Theresa Doesn't Trust Her Fiance
As she slipped in the backdoor of the club, Theresa felt a wave of guilt overcome her. She was trespassing on private property, but her unease was directed more toward her lack of trust in Will, her fianc? They were getting married in three days and everything was going well, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about what might be going on at the bachelor party. At the last moment, Will’s friend Mack came into town and before anyone knew what was going on he was organizing the bachelor party. Theresa had only met Mack once before and had taken an instant dislike to him. She couldn’t understand how her sweet Will could be friends with such an animal; he told horrible stories of degrading women, told the most perverted jokes, and tried to slip her the tongue when they said goodbye. But it was Heather who had really got Theresa worried. Heather told her about the bachelor party Mack had thrown for her cousin; apparently they had tied up some hooker and all took turns having sex with her. Theresa said she was certain that Will would not be into that kind of thing, but Heather had insisted that every guy was into that kind of thing at least a little bit.

Will was different from most guys though. He had never pressured Theresa into sex, and they had decided together to wait until their wedding night. In their pre-marital counseling courses they had been able to discuss sex in detail, and Will didn’t seem to mind how old-fashioned she was about love making. Theresa had been taught, by her feminist mother, that oral sex was wrong and degrading and unhealthy. Indeed, most of the sex seen in pornographic films was degrading to women. But when she asked him to have someone else other than Mack plan the party, Will had firmly refused, even when she had cried. He assured her he would not partake in anything perverted that Mack might come up with, and she had reluctantly given in because she did trust him.

But the next morning she overheard him taking with his best man, Charlie, about the bachelor party. Charlie had said that he wasn’t that into the whole bondage thing – he preferred his girls to be really into him. And then Theresa’s heart had skipped a beat when she heard Will say, “I don’t know, there’s just something about a woman, helpless, in restraints, with a bright red ball gag in her lips – it’s so sexy. It gets me every time.” Every time? What had he meant by that? She couldn’t imagine that he had previously tied up some girl and violated her. Heather had suggested that what he probably meant was porn.

“Theresa, you won’t even give the poor guy a handjob. He’s a man, he has needs, and he doesn’t cheat on you – so what’s left? He jerks off.”

Heather booted up Will’s laptop and navigated to his browser history and sure enough he had visited a few porn sites. At first Theresa was angry and felt betrayed. She and Will had discussed pornography and her belief that it was degrading to women. And a good number of the sites he visited did show women tied down. She had never even imagined such depravity before. Heather assured her though, that he most likely visited these sites to make sure he didn’t cheat on her, and that once they were married and he was getting sex on a regular basis, he wouldn’t need it anymore.

All day long she had worried about it, and when the guys – Will, her father and brothers, Mack, Will’s father and brothers, her grandfather and a few guys from Will’s office – left for the club she just couldn’t take it. She had to know what was going on, and if she could trust her soon to be husband.

Mack had booked a private nightclub and no-one got in who was not on the list. Theresa had seen some slutty looking girls going in the back door, and that made her resolve even more intense. She slipped in the back door and started poking around. It was a typical strip club, with a stage running down the center of the room through some round tables. Every man she knew was in this room, drinking, laughing and stuffing dollar bills into the tiny panties of the slut shaking her tits from the runway. Her father and grandfather were the worst! But Will was sitting back in his chair, smoking a cigar, sipping a drink, not exactly ignoring the stripper but not panting over her either. This was a good sign, and Theresa was feeling really guilty about not trusting him. She should go, before she saw her father do something she would never get out of her mind.

Theresa turned around and let out a loud gasp as she found herself face to face with a large black man. “Who are you? What are you doing poking around?”

“I – I’m” Theresa faltered, not wanting to admit who she was. If Will ever found out she hadn’t trusted him it would be devastating.

“You must be the extra bitch. Mack sent you?”

Theresa just nodded her head, hoping he would accept her answer and then go away and let her escape. Instead he grabbed her upper arm hard enough to hurt and dragged her to a back room. Inside were four strippers, counting their tips and adjusting their make-up. “This is Mack’s bitch – looks like she didn’t bring her own stuff – get her set up!”

“Oh honey, I’m glad you showed up,” this came from a pretty redhead with small breasts who had a few tattoos. She pushed Theresa into a chair next to a mirror and began applying make up with a small brush. Theresa didn’t say anything, she was terrified that someone was going to figure out who she really was. “Last time Mack’s girl didn’t show up and I wound up doing the final act. I couldn’t sit down for a week.”

