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Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75
The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 18
Lee was rushing through the hall of the Hokage tower; he came to a stop when he reached the door to Tsunade’s office. When he entered the three people inside quickly looked at him, Kakashi, Gai, and Tsunade were waiting for Lee to say something.
Lee waved his head to tell them that he did not find Naruto anywhere. While Lee was out looking for Naruto Kakashi and Gai explained everything to Tsunade.
“How could this happen, Jiraiya didn’t tell anything about Akatsuki being on the move” said Tsunade.
“We have to go after them now” said Lee.
“Yes, but we have no leads Lee” said Gai.
“Don’t worry about that, I think I might have to clues as to there where about, what we need right now is the teams to go after them” said Tsunade.
“Hokage-same we will go along with Neji, Shikamaru, Shino, Chouji, and Kiba” said Kakashi.
“Yes it’s best if we leave as soon as possible” said Gai.
“Yes, Lee you go and get everyone else ready while I inform Gai and Kakashi of the possible locations of Akatsuki, they will meet you at the gate” said Tsunade as Lee left right away.
“A couple of years ago Jiraiya gave me three locations where Akatsuki would meet, however if you remember we already raided one of the locations, which only leaves two, One of the locations is close the village hidden in the rain, and the second one is far north pass the lightning country” said Tsunade.
“Should we assume that the base in the rain village is the one they are in” asked Gai.
“No that might be what they want us to think, besides it’s Akatsuki they probably have a way to get from here to the northern part of the lightning country in little time” said Kakashi.
“I know that is way you will break up in to two teams and each teams will go to one location, here” said Tsunade as she handed the sheet with the locations to the two bases.
“Now go”
Gai and Kakashi left immediately to meet up with the other.
Once they arrived at the gate they saw that everyone was already waiting for them.
“I will assume that Lee has brought you up to date” said Kakashi while the other nodded.
“Good, before we leave we need to tell you that there are two locations we are checking out so we are breaking in to two” said Kakashi.
“Neji, Kiba, and Chouji you’re with me that leaves Lee, Shikamaru, and Shino with Kakashi” said Gai.
“Gai’s teams will be going to the rain village base; my team will be going to the lightning country base . . . . . . . . . Now let’s go” said Kakashi.
The two teams disappeared in to the night.
Seven Emi’s and Seven Saya’s were carrying Naruto through a dark tunnel and just ahead of them was a light.
“Look Saya . . . Do you think that’s the exit” said Emi.
“I sure hope so there was no other way, this has to be the exit” replied Saya.
“Come on everyone lets get out of here” Said Emi.
The girls continued to run towards the light trying to escape from this nightmare. When the girls reached the light the quickly noticed that the light was the moon reflecting off the water, which meant they had indeed escaped. Besides the moonlight shinning down on them everything else was dark, but they could just barely make out the terrain.
When they looked in front of them they saw nothing but mountains and rocky areas, there were little number of trees. When they were completely out they quickly came to halt, the place they were hiding was inside a cave high on top of the tallest mountain in the area.
The girls didn’t have time to admire the view they needed to get to a safe place and fast, they knew that Akatsuki was bound to find out that they were missing.
The girls gathered chakra on their feet’s, grabbed Naruto tightly and quickly ran down the mountain as careful as possible so they wouldn’t drop Naruto.
Once they reached the ground they began to run again.
“Where should we go?” asked Emi.
“We’ll there didn’t seem to be a village anywhere near, so we have to find a place to hide” said Saya.
Emi nodded as they all ran trying to get far away.
Both girls were kneeling by Naruto with tears rolling down their cheeks waiting for his to wake up, he hadn’t moved.
“Emi we have to do something, we have to help daddy” said Saya.
“But do you really thing we could do something, I mean we know several jutsus, and grandpa taught us Jyuken, but how can we use that go get out, were sealed in” said Emi.
“Don’t forget the amount of chakra we have plus mommy has been teaching us chakra control too” said Saya.
“But daddy already tried and he could do anything” replied Emi.
“Come on Emi it won’t hurt to try” said Saya.
Both girls stood up and walked towards the cell door and activated their byakugan.
“So what should we try first?” asked Emi.
“Try striking the gate with some Jyuken, like this” replied Saya as she began to hit the gate with jyuken strikes on different places, but nothing happen.
