A man sets up a fake sting operation in a trailer park full of girls
Tailer Park Molestor

A Fictional Story.

A rich guy sets up a fake undercover sting operation and tricks a lady into sending him kids to molest.

Jim had just inherited a fortune and had a lot more money than he would ever need for many years to come so he decided to follow his dream and see how many kids he could molest in a year.

He started by moving to a large city in a new state where nobody knew him and he established a new identity.

Jim scouted the city for a week and picked a housing complex for poor people on welfare. It consisted of an old motel with rooms rented out weekly to women on aid and a bunch of old singlewide trailers in the rear that were rented on a monthly basis to those who had several kids.
There apeared to be about a hundred families living there, just about all single women with kids. Unsupervised kids.

Jim went to the office where he met an old lady, Grams, dressed in a pink house robe with slippers that matched. Her grey hair was a mess but she looked like she was a hot one in her day. He introduced myself and explained why he wanted a place to rent.

He told her he was working on a PHD in psychology at the university and doing his thesis on child rearing in a crowed single parent enviroment. But, more importantly, he was working with the state in an underground sting operation trying to catch child molesters. He needed to live in close contact with the young kids that were being raised in this neighborhood so he could help identify the bad guy or guys as the police thought there were several molestors in this part of town. They would know more soon.

So he would need a place to stay for several months and she could charge what she wanted because the state was picking up the tab. He explained he would pay cash because the state didn't want the bad guys to be able to trace his money back to them and tip off the bad guys.

Grams and Jim talked for about 5 minutes and he noticed she was drinking a beer so he mentioned he had a case in the car and could he bring it in and share because then he could explain what he was doing in full detail. Besides it was July and very hot with no A/C in the motel lobby.. Jim was in a tight tee shirt that showed off his chest and muscles and Gram was delighted he wanted to "drink some beers" with her as she checked him out. That made her day as he brought in the beer and they went to her run down dingy white trailer in the back and sat down in her messy small kitchen that had a dark paneled wood decor.

They sat down and began to talk as she downed several beers. As they chatted he noticed a broken light switch and a leaking faucet in her well used kitchen.
"Hey grams I can fix those for you if you'd like." He offered, working to get on her good side.

"Oh really!! I'd love it. The cheap Chinese bitch that owns this rathole won't pay to have anything fixed! The whore has every penny she ever stole. Never does any repairs and these women are always hollerin at me to fix stuff. I don't know how and the maint guy died."

They decided Jim would be the "new maintance man" and would also repair all the stuff in the rooms and trailers. He would have a master key and come and go as he liked.

Jim got moved in and quickly setup his spy cameras in several locations. The laundry room and girls bathroom by the pool were first and he got one in a two bedroom trailer the 2nd day that had a mom and three little girls (6, 9 and 10) living there. The girls bedroom had a heat register in the ceiling that concealed his wireless camera. He quickly discovered the girls were home alone during the day and usually just ran around in panties.

He got a case of beer and called Grams telling her he had important information and asked if she could come over for a beer...or two. After a couple beers he started telling her he had a large grant from the school and also the state and local police department and that meant there could be something in it for her if she would swear to secrecy. Grams quickly agreed.

"What I'm going to tell you is top secret" he said quietly, leaning over to her enforcing his need for her to keep it a secret.
"The state authorities and local police know there is a child molester in the park here and we have a plan to catch him."

Jim sat up and looked around like he wanted to be sure no one was around before continuing in a low almost wispering voice "I will lure them into my trailer and play with them. That will build up their trust in me and I can pretend I like sex with them. It sickens me to do that and I won't have sex with them but the state sting squad said I have to make them think I will so they's tell me who the guy is."

Gram raised her eyebrows " OH WOW that's a smart way to do it. Undercover huh?."

"SSHHHHSSSSS" he hissed, his voice way low. "We don't want ANYBODY to know except you and me cause if they find out the molester will get away. Are you willing to help us and the police catch this guy?"
"OH YES " she quickly caught herself and wispered the rest. "I'll do everthing you tell me Jim."