“Look like a size six to me,” a tall brunette said and tossed a bikini to Theresa. “See if that fits.”

Theresa didn’t know what to do except take off her clothes, while the redhead continued to tease her hair and paint her face. She couldn’t help blushing, as the women openly looked her over.

“Oh goodness, you have the loveliest natural tits. Shit, I had to pay good money to get mine that size.”
Theresa hurriedly put the bikini on, only to find that it barely covered her breasts. They were literally spilling out the sides of the top. She had worn two-piece bathing suits before, but nothing with this little of fabric. These women, taking their clothes off for men, didn’t seem like they felt degraded – but she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to wear something like this in front of men. The bottom was a thong, something that Theresa completely disapproved off. She needed to get away from here, before she had to explain who she was, but now she had to figure out a way to get back into her clothes.

“You sure are nervous,” the redhead was putting gloss on her lips, “I don’t know what Mack has on you, but it’s obvious you’ve never done this before. I won’t lie to you – it’s going to be rough, but Mack never does anything that will permanently hurt you.”

What was she talking about? The brunette came up from behind her and put a mask over her eyes, and tied it behind her head. “A hint of mystery always gets ‘em.” Theresa looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She looked just like the glossy sluts in the pornography she had found on Will’s computer. Her lips looked full and shiny, her hair was flowing, and her body was barely concealed behind the white fabric of the bikini. It was the first time she realized that she was sexy, and it made her feel sick. With the mask on her face, she could have been looking at someone else.

Then things took a turn for the worse. Without warning, the brunette pulled her arms behind her and slapped on handcuffs. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Come on, I’m sure Mack explained it all to you.”

“But I’m not –“ and then she found a large rubber ball forced into her mouth and a leather strap fastened tightly behind her head. She screamed, only to hear nothing. She tried to get up from the chair, but found that her hands being fastened behind her didn’t allow for this. The redhead was putting some extremely high heels on her feet, and also leather straps on her ankles, between these straps she fastened a length of chain. Suddenly she realized that she was completely trapped – she couldn’t explain who she was and she couldn’t get away.

Theresa remembered Heather’s words, “They tied up some hooker and gang fucked her.” Oh no! What had she gotten herself into.

The black man poked his head back into the room and smiled when he saw Theresa. She blushed as she felt his eyes roam over her body. “Wow. She cleans up nice!”

“I think it’s her first time,” the brunette chuckled, “she’s trembling.”

“Well, at least it’s an easy one. She’s only for the groom. A private session. Once she does her turn, she’ll go to the VIP room and you ladies can earn any extra tips you want in the main room. This isn’t Mack’s usual crowd – this is family or some shit.”

The girls came around Theresa and helped her to her feet. It took her a moment to adjust to the heels, and she could only take tiny steps with the chain at her ankles. She was only for the groom? That was good, at least. Her Will would be the only one to see her.

But, Theresa was mistaken. “Walk out to the end of the stage and then back again. Don’t try to dance in this getup or you’ll fall.” And then she was pushed out into the main room, center stage. At first the room was silent, and then the men erupted into cheers. Everywhere she looked she saw men that she knew. Her father, Will’s father, her grandfather, her two brothers, cousins, and friends of the family – all of them lusting after her – none of them aware of who she was. She was paralyzed, looking for a path to escape, but realizing that even if she could get away, where would she go? The best thing was to walk the stage as quickly as she could, and get back stage.

She wasn’t able to move quickly, and she was terrified she was going to stumble and fall. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but none of the men were looking at her face. As she got to the catwalk, the men came close and every man she knew began touching her. Her own father ran his finger up her crotch, and stuffed a dollar bill in her g-string. Her uncles, cousins, and soon-to-be in-laws grabbed her ass and thighs. Will, sat back in his chair, smoking a cigar and laughing at the other guy’s fun. That was when she noticed Mack. He was staring at her face, and looked puzzled.

Finally she got to the end of the catwalk and turned around to hobble back to the curtain. At that moment her father hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down to her mid thighs. Her pussy was now exposed for everyone to see. She froze and Will’s father climbed up on stage and pulled the fabric of her bikini top to the side, letting her huge breasts fall out. He pushed against her ass from behind and she felt the hardness of his cock, and his hands groped her tits, pulling on her nipples, and making her squeal into her gag. Her eyes were wide with fear as she realized that if he wanted to fuck her, she would be powerless to stop him.

