Who could have know what kind of trouble she would have gotten in for dressing so sexy.
Damn she looked so hot today. I had the sexiest neighbor in the world. Kristen was about 30 years old, but you would have thought she was a young sexy college girl. She had long sexy legs that went all the way up to the hottest firmest ass imaginable. Her perky C breasts seemed to accent her small petite frame. Throw in a pair of entracing blue eyes and silky black hair, and you have no choice but to be drawn in to her beauty.
Today was no different. I was looking out my office window only to see her washing her car in her drive way. She was wearing a skimpy pair of denim cut off shorts and a hot pink bikini top. I already had a hard on just watching her fine little ass each time she bent over the hood of her car. The strip of frayed denim riding up the crease of her ass revealing those tight flawless cheeks to my view.
My wife secretly hated her. She would me all friendly to her face, but she resented how sexy and revealing she liked to be. It wasn't that my wife us an ugly woman, but she felt very threatened by the little vixon living next door. Anytime she saw her dressed similiar to the way she was today, she would walk in the house trash talking her and calling her names like "slut" and "whore". As for me though...she made my cock hard every time. And being true to form, she had me throbbing right about now.
I was glad my wife was gone at the moment, because it gave me the perfect chance to "take care of business". I unzipped my pants, and allowed my cock to spring free from my jeans. My eyes were fixed on every detail of my sexy little neighber. I swear she must have known I was watching because she seemed to spend a lot more time on the parts of her car that were close to my window than she did on the parts that were more to the road.
My hand slowly pumped up and down my shaft, squeezing it hard each time my fist reached the top by the head. I hadn't had sex in about three months due to the fact that wife just had no use for it. So needless to say, it didn't take long for me to feel the boiling in my balls,and with a few more strokes my ass cheeks tightened up and stream after stream of hot steaming cum shot from my cock and onto the window glassand frame. I never took my eyes off of that tight little ass as I pumped feverishly through my orgasm. I collapsed back down into my chair and pulled my shirt off over my head to use to clean myself and the window up. As I started wiping up the cum from the window, Kristen happened to see me standing in the window, and gave me a innocent wave hello. My heart was stll pounding from the orgasm she had just given me as I nonchalantly waved back, trying hard not to let her know that I had just finished fucking her in my mind.
I moved back from the window and decided to get back to work. I was currently writing a book, and it gave me a lot of free time alone at home. Kristen just made it easier to pass the time whenever my writer's block took over. When she wasn't around, I usually just wasted time surfing porn on the internet or finding naughty little adult chat sites to talk to women about sex.

The next few days were pretty uneventful, and I had actually managed to get through about 100 pages of work, but my sexual frustration was starting to build again. My wife always tried to be nice about how she rejected me, but it was rejection to say the least. Any time I wanted to have sex or get a blowjob, i could pretty much just forget about it. Anal sex was completely unallowed. In fact, she would get pissed off if I even suggested taking my business to the back door. So usually, I would wait till she left each morning for her pish-posh attorney job, or wait till she fell asleep each night, and then I would take matters into my own hand to relieve myself.

I was just getting caught up in writing again when I heard a car pull up outside. I looked out the window, and there was Kristen climbing out of her cute little red sports car. She was trying to grab three large bags of groceries out of the back of the convertible when she lost control, and the bags and all their contents spilled out into her drive way. For a moment I was so caught up staring up her mini-skirt at the lovely purple thong that cascaded up the slit of her ass that was revealed as she bent down to the ground to retreive her groceries. I finally snapped back to reality, and rushed out the front door to lend her a hand.

"Hey Kristen...need some help?" I asked, quickly rushing to her drive to grab a can of green beans that had rolled down toward the street.

"You are so sweet Scott...thanks." Kristen continued to bend over retrieving her supplies, but from my new angle, I was getting a great look down her loose fitting t-shirt. I could easily make out the tracing of a lacy purple bra that matched her panties perfectly. I was quickly feeling a slight bulge starting to form in my shorts, knowing that if I wasn't careful, she would easily notice my discomfort as soon as I stood up straight. I slid back behind her car acting like I was looking for more groceries, but I really just took the chance to adjust my cock.