"Well you can't tell a soul because if someone finds out the state will move the sting operation out of here. We were working up north last month and the lady there told a friend of her's in the park and the word spread like wildfire so our boss pulled the plug. That gal lost a lot of money just by telling one neighbor!"

"I swear to GOD I won't tell anyone!" Grams wanted that dough real bad.

He popped another beer and gave it to her. "Good. I want you to send me the kids you think are having sex with anybody whether it's an adult or just another kid. We will pay you for your help and every kid you send me gets you a hundred dollars. The authorities really want to get this guy so they are paying big bucks."

Grams nodded her head quickly. Wispering and looking around she said "I know several of the kids cause I caught a couple of em in that old abandonded single wide at the back of the park. You know, that yellow piece of shit surrouded by that big fence kinda hiding it. Over by the playground. In fact I just put a new lock on the door to keep em out."

"Were they doing anything when you caught them?" I asked, acting very concerned.

"Oh yeah" she exclaimed as she took another big swig of beer. It was two boys and they had a little first grader in there with em in the back bedroom."

"OH WOW what were they doing, did you see?"

"Well I seen em going in and figured they were up to no good. I was on the phone and couldn't hang up for a few minutes. When I got to the trailer I snuck in and heard them in the back bedroom. There's still a bunch of old nasty mattresses and furniture in that trailer. I need to take it all out. Anyhow they had her on the bed with her dress pulled clear up to her chest. One boy was feeling her up and the other had his you know what in her mouth."

"Had he like, ahh, done ahh anything yet, like , well you know" I acted all embarresed.

Oh yeah. Like I said it was maybe 10 minutes or so and she had stuff running down her chest and all over the top of her dress. I think they both had already,,,,,, you know."

"OH MY GOD those little assholes" I commented incredulously.

"I give em hell and sent em packing. The little girl wanders around here alone all the time and I've seen other boys playing with her at the play area with the swings and so it wasn't new to her. It's no wonder she's getting molested. I told her mom about it and she just "OH OK" like it was no big thing"

"REALLY!, thats just awful but it sounds like what I've heard before. Their mom's don't want to raise any flags cause they will lose their state checks."

"I told three different moms and they all just brushed me off. One of them called me a fucking liar! So I just don't say anything now."

"Well we're gonna clean up , with your help, all this child molesting going on so little kids can play safely here. And, you can make some money helping! Oh say by the way I know you said the rent was $600 a month but I'm allowed to show $1000 on my expense report for housing. You want a $1000 instead? The chinese lady doesn't have to know and I think you will earn it with tips for me. So you want a $1000?"

The old lady choked on her beer "YEAH!" She was adding up the money in her head and was spending it already. She guzzled her beer and he got her another one as he started to lay out the plan.

"I'll take that lock off the yellow trailer Grams and we'll start there. If the kids are using it then I want them to be able to keep using it. Maybe our molester is using it too. And leave all the furniture in there so they will still have something to play on and do their stuff."

They talked for another hour with Grams getting shitfaced but she was in his camp all the way. She told him of several of the kids from 5 to 15 she was pretty sure were fooling around.

Grams did babysitting for a lot of the mom's and she kept them overnite a lot cause the mom's were always out partying so he would have access to them without their mom knowing.

Jim explained they were going to use a kind of truth serum on the kids that the state gave him. He would keep it in her refridge so they wouldn't suspect anything. It was in a wine bottle and tasted very sweet he explained as he gave it to her to take home.

"It will make you goofy so don't drink any. Just a small glass for the kids and it will make them drousy and kinda sleepy but they might tell me who is molesting them."

"OH and keep it a secret or you'll blow the undercover operation!!!"

The very next day Grams set Jim up with Lena because Grams knew the little slut was getting it from a couple boys that lived here. .

He met Lena at Grams trailer and they all talked for a while. Lena was 11 and had those little tell tale bumps for breasts that indicated quick growth was starting. She was wearing a dirty white blouse and an eqally dirty orange skirt that showed her nice thighs.