But the other guys pulled him down from the stage, and she began to work her way back to the curtain, humiliated, devastated, sobbing.

“Oh you poor thing,” the redhead was saying. “Mack can be such a prick. He didn’t prepare you for this at all, did he?” She adjusted the bikini back into place.

Suddenly Mack appeared, “I’ll take her to the VIP room.” He took her by the arm and escorted her a bit more quickly than she could comfortably move in her condition. When they were alone in a room lined with red velvet curtains and a single chair in the center, he looked her in the eye and said, “You are not Charlotte.”

Theresa shook her head. Mack retrieved a small black table from the side of the room and set it next to the chair. Moving behind Theresa he put his knees behind hers and forced her to kneel. She was now bent over the table. Her tits hung down in front. He unchained her feet, but secured each thigh to the table. “Did Charlotte send you in her place?” Theresa shook her head again, and this caused Mack to raise an eyebrow. He reached out and yanked the bikini top off of her making Theresa cry into her gag. She was seriously starting to worry that he was going to fuck her. Instead he pulled from his jacket some beautiful Japanese nipple clamps connected with a chain. He fastened them, and the feeling wasn’t unpleasant, but when he would pull the chain the clamps bit into her nipples with real pain. He attached the chain to the base of the table so that if Theresa tried to lift up the clamps would pull and bite into her nipples. All of the attention on her nipples was causing her body to react, and she felt the thin material of her bikini bottoms getting wet. This was confusing; she felt humiliated, afraid, degraded, and yet was unmistakably sexually aroused. Next Mack gathered her hair into a ponytail. “So you just volunteered for this?” Again she shook her head. Something cold hit her ass cheeks, and Mack pulled her thong aside and began massaging her asshole. She squirmed and moaned into her gag, but she could do nothing. His index finger penetrated her, and she felt pain, crying out but not making more than a grunting sound. “Relax your asshole and it won’t hurt as bad.” Desperately she tried to ignore the pain and focus on relaxing – slowly the pain lessened and Mack began fingering her asshole, lubing it up. Then he replaced his finger with a large buttplug. She turned her head to see what he was doing, ignoring the searing pain this caused in her nipples; she could not believe the size of the plastic toy he was pushing into her ass. Inch by inch it violated her, stretching her wider and wider, until finally it was inside and her sphincter closed around the base. Any little movement caused her pain in the butt, and Mack grabbed the plug’s base and wiggled it around. Theresa had never even imagined that such things were done. Mack then tied a thin lead of rope from the base of her butt plug to her ponytail. This forced her head to bend all the way back until she was lifting up from the table which caused the nipple clamps to painfully pinch her. But when she forced her head down, to relieve her nipples, the rope pulled on her butt plug, shoving it a bit deeper into her ass which was also painful. There was no relief, she was just trading one pain for the other. Theresa began to cry.

“Well, you are much prettier than Charlotte, whoever you are. Do I know you?”

Theresa nodded her head, which caused her pain in both her ass and nipples. This made Mack laugh, and he sat back staring at her. Finally, his curiosity got the best of him and he untied her mask. As recognition washed over him, he actually gasped. Theresa wished she could look away, the shame was so great.

“Well, well, well. This must all be some huge unfortunate mistake.” Theresa nodded again, enduring the pain. Pleading in her mind for Mack to do the right thing. “Oh my, Will’s Dad felt you up!” He laughed for a bit, and then reached out and began running his hands over her body. “I have to admit that I’ve admired you – you are very beautiful. Will is a friend, but really could any man be expected to behave in a situation like this one?” She gave him a hateful look. “Oh Terrie, don’t you realize that such looks only make me harder?” He unzipped his pants and revealed a rather long and thick cock. Theresa had never seen a cock before, except in those few images of porn. “I could violate you in a number of ways right now, and no-one would blame me. Why are you here?”

All Theresa could do was give him a look. “I suppose you showed up to spy on the party. To make sure Will was behaving himself. Then, you got caught, and before you knew it were on stage with your own father’s hand in your twat!” Theresa nodded her head vigorously, and Mack laughed again. “Oh my goodness, if anyone every found out about this, you’d be so humiliated!” She nodded again. “Well, I suppose the right thing to do would be to let you go.” He showed her the handcuff key, and then began to fiddle with her cuffs. While he did so, the head of his cock lined up with her snatch, and popped inside. Theresa stiffened up, turning her head to look at him despite the pain.