"I think that's everything. How about I carry these things inside for you?" I asked, more out of the desire to be a good neighbor than thinking anything would ever come of it.

"I would really appreciate that really are a life saver." She gave me an innocent little smile as I reached up to retrieve the other bag from her hand. As I slid my hand around the bag, I accidently brushed my hand against her soft perky breast. I quickly retrieved the bag, hoping she didn't notice. Well, if she had, she didn't let on, and she calmly headed off in front of me toward the front door of her house. All I could do was hope she wouldn't turn around, because my eyes were fixed on her sexy little ass swaying beneath that short skirt with images of that naughty little thong beneath them.

followed her into the house, shifting my legs a little, trying to adjust my still growing hard on.

"Where would you like these?"

"Just put them here on the counter in the kitchen, I'll put them up in a little bit. Would you like something cold to drink?"

"Yeah, you bet, I could go for something to drink."

I placed the groceries on the counter and watched as she opened the refrigerator and bent over to grab to cans of coke, once again revealing her skimply little purple thong. She spun back around, and I'm sure she had to have caught my eyes locked on her ass. I quickly shot my eyes back up to meet hers, and I could see a slight uncomfortable look in them.

"Shit" I thought to myself. The last thing I wanted was to make her uncomfortable, but it seems that it was just what I had just done.

Even though I had been caught though, Kristen leaned back against her counter and started telling me about her day. For the most part is was pretty uninteresting crap, but I listened intently, just glad that I was getting to stand this close to this sexy beauty.

"So Kristen, why aren' t you married? You seem like a real catch for any man that might come along."

She began to tell me how she started off in life just wanting to party and relax, and the thought of committment to someone just turned her off. Now that she was older though, she was interested in finding a good guy, but one just hadn't come along yet.

We had a lot more small talk, and then out of the blue, she asked me if I would mind helping her get some boxes out of the garage that were just a little too heavy for her to carry. I wasn't going to pass on a chance to spend more time with her

"Consider me your own personal slave Kristen."

"Great!" she said, springing out the garage door with me tight on her heels. As we reached the garage, she went over to large cabinet and opened it up.The cabinet was about 8' tall, and on the top shelf of it were three large plastic tubs. "Its those three containers right there. I need them in my living room. And after you get those, I have three more up in the attic."

I didn't waste any time as I grabbed the first heavy box off the shelf. I was glad I had on short sleeves, because they showed off my big strong arms and the cool tribal tattoos around the bicept. I made sure I flexed my muscles a little more, trying to help the muscles bulge out right as I turned past her lovely eyes. I could tell she had noticed, but she made no comments as I disappeared into the house and set the box down on the floor. I made all three trips quickly back and forth, making sure to look as manly and muscular as I could with each trip. It seems a little childish I know, but it had been about 12 years since I had really tried to impress a woman.

"Well, that was the last one," I said, placing it down on the floor next to the other two. "Now how about you show me to the attic."

"Right this way muscle man." she said, patting my bicept as she walked past me and back out to the garage. I know it was my arm she patted, but i felt those tender fingers all the way down to my cock. I continued to watch that lovely ass getting more worked up with every step she took.

Kristen walked back to the far corner of the garage where there was a sharp angled built in stair type ladder leaned up against the wall. At the top of the ladder was a small 4' door that opened up into the crawl space over her house.

"The other three are in here, we'll have to climb up to get them. I hope you aren't scared of heights." she giggled a little. "I'll have to go through the boxes though, I can't remember where I put them."

With that, this naughty little tease began to climb up the ladder right in front of me. After the fourth step, I was able to see right up that loose fitting skirt once again, only this time, my face was only about 6 inches from that sweet little pussy and ass of hers. My cock sprang to full length, hard as a rock. I was losing control, and I was losing it quickly.

"Hey...wait a minute kristen." My cock starting to do the thinking for me.

She stopped on the next step as i stepped up to the first one. "What?" She asked, a little surprized by my interruption. "Is there a problem?"

"Not really, it just that....well...I'm loving this view, and was hoping I could enjoy it a little longer."

"Oh shit...." I saw the nervous look return to her face. "I'm sorry Scott...I wasn't thinking about the view I was giving you. Ummm, maybe I should go change real quick."