Emi nodded and did the same as her sister, she quickly struck the door of the gate and on the first strike the door slammed open from the force of the strike.
“SAYA look I did it” said Emi.
“I guess I’m just stronger then you” said Emi.
“But even daddy couldn’t open it” replied Saya.
Emi shrugged.
“Something must’ve happen” said Saya.
“It doesn’t matter we need to get out of here” replied Emi.
“How are we ganna get daddy out of here” asked Saya.
“Ummm . . . I know . . . . Kage Bunshin no jutsu” Emi created six clones then Saya did the same.
“Right now we can carry him out” said Saya.
The girls lifted Naruto and hurried out of the cage, when they left they failed to notice that the seals were half burned.
-End of Flashback-
The girls reached a rocky area with some trees.
“Saya look over there” said Emi as she pointed to what looked to be an opening to a cave.
“Let’s go” replied Saya.
When they reached the cave them entered it, they decided to rest in the cave.
“What should we do now?” asked Emi.
“We wait till daddy wakes up” replied Saya.
“What do you think they did to him” asked Emi.
“I don’t know, but I wanna go home” said Saya.
“Me too . . . I miss mommy” said Emi.
Both girls sat by Naruto just watching him waiting for him to wake up.
Kyuubi relaxed and leaned on the bar of the gate, while Hachibi walked from side to side.
Kyuubi was looking down on the floor and when he looked up he immediately saw a fist headed his way. When the punch landed all Hachibi hit was a bar where Kyuubi was leaning.
Seconds after punching the bars on the gate Hachibi felt a full blow to ribs sending him crashing to side of the cell. When he landed on the floor the body just dissolved in to dark green chakra, the chakra began to swirl around and then gushed up as it reformed in to Hachibi.
Once he was complete Hachibi did a 360 turn and completely disappeared, “Shadow Dimension Jutsu” the area then started to become completely black.
“Forty Five Senses Jutsu” Kyuubi performed some seals as nine long shadows stretched out of his own and they stretched as far as they could.
Kyuubi stood there waiting for an attack then he felt it over three thousand clones of Hachibi charging at him “ATTACK” they both yelled.
In an instance every clone was destroyed.
“It didn’t matter that they were hiding in darkness you knew where they were with that Jutsu you performed didn’t you”
“That’s right there’s no use in hiding” Said Kyuubi knowing where Hachibi was even in the darkness, he unsheathed his katana and quickly attacked Hachibi.
“Your right” said Hachibi as he unsheathed one of his broadswords and blocked his katana.
While Kyuubi had both hands on his katana Hachibi unsheathed his second swords and slashed Kyuubi on his stomach.
“I see you still use two swords”
They went back and forwards with attacks, after a while Hachibi began to use more and more brute force on his attacks and began driving Kyuubi back; Kyuubi kicked Hachibi back and then attacked.
“Devils Slash Jutsu” Red chakra poured out of Kyuubi’s katana and as he slashed at Hachibi the red chakra extended out with much force.
As Hachibi slid back he only had time to block the attack, he brought both of his swords out front and crossed them, “Hell’s Gate Jutsu”
Hachibi was able to block the attack but was still pushed back by the force of both jutsus clashing.
Hachibi stood up and walked towards Kyuubi with a sinister smile on his face, he then began to emit a huge amount of chakra trying to intimidate Kyuubi.
A smile appeared on kyuubi’s face, “That’s not going to work”
Hachibi gave a small chuckle, “It never has and never will, will it?”
“No, but you can keep trying”
Hachibi lowered his chakra as he stopped right in front of Kyuubi sheathed his swords and smiled, “That’s the same thing you said decades ago . . . . . . . . . I was hoping you might have gotten slower and weaker”
“Not a chance, but that was a good fight; I see you’re still as playful as ever”
“Yes . . . . . . And I see you have received the same fate as I. I never thought that you would ever be sealed away”
“Well there’s always a first for everything”
“Yes perhaps . . . kyuubi I think it’s time we regain our freedom, we should get out of here”
Kyuubi just looks at his old friend Hachibi.
“Don’t look at me like that, you know as well as I that together we can get out of here, those seals that sealed us away were to strong for us alone, but now that we are together we can destroy this seal, remember all those years go we were unstoppable and we still are”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that”
“Why not?”