“Do you want me to do this?” Mack said this while holding up the key to her, and also pushing an inch of his cock inside her virgin pussy. Theresa didn’t know how to answer – it was only yes or no. If she said yes, he might think she meant the sex and if she said no he might think she meant the cuffs. Surely he knew he was inside of her? Finally, he stopped torturing her, “What I mean is, are you sure you want me to unlock your cuffs? This is a great opportunity for you to test your man. If he comes in here and fucks you then you’ll know you can never trust him, but if he comes in here and frees you, you’ll know you can trust him no matter what.” He pushed his cock a bit deeper, until he felt her hymen, “I see you are still a virgin. Well, I won’t take the pleasure of your cherry away from Will, but I guess you and I will always know whose dick was in you first, won’t we?” He pulled his cock from her cunt, and sat back.

“I think it was quite a betrayal for you to come here and check up on Will. Did you see him out there? He barely even acknowledged those strippers. He’s so in love with you, and you betrayed that a bit, didn’t you?” Tears came to Theresa’s eyes and she nodded her head. “Well, I think you came this far, you might as well see it through.” He put the mask back on Theresa’s face, while she shook her head. “Let’s test his real resolve. What will Will do when given an opportunity to fuck a completely helpless woman, anonymously? Does your Will love you enough to wait – especially knowing what a prude you are – that you would never do this kind of thing for him. I’m gonna go get Will, and then I’m going to leave the two of you alone for a bit – I’m gonna go find that bitch Charlotte and see why she didn’t show. Then, you’ll know if you can trust Will or not. And I’ll let you go – and it will be just our little secret. Of course if Will fucks you then you’ll just be even – you betrayed him – he betrayed you – and maybe you’ll be able to get past it and get married anyway.”

Theresa shook her head no, but Mack just ignored her. He left, and came back with a fairly drunk Will, sitting him down in the chair. “Now, Will, I know you love Terrie, but she will never be able to fulfill this kind of fantasy for you. What you do in here, is your own business, it’s private, and no one will ever know. This girl is getting what she deserves, believe me, and she came here willingly so there’s no guilt, okay?”

“Mack, you know I’m going to do anything.”

“Well, she’s yours to take or not take. I’m going to go distract myself for awhile.” He left the room and it was just Theresa and her fianc?Will.

For a few long minutes, Will just stared at her. She wanted him to recognize her, she stared him in the eyes and pleaded with him to see it was her. “Mack, what an ass! But you are beautiful, I have to give him that. And my fianc?she would never approve of this kind of thing. You are really tempting. It would be so easy. But I love Theresa, and I could never do anything to hurt her.” He bent down and kissed her on the forehead. “I appreciate your willingness, and I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings, but I’m gonna have to decline.”

Theresa’s heart soared. Will had passed the test! He was trustworthy. They were going to be happily married for a long, long time. She decided right then, that she would work on being more open to sex – not this bondage stuff – but a little more adventurous. Now, if Mack would just come back and set her free.

“Man, you sure caused a ruckus out in the main room. My fianc? dad can’t stop talking about you. Apparently my Mother-in-Law is quite the frigid bitch. You know, I never liked that woman. She tried to talk me out of marrying Theresa – even offered me money.” Theresa couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Will walked over to the door, “Hey Peter, come here!” No! Not her Daddy! But sure enough, her father walked into the room, and immediately was ogling his daughter’s naked form.

“Oh my god! What a hot little slut!” Inside, Theresa’s heart broke hearing these words from her father, her image of him shattering into pieces as well.

“Peter, I love your daughter. Mack, he’s an asshole, and I have no intention of violating this young woman. But, frankly, I can’t imagine how you put up with Phyllis all these years. If you don’t want to, I understand, but you can have her if you want. I won’t tell anyone.” Theresa couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Will, you are a fine young man. I’m glad you are marrying my daughter. Now, I’m going to release 30 years of pent up sexual frustration on this piece of fuckmeat.” Theresa watched as her father stepped out of his pants, sporting a six inch long boner. She screamed into her gag, and tried to break free of her bonds, but could do nothing but make a few grunting noises and wiggle a bit. “Look at that ass, son, she reminds me a bit of my wife back when we were young. Not that she ever let me take her from behind like this.”