"Don't be rediculous." My hand moved up under her skirt and pushed upward on her firm little ass cheeks. "Get up there, I was just giving you a "hard" time."

I could see her reluctance, and for a moment she just stared down at me, trying to figure out exactly what was going through my filthy little mind. I didn't mind though, because I still had my hand pressed against her sweet ass. Finally she turned upward and finished climbing up to the top. I was sure she knew where my eyes were fixed the entire time.

As we reached the top, we had to bend down to get into the door way, but the room opened up into a pretty good sized attic. The ceiling was just high enough to walk around in, and there were about 50 or so boxes scattered throughout the room. Good, that meant this could take a little while. As I continued to look around, I noticed that there were no windows and no other doors gaining access to the room. So for the moment, the only way out of this room was past me. My cock twitched again. I stood in front of the door staring over at this sexy little beauty bent over a large box, thumbing through her possessions. I couldn't believe how sexy she looked. Occassionally she would look over at me, her face still very unsure of what I was thinking.

I was trying my hardest to control all the lustful thoughts going through my head, but when she accidently pulled a large vibrator from one of the boxes, then quickly dropped it back in, instantly embarrassed by what she had done....well...i lost it. Kristen tried to act as though nothing had happened, but to me, my mind was already gone. I waited till she gave her attention back to the box and then rushed at her from behind, pressing her down against the hard cardboard box.

"Wh...what..the fuck Scott....let me up. Seriously....I'm not playing...let me the fuck up."

"I don't think so you little cock tease. Every day you walk around in those sexy had to know sooner or later some man was going to make you pay for it."

I noticed a little rope in the box she was pressed against. I quickly grabbed it and started wrapping it tightly around both wrists, binding them behind her back. She was trying to fight me, but her frail body and weak arms were no contest for my brute strength. She tried screaming out.

"You know there is no point in screaming one will hear you up here in the this closed off attic, far away from any other housesother than mine. So how about you just shut up."

She must have actually considered what I had said, because she stopped screaming though her body was still trying to squirm and fight. "What do you want with me? I thought we were friends."

"We are friends, but sometimes friendship requires sacrifices." I said, completely lost to my lust. I reached beneath her skirt and snapped the flimsy thong from off of her tight perky ass.

"Fuck no...please don't do this....please. I promise I won't say a word to anyone...especially your wife....just let me go, and we'll act like nothing happened." She continued to beg and plead with me, but there was no point. As I looked down at that tight little ass, all I could think about was how much I wanted to drive my cock up inside of it.

"Don't worry baby...I'm gonna make sure I take really goodcare of you." With that I pushed my fingers up against her tight asshole and forced one of them inside. She was so tight and dry that it was taking a lot of effort to get it inside her very far.

"I guess you need to be a little wetter neighbor. Let's see what we can do about this." She let out a little moan as I removed my finger from her ass, and then let out a louder one as she felt my tongue thrust against the little slit. She must have showered recently, because she had the smell of vanilla on her skin, and had to be one of the most incredible things I had ever smelled. I began to slide my tongue up and down the slit that lead from her ass to her pussy. She tried to resist a little more, but as my tongue thrust deep inside her wet little slit, it seemed all of her reservations must have left.

"Oh fuck scott...we shouldn't be doing this."

I couldn't believe it, she as actually getting into this. I continued to feast on her pussy. She was starting to moisten up nicely, and i could taste her sweet nectar begin to cover my tongue. I forced my tongue even deeper into her cunt, feeling her pussy starting to thrust backward toward my mouth. Her breathing was getting heavier, and I could tell she was close to orgasm. I grabbed her hips and lifted her upward, giving me even better access to her sweet slit. My mouth found her swollen clit and quickly sucked it into my mouth, sucking hard and deep. Her legs tried to clamp around my head, but I forced her thighs open futher and thrust one of my fingers up her now sopping wet asshole. That was all it took, her hips started thrusting furiously against my face and my mouth filled with her delicious juices. I continued to finger fuck her ass and tongue fuck her pussy through her long explosive orgasm.

"Oh have no idea how much I needed that. oh...fuck...." she was still trying to catch her breath, but I was so far from finished with her. I forced my finger deeper into her ass, causing her to wince a little. "Oh please stop though Scott...I've never let anyone play with my ass."

