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Never exploit the kind ones; they might just have something beneath their skin that comes out when pushed too hard. Story is not reflexive of this writer, maybe.
Diane finally gets home after a long days work, she is ready for a nice meal some satisfying sex and a nice long bath. She locks her car and gets her keys into the door to her house, expecting her husband to be there waiting for her. Walking into the house, some of the lights are off. She wonders where her husband is. and calls for him. "Patrick?"

“Welcome home” a voice says in a low evil sound. Slamming the door behind her, she sees the man who has plagued her life. She thought you had rid of him only to have him come back for what was promised to him. He looks more powerful than ever to her. Dressed in black and a cap that hides his eyes form straight sight as he holds his head down he just stands smirking at her. That’s when she notices the new toy at his side. It shines in the low light that he has left on. The shape undeniable, she starts to fear for her life and stiffen up. He laughs and comments “If I wanted you dead I would have killed you before you got inside.” She looks confused but still does not know how to fight back.

He walks up slowly to her, his gun still at his side. Almost face to face, he lifts his head slowly, their eyes finally met and she sees the lust that lies beneath them. His left hand suddenly going up and grabbing the back of her head forcing it up as his hand brings up the .357 revolver to the underside of her jaw. She whines at the rough nature; his barbaric actions causing her to feel excited at the same time.

His breath lands on her neck as he breathes hard. She speaks in a rattled voice “Mmmmyy hhussbbanndd wwiiillll be hhheeerrr sooonnn.” A low evil laugh comes from the smile that she uses to admire so much. “What makes you think he is not here already?” he says with a devils tone. He twists her head to the corner of the dark living room and flicks on a light with the barrel of the gun. Her Husband is tied and bound with tape over his mouth struggling to free himself. “I knew he would not simply let him do this to his lovely wife, but I had nothing against him watching either. Her eyes go wide as she is thrown over onto a sofa adjacent to the tied up man.

The lights go off again and she has lost sight of the dark figured amongst the shadows. The little light provided by the street light outside illuminates only you on the couch and her husband in the corner. She hears movement but can’t see anything past the end of the couch, her frozen stiff as her husband moans to her to free him, she finally get up to try and get to him only to be caught by the dark figure and thrown back onto the coach with her legs spread. “It’s convenient you wore a skirt today isn’t it.” She hears before feeling the hands begin to touch her lower legs and slowly work up.

She is surprised by the feel of something cold on her leg that is moving closer and closer to an increasingly wet pair of thong underwear. Her eyes look down for a second as you see the shine of a knife and not a wet tongue headed for her panties. She starts to struggle but then is told to stop or someone might get hurt. She does as told and stops struggling. Though her legs flinch in a notion to close themselves; the man has wedged himself good between the strong pair of legs. She feels the cold metal start to slip between her panties and soft skin. She fights her hardest to stay still hoping not to be cut. A rough motion from the man cut the panties in one motion as he collects the shabby fabric and stuffs them into his pocket. He mentions “These could be useful later.”

The man moves closer and closer to her wet slit and takes a big whiff of her wonderful juices. He looks back at the husband still struggling with his bonds. “She certainly always has one of the best tasting pussys I’ve ever smelled, don’t you agree?” The husband struggles harder to no avail. The man turns his head back to her moist cunt and sticks his tongue out. Her juices are the sweetest tasting. Licking just the outside of her warm hole he enjoys making her squirm and struggle. As she begins to buck forward he smirks again before taking his tongue deep into her wonderfully tight pussy. His tongue laps over her mound and covers it with saliva making it shin in the low light of the room.

He continues more, going deeper into her cunt, his tongue slithering around inside her causing her to moan and whimper. The top of his mouth rubs on her clit more as he tries to dig him tongue deeper into her. Adding his finger to play with her clit, she begins to go wild. Her hands bracing themselves on the back of his head pushing him further into her slit. He goes hard and deep on her pussy, she begins to squirm and breath harder and harder until her whole body arched up with an explosive scream. He tastes her juices; gulping down all that comes out. His tongue slowly comes out, her hands try to push him back down, she then remembers her husband is watching still and let go of the man’s head.