Theresa’s father slid his cock into her virgin pussy. In fact he slammed it into her, bursting through her hymen without even noticing. He grabbed her ass on either side and kept slamming his prick into her. “This whore is sure tight! It’s been so long since I’ve fucked a teenager, but this slut can’t be older than 19 right? Do you like my meat, slut?” Theresa could not believe this was happening. Her father had always called her ‘princess’ and threatened to castrate anyone who even thought about touching her. Now he was riding her, having taken her virginity, and calling her vile names. “You’re just a little girl, aren’t you fuckmeat? Just bent over and begging for Daddy’s cock. You like Daddy’s cock?” And the pain was intense – with each slam of his cock, Daddy pressed the anal plug deep inside of her, and every time he back up, he pulled her with him, tightening the chain and pinching her nipples. But there was also pleasure, she couldn’t deny it, her Daddy’s cock felt so good as it slid in and out of her and somehow the pain just built upon that until finally she came for the first time in her life. It erupted inside of her, intense pleasure filling her from her stomach and moving outward in waves. Her pussy clenched down on her father’s dick as she screamed into her gag, and then he was cumming inside of her. “Oh, I hope you’re on the pill slut!” Theresa felt his cum inside of her, and heard his warning, but she was lost in her own rapture and then it was over. He was pulling out of her, slapping her on the ass, and then putting his pants back on.

Reality hit her. Her father had just taken her virginity, fucked her senseless, and cum deep inside her unprotected pussy, while her fianc?atched. She could be pregnant! Panic welled up inside her, and then disgust at how she had enjoyed it, and then anger at her father – but she was too well restrained to show any of these emotions. Where was Mack? He would put a stop to this.

Theresa cried as she watched her father leave. “I’ll send in someone else, eh?”

“Sure. I think we have her for the whole night. Might as well get Mack’s money’s worth.”

Next up was Theresa’s older brother, Frank. “So Dad, seriously fucked her? I can’t believe it.” His cock was longer than her Daddy’s but actually quite thin. Theresa winced as he slid it into her cunt and began slowly fucking her. “Oh man, she is fucking wet.”

“Sloppy seconds, man.”

“Oh, yeah. She’s tight though. How that cock feel, honey? Is it better than Dad’s?” It wasn’t better than her Daddy’s, and Frank didn’t last very long either. A couple of minutes into it, he came, and then was leaving. Theresa was a wreck, she had now been incestuously raped twice and had admitted to herself that Daddy was better than big brother.

“Oh I see we’re keeping it in the family,” Will said as Theresa watched in horror as her little brother sauntered into the room. Phillip was only thirteen years old, and was the apple of Theresa’s eye, and she couldn’t imagine this happening. Worse, was that Grandpa was with him.

“Well, the boy’s got to learn sometime, eh?” Grandpa chuckled. “Now, Phil, it’s okay if you don’t last too long. This is your first time. You just get your dick wet, and I’m sure you’ll get a second go at her before the night is over.”

Phillip had an enormous penis. It was nearly nine inches long, and thicker around than Theresa’s wrist. She was afraid when she felt him lining up at her pussy. Will and Grandpa were impressed, and encouraged him when he found it difficult to push inside her. Theresa grunted into her gag as she was literally stuffed full of cock, and then exploded in orgasm as his cockhead pushed against her cervix. She was being torn apart, but it felt amazing. He was only able to stroke it inside her once before he was cumming all over her ass.

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry, son,” Grandpa said, “This here is a slut. You’re supposed to cum wherever you want. Now real women, like your mom or your sister, they are special and don’t behave like this, but with sluts you don’t have to worry about it.” Theresa wanted to shout out that she wasn’t a slut, that she was special, but all she could do was watch in fascinated shock as her grandfather pulled out a long and hard cock. “I took a Viagra, Will. It’ll let me cum a couple of times before I have to quit. I’ll give you a couple for your honeymoon, eh?”

Grandpa got behind Theresa and slapped her ass a few times, making her grunt. “I love whores! You can really fuck ‘em!” He slid his cock into her cunt while standing behind her, pressing his tool directly onto her g-spot as it slid inside. “This slut is tight, considerin’ she just took three cocks!” Theresa couldn’t stand the pleasure of her grandpa’s cock, she came over and over. The shame was overwhelming, and she tried to imagine it was Will fucking her, but Grandpa wouldn’t shut up. “Oh you like it don’t you, slut? I can feel you cumming on my johnson.” When Grandpa came inside of her, relief followed, but she had forgotten about the Viagra. Grandpa’s cock, dripping with his and her cum was still rock solid. “I’m gonna get me some of this ass.”