“You know what happens when a jinchuuriki looses his demon . . . . . . He dies”
“Kyuubi if we don’t get out of here he’s still going to die all this chakra will eat him up and we’ll die was well”
“No I will help him get through this”
“Why . . . he’s just a vessel, a human”
“Perhaps but to me he’s much more, I don’t know how you and your vessel handled each other, but Naruto is different then any other human I’ve met. For the twenty-one years I’ve known him he has shown me what the true meaning of strength is, he has been able to persevere despite having the weight of the world against him”
“Kyuubi giving respect to a human, you were right there’s a first for everything”
“You said that together we can get out, but I’m not getting in on this and you alone can’t do it so there is no use in you trying to get out”
Hachibi looked at his old friend and sighed.
“How do you plan on helping him?”
“Before you got here we were going to make a deal”
“What type of deal?”
“A deal where he gives me some type of freedom, but now that he needs to release much more chakra to keep his body stable I’m sure he will give us both some freedom”
“Very well . . . let’s go look for him, I wanna meet the guy that has earned the demon lords respect, we’ll see if he is what you say he is, the idiot I was stuck with was nothing but a coward”
Both Kyuubi and Hachibi began to expel some chakra that leaked out of the cage and formed clones, the clones then began to walk the dark tunnels in search of Naruto.
The four members of Akatsuki were sitting and waiting for their leader to arrive.
“Where are they” said a voice the four turned around and saw Pein.
“There in the cell” said Kisame.
“Then go get them” replied Pein.
“There is something you should know” said Zetsu.
“One of the Jinchuuriki arrived here near death, so we transfer the demon to the other Jinchuuriki” said Zetsu.
“So one of them has both?” asked Pein.
“Yes” Replied Zetsu.
As soon as Pein heard that he walked to the cell with everyone else behind him, when they arrived, they saw the gate open and no one inside.
“Where are they?” asked Pein.
Zetsu went up to the cell and saw the burnt seals.
“It looks like they’ve escaped” said Zetsu.
“How?” asked Pein.
“They destroyed the seals” said Kisame.
“I made these seals only the members of Akatsuki can destroy them” said Pein as he looked at everyone.
“After we put him back in the cell no one has come in here” said Kisame.
“Who put him back in the cell” said Pein.
Kisame grabbed his sword and swung it and pointed it at Itachi.
“You, I knew something was up with you” said Kisame.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” replied Itachi.
“You were the last one to see them” said Tobi.
Itachi was about to say something when Pein began to walk towards him; Itachi knew that an attack was coming. When Pein threw a punch at him Itachi slapped it away and slammed his palms into his stomach pushing him back.
Before anyone was able to move Itachi made his move.
“Tsukuyomi” Everyone was caught in his technique and unable to move.
“Itachi you bastard let us go” said Kisame.
‘I better get out of here before he gets out’ thought Itachi.
Pein began to slowly move his body before he broke out of the technique, he quickly appeared in back of Itachi and punched him, when he did Itachi only scattered in to a flock of crows as he disappeared.
With Itachi gone the Tsukuyomi on everyone else released.
Once that was said everyone scattered to find Naruto.
Hinata was lying in her bed trying to relax after everything that had happened.
‘I should do what Tenten said, just think of something good, think back to something good that will take my mind of off this’ thought Hinata.
Hinata blushed as a memory quickly came to mind.
Eight month ago
Hinata was waiting outside her room just thinking of how to ask him, there was some one standing next to her. The person next to her grabbed a pill and swallowed it; Hinata finally entered the room alone.
Naruto was lying down on the bed waiting for Hinata so they could go to sleep.
“Are the girls asleep” asked Naruto and Hinata just nodded.
Hinata walked up to Naruto and began to kiss him.
“I see you’re ready to play” said Naruto as he quickly laid her on the bed.
“Naruto wait . . . I was wondering um . . . Maybe you know . . . You want to try something new” asked Hinata.
“Um . . . sure as long as it pleases you” said Naruto.
She blushed, “Well I was wondering if maybe you want to um have . . . have a threesome” asked Hinata.
“Hinata I’m not getting it on with another guy” said Naruto.
“No I . . . I mean another girl” said Hinata.