"Who said you had a say in the matter Kristen. I'm going to do whatever i want to you...and you are going to take it...whether you want to or not."

I plopped my finger out of her wet ass, and stood up behind her, placing my foot on to her back to keep her pinned beneath me. I quickly released the button to my shorts and dropped them to the ground. I pulled my shirt up off over my head and then looked down to admire my long 9" cock standing up so proud and true in front of me. I couldn't wait to see all 9" disappear inside this tight virgin asshole. "Never let anyone play with your ass heh? Well, I'm about to change that."

I reached down and grabbed her hips. I saw her bound hands resting just above the small curve of her ass cheeks. I glided my cock across her hands, leaving a small trail of precum along her fingers. One of her fingers pushed upward and brushed along my cock. I felt it twitch a little, but continued to slide it downward toward her tight little ass. I felt her body tense up beneath me, but I thrust my hips forward anyway, driving the thick head of my cock into her puckered little hole. I grabbed her hips hard and tight as I thrust my hips forward, driving my cock inside. I didn't care if this was hurting her...which i was pretty sure it was based on the painful grunts and moans she was screaming out with.

"Your ass is so fucking tight....oh feels so fucking good."

She was still moaning, but she never said a word as i thrust my way even deeper inside her little ass. I could feel her muscles locking around my shaft like a vice as I probed deeper and deeper. I was too worked up to stop myself. Her whimpering noises, or quivering legs...none of it deterred me from violating her more and more. I finally felt my balls come to rest against her wet slit. I stopped for a moment, allowing my cock to fully get comfortable with its new home. I pulled up on her head by her hair, drawing it back toward my mouth.

"I guess that off limits policy has been cancelled baby. But not I'm going to fuck it hard and deep until I fill your sexy little ass with all of my hot cum."

Again she remained silent other than the steady moans escaping her. I could hear her sniffle from time to time, causing me to wonder if she was crying from the pain. For a brief second I questioned my actions, realizing what could happen to me ifshe ever let this news out. I was raping her ass...i could go to jail for this. But then I felt her tight ass spasm around my cock, removing any thoughts of regret. I had to fuck this tight little ass once and for all. All of those car washes, all of those short skirts, all of those days of sunbathing in the back yard in nothing more than a string was my turn to make up for all the sexual frustration she had given me. Between her and my wife, I was constantly unsatisfied and angry. NO!! Today I was going to get my own satisfaction for once in my life.

I could feel my anger over the whole situation starting to rise in my cock...with no more delay I started to withdraw my cock from her ass, then eagerly driving it back inside just before it fell out completely. 9" of thick meat thrusting hard and deep inside her tight little sphincter. Each thrust a little harder and deeper than the one before. Her sounds of pain had somehow started to sound like sounds of pleasure. She was moaning out one of the sexiest little noises I've ever heard. Her hips once again started to push back up against me. Was she really enjoying having my 9" cock forcing its way in and out of her tight ass. This was too good to be true.

I could feel my balls starting to draw up as my hot cum was filling them up and getting ready to explode. I drove hard and deep inside her, impaling her completely on my throbbing erection. Kristen screamed out in a combination of pleasure and pain as she was filled up in a way like never before. And then...wave after wave of sperm forcing its way to the top, exploding deep inside her tight ass. She was still so tight, it almost hurt to fill her with my cum. Her hips pushed back against me, grinding my balls against her wet pussy, and then without warning, another orgasm shot through her body, locking her ass so tightly around my cock I couldn't move. My orgasm ripped through my body feverishly as she exploded beneath me. Every twitch her body made vibrated up my cock and throughout my body.

I must have forced my cock in and out of her tight ass for at least another two minutes before I collapsed on top of her frail little body, semi-crushing the box beneath her. My cock was still throbbing inside her, and I could feel her fingers rubbing against the bone just above it.

"That was incredible Scott...I loved the way your cock feels in my ass. I can't believe you just took me like tht. I've never been fucked like that in my life."

