This is a single installment, not a series. Let's hope all goes well.

The month of June brought about that special, almost mystical, time in every teen's life. The promise of a great Summer seemed to overshadow the somewhat somber mood of saying goodbye to friends.

My journey through school had almost concluded. A year from now, I'd be a graduate. As far away as it often seemed, the amount of time I'd already spent in school was still unbelievable.

It was all too true that life was speeding by me. Often, reminiscing with my friends almost pained me. Things which were recalled as though they happened the day before actually took place a year or two previously.

I'd had a great time in my short life. I didn't hate school. per se. More so, I hated going. School just wasn't my thing. I did more socializing than learning, although my grades never once suffered.

I had mixed feelings about my final year in school approaching. But who had time to think of that now? It was Summer. I had a few months before my feelings had to come into play.

I laid in bed. I wasn't truly sleeping. I'd woken up a few minutes earlier and lacked the ambition to drag myself out of bed. My room had taken on that bluish-grey color of the early morning sky showing through my open window.

I rolled over in bed, my large comforter covering my body, protecting it from the cool breeze washing over me. I probably could have drifted back into a slumber had my mind not been racing with all the thoughts of school.

The image of my now-ex-girlfriend, Alexa, pained my mind. She'd broken my heart the last week of school by informing me she didn't want to be 'tied down' over the long break.

True, we'd only been 'together' for a few months, but it was that teenage infatuation and lust that kept her in my memory. It really was nothing serious. I knew the tender taste of her lips and that was all. That's all I'd known so far in my life.

Thinking of her just made it worse. I withdrew my right hand from under the blanket and ran it over my face as I let out a long, drawn-out sigh. My eyes opened.

I stared at the ceiling. What a joke Summer was. Nothing to do all day long. No purpose. Nothing.

I scanned my room and eyed a packed bag by my door. That's right. The thought had totally slipped my mind. We were leaving today.

As I sat up in bed, my alarm clock's ring pierced the silence. I quickly shut it off, the quiet filling the room once more.

My bare chest was almost in shock as it went from the warm sanctuary of my bed into the cool, crisp air. My nipples hardened as I took the blanket from my lower body, revealing only a pair of blue boxers.

I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, my bare feet feeling the thick fabric of the carpeting. I stood, stretching my arms and any other body part I could.

I walked to my closed door and opened it, stepping out. I made my way down a rather short hallway to the house's only bathroom. I could hear Mom or Dad walking through the house, also getting ready for our departure.

Our departure. Blah. I was in no way excited to be taking this trip with my parents. Our destination? The beach. How cliche. I was an only child and far beyond ready to be let out from under my parents protective wing. Spending a few days with them was the last thing on my mind.

I closed the bathroom door behind me. Walking to the toilet, I passed a long line of mirrors that adorned the bathroom's walls. My slender body looked rough after just crawling out of bed. My short brown hair was messed up going this way and that, compliments of my pillow.

I didn't play any sports in school. I didn't really like the crowd that did. I didn't want to be around them anymore than I had to. I stood just a tad under 6'0, and weighed an even 210 lbs.

As much as I wished I was all muscle, I was human. Was I strong? Yes. Was I an animal? No. Did I have a little gut? Sort of. Did I look like I'd need a motorized scooter to get around? Not by a long shot. I wasn't cut from granite, but I didn't know anyone that would call me 'overweight', 'out of shape', or anything along those lines.

I pulled my average 6 inch cock from my boxers and relieved myself of that long morning piss. I rubbed the area around my shaft. Nice and smooth.

I'd taken up shaving about the time I got my girlfriend. She was the first real girlfriend I'd had, and I wanted to make sure that if she decided she was ready, I would be too. Unfortunately, that plan never came to fruition.

I shoved my virgin shaft back inside of my boxers and flushed the toilet. I walked out the door and decided to seek out one of my parents.

I could hear cabinets opening and closing, so I made my way to the kitchen. Mom was busy with her last minute packing.

"Is that what your wearing?" Mom asked me, referring to my boxers.

"Unless I can find something else." I replied, joking.

"We're leaving as soon as you get dressed. So hurry up." Mom was clearly ready to get away.

I nodded my head and made the trek back ro my room. What to wear? It didn't have to be anything fancy. I wanted to be comfortable on the long drive. See, the beach was a long drive, but not far enough away to fly. Lucky me.