“Oh . . . Man I so love you, but who are we going to ask I mean everyone we know is like with some one and I doubt there guy will you know let them” said Naruto.
“Well . . . I kind of . . . Already had some one in mind” said Hinata.
“Who?” asked Naruto.
“Um . . . Hanabi” said Naruto.
“You want to have a threesome with your sister” asked Naruto.
‘Holy cow that is so HOT’ thought Naruto.
Hinata just nodded and blushed even more from embarrassment.
“Are you sure? Are you ok with that?” Naruto asked her.
“Naruto Hanabi is seventeen the same age we were when we first did it, I want to make sure that her first time is a good one and that the people she’s with will treat her right and we can help her thought the process, so yes I’m sure and I’m ok with it” said Hinata.
“Alright as long as she is alright with it” said Naruto, Hinata walked to the door.
“Where you going?” asked Naruto, his question was answered when the door opened and Hanabi was right there waiting, she came in and just like Hinata she was blushing from embarrassment.
‘She wants it right now, man Hinata is the best’ thought Naruto.
Naruto had always heard Jiraiya say that a threesome with sisters was the best and now he was going to experience it. They all stood there nervous.
Hinata grabbed both Naruto’s and Hanabi’s hand and dragged them close to the bed, then she began to kiss Naruto very passionately while she stripped him, she let go of the kiss and looked at Hanabi and made way for her letting her know that it was ok and it was her turn.
Naruto didn’t wait for her to come to him he pulled her to him and kissed her just like he did Hinata. Hanabi was overwhelmed by the kiss and didn’t do anything so Naruto began to strip her of her clothes. Hinata then continued what she was doing she finished stripping Naruto.
What was it about these Hyuuga sisters that were driving him crazy? Hanabi had a great body, she wasn’t as filled up as Hinata was but her athletic body was still great and her breasts were just perfect. Hanabi had grown quick a bit she was actually just two inches shorter then Hinata.
Naruto grabbed Hanabi and laid her down on the bed he lowered himself and began to kiss her then he kissed his way down her jaw line and to her breast. Hinata lay down on the other side and began to massaging her breast while Naruto worked on the other one.
Hanabi could feel the pleasure start to surge in her then it began to slowly rise when they started to play with her nipples, they licked, them bit them, and rub them.
Naruto slowly started to bring his hand down to her pussy; once he was there he began to rub her swollen lips.
Hinata then came up and began to kiss her, Hanabi was a bit surprised but then went with it, while she kissed her Hinata continued to rub her nipple, Hinata felt Hanabi moan in her mouth while she kissed her.
Naruto could feel his hand start to get wet, he then inserted a finger in to her pussy and slowly pumps her only for Hinata to get more moan in her mouth. Naruto continued to suck her other nipple.
As Naruto continues to pump at her he could feel her start to get tense, Hinata could feel Hanabi try to say something so she lets the kiss go.
“Wa-wait aaahhhhhh . . . something . . . is ha-happening . . . I’m aaahhahaha” Hanabi screamed in pleasure as she came. Naruto brought up his hand full of Hanabi’s juice, and licked it.
“Ummm you taste different then Hinata but you still taste real good” said Naruto as Hinata came up and licked his hand.
“Mmmmm” was all Hinata said.
Naruto kneeled down and began to lick her pussy as he tried to make her cum again. Hinata went down as well to help. While Naruto liked her folds and clitoris Hinata began to thrust three fingers in to her.
Hanabi was quickly reaching another orgasm, Hinata reached inside of Hanabi and found her g-spot and rubbed it, making Hanabi reach her orgasm faster making her body convulse from the pleasure, Naruto and Hinata were there to suck up her cum.
Hanabi was already a bit tired but Hinata made kneeled down on the floor while she made Naruto stand up then she quickly took Naruto’s dick in to her mouth. Naruto put his hands on her head and quickly began to mover her head back and forward. After a while Naruto saw Hanabi licking her lips wanting some of his dick, so he stopped Hinata and took himself out of her mouth.
Naruto grabbed Hanabi’s head; Hanabi was a bit confused and resisted a bit when he forced his dick in to her mouth. Naruto then began to bob her head back and forward by force, but once Hanabi began to like sucking on his dick she stopped resisting and let Naruto control her.