I started to regain my composure, and I pulled my cock out of her ass slowly, allowing it to slap against her ass cheeks, and leaving a trail of sticky wet cum all over it. I managed to stand back up and stared down at her lovely body once again. My cock was still semi-hard. I don't know if it was because of how completely turned on I still was, or just the fact that I was so constantly neglected that my body wasn't going to quit until it had to.

I reached down to unravel the rope I had tied around her wrists, and then rolled her over to where she was sitting on the floor of the attic. My cock was protruding out just in front of her face.

"Suck me clean you sexy little thing."

"I don't...think ...i can do was just in my..."

"I know where it was...i'm the one that put it there. Now suck me dry."

I guess she gave up trying to resist me. Her head leaned forward, and with this resistant look on her face, opened her mouth and allowed my cock to slide inside. I reached for the back of her head and quickly pulled it toward my face, forcing my cock into her hot tight throat. She started gagging and slapping at my legs trying to get me to pull it out, but I just pulled her even tighter against me, somehow delighted by her feeble attempt to stop me. After about 5 seconds, I pulled back a little, but still keeping my cock her mouth. She was trying hard to breath threw her nose now, desperate for any air she could get. And then I thrust forward again. My cock was quickly getting rock hard again, revived with a new spirit for satisfaction. The gagging and gurgling noises that were filling the walls of the dark attic were just making me more lustfilled with desire. Again and again I pumped my hard on deep into this sexy little neighbor's throat. Eventually she quit resisting, and just worked to keep up with my forceful thrusts. I lasted much longer than I did in her ass, and could see this vacant glazed look in Kristen's eyes as I continued to violently fuck her face with everything I had. I finally felt my second load of cum boiling to the surface, and with one last drive inside her throat I exploded another healthy load of cum. I withdrew my cock for the second shot, and allowed the stream of sticky goo to cover her mouth and cheek. Quickly Kristen's hand moved to my shaft, pumping the next few streams from my cock and onto her face and neck. She truly belonged to me.

As my cock finally started to settle, and kristen was slowing her pace as she pumped up and down the long shaft...I finally collapsed down on a large crate behind me. I could still feel my cock throbbing, and it was still as hard as a rock from having cum twice in such violent ways.

"You really are the hottest fuck I've ever had baby. If my wife was half as sexy as you are, I'd probably be raping her every night. You have driven me so fucking wild for too long."

Kristen was massaging her jaw. Her legs were still spread apart, and I could see her wet little slit staring up proud at me. I regretted that I had still not gotten to see those lovely tits though. I refused to leave before I had tasted one of those swollen nipples in my mouth.

"Take off your shirt for me." I voice calm and eyes just watching her intently to see how easily she might comply. Kristen looked over at me, her eyes softening as they returned my gaze. Slowly she reached her hands up and began to linger as she teased teh hem of her t-shirt. She rolled the bottom of it upward, allowing me to see her perfect abs and then stopped just short of lacy purple bra. I saw a small grin cross her cum soaked face, and then she moved a finger to her cheek and slid a small glob of cum from it and into her eager little mouth. She winked at me, and then quickly returned her hand and pulled the t-shirt off over her head. The purple lace was quite thin and I could already see her swollen nipples forcing against the fabric anxious for release. I couldn't blink as I watched her hands move up to the small clasp between her tits, her fingers fumbling at it to release it. As the fabric started to seperate now freed from its mechanical device, Kristen grabbed both sides and held it together.

"You can only see my tits if you promise to finish what you have started. After all of better fill my cunt with that big hard cock of yours."

I couldn't believe my ears. I was for sure this whole encounter was going to end badly, but instead, here was this sexy little minx bribing me with her very own tits. As if I was going to neglect her this kind of request. She just stared at me as I stood back up off of my crate and grabbed her by the hand and quickly pulled her to her feet. Her bra flopped open as i did, and I got my first glimpse of those delicious globes. They were perfect. I'm talking Carmen Electra Perfect. They stood up with such determination, proudly boasting the swollen inch long nipples. I pulled her to me, and quickly engulfed one of the erect toys into my mouth. She was so delicious tasting as my tongue feverishly devoured her and my hands moved back behind her finding her lovely ass again. I was rubbing my hand up between her ass cheeks, not penetrating her ass this time, but loving how wet and slippery she was now.