Searching through my dresser drawers, I decided on a pair of black nylon shorts and a simple white t shirt. I loved the feel of nylon on my skin. They would definitely keep me comfortable.

Comfort was really top priority for me. I'd do anything to make this trip more pleasurable. I could think of one way, specifically.

I shut my door as I pushed my boxers to my feet and kicked them against the wall. I opened the shorts and slid them up my body. The feel of the nylon against my cock was phenomenal.

I pulled the shirt on, grabbed my bag, and headed out.

Mom was standing by the door. Dad was busy loading bags into the back of SUV. Shutting the door behind us, Mom and I took our respective seats in the vehicle.

Losing out to seniority, Mom and Dad each sat in front. That left one of two bench seats open for me. I opted for the farthest one. It was actually bigger than the other, giving me room to stretch out.

We pulled out of our drive, made our way through town, got on the interstate, and were on our way.

It didn't take long before the trip bored me. I reached over my seat into the back and tossed bags around in search of my own. Once I found it, I opened a side pocket and pulled my iPod out.

The next few hours were spent looking at passing scenery as I listened to Aerosmith, Bob Marley, George Jones, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and everything in between.

We pulled off once to gas up. I walked into the bathroom, fully prepared to 'relieve' myself of some built-up stress brought on by the constant feel of nylon against me, but reconsidered upon seeing the somewhat scary accomodations.

Disappointed, I loaded myself back into the SUV and we were off again. I must have dozed off at some point, my mother's voice cutting through my mind.

"What?" I asked.

"I said we're almost to the hotel." She repeated.

I removed my headphones and stashed my iPod away. We eased off of the interstate into the heart of a little ocean-side town.

The place looked nice. I'll admit that. Had I been here with any other people in the world, I'd have been thrilled. But not my parents. I thought about how much Alexa would like it here. Alexa. Ugh.

The sidewalks were plagued with men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors in swim and Summer wear, wandering to untold destinations.

My eyes were treated rather nicely by all the thong and g-string bikini'd women. Maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad.

We pulled into our hotel parking lot. It was a pretty nice looking place. Ten or fifteen stories, palm trees, you know the sort.

Dad checked us in and we began hauling our bags up to our room. As soon as the door opened, I wanted to scream. It was a standard room. That meant there were two beds in one room and a bathroom. That meant 0 privacy.

I don't know why I was shocked. A move like this should have been expected from my parents.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked. It was only mid-afternoon. Plenty of time to get something accomplished.

"I think we'll take a nap." My mom yawned.

"What? I'm not tired. C'mon. Let's do something." I almost begged.

"It was a long drive. We should all rest." Mom said, firmly.

We went back and forth for a little bit. I continued to beg Mom. I was so bored. Dad had already laid down and was attempting to sleep when Mom finally made the concession of handing me a room key and telling me not to stray too far.

This major progress was brought on by my informing her that I wasn't some little kid anymore. I had every right to make some decisions. I'd turned 17 at the beginning of the year.

I wasn't sure what I actually wanted to do now that I had my emancipation. Part of me never truly believed I'd get as far as I had. I never thought it through.

I didn't let on that I was totally clueless. Instead, I shuffled through my bag, pulled out some longer shorts, and walked to the bathroom.

I was almost sorry that I had to take my nylon shorts off. They'd been great on the long haul. But fashion dictated differently. I slipped them off and pulled up some blue shorts that tied at the top and had white stripes running down the sides.

I walked back out and pulled my white shirt off, replacing it with a white tank top. I stuck the room key in my pocket and headed out, my feet clad in flip flops.

I felt like every step I took away from the room was another small victory for me. Walking out of the hotel and into the warm sun was the finish line.

Right by our hotel was a long strip of tourist shops. What better place to start? Though the shops all had a different style and feel to them, in the end they all sold the same old useless junk.

I continued walking down the sidewalk, passing hundreds of gorgeous girls. I knew it was a good thing I'd switched the nylon shorts.

Distracted by some bikini-clad ass, I felt my left shoulder impact something. I turned my head, embarassed. The 'something' was a someone.

"I'm sorry." I said, apologetically.

"It's fine." A stranger answered. The stranger was a female. She actually looked about my age. Her dark skin and hair gave me the impression she was of some kind of Latino origin. Her long hair covered her face as she bent to pick up a bag she'd dropped, articles spilling from it, as we collided.

