."Answer the fucking question Alli."

Alli threw her hand up to protect her cheek and started to sob a little....

"Ummm...well....I just sort of thought you would give me detention or something like that."

"Detention? Are you kidding me? What are you going to learn in detention? All you would end up doing is spending the time chatting on your cell phone or listening to you Ipod. NO ALLI! Detention just will not do. Try again. And if your answer isn't satisfactory, well....I guess I'll have to slap you again."

I could see the red welt that formed from my hand covering most of the side of her face. I had slapped her much harder than I had expected to; but at the moment, I didn't care.

" *sniff* mom paddles me sometimes when I get sassy with her, is that what you mean Mr.Porter?"

"Hmmmm...well now Alli....I think that is a great idea." I moved my hand back down to my side, and quickly left the room without saying another word. I locked the deadbolt behind me and headed across the basement to a small workbench I had. There were a few pieces of scrapwood on the bench, and i quickly searched for one that would pass as a good paddle. It didn't take long before I found a narrow piece of lumber that was long enough and thin enough to withstand a good paddling and leave a good sting along with it. I made my way back to the bedroom and shut the door behind me.

Alli's eyes never left the long thin piece of wood in my hand. I could see the fear and protest in her eyes. She couldn't believe she was about to get swats, but she was too scared to say anything to stop me.

"Turn around and lean across the bed. If you do as your told, you will get a lot less swats than if you choose to jump and squirm. Now tell me you understand you little slut."

"I understand Mr. Porter," was all she said as she slowly spun around and laid down across the bed, leaving her legs to hang off the side. Her skimpy little skirt was already pulling up to to the bottom part of her perfect little ass, but I wanted to see more. I reached down and lifted her little skirt up and flipped the back part of it up on to her back. Her silky soft legs were already parted a little, helping to support her body against the bed. I was finally getting a great look between those teasing little legs...a look I had been waiting for since the beginning of the semester. Her firm little ass cheeks glistened against the light. I don't think I had truly appreciated just how wonderfully sexy and petite she was until then. She was only about 5'3, and if she weighed 115" I would have been shocked. There was not a single bit of fat or blemish about her.

She didn't move even when I exposed her ass. I could only assume that she was wanting to get this over as fast as possible so that she could get on to her next party. She was going to be really disappointed. The fact was that all i wanted to do was snap that tiny piece of see thru fabric from between her ass cheeks and drive my cock deep inside both of her tight little holes....but I didn't want this to end too quickly.

I drew back the thin piece of wood and brought it down hard and fast across that fantastically perfect ass. Instantly a long dark red line grew across both cheeks, and without hesitation I landed a second swat down up on her. Her entire body jumped and though she had managed to resist the need to call out with the first swing, the second one had her shrieking.

"Oh please no more Mr. Porter....I swear I won't misbehave anymore." I could hear the desperation in her voice, and all it did was make my cock grow even harder in my pants.

A third swat....then a fourth....and then a fifth. She was sobbing heavily now. Her tiny little body thrashing violently with each swing of the switch. A sixth swat. Her soft ass now covered with dark red lines. I stopped swinging for a moment, and instead reached down and began caressing one of her tender cheeks. I half expected her to yell at me, but instead she started to moan out.

"Oh thank you Mr. Porter....that feels so good...please rub the other cheek for me too."

Now normally I would have thought she was just trying to drive me wild, but from the sound of her voice, it was more a need of necessity to feel relief in her ass. Either way...who was I to argue.

I laid the stick on the bed next to her, and then slowly moved my hands to both of her red swollen ass cheeks. My cock was pressing tight against the fly of my jeans as my hands slowly began to gently caress these beautiful teenage ass cheeks. I allowed my thumbs to tease their way toward the edge of her crease, actually able to feel the thin g-string fabric resting between them.

She jumped beneath me..."Ummm....that's good Mr. Porter...ummmm....thank you."

The little bitch was trying to tell me to stop without really saying it.

"Is there a problem Alli?" I asked, a very stern tone of my voice.

"I were...."

I brought my hand down hard across her ass cheek, slapping her so hard it made my hand stink and tingle. Then I slapped her a second time...even harder.


I brought my hand down hard a third time, and decided this time to heed to her begging.

"Are you starting to understand the rules yet Alli?"

"Yes *sniff* sir. I promise not to argue again."

I could feel the terror that was now in her voice. She belonged to me now. I knew it, even if she didn't.

I moved my hand back down to her ass, and this time became a little more bold. I slid a finger right between her crack and rubbed my way beneath her little thong strap and against her tight asshole. Her body tensed as my finger pressed at the little slit, but she made sure not to protest at all.

"Good you are learning some respect. But not it is time the real lessons start." Without one quick flick of my fingers, I snapped the thin fabric hiding in between her asscheeks. She gasped out in surprizes as she felt the new found freedom between her legs as I continued to rip her panties from her body. Her sweet little pussy staring up at me. I have to say that I was a little shocked to see how wet she seemed to be. Could all of these spankings be arousing her?