Theresa felt the butt plug pulling at her anus, and she screamed into her gag as it came out. Her hole gaped for a few moments, and then her grandfather was sliding his slick pole into her shitter. Oh my god, she thought, Grandpa’s fucking me in the ass! It was so painful she didn’t know how to process it and resorted to twisting around to watch, causing intense pain in her nipples that help to distract her from her burning asshole. She was shocked when she began cumming again. What is wrong with me, she cried out in her head, am I some kind of slut? After what seemed like an a hour but was actually only about ten minutes, Grandpa gave Theresa a large load of cum deep in her bowels.

“Get in there, son, don’t let that gaping hole go to waste!” Theresa didn’t know what that meant, but figured it out quickly when Philip pushed the head of his enormous cock into her asshole. Grandpa had come around by her head, his cock still hard. She could smell her pussy and ass on it, as he reached around and unfastened her gag. Now was her chance, she could tell them who she was, and all of this would stop! But at that moment, Philip shoved the entire length of his cock into her already abused asshole and she screamed out. Grandpa seized the moment, and buried his filthy cock in her throat.

Instinctively she bit down, but Grandpa slapped her face hard! “No teeth! Suck it like a good little slut!” She had no idea she could take something so large into her mouth. No, it was beyond her mouth, Grandpa’s cock was inside her throat. “Use your tongue, bitch! Clean your shit off my cock!” Grandpa pinched her nose until she obeyed. She cleaned her grandfather’s cock, and he began fucking her mouth and throat with long slow strokes. Meanwhile, Philip was literally ripping her asshole open with his enormous cock.

“I can’t believe it’s even tighter than her pussy!”

Will was watching her. Fucked in one end by her baby brother, and by her grandfather at the other. Theresa wondered, as she was surprised by yet another orgasm, what Will would think if he knew it was her. She had cum so many times, though she was sickened and disgusted, and was technically being raped, she had to admit that her body was thoroughly enjoying the abuse. If Will found out it was her, could he possibly understand? Would he understand it was all a mistake? Grandpa began cumming in her mouth, and then pulled out to finish by spraying cum all over her face. It was filthy and rude and disrespectful. Philip rushed over, “I wanna do that too!”

Philips cock was smeared with shit and blood and cum. Now was the time. Theresa was finally free enough to announce who she was. But she couldn’t do it. The shame was too great. She had fucked her own father and came all over his cock. And then she had been fucked by Frank and Philip and even Grandpa! No-one could ever know that this had happened. Will had seen her cum, over and over, would he understand that this was involuntary. Would he be able to believe that she had stumbled into this predicament on accident? She couldn’t think straight, but she knew that if Will found out who she was, it would likely end their romance – and how could she ever face her own family again if everyone found out? No, this had to remain a secret. She had to protect her anonymity at all cost.

And so she opened her mouth wide, and when Philip slid his disgusting tool in her mouth, she sucked it for all it was worth. Sobs overcame her, but by that time he was furiously fucking her face and then finally cumming all over it.

Mack came back in the room at that moment. He saw Grandpa and Phillip with their dicks deflating and Theresa with her face, ass, and pussy dripping with cum. He laughed out loud. “Did you fuck her too?”

“No, Mack. I’m being true to my love. But so far this little whore has been thorough fucked by Theresa’s whole family.”

“Really? Did she put up any protest when she was un-gagged?”

“No, you should have seen her slurping on Phil’s cock. Dude, he’s hung like a fucking donkey. What did this girl do that she’s letting you do this to her? I mean, she’s cumming often enough, but she keeps sobbing.”

“Believe me, you don’t want to know. But trust me, she deserves this. Don’t you, slut?”

Theresa looked up at him but said nothing. “Do you want to go home now?” Theresa nodded her head vigorously. “Well, I’ll give you a choice, my little slut. You can go into that main room and fuck everyone in there, and then I’ll drive you home and no-one will ever know who you are. Or . . . I can take you out there and unmask you and tell Will your whole story. Who knows, maybe one or two of those guys will know you!” She shook her head. “So, looks like the girl wants to fuck.”