As his head rises from between her legs his mouth covered in her cum. He tells her to lick it off. She shakes her head and uses a pillow from the sofa to cover herself up. “Look at that” he says looking towards the husband “Willing to make a mess but not to pick it up.” He grabs the back of her head and forces her up, “lick” he says in a calm voice. She shakes her head again saying no. He fires the gun in the direction of the husband; then brings the barrel close to her pussy. The hot barrel gets closer and closer to her wet twat. She starts to feel the heat and begins to stick out her tongue. She licks his face cleaning up her own juices from his skin. He grabs the back of her head again and forces her to kiss him hard.

Their tongues fight each other inside her mouth; her tongue trying to force his out. He enjoys the slight fight she puts up for him. Her arms hit him again and again in the arms with no effect. As he finally lets her face dislodge from his for air she lands a fist right on his face. He keeps his head to the side; a drip of blood begins to fall from his mouth. He looks back at her as if nothing happened. He kisses her again quick leaving smeared blood on her lips. Reaching into his pocket he takes out a collar for the young girl, the collar labeled “Princess.” With the leash he attaches to the collar; he takes a seat on the sofa where she had just came. “I think it’s time put the pretty little mouth of hers to use since you seem to be tired of mine.”

Her mouth shuts tight as she stands in the middle of the living room. The man tugs on the leash causing her to trip forward a step. “I think you have far too much clothes on for the next job I have in mind. Start striping.” Her eyes go wide as she looks at her husband again, almost asking for his approval. “There’s no reason to ask for permission, this show is for him too, if you don’t, guess I should just get rid of him now.” “NO don’t!” she says getting in-between him and him “Then do as you’re told and I won’t have to.” She begins to sway her hips to the ambience of music playing through the radio.

She starts to undo her buttons on her white shirt, slowly undoing them as a tear fall from her cheek. The shirt falls to the floor as her hands trail down her body and begin to undo the black skirt that came to only past her knees. She turns around as her hands reach around to her back finding the zipper. She slowly undoes the skirt and shakes it off letting it pass her hips exposing the nicest ass I have ever seen. The black thong she has on barely visible from her back. She bends over to remove the skirt from her legs. Her ass cheeks spread and the black string that was once hidden comes into plain sight. Her puckered ass pussy barley covered. I notice that the lower part of her panties is moist as she must be enjoying her treatment.

She stands up, dragging her fingernails on her legs, her head looking over her shoulder looking back at him. He boasts at her saying “Your eyes say I hate you but the rest of her body screams fuck him now!” Her eyes brows shift down slightly as even more anger is expressed through her beautiful brown eyes. Even as she moved her body around her eyes stayed locked with his. Her face expressionless except for the anger her stare burns into him.

Her own hands caress her body. Touching her neck and letting one fall to her breast, she squeezes and rubs. Her other hand falls even further down to her legs, she moves sideways as to allow him to see her grasp her wonderful ass. She grabs a handful and begins to tease him with it; pulling it to the side allowing only peaks at what lies behind it.

Her hand begins to make its way around again. With her back to him he sees her legs spread as the shadow of a finger appears between her athletic legs. The finger slowly begins to disappear again as she begins to fuck herself. She moans very softly. He knows she is trying to hide her enjoyment from him and her husband.

He pulls on the make shift leash and tug her over to him. She trips and falls to the floor. He tugs again as she crawls on her knees to him; her eyes still looking right at him. She reaches the sofa and sits up; he shortens the leash and pulls her even closer, his tug drawing whimpers from her. Her head lands on his crotch as her hands hit the floor to prop herself up. “Take it out “He demands. Her eyes look down as she hesitates again; he slaps her lightly on the face to get her attention back. “Now “he demands again. No hesitation this time as she undoes the button and zipper of his pants. Reaching in she feels the semi hard dick that resides inside. Her Soft hands making contact makes his dick stir and excited with anticipation.