"Let's take this downstairs." I said, pushing her forward in front of me by the fingers between her asscheeks. She moved toward the door and bent over a little more than she needed to, but I could tell she was just making sure I had a great view of her pussy and ass now. As she was about to step out of the door, I grabbed hold of her miniskirt and stopped her. My fingers quickly found the zipper at the back and released it, allowing the skirt to drop to the ground at her feet. I then pulled her bra off of her shoulders and let it join the skirt.

"You won't be needing these any more."

With that we headed down the ladder and quickly made our way into the kitchen. I was originally planning on the bedroom, but I quickly noticed this small counter that was just the perfect height to fuck this lovely beauty on. I grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around. I wrapped my hands under her ass cheeks and quickly hoisted her up on the narrow counter. I dropped to my knees and immediately began to feast on her lovely cunt. Her hands moved to the back of my head and grabbed hands full of hair as she bucked up to meet each tongue thrust. It didn't take long before she was exploding another load of sweet nectar into my mouth. I continued to feast on her though, completely loving her flavor. She came a second time, and then as I sucked her swollen little clit into my mouth again, she came a third. I was completely hard again after sucking her for about a half an hour. Her entire body was soaked in sweat from her orgasms, and her lovely tits kept bouncing just above my face. I began to kiss my way up her body, over her belly, dwelling for a moment on one of her delicious tits, and then up her neck to her mouth. I thrust my cum covered tongue into her mouth, giving her a taste of my mouth and her own wonderful pussy. She wasted no time returning my kiss and driving her tongue into my mouth. I enjoyed the embrace for a moment, and then moved forward a little and then with long fast hard thrust, completely impaled her pussy with my cock. She gasped out in pleasure as my 9" cock filled her insides.

"OH FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK...." she cried out as I rammed my long prick deep in and out of her still quivering slit. Hard and deep I filled that sweet little slut with my man-meat. Her hands locked on to my shoulders as her legs wrapped tight around my ass, drawing me even deeper inside her. "Don't fucking stop Scott....fill my pussy with your hot cum.....ohhhhhh...fuuuucccckkk....I love your huge...mmmmm....fucking......ohhhhhhh fuck fuck.....cock."

Kristen exploded in orgasm again. And all of her filthy talking had pushed me over the edge. I had never cum three times in one day before, and yet here I was filling this little bitch's pussy with my third load of cum for the day. My body was shaking violently as she continued to thrust hard and fast against my raging cock. Load after load of cum burying its way inside her.

I finally fell against her on the counter, leaving my hard on deep inside her. "You are such a hot fuck. I mean that was the most incredible experience of my life."

She looked back at me, her hands still rubbing thier way up and down my ass and back. "I can't tell you how many fantasies I've had about you. But I would never fuck around with another woman's man. But everytime I've talked to your wife, I can tell how much she hates the idea of sex. She gives me nasty looks when ever I mention it. I had a feeling she was neglecting you, so I have made it my job to give you something sexy to stare at. I figured that if she wouldn't take care of you, maybe I could at least help you that way. "

"You mean all those car washes were for me?"

"Well....ummm...yes. And wait till you see your latest surprize."

" Oh really...and what is that?"

"Oh are going to just hav to wait till you get back home for that one. Now let's get showered up so that you can get back to your writing."

I had no arguments to taking a shower with this delicious beauty. We took a long hot shower, and she insisted on dropping to her knees and sucking me off all over again. It took me a while to cum, but she had very persistant lips. After the shower we retrieved our clothes from the attic. After one last long lingering kiss, I made my way back to my office and started to type. I was only there a few minutes when I noticed the blinds to one of the back windows of Kristen's house open up. I gazed across the small gap between the houses to see her sliding her queen sized bed across the floor and up against the wall. When she was finished, Kristen crawled up on the mattress, leaning up against the headboard. She was as naked as a Jaybird as she looked up and smiled at me. Her fingers started twisting and teasing her nipples, making them hard and erect. But then this little wicked grin crossed her face and she help up the long vibrator that she had found in the box in the attic. I had to stand up at the window to see down between her legs, but I could already feel my cock twitching back to life as she plunged the hard rubber vibe deep inside her pussy.

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