Then Gram said she had to go to work for a couple hours and could Jim keep an eye on Lena. Lena was delighted because she was strongly attracted yo Jim. Lena and Jim were now alone and he quickly talked her into a drink of Grams wine. It was very sweet and Lena gulped down a whole glass of it, not knowing it was laced with the drug to make her willing to do anything he wanted her to do.

"Wow baby you sure know how to drink" he praised her.

Little Lena giggled proudly. "Yeah I sneak my mom's wine when she ain't home." The little slut couldn't keep her eyes off Jim and she was anxious for him to like her. She decided to be as grownup sexy as she could be. " I kin drink a LOT" Lena bragged.

"I got some more over at my trailer. And Gram won't know it's missing. Wanna go there and get some more to drink baby?"

"YEAH" Lena blurted. Jim took her by the hand and he quickly went out the back door with her so no one would see them going to his trailer.

Jim got the bottle out that was laced with drugs and let her pour her own and one for him. He pretended to drink it as she downed hers. After a few minutes she was beginning to slur her words and was giggling uncontrollably. Jim smiled as he got ready to molest the little girl. He already had a boner that was poking out the front of his pants.

Knowing she was getting stoned Jim took her to his special room that was soundproofed and had three hidden cameras along with several computer monitors and a big screen TV on the wall. A large bed filled the center wall and just had a dirty stained sheet on it.

" Wooow dis ith cool" the stoned 11 year old mumbled, barely able to talk now.

" Oh honey I think you drank too much." He suggested, testing her. Lena just stared at him and giggled, her eyes rolling up as she was in a complete stuper.

"Are you ok baby???" He asked, checking to see if she could still hear and function.

"Mmpphh" was all she could muster.

Jim put his arms around her and pulled her close to him as his hands started caressing her back and neck. Lena was soft and pliable and she wrapped her arms around his back slowly. She didn't object as he tilted her head back and kissed her cheek and then kissed her softly on her lips.

She was almost too wasted. He didn't know how much to give her but he knew now two drinks were too many. Oh well, this was all new and he was learning.
"You're mine now baby. I'm your master and you are my little whore slave, OK baby?"

"Aggmmf" she slowly agreed as his hands went to work feeling up her ass and little nipples thru her clothes. She made no effort to stop him so he took her to the bed and laid the little tart down on her back. Lena laid there with her legs spread a bit, her dirty orange skirt hiked up exposing her dirty yellow cotton panties.

Taking care of business he adjusted one of the video cameras so that the big screen monitor on the wall showed her on the bed innocently waiting to be molested. He snapped about a dozen pictures with his digital camera, pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs for close ups of her pantie covered privates. Lena had a nice large vulva that swelled her yellow cotton covered crotch out nicely. She just lay there dumbly as he took lewd pictures of her.

"Now baby Jimmy is gonna fuck your nice little girl pussy pretty soon ,ok"? he told her as he removed his clothes, his long hard cock sticking straight up and bobbing around so she could see it.

"Mmm" she barely mumbled as she stared at his boner with a dull look in her little brown eyes. Lena didn't object while Jim undid her blouse buttons and pulled the thin cotton garment off exposing her little pink nipples and swelling chest. He ran his hard cock over her nipples and up to her mouth. She instinctlivly opened her mouth and sucked on the tip of his large boner as she wrapped her little soft hands around it. Lena didn't have any idea what was going on and allowed Jim to feel her up without objecting at all. Her little nipples got rock hard as his smooth cockhead caressed them.

He noted that her nipples responded quickly to his molesting even though her brain was toasted. She actually had large nipples when they became fully engorged, which really excited him even more.

His hands went up inside her skirt and started feeling her nice firm ass through the tiny faded yellow cotton panties she was wearing. They were thin and the dark yellow legband was very weak as his fingers pulled it up to invade her privates again with no protest from the little victim. His fingers caressed and lightly tickled her slit and lower tummy. She groaned and squirmed a bit as he rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

Jim continued to softly rub her pussy and started massaging her clit again. It was small but had become quite hard with his skillful manipulation. My what a sexy young girl she is he thought to himself.