"Let me help." I offered as I bent down, aiding her in collecting her belongings.

When the last item was placed back into the bag, a bright yellow bikini, by the way, she turned her head to me and flashed a bright smile.

"Thanks." She said.

"No problem." I answered, smiling back.

"You're not from around here are you?" She asked.

"Nope. Nowhere even close." I said.

She began to continue walking, more slowly though. I turned and walked by her side.

"So where you from?" She asked, pushing the hair from her face.

"Even if I told you," I said, "you've never heard of it. It's about 5 or 6 hours West of here. What about you?"

"I've lived right here my whole life." She answered.

"I'm Dave." I said, extending my hand.

"Sara." She replied, taking my hand. Her skin was soft and welcoming.

"So...Sara...what is there to do around here?" I asked.

"You pretty much see it." she answered as we kept walking.

I looked out of the corner of my eye at Sara. She looked good. Her dark body was wrapped with a dark purple and white top and small khaki shorts.

"Lots of stuff for tourists to see. No offense. Just not a lot to actually do." She said as my eyes snapped back into place.

We walked in silence for a few minutes.

"So where you headed?" I asked.

"I think I'm gonna go get something to eat. You wanna come?" She asked.

I nodded my head and we made our way to a small restaurant where all the tables were outside. It was a pretty nice place. Sara and I sat down at a table under an umbrella and made some small talk. I started to notice how beautiful she was. She seemed vibrant, energetic, funny, smart, sexy. She was a total package.

Through our small talk, I found out Sara was indeed close to my age; 16. We talked about our families (she came from a much larger one), relationships (she thought it was terrible what Alexa had done), and life in general.

We finished eating and left.

"So what do you want to do?" She asked.

"'ll probably be boring for you since you live here...but I wanna go to the beach." I said.

Sara laughed but agreed to take me. We walked down the stip and followed a sidewalk right up to the sand. I eyed the ocean. It went as far as I could see and beyond. It was beautiful. I was with a beautiful girl. This was vacation.

Suprisingly, the beach was nowhere near as crowded as the strip had been. Of course, the beach and coastline went on for miles and miles. People could spread out wherever they liked without fear of being disturbed.

We walked to the shore. My feet sunk in the soft sand. The sun was had begun lowering, but was not yet setting.

"Sometimes I forget how pretty this is." Sara said as her hand slipped down into mine.

I looked down and squeezed back. Our eyes met as we stared intently into one another.

Our heads, slow as ever, drifted toward each other. Our lips met softly, both of us closing our eyes. Just as quickly as they had met, they ripped apart, each of us laughing.

"So...uh..." I mumbled nervously, "how bout a swim?"

"I don't know..." Sara replied, nervously.

"Oh, come on. I know you have a brand new bikini you've gotta be dying to break in." I said. "Just a short one."

Sara looked at me for a minute before smiling and whispering 'Ok'. She turned headed for one of the many bath houses that dotted the coast. Inside, you could find some showers and lockers to keep your stuff in while you enjoyed the water.

I waited eagerly. I made a pile out of my room key, flip flops, and tank top. Finally, a dark figure wrapped in a tight, bright yellow bikini emerged; Sara.

Her arms were folded at her chest, her head down, hair blowing in the Summer breeze. The smell of the salt water filled the air and coated my lungs.

Sara had a big smile on her face as she made her way down to the shore.

"I don't know about this." She hesitated.

I walked into the water until it covered my legs to the knees.

"You're not gonna make me do this alone, are you?" I asked.

Sara scrunched her face up as she put a foot in the water. Her other foot followed as she came toward me. I bent down and splashed some water at her, playfully.

The site of her amazing body uncovered made me retreat further into the water. About waist deep, actually.

She followed me in. We threw some water back and forth. The tension was building. Finally, Sara jumped on me. Her arms landed around my shoulders, her legs around my waist.

"I got you!" She cried out, giggling.

I slipped my hands under her thighs as we both laughed. When the laughing subsided, we stared into each others eyes once more. Again, our lips met passionately. My hands squeezed the bottoms of her thighs as her tongue slipped into my mouth.

As we continued kissing, I began walking to the shore, still carrying Sara. When we hit the sand, we were between giggles and kisses. I dropped to my knees, laying Sara on her back.

I fell to my side, left of her body. Our mouths continued thrashing as the sky began turning red, the sun setting, our bodies glistening from the sea water.