"Now listen up Alli....this is your last can either accept WHATEVER punishment I decide to give you, or I turn you over to your parents and the police." I was hoping that she didn't realize how much trouble she could already get me in with both of those groups, but instead be too scared of what might happen to her.

There was a long silence as she continued to sniffle and squirm a little beneath me. I was so caught up waiting for her answer, I hadn't even realized that I was unconsciously running my hand up and down the wet little slit in front of me. I noticed her breathing getting heavier and faster, causing me to snap back into reality. I quickly moved my hand away from her wonderful little pussy long enough for her to finally mumble out....

"I will do anything you say Mr. Porter. I just don't want my parents to find out about the liquor."

"I'm going to hold you to that you little slut." And with that my hand quickly went back between her legs and started rubbing her slit again. I had no problem finding her swollen little slit at the top of her pussy. It was already as hard as a rock and jutting out anxious for more attention.

"Oh fuuuuuckkk Mr. Porter....that feels so fucking....mmmm......uuuuuugggghhh.....good."

I was supposed to be punishing this little vixon, but all I wanted at the moment was to see how fast I could make her cum. I thrust two fingers inside her wet little slit, shocked that they only made it in past the first knuckle before hitting a little wall.

"Wait a minute you little fucking whore....there is no way you are still a virgin?"

I waited for her answer.

"Well...yes sir...I am."

"That's fucking impossible you nasty little slut...i see how much you tease all those guys. Are you telling me that not one of them has ever driven tiny little high school cock up inside your pussy?"

"No sir...I only give them hand jobs. They are .....mmmmmm....ohhhhhh..." My fingers were still thrusting short little strokes in and out of her pussy. "mmmmm...usually happy with that."

I was shocked to say the least. I figured this girl had been worn out by half the guys in school. But no...she really was just a filthy little cock tease.

"Well Alli...all of that is going to change...."

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and stood up at the edge of the bed. I quickly dropped my pants to the floor followed by my shirt and briefs. There was something totally arousing about seeing my hard-on hovering over the tight little ass of this little high school slut. I didn't wait to make sure this was a pleasant experience for her. I figured that after being a cock tease all this time, she was finally going to get what was coming to her. I grabbed my hands onto both of her hips and lined my cock right up to her pussy....

"Oh no...please don't Mr. Porter....please can I just give you a hand j......AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH." Her words fell away as I thrust my hard cock hard and deep inside her little virgin pussy. I made sure that I drove it hard and fast enough to quickly rip through that little hymen and turn her into the woman she was trying to be. I didn't slow down one bit as I eagerly got lost in the feel of that tight virgin slit. In and out I forced my cock inside her....penetrating deeper and deeper with each drive. The first few cries of pain from my little teenage slut quickly turned to the moans of a woman in heat.

"Oh fuck yeah....fuck....don't.....mmmmm.....fucking......oh fuck yeah.....fuck.....stop. Oh Mr.....mmmmm... Porter...." Her orgasm took over and I was almost finding it hard to keep her under control enough to keep fucking. I reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair as I drove my hardon as hard and deep inside her as I could. Her sexy little ass was glistening with sweat as her second orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy squeezed so tight around my cock that I couldn't resist the urges any longer. I threw my body hard on top of hers, driving my cock inside her with all the force i could muster. Spasm after spasm of milky white cum filled her little virgin slit. Even after the cum stopped spurting, my cock continued to throb inside of her. I just lay there on top of her, completely satisfied. I glanced over at my little captive and noticed she was smiling. Shit...she wasn't supposed to be enjoying this that much...time to see what else she was good for.

I slid off of her body, allowing my cock to slide out of her little pussy with a flop.

"Lesson 2 slut. Suck my cock....and you better suck it good."

"But I don't like giving head ...its gross mr. Porter."

Her courage was up a little, thinking that the fuck would make up for everything...She was wrong again.

I reached across the bed and without warning retrieved the wooden switch and brought it down hard and fast against her ass. She screamed out in pain and shock.

"I'm sorry...i'm sorry.....Yes Sir!!"

Jumping up on to her knees in front of me, she quickly composed herself in position right next to my dick. I could see from the look on her face she was bothered not just by the thought of sucking my cock but also by the thought of tasting her own cum. She hesitated. At first I was going to spank her again, but instead I reached forward and ripped her flimsy cotton blouse open. The buttons shot across the room, but the little knot at the bottom kept me from rippign it completely open. The effect was sufficient though as her two lovely breasts dropped below the knot and out of the shirt into view. Her nipples were swollen and erect, just begging to be sucked....but that would have to wait.

"Take it off bitch....lose the shirt now."

A slightly shy look came across her face, but she knew better than to hesitate. Quickly her hands pulled the torn shirt up off over her head and dropped it to the floor. I reachd over and grabbed one of her nipples with my fingers and gave it a long hard twist. She gasped out in pain and I pulled hard at the nipple, drawing her toward me....