He was so horny and had waited so long for this that his plan was to fuck her first and then question her about more kids some other day when he wasn't so horny. His plan did include getting some really good videos to jack off to later.

Getting some KY jelly on his hand he lubed his cock and then put a big gob on her slit, softly spreading it around the outside and then the inside of her crack and up into her vagina.

She moaned as he finger fucked her slowly, invading her hole till she was humping his hand. Jim was amazed how wet she became even though she was almost unconscious. Her vagina, just like her nipples, was still responding as if she was totally awake. Wondering if she could cum while in this drugged state he masturbated her for a full two minutes. Suddenly she moaned and arched her hips, clamping her thighs together tightly as she climaxed hard. Little Lena had CUM. Now he knew. This was hot.

While she was still moaning and squirming Jim got on top of the willing youngster and began sliding his rock hard penis up and down her warm slit concentrating on her little erect clit.

Not able to wait any longer he eased the tip of his boner inside her hole just a bit, stretching her open a little bit., then pulled out while he frigged her clit some more. Jim again slid it in just a bit further stretching her to the limit and stopped, letting her opening adjust to his manhood. He felt her relax and eased another inch into her, pulled out a bit and then went in two more inches very slowly. Again he waited a full minute as her female organ adapted itself to his girth.

Lena had now relaxed to the point that Jim knew it was time. He lay still for a minute so he wouldn't shoot right away. But now as Lena's aroused sex organs took over the little girl groaned and humped him trying to get all the massive cock she could and he actually had a good five inchs inside her little opening that was now lubricating like crazy and opening wider.

Jim couldn't hold it any longer. His reflexes took over and he went in another inch and was stopped by her cervix. Now buried as deep as he could go Jim started to shoot like he had never done before. Powerful jets of sperm ejaculated inside her at least five times as his cock convulsed powerfully on each squirt.. The little girl's vagina couldn't hold it all and a lot squirted out around his penis and ran down her ass crack all over the dirty cum stained sheet.

Lena was moaning and twisting in her stupor, obviously feeling something good, but he wasn't sure what she felt. Nor did he care as he pumped his strong jets of jism up inside the little girls' willing vagina.

After he had cum he just lay there with his meat deep inside the little sluts' body as his seed continued to slowly leak out the tip of his penis.. A few minutes later his soft dick popped out allowing all the rest of his sperm that was emptied inside her vagina to flow out on the bed. What a mess!!

Jim would have to clean her up before Gram got back. He got several towels and wiped the young girls' crotch off and then he inserted a super size Tampax tampon deep inside Lena's still cum filled hole.

As she lay there with the tampon string hanging out he took several pictures of her well fucked young torso, her legs splayed showing the tampon string quite plainly. Her pubic hair had just started to grow and was very fine but not black yet. The string contrasted nicely with the sign of maturity that her pubic hair announced was coming. Some of his cum was on the tiny hairs also as they captured any moisture around them.

He wanted to test and see if she would remember any of the things that went on so he told her he was going to get her a cellphone for her 12th birthday tomorrow. No preteen girl would forget that! And Jim told her she would have to earn airtime cards by fucking him silly whenever he wanted. Lena just giggled as he explained his demands to her. Jim had a feeling she could earn a LOT of airtime.

But would she remember? Time would tell. She was not supposed to remember anything.

Jim cleaned up stuff and then he pulled the tampon out slowly after about ten minutes. It had swollen immensly with his cum and her juices. A bit more of her juices dribbled out after he removed the tampon and ran down on the bed.. Jim put the soggy tampon in a baggie for later use. He put her little yellow cotton panties in the drawer with it to sniff as he watched the movie later.

Now Jim washed her with a damp rag and finished dressing her. He had to help her walk back to Gram's trailer as she was still unsteady . The drug was wearing off and she was beginning to come to her senses as he laid her on the couch. Checking around he found the spare panties Gram said she kept for the girls that wet the bed while she was babysitting them. He put a pair on Lena as she lay on the couch asleep, feeling her one more time before he went to the kitchen and got a beer.

Jim opened the beer and in walked Grams.

End part 1

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