Theresa started crying anew, as Mack uncuffed her hands, unshackled her feet, and removed her ball gag. She was completely stuck. She had to submit to this horrific gangbang, or admit to her soon-to-be husband that she had just fucked every man she was related to. He had watched. He had seen her cum, over and over, and worse she had sucked Phil’s cock even after she had a chance to identify herself. Somehow she would get through this, and then somehow she would get past it, and her and Will could be happy together.

Suddenly Heather was there, and she went directly to Mack and draped her arm over him. He kissed her passionately, as if he knew her well. Theresa was shocked. Heather had only ever had awful things to say about Mack.

“Oh Heather!” Will said, his fianc? maid-of-honor at his bachelor party was not a good thing.

“Oh Will, don’t panic. Mack’s filled me in. I’ll be able to report back to Theresa that you’ve been a good boy. That you’re the only guy here who hasn’t fucked this slut.” She walked over to Theresa, who was kneeling on the floor sobbing. She knelt down and whispered in her ear, “Hey, Theresa, heard you loved Daddy’s cock!” Theresa’s eyes went wide; Heather knew? “I’m afraid you’ve been setup.” Theresa hauled back and slapped Heather hard across the face.

“Oh you fucking bitch!” Heather screamed, and pulled the chain attached to Theresa’s nipples. “Mack, control your whore!”

Mack grabbed Theresa by the neck and whispered harshly, “Do you want Will to know who you are? ‘Cause I’ll do this either way.” Theresa shook her head no. Mack said in a loud voice, “Well then, it seems you owe Heather an apology.” He pushed Heather into the chair and Theresa onto her knees before her. “Eat her pussy and make her cum.”

Heather smiled and opened her legs wide revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her naked snatch was wet and fragrant and it repulsed Theresa. This was surreal. Heather had been her best friend since middle school, why was she acting like this? “Please, don’t do this,” she whispered, but Heather responded by grabbing her by the ponytail and shoving her face into her damp pussy.

“I want to feel your tongue deep in me, you fucking lezzie whore!”

This was the worst rape of all because Heather knew who she was, and because it wasn’t actually rape because she was doing it willingly, and because Heather was a girl. Her pussy didn’t taste as disgusting as it smelled or looked, and soon Theresa was lapping at it. Heather was moaning and squirming and came quickly, but didn’t let Theresa stop.

Will watched in fascination for a while and then announced he was leaving. Mack tried to talk him into fucking Theresa or Heather, but he wouldn’t do it. After he was gone, Mack went out into the main room to explain things to the guys.

“Men, now that the strippers are gone we are all going to gangbang the sweetest piece of ass you have seen; well since my last bachelor party. This is Ramon,” Mack gestured to a mean looking tattooed guy sitting at the corner of the bar. “Ramon is an artist of sorts. He’s drawing a peacock, as a kind of memento for our time here tonight. You see for each guy who fucks this slut, he will draw one feather in the peacock’s tail.” Ramon held up the drawing, showing a peacock with four proud feathers. “As you can see, she’s already taken on four of us.” Theresa’s family exchanged high-fives. “You can see that the first feather has a red tip, and that’s because Daddy here, took this bitch’s virginity. This third feather has a brown tip because Grandpa here took her anal cherry. Now everyone who fucks her pussy will get a blue decoration at the end of the feather, anyone who fucks her ass will get a brown halo design around that decoration, and these yellow spots are put here every time you make her cum. The feather gets a white fringe if you cum in or on her, and a white spot in the middle if she sucks you off. By the time we’re done with this piece of fuckmeat, this is going to be one beautiful painting and it will hang right here in this club so we all will remember the event for years to come!” At this the men all cheered.

Theresa had made Heather cum three or four times and her jaw was aching. Eating her best friend’s pussy had really brought a dose of reality to Theresa’s situation. This evening was changing the course of her life. She was going to have to convince Will to take a job out of state, so she could get away from her family, and his family – and hope she could somehow get to a point where she could face them again. But first, she knew, she had to fuck most of them.

She stepped into the main room and couldn’t believe she was going through with this. There were twenty five men in the room including Mack and Ramon. She knew them all, except for Ramon, and none of them seemed to recognize her without clothes and with her mask in place. They formed a circle around her, and all of them began to remove their clothes until she was suddenly the target of 23 hard penises. Her brother’s Frank’s was the smallest, but none of them were tiny. Will’s boss had the largest cock, long and black and with a head that bulged out over the shaft. Most of these men were at least in average shape, although a couple of her cousins were fat and disgusting. She tried not to look at their faces.