Hinata could see that Hanabi loved every second of it. Hinata couldn’t take it she wanted more so she began to help Hanabi suck on his, so one from each side they would slide there lips up and down his dick while now and then taking turns sucking him completely.
“AARARRRrhgghgh I’m cumming” said Naruto, Naruto came in Hanabi’s mouth and once he saw she was filled he place it in Hinata’s and continued to pour out till he was finished.
Hinata swallowed every drop of cum in her mouth, and then she turned to Hanabi who still held it in her mouth.
“Go on you’ll love it, you’ll see” Said Hinata and Hanabi did.
“MMmm that was good” said Hanabi.
Hinata sat Hanabi on the edge of the bed and then laid her down; Hinata then spread Hanabi’s legs and turned to Naruto.
“Be gentle . . . Ok” said Hinata as she got up on the bed and place each of her legs on each side of Hanabi’s head.
Naruto rubbed his dick on Hanabi’s pussy making her moan, and then he slowly started to enter her.
With each inch he went in Hanabi would gasp and breath heavily, then when he came to her barrier he thrusted hard in to her breaking it as he entered her fully, Hanabi winced in pain.
Hinata then did to Hanabi what Naruto did to her she began to massage her breast and rub her nipple trying to give her pleasure to overcome the pain, she also lowered her body.
After the pain subsided Naruto began to thrust his dick in to her giving her pleasure she’d never felt before.
Hinata looked down and blushed, “Hanabi would you mind licking me”
Hanabi also blushed and waved her head not minding at all and began to lick Hinata’s pussy.
Naruto loved what he was hearing; Hinata and Hanabi were in sync they were moaning together.
In between licks Hanabi would moan, “Ooohhh ahh that feels so good ahhh faster please faster” and Naruto did go faster, while Hinata would just moan.
“Aaahh that feels good uuuuhhhnnnn”
While Naruto rammed his dick in to Hanabi’s pussy he would rub her clit as well.
“Aarrrrgghhhh god that’s so deep uuuuhhnn that feel so good, more muuhhhnnnore” moaned Hanabi.
‘Oh god it’s so big it feels so good inside me, no wonder Hinata screams so much all the time’ thought Hanabi.
Hinata was so turned on watching her Husband fuck her sister, the pleasure he was giving her and the way he thrusted into her.
Naruto leaned in and kissed Hinata getting moan in his mouth as Hanabi continued to simulate her pussy.
Hanabi began to arch her back as she could feel that feeling again, “Aaahhh I’m so close, more, more, more,” Naruto was getting close as well.
“Aahhh I’m CUMMING” screamed Hanabi as her walls clamped down on Naruto’s dick making him cum as well.
“aaaaarrrrrrggggghh” Hanabi could feel his hot seed inside of her.
“AAAAAhh I’m cumming too” said Hinata as she came on Hanabi’s mouth, “It’s good” said Hanabi.
Hinata got off and laid next to Hanabi, Naruto leaned on Hanabi and kissed her as he took some of Hinata’s cum in the process then he made a clone. Naruto still had his dick inside of Hanabi and he wanted to make her feel real good so he began to ram in to her again. The other Naruto began to do the same to Hinata.
Hinata could see how much pleasure Hanabi was in, Naruto was ramming his dick faster and harder in to Hanabi this time making the feeling greater then the first time, which in term made Hanabi reach her climax even faster this time.
Hinata too was in much pleasure; Naruto could hear both sisters moaning.
“Aarrrrrggrg more more uu ghhnn” moaned Hanabi.
“Uuhnn harder oh god more” moaned Hinata.
“It aahh feels so uunn good” moaned Hanabi
“UUUnhhnnn that’s so deep” moaned Hinata.
“Ohh please don’t stop, more fuck me harder please” moaned Hanabi
“Moooore I’m so close” moaned both Hanabi and Hinata.
With that said Both Naruto began to thrust as hard as they could and as fast as they could.
“I’m CUMMING” all four yelled, Both girls being filled with Naruto’s hot seed.
-End of Flashback-
Hinata still remembered that night, it felt so good, and she remembered that Hanabi slept with them all night as well.
Since Hinata and Hanabi were both comfortable with the situation the three of them began to have sex more often.

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