"I said suck my cock you little get busy." I didn't release her nipple from my grasp until she moved her mouth to my cock and slowly opened up her lips. I felt her silky tongue slide up the underside of my shaft, causing it to twitch. It was growing hard again really fast, and I just had to feel it deep inside her throat. I quickly reached to the back of her head and shoved it downward onto my cock, driving it into her throat. She quickly started gagging, but I held her there for a moment anyway, watching the sight of the tears that were forming in her eyes.

After few seconds, I release my grip a little and allowed her to catch breath.

"Now you can suck it on your own, or I can help you out...which is it going to be?"

Her eyes looked up at me with this desperate pleading for me to stop, but she didn't dare hesitate too long. Quickly she moved her head back down on my cock again...this time more anxious to try and please me. Let's just say...she was a quick learner. After only a few minutes her mouth was hungrily feasting on my raging hardon. And if I'm not mistaken...i think she was starting to enjoy it. Any time she would slow down though, I would quickly move my hand to the back of her head and force it down deep on my shaft again...causing her to gag and tear up all over again. Each time this encouraged her to work harder. I was lasting a long time since I had already cum, and even though I was dying to see my cum deep in this sexy bitch's throat, I really wanted to violate that tight little ass. I reluctantly with drew my cock from between her lips and then climbed up completly on the bed in a kneel hard cock still standing out straight in front of me.

I was a little surprized, because she actually looked disappointed when I took my cock away from her.

"Don't worry you little're about to get my cock again. Of this you can be certain."

I reached down and grabbed one of her legs, and with on quick motion managed to flip her over onto her belly. I leaned forward and without thinking about it, thrust my tongue right into her tight little asshole. It was covered with the sweet nectar that had been running out of her pussy. She tasted so sweet in my mouth, and even though she was trying to pull away, she was moaning out from the new sensations of having her ass tongue fucked. I slid one of my hands beneath her, and quickly thrust my thumb up inside her pussy while my other four fingers started to grope and grind against her clit. Within a couple minutes of thrusting inside her pussy and ass, she was exploding all over my face and hand in orgasm. I eagerly thrust my tongue down into her pussy and then back up to her ass. Even after working it for a little while though, her ass jus never really loosed up that much. It was going to take little work to penetrate that tight hole...but I was going to fuck that ass.

I finished eating her out through her orgasm, and then pushed myself back up. I grabbed both of her hips again, and pulled her right up on top of my thighs. She immediately felt my cock pressing at her tight little puckered ass. I expected her to try to pull away, but to my pleasant surprize, my little whore pressed back against my cock, encouraging me to violate her like never before. I slowly started pressing my cock into her perfect little ass. She was moaning out in a combination of pleasure and pain, but I was finally able to force the head completely inside. For some reason I decided to give her a second to get used to the invasion, because I knew that she was about to have to take all 8" before I was done.

After a few moments, I already thought I was going to blow my wad. That little virgin ass was clamped around my cock like a steel vise. I was squeezing so hard to her hips I was sure it would leave bruises just to force my cock in deeper.

"Oh fuuuuuuccccckkkkk Mr. hurts......oh.....ffffuuuuuuuucccckkkk....pleasssseee sttt....ooohhhhh...mmmm......ooooppppp. OH fuck."

But I was't stopping. I released my hold on one of her hips and smacked one of her ass cheeks hard and fast.

"Shut up you nasty little're going to take all of my cock up that tiny little ass."

I was even more determined, so I released her hips and pushed hard and fast down upon her, forcing her face first into the mattress, driving my cock quickly inside her ass. She screamed out in pain, but i forced my hips forward even harder, completely spreading her tight sphincter open. I actually wondered if I was going to be able to withdraw my cock it was shoved so tight and deep within her. I moved my hands to her ass cheeks, and then pushed upward, pulling my cock part of the way outward. It was amazingly more slick than I expected, and the second thrust forward was much easier. It didn't take long in fact that I was fucking her almost as fast as I had worked in and out of her pussy. Her beggings for me to stop and been converted into pleadings for me to keep going.

"Oh please fuck my ass mr. Porter. Don't fucking stop....Oh fuck my virgin ass and fill it with your steaming hot cum."

That was all it took to drive me over the edge. Spasm after spasm of hot cum filled up that sweet little ass. I drove my cock hard and fast, in and out of her little as for all i was worth. Alli exploded in a series of orgasms that went on until I finally stopped thrusting and pulled my cock out. I collapsed on my back on the bed tired and exhausted. So you can imagine my surprize when I felt Alli's lips wrap their way around my cock and eagerly begin to suck it back to life.

"I was a really bad girl today Mr. Porter....." She said as she paused for a moment from sucking my hardon. "I'm not sure you have taught me a good enough lesson yet. Please punish me some more."

I closed my eyes as I felt this naughty girl's lips begin to work magic on my cock.This evening had not ended up at all like I had thought....but I was sure glad of the way it was going. I was just curious how this was going to effect me when the reality of it hit me tomorrow. But fuck that for now...i'm just going to enjoy my blowjob.

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