Her eyes go wide, the same as they use to when she had played with it before. His pants are pulled down just pass his ass freeing his cock from its restraints. Its slight erection causes her to get wet. Her excitement grows as she starts to remember her old toy. She hopes that her husband does not notice her own enthusiasm as she takes his dick and start to lick lightly on his long shaft. The man groans with pleasure as she continues to lick up and down him hardening cock. She pops the head of his dick into her mouth and sucks gently; the feeling is so erotic as the pressure builds on his flesh. The man begins to lose control as he grabs the back of her head and pushes her deep onto his cock. She gags as his head hits the back of her throat. She cannot even take him all the way in.

He easies the tension of her head and allows her to breath. “Someone seems out of practice” he says as she tries to catch her breath she looks back up with hate, but within this hate a lust has snuck in. She goes at his dick again; trying her best to take a much as she can into her wonderful mouth. She bobs up and down on his growing dick, trying her best to get him deeper into her throat. With every pass the muscles of her mouth clench and massage his cock drawing precum from it.

The man grabs her hair and drags her off his dick. “I’m not ready to cum just yet” he exclaims. He moves her body over, “I think your husband is lonely over there” gesturing to the tied up man that looks ready to kill. Her body moves so that her legs spread around him and her ass and pussy are in her husbands’ face. The man grabs the back of her head again and forces her back down on his cock. She sucks and strokes the base of his shaft with her hand as her pussy begin to leak onto her own husbands. He nudges himself closer and closer to his wife’s backside. His face lands between her perfect ass cheeks as she begins to grind his face not even caring that he is still tied and sucking off another man.

Taking a break to breath she looks up at the man stroking her hair. He had a small smile, the same smile he always had when she sucked him. “Why you make me do this?” He replies “I don’t make you do anything slut, now get back to work.” His hands again force her down on him. She tries to speak but the muffled sound is all that’s herd. The vibrations rip through his cock.

He picks her up from the floor, her husband’s face wet with her juices. He drags her from the floor onto the sofa with him. Laying sideways his saliva covered cock nestles between her ass; it begins to slide easily between her soft cheeks. She clenches them tight around his hard dick which urges him to go faster. His hand slides around her tight stomach and slowly lowers to her moist pussy, her clit enlarged due to her excitement. His fingers pinch her clit driving her insane. His dick, fully erect, pops between her legs and slides between her pussy lips, her juices coating his dick further.

He thrust back and forth while rubbing and squeezing her clit. She begins to buck and flail as she draws close to her orgasm. He takes advantage of this and pushes the head of his dick hard against her slick pussy. With one hard thrust he enters her deep, nearly all the way. She whimpers loud at the hard thrust. Thrusting harder and harder into her tight cunt drives him crazy. The man lifts her legs given him better access, yet her slit is still extremely tight. “Like the show down there?” looking at the husband on the floor. Her eyes close to imagine this is all a dream. The man slaps her ass “Don’t close your eyes, look at him and tell him how you feel.” She moans low. Another slap to her ass causes her to moan louder. He takes his cock out of her dripping cunt and presses up against her puckered ass. Her eyes open wide and looks back at him, “No don’t do that, I don’t do that!” He pushes softly. He cock slowly enters her ass and begins to pump slowly. She cries a little at first, but her whimpers of crying turn to moaning as she begins to like the dick in her ass and a hand on her clit. “I thought you might like what I had to offer you” he says in her ear as she looks towards her husband.

He continues to rub her clit as he fucks her ass hard. He slap her ass and draw a moan from her. He repeats his slaps making her ass red as her own hand reaches down to her pussy and begins to finger her wet cunt. He feels myself coming to my first orgasm and begins to pump even harder; “like that don’t you bitch, that huge cock up your ass” he says as she increases her speed as well with her own fingers. “Mmmmmhhhmmmmm” is all she can muster to say. Her asshole clenches his dick so tight it starts to pull the cum from his balls. She begins to cum onto her own fingers and drives him over the edge with her muscle contractions.