Heather stepped into the circle. “Gentlemen, this is Terrie. Yes, she has the same name as Will’s new bride, but you can call her whatever you like. Here are the rules: no punching or kicking – but feel free to slap her, pinch her, or spank her. No holes are barred, but this little cunt is hoping to get knocked up, so feel free to cum in her cunt as often as you can. Oh, and gentlemen, I found out in the other room that she is gifted with her tongue – so I highly recommend you have her eat your assholes.”

Theresa never felt so betrayed in her life. Will’s father came up to her and said, “Put your tongue in my ass Terrie, be a good little slut.” And not seeing any other option, she obeyed. For the next few hours Theresa was quite thoroughly fucked. She had a cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth at every moment, and she came dozens of times. Occasionally she would pass out, and Heather would then clean her up, rub her skin with lotion, and liberally lube her ass and pussy. She licked everyone’s asshole at least once, swallowed a lot of cum. Her Dad freaked her out a bit by fucking her in the ass while shouting, “Take Daddy’s cock Theresa!” Everyone agreed Ramon deserved a blowjob for doing such a good job on the peacock – which made no sense to Theresa, but she did it anyway. She ate Heather a few times, and then Heather put on a show where she fucked Theresa’s asshole with a strap on dildo. Heather fucked more than a few of the guys herself, and made Theresa lick their cum out of her. After a while, she just zoned out and let them do whatever they wanted while she just lay there. The older men left first, not able to get it up anymore. No-one fucked her more than her little brother Philip, with his amazing cock that always made her cum nearly instantly.

When they were finally done, Theresa was too tired to even cry. Every muscle in her body was sore, she reeked of sex. Heather poured alcohol all over her, causing her to scream. All she could think about was Will. They would be married in two days, and she would convince him to take her away from all of these horrible people.

In the end it was just Mack, Heather and Ramon. Heather took Theresa into the back and washed her in the shower. Theresa slept soundly for the next four hours while Ramon tattooed the most beautiful peacock onto her lower back. Twenty-six feathers, the extra one for Heather.

When she saw Will the next day she broke down into tears. He didn’t know what was wrong with her, and she cringed whenever he touched her as if her whole body hurt. He held her for a long time, and when she felt his cock stirring, she fished it out of his pants and sucked it furiously causing him to cum down her throat within seconds. She blew him at least six times that day, each time surprising herself, with her enthusiasm. She also blew the caterer in his van when he had made a pass at her, and she ate the florist’s pussy as well. Something had broken inside of her, she didn’t have free will anymore when it came to sex. But only Heather and Mack knew it had been her at the bachelor party – and although she couldn’t look any of the men of her family, or their wives, in the eye, at least she didn’t have to worry about them making advances on her.

She actually loved the peacock tattoo. It was to be a beachside wedding, and she had a lovely backless wedding gown. The tattoo was beautiful, she thought, poking its head above the folds of white lace with its magnificent tail in full display. Will liked it, although he was surprised that his usually conservative wife got a tattoo. As she walked up the aisle, her father didn’t see the tattoo as he escorted her. But as they passed each row of guests, everyone gasped. The women in shock at her brazen tattoo; the men in realization that one of those feathers represented their time spent in her cunt, ass, and mouth. As her father gave her away and watched her approach the altar to stand beside her husband he saw the tattoo, with his feather, the tallest and red-tipped and speckled with yellow. Nearly every male member of the audience, and the groom’s line was uncomfortably adjusting tuxedo pants as Theresa solemnly vowed to love Will and only Will until death do they part.

Heather blackmailed Theresa into staying locally after the wedding. Will was surprised when Heather came along with them on the honeymoon. Theresa, had tearfully confessed to Will that she desperately wanted to share him with Heather. She cried when Will lost his virginity to Heather while she waited to eat his cum from her best friend’s snatch. Heather only allowed Will to fuck Theresa in the ass or mouth, but scooped his cum into her pussy so there would be no suspicion when every year she turned up pregnant.

Theresa was the family whore. Every man she was related to, whether by blood or by marriage, used her freely. Will asked Mack once why the club had a painting of his wife’s tattoo – and Mack had replied that it was a reminder, amidst all the debauchery, that there were women of virtue as well and that if men could only remain as loyal as Will had they may also experience his many blessings.

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