Without me even noticing, my hand had made it's way up to Sara's firm breast, gently squeezing. Sara's hand grabbed it. I froze.

We broke our kiss as she stared at me. Was it over? Sara winked at me and guided my hand lower...much lower.

My fingers massaged the thin yellow fabric covering her sex as our kissing began again.

I moved from her mouth and trailed down her neck to her chest. I looked to her as I pulled the cups down, uncovering her breasts.

"We can't do that here!" She exclaimed.

We looked around. No one in sight.

"It'll be ok." I assured her.

I moved my body between her legs and lowered myself onto her. My mouth found her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples hard from the breeze washing over them.

Sara's hands massaged the sides of my head as I took turns sucking one nipple at a time.

My obviously-engorged cock smashed against her crotch. I began rubbing my hips a little as I sucked her nipples.

I sat up and Sara pulled her top and threw it near my pile of discards. I moved back down and kissed her stomach on a trail to my real destination.

As I approached the thin yellow fabric, I rubbed it slowly and planted kisses on it. I wasn't sure where to go from here. I'd never been anywhere near this far with a girl before. I only hoped that porn I'd watched religiously had done me well.

I hooked the top of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down slowly. No porn or dream I was familiar with was quite as beautiful as the real, live pussy before me. As the bottoms rounded her feet, I began planting more kisses along her slit.

Sara's eyes were closed tight as my tongue flicked around. A smile spread across her face as my saliva coated her puffy lips.

Sara pushed my head up and sat upward. Her hand pulled the string on my shorts, undoing the knot. My cock sprang to life as my wet shorts fell. I kicked them off as Sara's hand wrapped around my shaft.

I let out an involuntary moan which made Sara giggle as she pumped me. She bent even farther forward and kissed the head of my cock. I smiled as my hand brushed through her dark hair. Her lips parted and she took me in.

Her velvety tongue thrashed around my shaft. I could speak. Such pleasure had me close to exploding. Sensing this, Sara took me from her mouth and squeezed my cock.

Sara laid back into the sand and spread her legs. I knew it was my big shot. I held my cock tightly as I crawled into position.

The head of my cock poked around Sara's slit. I didn't want to prolong it. I pushed my cock in and almost fell over. It was a sensational feeling, indeed.

I had to work myself slowly, or I would bust immediately. Sara's legs draped over my shoulders as I started pumping in and out.

My eyes closed and I focused hard as I felt the hot, wet tunnel around me.

"Oh, God..." I moaned.

Sara wiggled her hips around as I pumped. My legs grew weak. Sara took her legs from my shoulders.

"Lay down." She whispered.

I slowly and steadily pulled out of Sara and rolled onto my back, the sand making me feel itchy.

Sara straddled my waist and brought herself back down. I looked up at her, her hair blowing in the wind, body illuminated by the setting sun. She was too good to be true.

She leaned down and kissed me as she threw her hips up and down on me. My hands danced about her back. My senses seemed to heighten. My hips began moving in synch with hers. Her tongue wrestled with my own.

As her hips slammed down once more, my balls tightened and my body seemed to explode.

Boiling juices left my body and went straight into Sara's. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't see. My mind wasn't working.

One thing was for sure, I could definitely hear. A loud moan, strike that, two loud moans in unison escaped our bodies. My hot cum coating her insides brought about Sara's own orgasm.

We laid there, too scared to move, too tired to move. Every little motion sent shockwaves through our bodies.

Sara turned her face to mine and we kissed long and hard. My cock finally fell out of her, leving a trail of juice.

We sat there, watching the sun go down, the Summer breeze washing over us.

Suddenly, the sun seemed to fall from the sky. All was dark. I could hear anything. I couldn't see anything. What was going on?

"I said we're almost to the hotel." I heard my mothers voice say.

I opened my eyes and saw the passing signs and cars.

It had all been a dream.

Just a dream.

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2012-06-01 02:45:21
what a twist on the end of that story. had me going for a loop there


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you know this only needs a little editing to be the first part of a series...

yes it ended unexpectedly, but fill in more detail at the beginning (tip: go east on the 1/2 sentence paragraphs) and since you have left it open for continuation why not continue it?


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I was not expecting that ending. It was great.

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im disapointed a bit about the ending but, hey maybe it was a vision. that would be so cool he dreams it and it happens :)


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nice...wet dream......wonder what his parents reaction would be to his "reaction" to the dream

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