With one final thrust he begins to pump my hot cum into her tight ass. He pulls his still hard dick from her hole and watch as his cum drips from her nice red rear. She pants hard tired from both of their actions and her 2 orgasms. Her husband looks ashamed as he could never make her feel as he does.

He picks her up once more and put her softly into bed. She still pants for her pleasure, and shakes because of her fear. He has taken her to her bedroom. The large queen sized bed dressed elegantly in the quaint room. He lies next to her face to face. Her body trembles as he try to calm is with my hand gently stroking her arm. She flinches back but only slightly. He softly comes in and kisses her on the forehead. She gives a slight smile, but short lived. He gently touches her chin and guides himself to her lips. The soft kiss a big change from the hard fuck they had just had.

The kiss has passion and dear to say love in it. Their tongues move slowly into each other’s mouths. His hand begins to rub her breast and plays with her nipples. She slowly rolls on her back as he takes her breast into my mouth. He nips at her tit getting harder, low moans tell me she enjoys it.

He slowly climb up her body; his hard dick reaching her pussy once again. This time its goes in slowly, she scrunches her face, pussy very sensitive from before. He takes his time entering her, making sure she enjoys herself more this time. As he gets as deep as he can go he begins to fuck her with a slow rhyme. He still feels the clenching of her pussy on his dick even with the slow fucking it’s still tight as ever. As he thrust into her she begins to whine and whimper. Already she is building up her orgasm. He increases his speed but stays gentle.

Her moans grow slightly louder but remain quite as her body tenses and release another orgasm that rips through her body. The sounds she makes build up his own pleasure and close to orgasm. Her cum pools out onto the bed sheets as he continues to thrust at a medium pace. He feels his balls retract as he blows what’s left of his cum into her sweet hole.

He puts him clothes back on, “you know he is not good enough for you, I don’t know why you’re with him.” She sits up and looks at him getting dressed “I love him.” she says with a cold stare that he can feel even with his back to her. He has nothing to say to that. He looks back at her after finishing redressing, and crawls onto the bed and gets nose to nose with her. He kisses her softly, “I will fuck you again, rather it’s here in front of your husband again or somewhere else is up to you.”

He walks out of the room and covers his face again, he walks past the husband who has started to free himself. He looks at him and with a modified voice says to him “your one lucky man” and exists the door as if nothing happened.

The husband walks into the door of the bed room and sees his wife on the bed still naked. He goes in and kisses her rough and hard with no notion about how it feels to her. He begins to undress himself and says how he is about to fuck her, she gives him what he wants. He does not last long at all and falls asleep quick; she makes a note to clear her schedule in the evenings on the weekend. She cannot have him come here anymore.

The man slowly walks down the street and checks behind him to make sure no one is chasing him. As he rounds a few blocks to lose suspicion he takes the panties he took from her earlier. He sniffs her scent; land returns the cloth to its place in his jacket pocket. I keep sake that he will use later.

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2013-01-12 04:28:11
When using the pronoun "you", the reader is one of the story's participants. When using the pronoun "I" you, the writer, is a participant. In the story's fourth paragraph the quotation should read "he...let me," not "he...let him. In the sixth paragraph the villain pockets her cut panties, but she is later wearing a thong. Etc. etc. etc. ... You switch subjects and objects continually when you switch pronouns. This story is too confusing for a positive rating!

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2012-11-09 05:12:54
You will never truly be a writer until you learn to not lose tract of pronouns. Leave out personal pronouns, as it is way too distracting from otherwise good deive dialog.

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2012-11-09 05:12:52
You will never truly be a writer until you learn to not lose tract of pronouns. Leave out personal pronouns, as it is way too distracting from otherwise good deive dialog.

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2010-08-12 23:01:54
i don't get the ending? were they already sleeping together if so why was he evil?

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2009-11-01 02:04:07
You could really use a good editor.

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