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Another Poem
It starts with a look you caste my way,
There are no words we need to say,
I always know that certain look,
We know each other like a book,
Next you reach out with your gentle touch,
That says you want me very much,
Soft kisses and a warm embrace,
As I stare into your pretty face,
I lean in closer as our lips meet,
Where we touch, I feel the heat,
Lovingly we start to undress,
As exploring hands start to caress,
Delicately kissing every inch of flesh,
Our wanting bodies start to mesh,
Passion overtakes mere desire,
Our inner heat turns to fire,
As every inch I begin to explore,
You softly moan and call for more,
As your sweet juices start to flow,
My engorged member starts to grow,
You open your legs in a show of trust,
As we join together I start to thrust,
Our tension builds as we unite,
Your legs around me holding tight,
Nestled between your creamy thighs,
Your soft moans turn to cries,
Our lusty passion begins to explode,
You scream in pleasure as I shoot my load,
Afterwards we lie side by side,
Coming down from our wild ride,
Once again we enjoy our touch,
Loving each other, very much,
Savoring the moments, after we’re done,
Of when two people, unite as one.


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2016-02-04 11:53:23
waow! Its wonderful

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2012-09-08 21:24:02
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2011-07-04 03:41:12
I'll try to put this to good use immidaetely.

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2011-04-26 21:25:17
I like it, just beautiful!

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2011-04-26 21:25:00
I like it, just beautiful!

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